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Title: Chapter 8 - A Fluttering In The Stomach (2000)

This story is pretty good. I just found it today.  Maybe there will be an update soon?

Reviewer: Natori aka R Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 09/01/13 10:54 pm

Title: Chapter 8 - A Fluttering In The Stomach (2000)

man, i am so sad to see this hasn't been updated in forever. this story is so well-written, absolutely hilarious, and so rea in so many ways! love, love, love it!

Author's Response:

Thank you for your kind words. Honestly I think about my characters daily too :-) I have such big plans for them. I PROMISE to update the story and climb back on to my writing horse very soon!

Thank you again,


Reviewer: intellectual titmouse Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 21/03/11 01:48 am

Title: Chapter 8 - A Fluttering In The Stomach (2000)

I really want Aaron and Jazz back together.  I don't like Destiny, does he really love Destiny?  Please update soon!!

Reviewer: pmgayles Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 09/07/10 04:58 am

Title: Chapter 8 - A Fluttering In The Stomach (2000)

Great story.

I little whiplash from different times, but loving the characters.

Reviewer: Janetbd Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 04/01/10 07:29 pm

Title: Chapter 1 - Morning Sickness (2004)

This story is great and your going back in time to give perspective on the characters is really fascinating. I read present day and have a visceral reaction to a situation and then you go back in time and it gives me a whole nother view of that situation. I'm liking this a lot.

Perry and Saskia's backstory just speaks to me. I love those two and feel for them. It's good to see that Saskia still loves Perry because I was concerned that he was in this all by himself. He killed me with his reaction to Jerome. He was about to beat some French azz. Had me rollin'. I love a pissed off Perry. very sexy...

Jasmine is a hard character for me to like. Bo on the other hand, seems to be a sweetheart; not quite attentive enough, but still seems like a good guy. Jasmine is jealous of Destiny which I find interesting, since Dez seems to be jealous of Jasmine. Not sure if Jasmine still has feelings for Aaron. I think it's more that she's jealous that he stood by Dez with her preganancy and Jasmine probably wonders what would've happened if she had told him about her pregnancy and whether he would've done the same for her. She may be regretting her decision to abort the baby without first telling him.

Aaron is a hoot. That monster-in-law of his is a piece of work. I hope Destiny doesn't let evileen destroy her marriage. Since we don't have Dez POV yet, I'm going to suspend judgment on her. But right now, she's coming off a little bad. Aaron says he loves her, so there must be something to her other than what we've seen so far.

I'm so glad that you're writing this story.

Reviewer: BellaChica Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/01/10 06:49 am

Title: Chapter 1 - Morning Sickness (2004)


Thanks for the update. I'm loving the Bo/Jazz backstory. Can't wait to see his reaction when he finds out that Jazz is Whit's girl....

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 02/01/10 05:23 pm

Title: Chapter 8 - A Fluttering In The Stomach (2000)

And just where in the HELL have you been?  No phone calls, pigeons in my window, emails, NOTHING...

And then you give us an update...WOW!

So Bo and Jaz have a bit of a side history that doesn't include Whit...Interesting.

It makes the situation less sleazy but more complicated.  Bravo!

I can't wait to see what happens next!

Reviewer: SebineDareau Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 02/01/10 05:05 pm

Title: Chapter 8 - A Fluttering In The Stomach (2000)

Loved they update. Can't wait to read more on Bo and Jazmine.

Reviewer: baha_malo Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 02/01/10 05:27 am

Title: Chapter 1 - Morning Sickness (2004)

saw this story and read the story and the way you write going back and have talent, please keep going...I'd like to see how this ends.

I see that we look at other people and say I wish we were like them when all the while they are looking at us and wishing the same thing. It is a good story showing that what looks good on the outside is not always true. 

Reviewer: babygirl Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/11/09 07:05 pm

Title: Chapter 7 - The Murrays (Present Day)

WOW! This story is fantastic!! What a great topic to write about, one that isn’t written about often enough, I think.

Love your cast of characters, they’re all fantastic. Really feel for their situations. I feel so bad for Aaron; yeah he was an immature jerk but what a way to get pulled into adulthood: The worse way possible. I feel bad for him, sorry to say that I don’t like Destiny that much. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on Jasmine’s side of the fence but she came along, insisting she wasn’t trying to trap him but she’s gone and done just that.

And the way she uses sex as bait to get him to do whatever she wants is just wrong too. I’m sorry; I just think she cares about the wrong people and the wrong things. She comes across as quite shallow and she needs to get her priorities sorted. 

I like Jasmine and I like Bo too. I think Bo is a bit too boring for her though. I wonder if her abortion is the reason she can’t get pregnant? It can contribute to that sometimes.

Love Saskia and Perry and I hope they resolve their issues soon.

This story is so awesome, have added it to my faves and you as one of my fave authors. I will be definitely keeping an eye on this story and any future works you do too.

Great job!

Author's Response:

Wow woweee wow! Thank you SO MUCH! It's so wonderful to read this, and so unexpected. I have been wrestling with deciding whether to keep going with this story in it's current state, hence the long time since I updated. I was just on the verge of taking it down when I saw this, but your review has spurred me on to just keep doing my thing and let my muse take this wherever it may. 

My deepest thanks again - you have no idea how much this feedback means! :oD

Reviewer: dissociative_identity Signed [Report This]
Date: 19/10/09 02:30 am

Title: Chapter 7 - The Murrays (Present Day)

Really need and update.  Please don't leave me hanging.

Author's Response: Expect an update by the end of this week, Shereads. You've helped to refocus me. I appreciate you reading. Thanks!

Reviewer: shereads48 Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/10/09 07:19 pm

Title: Chapter 7 - The Murrays (Present Day)

Well, welll, well...

Nice update m'lady!

Jazz with her legs up is hilarious!  Some wives tales just need to be left alone.

I feel for Bo and Jasmine.  You can tell they love each other but they are sidetracked by the obstacles of life. There is a lot they haven't said to eachother.  Stuff that they really should. 

Bo loves his wife but his mistress (work) has a tight rein on him.  Is there anything to snap him out of it? 

And Jaz using Aaron and Destiny as motivation to have a baby is just a bad idea on many levels. 

I like how you have set everyone up.  Now I can't wait to see how their stories unfold.

 Great Job!



Author's Response:

Thank you Sebine! As ever, your comments are always appreciated.

You're right, these two still have a lot to talk about before they embark on this next big step. But their issues are only just beginning.

Thanks, girl,

Reviewer: SebineDareau Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 13/08/09 05:16 pm

Title: Chapter 7 - The Murrays (Present Day)

Hmm seems to me that Jasmine is jealous that Destiny has Aaron and it appears that Aaron has moved on from her. This whole baby scheme is just seems to be a way for Jasmine to prove to Aaron and herself that she is truly over him and happy with her husband. I don't doubt that she loves Bo but clearly apart of her still loves Aaron. That's just my take anyway.


Anyway loving the story and can't wait to see what happens next. 

Author's Response:

Hi Blinky,

I'll definitely take your take! But what will it take to take Jasmine mind off all things Aaron? He's already taken, after all! :oD LOL...

Thanks so much for your review, which is super accurate. I hope you'll keep reading! 

Reviewer: Blinky Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 12/08/09 06:58 pm

Title: Chapter 7 - The Murrays (Present Day)

Thanks for a great update.  Jasmine is to funny.  to bad her and Bo are having such a difficult time getting pregnant.  Thanks

Author's Response: Hi Div-Red. Thank you for staying with my story. I love seeing your comments!

Reviewer: Divsionred Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 12/08/09 05:36 am

Title: Chapter 7 - The Murrays (Present Day)


Oh wow you dedicated it to me!?! Squeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much.

Oh now see, I read the chapter and of course now I want to feel sorry for the heifer. Not cause she can't get preganant, she doesn't need any babies anyway, but cause she is stuck in the loop in her head that is only going to get her hurt. Her and that husband who seems to adore her. If all of this is based on Aaron and Destiny and jealousy ... it's all for the wrong reasons no matter what lies she's told Bo.

She's lying to herself and him and it's going to be ugly, cause the happier Aaron gets the worse its going to get for Jasmine. And the crazy part is she really seems to love Bo, but she is still stuck on stupid where Aaron is concerned. Oh well, sigh....I don't feel sorry for her anymore.

You are right. She won't be getting any Christmas cards from me, ha ha. but kudos to you for making me see more to her than my prejudices allowed. More please.

Author's Response: Acorn, you're welcome. You are so funny! Jasmine needs you to sit her down and tell her some things, lol. I appreciate you sticking around to read. :o)

Reviewer: Acorn Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 11/08/09 09:37 pm

Title: Chapter 7 - The Murrays (Present Day)

to many stories into one .

Author's Response: Oh tried, and you didn't like. I'm sorry you feel that way. I did consider your comment, but I have to keep going with this format - it's just the way that the story is coming out. Thanks anyway.

Reviewer: loveisreading Anonymous starhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 11/08/09 06:05 am

Title: Chapter 6 - Cancelling The Stork (2003)

Jaz just fucked up!

Author's Response:

LOL! Yes Ma'aam!

Thanks for reading, SJ :o)

Reviewer: sjrucker Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 03/08/09 06:57 pm

Title: Chapter 6 - Cancelling The Stork (2003)

I just read all of the chapters of the story and wow what an amazing ride they are all experiencing.  I am not sure why Perry and Suskia broke up...that makes no sense to me except for the fact maybe she is going crazy but to not tell her husband what is going on with her is unfair to him.  Shame on her for that.  She has a great husband that loves her and she just threw it all away.

As for Jasmine and Aaron, their relationship was a mess from the start to the end.

Now Aaron is married to the mother of his child soon to be children, how in the hell did that happen?  Why did he marry her?  Who still does that?  He married a stranger and her mother is crazy but probably ruight about him.  ANd wifey is jealous of Jasmine...who is now married to Bo.

What twisted lives these people have. Thanks

Author's Response:

Hi Division!  I'm hoping to answer all of your questions as the chapters go on. Things that have started out messy will hopefully get cleaned up, LOL!

It sure is a twisted ride. Each and every decision 'right or wrong' - that they make, is leading my characters where they are going. Sometimes it's not always clear right away how things got to the point they are at; it's like a big puzzle that has to be rearranged.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read and especially to leave feedback. I hope that you'll keep reading!

Reviewer: Divsionred Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 02/08/09 01:37 pm

Title: Chapter 6 - Cancelling The Stork (2003)

Wait, she was pregnant from Aaron and had an abortion?!?!? I'm assumning she never told him, so I'm left wondering how this is going to play into their future.

Author's Response:

Yes Sweet Pea - even after they have both 'moved on', surely some things can't stay buried, can they?


Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Sweet Pea Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 31/07/09 03:35 am

Title: Chapter 6 - Cancelling The Stork (2003)

Loved the update but disappointed Jaz never told Whit about the pregnancy which was SO WRONG. Why oh why did Whit marry Desi????? Man what a mixed up life. I guess we'll see where this story is going.

Author's Response:

Hi baha - thanks for your reviews.

You're right, its all mixed up! Such a big decision is bound to put wear and tear on a person's conscience...and maybe the very relationship that they thought they were protecting. 

Hoping to answer your questions of how Aaron and Desi got to where they are in the next few chapters - will introduce you to Bo Murray first, then it's Destiny's Whitman's turn!

I hope you'll keep reading. Thanks again :o)

Reviewer: baha_malo Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 30/07/09 07:52 pm

Title: Chapter 6 - Cancelling The Stork (2003)

You posted!!!! YAY!!!

Well deary...

I guess this chapter gives us some insight into the woman that is Jasmine Green, yes?

She didn't make that baby by herself but she chose to burden it by herself.  I say chose b/c she never gave Aaron the chance to 'man up'.  I feel for her.  I truly do. No one should bear what she is bearing alone.

I would also say that Jas is kinda selfish.  But aren't we all?

Way to go HP for making this diva very human!

Author's Response:

Thankya, thankya! You know I couldn't have done it with your wise words of advice, deary!

Yesss, insight indeed... I feel for her too - this is probably the first time she tried to be selfless, but she didn't quite hit the mark. It's also a rookie mistake to try and make decision for someone that is capable of making their own...and a touch arrogant too...

Selfish and arrogant, that doesn't sound very complimentary to Jasmine! But she was motivated by love, and the desire to give her man the happy future they talked about...I just wish she had thought about the effect such a burden could have on that future.

Thank you so much for the continued support :o)

Reviewer: SebineDareau Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 30/07/09 05:58 pm

Title: Chapter 6 - Cancelling The Stork (2003)

You're back. Yayyy!!!!!!!!!!! hope everything is well with you.

Okay wait. Ms Jasmine went and got rid of the baby and nevr told Aaron?  Ooh is she in for trouble? I hope so. What an awful thing to say, I know, but I just can't like her.  Maybe there is more to her character, something redeeming? haha

Either way I love your writing.  When is the next chapter coming?

Author's Response:

Hi Acorn! Thanks for the well wishes and thank you for still checking in on the story.

I think she was in for trouble the minute that she decided to handle that sitation on her own. She might have thought she was doing it for the right reasons, but, forward a year, and they have split.


Acorn I always like to get your viewpoint especially where Jasmine is concerned. It's ok not to like her, I am not mad, lol. Maybe the whole 'hooking up with Whit's friend' thing has made her icky to you... I know that I'm treading a very thin line when writing her, so I need (and truly appreciate) your feedback!

I'ma try and redeem her a little. I think you'll mainly see it through her interaction with Saskia. Despite everything she is a good friend. But, I don't she'll ever make your Christmas card list, lol!

Once again thank you for the insight, and thank you for your kind words :o)


Reviewer: Acorn Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 30/07/09 09:44 am

Title: Chapter 5 - Cravings (Present Day)

Oh LAWD!  Sass does need to see a shrink!  Tell the man how you feel for goodness sakes!!!  He loves her dirty drawers and she is willing to let that fall by the wayside...unh, unh, unh!

Author's Response: LOLLL!! Is there a Head Dr. in the house? LoL, Loves her dirty drawers! Indeed, indeed...How many people go thru their entire life looking for their soulmate? Saskia found hers when she was a teenager. She's lucky...but she's also unsatisfied with her 'perfect' life. Sometimes this happens when you get showered with too much of a good thing - you start looking for the one thing you don't have and suddenly you want that more...Hmm...

Reviewer: sjrucker Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 20/06/09 10:18 pm

Title: Chapter 5 - Cravings (Present Day)

Okay, maybe I misjudged Miss Jasmine-- this time.  She seems to have Sassi's best interests at heart.  And she seems to know that Sassi and Perry should be together.  One cannot always account for the little things that leave a perso dissatisfied with themselves though and Miss Sassi is full of those isn't she?

She needs to be honest with herself and then with Perry.  A therapist is probably a really good idea. Cause Perry doesn't need any help realizing that his wife has still got it like that. He knows its Saskia who is tripping.  Hang in there Perry.

I still don't like Jazz. She seems to have issues with Desiree and Whit and needs to mind her business.  More like with Whit.  I mean honestly she had a realtionship with the man and was probably dreaming of what he gave to Desiree. Cause buddy boy stepped up to the plate in a big way and he wouldn't even try for her, or so it may seem to her. I think she is stuck on that and still looking to the past and won't let it go ... my opinion is all.

Any who...This is a great story. Your characters are complex and real fun to read, and I can't wait for the next episode. 

Author's Response: Acorn, You win the prize for the awesomeness. I'm smiling like a loon reading this. I can't add anything to this review, except that I am so glad you are on board with this story, and I hope it continues to entertain. THANK YOU! :o)

Reviewer: Acorn Anonymous starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 20/06/09 02:52 pm

Title: Chapter 5 - Cravings (Present Day)

Saskia needs to really stop playing herself. She's still in love with Perry, they just need to really, really, really talk.

And Jasmine is funny.

Author's Response:

Totally agree, kmblue - why is it that peeps never give real communication a chance, before things get to a point of no return?

Oh well. Perhaps fate will have to give this stubborn woman a helping hand!

Thanks for reading :o)

Reviewer: kmblue Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 20/06/09 04:21 am

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