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Early in the Day


“Ms. Williamson.”


“Yes, Jonelle?”


“Representative Dickerson is on line two.”


The weary magistrate closed her eyes, not now; I have too much to do as it is.   She tried with all that she had within her not to count all the political and social ramifications of dissing the representative.  But the list filled her mind and after several heartbeats she opened her eyes, put a smile in her voice and reluctantly stabbed the flashing button.


“Representative Dickerson, it’s a pleasure to hear from you this afternoon.  How can I be of assistance?”


That Night


Evangeline looked up from the draft of her speech to watch the man in her life exit the bathroom with one towel hanging low on his hip and another draped over his head.  Feeling her gaze, he stopped drying his hair and looked out from under the white terry cloth.




“I’m estimating how long it’s going to be before that towel falls off.”


“You wish.” 


Evangeline smiled in agreement.  “Yeah, I do.”


“What cha doing?”  John mumbled from under the towel starting to dry his hair again.


“Representative Michale E. Dickerson, appreciates me, so much that she asked me to serve on a panel of community women speaking to a group of young females that she is mentoring.” Evangeline couldn’t keep the sarcasm out of her voice.”


“This could be the opportunity, you’ve been seeking for additional support that of bill you’ve been following?”  


“Perhaps,” she said hesitantly.  “But my schedule is already overloaded.”


Knowing how she would react if he spoke the words on the tip of his tongue, that she had already accepted the representatives’ request after thinking, rethinking, and dissecting the situation and that no matter how overworked she felt she was, she would not turn down a worthy request of her time; he chose a safer route and asked, “Can I read your speech?”  


Evangeline looked down at the white paper covered with black figures and red marks, then back at her husband of ten years.   “If you utter one snigger, you and the pillows in the guest room will be forming a semi-permanent relationship.”


John walked to her side of the bed and took the page held out to him.  Slender brown fingers were tempted to pull on the knot holding the material hiding two his best features. Instead she behaved as the dignified woman that she was and clasped her hands demurely in her lap.  But she couldn’t help but grinned back as his heart shaped lips shifted into a knowing grin and he winked at her.


Evangeline watched closely as John settled in one of the large chairs near the ceiling to floor windows that kept their room full of light.  She recognized each look that passed across his face as he read her words.  There was an “ah” moment, a couple of “what in the hell,” even a slight smile that might have meant he understood.  But what he really thought she couldn’t discern.  She'd have to wait for him to tell her what was going on behind those sky blue eyes.   When he was finished, he walked to her side of the bed, laid the paper on her night stand and started their nightly ritual.  The one he’d performed for the last twelve or so years.  It had happened after their second time together in his apartment in the Angel Square hotel.


After they had made love and showered, he had stood over her for a brief moment, his eyes moving slowly over her body then he had sit on the bed and scooted her over until she was positioned so that they spooned together back to front.


Facing away from him, Evangeline tried to wait through his silence as he settled behind her.  When she couldn’t hold the question any longer she turned over until they were nose to nose.  “Well?”

Day of the Presentation

“Ladies our next panelist is a woman of many talents.  Wife, mother, member of the Pennsylvania appellate court, mentor and a member of the Llanview school board.  Our fifth panelist, the Honorable Evangeline Williamson McBain.”


Evangeline stood and walked to the podium.  Once there she nodded, acknowledging the audiences’ applause.  When it had stopped, she took a deep breath and began. 


“Thank you for your warm welcome.  Thank you Representative Dickerson for allowing me to participate in this worthy endeavor and be among such outstanding women.   As you all know when someone invites you to give a speech, the first question is?”


Every one on the panel and those that knew in the audience answered, “What is the topic?”


“You got that right.”  Everyone laughed.  When the laughter died down, Evangeline stared for a moment into sky blue eyes filled with pride and began again.  “I was told to give my opinion on any relevant topic; so ladies and, the few brave gentlemen that are here today. 


You Asked My Opinion and Here It Is


There is an art to loving a man male and as the wife of one and the mother of two; I know this to be a true fact.  It requires patience, a sense of humor and a heart encased in steel.  It requires softness and an innate understanding of misdirection and sneakiness.


If you meet a man at the right time in his life and this seldom happens.  You may be blessed enough to fall in love with a whole person.  But for most of us, we meet them when there they are unfinished and incomplete.  Some of us meet them in their teens and are charmed by their newness and naivety masked by bravo.  And as the years wear them, we are tested and tried along with them as they learn to become the men they believe they already are.


If you meet them in their twenties; we still are not on equal terms.  Some are mature while others are still trying to sow “their oats.”  There are more years of trial and error, hurt and heartache for us, the ones that love them because we see so much potential that is never realized or remains just at their fingertips, within their grasp but never fully comprehend.


And then there are the older men who build pyramids and topple nations.  Their women, if blessed are allowed to help, support, contribute, and shine in her place within their fast moving world.  If she is not a blessed one, she stands outside.  Never allowed to be satisfied as her own person or his help mate.


For some of us we meet “the man” we’re to spend our lives with in their and our prime.  When they have determined who they are and what they want out of life.


Some women meet their love when many consider him no longer in his prime but she knows that he can now give her all that she wants and all that he is without hesitation, without conditions.


In My Opinion, in loving a man male there is never a perfect time in their development.  It’s always just a place where we as females decide we will or will not put up with their so call stuff.  Where we decide to give them as much of ourselves as we are able to.  Where we decided that they are worth the trial and error, hurt and joy.


But remember this is just my opinion.



The End

Chapter End Notes:
this is a AU about characters in the verse of One Life to Live.  Don't own them, ABC Inc., does.  Not making's just for fun.  The story premise might not be new, the writing might not be the best but the words were put to paper with the best of intentions. Thank you so much PlayaPlayaKathy.  Your suggestions helped tremendously.  Any errors left are my faulty entirely.

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