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I've always loved to write. Ever since I was a little girl I would write all my dreams down in a compostion notebook. I would rewrite movies into how I thought or wished a plot would have went; placing characters with other in whom I believed they were more compatiable with. Movies, cartoons, plays, none were exempt.

And now I still do it, but I write more interracial themes. I base them off the same as when I was younger; movies, cartoons, tv shows, etc. But I can't get over the exoticness, the eroticness, the taboo of dating interracially and I guess it's reflected in my stories.

I hope that you enjoy. Capre Diem!

Oh! Also if anyone would like to do me a banner, I would be more than a little happy. Just contact me and we'll go from there. Ta!

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All I have ever wanted to do was make my family happy, and if that means marrying without love, then so be it. But now it's more than I've ever imagined: I am a queen! No literally; and now I have a social status that Paris Hilton could only dream of. Only one problem, other than sorting through piles of suitors, the one I'm attracted to scares me. But what could be wrong with getting gobbled up by a hunk of prime A handsomeness?

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Summary: Saretta saved him from a hellish existence, literally, and gave him a reason to live on. Married and expecting, they move back to his former home, San Fransico, in hopes of a new beginning. Now to see if the Charmed will accept her extended olive branch?

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