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Was It Puppy Love or Is It True Love??? (Not good with summaries.)

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Published: 09/12/09 Updated: 01/02/10
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1. Puppy Luv by PassionK [Reviews - 0] (1933 words)

I was just sitting here thinking and I just started typing. My other story I am still not sure about but this one I am really sure about! Don't what else to say except thank you in advance for reading and commenting! Oh! And as always enjoy.

2. Why Do U Care! by PassionK [Reviews - 0] (2995 words)

I want to say thank you all for your comments! Yes it certainly made me come straight home and do another chapter. LOL! Please forgive any typos I may have.

Sidenote** Julia and DC are only a year apart. Another note*** I went a few years forwards.


3. Watching by PassionK [Reviews - 0] (3251 words)

First of all let me say, I am so sorry for the long wait! I was doing this and another one and I actually started putting parts of the other one in this. So I had to go back, erase and start all over. So once again please forgive me! Also I will post pictures in the next chapter, I am still searching for the perfect DC. (Search has been a pain!)  Anywho, I hope you all enjoy. This is a slow chapter but I promise you..The next one(I'm working on now) Will not be slow! I promise.U all may quote me on that.

Once again I hope you all enjoy "Finding Our Way" Chapter 3-Watching."

4. Main Character by PassionK [Reviews - 0] (174 words)

5. I Can't Love Him Because I Love Him! by PassionK [Reviews - 0] (2596 words)

Hey Everybody! I'm back in business! Charger came in and I cried because I was so happy! It's not easy living without my laptop. Anyway thank you all for commenting and staying with me through this. I won't keep you all much longer so please enjoy "Finding Our Way!" Chapter(4) "I Can't Love Him Because I Love Him!"

6. How Could You? by PassionK [Reviews - 0] (3007 words)

Ok... I will admit I was a little doubtful about the chapter before this one. I don't why but I felt I didn't do something right. I still feel that way but I don't what else I can do to change that. So I thought maybe another chapter would help me out and in away it sorta did but then again not so much. But let me just say,I do feel good about this one. I worked on this basically all morning, (I was suppose to be paying attention to the professor but he was going over what I already knew. bleh!) So while he went on with his lesson I typed and re-edit. Reread and reread again until I felt it was right.

Anyway enought chit-chatting here's the chapter4, How Could You? Also I would like to thank everybody that has commented, I'm sorry I didn't respond to them I will try to do better with that. Thanks to those who have read the story. Ok I'm done talking. Please enjoy!

7. Care To by PassionK [Reviews - 0] (3549 words)

Awe! Thank you all for your comments. I do believe I replied to them all, if not. Then, I want to thank you for reading and commenting. I love it! I saw somebody tried to get 3chapters out of me. Hey you never know what'll happen between today and friday. Anyway I won't hold you all long, I do want to apologize for any typo's. I'm currently doing two things at once. Again please forgive me!

Anyway you all enjoy... Was it Zach? Did DC get to her on time? Read and find out! Love ya!

8. Was It Real Love? by PassionK [Reviews - 0] (2500 words)

Hey everybody! First I want to say thanks to those that have commented. Loved them all! Thanks to those that have came and read...

Please forgive me for any typos, I am tired! It was suppose to be another part to this chapter but I can't finish that one right now. So I'm posting the first part, hopefully the other will be up tomorrow. Only time can tell. I won't waste your time so please enjoy and tell me what you think.

9. It's Happening by PassionK [Reviews - 0] (2358 words)

First I want to thank you all for reading and commenting. Love them! Second this is a two part chapter... Enjoy!

10. This Is Goobye. by PassionK [Reviews - 0] (2246 words)

This is part 2 to the previous chapter! Enjoy! Did he get to her in time???