The Chamber is home again

Very happy to announce that we are back to normal. If anybody has any problems, please let us know, and hopefully this will be the last downtime we have tor a long time.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the site as you always have. Thanks to those who held my hand during this time, ya'all know who you are, and a huge thanks to those who donated and made this possible..


--jacci on 29/10/14 08:34 pm 2 Comments--


This new layout is beautiful, Jacci. :)

- MadameZenobia
on 30/10/14 02:42 pm

Thank you very much MadameZenobia, so happy you like it. When Missus James showed me the banenr she had made, i squealed with delight, it was so beautiful. Hoped to make something clasy and stylish to suit it well!


Enjoy the site now it is back home, safe and sound and will be here for a long time!

- jacci
on 30/10/14 08:17 pm