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No matter what, I'd never forget you











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introduction by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

TAKAHIRO AND ELLE  TAKAHIRO AND ELLE TAKAHIRO AND ELLE~ The moment you all have been waiting for:D

I am so glad for grace because you guys are very kind to give a sista another try lol.

I hope you remember them! But, in case you do not, you will have plenty of time to refresh ehe~ :D MY COUPLE IS BACK! Oh, y'all I cannot tell you how refreshed I feel. I haven't been able to do anything but read the story for so long and tonight, I started to write. Y'all do not know how big this is for me. Because it's been YEARS. I think I held off on it one because it contained a mother daughter and at the time I didn't want anything to do with anything that reminded me of my mom. It was painful to even read Wasurenaide for a long time. Every time I would read the parts with Elle's mother I would cry. SO, it definitely was apart of the healing process :) But... I'm getting better and I have made peace with the fact of Ma's death. It still brings me sadness but mostly joy when I think of how free she is. :D 

I will note some changes: Not major. 

James Jameson (Elle's Father) has been changed to Will James. 

Jameson as their last name has been changed to James. 

Adele is the same :D 

I am currently taking Japanese so I changed some phrases to the correct ones as I've been taught them :)

I had Elle as an ADA and I may keep her as such. However, I just might hae her reflect my new career goal as well. :) 

I am going to keep Sakito as Taka's nickname. Being that he does look like he could be a jrock star *I think he is actually in real life or in the jpop scene* and Elle loved Jrock bands. Sakito in Nightmare was her favorite and she thought Taka was more like him. Hence the name :) 

Other than that, it is the same as it was :) Read, laugh, cry and enjoy you guys! Thank you for starting this journey with me and thank you for sticking with me hehe. Let's make this journey awesome :D 



Be blessed and stay loving~ 



End Notes:



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