Title: Chapter 3

Well, it seems that Tristan and Claudia are a couple and are going to have sex. Being a Lucas fan, I was hoping she and Lucas would be together. For some reason I am suspicious about Lucas . There seems to be something hidden about Tristan that really concerns me. Claudia seems to be in love with him, so I guess I have to put Lucas to rest concerning him and Claudia. I guess.

Anyway, I am glad Lucas is focusing on an educational path for himself. In high school he did not take his education serious, as so many of us do. But now he seems to have the drive, motivation and desire he needs to pursue a deep yearning inside of him; not just for himself but his people as well. I believe he is going to do well in his pursuit of an education because he has a purpose and a vision that is going to drive him. The seemly no potential, unproductive, slow and unconcerned Lucas is getting ready to be a force to be reckoned with is going to emerge as a well educated, articulate and grounded person. Watch out world!!

In the meantime, because he is recognizing his has feelings for Claudia and the fact she is with Tristan, he will have to let the feelings he has for her go. There is someone for him that is everything he would want. It is just a matter of time. Although in my deepest thoughts, I still thinks it's Claudia. I guess I will have to see what the future hops.

Thanks for the update and for keeping updated about Lucas.

Author's Response:

Yeah, I know I broke a lot of hearts when Claudia ended up with Tristan. And you aren't the first person to mention that they don't really trust him. I did intentionally not make him an open book because I just felt like it fit his personality. But as the story continues to unfold, readers will gain more insight into exactly who he is behind all those layers.

Funny thing is, I never planned for Lucas t end up wanting an education and striving for a career. I guess you can say it just sorta happened along the way, which is one reason why I like to write by the seat of my pants, and without a heavy outline of what I plan for each chapter. I am very pleased that so many people like this direction he is heading in, and you are right about him being on the path to bigger and better things! I'm very excited to unleash this other side of him, and unveil the full potential that is hidden within. I've got some surprises not only in regards to his education, but his personal life as well. It's really kind of a funny thing, because originally I had planned to kill Lucas off (what a waste that would have been, huh??) But now, he is actually turning out to be the character that has the most potential, and has pretty much taken over the story in ways I never could have imagined.

Yes, Lucas has reached that point where he knows he needs to let go of Claudia, and I do see the summer ahead as a way for him to work through those feelings. Lots will happen along the way on his path to entering college.

Thank you very much for leaving a review. I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts, hopes, and overall feedback of the story. :)



Reviewer: Lucas fan Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 26 2015 02:28 pm

Title: Chapter 3

Who knew Tristan was a sexy, little freak!! Yay for Claudia.  This was definitely a hit chapter.

Author's Response:

Lol. Well, it just seems to go with his personality. Plus, as the saying goes, those quite ones are often beasts in bed. Haha!

Reviewer: Michmom2 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: January 26 2015 01:19 pm

Title: Chapter 3

Gah, I love that boy, too! I'd always been pretty active, so I'm pretty sure my bicycle seat took care of that pesky hymen, but I still wish I'd had someone like Tristan, who cared about ME, to initiate me into the Sex Club, LOL! My first time didn't hurt, but at the end of it all, it seemed a bit BFD - big f'ing deal turned into big fat dud. I don't want to be mushy and say I wished I had waited, but it wasn't as life affirming as I thought it would be.

But, these two... Seeing the evolution of Lucas's feelings for Claudia made it seem like it wouldn't have been so bad if she had given him her virginity. But waiting... for Tristan... this was the best decision she could've made. Tristan is a special person, beyond the supernatural qualities, and Claudia is a lucky girl. I'm so glad she recognises that. And that's the best part - that she's smart enough to see it.

Can't wait to read more!


Author's Response:

Good, glad to hear you are into Tristan!! Yeah, I've gotta agree with you that I also wish I'd had someone like Tristan in life around the time when I lost that V-card. It definitely would have been nice. Lol. You're lucky that your first time didn't hurt, because mines surely did! Lol. And, um, I totally second that opinion that it was pretty much a letdown and Totally not what I expected!!! But that's the beauty of writing, I can live through the characters and experience that moment in a different way. ;D

Well, it definitely wasn't an easy decision to break Claudia and Lucas up, but it was done for a specific reason so that the story could move forward in a certain way. But you're right, if Claudia had lost her virginity to Lucas, I could definitely see it being a positive experience for them both.

Glad you enjoy Claude and Tristan together, though!! And I hope you'll enjoy the latest chapter that's been posted. Thanks for reading!!!

Reviewer: caramia_darling Signed [Report This]
Date: January 26 2015 01:15 pm

Title: Chapter 3

I KNEW HE WAS PACKINGGGG OMFGGG THAT WAS SOOOOO INTENSE AND SO FUCKEN HOT!!! I just... Wow. Seriously. Tristan... Sure was hungry hahahaha he's so crazy about her, as she is for him too, it never seizes to amaze me. I knew they loved each other which is so beautiful! 

... I was like O.O when he ate his off of her ... I was like OMFG KINKY AS HELLLLLL BOY! I KNEW U WERE A FREAK IN THE BED!!! HAHAHAHAHAH BEST SCENE EVER. That was amazing. I fucken loved it !!!! He made her go insane hahaha he's so dirty 

Tristan is so damn beautiful I cannot wait for more 

Author's Response:

LMAO... So glad to hear you enjoyed the steamy scene!! And I just felt like Tristan would do something kinky like that. Just seems to go with his personality, and It's cool to hear that you appreciate his kinkiness! :) You're right about him being a freak, and this is only the beginning of me showing this other side of him. ;)

And regarding your latest review on Chapter 5, I had to repost the story as Chapter 4 instead, so I'm afraid your review for the latest chapter was deleted in the processs. Sorry about that!!! But I did want to thank you for leaving the comment and I was glad to hear that you enjoyed the chapter.

Thank you for faithfully reading and reviewing!!

Reviewer: Gordana Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 26 2015 12:55 pm

Title: Chapter 3

Sexy as Hell. Can't wait til the next chapter.

Author's Response:

THANKS!!! :)

Reviewer: SnowFever Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 26 2015 04:10 am

Title: Chapter 3

They told each other that they were in love with each other, awesome.

Author's Response:

Yes, they've reached that point where they now knwo it for certain. Thanks for faithfully reviewing, and regarding your latest comment for Chapter 5, I am sorry it got deleted from the page. I ended up having to repost Chapter 4, and in the process, both you and Gordana's review ended up getting removed. Sorry about that!!! But I want to let you know that I appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback, and am glad you enjoyed the update.

Thanks for being a faithful reader!!

Reviewer: pmgayles Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 26 2015 03:20 am

Title: Chapter 3

Loved it!!!! I need more!!!

Author's Response:

Thanks!! The new chapter is now available for reading. :)

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 26 2015 02:52 am

Title: Chapter 3

Well it seems as if Tristan and Claudia are going to be a couple and have sex. Being a Lucas fan, I was hoping Claudia and Lucas would be together.

Author's Response:

I know..... more than a few are disappointed that Lucas and Claudia are not together. Sorry, I know that Lucas and Claudia are your OTP!

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 26 2015 01:15 am

Title: Chapter 2

Awww, I miss Tyler and how Kimi and Claudia would talk to him at school. But alas, he's a big boy now and will have to communicate on his own. Geez, though I was so scared for him when those guys rolled up on him but I'm glad it ended well. *phew*


It's cute how Lucas is reminiscing about Claude and misses her. I really liked them as a couple too but it's probably best this way. Besides, I think it'd be great if he really did go to school and made something of himself (without losing touch with his identity and where he came from of course). I'm very happy that he is having the thought at least and is taking an interest in being an activist for his people. :-)


Lol, I love how Tristan and Claudia are so lovey dovey together all the time with Ethan and Kimi teasing them :P And their little heated moment ;D Haha! The road trip is going so great!! I can't wait for more and to see if they'll be living on or off campus and what classes they've decided to take. Maybe they'll meet another Native from a local tribe?? :-)


So excited for moreeee!!!! :D *****

Author's Response:

Yes, Tyler is now pretty much on his own now, and this summer will bring a few experiences his way. Experiences that will influence and shape him for some years to come.

I am surprised that there are so many Lucas fans now. Now what I wanna know is, where were ya'll Team Lucas members when Claudia and him were actually a bona fide couple???? Lmao sweetie, I am just kidding. I know you were one of those who have been rooting for him from the very beginning, so I was just joking around, ;) I just find it funny there are quite a few Lucas fans now because I swear, it seemed like there were only 2, Possibly 3 tops when he and Claudia were solidly together. Ah, well.... :) Lol

Yes, there will be lots moe to come on the road trip, as well as their experiences once they do end up in college.

Thanks for the review and your ongoing support!!!!

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 12 2015 03:09 am

Title: Chapter 1

Was so excited to see that the sequel was posted and just had to read it! :D Everyone was having a great time up until a certain point -.- BUT I'm glad that somebody got their instant karma >:-) Lol, other than that I loved how everyone was just having a great time overall, though!! :D Thanks for another great read, girl!

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 11 2015 06:11 pm

Title: Chapter 2

Tyler is a real fierce teenager, I hope he makes good friends he can count on, because his sister won't be around that often now. I really want him to be happy. Even if Twitch and his group didn't look friendly at first sight, I'm glad they showed some sort of concern and solidarity for their kind outside the rez.

You know, Lucas is a sensible subject for me. You know, the one you want to know about but refuse to imagine in a situation you didn't wanted...Ah, I'm glad to hear about him, reminded me of the obsessive boy he was in the begining (time sure flies by...).  Oh, by the way, thank you for making Claudia discover herself this way. The feminine character often discovers her sexuality with the chosen one only. Even when her beau, who already had many flings, find someone else to replace her when there is a tension in their relationship. I always thought it was utterly unfair. I mean, I'm thankful that Claudia had the chance to experience and that she had a really sweet story with my Lucas. Don't worry, one day I'll come to completely accept the reality...

On a lighter note, I'm glad Tristan revealed his true self to his friends. He is so bold ! I like how he freely talks about sex. It never fails to amaze me. It always makes me realize that he is The man here (I know, I know..Who said love had to be exclusive, huh ? I like L and T in a different way, but with the same intensity...). Regarding the car accident with the punk, I would have given him body damages. You know, like in "Buffy the vampire slayer" when Willow carved the fool who killed Tara...hi hi !

Author's Response:

Hi Peanut,

It's cool to see that people are commenting on Tyler as well, because I have had plans to bring him more prominently into the story for some time now. I just didn't know quite how or when I would do it!

Oh yes, Lucas has pretty much shed that obsessive, immature part of himself and onto better things! It's cool to hear that so many people are interested in him, and wanting to know more about the path he is beginning to embark on. And regarding Claudia's sexuality, thanks for your support in how I decided to go about doing that! I know a few thought I was making her promiscuous and didn't really dig it all, but the reason I decided to go that route, is because I think it's realistic for Some girls at that age to at least experiment a little. And as you mentioned, quite often feminine characters are expected to be loyal to one and only one LI throughout the enture book, while the men get to sow their oats all over the damn place. Lol. So thanks for mentioning that, because I think you make a really great point!! Personally I think It's more interesting to go against that epectation and allow the female character to do as she likes, especially at that age because the teen years are all about getting to know who you are.

And as far as Lucas, I know....so many people miss him and Claudia together. I don't wanna say too much about that, though, because the story is continually evolving. :P

Yeah, I thought it was time that Tristan allowed more of his true self to be seen, and as the story moves on, he will eventually come mor eout of that shell. Lol @ you remarking on how he talks about sex. It's cool to know you can still appreciate Tristan and Claudia as a couple, because I've actualllly had a few reasers who were so disappointed at Claude and Lucas breaking up, that they were like... screw this, I'm otta here!!!!

Well people have their favorites, right? So what can ya do. ;P Lol

Truth be told, I haven't watched much Buffy at all! But I am aware of the characters you mentioned. :) And I actually was originally thinking about the accident causing damage to that dude, but then decided not to at the last minute. I kinda thought it would make Tristan seem like a villain, so that's why I changed my mind. Lol. But i was tempted!

Thanks so much for reading and revewing, Peanut!!


Reviewer: Peanut Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 10 2015 08:40 am

Title: Chapter 1

Carp in my review I put Troy...who the he'll is Troy!!!! Ugh I meant Tristan sorry!! I should never drink while I read, lol.  Anyway I love this story.  Love Lucas, Claudia and Tristan and can't wait to see how it plays out.  Tristan is getting hella hot too!!! Very nice

Reviewer: Michmom2 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 10 2015 06:22 am

Title: Chapter 1

The chemistry between those two is almost tangible hooot. Its nice to see Tristan getting more comfortable in his skin. I hope Ethan and Kimi continue to be so accepting and i hope Lucas gets through with his scholarship but hope its not to cause trouble between Claudia and Lucas

Author's Response:

Hi LetMeDream,

Thanks, I think they have great chemistry, too, and it happens so naturally that I hardly have to work at making scenes between them turn out intimate. Lol

Oh, and I know yoou wrote this comment a long time ago, but for some reason i don't remember seeing it??? So sorry about never responsind, because I do like to reply to each and every persoon who takes the time to leave me feedback. Your continued interest and support of Lost Girl is Very appreciated!!!

Reviewer: LetMeDream Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: January 10 2015 02:17 am

Title: Chapter 2


IM SO FUCKEN HAPPY THAT MY BABY DADDY TRISTAN IS HAPPYYYY!! OMFGGGGG FINALLY!! BABY BOY IS LIKE ON CLOUD NINE WITH HER! When you brought forward that they were basically soul mates,  i died. because it meant that neither would be fully complete, or happy without the other. that they couldnt really find that kind of happiness with anyone else. i wonder if kimi and ethan are connected that way? they seem so happy i really like their cute relationship.

“Sweet and innocent on the outside, but kinky underneath, huh?” Kimi shifted her gaze from Tristan to Claudia, and then back again before handing them each a bottle of root beer. “Looks like you two need to cool down.” YASSS BABY BOY SURE IS KINKY LMAOOOO

i swear he has a lot of exploring to do with her... she obviously is thirty for that big d hahahahaha ok ok i stop i stop...

but seriously thank you so much for not giving up on the tristan and claudia deep love. AND AWWW KIMIS BROTHER HAS A STRONG HEART! those guys were cool though... in a sense... i mean they were looking out for him... which was good.

and Had she already spread her legs like a whore for that freakboy loser who didn’t even deserve her? --- yeah dont be hateful that she didnt spread them for you asshole. tristan deserves to have his full complete happiness, and its with her! lucas lucas lucasssss

loved itxxx

Author's Response:

Oh no worries, Gordana! It is good to have you back, though! :)

LMAO... Yes he is very happy to have her, and I feel like now that they have crossed that friendship line, they will be able to explore those things that they have always wondered about.....As for Ethan and Kimi, theiy just naturally bonded and became this tight, loving couple, so I hardly had to do much work at all, they just came together in this authentic way. :) And yes, they deifnitely are connected in a similar way, just like Tristan and Claudia are.I've had a few people tell me they Ethan and Kimi and find them cute, so that deifnitely makes me happy to hear!!

Hahahaha @ your remark: "YASSS BABY BOY SURE IS KINKY"

:D :D And Lol, yes, she is certainly is "thirsty for the big d."   ;)

Oh you're welcome. I just felt like they would eventually come together and have the experience of being with each other. It happened on its own, I didn't really plan it out, as I find that whatever the characters want at that particular moment, is what they will eventually get. So in other words, I allow the charactrs to write the story.

Yes, Tyler is a special one for certain! :)

Oh, and Lol about your comment regarding Lucas. ;P

It's good to hear from you again, Gordana, and thank you for leaving a review!!



Reviewer: Gordana Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 09 2015 11:22 pm

Title: Chapter 2

Great chapter can't till the actually do it lol

Author's Response:

Thanks, NiaZ! And good ot hear you're looking forward to it, because they are in development. Lol.

Reviewer: NiaZ Signed [Report This]
Date: January 09 2015 05:26 pm

Title: Chapter 2

Twitch is going to take care of Tyler's abuser.

Lucas is going to college--YAY!!

When Tris and Claudia get together--whew!! I never knew playing pinball could be so sexual :-)

Hopefully, Ethan and Kimi can keep quiet about Tris power---there are those who would do anything to get their hands on him.

Author's Response:

Mum's the word on what Twitch and his boys will be up to in the new few chappies. :)

Yes, It's time for Lucas to make that transition, and as time goes on, I really see him developing into SO much More!!

LOL. I swear, I did not expect that scene to go that way at all. Turned out COMPLETELY different than what I'd originally planned. :D

And you're right, there are poeple who would take advantage of a person like Tristan. Opportunists are out there..

Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback, Penelope!!!



Reviewer: Penelope Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 08 2015 11:33 pm

Title: Chapter 2

That scene with Tyler was interesting to say the least. It was refreshing to get a minor character's perspective. I can understand how his home could lead him to want revenge on his father. I'm just praying Kimi visits enough so he won't get mixed up with those guys.  I swear they're nothing but trouble.

Now, toward the end of the first story I gained a new found appreciation for Lucas. So I appreciate you giving us a peek into how he's managing. It's pretty obvious he's still really hung up on Claudia. Dare I say it, but I think he loved her. But puppy love doesn't last forever. I'm glad Claudia moving on has made him want to get himself together. I may not be here for them being together, but I'm definitely here for his own personal progression.

That scene with Tristan teaching Claudia how to play that game...absolutely scandalous! He knew exactly what he was doing. I love how logical he tries to make their attraction. It's like he's a bit of a stickler for the basis of everything. In a way, he's kind of a nerd---which makes him even cuter! Once again, he was flexing those abilities and I'm starting to wonder if their getting stronger because of his connection with Claudia.  Either way, I loved this chapter.

Author's Response:

Awesome, I;m glad you enjoyed the scene with Tyler, because he will be featured more prominetly in this sequel. I just feel like there's more to tell with him... And yes, he's in a bit of a precarious position at the moment. I am still deciding just where I want to take his character, but I've got a solid idea of the direction he will next take.

God, I'm glad you enjoyed hearing about Lucas, as I never wanted to leave him out, and he is actually turning out to be a far more prominent character than I had ever planned on him being. Kinda funny how things sometimes work out. Oh yes, Lucas did love Claudia. But as you mentioned, theirs was a love during high school, and sometimes during that transition into the adult world, people move apart and begin to take diferent paths. What happens in the future is anyone's guess, because I never do much outlining. Just kinda freestyle along the way and allow the characters to take the reigns.

Lmao!!! Well, believe it or not, I NEVER planned on that scene ever happening. I had a completely different idea in mind regarding the pinball machine, so I guess you can say that Tristan wrote that chapter or something, because it ended up Totally different than what I'd planned. And you're right, he is a bit of a nerd!! :) I myself absolutely adore nerds, and you're correct about him having a logical explanation for everything. Lol.

Oh, his connection with Claudia has definitely had some effect on his powers. :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Caramel Gal!!!

Reviewer: CaramelGal Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 08 2015 09:01 pm

Title: Chapter 2


Author's Response:

Thank You SnowFever!!! :)

Reviewer: SnowFever Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 08 2015 03:31 pm

Title: Chapter 2

That was really good.  I'm glad you talked about Tyler and his issues.  Also Lucas and his jealousy and want for something more with his life.  He's an interesting character.  I believe he's in love with Claudia but didn't know it before because he's never felt that way before.  Maybe in the future if he changes they will have a chance but I'm loving her and Troy' s relationship right now.  It's very honest and passionate and will only get better with time. I am wondering if Kimi will start to see Troy in a different light? She's in awe of him now which makes him more attractive to her and he did want her at first!? But I do think he genuinely wants Claudia now and even if Kimi thought to make a play for him (which I doubt??!) He would refuse her.

Author's Response:

Thanks, Michmom2!!!

Yeah, I realized that Tyler barely had any mention at all in the previous story, and figured he deserved to have more of his story told, so It's cool that people enjoyed that scene. Regarding Lucas, he surprised even myself And what I mean about that is, I never planned for him to end up on this path. Originally I had actually thought of killing him off. I know, what a waste that would have been, right??? I'm so glad that I didn't though, because he really is on one of the characters I most enjoy writing. So I think it's awesome that you find him interesting!!

Yes, Lucas still feels STRONGLY about Claudia, and he definitely loves her a whole lot! You're right about him never expecting to feel that strongly about her, and that's pretty much the reason why he's so disappointed about her currently being with Tristan.

Yeah, now that Kimi knows of Tristan's special abilities, she's definitely admiring him, but as you mentioned, Tristan wouldn't even consider doing anything with her, because he truly cares for Claudia in a deep way.

Thanks for the feedback, Michmom2!!! :)

Reviewer: Michmom2 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: January 08 2015 03:19 pm

Title: Chapter 2

Have told that I love Tristan? Tristan is the ace, boom coom!  Glad to see him opening uo to Kimi and Ethan. I guess Kimi's okay?  Lucas is going etting himself  together  hopefully,  and will live his l7fe fully.  Tyler I hope he fan stay out of trouble. Can something awful befall his donor? Awesome  sauce!

Author's Response:

Oh yes, pmgayles. I know you're one of those hardcore Tristan fans. Lol. Yes Kimi is cool, and Lucas is on the path to university and better things. Tyler is in a precarious position right now, but I am still deciding just where I want to take his character. I have a really good idea of what path he will take, though. Lol @ you mentioning his "donor." Mum's the word on that, pmgayles!! I can't give anything away, but he certainly won't get off scot free either.

Thanks so much for leaving a review!!!!

Reviewer: pmgayles Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 08 2015 07:07 am

Title: Chapter 1

Laila every chapter revolve around how "special" Tristan is? Lol. This is pretty dull honestly. Heck I don't even like Lucas but reading about his interest in activism is more interesting at this point.

Author's Response:

Yeah, i've been thinking I may be overdoing it in the chapters with Tristan's abilities so you bring up a good point, actually. Sorry the sequel Isn't holding your interest, but I guess if it Isn't, it just Isn't. Not much more to it than that. I do appreciate the feedback!

Reviewer: Watcheronthewall Signed star [Report This]
Date: January 08 2015 05:16 am

Title: Chapter 2

I do believe that Tristan and Claudia are made for eachother and I can't wait to see the future have for them(especially the steamy scenes). But I'm still a fan of Lucas and I miss him.:/ Is it weird to miss a character? Keep up the awesome work Virgofemme!!

Author's Response:

Yes Claudia and Tristan do have a special connection, and there may be a few steamy scenes in the near future. ;) Well believe it or not, I still miss Claudia and Lucas as well! I know you're probbaly thinking, whaaaa?? Since I am the writer and therefore did the breaking up. But I can certainly understand why so many people are missing him....

Thanks for the review, wideyedreamer!!

Reviewer: Wideyedreamer Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 08 2015 03:50 am

Title: Chapter 1

I hope you will keep us informed about Lucas's journey as well... I'm still a big fan of Lucas! 

Author's Response:

Most definitely, I will! As a matter of fact, the latest chapter I just posted contains a scene with Lucas, so you will get an update as to what he is doing back on the rez.

So glad to hear youre a big fan of him. I love hearing from Lucas fans! Thanks for your continued, support!! :)

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 07 2015 08:31 pm

Title: Chapter 1

Well, you are on a good start with this sequel to Lost Girl!! I am hooked as I was with part one.

I enjoyed the little adventure where Tristan kind of caudsed a little scare to the crazy racist. I am a little apprehensive about what Tristan is able to do, especially if he really gets angry. I see a tenderness with him, but what about that other side we don't see?

Author's Response:

Why thank you!! I'm delighted to hear that you are just as interested in this sequel as you were in the first one.

Glad to hear you enjoyed that scene! Yes, there is more to Tristan than meets the eye, and even more to him than what he has already told Claudia. Lots of layers to him, so you are correct about him having another side. I have hinted at it in the previous story with the scene when he locked Claudia in the car with him, but there is more to him that I feel will be explored as the story continues on.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review!!!

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 07 2015 04:55 pm

Title: Chapter 1


Author's Response:

Thank You, Minxie!! :)

Reviewer: minxie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 06 2015 06:07 am

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