Title: Chapter 25

I loved how Lucas went of his way and Tristan came to help. Fucking losers, did you really think you'd get away with that unscathed? Pfffft...I was wondering when he'd be dealt with. 


I love the Christmas-get-together with everybody. <3

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 09:30 am

Title: Chapter 24


Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 09:15 am

Title: Chapter 23


Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 08:56 am

Title: Chapter 22

The situation with Claude and Tristan came out of nowhere! I literally went back to see if I missed something. But I think it's best to be honest. Very interesting chapter ****

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 08:44 am

Title: Chapter 21

SO glad the baby ended up being okay! That was scary. But then I almost felt like I was reading a segment of Maury where they have those episodes about 'Wild Teens' or Teen Mom. Like, wtf? You're amother now (and a nursing one at that), Shauna. You can't just take off and get high with people and in essence feed that to your baby. Get it together, beetch. Maybe she can make better use of her rime by, I dont know...say...getting a job??


The other thing I dont get is why Tristan messed around with her knowing good and well that her family is racist (hell, maybe she is too!) and sees you as an exotic thing to 'try out'? Like, why put yourself through that? If someone can't bring you home because of their fucked up family, just forget it and find yourself a nice girl who can proudly show you off. Who wants to be someone's secret/fetish.


Also, I must say that part with Tristan talking to Claude and boutique Luke freaked me out. :/ I'd back away slowly and run like hell!! Yeesh!!

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 08:27 am

Title: Chapter 20

I think I know why Tristan didn't pick up his phone...smh. Great chapter all around *****

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 08:00 am

Title: Chapter 19

I figured something like that would happen...slow clap for you, Tristan :/

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 07:45 am

Title: Chapter 18

Sucks that Claude isn't at school at the moment but I'm glad she's taking the steps to be/get better with her friends and family at her side. <3

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 07:24 am

Title: Chapter 17

I couldn't even rate the last chapter. I never would've wanted something like that for Claudia let alone imagined it. That's just sickening and I hope the asshole who did it pays dearly...sick fuck!

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 07:11 am

Title: Chapter 16

OMG!!! WTF??? :'(

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 06:57 am

Title: Chapter 15

I get that he has a baby now and she has needs (IF she's his), but I almost feel like Shauna will do shit like that on a regular just to have Tristan right at home. He is the father (at least allegedly) so if course she likely has feelings for him and probably will want the whole "happy family" whoha. If not that, then purposely get him drunk, seduce him and get him to sleep with her again. OR worse!! Maybe HE'LL start catchibg feelings for Shauna!!! Something doesn't sit right with her for me :/ Watch out, Claude!!

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 06:46 am

Title: Chapter 14

Fell off the radar with this story, unfortunately. Not because of lack of interest or anything, just shit going on. I still love the author and her work very much so. :-*


It is so sad, though and I feel for Claudia. Fucking Tristan!! D: Ugh, I know nobody ever plans for these types of situations but it's always best to make smart choices. To be honest, if this was me I don't think I'd wanna stick around (even though I get that the baby is a surprise to him too). Like she said that should've been her having his baby down the line.


*sigh* Poor Claudia.

Reviewer: Caribbean_Sweetie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2016 06:20 am

Title: Chapter 26

I enjoy Tristan and Claudia but I also think Lucas and Claudia are a phenomenal pairing. Lucas and Claudia never fully got to explore their relationship which is why I'm glad they are now back together and able to explore that deeper connection without it getting interrupted by Tristan.

All of your characters are amazing and I truly look forward to each and every update you put out. Thanks so much for sharing!

Author's Response:

Hi AnnieNathanson,

Well thank you very much!!! And you're right, they never got to fully explore their connection, which is why I was so inspired to have them back together. It's cool to hear that you enjoy them as a couple. :)

Thank You much, and I appreciate you reading and reviewing. Your support for my stories is wonderful!!!

Reviewer: AnnieNathanson Signed [Report This]
Date: January 11 2016 05:53 am

Title: Chapter 26

We are all entitled to our opinions. Calling our opinions disgusting because a few of us wouldn't have minded a fictional character's death, really?!   This is a story, a book, a phenomenal book but it's fiction.  While I agree that Lucas has grown and he does appear to really love Claudia, my personal preference has always been the Tristan and Claudia pairing.  VirgoFemme you are very talented writer, the discsussions that arise when you update are a testament to your talent.

Author's Response:

Thank you so very much, pmgayles for your compliment on my writing. I am amazed my stories even inspire such discussions, and it does let me know I am on the right track, with properly layering and developing my characters. I consider it a huge compliment that you all are interested, and even take time to talk with one another.

As always, thanks for the reads and reviews!

Reviewer: pmgayles Signed [Report This]
Date: January 11 2016 12:00 am

Title: Chapter 26

Loved the past couple of updates. I will always stick with you and your stories, you are an amazing author. 

Author's Response:

THANK YOU, teamTakila. I appreciate it!!! :)

Reviewer: teamTakila Signed [Report This]
Date: January 10 2016 05:54 pm

Title: Chapter 26

Well I for one am glad Claudia and Lucas are endgame

To be honest in the first story I had a problem with Lucas and his childish tendencies but then again they were young so what did we really expect to happen but by the time Tristan took notice of her it just felt wrong to me

So when this story began I was reluctant to read about Tristan and Claudia because I was against their relationship... Tristan took it upon himself to interfere with Claudia and Lucas instead of letting it progress naturally

I enjoyed Lucas growth as a person into someone who could be in a real relationship not just physical

Now about the baby thing I've been there(I actually saw what my baby would have looked like with the guy I was dating... Yeah I cut that thought up with the quickness lol)

The guy I saw the baby with was a cross between Lucas and Tristan(he was half Hispanic and native american forgot with tribe who was from New Mexico) I loved when he would sing  me back to sleep in his language after he would give me a very early morning wake up call 😕 I do miss his singing but I know we weren't meant for the long run just as Claudia and Tristan isn't either... Some ppl are just supposed to be friends

About the ppl wanting Lucas dead is really out there... I didn't enjoy Tristan as much later on but I didn't want him killed off... Seems extreme to end a love triangle that way 😱😮😯😩😞😥😓😕😶

Would like to further see Claudia and Lucas relationship naturally progress now that they are together before the story ends... Maybe be a time jump with them married with children hint hint 🙌 it would make me smile




Author's Response:

Hi Moonie,

Glad you dig Claudia and Lucas. It's great to hear from those who are actually fans. :D

Oh yes....the days when Lucas was still so immature and overly horny. Lol.

It's cool to hear you've enjoyed Lucas's advancement. I'm hearin from more people who are also telling me they dig the way that he has grown. So It's just really nice to know that people appreciate the work I put into his character. I mean I put work into all of them, of course. But with Lucas I seemed to have spent a bit more time. :)

It's interesting to hear about your ex-guy, and It's cool that he was a cross between Tristan and Lucas. That had to have been reallllly nice. LOL. How sweet about him singing you back to sleep! And after those "wake-up calls........" hmmmmm.... LOL!!

Yeah, I guess that for some people, that Lucas hate is very REAL. Lol. I myself was surprised to hear that a few were wishing that Tristan didn't make it on time. But I guess not everyone is going to warm up to him.

Regarding the story's end, I've actually been contemplating how I am going to do it, and at what stage of their lives. Since Lucas and Claudia just finally got back together, I will definitely allow readers to see how they progress as a couple, and all that. I think that they really deserve it, and that the Lucas and Claudia fans deserve it as well. I'm still thinking over how many more chapters it will go, without it seeming overly long. Lol. I will eventually come up with something. Lol. But it will definitely be a good ending!!

Thank you so much for continuing to read and taking the time to leave a comment!!



Reviewer: Moonie Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 10 2016 05:01 pm

Title: Chapter 26

Loving Claudia and Lucas together. He's so gentle with her and I believe he is sincere. They make a great couple. I miss Tristan too but Lucas was who she was supposed to be with. Now if something happens later on ?...  but I love the direction you're going in. Tristan is becoming a great father, Claudia is healing and Lucas is happy and in love. Plus tantric sex?! How hot is that!!! :) Great update as always. 

Author's Response:

Yay!! Lol. Glad you are such a fan. And yes, he definitely has that gentle side. :) I also think they make alovely couple, and fully enjoy writing their chapters. Happy to hear you like the direction the story went in, and that you appreciate Tristan's advancement and commitment to his daughter I feel that only makes him more loveable. :)

And tantric sex, yep!! That will be explored in an upcoming chapter/s. :D

Thanks for the reads and reviews, Michmom!!!

Reviewer: Michmom2 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 10 2016 10:56 am

Title: Chapter 26

I can't understand why some of the readers hoped Tristan would not get to Lucas in time to save his life. Did they want him to get killed???

Lucas was fighting two men for Claudia. He put his life on the line. He had no guarantee that Claudia would take him back. He did this out of his love for her and for the wrong done to her. Who knows how many others they have raped or were going to rape!

Author's Response:

Yes, Lucas loves her enough to put his life in danger, that alone for me is reason enough to love him. Lol. But some people are real die hard Tristan fans. :) I would never kill off Lucas!!!

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Candace. I appreciate the support. :)

Reviewer: Candice Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 10 2016 05:36 am

Title: Chapter 26

Well I have been a Lucas fan throughout the story wheater he was with Claudia or not. I truly wanted him with Claudia.

 I am so glad you did not clip his wings for him to fall.

Lucas has matured and I believe he is focused on what he wants out of life as well as who he wants. I believe he is serious about Claudia and is willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy.

i admire how you have taken him from a seemly  disinterested, not focused, selfish, playful, playboy to someone that has purpose and much potential.

Now he is interested in human rights and is thinking about further educational pursuits to university status. I believe he is someone that is going to continue to surprise us all. 

I love seeing people that were considered as outcast and at the bottom, come up on top when they were written off as nobody ( I can identify).

Author's Response:

Awesome,  glad you enjoy the Lucas and Claudia pairing!! :)

Thank you! I feel that some of the most interesting characters in books/movies/TV shows are those who transform - either through self-transformation or external forces. I'm fascinated by the idea of taking a character from point A, then allowing them to walk a path and end up somewhere entirely different. It's my belief that characters should somehow advance, and by the end of the story, have a few battle wounds/challenges to show how far they've come. Those are the type of stories I like to write. So It's always great to hear from readers who appreciate the path that Lucas has taken.

And yes, he definitely has more surprises in him!

I also have an affinity for the underdogs. Even though, starting out in the very beginning, Tristan was more of an underdog, and Lucas was Mr. Popular, the tables turned by the end of the first story, making Lucas the outcast, as he wasn't going off to university with the rest of them. But yeah, I can totally identify too, because I've pretty much always felt like I never fit in with most groups. Lol.

Than you for the feedback, Lucas fan. I appreciate your support and continuing interest in the story!!


Reviewer: Lucas fan since 1/26/15 Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 10 2016 05:08 am

Title: Chapter 26



Author's Response:


Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 10 2016 04:36 am

Title: Chapter 22

Thanks for the update.

I don't think Lucas is a dummy at all. I believe he just now understanding his own potential academically. I believe he can get in the university and excel. Who knows we could be looking at a great successful civil rights lawyer 😊

Author's Response:

You are welcome, Misty. :)

And you are rght, he isn't a dummy! Definitely yes, to him coming into his own and realizing the strengths he possesses. Yeah, he can go all the way to university, for sure. :D Thats the plan, and I guess you can see I am hinting towards it.  Civil Rights lawyer?? *Nods head while smiling* So you see all those clues I'm dropping. :)

Thank you for the feedback!!

Reviewer: Misty Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 10 2016 03:50 am

Title: Chapter 1

VirgoFemme, to me you are a very talented and creative author...you could have easily let the story take the expected path with Tristan and Claudia but instead you took the time to more deeply develop Lucas, a character that many had written off as immature and selfish.  You took him from an immature man-whore to a man who cares deeply for the spiritual well-being of the woman he loves.  With Claudia Lucas is self-less to put her needs first which is what she needs to really heal...and the tantric sex as a means to help her...what amazing character development and definitely not expected...way to go as it really showcases your writing creativity and willingness to take risks with your work...I applaud you...

Author's Response:

Thank You, jahchannah!! I truly appreciate you leaving this lovely feedback - not only because it was encouraging and beautfully put, but because I truly have put a lot into Lucas's character development, so It's always great to hear from those who acknowledge that he Has grown, and can recognize the strides he has made. Thank you very much for the kind words, and for appreciating the work put into the story. And I definitely would rather take risks, instead of hindering my true desires, simply because a certain pairing is not as popular. I knew Lucas + Claudia would upset quite a few, but every since breaking them up in the previous story, there's been a deep and nagging in my heart. So finally, I chose to listen.

Thank you again! I truly appreciate you as a reader, and it is nice to hear from someone who actually Does like Lucas and Claudia together. Nothing against Tristan and Claudia of course, as I once made them a pairing, LOL, but It's just nice to know there are peeople out there who appreciate the current direction. Anyways, thank you once again jahchannah for the compliments on my writing. Your words have provided much nourishment. :)

Reviewer: jahchannah Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 10 2016 03:13 am

Title: Chapter 1

Am I seriously the only one who is  disappointed that Tristan got there in time to save Lucas?? I thought that we would finally get rid of him. But o well. Both he and Claudia deserve each other.

Reviewer: Disappointed Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 10 2016 01:32 am

Title: Chapter 26

Great chapter...love Lucas and Claude...excellent story...

Reviewer: jahchannah Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 09 2016 11:33 pm

Title: Chapter 26

Tristan is in love with you too Claudia, he exposed himself to save Lucas for you!!  She wants to have a baby by Lucas,  I am so disappointed right now.

Author's Response:

Tristan did put a lot on the line for her. But that's just the kind of heart that he has. :) As for Claudia, she is still very young. I see her as  bit of a daydreamer, so that's why I put it in. :P

Reviewer: pmgayles Signed [Report This]
Date: January 09 2016 11:18 pm

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