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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is my first time writing, but I’ve been reading for a while now. This story is somewhat a reflection of my life so all character names have been changed. I posted this story on another site but I decided to bring it to a different audience. This is only the beginning. Tell me what you think.

All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

It started out has a little harmless flirting, I never thought anything major with happen. After all Marcus was just a boy that I met at camp, I didn’t plan on seeing him again. But little did I know he would be the guy who
changed the rest of my life.

Big Bear California, Youth Retreat

Kyra and I were out for our morning jog. Though I love my friend dearly, I always hated the fact that she dragged me out of bed at six in the morning to the cold Big Bear air. But hey, at least I knew I always looked hot in my bikini when we went to the nearby lake or the pool that was at our campsite.

It was a beautiful day out. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the birds were chirping, and I could smell the delicious food that was coming from the dinning commons down the hill. Even though I was never one who liked to rough it in the wilderness, because lord knows I’m can be very high maintenance at times, I could always respect the beauty of the forest.

As we were taking our final stretch by the boy’s dorm, something caught my eye. I did a quick double take as I looked at the shirtless Greek god in front of me. I knew I was dreaming because I had never seen him before and our church had exclusively rented out the camp for our use only. I didn’t even realize I was slowing down because the next thing I know Ky was in my face and looking at me as if something was wrong.

“Julia…hello earth to Jules…do you need to take a break?” she asked breathlessly.

“Huh…I’m sorry what’s up?” I said, still distracted by the view I was taking in. Kiara then followed my line of vision to where I had been looking.

“Ah…now I see,” Kyra laughed. “That’s Marcus,” she answered my thoughts with a sly grin on her face.
How could I have ever miss such a fine specimen before is beyond me. I slowly took in his 6’2 frame and muscular body. Everything from what I could see was perfect the six pack, the smooth caramel skin, the sexy luscious lips, strong arms and shoulders to get lost between. “Wait a minute Kyra, you know him? Why have I never heard of him before?” I babbled completely at a lost. I have always been the girl who knew everyone and everything, so for the first time in my life in a long time I felt so out of the loop.

“Well yeah, I know him; we used to talk back in middle school. You do recall the time when you stopped going to church in middle school,” she replied. Of course I remembered; that was a pretty difficult time in my life. I didn’t really want to do anything with anyone. I had so much family drama going on with my older sister. It seemed no matter how great I was doing in school and all my extracurricular activities, my parents always seemed to give more attention be she was the “troubled child”. Only my close friends knew about the situation, and they didn’t even know the full story. “Any ways, his mom brought him and his sister out here when we were in middle then he moved back to Florida with his dad at the end of our eighth grade school year. He just came back to Vegas this summer to stay with his mom for our senior year. Ms. Stephanie pulled some strings with the church so he could come up to the retreat even though it has already started so Marcus could remake some connections before school starts back in the fall,” Kyra continued on as if she knew everything there was to know.
“Ah…so that’s where you disappeared to yesterday at dinner,” I replied all dreamy eyed.

“Omg, don’t get it twisted,” she blushed. “Marcus texted me earlier this week that he was coming. He just wanted to meet up like old times. We used to date a little bit in back in 8th grade but it never really worked out as you can see. Like low key, he had all these little ideas that we were going to get back together, until I told him about Jason,” Kyra said innocently.

Ugh, Kyra punk ass boyfriend. Ky is the type of person who always likes to see the light in people. She has such a great personality and just don’t want to see her get hurt. But like everyone else that Ky meet, when it comes down to Jason, she isn’t any different with him no matter how many times I and my cousin Michelle tell her that she is getting played big time. As many times as this conversation as came up I decide not to start because I still wanted and needed information about this mystery boy and I wasn’t going to get if I bring up her player boyfriend.

So I moved around the subject and put on my super baby doll voice, that I only used when I really wanted something and began to ask “You know I have nothing but love for you and seeing as we are now seniors in high school; and seeing that it has been what three or four years …would mind if flirt a little bit with him?”
Knowing that I would get an honest answer from Ky, she responded “I could care less if you talk to him. Hell if I wasn’t with Jason, I would talk to his sexy ass. These years have done the boy good. Although, he can be a bit of a player, so don’t get attached,” she warned. Wow, like Ky could really talk.

“Please Ky, if anyone knows how to play people it would be me. Need I recall this past Valentine’s Day and my birthday; three different guys, who went to different schools, and each thought they were in a committed relationship with me at the same time. Girl I racked in so many presents, it was unbelievable. Then what did I do, cut all ties the week after my birthday. When it comes down I have played this game so many times, I know when a guy is playing me,” I recklessly bragged. Sometimes I have a thing for over exaggerating the truth, but hey it’s not harming any one if I’m just making myself look good with little white lies.

“Okay Julia, I’m just saying be careful, you never know who you are messing with,” she chastised. “And trust and believe when I say he has changed from when I had last known him.”

“Yeah, I feel you. But hey, let’s finish up this run, shower and head down for breakfast,” I said not really trying to start an argument.

“Ok. Hey, I’ll race you to the cabin. Loser has to take over the winner’s cabin chores for the rest of the week,” Kyra suggested.

“That’s a deal. You are going to busy tonight” I teased and stuck out my tongue.
We go into line by a tree. In unison, we counted down the race, “Three, two, and one. Go!”

As I pulled ahead early in our little race, I turned my head to see how far Ky was behind. She was just a few paces away, but behind her something sexier caught my attention. It was Marcus; he was staring right at me. I gave him my most sexist grin I could muster while running, which really was only a smirk. He gives me a sexy lopsided grin back. The next thing I know, I trip over the wide stairs to the girls’ dorm and fall flat on my face. I black out for a few seconds after I landed and I hear Kyra’s cheering about her victory. When I refocused my vision I get up and look toward the boys’ dorm. Damn…he’s gone.

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