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As the title says its DECEMBER! And all this year the talented writers of the Chamber have blessed us with unbelievable stories with unforgettable characters that took us away from the chaos we call our lives.

So as we are scurring around to finish that dang blasted last minute shopping, why not add some End of Year Prompts to round out 2013. 

You ready? Here we go!

This is my challenge to you. I want you to look thru all of the challenges and pick 3 you haven't responded to yet. Now don't that sound simple?


Prompt Rules: 

Word count on all three no more than 750.

Two of the three must be in first person.

The remaining one must not have any dialogue.


I can't wait to see what you all will come up with. MERRY XMAS!!


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Exactly what the title says. Based off of Beyonce's Dance for you.

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Your story has to involve something dark. Whether it's the male protagonist, or the main female character, it's up to you. Gangs, drugs, loved ones dying, whatever. No rape though, I've had enough of those.

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Ian and Elysandra "Dancing the Night Away"


This challenge is one about dancers. The dance world is growing everyday with events like World of Dance and television shows like ABDC. The challenge is to write about two people (preferably the couple mentioned below) in the dance world and there has to be some struggle. Whether it be one or both are already in a relationship, one or both travel a lot because of the business or my personal favorite the hate/love fiasco. Basically anything that creates a rift in the friendship/relationship that they have to overcome. This idea came from watching this video: The dancers are Ian Eastwood (who is currently on ABDC with the Mos Wanted Crew) and Elysandra Quinores (who dances for Justin Bieber). You are free to use any two characters but I'd prefer those two. Happy writing!

(also send me a message if you want to create a better banner lol)

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