Status Update

These past two weeks have been a little rocky for the Chamber, the move and then the database brain fart as things settled. Fingers crossed we are back to smooth sailing once again now everything is settled.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the donation drive, we have reached our goal, which is amazing, and the money has been distributed between hosting costs, domain registration and shoutbox fees, all of which have been paid for the next five years, so there should hopefully be no other expenses we incur during that period.

There is also a new script in development that will drag the Chamber into the mobile device age and should offer many new options for authors and readers. There is no word when a production version will be out, but there are whispers about a beta test hopefully by Christmas. Will keep everyone updated on news regarding this, as it is a very exciting move forward for the Chamber and am eager to get my hands on it!

Thanks again for your patience during the hosting move, and to all those who listened to my whining on Facebook and held my hand through the 'trauma' of the move, and hugs and kisses to everybody who donated, it is greatly appreciated!

Bless you all and long live the Chamber and this extraodinary community we are all creating and a part of.


--jacci on 08/11/14 02:36 am 8 Comments--



Just so you know. Thanks a million, zillion, trillion, gozillian times for this awesome, AWESOME blog. It means the world to my equilibrium.

Take a bow, young lady!


- foosrule
on 08/11/14 01:37 pm

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but the main site looks to be in html format to me. If I clink on different links the site looks normal and uses the skin I've chosen. If I actually use the math link the stories listed in the most recent are about a week old so then I have to use the regular valentchamber site to read the current stories in the html format. I hope this email makes sense, but it's annoying and I would liike to correct the situation. 


- brown_mocha
on 18/11/14 02:32 pm

Is this still a problem? The math link was just a temporary home while we moved so we didn't havet to be online, and you shouldn't actually be able to see anything on that domain at all, as everything is deleted, so perhaps it is a bad cache?

Is this still a problem?

- jacci
on 20/11/14 04:42 am