Time After Time by HoneyLove27

Three months after Tara leaves Bon Temps to find herself, she faces the biggest threat to her life and sanity so far.  Will she be able to trust Sam and herself to defeat the biggest foe she’s ever

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A Lion in Winter by HoneyLove27
Author's Notes:

True Blood, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels and all if its characters belong to Alan Ball and Charlene Harris.  All Original characters belong to me (HoneyLove27).  No copyright infringement intended.  For entertainment purposes only.

The time clock seemed to grow louder with ever tick just to annoy Tara. 

Stupid fifteen minute break.  Not long enough to do any good, but I’d strangle someone without it.

“Ah hell.”  Tara breathed as she got out of the chair and passed through the door, leaving the ticking time clock in the break room.

Tara’s kitten heels clicked on the linoleum as she made her way pass house wears over to the makeup/perfume.

“You’re early.”  Stephanie beamed.

Tara looked at the young blonde girl that work the counter at Belk with her and tried to figure out why she was so damn happy all the time.  Tara shrugged figuring nothing bad had every happen to Stephanie Kruger (minus the last name).  It was difficult to begrudge someone for having the very life that Tara had come to Shreveport to pursue.

“It’s cool.  You can go.”  Tara sighed turning her back to the blonde.

“Oh…OK.”  Stephanie spoke barely above a whisper as she quietly collected her things and the left the counter to go home.

Tara sighed again as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other.  She hadn’t meant to be so standoffish but…

I need to fly under the radar.

She though back to three months ago when she packed up her meager belongings and left Bon Temps in the middle of the night and headed for Shreveport.  She hadn’t told anyone where she was going, or that she was leaving.  Since she didn’t have a cell phone no one had been able to contact her at all.  Tara went back and forth about her decision to move to Shreveport daily.  She was so tempted to pick up a phone and call Lafayette, or Sookie, or…

“Sam.”  Tara finished out loud.

“What?”  A voice said from the other side of the counter.

Tara whipped around to fast she nearly lost her balance.  The man she was facing wasn’t Sam of course.

“Geez, you scared me.”  Tara chastised the man.

“That so.”  He chuckled.

His shoulders moved a bit when he laughed she noticed.  She also noticed that the raven-haired man was wearing ripped jeans and a black t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.  That was rather odd seeing as it was January.

“Something I can help you with?”  Tara asked in a way that made it clear the answer was no, but she had to ask anyway.

“Nope.  Just looking.”  The man chuckled again and walked away towards Menswear.

Tara crossed her arms as a chill ran down her spine.  She couldn’t wait for the last hour to pass so she could close up and go home.

“Night Tara.”  Joe called as he locked the front door to Belk. 

“Night.”  She hollered back over the wind as she pulled her coat tighter around her neck.  Tara hadn’t gotten a new winter coat and she was cursing herself now for it.  Maybe toughing this winter out to save money hadn’t been such a good idea after all.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to walk with you?”  Joe asked already heading towards his own car that was parked close to the door.

“That’s alright.  I can see it from here.”  Tara answered waving to Joe.

Turning back towards her car she moved towards her beat up little Pinto.  The worst thing about working the late shift was having to park so far away.  Sure she could see her car, but that didn’t stop it from looking like an ant.

It had to be well below freezing which was unusual for this time of year, at least in northern Louisiana.  Tara clutched her bag in closer toward her and felt around for her keys, that way when she did arrive at her vehicle she’d be ready to unlock the door.

“Damn it.”  Tara felt for her keys and couldn’t locate them.   “Where the hell…”

I didn’t leave them in the break room did I?

Tara turned back to look across the Shreveport Crossings Mall parking lot.  Now Belk looked like an ant.  She saw Joe’s pickup truck speed away and stamped her foot.  Something jingled. 

“Oh.”  She sighed with relief as she felt in her coat pocket for the keys.


Flipping through the keys Tara tried to pull out the one that went to the car.  This was difficult to do with gloves on which made her fumble and drop the keys.

“Damn it!  It’s too cold for this shit.”  Tara cursed through her chattering teeth as she bent down to pick up her keys.

Out of the corner of her eye Tara caught something yellow just out the pool of light created by the street light she was standing near.  She turned towards it and blinked.

Nope…still there.

Tara’s eyes darted over toward her car.  It was a good fifty feet away still. 

Maybe I could keep walking like I never saw it.

A deep rumble broke through the crisp air.

Fuck!  It’s like it knows.

The yellow grew larger until Tara could tell that there were eyes.  Then suddenly the shadow around the eyes melted and turned orange, and large, and furry.

The larger and more defined it grew the louder the rumbling got until it became a snarling growl.  It kept inching closer and closer until there was no denying it.

What the fuck is a Lion doing at the Shreveport Mall?

Suddenly it charged toward Tara at full speed and she couldn’t scream loud enough.

The Lion raced towards Tara at full speed.  Just when she thought it was going to attack it leapt up into the air flew over her and slammed into something.  Spinning on her heels Tara saw that the Lion had slammed into a wolf full force and sent it flying several feet.

One would hope that the wolf had had enough, but instead it picked itself up and snarled at the Lion.  The two of them stared at each other daring the other one to make the first move.  Tara decided she’d make the first move…to the car.

She placed one foot in the direction of the car which caught the wolf’s attention.  It charged toward her, but was intercepted by the Lion once more.  They began growling and biting each other.

Not certain she gain another opportunity Tara made a mad dash for her Pinto.  Suddenly the freezing temperature was the least of her problems.  Reaching the driver’s side door she fiddled around for her keys again.  She inserted the key into the lock just as she caught the wolf charging at her from the corner of her eye.

“Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Tara screamed fearing she’d meet her end in the next few seconds.

Right before the wolf could attack the Lion clamped down on the wolf’s neck.  Tara could see the blood seeping from the wounds the Lion was creating, and then she saw the light disappear from the wolf’s eyes.  It was dead, Thank God.

The Lion flung the wolf’s limp body across the pool of light and then looked back over its shoulder at Tara.

Not wanting to be next Tara hurriedly opened the door and started the car.  Without bothering to fasten her seatbelt she slammed down the accelerator and speed towards the exit.  Checking her rearview mirror to try and find the Lion she spied what appeared to be the bleeding body of a nude man.

“What the hell?!”

Tara’s eyes left the rearview mirror to focus on the road just in time to see another nude man standing in front of her.

Screaming Tara spun the wheel to avoid him causing the Pinto to spin and skid to a stop.

“Where’d he go?!”  Tara panted frantically searching for the man she’d nearly run down. 

Suddenly the car door was almost ripped open.  Screaming Tara tried to back away from whoever opened the door by climbing over the center console.

“No!  Get away from me!”  She shouted.

“Tara.  It’s me.”  Sam stuck his head into the cabin of the Pinto.  He was stark naked and bleeding.

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Still Waters Run Deep by HoneyLove27
Author's Notes:

True Blood, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels and all if its characters belong to Alan Ball and Charlene Harris.  All Original characters belong to me (HoneyLove27).  No copyright infringement intended.  For entertainment purposes only.

“Sam.”  Tara whispered as she stopped screaming.

“Let me drive.” Sam motioned with his head for Tara to finished moving over the center console into the passenger seat.

She complied and Sam got in slamming the door against the cold, even shifters are susceptible to below freezing temperature when naked.

Putting the car in drive Sam headed out to the main road and turned toward Tara’s apartment complex.

After warming up for a minute Sam turned his head to glance at Tara.  He’d never seen her sit so still, or stays so quite…ever.

“Tara.”  He called out to her softly, but she didn’t respond.

Sam reached over and placed a warm hand on Tara’s shoulder.  She sharply turned her head and stared through him.

“Can you hand me that blanket in the back?”  He asked before turning his eyes back to the road.

Tara glanced down just long enough for it to register that he was unclothed before reaching back for the small throw she kept in her tiny back seat. 

“Thank you.”  Sam took the green throw from Tara who still hadn’t spoken.

She might go in to shock.

“Tara?”  Sam called again trying to get her to speak. “What day is it?”

“Tu…Tuesday.”  She whispered.

“That’s right.  What city are we in?”

Tara looked out the window for the answer and lay her head against the headrest.

“Tara.  Tara, what city are we in?”  Sam looked at her wishing Tara’s apartment was closer.


“Good Tara.  I just need you to hang on a few more minutes.”

Sam knew Tara was holding it in, but as soon as she had the chance she’s absolutely lose it.

Finally after the longest five minutes they’d ever shared Sam pulled in the complex and took a right to head to Tara’s apartment.

Once they parked Sam took the keys out of the ignition and handed them to Tara who stared at them.


“You just put this one in the lock and turn it.”  Sam informed her.

“I know how to open a door Sam.”  Tara shook her head.  “How do you know where I live?”

Sam stared into Tara’s eyes for a few minutes not certain where to begin.  One answer would only lead to more questions.  And it was too cold out here for that.

Holding Tara’s gaze Sam leaned closer and closer until his face was mere inches from hers.  He could feel her sweet breath against his lips as he reached for the door handle and opened it.  The freezing air was sharp as it hit his face and stirred Tara’s hair.

“Wait for me inside.”

A nervous panic began to creep onto Tara’s face.

“It’s alright.  Nothing’s out there.”   Sam placed his hand on her cheek to reassure her.

Tara took a deep breath to steady herself and grabbed the keys from Sam’s hand.  Turning her head toward her front door she seemed to judge the distance and decided that she’d be inside before a misfortune could befall her…again.

Pushing the door open Tara sprinted for the front door, jammed the key in, and turned the lock in record time.  Once the front door was open the car door slammed.  Tara turned in the doorway expecting to see Sam walking towards her.  Instead a collie trotted towards her holding the green throw in his mouth.

Sam stood in front of Tara for several seconds before it dawned upon her to move into the living room so that he could enter the apartment and they could shut the cold out for good.

Sam walked into the room and turned away from Tara.  Taking a deep breath he cleared his mind and shifted back into himself.  Removing the throw from his mouth he wrapped it around his waist and faced Tara, who stood there calmly.

Still waters run deep.

The shifter took a few steps towards her which seemed to break her trance.

“I’ll get you something to wear.”  Tara announced and left the room for a minute.

After Sam put the sweat pants and t-shirt on he sat on one side of the couch and looked up at Tara who was winning the award for most likely to stand still staring into space the longest.

“Tara,” Sam reached for her. “Come sit with me.”

Silently she walked over to the couch and perched on the end opposite Sam and looked straight ahead.  Sam sighed and took Tara’s feet off the ground and placed them in his lap.

“You mad at me?”  He shrugged.


“Are you mad at me?”

“No.  Mad at you?  Sam, you saved my life.  At least, I think you saved my life.”

“I probably did.  Didn’t exactly get a chance to ask him what he wanted with you.”

“So…”  Tara ran her hand up and down her legs gathering strength.  “He’s dead.”

It was half a statement and half a question.

“Yeah.”  Sam nodded and leaned back into the couch placing a hand on Tara’s ankle.

Tara crossed her arms and closed her eyes trying to stop herself from trembling, but a tear escaped her eyes.

“Fuck.”  She gasped trying to breath.

Sam knew this was coming and he was prepared.  Gathering Tara up in his arms Sam soothed her and rubbed her back.

“Just breathe baby.  It’s ok.”

“It’s not ok.”  Tara yelled jumping up off the couch.

“There’s a fucking werewolf after me and I don’t know why.  I moved to get away from all that shit and it fucking followed me.”

“I don’t think that’s what happened.”  Sam stood watching Tara pace.

“Then what happed Sam?  What?”

Sam sighed.”I don’t know.”  He shrugged hating not being able to give her the answers.

“Fuck.”  Tara spun on her heels and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of whiskey and two glasses.

Sam followed her and arrived just in time to stop the bottle from slipping out of her hands and hitting the floor.

“It’s alright.  I got it.”  Sam grabbed the glasses off the counter.  “Go sit down.”

Tara walked to the couch and sat anxiously waiting for Sam to pour the whiskey.  He handed her a much needed glass.

Tara took it like a shot and passed it back to Sam for a refill.  Sam filled it and passed it back.  Tara sipped on this one more slowly.

“So you gonna tell me how you know where I live?  And where I work for that matter?”

Sam poured himself a drink.

“Someone from Belk called me for a reference.  It was pretty easy from there.”

“So you knew this whole time?”


“Is this the first time you came here?”

“No.  I wasn’t stalking you.  Just wanted to make sure you’re ok.  You’re all alone here.”

Tara sipped on her whiskey until the glass was empty.  “Am I ok?”

Sam shook his head and poured her another glass.  “I don’t think anyone can answer that but you.”

Sam watched Tara roll the empty glass between her two palms as she stared at it expecting the answers to life’s question to pour out of it.  She looked so sad and desperate for a change.  He hated seeing her this way, it made him feel helpless.  She’d moved away to find her happiness and now she was more miserable that ever – all in one evening.

“You know what you need.”  Sam interjected into her thoughts.

“Nope.”  Tara shrugged studying the empty glass.

“A bath.”  Sam smiled.

“Excuse me.”  Tara looked up at him attempting not to be offended.

Sam chuckled as the old Tara flashed for a second.  “It’ll relax you.”

Tara shook her head and began to protest.  “Sam…”

“Trust me.”  Sam smiled looking deep into Tara’s eyes trying to calm her soul.  “I’ll run the water.”

Getting off the couch Sam walked to the bathroom.

“I never said yes.”  Tara pretended to protest, but Sam knew that Tara didn’t mind him taking care of her tonight.

Once Tara was settled in the tub, surrounded my every candle Sam could muster up, with bubbles covering the majority of her body, Sam came back into the bathroom.  He sat beside the Tara with his back against the side of the tub and sighed.

“Long day.”  She asked putting her hair into a ponytail so it wouldn’t get wet.

“Yeah.”  The shifter breathed running his hands through his hair.

“You were right you know.”  Tara smiled leaning on the side of the tub so she could be closer to him.

Sam turned his head so he faced her.  “Now I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say that…to anyone.”

Tara playfully splashed him with water and giggled.

“I’m serious Sam.  And not just about the bath.  About everything.”  Tara inched closer to her past lover.  “That’s why I came here.”

“Oh really.”  Sam studied Tara’s lips.  “I thought maybe it was because I told you I was a shifter.”

Tara’s deep brown eyes closed and he shook her head ever so slightly.  A few tendrils escaped her pony tail.

“I was afraid you might misunderstand.”  She sighed.  “You’re not the problem Sam…I am.”

“It’s not you, it’s me.”  He scoffed.

“Yeah.”  Tara replied feeling a little defensive.  “That’s why I’m here, to work on that.”

“I don’t see where there’s anything to work on.”  Sam reasoned.

“Well I do.” Tara argued.  “Everyone else has their shit together.  They’re out there finding their happiness and standing on their own two feet.  I know I can do the same if I give myself a chance.”

Sam turned so he was facing Tara and rested his arm on the rim of the tub.

“Tara Mae you are one of the strongest women I’ve ever met.”

“Always being ready for a fight isn’t strong Sam.  I feel like I have a rain cloud over me and a target on my back.  Do you know how many time I asked myself ‘why me’?  Why did Maryann pick me?  Why did I have to watch Eggs die?  Why did Franklin terrorize me?  Why did one who took Eggs away from me have to be Jason?  And there is a small, a very small part of me that feels that if Sookie had just stayed away from Bill like we told her none of this shit would have happened.”

“Tara that’s not fair.  It is isn’t Sookie’s fault.”

“Damn it I know that Sam.  I just wanted to press the damn reset button and forget the last six months of my life.”

That wounded Sam.  Their entire relationship was in the last six months of her life.  Besides, Maryann didn’t go after Tara because of Sookie.  It was because of him.  Because she knew that it would hurt Sam to see someone he had feelings for in Maryann’s clutches and falling in love with another man.

“I’m sorry Tara.”

“Please stop apologizing Sam.”  Tara leaned her head back against the cool shower wall.  “I’m the one runnin’ off at the mouth not thinkin’ before I speak.”

Sam smiled, “Well I wouldn’t have you any other way.”

“Sure.”  Tara chuckled, eyes smiling.  “Bad attitude and all.”

“Like I said, we’re not so different.”

“Well I won’t hold it against you.”

“Better not.” He winked at her causing her to blush.  Sam pretended not to notice as he dipped his fingers in the water, it was still warm.

“I’ve missed you Sam.”  Tara confessed.  “I called you a couple of times, but…”

“I knew it was you.  Figured you’d talk when you were ready.”

“I’m trying to decided if you following me around this whole time is make you a stalker or sexy.”

“I’m gonna put my vote in for sexy.”  Sam dipped his hand into the water and formed a cup.  He brought water over to Tara’s shoulder and released it, watching it slide down her smooth ebony skin.  He’d missed that skin.

“I like your hair.”

Tara smiled and looked away.  “Thanks.  I…wanted a change.”

“It's beautiful.”  He told her.

“It’s just different.”

“Hey, will you let me give you a complement.”  Sam tried to look Tara in the eye, but she was still looking away.  He placed his hand under her chin and gently turned her head so she was facing him and her chocolate eyes stared into his baby blues.  Once their eyes met he released her chin and ran his fingers through her hair, her real hair for the first time.  “You are so beautiful.”

His eyes traveled from her eyes to her lips and back again.  He wanted to taste those sweet lips he’d been missing for three long months, but he finally reached up and kissed her forehead instead.  Tara needed to know that this wasn’t about sex for him.  He needed her to know that what he felt for her was real.  That was the only way she’d return to him.

Without another word Sam placed a towel on the covered toilet seat and left Tara alone in the bathroom to dry off.

After several minutes Tara walked into the living room in her pajamas to find Sam making up the couch.

“What are you doing?”

Sam stopped.  “You don’t mind if I crash her?  I thought it might be safer and it late.”

“Of course not Sam.”  She smiled.  “I meant why you are sleeping on that lumpy ass couch.  The bed is a queen.”

“Well I didn’t want to assume…  I mean I'm not trying to.”

“I know, I know.”  Tara smiled and reached out her hand.  “I’ll never get any sleep if I can’t see you anyway.”

Sam walked toward Tara until he could reach out and touch her extended hand.

“You sure?  I mean, sometimes I bark in my sleep.”

“I think I can handle it.”  She laughed as she turned and led him to the bedroom.

They both climbed under the sheets incredibly tired.  Sam reached over and turned out the light.

The shifter laid there awake for a few minutes.  It never occurred t him when he got in the car to check on Tara this afternoon that he’d end up even speaking to her, let alone fighting a werewolf for her and spending the night in her bed.  He smiled wondering what tomorrow would bring.”



“Will you been here when I wake up?”  Tara asked moving closer to Sam and resting her cheek on his chest.

Sam wrapped his arm securely around his love and planted a kiss in her fragrant hair.

“Will you?”  He joked.

Tara playfully swatted him and giggled before they both drifted off to sleep.

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It's all that I can give to you. by HoneyLove27
Author's Notes:

True Blood, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels and all if its characters belong to Alan Ball and Charlene Harris.  All Original characters belong to me (HoneyLove27).  No copyright infringement intended.  For entertainment purposes only.


Tara rolled over in her bed and realized there shouldn’t been that much room.  Where was Sam?  Pushing the covers back she sat up and noticed that delicious smells were wafting into the bedroom from the kitchen.  She couldn’t help smiling.  This was the second time Sam and made her breakfast.

Tara rounded the corner into the living room and looked into the kitchen.  Sam was hard at work.

“Morning sleepyhead.”  She smiled over his shoulder finishing up cooking.

Sam slid the omelet out of the pan onto a plate and handed it to Tara with a fork.

“Bon Appetite.”

Tara cut a steaming piece and blew on in before putting it her mouth.  It was heavenly.

“Damn this is good.”

“Thank you.”

“You know.  I half expected hoecakes.”  She joked.

“Well someone was out of bacon.  Can’t make hoecakes without bacon grease.”  He teased and smile. 

Tara looked down at her omelet before he could tell that his smiles made her melt to the core.  She’d almost forgotten about the attack last night and the fact that they still didn’t have any answers.

“Hey.”  Sam interrupted her thoughts.

“What’s up?”

“I gotta get going.  Have to open the bar.”

Tara began to stiffen up and the thought of Sam leaving her.  She’d didn’t have to work today and wasn’t certain if that would keep her safe or make her a sitting duck.

Sam sensed her distress and placed his hands on her shoulders gently massaging her.  “I can come back to check everything thing out if you want.”

“I hate to have you drive back and forth for me.”

“Tara.”  Sam shook his head.  “That’s the least I can do.  I’ll come back before night fall.”

He kissed her forehead again and then gazed down into her eyes.  She wanted to kiss him.  Normally she’d just take what she wanted, but something was holding her back.  Probably the fact that’s she’d left him cold.  How could she leave him one minute then jump him the next?  It was…rude.  And Sam deserved better.

“I’ll see you tonight.”  He breathed and she nodded in agreement

Sam began walking toward the door and pulled the shirt over his head.  Tara realized he was going to shift again.  She’d been to numb to really appreciate the transformation last night.  It happened so quickly.

“Sam wait.”  She called as he reached for the door knob.

He waited for her to say something, but it appeared to be stuck in her throat.

“What is it?”

“Why’d you do all this?  Check up on me?  Stay the night?”

Tara watched Sam mull the question over and then run several responses through his head before he broke his silence.

He sighed and glanced at the floor before looking back up at her and then opening the door. 

“Because I love you Tara.”

Then he shifted out of the sweat pants and took off running towards the mall where he left his car.

Tara closed the door and sat on the couch unable to finish her breakfast.

Because I love you Tara.  The words played in her head over and over.  Had anyone ever said that to her and really meant it?

About an hour later Tara mentally kicked herself for sitting there that long, changed her clothes to a cream sweater and blue jeans, and hopped in her car.  She made it to Bon Temps in record time.

The first place she went was Merlotte’s.  Tara wasn’t really up for seeing a town full of people who had a ton of questions, but that’s where Sam was so…

She parked around back with the employees and almost jumped out of her Pinto.  The parking lot was dead.  Good.  She ran up to the trailer and knocked on the door.  Please, please, please be home.


Tara turned to face the all too familiar face.

“Jason.”  She smiled.  He looked good.  Underdressed for the weather though.

He stood there in the parking lot like he was afraid that moving would cause the mirage to disappear.  So Tara came to him.  When she was a foot from him he grabbed her up into a bear hug lifting her off the ground.

“Thank God you’re alright.”

“Jason, are you alright?”  Tara asked.  He sounded like he was on the verge of tears.  The only time she’d seen Jason cry was when he was having blood drained from his penis.

Tara sighed.  “Jason. Can you put me down?”

“Oh sure.”  He placed her one the ground.  “Sorry, I’m just so damn happy to see you.  First Sookie’s back, now you.  Maybe Crystal will be next.  Everything happens in threes right?”

“Crystal’s gone?  Wait what do you mean Sookie’s back?”  Tara panicked

“Yeah.  We all thought maybe you two left together, but when she got back she didn’t even know you were gone.  Hey, where’d you go?”


“What the hell’s in Shreveport?”  Jason shrugged

“Tara!”  Sookie screamed running across the parking lot in nothing but her winter barmaid uniform.

“Sookie.” Tara smiled and hugged her friend as soon as she reached her.

“Where have you been?”  Tara asked as soon as the blonde released her.

“You first?”

“Shreveport.”  Jason answered.

“What’s in Shreveport?”  Sookie inquired.

“That’s what I said.”  Jason added.

“Why don’t we go inside where it’s not so cold?”  Tara instructed to avoid all the questions Sookie was trying to pick out of her mind.

“Actually I got to get to work.”  Jason shrugged and turned back to his truck.  He turned when he reached the door to the truck.  “Now don’t either one of you get any ideas about runnin’ off again.”  He pointed at them.

“I don’t take orders from you.”  Sookie shot back just to annoy her brother.

“Sookie I swear…”

“Bye Jason.”  Sookie spun on her heals, grabbed Tara’s arm and walked back into Merlotte’s.

When they were in the back hallway Sookie released Tara’s arm.

“Guess we can’t be mad at each other since we both did the same thing.”  Tara reasoned.

“You mean leave without saying a word to anyone because we need to get away and knew that no one would understand.  You’re right can’t be mad about that.”  Sookie smiled at her friend and Tara smiled back.

“Is Sam in his office?”

“Yeah I think so.  I really expected him to lay into me, but he just laughed.  Said it’s been that kind of day.” Sookie shrugged.

“Hey I’ll talk to you later ok.”  Tara half asked Sookie as she headed to Sam office.

“Ok.  Sure.”  Sookie smiled nervously wondering why Tara wanted to see Sam.

Tara approached the door and took a deep cleansing breath before she knocked lightly on the door.

“Come in.”

Tara opened the door and saw the man who loved her.  He had bathed as was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black button down.  Boy could he wear a pair of jeans.  He was facing away from her and looking over some paper work.

“Sorry Sookie. Got a lot to do today.  I’ll be out tonight.”

Tara closed the door without a work and crossed the room to stand behind him.  When she didn’t speak Sam finally turned around to see that it was Tara and not Sookie facing him.  Tara and Sam stood their facing each other for a few seconds before Sam placed his papers on the desk and grabbed Tara’s waist with both hands pulling her to him.

Their lips met releasing months of tension and a hunger engulfed them both.  Sam snaked one arm around the small of Tara’s back bringing her closer and his other hand cradled the back of her head and played in her hair.  Tara sighed in to the kiss and grabbed on to Sam’s broad shoulders.  Their kiss softened and Sam pulled back slightly sweetly tasting her lips and caressing her face.  He brushed against her smooth lips with his tongue begging them to part so he could explore.  Tara complied and Sam massaged her tongue with his.  He groaned and she gasped in reply.  It was a beautiful melody.

“Sam.”  She whispered his name when he released her lips and began to devour her neck.

“I’ve missed you, baby.”  He breathed in to her neck.

The sensation of his breath on her skin sent chills down her spin and she clutched on to his shoulder for support.

“I love you Sam.”

Tara wasn’t certain he’d heard her at first, but then he stopped kissing her neck and pulled her close to him again. 

“I don’t know…”  Tara began, but Sam placed his thumb over her lips and quieted her before she could ruin the moment in typical Tara fashion.

Sam moved hand down to her chin and lifted his to his face.  “I’m not asking anything of you Tara.”

Tara wasn’t sure how she felt about that, …relieved…jipped…thankful?  She reached up and ran her hand along his forearm.

“I should get going.  Let you get back to work.”

“Ok.  I’ll see you tonight.”

“Yeah.”  Tara smiled and left the office in a daze.

She was almost to her car when Sookie yelled for her.

“Sorry Sook.  I’ll be back.”  Tara yelled across the parking lot.


Tara saw the pained look on Sookie’s face and felt badly for ever feeling that any of her troubles were her friend’s fault.

“I don’t know.  Soon.” 

Tara got in to her car and was pulling into her apartment complex before she could blink.  Sitting in her car she stared at her front door.  It didn’t seem like her door.  She thought about Sookie and Sam and Jason and Lafayette whom she didn’t get to see.

“What am I doing here?”

She didn’t have an answer so Tara packed up her clothes and dishes. She’d just about finished when there was a knock at the door.

She opened it to see the bubbly blonde from Belk standing there.


“Hey Tara.  I didn’t have your number so I thought I’d just pop by for a sec…are you going somewhere?”

Tara looked back and saw her suit cases and a couple of boxes had accumulated in the living room.

“Yeah.  I’m moving.”

“Moving?  Why?”  The girl almost sounded offended.  “I mean you just got here.  Where’re you going?”


“Oh.”  She tried to sound like she was genuinely happy for Tara, but she could tell that the blonde was not happy for her.

“I need to leave soon so…nice knowing you.”  Tara closed the door to finish packing.  She’ probably hurt the young girls feelings again.

Tara sighed feeling badly.  After all Stephanie had come all the way out here to see her. 

How did she know where I live?

Tara went back to the door before she could get too far, but the parking lot was empty.  Stephanie wasn’t anywhere?  Tara hadn’t heard a car start up either.


The people in Bon Temps were strange too, but at least she knew who they were. 

Tara packed her car and didn’t stop until she pulled into Sookie’s gravel driveway.

Sookie was so grateful to see her friend that neither one of them noticed a pair of eyes watching them unpack the Pinto.

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We're the same...or...Trunk full of secrets by HoneyLove27
Author's Notes:

True Blood, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels and all if its characters belong to Alan Ball and Charlene Harris.  All Original characters belong to me (HoneyLove27).  No copyright infringement intended.  For entertainment purposes only.

3:30 pm came in no time (Apparently that’s what happens when you drive to Bon Temps, back to Shreveport, and then back to Bon Temps again all in one day).  Tara was exhausted, but too full of energy for a nap. 

She looked around at the familiar house wondering how she could ever have left.  Standing in the foyer she did a simple turn taking in the different rooms.  The kitchen and the living room were just as she remembered every time she closed her eyes. 

As Tara glanced outside thought the windows she noticed that the sunlight was waning.  That was the thing about winter.  Dusk came so early – too early.  She still had to get over to Merlotte’s to tell Sam that she moved back before he headed off to her Shreveport apartment for no reason.

“I can’t get all these by myself.  You coming?”  Sookie hollered from the top of the stairs.

“Sorry.”  Tara smiled and picked up the last two boxes from the floor.  She hadn’t meant to stand there lost in thought for so long.

Tara climbed the stairs and turned the corner into her room.  Sookie was waiting there with a huge grin on her face.

“It’s just like you left it.  You’re old room, and my old room.” Sookie chuckled and crossed her arms while Tara put the boxes on the bed.

“You know I’ve never felt more at home that I do here.  I don’t know how I could have left.”  Tara confessed putting her hands on her hips.

“I know what you mean.”  Sookie spoke softly walking over to one of the windows.

Tara stared at her friend.  She knew that Sookie must have been thinking about wherever she had been for the last three months.  Tara also knew that the blonde wouldn’t talk about it no matter how hard she pushed.  Tara sighed deciding to pick that battle later.

“I have to go.”  Sookie announced.

“What?  You’re not going to help me unpack?”

“Ugh.  I hate unpacking.”

“Me too.”

Sookie laughed and bounced towards that door.

“I have to go to Arlene’s, before work, so she can rip me a new one for not asking her permission to head out of town.  I’d almost rather be here unpacking.  Almost...”

“I’ll remember this.”  Tara called after her friend who was already downstairs grabbing her keys and heading for the door.

Tara turned back to the small mountain of boxes and bags on the bed.  Deciding to do the clothes first she unzipped and bag and began to hang up some items in the closet.  She hadn’t started the second bag before she heard the front door open.

“Sook.”  Jason called into the house.

“Hey Sook.  I need those jeans you were suppose to clean for me.  I want to wear ‘em tonight.  You get that stain out yet?”

Tara giggled as she wondered what had stained Jason’s pants so badly that he couldn’t just send them to the cleaners.

“Sook.  They’re my best jeans now.”

“She’s not here.”  Tara appeared at the top of the stairs looking down at Jason who seemed to stop in his tracks.

“Hey.  Good.  You’re still here.  I was afraid you’d run back off to Shreveport.”

“I did, but just long enough to pack.”

“You moved back?  Well damn.  Get down here so I can give you a welcome back hug.”

Tara descended the stairs shaking her head as Jason pulled her into a bear hug for the second time that day.

Jason released Tara and looked into her eyes.  “So you know where my favorite jeans are?”

Tara shook her head.


“Guess you’ll have to wear your second favorite pair.”

“Guess so.”

Jason smiled that irresistible smile that has always worked so well on women.  Tara turned her head to blush and moved out of Jason’s arms and headed for the kitchen.  Tara had seen that smile before, but Jason had never really used it on her.

“I think Sookie has some beer in the fridge.  You want one?”  Tara asked as she crossed her arms.

“Depends.  What time is it?”


“Perfect.  I’d like to be buzzed before five.”  Jason smiled again and winked at Tara.

“Ok.”  Tara spun her heels leading the way to the kitchen.

 There was no denying that Jason was flirting with her a bit.  Maybe it was just good practice for him.  Tara shook it off and reached in to the fridge for two Budlight’s with lime.  She handed one to Jason, but he took both and just barely grazed her hand in the process.

“I’ll get that for you.”  Jason opened her’s and handed it back to her.  “ ‘sides you’ll be opening plenty soon enough.  You going back to work at Merlotte’s?”

It was half a question and half a statement.  Almost like working at the bar would solidify Tara’s relocation back to Bon Temps in Jason’s mind.

“Think so.”  Tara took a sip and sat down at the kitchen table.  Jason took the seat next to hers.

He took a long swig from his bottle and then wiped his lips before looking at Tara again. 

“Damn I missed you.”  Jason laughed.

“Oh please, Jason.”  Tara dismissed.

“I’m serious.  You know, I think you’re my only female drinking buddy.  It’s nice, being able to drink with someone who doesn’t feel the need to hit shit after they get shitfaced.”

“Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think.”  Tara laughed “I hit shit all the time.”

“Yeah, but it’s different.  It’s not annoying when you do it.”

“Thanks, I think.”  Tara giggled.

“You know you and me….and Sookie, we’re tight.”

“Yeah, like a family.”  Tara drank again.

“Well…yeah, but no.  I mean, you and me…we’re not family.”  Jason reasoned.

“What was your first clue?  The fact that I’m black and you’re white?”

“Damn it Tara.  How could you wait all this time to tell me that I’m white?”

Tara and Jason busted out laughing.  When their laughter subsided Jason finished off his beer and grabbed another.

“You want one?”  He called over his shoulder.

“Nah, I’m good.”  Tara declined.

Jason sat back down and pulled his chair closer to Tara.  He placed his hand on one of Tara’s forearms so she’d look up at him.

“I never told anyone about that Vamp I killed behind Merlotte’s before you left.”

“Franklin.”  Tara remembered.

“I even been watching what I think around Sookie so she won’t know either.”

Tara nodded it.  It hadn’t occurred to her that she would have to do that unless she wanted Sookie to know about it.  That might not be safe for everyone involved.

Jason watched Tara silently for a few moments.  “Tara, you alright?”

Tara nodded silently.

“I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“You didn’t.  I was just thinking about…what led up to Franklin’s death.  If I’d known how to kill a Vampire the right way you wouldn’t have had to step it.” Well I’ve been trained.”  Jason informed Tara seriously.

Finishing off her beer Tara stood and threw the bottle into the trash. 

“What did lead up to his death?”  He asked.

“You really want to know?”  Tara’s brows drew down.  Jason was usually only worried about Jason.

“Of course.  If there’s stuff out there hurting the people I care I about I need to know so I can protect them.”

Tara shook her head and headed into the living room.

“It’s not your job to protect me Jason.

“Well sure it is.”  He followed her.  “We’re…I mean…you know.”

“No I don’t know Jason.”  She snapped, taking her anger out on him.

Jason walked up to Tara until he was only a couple of feet from her.

“I’m one of the few people who knows that I’m not the one you’re mad at.”

Closing her eyes Tara’s face fell and she sat on the arm of a nearby chair which would have upset Jason’s grandmother back in the day.

“I moved back to Bon Temps because a Werewolf came after me.”  Tara confessed.


“That’s not the only reason, but if it hadn’t been for that…”

“Wait a what?”  Jason tried to wrap his mind around Tara’s words.

“A Werewolf.”

“You mean a man who changed into a wolf and back again.”


Jason sat on the edge of the couch adjacent to the chair.  “Go on.”  He nodded ready to hear more.

“That’s it.”  Tara shrugged.  “We don’t know any more.”

“You must have been terrified.”

“A little.  A lot.  Not the first time I’ve been chased by a Were.”

“This happens regularly?”

“No.  But that’s part of what led up to Franklin’s death.  He was keeping me hostage in Jackson with the help of other Vampire’s and Were’s that were high on Vamp blood.”

“Weres that do V.  Holy shit Tara.”  Jason stood and started to pace back and forth in front of her.  “I wish I’d known about that.  Fuckin’ bastard.  You know I’m glad I killed him.”

“Me too.”

Jason stopped pacing and ran his fingers through his hair.  “I understand why you ran off now.  Hell, I’ve run off before and it only led me right back here.”

“Can’t escape no matter how far we run.”  A tear formed in the corner of Tara’s eye and escaped before she could turn her head.

Tara stood to get away from Jason, but he caught her arm.

“Fuck.”  Tara hated that he saw her crying.

“It’s alright Tara.  You don’t have to hide from me.  Come here.”  He gently pulled her into his embrace.  “I’ve got you.  You’re safe.” 

Jason rested his head on top of Tara’s why she silently cried.  He could feel her shoulders moving as she sobbed.

“You and me, we’re the same.”  Jason whispered leaning back so he could look at Tara’s tear stained face.

Using his thumb he wiped her face clean as she took a deep breath.

Tara tried to smile and laugh in spite of herself.  “Last time he were this close I kissed you.  I’m sorry.”

“No.”  Jason placed his hand under Tara’s chin.  “I should have been the one to kiss you.”

Gently Jason pressed his lips to Tara’s.

Tara pushed back out of Jason’s embrace.  “Oh my God.”

“Tara, I wasn’t trying to take at advantage.   I just…  I mean you don’t really think of me as a brother do you?”

“No.”  Tara shook her head unsure how to proceed.

“’Cause I always kind of got the feeling that…maybe you…” Jason reached up to touch Tara’s hair.

“I really like you’re hair.”  He confessed as he leaned down to kiss her again.

“Sam.”  She blurted out.

“No…Jason.”  He corrected.



“I’m with Sam.  I can’t kiss you Jason.  I can’t….do any of this.”  Tara crossed the room to put distance between them and illustrate her point.

“Since when are you with Sam?”  Jason scoffed.

“Before I left.  And now that I’m back.  And before Eggs.”

“Before Eggs?  How come I never knew about this?”

“Well, at first we were just fooling around so we didn’t tell anyone.  I was hung-up on you and Sam wanted Sookie.  But then it got real serious, then I screwed it up, then Maryann came and took advantage and practically made be break it off with him, and…”

“You were hung-up on me?”  Jason asked and Tara nodded.  “And now you’re hung-up on Sam.”  Tara nodded again.

“Sam.”  Jason seethed and started wearing a hole in the floor again.  “Sam doesn’t deserve you.”


“He’s a womanizer Tara.”

“If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black…”

“You said yourself that he wanted Sookie.  Then there was that Daphne person, who died…”

“Neither one of us can talk about people we slept with dying.”  Tara reminded Jason

“Tara.”  Jason looked hurt.  She had been the main one to defend him when everyone though he was a serial killer.

“I’m sorry Jason…”

“You see…you see what Sam Merlotte brings out in you.  I don’t like this Tara.”

“Well that’s too bad because we’re in love.”

Tara could see that he words stung Jason, but she couldn’t understand why.  The Jason she knew when she left wouldn’t have cared…right?

“Maybe I’ll just let Sam know that I’ll be watching him.”

Jason stormed out into the cold leaving the door wide open.

“Jason Stackhouse you get back here!”  Tara yelled over the engine of his truck.

Jason tore out of Sookie’s driveway fuming.

“Fucking idiot!”  Tara grabbed her keys and ran over to her pinto to follow him.

A few minutes later she arrived at Merlotte’s just in time to see Jason cut the engine.

“Jason.”  She yelled, but he didn’t hear her above his rage.

Tara pushed the door open as Jason called for Sam.

“Sam Merlotte.”  He yelled again.

Sam rounded the corner to see Jason and Tara standing in the middle of the bar with everyone staring.

“Jason, everything alright?”  Sam asked.

Tara tried to walk past Jason over to Sam, but he stopped her.

“Damn it Jason stop.”  She threw his arm out of the way to stand between the two men. 

Sam attempted to read the situation from Tara’s face, but all he got was stress.

“What’s going on?”  He asked her.

“What’s going on…” Jason answered taking a few step towards the bar owner “…is that you can’t seem to make up your mind.”

“What are you talking about?”  Sam shrugged

“One minute you’re in love with my sister and the next you’re all over Tara.”

“Now hold on a minute…”

“No you hold.  You never asked my permission to court Sook and you don’t have it to date Tara.”

“Excuse me.”  Sookie entered the bar for work.

“You’re permission?”  Sam stepped into Jason.

“Jason, knock it off.”  Tara warned trying to step between the two men, but Sam calmly pulled Tara behind him.  She’d never realized how strong he was.  Stronger than Jason, who never could have done that.

“If Sam is going to ask anyone for permission to date my cousin, it's me.  And last time I checked this was 2011.”  Lafayette emerged from the kitchen.

“Hey.”  Tara smiled at her cousin.

“Don’t ‘hey’ me hooka, we need to talk.”  Lafayette walked around Sam and Tara to stand between Sam and Jason.

“Why you two making this scene?  Who Tara dates is her decision and you need to respect that.”

“So you think Sam is good enough for Tara?  That man has a trunk full of secrets and Tara can’t handle anything else being thrown at her.”

“It’s her decision.”  Sam told him.

“And as her friend.”  Lafayette emphasized the word friend.  “You need to respect that.”

“Fuck this.”  Jason spat as he turned, stormed past Sookie, and left the bar.

Lafayette, Sookie, and Sam both turned to Tara wondering what brought that on.

Sookie hiked her bag up on her shoulder and walked up to Sam and Tara.

“Again?”  She accused and she went to the office to put her bag in the bottom drawer of Sam’s desk.

“What did she mean again?”  Sam looked at Tara who shrugged

 “Guess you don’t need to come to Shreveport tonight.” 

“I think we need to talk.”Sam leaned into his love still not understanding Jason’s outburst.

“It’ll have to wait.”  Lafayette informed him as he took Tara’s arm and led her to the supply closet.

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Save the Delusions...or...Bosom Buddies by HoneyLove27
Author's Notes:

True Blood, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels and all if its characters belong to Alan Ball and Charlene Harris.  All Original characters belong to me (HoneyLove27).  No copyright infringement intended.  For entertainment purposes only.

“Who the hell do you think you are?  How about welcome back Tara.”  Tara barked at Lafayette as he released her arm and closed the door to the storage room.

“Who the hell do you think you are running off to Shreveport like a thief in the night without telling your friends and family?”  Lafayette answered back crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the shelves of cans.

Tara shrugged and ran her fingers through her hair before placing her hands on her hips.

“Oh no hookah, you gon' have to do better than that.”

“Damn it, I don’t know.  I just had to get away.” 

“You think I haven’t wanted to get away.  To leave this god-forsaken piece of shit town.  Why you think I’m holdin' down three fuckin’ jobs?  The point is you don’t turn you back on your family.”

Tara started to feel badly for leaving.  She’d always hated what it must have done to everyone, but now it was staring her in the face.

“Wait a minute.  How did you know I was in Shreveport?” 

“Don’t change the subject.”

“No, you don’t change the subject.  Fuck.  Did everyone know where I was?”  Tara wondered. 

“Naw.  I have ways of knowing things.”  Lafayette answered.  Tara rolled her eyes knowing that was the best she was going to get out of her cousin.

“Anyway…”  Tara began “How you been?”

“Fine.”  He answered standing up straight.  “Speaking of changing the subject...  How come you been back less than 24 hours and already call yourself being in a ‘relationship’ with the Boss Man.”

“Oh that.”  Tara shrugged and shoved her hands in her back pockets.

“Oh that?”  Lafayette looked Tara in the eye.  “There's not a soul in Bon Temps that won’t hear about ‘that’ after that scene from Romeo and Juliet the three of you just had out in the bar.

Tara sighed and closed her eyes.  Damn it if her cousin wasn’t absolutely correct.  There was no such thing as a secret in a small town and thanks to Jason neither Tara nor her relationship with Sam could fly under the radar.

“Fuckin’ Jason Stackhouse.”  Tara muttered under breath.

“Are you?”  Lafayette asked casually.

“What?”  Tara exclaimed “Hell no.”

“Don’t say that like he hasn’t starred in all your fantasies since you were twelve.”  He laughed.

Tara grumbled knowing it was true.  That made the whole scene ironic, but it still didn’t make any sense to her – and she’d been there the whole time.

“I don’t get it.  Why all of a sudden does Jason give a fuck who I date?”  Tara asked her cousin and herself.

Lafayette circled his cousin in the small store room.  “Now you too old to think. for one minute, that the rampage Jason Stackhouse went on is because he cares who dates you.”

“What do you mean?”  Tara turned to ask him.

“What you done stepped in?”  Lafayette asked half smiled.

“I didn’t do anything mutha’ fucka’.  Jason’s the one…”  She protested, but Lafayette cut her off.

“Think back sista’, think hard.  What did you do that might make Jason …”

“Make Jason what?”

“Suddenly want to get him some Tara.  And I know you ain’t this slow.”

Tara sighed again.  Of course she wasn’t slow, but she had no desire to lead her cousin down a path that would revile one of her very dark secrets.  Namely the killing of Franklin Mott.  Murder (even in the defense of your life) did have a way of bringing people together.  Not to mention…

“I haven’t done anything.  Jason always been crazy for the next piece of ass.  Maybe it was just my turn.  He’ll be over it tomorrow.”

“Uh huh.”  Lafayette huffed.  “That man drove all the way over to Merlotte’s to tell Sam a thing or two and he’s going to be ‘over you’ tomorrow.   Why don’t we save the delusions for the white folks.  This has Tara fucked up written all over it.”

Tara crossed her arms and leaned against the same wall f cans that Lafayette previously occupied.  “I might have kissed him.”  Tara confessed. 

Lafayette crossed over to his cousin and stood towering over her.  “A kiss, can be a powerful life-changing event…when you mean it.”

With that Lafayette left his cousin to ponder the current situation with Sam and Jason.  Was it naive to believe that it was over?  Tara hoped not.  If it was up to her everyone would just pretend the last hour had never transpired.

Sam wiped down the bar once more even though he knew that it was as clean as it ever got.  The bar was slow and Sam was trying to let his mind wander, but it kept coming back to Tara and Jason.  What were they doing before they came into the bar.  What the hell was Jason’s problem?  Sam and Tara had had lengthily conversations about why Jason ignored her and didn’t see her ‘that way’.  What the hell was going on?  It had been a hell of a 24 hours.

Sam sighed and wiped up his own fingerprints unaware that Tara and emerged and was watching him unsure of how to approach.  Her sweet scent wafted toward the shifter and he turned to lock eyes with his love.  She had that face on - the one that was trying to look brave and nonchalant, but underneath was nervous and yearning for acceptance.  He knew that face well so he smile and watched the tension melt from her body.  Whatever had happened he knew that Tara hadn’t set out to hurt him or anyone for that matter.

“Come here.”  He quietly beckoned to his love that obliged thankful not to have to speak at the moment.

Tara entered Sam’s warm embraced.  His heart swelled having her there after so long.  He breathed in her sweet scene.  Most people probably wouldn’t believe that Tara smelled like flowers, but that was the real Tara – a flower – a Rose that needed to be de-thorned.

Sam’s head jerked to the right as he smelled the unfamiliar scent of a Were.

Damn it!  Here in my bar!

  “What is it baby?”  Tara asked feeling the tension in her lover’s body.

“Nothing.”  Sam replied kissing Tara on the forehead as he searched the bar for the Were.

Sam’s eyes locked with a tall dark-haired shifter sitting in a far-away booth in Arlene’s section.  He must have missed the man enter when he was waiting for Tara to come out of the store room.   The shifter’s eyes wander the bar over to Sookie’s section.  He saw her waiting on a couple of college boys.

Sook.  There’s a were in the bar. Keep an eye out, okay.

Sam thought load and clear.

Sookie’s head spun so fast her ponytail flew and nearly hit her in the face.  Clearly she was not accustomed to communicating this way.  She nodded after a moment and went back to taking the order.

“Sam.  Sam.”  Tara called again and gently shook her boyfriend.

“Sorry.”  He smiled.  Clearly she’d called him a few times.

“It’s alright.”  Tara shrugged leaning against the bar.  “Hey thinks for not going all crazy before.”

“Well, I think Jason has enough crazy for the both of us.”

Tara giggled.  “The three of us.”

They both chuckled as a co-ed approached.  She must have been joining the table in Sookie’s section.

“Hey.”  The red-head smiled.  “Can I get a Long Beach?”  She tilted her head to side thinking that somehow that was endearing.

“Sure.” Sam smiled trying not to be annoyed.  “What’s a Long Beach?”

“You’re kidding right?”  She laughed.  “I mean I knew this place was off the map, but…”

“I’ll make it.”  Tara spoke up not liking that the girl was laughing at Sam.  “You’re waitress will bring it to your table.”

“Oh, okay.  The red-head answered clearly offended.  She then sauntered off to her table to complain.

Tara got out the ingredients for the drink.

“So what the hell is a Long Beach?”

“It's just a Long Island Ice Tea with Cranberry juice instead of Coke.”

“Ah hell, I could have made that.  How’d you know that?”  Sam wondered.

“Well…”Tara thought.  “On my first night of bartending my boss tossed a book at me...”

“I handed it to you.”

“And told me that he couldn’t be bothered…”

“I said I didn’t have time…”

“So I should read it back to front.  Which apparently he never did.”  Tara winked at Sam as she finished the drink and poured it into the glass for Sookie to take to the table.

Sam stared intently at his girlfriend eyeing her up and down.  “Sounds like a nasty Son of a Bitch.  How do you put up with ‘em?"

“He’s not that bad once you get to know him.”  Tara turned to face Sam.

Sam reached out and tucked Tara’s hair behind her ear.  “Guess we have that in common.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.”  He breathed moving in closer.

“What else do we have in common?”

“Well…”  Sam leaned down to Tara’s ear to whisper to her.

Sookie turned to the bar to get the annoying red-head’s drink when she saw Sam whispering in Tara’s ear.  Tara was smiling.  Tara almost never smiled.  Sam looked happy too.  Sookie had to mentally slap herself for not wishing them the best.  She decided that it was probably just because she thought she’d had what they had only to be betrayed by the one she loved.  Sookie looked at Tara practically blushing and wondered…

If she loved Sam this much, how could she run off for three months?

A small part of Sookie was dying to know what her friend was thinking, but she made Tara a promise a long time ago that she wouldn’t read her mind, but she never promised Sam.  In fact he once told her she could read his mind if she wanted, and he’d never rescinded the invitation.

Sookie lowered her mental blocks and listened to the shifter.

God, she’s so beautiful.  I can’t wait until tonight.  She smells incredible.  I always thought Jason was crazy not to notice her.  She’s all mine.  Skin like satin.  So much better than chasing after Sookie.

All off Sam’s thoughts were jumbled, but Sookie knew that they had to have been clear and strong for her to get so much.  Most of the time all she got from her boss were feelings and moods. 

The blonde slowly approached the bar.  She was just about to ask for the Long Beach when Sam placed his hand on the side of her best friend’s face and kissed her softly on the lips.  The kiss looked sweet and loving.  He hovered just an inch over her lips before gently kissing her again.  Sookie realized she was staring and cleared her throat.  They both turned to look at her which made her feel that three was a crowd.

“Sorry Sook.”  Tara smiled.

Oh my God.Well would you look at that.  This place is going to the dogs.UnbelievableIt ain’t right…white man…black girlWhy’d she have to stop them?

So many thoughts flooded into Sookie’s head.  She’d been out of practice and it took her a while to get her guard back up.  Both Sam and Tara looked concerned which upset Sookie because she knew that she could take care of herself.

“Um…Tara.  I was just wondering how long before you’re going back home.”

“Sookie?”  Sam seemed to think that was inappropriate.

“It’s just that I know you ran out after Jason and I was wondering if you remembered to lock the door is all.  If you’re going home soon it’s no big deal though.”  Sookie smiled

Tara knew that smile.  There was a lot going on in her friends head right now, although she didn’t appreciate Sookie bring Jason back up.  “I’ll head home before too long.”  She answered.  Sookie was right.  She had forgotten to lock the door to the house, and she’d already let too many bad things walk though those doors, namely MaryAnn and Franklin.  The place still wasn’t completely cleaned up.

“Alright then.”  Sookie continued to smile as she took the drink, place it on her tray, and walked back to her section.

Sam sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

“What?”  Tara asked.

“You’re going home?”  It was partly a question and partly an accusation.

Tara realized that once again her foot was in her mouth.  Sam had taken the evening off to go to Shreveport and now he would want to spend that evening…get reacquainted.

“I’ll figure it out.”  Tara walked over to her boyfriend and wrapped her arms around her waist.  “Don’t worry.  We’ll have our time together.”



“’Cause I’m willing to throw you over my shoulder if that’s what it takes.”  Sam wrapped his arms around his love and placed a small gentle kiss on her lips.

After another thirty minutes of sharing the bartender duties and flirting Jessica walked into the Bar incredibly flustered.  She was muttering to herself about moving in with Hoyt, but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Tara standing behind the bar.  Jessica ran over to Tara at vampire speed and hugged her as if they were long lost friends.

“Thank God you’re back.”

“What the hell are you doing?”  Tara exclaimed

“Sorry, I know you don’t like to be touched.”  Jessica released Tara and sighed.

“Jessica, you alright?”  Sam asked over Tara’s shoulder.

“I hate tending bar.”  Jessica spoke to Tara and enunciated every word.  “I do not like it.”

Sam laughed and Tara rolled her eyes.

“Sam please tell me I can go back to being a hostess now.”

“Tara hasn’t agreed to come back to work yet.”  Sam smiled enjoying watching Jessica fret.

“Agree.”  Jessica commanded.  “Please agree.”

Tara leaned away from the baby vampire.  “Are you trying to glamour me?”

“No.”  Jessica shook her head.  “But I could.  I wouldn’t, but I could” She answered.

Sam and Tara looked at each other equally enjoying seeing Jessica on pins and needled.  Tara decided to stop torturing her.”Relax.  Hell, I’ll come back.”

“Oh thank you.”  Jessica embraced Tara once more.  “I know you don’t like to be hugged, but this one’s for me.”

Sam laughed and patted Jessica on the back.  Then he made his way out of the bar to speak to Arlene.

“Sam.”  Tara called for him.  “Sam.”  He looked back at her and smiled knowing it might be a full minute before Jessica released his girlfriend.  “Damn it Sam.”

“I’m going to make sure Arlene and Lafayette are alright with locking up.”  Sam called over his shoulder.

While he spoke with Arlene he looked over to the corner booth and saw that the Werewolf was still there.  The man even when so far as to raise his beer mug to the bar owner.  The dark-haired Were gave Sam a very very bad feeling.  He wanted to get Tara out of there.

“So you’re back for good.”

“Do you need me to write it down Jessica?”  Tara rolled her eyes.

“It’s just that everything was complete shit when you were gone.  The bar was all weird and Sam was a mess.  He ran off to Shreveport almost every night.”

Tara almost jumped at Jessica’s words.  “Did anyone not know where I was?”

“Bill told me.”  Jessica shrugged.

“How the hell that…”  Tara was about to say blood-sucker, but though better of it since she was speaking to Jessica.  “How did he know?”

“He never told me.  All he knew was that Sookie wasn’t with you.”

“So …he didn’t know where Sookie was either.”

“Nope.  Drove him crazy.  I think he went to Peru just to distract himself from it.”

“Still there?”



Jessica turned all the liquor bottles so the labels were pointing out.  “Maybe Sam will get some sleep now.  He was up all hours of the night for the longest.  All day too.  Completely renovated the trailer.  Hoyt helped him carry the stuff in.  It gave me a lot of ideas for what I want to do with our place.  Me and Hoyt.”

Tara was only half listening to the vampire as she rearranged the bar, but news that Sam renovated his nasty ass trailer peaked her interest.

“He got new furniture?”

“Yep.  It's cute too.  Still manly though.  I think I want to do more red in our place.”

Jessica trailed off and Tara resumed not listening as she wondered why Sam would replace all his furniture.  It’s not like he knew that she was coming back. Or maybe he had just hoped.  It placed a huge weight on Tara’s shoulders to know that Sam had undergone such preparations for their relationship.

Sam reached for his lover’s hand and smiled.  “Ready to go?  I’m all finished up here.”

Tara was slightly startled when Sam interrupted her thoughts, but tried not to show it.  “Can we drop by the house so I can lock the door before…?”  She trailed off when she saw Jessica beaming at her.

Tara had decided to try  to be a nicer person, but she really wanted to ask the vampire when they had become bosom buddies.  As far as she knew Sookie was her only friend.

“Sure.  Sounds like a good idea.”  Sam pulled Tara towards him and wrapped an arm around her shoulder as he looked over to make sure that the Werewolf was still in his booth.

“Jessica,” Sam called.

“Yeah, boss.”

“I’d like you to keep an eye out.”  He looked from her to the Were and back again.

“Sure thing.”  Jessica nodded.

Sam led Tara out of the bar.

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Uninvited Guests by HoneyLove27
Author's Notes:

True Blood, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels and all if its characters belong to Alan Ball and Charlene Harris.  All Original characters belong to me (HoneyLove27).  No copyright infringement intended.  For entertainment purposes only.

Sam pulled the truck up to his trailer and put it in park with the engine still running so they wouldn’t get cold.  Once the sun had gone down the temperature dropped drastically.  Luckily Tara had remembered to grab her coat as she locked up the house.  Since she was spending the evening with Sam they left her car back at Sookie’s place.

Tara just couldn’t shake the odd feeling that she had.  She didn’t even know what it was in reference to.  She’d never been nervous around Sam, she wasn’t even sure that it was Sam that was making her apprehensive, but something was telling her not to get out of Sam’s old pickup truck.

She placed her hands in her lap and rubbed them up and down her thighs.

“You nervous?”  Sam asked.

“Fuck no.  I don’t get nervous.”  Tara smiled trying to shake off that creepy feeling.

“Me too.” Sam sighed and slid down in the seat a little.

“Why do you think that is?”  Tara folded her arms across her chest.

Sam shrugged and looked out the driver’s side window at his bar.  “Don’t know.  Maybe because we never planned it before.”

“Never been in love before.”  Tara whispered.

 “Afraid it will be different?”  He looked over at his girlfriend.

“Afraid it will be the same?”  She returned his glance before the both resumed staring out the window.

“I thought you were in love with Eggs?”  He pointed out.

“I thought so too, but MaryAnn had my head so turned around I can’t be sure of any damn thing.”

“You sure about this?”

Tara stared at Sam and uncrossed her arms.  “This is the only thing I am sure about.  You’re the only one that ever loved me with no strings attached.  Afraid if I get out of the car I’ll fuck it up.”

“Thought that was the point.” Sam chuckled trying to make Tara laugh, but it didn’t work.  She simply stared at him trying to hold it together.

“I hate feeling so fuckin’ vulnerable.”

“Yeah I know.”  Sam sighed again.  “You know, no one ever loved me with no strings attached either… no family….no woman…we may be completely different, but were exactly the same.  And you don’t have to run from me for fear that I’m going to leave first.” 

Sam slid over so that he was closer to Tara who moved in as well. 

“Can you trust me…not to hurt you?” Sam leaned his head in to Tara who moved closer to her lover again.

“I’m tryin’”

Sam nodded. “Baby steps.” 

Sam placed his arm around Tara’s shoulders and closed the distance between them.  Tara reached her hand up and placed it on Sam’s stubbly cheek.  She smiled wondering how often he bothered to shave.  Sam returned her smile and kissed her softly on the lips

Tara moaned softly into the kiss and wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s shoulders drawing him in.  He deepened the kiss pulling Tara’s leg across his lap then allowing his hands to roam over the curves of her shoulders, waist, and back.

Tara ran her fingers through Sam’s hair as he lifted her up and placed her down straddling his lap.  Their kiss was deep and sensual and had Sam’s juices flowing to his crotch.

Moving his kisses from her mouth he trailed them along her jaw and finally settled on her neck, right below the ear, where he remembered she was insanely sensitive.

Tara gasped and dug her fingers in to her lover’s shoulders.  She couldn’t believe he’d remembered that trick.  That trick that only he knew, the one that never failed to make her head swim with pleasure.

Knowing that he was driving his goddess wild the shifter decided to intensify the sensation.  Slowly he raised her cream sweater to reveal the smooth chocolate skin of her stomach.  Then he trailed his fingers along her skin in slow erotic patterns causing Tara to tremble in his arms.

“Sam.”  She whimpered wanting him desperately and unable to contemplate how she could ever leave this man who knew her so well.

Consuming his mouth Tara kissed him intensely.  Matching her intensity Sam used his thumb to open her mouth so he could explore and taste her.  Tara responded by pressing her core against the growing bulge in his jeans.

Sam pulled back from Tara unable to standing not having her for a second longer.  He looked over towards the trailer and she followed his gaze then slowly nodded.

Opening the door Tara climbed off Sam’s lap and out of the truck.

As soon as the door was open Sam could sense that the fresh air was carrying the scent of a Were.  He turned off the engine and hopped out of the other side of the vehicle scanning the parking lot and surrounding forest.  He didn’t see anyone, but they were certainly out there.

Tara met Sam at the front of the trailer and attempted to run her hands up and down her chest, but he firmly turned her toward the trailer and hurried her up the steps.

“What’s wrong?”


“Don’t nothin’ me Sam.  Is something out there?”  Tara looked around trying to see anything out of the ordinary.

Everything was silent, too silent.  No bar patrons came or went.  No birds chirped.  Even the breeze stood still.  All of which raised the hairs on the back of Tara’s neck.

Sam suddenly stiffened and moved Tara behind him pinning her against the door of his trailer.  She tried to escape, but it was useless.  There was that strength again.  He shushed her and sniffed the air.  Tara watched him not smelling a damn thing.

“Jessica.”  Sam spoke.

Tara’s brow furled she didn’t know if that was a question or an answer or a statement, or what.

At vampire speed Jessica appeared five feet in front of them with a grin on her face and a petite blond Werewolf in her clutches.

“Lookee what I found hiding in the bushes.”  She sang.

Sam released Tara, but kept his arm in front of her.  Now that she was free Tara almost tripped over herself to get from behind Sam and see what was happening.  Tara did not appreciated being man-handled.

“Stephanie?” Tara couldn’t believe he eyes.  First she showed up at her apartment and now here.

“What are you doing here?” Tara went to take a step down to the ground were Jessica was holding the blonde, but Sam held her back.

“She’s a Were.”  Jessica announced.  “A little baby Were.  Boss did you know that Were’s have some of the most succulent blood, and I have not had dinner yet.”

“Don’t even think about it you blood sucking bitch.”  Stephanie threatened in an eerily calm voice.

Sam unlocked the door to his trailer and reached in to turn on the living room light.

“Jessica, why don’t you bring our guest inside.”

Sam stepped out of the way and motioned for Tara to enter the residence, followed by Jessica and her Were hostage, and finally Sam stepped inside after them closing the door.

Tara stepped inside the trailer and quickly searched for a chair.  Locating one she moved it to the center of the room and slammed it down in the middle of the floor.  Silently Jessica forced Stephanie down in to the chair.

“Here.”  Sam instructed as he threw the Vampire a rope.

Jessica tied Stephanie to the chair with no hope of her escaping.  The young blonde glared at them.

Tara walked over so that she was staring Stephanie in the face.  “So I take it you’re not some silly little girl that works the makeup counter at Belk.”

“By day.” Stephanie smiled.

“Why are you stalking me?”

“I was worried.  I see you’ve taken up with this shifter.”  She glared at Sam who met her star equally.

“What’s it to you?”  He accused.

“Never you mind.”  She rolled her eyes and looked away from them to stare at the wall.

“Jessica.”  Sam crossed over to stand next to Tara.  “Why don’t you have a look around outside.”

“Sure.”  The Vampire headed for the door.  “By the way, I have learned how to properly dismantle and discard a body so that it will never be located.”  Jessica smile and opened the door to the trailer.

“You do not want me for an enemy Red.”  Stephanie warned her as Jessica closed the door.

“What do you want with me?”  Tara demanded reclaiming the Were’s attention.  Stephanie stared at her, but did not answer.

Sam turned to Tara.  “Is she one of the Weres that help hold you captive in Jackson?”

“I would have killed them.”  Stephanie interjected

“No.  Didn’t meet her until I went to Belk.” Tara ignored her interruption

“You said she was following you?”

“She popped up when I was packing this morning out of nowhere.”

They both looked back at the tiny Were who sat serenely on the chair as if ropes were not holding her to it.

“Is she on V?”  Tara asked Sam wondering if he could smell stuff like that.

“I’m not a blood-traitor.  I wouldn’t touch the stuff.”  Stephanie spat clearly offended.

“If she was on V Jessica would have had a more difficult time holding her.”  Sam answered then sat on the arm of the couch.

“Maybe I wanted to come into the trailer.  Did you think of that shifter?”

“What’s your fuckin’ problem?  You’re the one stalking me and then you want to catch an attitude?”

“I had to be certain that you were cared for since your protector is gone.”

“What do you mean protector?”  Tara was stunned that someone out there had been watching her before.

“The Were from last night.”  Sam answered.  Things were beginning to click together in his head as he sat there studying Stephanie and her answers carefully.

“The Were you killed.  And his name was Clayton.”

“Fucker was trying to attack me.”  Tara yelled.

“Clayton was loyal.  He would never have harmed you.”  Stephanie stared into Sam’s eyes.  “You provoked him.  That’s why he shifted.”

“You weren’t there.”  Sam stood up defending himself.  He’d be damn if he was going to let a stranger accuse him of murdering someone in cold blood in his own house.  “Now I think it’s time that you stared answering some questions.  Do you have any connection to the Weres in Jackson that do V.?”

“I told you I’m not a blood-traitor, never touched the stuff.  Besides there isn’t any pack in Jackson anymore.

“I thought there were tons of them.  Sookie said she saw over a hundred at that were-bar.”  Tara informed her boyfriend.

“There were.”  Stephanie laughed.  “That pathetic bunch didn’t have a pack-master.  They followed a Vampire.  Once the head was cut off they scattered like ants.  Soon things turned to civil war.  Can you believe they’re trying to join our pack? We don’t let blood-traitors in.

“That still doesn’t explain what you want with me.”  Tara leaned over the blonde in an attempt to intimidate her, but it had no effect.

“A maenad, a vampire, and a shifter…you’re a powerful woman Tara.  I had been searching for months when you just fell in my lap.”  Stephanie was practically giddy considering she was the one trapped in the chair and it was two against one…three against one if you counted Jessica.

Sam shook his head getting fed up with getting nowhere with the young girl.  “Tara didn’t fall in your lap.  She moved to…”

“I was speaking to Tara.”  Stephanie cut him off.

“Oh hell no bitch.”  Tara defended her man.

“Tara that mouth.”  Stephanie chastised.

Sam stormed over to Stephanie and crouched down in front of her so he could look her directly in the eye.  “You’re willing to fight for Tara?  So am I.  We want to be together and you following her around isn’t going to change that.”

Stephanie leaned into Sam and far as her restraints would allow.  “You can’t always have what you want.”  She seethed just as there was a yelp outside, then, everything went black.

The door swung open and Tara screamed.  No one was standing there and somehow that was even more creepy that seeing the silhouette of a stranger.  Suddenly Sam’s body slumped to the floor and everything fell quite.

Tara was trembling and had to force herself to pull it together.  How many time had she complained that she didn’t need anyone to protect her and here she was wishing that Sam would get up or that Jason would ride though the door on a white horse.

Somehow she made it to the kitchen and located the flashlight that she’s seen there once before.  Turning it on she scanned the room.  Stephanie had vanished and Sam was sprawled out on the floor.  Tara moved closer and could see a tranquilizer poking out of Sam’s neck.  She bent down and removed it tossing it aside.

“Sam.”  She gently pushed him trying to get him to wake up.  “Sam.”  She called a little louder.  He moaned and Tara thanked God that whatever was in the dart didn’t harm him too badly. 

Just as Sam was beginning to rouse Tara heard a low moan coming from outside the trailer.  Slowly she stood, prepared to use the flashlight as a weapon, and walked over to the door way.  Once she was on the porch she could see that Jessica was on the ground with a silver chain draped over her body in a criss-cross pattern.

“Oh my God.”  Tara exclaimed as she rushed to the vampire’s aid slowly removing the chain that had burned her body in several places.

Jessica hissed clearly in pain. “There were two of them.  Fuckers tag teamed me.  One of them was the Were in the bar earlier.

“There was a Were in the bar earlier?”  Tara asked.  “Why didn’t you tell us that before?”

“Cause I already knew.”  Sam mumbled holding his head and leaning against the door frame.

“You’re keeping secrets?”  Tara asked displeased that Sam had told Jessica and not her.

“I’m not the only one.”  Sam responded sitting down on the porch steps as Tara removed the last chain from Jessica’s skin.  “You alright?”  He asked the vampire.

“No.”  she shouted.  “Ass holes drained some of my blood so I’d be too weak to fend for myself.”

“Did they drink it?”  Tara asked.  That would be odd since Stephanie had gone on and on about them not being ‘blood-traitors’.

“No.  They wasted it on the ground.”  She complained.  “I need to eat.”  Jessica looked up at Tara.

“Don’t fuckin’ look at me.”

“I need you to get me some Tru Blood.”

Tara knew she couldn’t leave either one of them in this state.  They wouldn’t be able to defend themselves.  Instead she remembered that she’d left her cell phone in the pocket of her coat in Sam’s truck.  She retrieved it and called Sookie to bring some blood for Jessica and aspirin for Sam.

Sookie arrived a few minutes later, blood and aspirin in tow.

“What the hell happened?”  Sookie asked her best friend.

“Weres attacked us again.”  Sam winced taking the aspirin and water from Sookie.

“Again?”  Sookie shook her head looking from Tara to Sam and back again.

Sam sighed.  “You didn’t tell her about the attack in Shreveport?”

“How could you fail to mention that Weres were after you?”

“You’ll forgive me if It’s a little difficult to keep up with all the shit we’re not talking about these days.”

Sookie’s mouth hung open for a second before she thought better of picking a fight with Tara who had clearly been through enough.

“Why don’t I take Jessica home?”  Sookie reached down to help the vampire up off the ground.

Sam pushed off the porch steps to stand and reached for Tara.  “I think you should go with her.”

“Sam.”  Tara protested.

“Just for tonight.  They cut the power to the trailer and I can’t fix it until the morning.  I’ll crash in my office.”

Tara bit her lip while she searched her brain for an argument.

“Don’t worry.  They’re gone and I’ll be over in the morning as soon as I fix the power.”

Even though he was groggy Sam placed a kiss on his lover’s lips that left her wanting more.  Reluctantly Tara followed Sookie and Jessica to the car grabbing her coat and bag along the way.

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Chapter 7 by HoneyLove27
Author's Notes:

True Blood, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels and all if its characters belong to Alan Ball and Charlene Harris.  All Original characters belong to me (HoneyLove27).  No copyright infringement intended.  For entertainment purposes only.

Sam checked himself over in the rearview mirror of his pickup before grabbing the red roses off the passenger seat.  It hadn’t taken him long to reconnect the power to the trailer that morning, thankfully, so he had plenty of time to shower, get dressed , and pick up flowers for Tara.

As he knocked on the front door to Sookie’s house he realized that he was a little nervous.  It almost felt as though he was calling on Tara.  He’d been down this road before and it had not gone well.  Sam hoped that this time everything would turn out for the best.

“Who could that be?”  Sookie wondered out loud as she took her work gloves off and stuffed them in her jeans pocket.

“Maybe it's Jason.”  Tara shouted from the living room.

“Why would Jason knock?” Sookie mused.

“I don’t know Sookie.”  Tara responded feeling slightly short tempered.

Sookie swung open the front door and saw Sam standing there in his best jeans holding a dozen red roses.

“Wow.  What are you doing here?  Not that I’m not glad to see you, it’s just that it’s nine in the morning.”  She rambled on smiling.

“Um…came to see Tara.”

“Of course.  You two are dating now.  She’s in the living room.  We got up early to try and clean up some of Maryann’s mess.  I’ll take those and put them in some water.”

Sookie grabbed the roses out of Sam’s hands before he could protest and sniffed them smiling.

“They’re gorgeous.”  She gushed, turning on her heels to walk towards the kitchen leaving Sam standing in the doorway.

Sam entered the residence closing the door behind him and looked towards the right.  There was his love standing on top of a step ladder cleaning the mantle.  She looked beautiful in a pair of black yoga pants and a long sleeved heather gray t-shirt.

Sam slowly approached Tara watching her.

“Fuckin’ Maryann.”  Tara breathed as she scrubbed a particularly stubborn stain on the mantle.

“Tell me about it.”  Sam whispered inches from Tara’s ear.

“Ahh.”  She screamed as she turned around and almost fell of the ladder.

Sam caught Tara their faces inches apart.

“Careful.  I don’t want anything to happen to you.”  He gazed into her eyes.

Tara could barely catch her breath.  “Then stop sneaking up on me.”  She teased.

“And miss that reaction?”  He asked innocently.  “Not to mention holding you in my arms.”

“Wouldn’t want to miss that.”  Tara breathed as her eyes fell to Sam’s slightly parted lips.

“I don’t want to miss anything.”  Sam pulled Tara closer regretting how the previous evening ended.

“Tara these are, without a doubt, the most beautiful roses I have ever…”  Sookie sauntered into the living room with the roses in her grandmother’s vase when she saw that the two were about to kiss.

“Sorry.”  She smiled and looked around the room for a place to put the roses.

“Sam.  You didn’t…”

“Don’t say I didn’t have too.”  Sam smiled letting Tara go so she could walk over to the coffee table and admire the flowers.

Tara felt weird in her own skin being the recipient of red roses at nine in the morning.  She wiped her hands on her pants searching for something to say.  “We were just trying to clean up Maryann’s mess.  I only took her a day to wreak havoc on this place, but it’s been months and we’ve barely gotten anything accomplished.”

“I know.”  Sookie rolled her eyes looking around at the room.  “My grandmother would turn in her grave at the sight of it.”

“Well we better get a move on.”  Sam smiled walking closer to Tara who smiled.

“Sam, that’s sweet, but no one expects you to help with this.  If anything it’s my fault for letting Maryanne in in the first place.”

“What’s yours is mine.”

“So my fuckups are your fuckups?”  Tara laughed.

“That’s right.  From now on we fuck up together.”  Sam smiled and Tara laughed.

“That’s perfect.”  Sookie smiled.  “Cause there’s a huge pile of heavy trash that needs to make its way to the trash cans right though there.”

Tara glared at Sookie, but Sam placed his warm hand on her shoulder and smiled.

“Yes Ma’am.”  He winked at Tara as he passed her on his way to dispose of the trash.

Once Sam was out of sight Tara took Sookie’s arm to turn her around.

“You know, for a mind reader, you have terrible timing.”  Tara put her hands on her hips glaring at Sookie.

“I’m sorry Tara.”  Sookie shrugged.  “Jason’s late and that stuff does need to go to the trash can.”

“I’m talking about before… when we were about to kiss.”

“So one minute I’m suppose to stay out of your head, and the next you want me to read your thoughts, from the next room, so I can tell if you’re about to get lucky?”

“I’m not asking you to read my mind.  I’m just saying that was a private moment.”

“And I already apologized for it.”

The front door opened and Jason appeared carrying a bag from Dunkin Donuts and three coffees in a carrier.

“I know, I know.  I’m late, but you can’t be mad,’ cause I come bearing gifts.”  Jason held the bags of donuts up and waved them so Tara and Sookie could see.

“Jason.  You drove all the way to Monroe just to get Dunkin Donuts?”

“Yes I did, and…I even got your coffee just how you like it.”  He smiled.

“You do not know how I like my coffee.”  Sookie smirked folding her arms.

“The hell I don’t.  One cream and extra sugar.”  Jason handed Sookie her coffee.

“Okay.  So maybe you do know.”  Sookie took a sip and walked over to the coffee table.

“What about me?”  Tara smiled

“You…”  Jason wiggled his eyebrows which made Tara laugh.  “Like extra cream and extra sugar.  Plus I got you your favorite.”

“What’s that?”

“One inside out Boston Cream Donut.”  He handed her the small bag as she tried not to smile unsuccessfully.

“I’m not impressed.”

“I know you are.”  Jason argued.

Tara took her coffee and took a sip.  It was perfect.  She turned around without saying and word and placed it and the bag on the mantle before she continued cleaning.

Jason watched Tara clean as he crossed over to stand next to Sookie who was enjoying her coffee.  He handed her the bag of donuts.

“Is my favorite in here?”

“You have a favorite?”

“Glazed with the pink frosting and sprinkles…since I was like five Jason.”

“Sorry.”  Jason ignored his sister and watched Tara attacking the mantle.

“What’s up with her?”

Sookie licked frosting off her fingers.  “Well.  She and Sam and Jessica were attacked by a couple of Weres last night.”


“Yeah.  They held Jessica with silver chains that burned her skin and shot Sam with a tranq’ gun that knocked him out.”

“Is Tara ok?”

“I’m fine Jason and I don’t appreciate white folks talking about me like I’m not here.”  Tara spoke without turning from the mantle.

Jason walked over to Tara and placed and hand on her shoulder.

“Seriously Tara.  You must ‘a been scared out of your wits.  I wish I’d been there.  I’m sorry.”

“Jason I don’t need you to protect me.  I’m fine.”

“Yeah Jason.”  Sam entered the living room.  “Not your job to protect her.”  Sam stared Jason down remembering the last time they spoke.

“Trash’s out.”  Sam told Sookie as he walked around the couch.

“Is it?”  Jason asked as he put his hand on the wall just behind Tara.

“Thanks Sam.”  Tara smiled at him.

“No problem.”  He smiled back.

Jason pushed off the walls and turned toward Tara.  “You wanna tell me what’s going on with these Werewolves?”

“I’ve got it under control Jason.”  Sam informed him through clenched teeth.

“I don’t think so.  They shot you with a tranquilizer.  Tara needs someone who can handle a gun.”

“I can handle a gun and I can protect my girlfriend.  Do you get that Jason?  My girlfriend.”

Tara looked back and forth between them before throwing her rag over her shoulder.  “I don’t need either of you to protect me.  I can look after myself, been doing it for years.”  Tara walked between the two men towards the stairs in the foyer.  “And I don’t appreciate being first prize in a damn pissing contest.”  She shot over her shoulder.

“Tara wait.”  Jason started to follow Tara to the stairs.

“Jason.”  Sam caught him.

“Get your hands off me.”  Jason pulled out of Sam’s grasp. Sam peacefully put his hands up.

“Jason, Tara needs you to leave her alone.”

“You been leavin’ her alone enough for the both of us.”

Sookie caught up to all of them in the foyer.  “What’s that suppose to mean?”  She asked her brother over Sam’s shoulder.

“It means if Sam hadn’t run off to find his good for nothin’ parents after Eggs died, and left Tara alone, Franklin wouldn’t have gotten his hooks into her…or his fangs for that matter.”

“Jason.”  Sookie chided him.  “You can’t blame Sam for Franklin’s crazy behavior.”

“Well you were right here Jason.”  Sam challenged.  “Why didn’t you protect Tara?”

“Oh my God!  Do you two hear yourselves?”  Tara yelled from the top of the stairs.  “You’re arguing about shit that doesn’t even matter.”

“The hell it doesn’t. You didn’t answer the question.”  Sam moved aggressively towards Jason.

“What question?”  He glanced up and Tara who was beginning to clam up.

“You’re all over Tara now, but apparently you were pretty distant back then.”  Sam put his hands on his hips and clenched his jaw.

“I was?”  Jason looked up at Tara who was descending the stairs to stand beside Jason.

“Leave him alone Sam.”

“Now who’s protecting who?”  Sookie put her hands on her hips mirroring Sam.

“Whom?” Tara glared at Sookie to stay out of it.

Sam paused for a moment looking back and forth between his girlfriend and Jason.

“What’s going on?”  He demanded softly.

Neither of them spoke.  Sam turned to look at Sookie.

“Both their minds are completely blank.  They’re hiding something.”

Sam turned back and looked at Tara again.  “Tara.”

Tara’s bottom lip started to quiver and Jason knew she was about to spill the beans, he just didn’t know which ones, or how many.”

“Jason shot Eggs.” Tara apologized to Jason with her eyes as he started to back away from all of them.  Tara hated the look of betrayal she saw in his eyes.

“It was an accident.  He thought Eggs was trying to kill Andy and Andy covered for him.”

“Tara.”  Jason shook his head not believing that Tara and had told them.

Tara started crying and Sookie moved around Sam towards Jason.

“How could you not tell me something that important?  You’ve been carrying this around all this time?”

“You bastard.”  Sam seethed.

“Sam.”  Tara tried to call him down.

“Hey, it was a fuckin’ accident!”  Jason shouted.

“I’m not talking about that.  You were the one that took Eggs away from her and then you left her alone?  Damn it Jason do you every consider anyone but yourself?  Tara tried to commit suicide!”

“Sam I told you that in confidence!”  Tara pushed Sam.

“Tara?”  Jason and Sookie both gasped shocked that they had never known someone who meant so much to both of them had been in such serious trouble.

Jason walked towards Tara silently asking her to come to him and wishing he could wipe her tears away.

“Damn it Jason!”  Sam pulled Tara behind him.  She was too mortified to protest.

“I’ve had enough of your judgment and if Tara wants to come to me that’s her business!”

Jason tried to push Sam out of the way so he pushed back.

“Absolutely not!”  Sookie yelled.  “If the two of you are going to come to blows you’ll have to take it outside.  It will not be in my grandmother’s house!”

Jason looked from Sam to Sookie and back again.  “Then let’s take this outside.”

“After you.”  Sam nodded toward the door.

Jason swung the door open so hard that it hit the wall.  He stomped through the door way followed by Sam and both men walked off the porch into the front lawn.

“I’m gonna kick your ass mutha’ fucka’” Jason shouted.

“Bring it on pretty boy.”

Sookie looked out the door at the two men circling each other.  “This is insane!”  She stared at Tara expecting her to agree, but Tara was lost in her own little world practically rocking in place.  “Tara!”  She yelled.


“Hello.  Sam and Jason are about to rip each other apart over you.  What the hell’s the matter with you?  Somethin’s been off since you got back from Shreveport.”

“What the hell am I suppose to do?”

“How ‘bout talking some common sense into your boyfriend, or my brother for that matter.  You can’t just play with people’s feelings Tara.”

“Oh that’s rich.  How many love triangles did you run in and out of in the last six months?  I’ve lost count.”

“We don’t have time for this!”  Sookie shouted looking back out the door at the pair of men circling.  No one had thrown the first punch yet.   Sookie looked back at Tara expectantly, but her best friend just stood there.  “Damn it Tara.”  Sookie threw her hands up in the air and ran down the front steps to try and get between her brother and her boss.

“You two need to get a grip.  What’s this going to prove?”

“Get her out of here.”  Sam instructed.

“Sookie, damn it, get back.”

“I will not get back.  Who do you think you’re talking to?  Have you both lost your minds?”

Sam chuckled.  “She’s right Jason.  Even if you won this fight, you still wouldn’t have Tara.  You’d still lose.”  He taunted.

“You’re full of shit Sam Merlotte.  If Sookie so much as batted an eyelash at you you’d leave Tara high and dry.”

“That’s not true!  I’m over Sookie.  Have been for a while.  You’re one to talk.  Heard from Crystal lately?”

“Fuck off!  Maybe she’d still be here if you hadn’t tried to kill her father with your bare hands.”

“You’re calling me a killer?”  Sam fumed.

Jason threw a right hook to Sam’s chin and Sam returned the favor.  In no time the pair were throwing punches and rolling on the ground cussing at each other.  Sookie screamed for them to stop, but they ignored her.

Tara walked out on the porch and stood on the top most step watching the brawl.  Finally Sam got the upper hand and sat on Jason’s stomach delivering punches to his torso and face.  Soon he drew blood and Jason stopped fighting back.

“Sam stop it!”  Sookie commanded worried for her brother.

“Sam.”  Tara called from the porch, but Sam was in a rage and didn’t even hear the girls call his name.

“Sam you’re hurting him!”  Sookie screamed tears forming in her eyes.

Tara calmly walked on to the grass over to where Sam and Jason were.  She knelt down behind Sam over Jason and put her arms around her lover’s torso holding him.

Sam stopped hitting Jason when he felt his girlfriends touch.

“Baby stop.  It’s not a fair fight.”  Tara spoke calmly through her tears.  “I can’t bear to lose any one else that means something to me.”

Sam closed his eyes and placed his hands on top of Tara’s. He silent cursed himself for losing control and letting Jason Stackhouse get the better of him.  Sam pushed up off of Jason and away from Tara and Sookie.  He went over to the porch and sat on the steps with his head in his hands.

Tara still sat over Jason.

“You okay?”  She asked.

“How could you tell him?”

Tara knelt down and helped Jason to his feet. 

“I had to give him something.  He still doesn’t know about Franklin.”  She whispered and Jason nodded.  He’d played with fire and he knew it.

“You keep that fucker away from me.”  Jason shouted and headed to his truck.”

“Jason you shouldn’t drive.”  Sookie called out.  Seeing Jason finally get off the ground unfroze her and she ran to his truck just as he peeled out.

Sookie turned back to face Sam.

“Sam Merlotte.  You know good and well that Jason is no match for a shifter.  You should have walked away.”

“I know.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry Sookie.  Tell Jason.”

“I don’t think he wants to hear it and frankly…neither do I.”

Sookie stormed off to her own car to follow her brother and make sure he was alright.

Sam looked over at his girlfriend.  She had some of Jason’s blood on her gray t-shirt which made him feel even worse.

“Say something.”  He breathed into the crisp air.

“I’m numb.”  Tara offered with a shrug.  “I can’t figure out which one of us gets to be mad.  Tired of being pissed off all the damn time.”  Tara bit her lip and wiped her face clean of old tears.  “Is this my fault?”

“No.”  Sam shook his head.  “Come here.”  He held out his hand for Tara and she came over to him kneeling between his legs as he sat on the porch.  “I don’t know whose fault it is.  Guess it was going to happen sooner or later.  I’m not even sure it’s over.”  Sam looked at Tara who turned her head.

“Don’t do that Tara.”

“Do what?”

“Keep shit from me.  That’s what I really cared about.  Damn it I love you woman!”

“I love you too.  I just don’t know how.  I told you I’m fuckin’ terrified and no good at this.”

“What are you afraid of Tara?”  Sam cradled the side of her face and she leaned into it.

“You think I’m gon’ leave or change my mind about loving you?”

“Yes.  That’s why I always run and leave first.”

Sam sighed and ran his fingers though her hair.  “Maybe we should take leavin’… off the table.”

“What do you mean?”

“It's not an option for either one of us to cut and run.”

“You serious?”  Tara looked him in the eye.  “No matter what?  Even if I piss you off you won’t high tail it outta here?

“You can’t leave either.  Tara I couldn’t take it if I lost you for a third time.  Hell Tara…I need you.  I need you with me baby.”  Sam wrapped his arms around Tara’s waist and pulled her toward him.

“I’m with you.  I love you.  Only you.”

“Not Jason?”

Tara shook her head.  “Jason doesn’t make me feel like…”

“Like what?”

“Like I deserve love.  Like I’m beaut…”  Tara broke off.

“You are beautiful.”  Sam whispered against her skin placing a kiss on her forehead.  “Think you can stay away from Jason for a while?”

“Think you can refrain from beat the shit outta him?”  Tara picked up one of Sam’s hands and saw the bloody knuckles starting to heal.

“I’m sorry about Eggs Tara.”

“I don’t want to talk about Eggs…or Jason, or Franklin…or anything.”  Tara placed her hand on Sam’s cheek and leaned in for a kiss.

His lips were strong and demanding.  Tara knew what they both needed.

“What do you want to do?”  Sam breathed against her lips before recapturing them and pulling their bodies against each other.

Without breaking the kiss Sam and Tara stood and walked inside Sookie’s house.


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