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Title: Hanami (pt. 1)

I'm happy that this is just a story, because I take mistreatment, especially the mistreatment of my fellow sistas, very, very, very, very, very seriously.

I still hate reading that these adult females are taking things too far with Rae as far as her always being put in positions where she has to be naked in front of them, because 1). she is a child, 2). I still believe that they're doing this because they think of her as an experiment since she's of a different race, and 3). it seems like these adults have pressured her into doing this. And now they are even bothering her hair, which seems weird to me.

Another thing that I noticed about Rae's treatment is that, from what we know, nobody else is being treated this way, so we have no reason to believe that this is a normal thing that is happening to all of the young girls.

I have an Asian-Taiwanese, female, foreign-exchange student friend, and she's naked in the presence of us girls, all the time (to change her clothes, to take showers, etc.). She told me that in her country it's no big deal. So I understand that everybody's different. But to read about a young girl that's already being mistreated by most of these people also being put in situations that make her vulnerable is uncomfortable for me as a reader (especially since those of us that are reading "Transcendence" know what life was like for Rae even before she came to Japan).

Anyway, all of this was just something that I noticed and wanted to mention to you, but yes I'll continue to read, since I obviously LOVE Rae!

Reviewer: valent-c. reader-grl. Anonymous [Report This]
Date: February 21 2016 11:48 pm

Title: Hanami (pt. 1)

Roto told his momma to leave him alone  when she asked what she could do make him happy. Love it!!  That woman makes my left eye twitch. Where is that heifer Emi? Is the ho in jail yet?   Roto' s donors are horrid people and should loose what they hold dear. Whatever that is because it ain't Roto.  I love how close Rae and Hana are becoming as Rae needs some female companionship besides Minako.  So loving this tale.  Awesome sauce!!

Author's Response:

I GOT AN AWESOME SAUCE hehe! YAYYY! hhehe ^_^ <3 WOOHOO! hahahhaa. Emi in the shadows lol!! She gon come back lol. Yeah, Hana is much needed for Rae! <3 We shall see what happens to his parents!

Reviewer: pmgayles Signed [Report This]
Date: April 12 2015 04:18 am

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