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Summary: Year 2047, in a prolifically advancing cybernetic society a sexy sleuth prone to kicking ass and taking names later- finds herself and squad under fire. Between juggling a salacious office affair, an IA probe, and a mounting case load- she’s found that, if not accidentally, her looking into an international cover-up warrants a hit out on her head.

And ultimately she finds herself biting the bullet that her colored past just might be catching up to her after all...

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Published: 09/04/11 Updated: 10/10/11
Story Notes:
I've been a long time Sci-fi geek/junky of anything from Star Trek to Fringe and the Thundercats, so it isn't strange I'd venture into something as this. For this piece, I'm especially influenced by the Ghost in the Shell film(s) and series, which ultimately caused me to spawn this brainchild.

So this is my take on the stock sci-fi wannabe noir bits done with some funk, hope you enjoy.

1. The Cast by Poppy Velour [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (25 words)

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2. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Poppy Velour [Reviews - 0] (2045 words)

The Conundrum...

3. Man of a Certain Intuit by Poppy Velour [Reviews - 0] (2107 words)

This is a filler of sorts... I hope to update regularly.