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What do you prefer?


How do you prefer to read? Traditional or have you converted to the electronic formats?


Fanlore wiki has just invited The Chamber to be listed on their wiki page. Should we accept this invitation?


Do you like listening to recorded versions of your favourite story.


Do Christmas jingles drive you nuts?

What do you prefer in a Christmas Tree?03/12/1217/12/12

Is Halloween the most fun holiday of the year?

Do we want a new "After Dark" archive, separate to the Chamber, dedicated to more raunchy, naughty pursuits? Or just add a special rating and keep everything in one place?11/08/1225/10/12

Keep the new look featured scrolly thing with the banners? Or go back to the old system?


Plaigarism. What to do about it. Should we have a record, a 'wall of shame' of known plaigarists, being far more proactive, sharing with the community as an advisory warning? Should we ignore them after banning? How do you think is the best way to


Novels and movies. When you just love a story and they decide to make a movie out of it....


Easter is upon us, what does it mean to you?


Age consent popups: Do they bother you? Are they unecessary after the ratings etc? Do you want them turned off?


What do you think about the acts like SOPA and PIPA to censor the internet? As authors, we want our content protected, but do these acts go too far? Is it just big corporations and greed out of control and a gross violation of personal freedom?


What is your New Year's Resolution?


What do you like about Christmas?


What do you consider sexy?


How did you find out about the Chamber?

The Chamber loves readers just as much as it loves writers! We'd like to bring back the Reader of the Month program, to celebrate a fabulous Chamber reader/reviewer with a banner and a special spot on the front page. What do you think?20/07/1120/08/11

The Chamber loves readers just as much as it loves writers! We'd like to bring back the Reader of the Month program, to celebrate a fabulous Chamber read


The Chamber loves its readers just as much as it loves it


Which category of stories would you like to see highlighted in the month of June?  Either random or recommended stories would be chosen from this category.


New feature? This will allow members as well as the authors to respond to reveiws. Is this something that authors would like to see and allow?

Should we restrict shoutbox use to logged members only? Due to increasing problems across the net with cyberbullying, it has been suggested we tighten security a little.12/04/1126/04/11
Which skin to make the default? With the site updates, everyone is going to be reset to the default skin. You can change it back to your favourite, sorry for the inconvenience.10/04/1112/04/11
The video section on the homepage has always been known for videos of actresses in correlation with the character of the month. A suggestion has been made to do a website trailer instead of a character of the month video for the time being. Which wou03/04/1110/04/11
PRINT TO WORD? The new print to word feature has caused some inease with authors. While it does allow for convenient saving of stories, it is by no means the only way for content to be copied. Whether the word feature is enabled or not, there is no r27/03/1103/04/11
The shoutbox is very important part of this site. Would people like a wider one where you can see more content, sitting in the large blank area under the news? Or leave it as it is?23/03/1127/03/11
To poll or not to poll?23/03/1123/03/11