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Author's Chapter Notes:

Willow invites Sebastian to a movie night with friends and gets tangled in a game of tug-of-war.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

It had been two days since Willow fucked Sebastian and she still couldn’t walk straight. When her co-workers asked what happened this time, she told them that she had twisted her ankle while jogging again. They believed it and left it at that because Willow was naturally a clumsy person. She could barely focus at work though. The muse she used for graphic designing went on vacation and all she could stare at was a blank white canvas on Adobe Illustrator.

She swirled around in her computer until she felt dizzy. She tapped a pencil against her cubicle’s desk until she couldn’t stand the sound anymore. She chewed bubblegum until it tasted like and felt like rubber in her mouth. She rubbed her sore thighs together to ease her acing pussy, but it didn’t help.

Willow Angelique Carter was thoroughly fucked.

A condition she wasn’t used to, but something she wanted to be more of.

Darlene appeared at the entrance of Willow’s cubicle with a determined look on her face and her arms crossed tightly at her chest.

Willow sighed heavily and rolled her eyes. “What now?”

“Something’s up,” Darlene said.

“What makes you think that,” Willow questioned, lifting an eyebrow and decided to channel her energy by twirling around in her computer chair again.

Darlene narrowed her eyes at Willow. “For two days now, you’ve been actin’ like you need a regular dose of Ritalin.”

“Stop playing,” Willow said as she continued to twirl.

“You are all over the place. If you hear you tap your pencil one more time, I will rip you apart like a watchdog. Now spill the beans or I’m going to go off. Is it about your sister? Your mother? Simon? A guy?”

Willow stopped swirling in her computer chair and grinned a little at the last question.

Darlene widened her eyes and her jaw dropped. “No way,” she said in a hushed whispered, scurrying into Willow’s cubicle.

“Yes way,” Willow whispered back.



“The guy who rescued you from that psycho at the park? You’ve been seeing Mister Batman?”

Willow nodded her head slowly, trying to suppress the gigantic smile that was consuming her lips. “Did you two ‘bow chicka wow wow’,” Darlene asked, winking suggestively.

“I don’t kiss and tell,” Willow said.

“You did it. You did the nasty.”

Willow returned her attention back to her computer screen. “Every second you spend here trying to get me to air my dirty laundry, a dog dies because you weren’t calling kill shelters to rescue them.”

Darlene gasped before she pursed her lips. “Don’t think this is over.”

After Darlene walked off, a tiny spark of muse ignited in her and she could from it. A few minutes later, the white canvas on Illustrator was no longer white and had the building foundation of something that she could work with.

Then her cellphone vibrated with an unknown number flashing across the screen.

“Hello,” she answered with uncertainty.

“I haven’t seen you in two days,” a deep familiar male voice stated from the other end of the line.

Willow straightened up in her computer chair when she realized it was Sebastian. “Well, I haven’t been able to master the art of walking straight yet. I need some time to heal.”

“Don’t give me excuses. I want to see you tonight. No exceptions.”

“Well, aren’t you Mister Bossy? If you want to see me then you can come find me after I have recovered properly,” she teased.

Sebastian chuckled, “You seem to underestimate my thrill for the hunt.”

“Call it whatever you will, but if you want me then find me. Until then, tata for now,” she said before she hung up her cellphone.

She tossed her cellphone back onto her desk and chewed on her bottom lip even as she smiled.


After her little conversation with Sebastian, her muse had returned from vacation and went into overdrive. She created brochures, flyers, and even updated some coding on the charity organization’s website. She made calls around the city for permission to give out their flyer and brochure to various establishments that served rape and abuse victims and families.

Today was a surprisingly successful day, but she still wasn’t finished. She decided to give herself until seven o’clock to do some finishing touches. After that, she would go into the bathroom and get dressed for a bi-monthly horror night with some of her old high school friends. It was six o’clock now. The headquarters closed down and everyone had filed out of the building except the janitorial staff, which consisted of a fifty-something-year-old man named Elias. She was making finishing touches to a lot of advertising materials that would be put into the hands of potential owners as an announcement to an upcoming annual Christmas adoption event hosted by Paws and Protect.

Eventually, Elias left too after he swept and vacuumed the office floor. She was used to being the last one standing sometimes. Once satisfied with the completion of her last project of the day, she stood up from her computer chair and stretched her arms up high in the air.

Willow yawned before she leaned down to turn off her computer. She retrieved a backpack with her change of clothes inside of it and went to the women’s restroom. She changed into a loose black shirt with the DC villainess of Harley Quinn on it, dark skinny jeans, and black worker boots. With a brush and a long rubberband, she styled her hair into a high sloppy bun upon her head.

She looked in the mirror at her finished look and smiled pleasingly at her reflection. For once, she felt comfortable in her own skin. Finally, she zipped up the backpack that now had her old attire inside of it and picked it up. She turned off the lights in the bathroom and let the door swing shut behind her as she left. She walked back to her cubicle and when she arrived at the entrance, her mouth dropped in shock.

Sebastian sat in her computer chair with his long legs stretched out in front of him. He looked like a giant inside of her small cubicle.

“I told you that I like the thrill of hunting.”

“Do I even want to know how you got my work address?”

“I couldn’t tell you anyway,” he said.

Willow lifted a delicate eyebrow. “Confidential?”

“Very confidential.”

She looked at him for a long moment, trying to determine if his answer was enough to satisfy her. She wanted to know more about him, but decided to rearrange her priorities for the time being. “Well, I’m sorry that you made the trip all the way here but I have a prior engagement.”

“With,” he questioned with a lifted eyebrow.

Willow replied, “Old high school friends. We have a bi-monthly horror movie night at each other’s houses.”


“I can’t,” she said. “I actually enjoy going these things, but since you’re already here you can come with me. It’s not like we’re dating or anything, so I could just introduce you as a new friend of mine. Then afterwards, we can go back to my place.”

She decided to take a page out of Farrah’s book of charms and sat down onto his lap. She stuck out her bottom lip, gave her best impression of puppy eyes, and said in the most sickeningly sweet voice, “Pretty please with me bouncing on top.”

“That mouth is going to get you in trouble,” he said seemingly unaffected, but a stupid grin spilled onto her face nonetheless. Her tactic worked beautifully.

“You have no idea of types of trouble I can do with this mouth,” she said as she leaned forward to trace her tongue against the cease of his closed lips before she placed a sound kiss on them.

Willow rose from his lap and took a hold of his hand, giving him an urging tug. “Let’s go before my friends send a mercenary after me.”

A small smile filled with a mysterious air spread across his lips as if he knew something that she didn’t. He raised up from her computer chair, towering over her as he always did. She grabbed her company zip-up jacket with the company logo over her left breast and shrugged it on before grabbing her backpack. They left her cubicle and made their way down to the darkened main lobby by elevator.

When they reached outside, she locked the glass entrance door behind her with a key.

A slick black luxury car was parked beside her kinda-recent-model SUV. “Wow, you’ve a nice ride,” she complimented as the two of them approached their parked vehicles.

“It gets me from Point A to Point B,” he said in an almost bored tone.

“What do you do for a living again,” she asked without thinking—forgetting who she was talking to.

He grinned but said nothing and pressed a button on his electronic car key to unlock the car. “Oh, I forgot. It’s confidential,” she replied with a roll of her eyes. “Are you sure you aren’t Batman?”

“Even if I was, I wouldn’t tell you,” he said with a chuckle.

They eventually climbed into their respective cars and he tagged her from behind, following her to one of her friend’s houses in the northwest side of the city. It took about twenty minutes to reach their destination. A total of seven cars were parked outside of a two-story brick house. Three cars in the driveway. Four cars along the side of the street in front of the house. The arrival of their cars made a total of nine now.

Willow hopped out of her SUV and shut the door behind her. On the ride there, she began to panic a little. This little event would be the first time that Sebastian would meet any of her friends. This was a big deal. Even if they weren’t dating, this was still a big deal. Her boyfriend from college never had the opportunity to meet her friends nor did the man she had the three week fling with (obviously). When she pouted and invited him to this movie night, he could have easily said no and left, but he didn’t. He said yes and followed her here with no intentions of fleeing.

Now all she had to worry about was keeping her friends in line.

“Okay, so here’s a little warning. My friends are kind of protective of me, but I think they’ll warm up to you really quickly,” Willow assured as they walked towards the front door. “Or they will be terrified of you because you’re kind of … intimidating.”

“Do you think I am intimidating,” he questioned.

“Well, you’re sure as hell not a fuzzy cuddly teddy bear. You look like you could kill a man with your bare hands,” she said as she rang the doorbell.

His eyes darkened for a moment and when she opened her mouth to speak, the front door swung open to reveal a very ticked-off redheaded Lydia. “About damn time! You’re … late.”

The anger melted off of Lydia’s face and was replaced by wide-eyed surprise.

“Sorry, we are late,” Willow said with an awkward smile. “Lydia, this is my friend Sebastian. Sebastian, this is my favorite redhead Lydia.”

The surprise soon fell from Lydia’s face and she pursed her lips for a moment. “Flattery won’t stop me from whooping your butt, Lowy.”

Lydia widened the front door and walked away from it. Sebastian leaned down and whispered in her ear and gave her ass a playful squeeze. “You better hurry up, Lowy. Your friends are waiting.”

Willow shot him a nasty look before she trotted inside, shrugging of her jacket. She hung it on a heavily occupied coat rack while Sebastian shut the front door behind him.

She led him into the living room where all seven of her old highschool friends waited. Lydia, Peyton, and Emily sat on the floor in a situated pile of pillows and blankets. Andrew, the host of the movie night, was kicked back in his leather Lazy Boy. Robert, Parker, and Evan were stacked up on the coach.

All eyes were on them.

“Guys, I would like you to meet my friend Sebastian,” Willow said, gesturing towards him.

An awkward chorus of hey’s and hi’s filled the room. “Can we start this shit now,” Parker asked impatiently in which Emily successfully threw a pillow at his head and Robert slapped the back of his head.

The only unoccupied piece of furniture was—go figure—the loveseat.

A microwave beeping loudly from the kitchen drifted through the air. Peyton rose from her comfy spot on the floor and said with a sickeningly sweet smile, “Lowy, can you help me with the popcorn?”

Willow furrowed her eyebrows at Peyton’s smile. “Um, okay,” she trailed off before she followed her friend out of the living room and made the journey into the kitchen.

Sooooo, who’s that,” Peyton asked in a low secretive voice as she walked over to the microwave and popped open the door.

“That’s Sebastian,” Willow said in her most nonchalantly voice possible.

“I know that’s Sebastian, but who’s he to you?”

“He’s a … friend. A really good friend.”

“Bullshit,” Peyton snorted as she retrieved the bag of popcorn from the microwave. “You don’t bring a guy like that here and say he’s a really good friend.”

“Okay, he’s … more than a really good friend.”

“You tumblin’ in the sheets within him? If so then, honey, teach me your ways!”

Willow rolled her eyes. “I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Are you saying that Sebastian hasn’t kissed the girl,” Peyton asked in her best wince-worthy Jamaican accent. “Ursula would be pleased.”

“Are you sure you aren’t Ursula ‘cause you act like a witch sometimes,” Willow teased.

Peyton opened the bag of popcorn and threw a piece at Willow’s face. Willow opened her mouth and the piece entered. She closed her mouth with a big grin and chewed. Peyton gasped dramatically, “Sorcery.”

“Now you know how I convinced him to come here with me,” Willow winked after swallowing.

“You know Parker looked like of ticked that you won’t be his snuggle buddy this time,” Peyton said with a mocking pout.

Parker was the good friend who took her virginity after their senior prom when they were both very drunk. Neither remembered the experience but they both woke up beside each other with a hangover just the same. All of their friends knew about it because they had claimed that night Willow and Parker couldn’t keep their hands off of each other in the backseat of Andrew’s car. During these movie nights, they had a tendency to snuggle up with each other on the couch—in a platonic way of course.

Willow rolled her eyes. “Parker has a nice girlfriend.”

“So nice in fact she hates our guts,” Peyton snorted.

Willow shrugged. “She’s on a different maturity level than us.”

For the most part, Parker’s girlfriend Ally was nice when he brought her around. The rest of Willow’s friends didn’t like how standoffish she was and how few tastes she shared with Parker, but Willow liked her all the same because Parker liked her. Obviously, he must have seen something in her or they wouldn’t have been dating for nearly two years. Sometimes, opposites attract.

Willow’s opposite was in the living room most likely being stared down by her friends like a hawk.

“Yeah, it’s called Granny Level 78, but no seriously, you know Parker has a soft spot for you considering what happened between you two.”

Willow shrugged. “I guess Parker has to snuggle with Evan or Robert tonight.”

“Ooo, I love IRL yaoi with my popcorn,” Peyton said in a sing-song tone before the two of them burst into laughter as they left the kitchen and went back into the living room. The lights were off now and the movie was already playing. The movie of the night was Independence Day with Will Smith. One of Willow’s favorite movies of all time. So much so she had probably seen it about a million times and knew every line by heart.

She was pleased to find that Sebastian was entirely in one piece, but then she remembered that it would most likely take more than her friends to cause him damage. He was tall like the Eiffel Tower and built like a military tank. Parker and Andrew were indeed tall but too scrawny to take him on. Evan and Robert were shorter but the heaviest of the boys and were known for being able to throw around their weight, but she had a feeling they too would have some trouble taking Sebastian down.

She sat down on the loveseat beside Sebastian and briefly glanced over to him. His eyes were locked on hers. The illumination from the flat screen television casting an eerie play of light and shadows upon his green eyes.

Her breath hitched in her throat and her heart quickened in her chest. Why did he have to look at her like that? Like he had the power to peel her out of her flesh and make her enjoy every moment of it.

Her eyes flickered over to Parker who was looking at her as well. A look of near betrayal on his face and she almost casted her eyes down in shame. Almost until Robert shifted his attention from the movie to catch the awkward moment of tension.

He then yawned and stretched his arms to casually and playfully place his arm on the back of Parker’s shoulders. He pulled the irritated man into a close dramatic snuggle and placed a wet-looking peck on his cheek for good measure before he gave Willow an ‘I got your back’ wink. Willow held back a smile at the gesture and watched Parker pry himself out of Robert’s tight snuggly hold.

Finally, she returned her attention back to the movie. A few moments later, she felt a pair of lips and breath brush against the back of her ear. “Your little friend over there seems rather jealous,” Sebastian said in a low-volume husky voice that dripped with amusement. “He hasn’t stopped looking at you since you came back from the kitchen.”

“He’s just protective of me. That’s all,” Willow whispered back.

“Let’s test that theory,” Sebastian returned as he lifted his hand to lightly grip her chin. She was too dumbfounded to resist him turning her head to face his. He tilted her chin slightly and pressed his lips against hers. His tongue sliding in between hers with ease.

As if it were wired inside of her, she melted against him and submitted to his skilled tongue that coaxed her meek uncertain one into a heated dance. She squeezed her eyes shut. A thick heat crawling across her flesh as she kissed him.

So much for being a ‘really good friend’.

She finally broke the kiss and regained enough posture to shoot him a nasty look in which he grinned, using the pad of his thumb to wipe away a thin layer of the evidence of their kiss from his lips.

“Your theory was incorrect,” Sebastian said.

By chance, Willow looked over to the couch where Parker sat with pursed lips and a not-too-happy look on his face. Robert sat beside him with a wide-eyed but thoroughly impressed look. Evan and Andrew were too absorbed into the movie to even notice the drama unfolding within the living room. Willow shifted uncomfortably in her spot and cleared her throat before returning her attention to the movie.

By accident, her eyes drifted down to the ground where Peyton, Lydia, and Emily were resting almost a kingdom of blankets and pillows. Peyton was staring at her dead in the face and mouthed, “He kissed the girl.”

The Little Mermaid song and Peyton’s horrible attempt of a Jamaican accent popped into her head. She closed her eyes and let out an inward groan. This would be a very long movie night.

However, Sebastian was surprisingly well-behaved throughout the movie as was everyone else. When the movie was over. She stood up from the couch and stretched.

“Now it’s time to get a little drunk,” Robert grinned.

Andrew shot up from his comfy spot on his Lazy Boy, “I’ve got plenty of poison.” 

“I can’t get drunk,” Willow pouted. “I am a designated driver.”

“For who,” Parker frowned.

“For me,” Willow assured, jabbing her index finger into her chest for emphasis.

Evan frowned, “Aw, I thought you were spending the night.”

“It seems our little Lowy has other plans tonight,” Emily smiled suggestively, her eyes sliding over to Sebastian.

God, this was a bad idea!

Willow chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. “It’s not like that,” she lied. “I invited Sebastian over to watch a movie with us. Not to watch us get drunk.”

She gestured to all the members of their little post-highschool group.

“Well, I am feeling kind of thirsty,” Sebastian then said, rising from the loveseat. Amusement twinkled deep in his dark green eyes.

Willow widened her eyes and looked at him in disbelief. She fought the urge to kick him in the shin or do worse. This was not a part of plan at all!

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure inebriation. Take a look and you’ll see into your intoxication,” Andrew sung his twisted lyrical verse from the Willy Wonk and the Chocolate Factory’s song Pure Imagination. He gestured wide with his hands towards the direction of his kitchen where his infamous stash of alcohol was.

Willow closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose with her middle finder, index finger, and thumb. “And so it begins,” she sighed.

Everyone made their way into the kitchen. Andrew walked over to a set of double-doored cabinets and dramatically opened them to reveal an impressive variety of hard alcohol.

Haaaaaaaaa,” Robert and Evan sung in unison as if they were in a Catholic Church choir and pressed their hands together as if in prayer.

“You know what they say, you can tell how sad and pathetic someone’s life is by how much alcohol they have in their house,” Lydia said.

Andrew placed a hand on his chest, a mocked look of hurt dripping from his face. “Lydia, you wound me so.”

“Good thing we have alcohol to clean that third-degree burn,” Emily laughed, in which Willow giggled.

Eventually, everyone had some type of alcohol in their hand. Sebastian had a fitting choice: scotch on the rocks. Willow had a short glass of vodka and orange soda. She took a sip and it was a warm soothing burn that slid down her throat with ease but went straight to her head. Soon after, one cup turned into four cups. Each cup gradually had a little less soda and a little more vodka. Peyton had went into the living room and toyed around with Andrew’s stereo system until she successfully found a dubstep/techno station on the radio.

In the process of going to the living room—because she was being beckoned by Emily and Lydia to come dance—she accidentally stumbled, but Parker was surprisingly there to catch her. Her fourth cup of soda and liquor dropping to the wooden floor.

“Oops, I made a mess,” she giggled drunkenly, holding onto her friend.

“You are a mess,” Andrew teased from the kitchen.

“I think you’ve had enough,” Parker said in sober tone.

Willow pouted, “But the fun’s just begun.”

“I think it is best that I’d take you home,” Sebastian said as he approached, towering over them.

Willow felt Parker’s hands grip onto her protectively. “I think it’s best if she spent the night here with her friends. We’ll take care of her.”

“Why don’t we let Willow decide who should take care of her drunkard ass,” Robert said, attempting to lighten the situation.


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