The Chamber Vault

This is an archived version of the site. Older stories and abandoned stories will be stored here to free up room on the Chamber so that we can avoid the kind of downtime we have been seeing lately. The reality is we have outgrown our hosting limits and unless we can find a ton more money per month, this is the only way to handle it beyond deleting stories completely.

The Vault is NOT open for new submissions, but reveiws can still be left.  Right now it is a duplicate of the Chamber, but we will be working on that to trim it down to just the older stories and then active/new stories are posted on the Chamber as per normal.

--jacci on 19/03/15 10:28 pm 5 Comments--


Thanks for all the hard work. I'm excited to see the vault holds all the old work. I noticed everyone's reviews are gone. I was just wonder is this a glitch or something?

Thanks, Dani

- classicbeauty
on 29/03/15 04:49 am

the reveiws were actually there, they were just coming up as a zero count. No idea why. But that should be fixed now, the review counts are what they should be, and the reviews are all where they belong.

- jacci
on 31/03/15 02:23 am