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I am an artist who enjoys expressing herself thought many forms, writing being one of them. I like writing all kinds of genres. A lot of times I write just to write. Although I do not plan on quitting my day job anytime soon, I will not hesitate to dedicate nights, weekends, and lunch hours to a story that is just yearning to be told.

And did I mention that I like to read *u*

All the rights to stories that I post are owned by me (LadySade, Tiarra) unless otherwise stated (i.e. Fanfictions).

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A flower is a beautiful plant that many people set in their house for pure enjoyment. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and smells. They require certain amount of care. Although they are nice to look, they also have significance.
We women, just like flowers, often serve as eye candy; a decoration on the arm of a lover, a trophy for proud parents. And, like these plants, we have significance, as story, behind our exterior.
Please, feel free to take a walk through the Garden and peek into some of these women's lives.
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