All Caught Up!

Hey, Guys! Part 2 of Keda's story is now available in print and on Kindle under the title All Caught Up! and for those of you that missed the first part, Mistletoe Hell is available in both mediums as well. links below!


All Caught Up!


Buy All Caught Up by Intellectual Titmouse


--Intellectual Titmouse on 01/01/14 03:04 am 4 Comments--


congratulations i.t.!!! ima get em.

- brownskingurl
on 01/01/14 02:39 pm

I think that this is great!  I am sure that all of the Chamber buddies want to support your endeavors!  God bless and I look foward to reading your stories!

- Brenda1257
on 01/01/14 03:58 pm

thanks, everyone! your support is indescribable, but integral in my motivation. i sincerely cannot thank you enough!

- intellectual titmouse
on 01/01/14 08:58 pm


- LadySade
on 02/01/14 07:30 pm