Writing Prompts

We are introducing some writing prompts to help authors develop their skills, or perhaps to help overcome that nasty case of writers block! These are our first two. More to come.


1. Lonely Highways: Your car just quit on a dark stretch of road, not a passing car in sight. You debate on staying in your car and pray for help to roll by or take a chance to footing it. You decide on the later and after a few miles, you finally see another wandering soul. What happens next?

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2. Second Chances: A stranger stops you on a busy street and hands you a small red box. Inside lies something that gives its owner the power to go back in time. He warns you not to open the box. Do you?

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The only rule of the prompt is that it can be no longer than 500 words!

--jacci on 17/07/13 07:17 am 4 Comments--


I liked the idea of doing something short and quick...however 500 words was a difficult thing for me.  LOL

- Brenda1257
on 17/07/13 06:22 pm

It really makes you weigh each word three or six times! LOL!

- bookbutterfly
on 17/07/13 10:01 pm

I'm pretty sure a brain vessel burst while trying to edit my submission down to 500 words. Hee, hee!

- tens
on 17/07/13 11:11 pm

Actually, I'm beginning to think 1,000 words would be better.  I like my first version so much more...  :(

- tens
on 17/07/13 11:18 pm