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Gardner is a 25 year old singer trying to get her big break. Some how she ends up becoming the nanny of Edward Landon’s 3 year old daughter and his suicidal family’s golden retriever, he a VP at Cornerstone Records in Atlanta Georgia.


Edward Landon is a 31 year old husband, father, and a music exec in Atlanta Georgia. All he wanted was to find a nanny to take care of his daughter and his suicidal family dog. What he got was Keisha Gardner the beautiful and insane nanny.


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this my first try at posting. Please give me some feed back and tell me if I should continue or nix it. Please be honest I can take it because in the end I know you all are trying to help me. Ok I am going to push the send button before I chicken out and push delete. Please excuse any typos.

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I will introduce Keisha's best friend in the next update.

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