Mike & Kyra by Carmel Beauty
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Challenges: The "Fearless Females" Challenge
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2. Chapter 2 by Carmel Beauty

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Chapter 1 by Carmel Beauty
"Bitch" Mike screamed. "What do you be thinking about?" "This house is never clean, no food on the table at dinner time, and I don't get sex when and how I want it?" he continued in his rant to Kyra his longtime girlfriend. "Mike, I'm sorry baby I will try better I promise just don't hit me anymore PLEASE?" Mike leaves in a huff while Kyra sits in the corner crying.

Three hours later Mike finally comes home drunk and horny. "Baby where are you at?"he says. "Kyra" he calls out as he walks into the house noticing that it's clean and he smells what seems to be his favorite meal coming from the kitchen. He goes into the bedroom where he sees Kyra on the bed with a black lace teddy. "I'm sorry baby it's just since I lost my job I have been so down, I didn't mean to take it out on you." "Mike don't talk baby it's ok I understand." "Baby take off all your clothes" Kyra says. While he is removing his boxers she gets down on her knees taking the tip of his penis in her mouth going around and around lightly with her tongue. He tries to take her head and guide all of his 9inches in but she won't let him she is slowly teasing licking and giving him soft kisses making him want more, but not giving it to him. Finally catching him by surprise she deep throats him sucking fast till she feels him about to nut then slowing down again. She plays with him like this for what seems like forever to him but is really only 45mins. Then releasing him she gets into the doggy-style position on the bed. He knows what she wants slowly and softly he moves the crotch of her teddy to the side only to realize it is crocthless. He then sticks in two fingers and finds her leaking like a faucet ready for him. He bends his head sucking on her clit till she is squirming ready for more. In one swift hard motion he enters her from behind. With him buried to the hilt inside of her he doesn't move. Eventually she tries to move and he holds her hips stopping her. She turns around and looks at him silently begging him to move and he does all the way out then hard and swift in again over and over giving her multiple orgasms while she is screaming his name. Finally he ejaculates nut running out faster and harder then the fastest roller coaster ride. Exhausted they fell onto the bed together deciding to take a quick nap.

After waking up they shower together and go to eat the meal Kyra prepared. "Why aren't you having any baby you aren't hungry?" Mike asks. "Not right now I haven't been feeling well lately, I will eat later" she stated. "This is real good when you cook you put your foot into it" he stated. "Thank you baby make sure you eat it all cause I got plans for you when you finish" she said thinking yeah I definitely got plans for your hateful, abusive ass.
End Notes:
Okay if yall like the beginning of my story so far I will write more if not then I can change the plot to something else just let me know.

Revenge is best served COLD,

Carmel Beauty
Chapter 2 by Carmel Beauty
Author's Notes:
Okay this is part II remember this is my first time writing for an audience usually I keep my stories to myself like TV programs in my head.
Please comment so I will know how and if you like ……
Mike & Kyra Part II

After Mike finished eating he and Kyra decided to go to bed. Yeah this stupid ass punk think I’m going to keep taking his shit, I want him to sleep on me so I can catch him unaware. “Lay down baby I have some warm oil and I will give you a massage to help you unwind.” Once he laid down on his stomach her face changed to the most hateful expression you have ever seen. Mike unaware of her thoughts slowly drifts off to sleep while she is rubbing all the tenseness out of his muscles.

Realizing Mike is asleep Kyra silently gets up to search the house I have to find out where he has kept those papers before I can put my plan in motion. If I do it now and he has given the evidence to someone else for safe keeping I’m fucked. There has got to be at least a clue as to who he gave the papers to in this house somewhere. I will not be taking another beating from him. At least he doesn’t know all my secrets.

Mike was only pretending to be asleep upstairs getting up from the bed silently he is listening to try to find out what Kyra is doing. I hear that bitch rumbling around in my shit she ain’t going to find anything I don’t want her to find. Yeah she think she got me fooled she must be taking those cheap drugs cause a nigga like me don’t EVER sleep. She don’t think I know about all of her lies I know more then she think I do. I will be the last man standing. She just keep helping me along by being predicable.

The next morning Kyra is getting ready for work. “Mike baby I am leaving for work now I will be back later.” She kisses his cheek then walks out the bedroom, down the stairs and out the door. I am so glad I found those papers as soon as I meet Jackson we can put together the finishing touching of our plan. I didn’t want to have to kill again but …….

Mike is just waking up late afternoon gets dressed and leaves the house. Dialing a number on the phone once it is answered he begins speaking. “Yo, what up B?” Mike states. “Nothing what’s popping?” caller states. “Do you have everything ready?” “Yep.” “Well I am on my way.” Hanging up the phone Mike thinks about all the good times he and Kyra have had over the years. I love this girl to death but I got to teach her not to fuck with me. She thinks I don’t know about that abortion or the birth control pills she has been taking everyday. She knows how much I want to have a baby. She thinks that she can keep secrets from me well she can’t.I can’t lose her she is the best thing that ever happened to me but a man has got to do what he has got to do I just hope she understands …….

Holla Back,

Carmel Beauty
Chapter 3 by Carmel Beauty
Author's Notes:
Okay since I have gotten good reviews so far I am adding a new chapter again today.   Please enjoy.  

Mike & Kyra Part III

     I fell a little bit better about my plan. Jackson has a way of making me feel more confident. He has been a my PNC for a while. Our mothers were best friends so we go back like babies and pacifiers. I haven't seen him for a while since being with Mike we have fallen out of touch. I knew he would be the best person to call when all this drama with Mike started. He is the only person I can trust since my mama died.

     I still love Mike and I probably always will but I will never be able to trust him like I once could. He is the love of my life. Mike has treated me better than any boyfriend that I have ever had until the violence started. I don't understand where it came from it was out of nowhere. I know that things between us at that time weren't good I mean he had just lost his job, a job that he loved. He was trying to help me, and I know he blames me for the loss shit I do too. When I got pregnant it was just plain old bad timing. I know how much he wanted that baby. I wanted nothing more than to be the one to give him a child, but I still had to worry about the police knocking on my door. It wasn't the time on top of that he didn't just lose his job they was trying to charge him with the removal of the evidence, if they could have found proof that he had removed the evidence from the PD he would have locked up faster than you can say jail. I didn't want to have a baby while in jail with both of it's parents locked up it would have been wrong. With the way things turned out maybe I should have just kept the baby, I just wasn't sure it was going to work out this well.

     The last piece of the puzzle though is where is all of his money coming from. He was only a Police Officer they don't make that much money. How is he able to afford that 5 bedroom two car garage home, the big body Benz sitting on dubs, or the nice clothes that he wears. Losing his job hasn't set him back at all. I still need to investigate. I have already set my plan in motion, but in order to make sure everything goes off without a hitch I have to have all the facts. Kyra then pulls into to her parking space at work. I guess I better get out the car and start my 9-5 before I lose my job. Unlike Mike I have to work to make a living.

     Mike pulls up to a big warehouse parks and enters the building going straight to the big office in the back. "Hey B, is everything in place?" Mike says as he sits down in the chair in front of the desk. "I don't need any fuck ups. I still love this girl and I don't want her hurt." leaning forward in the chair Mike looks the man behind the desk in the eye. "Everything is all set just like you wanted it. I don't understand though after all this girl is doing planning to 187 your ass and everything you still don't want to kill her. Shit, pussy is pussy buy you some more big money bags why is this pussy so important to you." B says this while pulling a cigar out of a special compartment on the side of his desk and lighting it. "We got history man, and lately I have been doing her wrong I just need to end all this so that we can take some us time and get back to where we used to be. " seeming like he is agitated Mike stands up and goes to look out the window. Looking up in the sky he sees all the good times he and Kyra have had and it makes he that much more determined to make it work with her. "Since everything is in place I got to go, I have another stop to make I want to be there when Kyra gets off work." Mike turns around and walks out the door. "I'll Holla at you when I am I have a definite time as to when the shit is going down B?"

     Leaving the warehouse Mike gets into his car and goes to a flower shop near his house. He picks up 3 dozen red roses and a vase big enough to place them in once he gets home. Driving down the road towards the drug store he calls Kyra's favorite restaurant and orders two of orders of her favorite meal. He picks up 2 home pregnancy tests, and a card while in the drug store. Finally his last stop is to pick up the take out order he requested.

     During his drive home he begins thinking of all the ways he can make there relationship like it used to be.I know Kyra doesn't trust me anymore we have hurt each other to much, but when can build our relationship back up to where it used to be if we work together. I just have to prove to her that we have a reason to. She hasn't been taking the birth control pills for three months and this month she finally started to show symptoms. I just hope I am right she will know after she takes the test that we have to stay together. She will be made after I tell her I replaced her birth control pills with placebos, but after I tell her how much I love her she will understand I only did this for us. If not then I guess I will have to go through with Plan B I don't want to she is the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, but if push comes to shove I will do what I have to do.

End Notes:
The next chapter begins all the fun.   Both Mike and Kyra have a plan can't wait to see whose plan will actually work because at this point I don't even know. I am pretty sure though that just about everyone hates Mike.   I may be able to change your mind about that in the coming chapters though we will see. :-)
Chapter 4 by Carmel Beauty
Author's Notes:
I hope everyone is enjoying the story!!! Please let me know!  Enjoy!
Mike & Kyra Part IIII

Sitting at her desk finishing up her work day Kyra begins to feel queasy jumping up from her desk she goes to her private bathroom making it to the toilet just in time to dump the contents of her stomach. As she was rinsing her mouth out with mouthwash she was thinking to herself.

If I didn't know any better I would think I was pregnant. I take my pills on time though everyday. I never miss a day because I just can't have any children now.

Kyra then goes to her desk and picks up her purse and jacket walks out the door and out to her car. Just as she is unlocking the door she feels a hand come over her mouth and one grabbing her by the waist picking her up off the ground and carrying her. She is then shoved into the of a van. After she and her attacker get in it begins moving. "Look Kyra, if you stay quiet and sit still I will not have to gag and tie you up do you understand?" her attacker states. Kyra then nods her head up and down that she does.

As soon as she is released she lunges for the door not caring that the van is in motion she knows if she is to survive she needs to escape. Before she can get the door open she is knocked on the back of the head. The first time does not knock her out but after the second time she is unconscious.

Hearing a loud thud when she falls back the driver asks "Mikey, you didn't hurt her did you he said if you hurt her he won't pay us?" the driver said. "Nah, I didn't hurt her Mico I just knocked her out so she won't give us any trouble." "Boy she look good though nice Phat ass pull over so I can get me some right quick nobody will ever know." Mikey said. "Hell naw, you crazy not only will he not pay us if he find out he will kill us, that man is ruthless fuck you I dying for no pussy." "Plus the bitch is unconscious I like it better when they fight." Mico said with a sick smile on his face.

Once they reached there destination a big warehouse out on the marina they placed Kyra in a room with a TV, bed, bathroom, and a big suitcase. Closing the door they went in search of the man who hired them to abduct Kyra.

Kyra pretended to still be unconscious until they left once the door closed she surveyed her surroundings trying to find a way out. There has to be a way out of here but I only see a door and very high windows that I know I can't reach. I don't even know who has kidnapped me. I haven't been raped and I am still alive so why am I here. Something is wrong. I'm glad they didn't check me for weapons. I always keep my pocket knife in my snatch. Like visa I don't leave home without it. I wish I had a gun though. I hear footsteps so I am going to lay back down and pretend sleep again.

While laying there with her eyes closed she hears the door open. ......





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Carmel Beauty

Chapter 5 by Carmel Beauty

Open your eyes Bitch" said a very familiar voice to Kyra. "I know you not sleep as you want me to believe." stated her kidnapper.

"How are you alive? I I I kil-led you." said Kyra. "You tried but obviously you didn't succeed, but when I kill you trust you will be dead." he said. Kyra then heard someone scream really loud before she passed out.

On the other side of town Mike is pacing in front of Kyra's office waiting on her to come out. After the last time he made a scene in her office he wasn't allowed to go in. Not that he really gave a fuck, but he also wanted to catch Kyra by surprise. Today is the day.

I will put my plan in motion, I know that once all is said and done she will see that my way is best. I know she will be with me then. It is already 6:30pm Kyra should not still be at work what is keeping her.

Ring! Ring! "Sup?" says Mike. "Something is wrong? I called her office, homegirl left for the day at 5:45pm." states B. "What the Fuck?I have been out here waiting on her to show since 6pm. Where the fuck could she be? I am going to go to our house and see if she is there. " said Mike. "Ok, I am going to check around the way, this is strange she had plans with me today. She should have gotten in touch with me a long time ago. Something ain't right. Hit me back if you hear anything I will do the same." said B then he disconnected the call.

Getting into his car Mike goes to the house. Once he parks his car in the garage and sees that Kyra's car is not there he is sure she is not there as well. As he is about to start the car and back out of the garage he hears something that sounds like glass break then he sees the light of flash lights. Mike then grabs his 9mm from under the seat checks to make sure it is loaded with one in the chamber, and slowly proceeds to the house. Mike starts checking the downstairs first. The garage door lets him into the kitchen as he is walking he notices the disarray of the house cabinets open and everything has been dumped on the floor. Walking from the kitchen to the dining room, to the foyer he sees the front door open. Thinking the intruders have left he lowers his gun just as he is about to put it in his holster he is hit from behind with the but of a gun.

When Kyra comes to the first thing she notices is Mike in the room with her. She can't tell if he is alive or dead. She kneels down to check is pulse and notices that he is alive just unconscious. "Mike baby, please wake up?" she says while gently shaking him. "Mike please I need you baby wake up? she notices him start to move so she continues to gently shake him to help him awake. "Kyra what is going on? Where am I at?" states Mike.

Suddenly Kyra kidnapper opens the door and states "That's a good question I will be happy to answer it for you? " ....

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Carmel Beauty

Chapter 6 by Carmel Beauty
Author's Notes:
 I have been working on this story this weekend so I will hopefully have a longer post tomorrow.  I have posted two chapters today to try to make up for the fact that these chapters are short. 
" Look just tell me what the Fuck you want so we can leave. I hate your ass always have always will. I will never understand what made my mom stay with you, but I can't even stand the sight of you." Kyra said while trying to wake Mike up.

"Look Bitch I thought you got the point the first time you are not leaving here unless it is in a body bag. " Black said while lighting his blunt. "I just need one thing for you or you would already be dead.

"What makes you think that I would give you anything especially if I know you are going to kill me anyway?" Kyra was finally successful in waking up Mike while talking with Black. Using pressure on his arm she tried to convince him to pretend to be unconscious. I want us to live there has got to be away out of this situation. My baby shouldn't die, because I made a mistake. How is this motherfucker still alive. I shot his ass more then Tupac.

"Your going to help me because I have an incentive, something that I know you will die for." "Yo cricket bring in the surprise. This bitch probably still think she will be saved. " Black then began to pace waiting on cricket to come. After a couple of minutes passed and he did not hear cricket coming he called on his walkie talkie, but did not receive a response. What the fuck I can't reach anybody. Cricket, taj, keisha, jay, balls. Fuck, fuck, fuck. "I be right back." Black said as he was walking out the room. He then closed and locked the door behind him.

"Mike baby are you okay can you stand are you hurt?" Kyra said while trying to look him over for any injuries.

"I'm fine just a little dizzy, I'll be okay in a minute. " "So what is going on I was there that motherfucker should be dead." I can't believe what I almost did to Krya in a way I am glad that this happened to stop me from kidnapping her. I love her, but her bitch ass daddy is just the reminder that I needed that that love needs to be mutual. It will definitely be hard to let her go though. Damn she might be pregnant. How in the world am I going to tell her that?

"Mike I know he locked the door, but I am not sure that is the only way out. You see that window up there. I know it is kinda far, but I think we can make it. Do you think you can make it?" Kyra said while trying to position furniture near the window so that they can claim up and out the window.

"Yeah I am fine now once we get up how do we get down on the other side?" Mike said. "I know we are at least on the second floor. How about instead of going out the window we make it look like we did and ambush them when they come back into the room." If we do make it out of this alive I don't want to do anything that will endanger our child.

"Okay we can do it your way, because we are actually on the third floor so that is too high to jump. Help me move the furniture. "

As they were just getting everything in place they heard someone coming they both began to pray knowing that if this didn't work all three of them could be dead.
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Chapter 7 by Carmel Beauty
Author's Notes:
Sorry for the Delay!!  Enjoy!

After hearing the door open and close, suddenly Mike and Kyra hear someone whispers Kyra. Kyra looked out from behind the bed and saw that it was Jackson before Mike could stop her she was alerting Jackson as to their presence. “Jackson thank God it’s you, please tell me you have a way for us to get out of here.” Kyra said.

As Mike heard Jackson speak he realized he heard that voice before climbing out from under the bed he finally got a good look at Jackson and realized that he had been double-crossed. “What the fuck why is she calling you Jackson B?” Mike said. “What is really going on here?” “How do you know him Kyra?” Mike said that while pacing the room. He was made as hell.

“Look Mike and Kyra I can explain, but right now we don’t have much time we need to get out of here fast.” said B/Jackson. “I put some of those nigga’s to sleep, but some of them will be waking up soon.” B then began to rush both Mike and Kyra out of the room. He went out the door first looking to the left then right to make sure nobody was in the hallway. After making sure he didn’t see anyone he gave a gun to both Mike and Kyra. They finally made it out to Jackson/B’s car and before Mike had closed the door good the car was off and running. Unfortunately, they did not see the car that was following behind them.

“Yo call the boss man tell him where we are let him know that we are following that bitch.” said Mikey. Mico then picked up the phone and called the boss letting him know they were following the girl. “Well you better not lose her because if you do you better make sure you can disappear because if you don’t and I find you, you will be dead.” boss man said before hanging up the phone.

“B, trust you have a lot of explaining to do, but in the mean time tell me where are we going?” said Mike. “To a safe house, it is the only place that I can keep you safe.” said Jackson/b. “I don’t trust you to do shit for me, I need you to take me and Kyra to my car and I will get us to safety.” while talking was getting more and more upset, finally he takes his gun out and points it at Jackson/ B’s head.

Moving Mike’s hand wrestling with him with the gun Kyra screams “Both of yall need to call down we are being followed. Now is not the time for all the drama. I think it is the guys that kidnapped me from work.”
Jackson/B then proceeds to try to lose there followers. After 1 hour of weaving in and out of traffic going down one lane streets and going outrageous speeds they finally lose there followers and end up at the safe house. “Yall, wait in the car I’m going to check the house out.” B/Jackson said while getting out the car. Just as Jackson/B gets into the house shots ring out….

Chapter 8 by Carmel Beauty
Author's Notes:
Kyra then jumps into the driver's seat and backs up in a mad dash to get away. As she is pulling off Mike tells her to stop he suddenly sees B coming out of the house running towards the car. B then jumps into the back seat and Kyra pulls out onto the main road as quick as she can. "Yo Mike can you do me a favor, hand me the first aid kit under the passenger side seat? B said. Mike turns around and looks at B when he hands him the first aid kit and notices the blood on his leg. "Man you been shot we have got to get you to a hospital." Mike says this while trying to direct Kyra to the closest hospital using hand signals. "No Mike I don't need a hospital that is the first place they will send someone looking for us anyway. It's just a flesh wound. " B said. "Just drive we need to dump this car and get another one apparently I did not loose that car following us like I thought we did." B said this while picking up his cell phone and dialing the only person he could trust. It was the only person beside Kyra that he has know for as long as he could remember.

"Dom look I need a favor quick fast and in a hurry where you at?" as he pauses in the conversation he begins to write down directions to the location of Dominic. "Okay we will be there in like 20minutes. Kyra these are the directions. Don't go too fast though cause the police are Hot like fire in this area. Mike we have got to keep an eye out for anyone following us. Bringing heat to Dom's place can get everyone killed. That nigga don't play." While B/Jackson was talking he was cleaning his wound as much as possible with the supplies he had. The bullet had went on the outside of his skin, but the blood had already stopped.

"Okay B since you don't have to concentrate on the road how about you start telling us what is going on?" mike said he did really want to know what was going on, but he wanted to make sure that B was okay whatever his game was he was apparently not trying to hurt either him or Kyra. "Alright man, look I have known Kyra since we were little she came to me about you and told me what was going on. I know yall thought that her stepfather was dead, but as you can see he is not. When she told me how you helped her out I was glad, because that was one sick nigga. I wanted to kill him myself, but you got to him first. Plus Kyra didn't really tell me everything he was doing till after the fact. Anyway you know that I met you on the bust you did about 2 years ago. At the time I did not know who you were, but since you seemed cool and I could tell you had a lot of connects well I just figured it would be a good idea to be friends with you. Being in the FBI drug division the connects you have are sure to come in handy again. Once I realized who you were I really wanted to make sure to get to know you better. When you came to me with that shit you wanted to do to Kyra I realized that the only way to stop you was to "help" you. I had already been helping Kyra she told me why she wanted out even though she still thinks that you love her. The only reason you are here is because I haven't had time to kill you yet, but trust if you even think about hurting Kyra the way you have been over the last couple of months I will kill you and trust me YOU will be DEAD when I get finished with you. Just to let you know I haven't told Kyra yet, but I know where you little extra dough is coming from partna." As Jackson finished explaining his self he set back on the seat cushions even though the injury wasn't life threatening it still hurt like hell.

"Look Jackson, I know I have been wrong okay I knew that when I realized what daddy dearest was doing, but I have changed my ways. I also know that neither you nor Kyra will believe me, but I hope Kyra will at least give me a chance to prove myself. Kyra baby you don't look to good are you okay? Mike said while looking at Kyra who looked like she was about to be sick. Then Jackson got a chance to get a good look at her and noticed that she really did look bad. "I haven't been feeling well for a while and all this excitement has not been making it better Mike I am going to pull over to the side of the road so you can drive. Just as she pulled over she barely had time to open the door before everything she had eaten this morning was on the side of the road. Mike was gently rubbing her back and holding her hair thinking to himself. Damn Kyra has never been sensitive even when we thought we killed her stepfather she took it like a champ. I know she is pregnant now and I have to get her and our baby to a safe place. As Kyra finally felt certain that she was finished emptying her belly she began to slide out of the car into the passenger seat while Mike helped her. If this fool ever finds out I am pregnant he will never leave me alone. I just don't think I can trust him ever again. I have got to keep this pregnancy a secret. Now how am I going to do that .......
Chapter 9 by Carmel Beauty
Author's Notes:

Sorry it has taken so long to post a new chapter.  How everyone is still interested in this story.  I have decided to take a new path which is why I have brought in a new chacter.  So please comment and let me know if you like.  

Chapter 9


                Mike, Kyra, and Jackson finally make it to Dominick’s house.  By the expression on Kyra’s face you can tell this is not what she was expecting.  Mike on the other hand glanced speciously at Jackson trying to figure out what game he is playing now.  They pulled up the a 3 wing 3 story white mansion.  Before they can be let onto the grounds Jackson has to announce his self via a monitor and speaker located outside of the gate.  Once the gate opens they pull into a circular drive way with a large water fountain.  After they park, Mike proceeds to help Jackson out of the back seat while Kyra still a little shaken gets out without assistance. 

                Suddenly, the front door opens and out steps a Vin Diesel look alike, but with Carolina blue eyes.  “Dom this is the shortie I was telling you about Kyra, and her boyfriend Mike who I think you already know” says Jackson while holding onto to Mike for support.   “Kyra, Mike and Jackson have told me much about you, but clearly they left out some very important information” states Dominick with lust filled eyes. 

                Kyra takes a moment to observe Dominick his expression leaves her no doubt as to what “facts”  he felt like Jackson and Mike forgot to mention.  Why this nigga ain’t looked at Mike, but when his name was mentioned he immedialty sneered with extreme hate in his eyes. I wonder what that was all about maybe I just imanged it because it was gone so quickly, but I don’t trust this dude.  I got enough double crosser’s to worry about thinking about Mike and Jackson.  I need to find out how this cat knows Mike and fast because he may be FINE ,but he has a dangerous vibe which means I need to find a way out of here quick, fast and in a hurry.  “How do you know my BOYFRIEND? “ states kyra with an emphasizes on the word boyfriend she didn’t need him to get any special ideas one man she didn’t want was enough.  Dom was clearly able to see the distrust, lust which she was fighting, and anger through her gaze, voice and body language.  Bringing his head up at the attitude in her voice Mike explains that they need to get Jackson into the house before he passes out from loss of blood and/or pain. 

                Once inside Jackson is immediately taken to another wing in the mansion for medical attention by the medical staff currently in residence.  He will be seen by Dom’s personal physican who Jackson is very familiar with.  “ If you will follow me I believe we have a lot to talk about” says Dom walking towards his expansive study.  Walking through white columns on a gorgeous marble floor Mike and Kyra choose to sit on the two chairs in front of Dom’s desk.  “ So Kyra you asked me how I know Mike well he has helped me in the past with several lucrative business ventures.  His profession/ skills as an FBI Agent allows him to help me with ensuring my businesses are shall we say appear to other as being on the up and up.  Our association has been all but ended since his removal from his previous post so we haven’t spoken in a while, but enough about OLD business.  Maybe you and I can start some new business.  As I understand from Jackson you are a person I definetly need to have on my team for more reasons then one.  says Dom with that same look of lust he gave her earlier.  “Look Kyra needs to have a hot bath, food, and somewhere to sleep can you arrange that for her? “ says Mike with attitude.  Kyra looked between the two and you could practically see the steam coming out of their ears.  Pressing a button on his desk located in the lower left hand corner Dom requests that his housekeeper/mother hen meet him in the study.  After five mintues a woman who looks almost exactly like Lorretta Divine appears in the doorway.  “Boy I done told you this shit is for the birds I don’t know nothing about technology it took me forever to get here cause I don’t anyway.  I am an old women and that mess is for the new generation use the walkie talkie I bought they work all over the house too and at least I know how to use them. 
Everytime you use that intercom I think it is God calling me to heaven and it scares the shit out of me.  Anywho, I am busy so what you need?”  says Pattie while huffing and puffing her way into the room.  “  Pattie this is Kyra,  Please settle her into the royal room, Thank you sweet stuff” says Dom with a wink.  After Kyra leaves the room Mike stands up and pulls out his 9 mm gun aiming it at Dom.  “Nigga you think I didn’t see that shit, she is MINE and you wouldn’t be the first man I have killed for her just the next if you don’t keep you eyes to yourself. “ states Mike coldly.  

Chapter 9.2 by Carmel Beauty
Author's Notes:

Wow people are stil interested.  Thank you for all the reviews it means a lot to me.  Well here is the next part of chapter 9 Enjoy!

Chapter 9.2

Mean while in the Royal room,,,,

                Krya is in the bath tub with the whirlpool jets lavender scented candles, and vanilla & jasmine scented bath oils.  Okay Plan A & B are fucked so I need a new plan.  I can’t abort another baby I barely survived that last one mentally.  My baby would be around 2 years old now.  I often see other children and wonder what he would have looked like.  I named him sincere at least to myself.  I could have loved him and often feel as though I made the wrong decision.  That is until that mutherfucker hits me again and then I realize that he should have to be here or may not have even made it anyway from all the constant fighting me and Mike did and still do.  Which means I have to get out of here, and to a safe house quick fast and in a hurry.  I have funds which is good, because until I have this baby I have to stay low.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my stepfather will kill me if he ever gets a hold to me again.  Mike and Jackson knowing eachother does not give me a good feeling on Jackson at all.  How could he keep this from me.  I understand why he never told Mike but me I just can’t trust him either.  I need somewhere I can hide for at least a year.  That will be enough time for me to safely have the baby then begin my training.  I need to be in full fighting form.  I will win in the end.  I don’t care what I have to do.  I know just who to go to for the training to.  Coffey a associate of mine.  We have never been close, but she will be willing to help for the right amount of money.  She is one of the best assassins in the world male or female.  I just need to find a way to get out of here and I know she can help me.  Now first and foremost I need to get the fuck out of this fortress.  I have no idea how to get out of here yet.  He must have gold bars in the basement cause this place is locked up tighter then a virgin’s pussy.  Dom might be willing to help me, but I don’t think I can trust him either.  Going out the window is not going to happen due to the baby.  What’s a girl to do?  I need a distraction.  Kyra is so lost in thought that she does not here the door open lightly to both her bedroom and the bathroom until it is too late….


Back in the study..

                “ So you think you can pull a gun on me in my own home?  You think you know me, but in the words of  T.I Nigga You Don’t Know Me.”  states Dom all while pushing a secret button located under his desk with his foot.  Once he does that the chair with Dom in it quickly slides down tunnel and the desk automatically covers the hole leaving a stunned Mike standing alone in the study.  Suddenly, bullets start flying from everywhere only missing Mike by millimeters.  Mike takes cover trying to make his way to the front door and hopefully safety.  I can’t leave Kyra and my son to this drama what will happen to them.  I don’t even know where the Royal room is or how to get there.  I will never be able to reach it in time.  Hopefully Dom will just let her go once I am away from here.  Fuck B or Jackson whatever the hell his name is this is his boy I am sure he will be fine.  I just have to make it to the car.  All of a sudden the gunfire ends.  Mike rushes to the door and into the car speeding away through the wide open gates.  He doesn’t notice Dom watching him from his upstairs bedroom window smoking a cigar as he watches him leave.  Just as the car rounds the corner it explodes, and Dom smiles.  

                        I need to go see how the beautiful Kyra is doing all alone in her bath.  That sista is FINE.  She has the three bee’s Beauty, Brains, and Bootie.   I hope she know she is going to be my baby momma.  I am glad that most rooms in my home our sound proof which means she didn’t hear the gunfire or the explosion.  I am sure after all that Jackson told me about there relationship she will be happy that he is gone she was trying to kill him herself anyway I just did it for her.  Slipping into her room he goes straight to the bathroom knowing she is probably still enjoying her bath.  Knocking on the door “Kyra are you enjoying your bath is there anything else that you need before you retire for the evening?  I can have a tray brought up to you if you are hungry. “  Dom states from the other side of the door.  “Dom, you scared the shit out of me? Yes, a tray would be great I am starving.  How are Jackson and Mike?”  states Kyra from the outside of the door slowly getting out the tub and looking towards the vanity table where an assortment of lotions and body sprays lay as well as several pieces of  high priced lingerie and robes for her to choose from.  She begins to lightly pat her skin dry then apply the lavender and vanilla lotion to her skin while listening to Dom order her enough food for a small army.   “Kyra I have ordered your food.  I didn’t know exactly what you would like so I ordered everything.  As to your earlier question Jackson is fine as for Mike let’s just say he left.  I am not sure where he went or if he is coming back. “  Dom states just as he has finished Kyra appears in the doorway looking refreshed from her bath.  “Wow, you look absolutely beautiful.  Dom says watching as she blushes and lowers her head.   This fool must think I am the easiest woman on the planet.  He think all he got to tell me is my man is gone buy some expensive lingerie and I am going to drop my drawers. Nah  forget that it will take a cold day in HELL before  I ever get mixed up with this man.  I will admit to myself only that he is fine, but that is not enough for me.  I need way more than that to drop my panties. Ooh shit I don’t have on any panties.  Okay girl this is not the time to lose confidence.   “Look Kyra to be honest with you I have felt an attraction to you from the first moment I laid eyes on you, but I know you got a Boyfriend as you explained earlier so no harm no foul.  I just don’t see anything wrong with expressing how I feel just in case you were wondering.  I am a patient man though so I can wait until your boyfriend is no longer your boyfriend before I pursue you, just know that I will pursue you. “ Dom states while walking closer to Kyra.  “Let me be honest with you since you have been so upfront with me.  I am still in a bad relationship have and have had enough of them to last a lifetime.  I am not a hoe, but neither am I an angel. I don’t jump out of one mans bed right into another so as patient as you claim to be waiting on me would be a lost cause.  I just may decide to become a lesbian after all of this because right now I HATE men.  I have been used and abused by men my whole life so excuse me if your little speech just don’t float my boat. “ Kyra says this with much attitude and Dom can read the anger in her eyes.  He also sees the scared little girl that needs help, but won’t ask for it.  “ Okay I can accept that and won’t speak anymore on the subject for now you can stay here as long as you like.  Jackson has told me that you are in need of help with a certain man from your past if you will allow it I will help if not well you are free to leave at anytime.  I will have a car with any provisions you request waiting for you first thing in the morning .  It will be yours to keep.  I just want to help Kyra so please don’t miss understand my intentions.   Your food should be up shortly so eat, rest and tomorrow you can begin a new day.  I am sure things will look better in the morning.”  Dom says before walking out the door quietly closing it behind him. 

End Notes:

Tell me do you know Mike is dead, and if so do  you want him to be?  How do you feel about Dom do you think he is sincere?  Should she trust him?

Chapter 10.1 by Carmel Beauty
Author's Notes:

Hello Everyone!! I will break this chapter up into about 3 parts.  This is part one so Enjoy!!  Please comment and let me know what you think.  

Chapter 10.1


                I knew that muthfucker was going to plant a bomb or something in the car.  It was too easy for me to escape from the mansion.  I am just glad I got out of the car in time.  I have to get back to Kyra.  That fool is planning something sneaky.  It’s okay though cause I got an even better plan.  Dom will rue the day he ever fucked me with.  Once I disable this alarm system I will be able to get to Kyra.  Good thing I persuaded his head of security to give me a through accounting of all the equipment, alarms, etc. in this mansion or I would never be able to get to Kyra.  Well now is good a time as any.

                        Staying here is not the answer I got to go now.  As much as I need to rest I can’t rest until me and my baby are safe.  What is that noise on the balcony.  Moving towards the balcony Mike appears before the doors and steps through before Kyra can even get to them.  “How did you get here? And Why?” asks Kyra suspiciously.   “Look no time to explain we need to go.  I have to get you and my son to safety quickly.  There is no time to lose.” responds Mike in a rush.  “What son are you talking about?  As far as I know you don’t have any children have you been cheating on me too?  What the FUCK is going on?” Kyra asks loudly and angrily.  Just as Mike is about to respond the door flies open and several armed men walk into the room followed by Dom. 

                “He knows you are pregnant Kyra because the mutherfucker paid to have your birth control pills switched to placebo.  He is determined for you to have his baby.  I told him this wasn’t the best way to go about it, but he never listens to me.  You should have left when you had a chance Mike now it’s to late.  Justin and Zack please take Mike  downstairs and teach him that I mean business.  You can’t try to kill me and think you are going to get away with it.  I have someone downstairs just waiting to talk to you.  Go now.”  Dom waits to continue talking until everyone has left the room and only he and Kyra remain.  “Why are you trying to leave tonight Kyra I told you I would let you leave, but you are trying to sneak out.  You have no reason not to trust me.  I can help if you let me.  Please let me help you. “ Dom states empathically.    Suddenly Kyra begins to cry heart-rendering tears as the last few days of drama catch up to her.  It would be so easy to just surrender to him and let me take care of me, but I can’t do that I have to take care of  myself and my child.  It doesn’t look like I can count on anyone but me so now I will focus on how to get myself out of this mess quickly. 

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