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Title: Chapter 2

Thank you for the update. Evangeline has given Victor some great advice...which should not be shrugged off very easily. Todd and Blair will no doubt turn Jack's confusion into a war with Victor. Jack's uncertainty is understandable, but knowing his parents as we all do, they aren't renowned for taking good parental advice all that well. Todd has been out of his children's life for almost ten years...he and Starr had an unbreakable bond, so it's no surprise that she accepts him with open arms,  Jack... not so much. Victor was the only father he ever really knew. Victor wasn't the only one who lost his identity and family, in a way Jack did as well, although, I doubt any of that will factor into consideration for Todd and Blair, who will probably use it as an excuse to get back at Victor. He really should fight for Sam...who Todd, may want to keep to stick to him.
Evangeline needs time to heal and to really miss Llanview before she is ever to consider coming back to stay. 
Have a wonderful week.

Author's Response:

Thank you as well Sarah for leaving a review and a rating YAY!!!

In my mind I always felt that it would come to this. Going through teenage years has never been easy and now everything that is going on makes it that much worse. I feel like Todd would like to make Victor just disappear but we'll see where my mind takes me regarding this storyline.

As for Evangeline, believe me she is missing family and friends not Llanview and that will be made perfectly clear when I write about this short stay.

You have an amazing week as well and thanks so much again for reviewing! 


Reviewer: Sarah Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 09 2019 04:35 am

Title: Chapter 2

Good thing that someone ended Molly's little sniping session.  If Sam is Victor's son, why does Blair have custody?

Evangeline is right about trouble brewing if Victor allows Jack to come to him to vent.  Looking forward to more updates and more Evangeline and Victor action.

These two always made a good couple and the writers at OLTL made a great mistake in not continuing it.  Not necessarily to make them a romantic couple but their friendship was really special to see.  And that's coming from someone who only saw sniippets of them on YouTube.

Thnx for the read.

Author's Response:

Hey magensby,

In response to your question about Sam, I stayed cannon with that plot. Victor lost Sam when he was still identified as "Todd" He got back with Blair, wanted to fix the marriage, regained custody of Sam and they were suppose to live happily ever but... Todd went beserk, Blair took out a restraining order and of course he did something crazier by getting into an accident with Sam and the poor kid wasn't wearing a seat belt. I know you know :)

I never think the method or the consequences surprise Victor. When it comes the people he considers like family, he follows his own path no matter how good the advice. 

Back then OLTL always frustrated me when it came to Evangeline. It was like she was too good to be true because she had chemistry with every actor she shared scenes. OLTL blew it big time!!!!

Thanks so much for reading, enjoying and sharing a review! PS I'm on holiday right now that's why the second chapter came so quickly. When I get back to work who knows but there is always hope :) 

Reviewer: magensby Signed [Report This]
Date: September 09 2019 03:26 am

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