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I enjoy writing and reading stories. I've wrote many stories in the past on different accounts and websites. I'm 20 years old with a creative mind that must and shall be released. 

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The trials we survive, the endurance, the scars that we bare both mentally and physically is what makes us survivors. Enduring one tragedy after the other, moving past the pain to reach a higher existence. To go beyond our statutory limitation, to go beyond our self and reveal the being beyond the flesh. This is what survival is all about. 

However this is easier said than done. Nonetheless she will endure, she will feel agony, pain, loss, devastation. She will be wronged, abused, and hated. She will be loved, cherished, and abandoned. She will fight. She will maim. She will kill. Then and only then can she call herself a Survivor.


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Published: September 23 2014
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Freedom and neutrality was something Victory Red always desired.

However when your born in the middle of a war you can see how that could be difficult.

Luckily Victoria wasn't one to give up.

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Published: September 23 2014
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