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Real name: T.R. Ervington

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To say that I believe in reincarnation would totally explain my pen-name, however, I have Russell Brand to thank for it. <3 I love poetry and epic fantasy; despite my account here, I am not a fan of traditional romance; I love music performed in languages I don't understand where the music and the feeling moves something in me regardless of any language barrier, and I love music with no words at all; I love foreign films and documentaries; Venice, San Francisco, Paris, New York and Cairo are my Heart Cities but Pennsylvania is my home.

I travel by way of The Circus Train; I aspire to live in a magnificent Victorian and Drag is an art form I wish I'd been born in.

I believe in Love, Respect and Equality. Constructive Criticism is a welcome meal, I serve and eat! An atheist with a healthy curiosity in all things mind, body and spirit, I am (if, in fact, the third one turns out to exist). I have zero belief in "saviors", there is a pessimistic ghost inside me. But I like to look on the Bright Side with ALL of my Might. Go figure.

Have I said enough on myself? ^_~ I think yes! If you have anything to say to me, Don't Be Shy.


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