Title: Deleted

I can't wait for the new and improved story. But how can you improve on perfection😊 you are a amazing writer. I wish I had the talent you were blessed with. Mark my words " You Will Be A Best-selling Author One Day " keep believing in yourself😆

Author's Response:

Tre, you are such a sweet talker. I have no words that emphasis the thanks I want to give you. I am incredibly grateful to you and how much you never fail to make me smile and make me feel valid. I feel like i can do anything and be something. *blushing like crazy* I'm marking them! 

Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to believe in myself.

I have no words...how ironic lol. 

I cherish everything you have commented during this story and through my other stories. Thank you for your ongoing support and kindness. 

Much love xoxoxooxox

Reviewer: Tre Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 17 2017 09:40 pm

Title: Deleted

My mom and I really loved 💘 this story and we're sorry 😭to see👀 it go. But no worries we have faith in your abilities to write a amazing new story😍we hope all is well and we can't wait until you bless us with more of your creative masterpieces💖

Author's Response:

Hi Blessed Soul. 

You have no idea how much this touched me! You and your mom are such amazing people and I'm not going to lie but sometimes, I really feel like I'm not a good writer or anything but you two never fail to make me feel a burst of pride and joy whenever I read your kind comments. It makes me happy to know that someone out there enjoyed what I wrote and that means a huge amount to me so thank you. I can never thank you enough. You ladies are truly truly wonderful. I know it's silly to say but I hope i can make y'all proud some day (God willingly of course). 

lots and lots and lots of love to you both! xoxoxoox <33333

Reviewer: Blessed Soul Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 15 2017 09:51 pm

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