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Hi there :) I'm not exactly sure what to say here. I just love writting and reading stories, that's all there really is to it. It's not often where I can find black main characters though, so I'm happy I found this website :)

I'm not exactly sure what type of writing style I have, but what I do know is that I love a strong female lead. That pathetic damsel in destress crap just doesn't fly with me. The male lead also needs to be equally as strong, if not stronger.

I also like the idea of interracial relationships, they're interesting and fun to write that I actually think about it, I don't think I've ever written a story where the lead characters weren't of different races. I guess that really shows where my interests are, huh? haha.


I've seen people take request for writing one shots and I'd like to do it at least once. So, if you send me your ideas and ask me to write a one shot, I'll totally consider it! I'm still a newbie, so I'm not sure if the chamber has a PM system, but if it does, you can contact me throught there.

If not then please contact me through this email address: 







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All she ever wanted to do was to live out her life in front of proud parents; graduate high school, college, meet a nice man, have her father walk her down the isle,...but now that's impossible, and someone's going to have to pay for that.


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Even after so long, Zane and Lana couldn't forget eachother...So what happens when two people with unsaid feelings meet again?

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