Asadian Nights by Quania2004


In a world where demons are the good guys and human's are the enemy a young prince must protect his mate from the enemies that wish to destroy him by killing her.Will he be able to hold on to her once she discovers what he is?

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Chapter 1 by Quania2004

Character List

Prince Kenjra Allonos of Asadia

Jennifer Williams of Earth


Queen Romuida of Asadia

King Eanuu of Asadia

Prince Belonoth Allonos of Asadia

Princess Maelya Allonos of Asadia

Princess Jania of Ethoria

King Thian of Ethoria




Two brothers that looked to be in their twenties faced each other just outside a miniature battle ring inside of a courtyard. Each held a sword in their hands. The older of the two was dressed in black Asadian armor and the other in white.  The armor consisted of a jumpsuit with the Asadian flag stitched into the upper sleeves. It was the strongest armor, however. The enchantments laced in the fabric allowed the wearer to withstand fire, an arrow, even a cut from the finest sword.

Kenjara, the younger, stared into his brother’s ice cold eyes with a look of determination. Belenoth’s facial expression was stoic as usual. The small breeze ran through the courtyard, rustling his light golden blonde hair. Belonoth’s sword came alight with blue fire; his equally light blue eyes came alive. His muscular build and innate power would intimidate even the bravest of men.

“Little brother, must we really go through this again? You have never been able to defeat me. I tire of these continuous battles that end in your defeat,” Belonoth taunted.

Kenjara gripped his sword in his hands tighter and gritted his teeth. His chestnut hair covered his midnight blue eyes. He knew that he was no match for his brother, although their size and build were similar, his brother’s magic abilities surpassed his greatly. “There is a first time for everything, brother!” He moved his sword into position. “Today is that day.”               

“AHH!” Belonoth screamed as he charged towards Kenjara, who didn’t waste any time in meeting his brother in the center of the ring. The battle raged between the two, Kenjara struggled to keep up with his brother. Every strike Belonoth made was heavy and forceful.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kenjara could see an older gentleman walking in their direction. He was dressed in a black suit with a long tailcoat. White gloves adorned his hands and two white towels rested on his left arm. He bowed at the two brothers respectfully.

“Your Highnesses, the King and Queen wish to speak with you at once. They would like for you both to meet them in the thrown room.” Tasenath, the head servant of the palace said.

“Tell them that we will be with them soon enough. We are engaged in our sparring session.” Kenjara grunted out as he blocked his brother’s sword from impaling his head. Tasenath shook his head no.

“They said that the matter is quite urgent.”

“Just give us a couple of more minutes.” Belonoth insisted. He could see that his brother was tiring and was ready to end the battle.

“It concerns your mate, Prince Kenjara.” Kenjara immediately dropped his sword and faced Tasenth with worried eyes. He stepped out of the ring but not before Belonoth took the opportunity to strike on the Asadian flag, winning the match. “Hey, that’s not fair. I was distracted,” Kenjara protested.

“Distractions come on the battle field. You can not use that as an excuse, brother.” Belonoth said coldly before taking the towel offered by Tasenth. He wiped the few drops of sweat off his face before heading towards the thrown room.

“Your fighting ability has increased your highness. I have never seen Prince Belonoth sweat after one of his matches with you.” Tasenth noted with a smile. He gave the other towel he carried to the haggard prince who smiled as well.

“I know that one day I will be the victor.” Kenjara passed the towel back to Tasaneth. All traces of happiness were once again replaced with worry. “What about my mate? Is she all right?”

“I do not know your highness. His majesty only said to fetch you and your brother. It does not seem to be good news your highness. The king seemed troubled…”

Kenjara didn’t listen anymore and ran to the throne room as fast as his legs could carry him, slightly mindful of the castle servants that he all but trampled. He didn’t know what the problem could be but if his father was showing concern, then the situation was serious. He never once had seen his father show emotion, similar to his brother, so to hear that he was fearful worried the young prince.

Kenjara approached the large wooden to the throne room, winded from the run. He rested a hand on the Allonos family crest that was etched into the rich mahogany wood before pushing it open to reveal his frantic mother and levelheaded father and brother. Kenjara stepped onto the long plush royal red carpet that led to the jewel encrusted thrones his parents occupied. He passed the many guards that lined the carpet. All dressed in black Asadian armor, they bowed as he passed. The sun shone threw the glassless windows, casting light into the room in broad streams. It exposed the light dust particles while settling on the backs of the guards.

“What has happened to my mate?” Kenjara asked when he joined his brother in front of his parents.

His mother immediately quieted down before casting her large warm brown eyes upon her youngest son. She looked to her husband worriedly when he didn’t speak. His face was pale, drawn of all color. He had been that way since he heard the news.

“Your mate is in mortal danger, my son. We have just received news that the humans have learned that you are unmated and are scouring for her as we speak.”

Kenjara breathed a sigh of relief. The situation wasn’t as serious as he originally thought. His mate’s life was still safe for the time being.

“How did they find out that I was unmated? The only people that would be aware of this live inside the castle and no one has had contact with the humans since the war started, years before I was born.”

“We have a spy amongst our ranks, but that does not matter right now. I do not believe you understand the gravity of the situation, my son. The humans know that your mate is a human that is not of this dimension. They have already sent troops out to capture and kill her.” Kenjara’s father, King Eanuu, finally spoke.

“How is that possible; the humans have no way to travel inter-dimensionally!” Kenjara exclaimed. He dropped to his knees and shook his head in denial. “This is not happening. This is not happening. I stayed away from her for all these years to keep her safe. I haven’t seen her since I was a child.”

Queen Romuida stood from her throne and enveloped her son with her arms tightly. She didn’t know how he was able to last so many years without being near his mate, even so when he came into his inheritance six years ago. It was unheard of by anyone of their race to wait so long without bonding. Insanity would befall that person, shortly followed by death.

“Kenjara, there is no need for you to collapse like this. You had already planned to retrieve her; you will just have to do it earlier.”

“We must leave now if we plan to reach her in time.”Belonoth gripped his sword tightly. He gave a small nod to his brother, showing support.

Kenarith stood with the help of his mother. He stared into the encouraging faces of his family and decided that they were right. The situation could only get worse the longer he dwelled on it. His brother placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Let us take our leave.”

“How will you find her? You do not know what she looks like,” Eanuu asked doubtfully. “I will send a few our highest trained guards to escort you.” He motioned for the guards to gather but Kenjara raised his hand, signaling them to stop. The guards stared at the king with confusion but returned to their previous position due to a nod from the king.

“Do not worry,” Kenjara reassured his father, determination once again shone in his eyes. “I will know when I see her. It is instinctual, right mother?”

“Yes.” Romuida smiled.

“Besides, we do not need them following us. They will surely slow us down and make us an easy mark.” Belonoth said. He raised his hand and with a few swift movements, conjured a portal to the black dimension that housed his brother’s mate.



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