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“Well, maybe I can answer the door in this dress,huh Mother?”  Evangeline stepped

to the door and opened it without looking through the peephole. She quickly

inhaled as she locked eyes with him. John, the one who painted her dreams last

night with hot, erotic images that stole her breath and her sleep. His cerulean blue

eyes flamed as he took in her dress.

 “Nice dress.”

That was John for you. No hello or good evening preliminaries…just a

compliment….albeit a good one. Although he paid her a chaste compliment with his

lips, his eyes gave her another one DAAAYYYYUUUMM!!!!

 “Hey!” Evangeline said as she leaned on the doorknob and the edge of the door to

keep herself from leaping into his arms.  With her mother at her back, she let her

large, brown, and expressive Bambi eyes do the “real” talking for her. Mmmm,

lawdhavemercy boy!!

 “So good to see you” she said.

Instead of in my fantasies, she wanted to add but her mother’s presence made her


Mrs. Williamson cooed, “John, you really should have picked another night

to come by.”

Even though she liked John, she never gotten over the hurt he caused Evangeline

by going back to his ex-lover.  Evangeline overrode her mother’s concerns and

invited John in.

 “Come on in, John”.

Grateful for the invitation, John didn’t want to wear out his welcome.  “Don’t worry

Mrs. Williamson,” John replied, “I won’t be staying long.”

As he passed her, the smell of his cologne climbed into her nostrils and caused the

memories of their last sexual marathon to replay in her mind. Ooooo, that’s

Aphrodisiac for men. She remembered that her nose was in the crook of his neck;

her legs and thighs tight around his waist as he made her call on baby Jesus and

ask for forgiveness for allowing this man to turn her out.  She shook her head… 

Down girl. Mama’s here. Evangeline closed the door and stepped closer to John. 

 “I just wanted to come by and wish Evangeline luck.”

As she cleared her throat, he turned to look at Evangeline, trying not to drool at

her. With that freakum dress on. You wanna freak me, baby? Blue flames

pinpointing his favorite spots on her body.  Evangeline could feel twin flames of

heat centering on her breasts, legs, and especially between her thighs.  Her pussy

started crying liquid tears.  Daddy’s here!!!  

“I can’t think of anyone more deserving,” he stammered.  They both continued

staring at each other forgetting that Evangeline’s mother was in the room. 

“Thank you.” Evangeline stammered, looking at his lips. She unconsciously licked

her lips and John followed her tongue as it traveled across territory he claimed over and over. 

“I wish I could go but someone has to work tonight.” His eyes travelled over

Evangeline’s face, trying to take in much of what he missed in the past few

months.  His emotions spilling over into his eyes and voice…Baby, I miss you.

Lisa smirked, “That’s okay, John. Evangeline will be going out with someone else this evening.” 

The erotic curtain that fell on John and Evangeline earlier lifted. Spell broken, they

both stepped out of each other’s comfort zone. John looked down and then up at

Evangeline. “Well, that was not what I meant.”  John replied gruffly as Evangeline

glared at her mother.  She locked eyes with John.

 “Oh, you’re going with someone?” he questioned. Baby, please…his eyes begged

as jealousy clutched his heart and throat.

“Matter of fact, its Kevin Buchanan, “ gloated Lisa as she stared at John trying to

remain unaffected by her little tidbit of news.  “He’s a very, very, very nice young


Recognizing that John’s feelings were hurt, Evangeline countered, “Mom, remember

you offered to go to the store for me earlier?” Lisa stared incredulous at Evangeline

for telling a bold faced lie in order to be alone with John. 

“You know,” Evangeline gestured, “hairspray.”  

Not wanting to leave Evangeline alone with John, Lisa huffed, “Baby, you have

plenty of time…” Evangeline stepped closer to her mother, rubbing her shoulders,

“Mom, thank you…that would be great.”  She glared at her mother, hoping she

would get the hint and get out.  Lisa tried again, “Evangeline, listen…”  Evangeline

looked her mother in the eyes, “Mom, please. I need to speak to John.”

Evangeline turned to look back at John as Lisa made her exit from the apartment.

After Lisa’s departure, they both stared at each other. John’s feelings hurt that she

was moving on with someone else and Evangeline, caught up in her lingering desire

for John.  Despite her body’s urgings, Evangeline felt it necessary to break the hold

that John had on her mind, body, and emotions.  Evangeline spoke first.

“I’m glad that you stopped by because I’ve been meaning to give you something.”

She walked to her foyer’s table and removed the pearls from the jewelry box. She

wrestled with the decision to give them back to John for weeks, always

remembering the day he placed them on her neck. Outside of the strings that she

attached to his new football, the pearls represented the final string attached to

openly show that they were indeed in a exclusive relationship. The pearls

represented the fact that they were wrapped and tangled up with each other and

had no desire to be free until someone from John’s past came between them.  As

she walked toward him with the pearls, John shook his head as tears welled up in

his eyes, “Those were a gift, Evangeline,” he said huskily.  Tears also coming to

her eyes, “John, please take them,” she said tearfully, “you should give them to

someone you love.”  Pain pierced her heart at the words she spoke; silently wishing

that he spoke those three little words to her.Taking a chance, John stepped closer

to her and looked deep in her eyes. “I did give them to someone I love.  I gave

them to you, baby.”  Evangeline gasped loudly and begin to sob as the string of

pearls fell from her hand to the carpet.  She backed slowly away from the John and

the pearls until her back touched the front door.  She shook her head from side to

side, angrily “Stop your lies, John” she said, knowing in her heart that he spoke the

truth.  She swiped at the tears that fell down her cheeks.  He stared across the

room at Evangeline, his heart swelling with love for her and grateful for the

opportunity to reveal his whole heart to her.  Stooping down, he picked up the

pearls and walked slowly toward her. He unclasped the catch and looked her in the

eyes. “Evangeline Marie Williamson, would you do me the honor of wearing these

pearls?” he said as he invaded her personal space. “The woman who wears these is

loved by the giver of the pearls.”

With that statement, Evangeline heart melted as she silently mouthed “yes”.

“Turn around, baby so I can return these to you,” John said hoarsely. 

Evangeline slowly turned around as John placed the pearls around her neck and

connected the clasp. His lips close to her ear, “Don’t ever take these off, baby.”

Evangeline groaned and closed her eyes. Oooo, I miss him so much…..His scent and

his arms enveloped her as the power went out in her apartment. 


He squeezed her tightly from the back as his lips found their home in the crook of

her neck.  Both of them not yet noticing that the electricity was off…they were too

wrapped up in making their own.  John’s hands moved up to cup and fondle her


“God, baby. I miss you so much.”

Evangeline groaned again as her hands reached up behind her, finding his head as

his lips nipped her neck. She pushed her butt back into his crotch, feeling his cock

jump to attention as he pushed forward, grinding into her.

“Ummm, John…I miss you too.” 

She turned around in his arms and his lips found hers.  His tongue rolled into her

mouth, capturing hers. They both moaned and grabbed each other tightly, hungrily

eating each other’s mouths.  Evangeline opened her eyes while they continued to

nip each other’s lips. 

“Baby, wait a minute, “ she said, “the lights are off.” 

Noticing but not caring, “I know,” he replied laughingly, “a buddy downtown owe me

a favor.” 

Evangeline stopped, “Say what?” She started to move from his arms.

“Oh, no you don’t,” John answered, his hands slid down her back to cup her butt,

squeezing her cheeks and bringing her hips close to him. Grinding against her,

“You’re not afraid of a little darkness are you, hmm?”

His left hand reached out and locked the front door as his right hand continued to

mold and palm her butt. Lost in his sensual assault on her body, the only thing

Evangeline could do was groan and move against John’s crotch, anticipating having

him inside her once again.

“Well, then we better hurry up before they cut the power back on and Mom

return,” she said, taking small bites of his neck and reaching for the belt to his


“Ummm, Evangeline, “ he groaned out.

The thought of not being able to express their love to each other made them

hurry. John picked up Evangeline and carried her to the master bedroom, knowing

the way through the darkness. They undressed in a hurry, not caring about the

darkness but intent on satisfying their pent up desires. They fell onto Evangeline’s

bed, groping, grinding, and groaning. John was surprised that she wore nothing

underneath her dress but a pair of lace thongs.

He groaned loudly, “Baby, you know I like these.” He palmed her mound,

his fingers teasing her clit. “You’re already wet?”

They both chuckled. He traced the outer lips of her pussy through her silk thong,

going back to her clit and rubbing the soft fabric against the sensitive bud.

Evangeline arched her back and spread her legs wider, moving her hips toward his

teasing fingers. “John….ooooo.”  

John laughed softly, “What is it, baby?” His fingers yet teasing her nub, she called

out to him

“Baby, c’mon now…you know what…give it to me.” 

He laughed softly again at her begging. He scooted down, placed one of

Evangeline’s legs over his shoulder and then thrust his face into the hair of her

mound, teasing her with the tip of his tongue.


She moved her mound against his tongue, seeking satisfaction.

“What you want baby?”

He licked the outer lips of her pussy and blew softly against her upraised clit.

Evangeline screamed, “JOHNNN…UMMMM…BABY, PLEASE!!!”

She pushed her mound into his lips. He leaned forward with his face buried between

her legs and he stuck his tongue deep inside her, giving his baby what she wanted,

eating at her pussy with long, hungry strokes as Evangeline groaned. She missed

this. She missed her man.


She grabbed John’s head, running her fingers through his hair, keeping his head

toward her mound, greedily working her hips as he feasted upon her. His lips

sucked her love button as his tongue lapped it in strong, forceful circles. He started

humming while he tattooed his name on her pussy.

“AHHHHH…YESSSS…OOOOH BABY…I’M CUMMING....” She screamed loudly, arching

her back as her orgasm sent waves of pleasure through her body, grinding and

bucking against his tongue. Greedily, John continued to lap up her flowing juices as

Evangeline slowly returned to reality. She gasped for breath as John continued to

lick her pussy. Evangeline sat up and reached for him. She kissed him, tasting

herself on his tongue. She released his mouth and pushed him back on her bed.

“My turn now, baby.” 

She reached down and wrapped her hand around his shaft, rubbing the wide tip.

John arched off the bed, “Evangeline!” His hands grabbed the comforter when she

replaced her finger with her mouth. She sucked the wide mushroom tip and ran her

tongue down the length of his shaft as her hands played with his sac.


John’s hands find their way into Evangeline’s long, ebony hair. Not able to take any

more of Evangeline’s loving attention, he pushed her back onto the bed, lifted one

leg up to his shoulder. Evangeline reached down and wrapped her hand around his

thick shaft, guiding him into her.  John groans, and moved his hips forward, sinking

his love muscle deep inside its home. John begin pumping his hips in a steady

controlled rhythm. They both groan deeply, working their hips to bring each other


“Is this what you’ve been missing, baby?” He questioned her.

“Umm, you know it baby…you know it!” She moaned out, working her hips, drawing

a groan from him. They knew they were close so they started grinding against each

other, not wanting their loving to come to an end. John changed the pace again

and started slamming into her, his movements lifting her from the bed and causing

her headboard to beat against the wall.

“I love you Evangeline...I LOVE YOU!” John panted out as they

feverishly climbed toward satisfaction. 

Suddenly, Evangeline threw her head back and opened her mouth to release a

soundless scream.  She bucked against him, her body contracting with pleasure as

he continued thrusting inside her, releasing his strength to coat her inner walls to

take root and bring forth new life.  He collapses on top of her, both of them

satiated beyond words. The pearls gleamed in the darkness...binding them



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