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"Bitch" Mike screamed. "What do you be thinking about?" "This house is never clean, no food on the table at dinner time, and I don't get sex when and how I want it?" he continued in his rant to Kyra his longtime girlfriend. "Mike, I'm sorry baby I will try better I promise just don't hit me anymore PLEASE?" Mike leaves in a huff while Kyra sits in the corner crying.

Three hours later Mike finally comes home drunk and horny. "Baby where are you at?"he says. "Kyra" he calls out as he walks into the house noticing that it's clean and he smells what seems to be his favorite meal coming from the kitchen. He goes into the bedroom where he sees Kyra on the bed with a black lace teddy. "I'm sorry baby it's just since I lost my job I have been so down, I didn't mean to take it out on you." "Mike don't talk baby it's ok I understand." "Baby take off all your clothes" Kyra says. While he is removing his boxers she gets down on her knees taking the tip of his penis in her mouth going around and around lightly with her tongue. He tries to take her head and guide all of his 9inches in but she won't let him she is slowly teasing licking and giving him soft kisses making him want more, but not giving it to him. Finally catching him by surprise she deep throats him sucking fast till she feels him about to nut then slowing down again. She plays with him like this for what seems like forever to him but is really only 45mins. Then releasing him she gets into the doggy-style position on the bed. He knows what she wants slowly and softly he moves the crotch of her teddy to the side only to realize it is crocthless. He then sticks in two fingers and finds her leaking like a faucet ready for him. He bends his head sucking on her clit till she is squirming ready for more. In one swift hard motion he enters her from behind. With him buried to the hilt inside of her he doesn't move. Eventually she tries to move and he holds her hips stopping her. She turns around and looks at him silently begging him to move and he does all the way out then hard and swift in again over and over giving her multiple orgasms while she is screaming his name. Finally he ejaculates nut running out faster and harder then the fastest roller coaster ride. Exhausted they fell onto the bed together deciding to take a quick nap.

After waking up they shower together and go to eat the meal Kyra prepared. "Why aren't you having any baby you aren't hungry?" Mike asks. "Not right now I haven't been feeling well lately, I will eat later" she stated. "This is real good when you cook you put your foot into it" he stated. "Thank you baby make sure you eat it all cause I got plans for you when you finish" she said thinking yeah I definitely got plans for your hateful, abusive ass.

Chapter End Notes:
Okay if yall like the beginning of my story so far I will write more if not then I can change the plot to something else just let me know.

Revenge is best served COLD,

Carmel Beauty

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