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A Word From The Author:

My stories are far from being perfect in structure, form, grammar although I try my best. I usually use The Chamber as a test site to see if people will like the general versions of the story. The Chamber is an amazing free site for posting free stories and has let me post my trial stories as much as I like.

They are all still a work in progress, but I do plan on publishing them once I go back and re-edit, re-write, do a lot of cleaning up in preparation of publishing them. Ofcourse the published version, the real deal, will not be posted on The Chamber, but at least I know people like them. Also don't expect the same thing in the published version, they are more detailed with more things happening that I didn't get around to writing in the general version.



His Best Kept Secret - not for the fainting kind, read at your own risk. This story is going to be hardcore in every aspect, graphic violence, language, etc. The men are harsh, crass, assassins who are used to living a certain way until Ebony comes a long and changes their lives. This poor girl has to be strong enough to take on their personalities, their profession, and learn to adapt to her new and very dangerous life as well. But most important, she'll have to tame the leader, who's deadlier than any of them and who is determined to make her his.  

My Writing Style

1. Alpha males - gotta love those dominating, demanding, aggressive, get on your nerves, but sexy as hell men.

2. My story will always have a variety of race in them whether they are just friends or in a romantic relationship. I love to write about interracial relationships as well as black men loving their black women.

3. I usually go for the standard one on one relationships, but I do love my love triangles and threesomes.


Alot of people asked what inspired me to write threesome stories. Personally, I've never been in a threesome and don't plan on it; however, I thought it would be fun to challenge my imagination and see how far I could push it. I've read Anita Blake and The Mona Lisa Series all which have multiple partners, but the characters didn't really have a pure romantic setting and the men were sorely lacking as being Alpha males. So what do you do when you're not satisfied with what you're reading? Write your own novel.

Reverse Harem

Yes, I am obsessing once again over a certain style of writing. Now I am into what is called Reverse Harem, it's a term used in anime. It's when more than three guys care for one girl, but only one of them gets her love. Most of my reverse harem will have the two main characters: the alpha male and female heroine, and several supporting characters that are all male. So far "Prophecy" is the only reverse harem story I've written, but I am working on a new one.  


Loving Mia was my first threesome ever written and it seemed to do quite well.

The One Who Walks With Wolves - first supernatural story written, it was very fun to write although I scared myself with the intensity of it, also a threesome.

Seneca State University was the first original novel I ever posted online at Fictionpress. SSU has been rewritten and revised so many times, let's hope this is the last. LOL

Kept - My first story where one of the main characters has less than perfect qualities. Taylor was never meant to be a completely likeable character in this story. He's the type you love or hate, whose rich, powerful life has contributed to his personality because he's use to having his way. Let's hope Kaitlyn can show him there's more to life than ordering people around.

Prophecy - My first reverse harem story and another supernatural story that is very adventurous and fun to write. It's also my first story where the main characters are Black. There's some African-American alpha males out there too that can be just as sexy. hehe 

When it comes to writing..Just Do It!


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