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DISCLAIMER: All publically recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. (ME!!) The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here's Tabby and Jace's story, enjoy. I will be posting cast pics. just as soon as I figure out how to do it. Dagnit!

(***9/21/2011...please excuse all of the errors will be editing & correcting them in the next upcoming weeks***) 


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Full Bloom: Chap. 1


"You may now kiss your bride."

Tabby smiled as she watched her mother kissed her new husband, Junior Thompson.  She was happy that her mom could find love a second time around.  Her father's death was almost 10 years ago and till this day it still affected them.  Tabby and CoCo was seventeen and their baby sister Calise was twelve. Calvin West had been battling leukemia for five years, he relapsed twice. Mary stood vigilant by his side till the end and Junior being her best friend stood by hers.

 The wedding was an intimate classy production with three bridesmaids and three grooms- men and just under fifty guests. They were close family and friends of both the bride and groom. The exotic island location was beautiful. The whole trip and ceremony was paid for by family friends. Each guest didn't have to cough up a dime, their airfare and board free. Now who in their right mind would turn down a sweet deal like and at the Atlantis Resorts in the Bahamas? Tabby knows she wouldn't have.

 As the wedding party follow the happy couple down the aisle, her smile falters a little. It's strange how a hurtful memory could pop up in the most inopportune times. A year ago, she would have been doing the exact same thing as her mother.  Hell right now she could have been many of things.

She could have been Mrs. Benny Johns; a high school crush that was the hometown's basketball pro hopeful. Mr. Johns was chocolate and tall as a Mississippi pine. His smile hooked her at first sight. Tabby was the overweight outcast that never quite fit into any clique. The only physical standout she had in her favor was her long hair that fell pass midways her back. Big red Sally Jesse Raphael glasses covered her eyes, braces had her teeth and Ambi facial cream took care of her skin.

Her family wasn't poor; her mother ran a popular bed and breakfast and her father was a decorated marine veteran. But in the harsh reality of high school you could be the president's daughter and still be picked on. Tabby graduated top of her class and received a full ride to the school of her choice. During spring break vacation in her senior year in college, she caught up with Benny in Miami. He was dumbstruck at the new Tabitha West.

Any person would be surprise at what Jenny Craig, yoga and Proactiv can do to a girl's confidence. Benny had gone to college, finished and was picked up by a major team. At her graduation he confessed to having feelings for her since high school, but was scared on how she would react. He thought she wouldn't take him seriously so he waited.  They were together for three years.  A lot of things can happen in that short amount of time, painful things. Tabby shook herself out of her funk, now was not the time for flashbacks. She laughed as Junior picked her mother up and slung her over his shoulder, carrying her to the reception area. It was time for shrimp cocktails and mojitos.


Jace Alexander Colson stood near the bar as he watched the festivities unfold. The cool salty ocean air carried the sound of reggae and laughter across the white sands. He tossed back his shot of brandy and signaled for another round. Weddings never did quite agree with him, they were a complete waste of time and money.  Women came to gush with envy, daydreaming about their own big day in the perfect gown.  All of the glory and attention will be focused solely on her.  Men cringed with unease, especially if they have a mate. They could see the diabolical wheels churning inside their women's brains. The males' freedom and balls will be definitely cut short.

Single women come to steal wedding ideas and scope out future hopefuls.  Single men come for the open bar, buffet and fresh meat for the night. And to have a wedding in the spring! Of all of the seasons to have a wedding, spring is the worst. It's mating season! Women's clocks are blaring louder than the DJ's speakers.  Men's dicks just want to pile drive anything willing, able and moist.  All of this organized chaos is just the product of Hormonal Stupidity which in turn evolves to doomed weddings and when the fairy dust disappears all that is left is a pricey ass divorce. 

Usually when a family member or a friend sends him an invite, he tosses the cursed paper in the trash. He'll send them a substantial monetary gift and let that be it, but this wedding is an exception. The groom is his godfather and the man's son; his best friend.  If Jace had missed this wedding, he would have to move out of the country, due to the fear of the major ass whipping that was soon to follow.  So, he just leans back with his brandy and watches the happy couple.

There were plenty of beautiful women here, a lot with that ‘look' in their eyes. He'll just have to keep his holy water and wooden stake handy and just weed out the worst ones.

Maybe it was the good brandy or that plate of....what did the chef call it? Yeah! Hot Sex on a Platter chicken, but he was getting horny as hell. He had to readjust his business a couple of times while lounging at the bar.  It got worst whenever she would walk by. 

Ms. Tabitha West. His blue eyes would latch onto her as soon as she came near. She was beautiful. The first time he saw her was last night at the dinner, his parents threw for the couple.  He knew she was the bride's oldest daughter. So that made her part of the family and also off-limits, but he couldn't stop staring. He knew she was single with no kids. She didn't seem to have that cursed look in her eyes, so that was a plus.

He followed her every move as she danced with the best man, Tony.  Poor Tony, his best friend tried to keep up. Sexy bounced her ass on Tony so hard that, Jace could have sworn Tony's eyes rolled to the back of his head twice. Sexy had an ass that would make any man dropped to his knees and give praise. Her short halter dress stopped mid-thigh and showcased her smooth long legs. She was full figured and her curves were on point. Her full breasts were barely contained in her dress as she bounced around.  He knew they would fill his large hands nicely. Her long hair was pinned up in some sort of elaborate style. Her round face had a light sheen of sweat due to the balmy Caribbean weather and her dancing. Her dark brown eyes were closed as she lost herself to the hypnotic beats. She had regal features, high cheekbones, a button cute nose and sinfully full lips. All of this dipped in sweet mocha.

To Jace a woman was beautiful no matter what race or size.  He didn't have a preference.  If you tweak his interest then you had him, and sexy had his hard as diamonds.


Tabby felt his eyes on her again. It seems as if her body had its very own alarm system whenever he looked her way. The hairs on the back of her neck would rise up, her nipples get hard and her panties would soak.  She hasn't had a strong reaction like that in long time. When the song ended, she gave her new stepbrother a hug and walked off of the dance floor.

 She was walking back to the bridal party table, when something told her to head to the bar. So she stopped in mid-step, turned and headed in his direction.  She could feel the heat of his gaze caress her from head to toe. Tabby had been doing her share of looking as well.  She met him for the first time at last night's dinner. She knew the basics from her ever inquisitive best friend, CoCo Armani.  He was recently divorced, no kids and STD free. Tabby didn't ask how CoCo found about the last little tidbit.  She smiled to herself as she recalled what CoCo's said with her famous impish grin from the night before.

"We are on a mission to be like how Stella was; you know when homegirl was in that shower clutched around Taye Diggs with that single damn tear rolling down her face. I want that. You want that. Look around....there's sexiness everywhere up in here, the island's sexy, the men are sexy, hell even the fucking food is sexy. Have you tried the damn chicken, SEXY!!" CoCo waved a half-eaten drumette in Tabby's face to explain her point.  "You need to join me in the Stella Revolution ....and I think I just found your own Taye."

Well Jace Colson wasn't dipped in dark goodness, but that didn't mean he wasn't yummy. At 6'4 his body was lean, with wide shoulders. She could tell even through his black Ralph Lauren tux that he was muscular without looking like he swallowed steroids like skittles. He had tossed his tie right after the ceremony and unbuttoned the top three buttons of his shirt and left his jacket at a table. The smooth hairs on his chest made Tabby want to rub her face against it. You could tell he spend a lot of time outside due to his warm tanned flesh. His walk hooked her from last night as she watched him stalk around the restaurant. Homeboy was bowlegged. She always had a weakness for sexy bowlegged men. He was bowlegged just enough to let you know that when he got in, you better hold on tight to the headboard and brace for the ride of your life.

 Her gaze sled to below his waist and paused.  She knew what was lying against his inner thigh and that just made her panties even wetter. She didn't want to get caught openly staring at his junk, but Sweet Day in the Morning! She guess that old adage about Texas held some merit. He was a Lone Star son. She quickly looked up and caught his little sly grin. Dammit he caught her staring. Her cheeks got heated as his grin melted into a full blown smile. His face looked to be carved out of smooth stone.  His full lips open to straight gleaming white teeth. His nose was straight with a slight crook in it, probably a result from a childhood accident. He had high cheekbones and sexy blue eyes that were framed with the thickest set of lashes that should ever be on a man. His thick dark brown hair was cut short, but not too short. She could get a good grip on it if needed. 

He watched her as she approached the bar and ordered another mojito.  She was inhaling the damn drinks like water, this was her fourth one. She had a good tolerance for alcohol, and it was giving her the courage she needed.  He took another sip of his brandy. Tabby looked at his hands; big hard working hands. He had rolled up his sleeves, that beautiful body hair lightly dusted his forearms. Jace faced her and gave her another once over and their eyes connect.  She wasn't looking for a Happily Ever After; she stopped believing in that childhood pipedream a long ago.  All that matters was right now, she wanted to take advantage of the scenery and the company. He raised his glass in salute and she did the same.

"Hi." His voice rolled over her light warm honey. She smiled.



Chapter End Notes:

chapter 2 coming right at cha' !


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