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Stranger From the East by AstralSkies Mature Content
Just when she thought her life couldn't get any worse, he showed her that life was just getting started...
More Than Life by LunarAngel Mature Content
He was stuck, having a midlife crisis before the ripe age of fifty. But then he met her. And she became much more than life. 
NIARA by Elizabeth Griffin Teen or Above
Heart of Lies by K Carr 17 and older
Not everyone gets a happy ending...
Vice Grip by Just_Ni 17 and older
Erin. Your modern day girl next door who has everything she's ever needed and wanted at the prime age of twenty-four. Sassy, sultry and every man's mixed-girl dream all wrapped into one fiesty, yet spoiled individual; however, her past always has a way of catching up with her when she leasts expects...
Consequence by Joelle Jax 17 and older
In the wake of an ugly divorce, Natalia executes a scheme meant to move her beyond the hurt inflicted by her ex-husband, Richard.  The plan is to ease her suffering by increasing his, and her weapon, a younger man unwittingly drawn into the illicit plot.  In the quest for revenge, will Natalia...
You Promised (Unconditional) by Cju 17 and older
Rachelle and Jase are happily married however, sadness takes over Rachelle's heart.  When things seem to fall apart in her world Jase finds himself hanging on.  How can he help when she won't let him in?  How can he help when she feels he cannot?  Is he part of the problem? ...
Alexa and Brody by GeorgiaP 17 and older
She's a mess he can't help wanting to fix.
The Hot Spot by FranklinsMuse Mature Content
This is a series of hot one shots featuring various IR **BW/WM** TV and Movie characters that I ship.
Nobody Knows by Valentine 17 and older
"Nobody knows how I want you like this everday...." Sasha Jackson has spent three years trying to get over the man who broke her heart. Falling in love with his brother wasn't part of the plan but will his love be enough to free her from a broken heart?  

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Lock Haven by islandlass 17 and older
  Tara's got her bottle of gin but she needs guy advice from Joshua...

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If Only by Village Most Ages
  Taylor Mooreland has more than her share of problems. Her mother's an irresponsible dreamer who's more interested in floating from audition to audition than she is in paying her bills. So, Taylor's got to keep the ship afloat, taking care of her little brother and working to help pay the bills...
Regret by Brenda1257 17 and older
  Jayden made the biggest mistake of his life when he let the love of his life slip through his fingers.  Could he make it right and start anew?  Tamaeya had been burned by Jayden once and had no intentions of being burnt a second time, but it seemed that the heart had it's own mind.
Snake's Tongue by Missus James 17 and older
  Never trust a snake's tongue. No matter how good it feels.
Wasurenaide by DarkandLovely Mature Content
No matter what, I'd never forget you                     Wasurenaide is a original work by CM and is intended for publication so please do not upload, distort, edit, or remove and place on any other site. Respectfully yours, thank you. 
Heart of Lies by K Carr 17 and older
Not everyone gets a happy ending...

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"Being a writer is a very peculiar sort of a job: it's always you versus a blank sheet of paper (or a blank screen) and quite often the blank piece of paper wins." ~~ Neil Gaiman

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Stories by neogenesis85

Title: Between Two Lungs by neogenesis85
Rated: 17 and older starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 2]

TVD: Dirty Dancing style. For the first time in years the Bennett's stay in state instead of heading to FL for Christmas. There, Bonnie gets wrapped up with the resort's staff and a troubled dance instructor named Damon, who seems determined to take her out the comfort zones of her privileged life. Bonnie Bennett Holiday Ship Fest prompt.

Category: Primetime Television, Movies
Characters: Bonnie Bennett
Classification: Alternate Universe, Off Cannon
Genre: Drama, Family, Romance
Story Status: Active
Pairings: Damon/Bonnie (Vampire Diaries)
Warnings: Sexual Content , Un-betaed , Work in Progress
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1
Completed: No
Word count: 3646
Read count: 323
Published: 01/07/14
Updated: 01/07/14
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Title: Born Under a Bad Sign by neogenesis85
Rated: 17 and older starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 6]

Running wasn't in Bonnie's blood. But something was chasing her from her town. Her home. And along the way she found herself stuck between an a**hole hybrid and two brothers named after a gun. Vampire Diaries/Supernatural x-over

Category: Primetime Television
Characters: Bonnie Bennett
Classification: Alternate Universe, Crossover, General
Genre: Action-Adventure , Drama, Horror, Romance
Story Status: None
Pairings: None
Warnings: Adult Situations, Sexual Content , Un-betaed , Work in Progress
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 4
Completed: No
Word count: 20836
Read count: 3556
Published: 06/22/12
Updated: 06/25/13
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Title: The Dark Court by neogenesis85
Rated: Mature Content starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 5]

Bonnie lived in a world ruled by magic and when her Craft is awakened she becomes the spark which rekindles a war that almost tore the world apart. Slight crossover with the the Black Jewels series. Bonnie/Klaus and Bonnie/Damon

Category: Primetime Television
Characters: Bonnie Bennett
Classification: Alternate Universe, Crossover, Off Cannon
Genre: Action-Adventure , Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Story Status: None
Pairings: Damon/Bonnie (Vampire Diaries)
Warnings: Adult Situations, Dark Fic, Dubcon, Extreme Language, Graphic Violence, Homosexuality, Sexual Content , Strong Sexual Content , Threesome+, Un-betaed , Work in Progress
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2
Completed: No
Word count: 8165
Read count: 2143
Published: 04/06/13
Updated: 05/07/13
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