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Raylan Givens' return to Harlan County creates more complications than Rachel Brooks has bargained for. Choices will need to be made and honesty about all the games that have been played will be required.

Rated: Mature Content
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Classification: Off Cannon
Genre: Drama, Friendship, Romance
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Warnings: Adult Situations, Extreme Language, Strong Sexual Content , Work in Progress
Series: Welcome to Harlan County
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Published: 11/02/11 Updated: 15/08/11
Story Notes:

This story picks up with the first episode of the second season of the fx series Justified. A few implied spoilers, totally off the arc of the show, because this is my verse.I do refer to events from the oneshot, 'Play Nice', it's not a requirement to read that one, but if you want to, by all means be my guest.


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1. Character Introduction by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarhalf-star (5 words)

2. Intro by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 0] (645 words)

3. Sweep Around Your Own Front Door by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 0] (921 words)

So sorry for the delay. Hopefully life and my updates will get back to normal in the next two to three days.

Thank you to everyone who gave this little tale a try. Stay tuned.

4. Reciprocity by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 0] (1285 words)

Work and the last two weeks of Advanced Financial Management are not letting me get anything else done. I'm sorry. I love you guys. Please know that as soon as I take my final next week, normalcy should return to my posting schedule.

I know I also promised Winona and Rachel interaction this update...well it makes more sense in the next round...where there will be Tim and Raylan interaction...stay tuned...thank you so much for reading.

5. Delusions of Grandeur by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 0] (1943 words)

6. Intimate Understanding by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 0] (1026 words)

7. Two Alarm Fire by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 0] (1953 words)

I know...I know...I needed another Raylan and Rachel interaction...gamechanger next update...for now...enjoy :)

8. 1 in the Chamber 32 in the Clip by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 0] (1326 words)

Implied spoilers for season 2 through episode 2:11 Full Commitment, of course with my own spin on show canon :)

9. Dubious Intent by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 0] (1085 words)

Still lingering around the timeline for episode 2.11 - not sure how much the final two episodes of the season will influence the next few chapters. Some events and revelations have been pulled to get us closer to the end game...other than that...I apologize for the update delay...enjoy it darlings

10. From Conundrum to...Pt.1 by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1426 words)

Hey babes.

I know it's been a while. The block monster attacked me on this one and it just wouldn't come. Fingers crossed, I hope it's back. We really don't have much further on this one.

There will be a little more action, of two varieties, soon, but for now you get some introspection and character interaction.

Again, I apologize for the delay. I'm glad you guys are enjoying this.

Val this one is for you :)

11. From Conundrum to...Pt.2 by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1301 words)

I hang my head in shame for the delay. The writer's block bug bit me hard on this one. I mean like really hard. Now I'm procrastinating because the ending is sketched and don't want to break anybody's heart...but it's coming...it's gonna make me cry...anyway...here's an update...more soon

12. Final Declaration by TheSouthernScribe [Reviews - 0] (1318 words)

Okay...keep in mind...I borrow bits and pieces from the past season when I want to...other than that...it's just an off canon...au fic...

Also we're bridging to get to the action in the rest of the story...Enjoy