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Jane Plane


She sat up in her bed and looked around , her drab room came into view . Nothing spectacular on the wall it was simple, she liked it that way. She walked over to the her closet and pulled out a plain skirt, a plain t-shirt nothing to special just basic clothes. White socks black sneakers her normal gray back pack. Another beginning to another drab day. She walked out the room and out of her house she saw what was before her the wide world was in view. She saw the bright cars pass her by the colorful clothing of others as they bustle pass her. Each going to their own exciting adventure. She strolled down the street at her own normal pace not to fast not to slow. She hopped onto the bus as it pulled up to its stop. She took a seat not to far front not to far back.


"It's been awhile Plain Jane" came a familiar voice from behind her.


Jane turned around and recognized the person an old acquaintance whom she would rather have stayed gone. One of her least favorite people Paul Mall.


"It hasn't been awhile, its been two years to short." Jane said turning around and looking at the boy.


Paul Mall was someone she could do without seeing today especially since he always called her "Plain Jane" a name which now stuck with her so well that even teachers would call her that as if it were her real name. He could be annoying at times but she didn't really hate him. She just preferred to not to see him as often as she could which had worked quite well despite going to the same school and living along the same bus route.


"So you trying to be early today?" Jane said flatly.


"Why would I try to be early it's not like we have anything important to do today I am heading to the brain room today." Paul said


"So you finished all the payments then?" Jane said sarcastically.


"well of course you wouldn't know but the brain room is this new hang out spot where everyone goes." Paul said glossing over Jane's remark.


Jane sighed and turned back around and pulled out her book it was a plain book with no cover or title. Just a gray book. She began to read and ignoring Paul for the rest of the ride to the school. She got off the bus in front of the school and walked into the red brick building. As soon as she walked in Jane saw her, the girl they called Carmen. To Jane, Carmen was her complete opposite. She was excitement and held everyone captivated, just a smile or a flip of her hair and all eyes were one her. She was easily the most beautiful girl in the school and she knew it. Jane began to walk past the group of admirers towards her class.


"oh Janey" she heard the almost musical sounding voice of Carmen.


Jane stopped and turned around, what could someone like Carmen want with someone as plain and uninteresting as her. She watched as the girl walked over to her every step she made was graceful and practiced like she rehearsed every little step she made up to this point. She stopped in front of her and Jane took a good look at her. Jane had to admit Carmen was beautiful she had long black hair that had a few streaks of red. Her eyes were a beautiful green and her skin looked as if she had never seen a pimple or blemish of any kind.


"Janey we never talk anymore we used to be so close as if we were the same person" Carmen said looking genuinely hurt.


"things change we grew older and grew apart we can never be as close as we used to be" Jane said looking at Carmen


"well either way I'd like to invite you to a party I'm throwing this weekend. It would make me so happy if you would come" Carmen said handing Jane an invite.


Jane took the invitation and studied it she nodded and turned to leave without another word on the matter. She didn't know what to really do parties weren't really her thing. Mainly because nobody ever invited the plane girl. She would have been to much of a buzz kill at a wild party. The types that the girls like Carmen were invited to and could throw and people would show up to. Jane could here some of the other admirers talking to Carmen


"why would you invite such a bore." the first girl said "I mean look at her she is so plain" the girl said loud enough for all to hear.


"she's cool we used to be really close and I want to bring that back" Carmen said.


Jane paid them no attention and continued to walk until she was in her class. She sat in the class as the other students filed in slowly. The teacher taking roll she looked over the class and called out Jane's name twice looking past her each time not sure if she was even here until Jane raised her hand.


"oh there you are ms. Plane you're a very hard girl to spot." the teacher said looking at her.


"no I'm just an easy girl to miss" Jane said under her breath


the class continued on with the teacher forgetting that Jane was there a couple more times as usual. Soon it was time for the next class Jane walked through the milling students toward her next class where most likely the teacher wouldn't realize she was there and she would have to endure the questions of if she was a new student or something from people she saw pretty much every day of her normal not really exciting existence. She sat in the class the teacher looking over her he had a confused look on his face.


"oh your a new face the office didn't say we were getting anew student today" the teacher said looking at Jane intently.


"that's probably because I'm not new I'm plane" Jane said looking at the teacher.


"ah ms plane good to see you you've been absent lately haven't you?" he asked looking at her.


"no I'm just easy to miss" Jane said as she walked to her seat and sat down taking out her book and disconnecting herself from the rest of the class.


The class continued on uneventfully until the door opened and Paul walked in. the teacher looked at him giving him a dirty look for being so late. Paul walked over to the empty desk next to Jane and sat down.


"so plain Jane whats good" Paul said looking over at her.


"you shutting up would be good" Jane said looking over the top of her book.


Paul breathed out and continued to talk "no need to be so cold" he said chuckling a bit.


"what do you want Paul" Jane said sitting down her book since she obviously wasn't going to get to read it.


"well I heard that you got invited to Carmen's party and I wanted to see if it was true." Paul said looking interestedly.


Jane breathed out annoyed had it really gotten around the school that she had been invited? Was it really that big of news. She thought to herself.


"as it seems it is true but I doubt I'm going to go" Jane said


"oh why not Carmen always throws the best parties" Paul said


"why would I go to a party where strike one I don't know anyone, strike two I'll be that plane girl just like in school, and strike three everyone will be wondering if I was invited out of pity or as the butt of some joke" Jane said staring at Paul " I would rather save myself the embarrassment" she breathed out.


Paul looked at her inquisitively then picked up the book Jane had placed on her desk. He flipped through it quickly then read the back of it he looked at the back intently with a confused look.


"uh you read such boring books" Paul said sitting the book down back on the desk"


"is it boring cause you can't understand it" Jane said looking at him as she checked her book to make sure he didn't lose her page.


Paul huffed and turned his attention back to the teacher from the way it looked but most likely he was just looking in that direction. Like he would ever pay attention to a teacher even more so in class. The day went by as it normally did no one noticed her she ate lunch by herself and more people whispered behind her back about the party that she was somehow invited to. Soon the day had drawn to a close and everyone was leaving to go about the rest of their exciting lives. Jane walked to the bus stop as the bus came to a stop in front of her. She climbed onto it and rode back to her house.


She walked in and sat her bag down a note on the counter said her parents wouldn't be home till late. Not really a surprise to Jane this was normal for her parents to be home late. Jane looked at the invitation to Carmen's party she thought to herself nothing was happening here so why not go. It's not like if something happened that people would really care they would forget it happened just as quickly as everyone forgets her.


She went upstairs and looked in her mirror she thought it wouldn't hurt to try to get dressed up. She would probably just stand there on a wall with the other people who were to shy to speak. Jane tied her hair back into a ponytail and put on a knitted cap letting her bangs poke from the hat just covering her right eye. She went through her closet and grabbed a skirt something she had worn many times before but this time she didn't grab a hooded jacket she grabbed a slightly low cut blouse from the back of her closet and put it on. She looked at herself in the mirror to her she looked no different but decided this was as dressy as she would get. She left her house and walked down the street towards Carmen's house.


She was surprised she still remembered how to get there it had been a long time since they were around each other for longer than a moment. Carmen was right they had grown apart maybe they would reconnect at the party. Jane shook her head what nonsense was she thinking like that would happen. Carmen was with the popular exciting people even the unpopular people were more popular than she was. She walked up the driveway and knocked on the door it opened with Carmen standing there smiling her perfect smile.


"welcome to the party Jane" she said


To be Continued


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