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Author's Chapter Notes:

So, I deleted this story before cause it just wasn't where I wanted it to be, but with a few edits and such, it's back. I hope you all enjoy :)

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


“So, this is the famous Panther everyone is so crazy about…”

A small smirk tugged at her painted red lips as she turned her attention from the encased 40kt diamond in front of her, to meet the face of her “captor”. Her cold, golden eyes drifted over him, taking in everything he had to offer her.


He was a tall man, approximately 6’2” with shoulder’s so broad she longed to run her diamond studded claws over them. He wore what looks like to the average eye, just a regular black tie suit but it was Armani, which mostly likely meant he had been attending the Gala at the museum that evening. The room was thick with night which descending like a black curtain. With the only source of light being that of the moon, she could only make out what seemed to be thick plump lips and a gorgeous set of cheekbones.


She walked, slow, elegant and yet fierce circles around the man, her stiletto boots tapping softly against the marbled tiles of the upper floor. Her new source of interest remained stationary, his hands coolly placed into his pants pocket.


“I hope you didn’t plan on taking that diamond… If so…”

His voice trailed off when he heard the light tap of her boots had ceased as she stopped directing behind him, tracing her dainty fingers down his spine. The young man sucked in a breath and shuddered under her touch; she couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.


Too easy.


“And if I did? What could you do?”

The tension between the pair was so thick, it was almost tangible. The meeting of their eyes; a lifeless gold to an arrogant deep chocolate, it was simple too much. He reached his hand out; unsure of what he was after…her cheek or her mask.


“Hey! Who’s up here?!”


Damn. Security. Her fist collided with the handsome face of the young stranger, the force sending him flying backwards and crashing against the encasement of the object she so desired. Glass shattered and the alarm sounded. She cursed herself for her mistake and hurriedly grabbed the stone; shoving it deep into the tight leather of her top. She spun around to make her exit, but the multiple guards had already shown up. She paused for a second, her orbs reading them. Each was equipped with either a night stick or a taser. She could easily take the ones with the night sticks but the tasers…


She ran forward, her feet silent against the tiles. She was swift, her black leather clad body shaded by the darkness. It protected her, loved her and they were one. Fear slowly seeped through the skin of the guards, grasping their hearts and robbing them of any good sense. None could comprehend what was happening as she separated from the shadows and pounced. Her arm shot out, long and elegant, arcing into the face of the first guard catapulting him into three other guards who had rushed towards her, all 4 skid against the floor, hitting the wall on the far end with a loud thud.  


“Gotcha!” Strong arms, burly, bear-like arms wrapped around her torso from behind in what seem to her, like an attempt to crush her to death. From the front, two more guards came charging at her, their Tasers spitting a fine line of electricity. She flexed her leg backward; the heel of the stiletto catching her captor right in the groin. The man cried aloud and released her at once.


The feline strode forward; leaping, spinning herself in midair, launching out a single muscular leg which caught the guard on the right directly in his jaw hurling him into the fine marble pillar behind him. Upon landing, she immediately crouched low, pivoting on her hands to deliver a spiraling kick into the ankles of the final guard. Finally allowed a second of rest, she arose slowly, her steps careless and yet calm as she approached the nearest window. She threw one last glance back at the handsome young man, who had evidently never taken his eyes off her.


“Don’t ever get in my way again.”


And with those final words, allowed her body to fall freely from the window; escaping into the night once more.

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