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Story Notes:

 The muse (this heifer) decided to mix things up. 

Accidently deleted this last night.  I watched The Bodyguard on late night tv.  This story is keeping me from focusing on Mr. and Mrs. Smith. So, for my very limited sanity, here it is.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith will be the first to be completed.

I will be posting updates to The Bodyguard and  It Happened One Night alternating.

ALL REVIEWS GOOD OR BAD ARE WELCOMED. I want it straight and honest.

Now, I can finally give Mr. and Mrs. Smith my undivided attetion lol


working hard so no other stories ideas will pop into my very limited headspace lol.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

The Bodyguard Cast

 stories/227/images/36-f.jpgFrancis ‘Frank' Jacob Kersey Kostopoulos


 stories/227/images/km1.jpgRachel Bélanger

stories/227/images/starr.jpgStarr Bélanger daughter of James and Rachel Bélanger


stories/227/images/jj.jpgJames Bélanger (deceased) founder of La Familia Records


stories/227/images/fo.jpgAna Kaja-Bélanger head of La Familia Records. Adopted daughter of James Bélanger.  Stavos Kaja, Ana's father and James served together.  When Stavos and Anya Kaja was killed in a car accident, James took her in.  She was seven years old.


Suporting Cast

stories/227/images/manny.jpgManny Dianopolos

stories/227/images/dj4.jpgMagic T, hair and makeup stylist for La Familia Records

stories/227/images/stella.jpg Veronique and Ramon Valquez.  Brother and Sister.  Nique is Ana's personal assistant.  Ramon is the lawyer for La Familia Records.


stories/227/images/k3.jpgKing, # 1 Rapper in the world.

stories/227/images/q2.jpgLady Q # 2 singer in the world. King's girl. R&B

stories/227/images/atkm.jpgAll the King's Men. King's crew RAP


stories/227/images/gg.jpgTrois R&B

stories/227/images/bg2.jpgMen of Steel RAP R&B

 stories/227/images/rm1.jpgYung C                    stories/227/images/bw1-y_g.jpgYung G  The Yung 1's RAP


stories/227/images/malcomI.jpg Malcolm  Arceneaux I


stories/227/images/malcomII.jpgMalcolm Arceneaux II




stories/227/images/woman76.jpgMs. CoCo: Rachel's mother

stories/227/images/grandmere.JPGGrand-mere Deliah-Starr DuBois: CoCo's Mother  



stories/227/images/Grace_Osborne.jpgGrace Osborne






stories/227/images/2.jpgMs. Bella: James's mother


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