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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay this is part II remember this is my first time writing for an audience usually I keep my stories to myself like TV programs in my head.
Please comment so I will know how and if you like ……

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Mike & Kyra Part II

After Mike finished eating he and Kyra decided to go to bed. Yeah this stupid ass punk think I’m going to keep taking his shit, I want him to sleep on me so I can catch him unaware. “Lay down baby I have some warm oil and I will give you a massage to help you unwind.” Once he laid down on his stomach her face changed to the most hateful expression you have ever seen. Mike unaware of her thoughts slowly drifts off to sleep while she is rubbing all the tenseness out of his muscles.

Realizing Mike is asleep Kyra silently gets up to search the house I have to find out where he has kept those papers before I can put my plan in motion. If I do it now and he has given the evidence to someone else for safe keeping I’m fucked. There has got to be at least a clue as to who he gave the papers to in this house somewhere. I will not be taking another beating from him. At least he doesn’t know all my secrets.

Mike was only pretending to be asleep upstairs getting up from the bed silently he is listening to try to find out what Kyra is doing. I hear that bitch rumbling around in my shit she ain’t going to find anything I don’t want her to find. Yeah she think she got me fooled she must be taking those cheap drugs cause a nigga like me don’t EVER sleep. She don’t think I know about all of her lies I know more then she think I do. I will be the last man standing. She just keep helping me along by being predicable.

The next morning Kyra is getting ready for work. “Mike baby I am leaving for work now I will be back later.” She kisses his cheek then walks out the bedroom, down the stairs and out the door. I am so glad I found those papers as soon as I meet Jackson we can put together the finishing touching of our plan. I didn’t want to have to kill again but …….

Mike is just waking up late afternoon gets dressed and leaves the house. Dialing a number on the phone once it is answered he begins speaking. “Yo, what up B?” Mike states. “Nothing what’s popping?” caller states. “Do you have everything ready?” “Yep.” “Well I am on my way.” Hanging up the phone Mike thinks about all the good times he and Kyra have had over the years. I love this girl to death but I got to teach her not to fuck with me. She thinks I don’t know about that abortion or the birth control pills she has been taking everyday. She knows how much I want to have a baby. She thinks that she can keep secrets from me well she can’t.I can’t lose her she is the best thing that ever happened to me but a man has got to do what he has got to do I just hope she understands …….

Holla Back,

Carmel Beauty

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