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Random Letters- Every morning for the past week somone has been leaving disturbing letters inside of your car. The enevelop always has no return address, but inside on a plain piece of paper are the words You betrayed me! One night you decide to stake out your car and wait for your nightly mailman, What happens next?

The only rule for the prompt is your response has to be in 1st person.

Categories: Original Fiction Characters: None


We’re challenging both our readers and our writers this month! Readers, head into the Chamber Forum and post the story idea you’d like to see on the archive.  Writers, your job is to take a suggestion and come up with an original story or fan fiction. 

There’s only two limitations to this challenge.  Readers, no original character requests and writers, only one author may claim a story idea.  Other than that the sky’s the limit!  Who’s up for the challenge?

Categories: Daytime Television, Primetime Television, Movies, Music, Books, Original Fiction, Miscellaneous Characters: None
Summary: Okay, I know some of you like it hot, but how hot can you make it? The rules of this challenge are simple. Write the hottest love scene your fertile minds can dream up. It can be fanfic or original fiction, any setting, any characters. It just needs to be uber sexy, and maybe a just a little bit naughty. Who’s up for the challenge?


Categories: Music, Daytime Television, Primetime Television, Movies, Books, Original Fiction Characters: None

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