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Title: Chapter 45 To Love and To Cherish

please give tameka a happy romance

Reviewer: sweetrst1 Signed [Report This]
Date: 20/02/13 07:35 am

Title: Chapter 45 To Love and To Cherish

Amazing story!!!

Reviewer: urtrippin2 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 05/07/12 04:24 am

Title: Chapter 45 To Love and To Cherish

I really, really, really enjoyed reading this. Gramps was really off the chain. But, I'm glad everyone came to acceptance of their union. You've done a really good job in expressing real life situations. Loved the background--everything about this story. Thanks for writing such a great story.

Reviewer: Vava Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 06/04/12 09:40 pm

Title: Chapter 3 The Honest Truth

yeah matheson keep telling yourself that. u already sprung lol!!

Reviewer: brownskingurl Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 26/03/12 11:07 pm

Title: Chapter 1 Preconceived Notions

hey brenda!! just revisiting matheson and val. looove these two!! i hope one day youll write a baby fic for them. thanks again for a lovely story!! ima have to figure out how to get this on my reader! i should send you a check for real lol!!

Author's Response:

Thanks!  Yes, I may revisit them if I can ever get my other stories finished.  LOL  Just give me some time. 

Reviewer: brownskingurl Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 26/03/12 09:44 pm

Title: Chapter 45 To Love and To Cherish

I greatly enjoyed this story but am very unhappy this last chapter included anal sex, that was a Huge turnoff for me and denigrated their relationship!  Anal sex is painful and a health hazard!  It's makes me question Mathesons's love for Valysia that, he would also desire to put this pain upon her!   And to commemorate their marriage by this act on their wedding night?!  My love and admiration for Matheson was greatly reduced!

Anyway Brenda1257 thanks for the story; sharing your brilliance of creativity and Magnificent writing skills.  Throughout this story, except for my disappointment in last chapter, I had:  many laughs, thrills of great erotic sex, drama and other excitement, also, events that profoundly commented on life.

Author's Response:

Sorry that the last chapter lowered your opinion of Matheson.  Now you know he would NEVER do anything to intentionally hurt the woman he was ready to cut his grandfather over.  I am sure that if she found it to be something that she really didn't like, he would never approach her with it again.  His top priority to loving her andmaking her happy.  So, just because they tried something, don't hate our boy.  Now if he insisted again when she didn't want it, that would be another story.  Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstar [Report This]
Date: 30/01/12 07:50 am

Title: Chapter 30 Confronting the Past

Langston was nothing but a Racist Pedophile and like all peodphiles he also weaved a fantasy of love within Lilly's childish slave mentality.  He continued to pleasure himself in this teenager while the Mathesons sustained Lilly in a continuation of slavery but merely without the physical chains of bondage.  The Matheson's knew that Langston was Raping the teenage Lilly but continued to allow it because they still considered Lilly as chattel just like in slavery where the White slaveowner and his White male friends Raped and had extensive sexual abuse of the Black female. Langston also weaves the fantasy of love into Lilly's mind to keep her compliant to his sexual use and also to give himself love along with the sex, thusly more pleasure for Langston and a web of hypocrisy for himself to excuse any feelings of real guilt.  

Lilly was an orphan baby whom the Matheson's took in, this gave them additional leverage to develop her in a crippling negative environment and sense of self; they did not permit her to receive education, they encaged her in a slave world, it was child abuse; instead of the love and protective care adults should give to any child entrusted to their care.

The year is 1945 just 80years after the abolishment of slavery but in the South a slavery culture was often still continued; as in the Matheson's household where Lilly lived in impoverishment cut off from the outside world wherein she would have discovered her humanity and legal rights as a person; but instead she was treated as chattel, worked  in a drudgery of domestic labor without real wages and not allowed to go to school, just like the chattel during colonial slavery.  Langston's Rapings included no use of condoms (for his greater sexual pleasure), putting continued pregnancies on Lilly's young body and possible sexual diseases.  He used Lilly like she's an animal and cared not for the children his sperm produced!  Langston is a Racist, self indulgent, Rapist, and hypocrite!

 If Langston had actually fallen in-love with Lilly he would not have continued her in her impoverishment but, he preferred her enslaved state; which permitted his Rapings of her!

The Mathesons are just as despicable as Langston and perhaps more since it is they who make Lilly's slavery condition that condones and allows Langston his sexual abuse of Lilly.  Lilly exists in a horrible pathetic state also, later Mavis, who continues the domestic drudgery and is often hit by Emit Matheson.  Mavis also becomes the mammy for Emily.  Mavis, presently, still calls Emily by title while Emily calls her Mavis, that too was the inequality custom between mammy and the White child she raised during slavery.



Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 30/01/12 07:19 am

Title: Chapter 44 Dinner and Destiny

GAWD!  This chapter was pure comic genius.  I laughed greatly and throughout; the dinner was really hilarious and I had a great time!

 Gramps is in trouble he just couldn't stop the  hate from spewing out his mouth, now he'll be committed and now I'm starting to wonder that  maybe carrying so much racist hatred over so many years finally imbalanced his mind a little.

Hatred is a poison!

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 28/01/12 05:55 pm

Title: Chapter 43 A Taste of Insanity and Obsession

GO!  Matheson!  And I am so proud of him!

Matheson really put the fear of God in that rebel racist gramps-William Sr, now I greatly hope William leaves Valysia and Matheson alone to have their happiness.  And leave Tam alone too; although she brought a lot of the evil on herself and was Gramps accomplice; my concern is that any continued harm to her from Gramps would make problems in the Matheson and Hendricks family also caused stress for Valysia and Matheson relationship.


Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 28/01/12 04:34 pm

Title: Chapter 42 The Eye of the Beholder

WOW!  Valysia's grandmother is just as deeply Racist as any rebel cracker, as deeply as William Hendericks Sr.

Evidently the grandmother-Ethel not only has great Hatred for Valysia because she truly despises a dark complexioned skin and any other characteristics of a Black African biology (kinky hair and full lips) but also Hates Valysia because her darkness is the image of the dark complexioned Black woman who Jonathan loved instead of Ethel.

Ethel's Hatred at the loss of Jonathan's love was also deeply ever lasting because a dark skinned female was supposed to be her inferior and absolutely no competition.  Ethel is like many Racist White women whose self esteem is based on a false superiority complex.  This color caste Racism began amongst the AA Race during days of slavery and still remains with many of us today.

I'm also very glad that Valysia finally stood up for herself to Tameka who regardless of her circumstances nevertheless Tam been a scumbag total bitch evil to Valysia and Val needed to see her conduct for what it has been and tell her off which she greatly did and I tremendously APPLAUD VALYSIA!

Bravo! Brenda1257 this story continues to mirror so much real life, evidencing your superior writing skills and fantastic creativity!                                

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 28/01/12 02:51 pm

Title: Chapter 35 Nightmares and Revelations

It looks like Matheson should not marry Valysia because if her drink was not doped by this Black stranger she met in the club then Valysia cannot be trusted, she let that man feel her up very intimately and greatly enjoyed it, desired more,  and that also makes me doubt that she really loves Matheson.  Too bad Valysia didn't get a blood test immediately after the club episode to see if there was any chemical left in her that evidences the drink was doped and probably with a sex drug.  However, without such evidence Valysia is not acceptable for Matheson to marry because if she were not doped she will continue to cheat and as I said does not really love Matheson.

Valysia is too big hearted and naive, she really needs to stay away from evil Tameka who is scum and I don't feel sorry for her beatup and rape, she  met her match and got what she deserves.  If Val continues to hang out with her she too will be in the gutter!

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 28/01/12 08:33 am

Title: Chapter 34 Matchmaker Matheson

I knew Tameka was  setting Val up to bring her down and I think the man who came onto Val is part of the scheme and that he doped Val's drink with a sex drug.  Val needs to terminate all communication with Tameka and that side of her family because they intend only evil for her.

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 28/01/12 08:01 am

Title: Chapter 33 Hidden Agenda

I am so glad that Gramps does not have the controlling interest in Hannah's because he would have sold it to force Matheson to not marry Valysia.

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 28/01/12 07:30 am

Title: Chapter 28 Don't Mess With Emily

AH!  That's one of the reasons I like Emily, she truly Loves Mavis as her mother and not as a mammy and she respects her deeply and fights for Mavis happiness above all else.

At this moment of Mavis coming unexpectantly into meeting her half brother who unfortunately looks just like their rapist father, Mavis is thrown into great misery and shock but I bet Emily who knows not of the rape of Mavis mother will get to the bottom of this and resolve in Mavis favor.

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 28/01/12 02:35 am

Title: Chapter 26 The Proposition

I like Emily and I feel very sorry for her because she may lose some of her sons's complete devotion to her, now his Aunt Hannah may share in a piece of it.

Emily's whole life is dedicated to her love for her husband Gregory and secondarily to Matheson and she seems to have a slight mental imbalance, dear Emily possibly has not the strength to allow Hannah's inclusion especially since they have been such enemies all these years.

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 28/01/12 01:38 am

Title: Chapter 23 A Day of Bonding

WOW!  Mean old aunt Hannah is transformed, hidden beauty has emerged and she who used to truly look like an ugly troll now also looks about twenty years younger!

I surmise that now with looking like a self she can be proud of and want to take places, not hiding from looks of others cause no longer feel like an ugly and old ugly duckling she will again embrace life and with enthusiasm, even look to attract men who will be attracted to a look of beauty and without gray hair, also vitality of life.  With beauty and also a look of youth instead of age she will have some hope that perhaps there is someone out there who can love her or at least have an intimate interest.

I wonder if this removal of bitterness in her and pessimism about life for herself will also influence her to feel she need not carry biased hatred and contempt for Black people in that she also no longer needs this crutch of invalid superiority to hide her sense of inferiority.  Also, she should not want to taint her new found inner state of well being with holding a ugliness.  However, losing her bigotry may be something she is incapable of since her self esteem for years has been foundationed in the false superiority that Blacks are inferior to Whites.

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 27/01/12 03:53 pm

Title: Chapter 15 Ignorance and Attitude

My GAWD!  Interracial love sure has it tough; the hatreds and prejudice from so many people!.. its disgusting that persons who engage in perverse lifestyles are more acceptable than the divinely approved relationship of man and woman without regard to race!

I greatly applaud Matheson and Valysia strength and strong Love!

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 27/01/12 09:00 am

Title: Chapter 14 With This Ring

I'm so happy Matheson did not faint again in this their second coitus and that actually he had a lot more staying power, even has sex more than once.   Also, glad Val pleasured herself and him by giving him some oral sex.

It was disturbing that reporter imposed himself on them to publicize their love and engagement  in the newspaper merely for the Interracial topic, but love how Matheson is a strong man and continues in strength of his love for Val that the conflicts that have come has not deterred him.

However, if the reporter actually does a respectful series on Interracial romance, the present imposition on Val/Matheson may actually help encourage the positive change and acceptance in society to interracial love as more couples are influenced to reveal their stories and make comment. It is really a shame the the divine love between man and woman need to seek acceptance merely because of difference in skin color when infact God willfully creates all life with many cosmetic diversities as expressive manifestation of God's limitless self. Anyway that's my opinion!                                             

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 27/01/12 08:29 am

Title: Chapter 13 Unexpected Vacation

 Valysia's cousin, Tameka, really made me feel nauseous, Tameka's is a real scumbag.  I felt sorry for Matheson to have to endure her presence and obvious slutty come on, it was like dirty slime contact.  He was enduring because he thought he had to, since she's Val's cousin.  I pray he tells Valysia about the encounter, Val will finally deal the decisive blow to Tam and her insulting presumption of superiority merely due to Val being dark skinned.  Really can't stand Tameka and the rest of that other side of Val's family that Tam generates from.

I strongly hope that the upcoming short vacation Val and Matheson will take will help reduce his high blood pressure.  His fainting at ejaculation is kind of scary, instead it could have been a heart attack!  Like Matheson said, this fainting has never happened previously with any other girl so it must also be the fact that he's in-love with Valysia that put impact on the high blood. 


Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 27/01/12 07:37 am

Title: Chapter 8 Feelings and Fears

Brava!  Absolutely Fantabulous Writing!


Emily's approval of Matheson's eventual marriage to Valysia was a huge surprise and I laughed throughout this chapter everytime she slapped her husband Gregory, and some things and reactions of Gregory also made me laugh.  This chapter had a lot of humor in it regardless the seriousness of the subject and I liked this combination!.

Although, I disagreed with Gregory's insulting assessments of Valysia, I do understand Gregory's not wanting his only son to marry out of his race, to me it is not prejudice but as he said, this is his only son and he wants the grandchildren to be totally within his race and to racially look like him and the rest of his biological heritage; that is a natural desire.  Even though I am a Black woman, Gregory's POV does have validity, also Valysia is nearly a stranger to him.

I also think it is premature for Valysia and Matheson to believe they are in-love and certainly their present feelings are not a sound foundation on which to determine marriage.

From the "familia" relationship Emily describes and feels toward Mavis which is the same that Mavis describes; Mavis was really Emily's mammy, like the role during slavery days, excepting Mavis was not a slave; however, her devotion and mentality nearly was and that influenced by the raping of her mother that she witnesses which also produced her.  It also appears her mother was born just a few years after slavery was abolished, so that in fact she endured the continual slavery without chains that recently freed slaves and their descendants were forced to endure during that era.


Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 26/01/12 05:13 pm

Title: Chapter 2 Devils Food & Almond Milk

YUP!  Val really projects a abrasive protective shield for her weak sense of attractiveness but, she is also just being honest with American society's low appreciation of Black women who do not look mixed and she has determined to not allow their depreciation to lower her self esteem.  But, she is I think also condemning herself for her attraction to Matheson's Caucasian good looks.  Also, can't believe he finds her attractive.


Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 26/01/12 11:13 am

Title: Chapter 1 Preconceived Notions

WOW!  I like the explosive jump off of this story, seems to promise excitement!

Valysia in her first meeting with Matheson came rough and insulting, I like that he took control and bested her!  I also felt a little sorry for her when in reaction he called her "ugly' although she is not and he did not mean it but she was just so irritating.

I think Val feel's inferior to the standard usually applied to women, which is White, so I understand her defensiveness, but her attitude is so strong it kind of betrays that she is in protective mode.  I also think Val is actually very attracted to this White boys extreme good looks and is fighting it in herself, feeling she is betraying "race pride" by her feelings.

Reviewer: 5Danielle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 26/01/12 10:33 am

Title: Chapter 45 To Love and To Cherish

I just finished this story and I'm ready to start reading the sequel! No pressure though! LOL

Reviewer: Jujubee50 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 24/12/11 12:50 pm

Title: Chapter 45 To Love and To Cherish

I hope you can make a story about tameka too i like her and am so sad for her

Reviewer: Felicia Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 08/12/11 01:53 pm

Title: Chapter 45 To Love and To Cherish

what a wonderful story!!!! i thoroughly enjoyed it brenda!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you do a baby fic for them???? i would love to see how a little bundle of joy would affect all of their lives!! plus matheson in protective daddy mode is a MUST SEE lol!!

Author's Response:

I don't know...if I can put these other stories to bed, maybe I can come back to Matheson.  LOL


Reviewer: brownskingurl Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 29/11/11 12:22 pm

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