Temptation by Darknight


Ireniva is a succubus in college, she works in a bar called, Temptation. Her boss happens to be Lilith, the oldest succubus known to history. While working at the bar, Iren meets and comes head-to-head with other supernatural beings. One being a vampire who's obsessed with her.

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Relax by Darknight

Chapter Seven - Relax


Iren woke up, with an arm around her waist. She had forgotten she wasn’t in her bed, looking over to see a naked Demetri. “Get dressed and get breakfast.” He mumbled to her with his eyes still closed. The room was dark, and no sunlight shone through, but she could tell it was morning. Getting up, there was folded clothes, toothpaste, and toothbrush on his night stand. She grabbed the clothes, toothbrush, and toothpaste, and went to the bathroom to shower. She was numb after last night’s ordeal with Victoria. She didn’t think they’d ever see each other after she broke it off, let alone think that she was the sister of the guy who also wanted to be with her.

After showering and brushing her teeth, she got dressed in a black dress that was picked for her. She walked out of Demetri’s room, bumping into a short, plump woman.

“I apologize, Miss. The master has requested breakfast for you.” She said. “You may call me Isabella. Come now.”

“Uh…okay.” Iren said awkwardly, following Isabella to the kitchen where a breakfast was prepared for her.

“Enjoy Miss.” She said, bowing her head before leaving. Iren dug into the food, eating as if she hadn’t eaten in days. Once she was satisfied, she debated on what she wanted to do. The mansion was so big, she didn’t think she’d have the energy to go through it. Sighing, she began walking, looking at any and all interesting artifacts.

“Looking for something?” She heard behind her. Victoria glared icily at her from the shadows of a corner, walking towards her. Iren slowly, yet casually, strolled towards a window where the sun was beaming down.

“Shouldn’t you be in a coffin? It’s daylight.” Iren said indifferently.

“Don’t think that you’ll have Demetri hooked around your finger, slut.” She sneered at Iren. “He’ll get over you just as quickly as you got over me, and it’ll burn you to your demonic core.”

Iren put her hand over her heart in mock shock, “Oh gee!I must have turned on the charm extra hard to make him want me. Didn’t I?”

Victoria’s glare intensified. “Don’t mock me! I’ll send you right back to hell if you think I’ll let you talk to me like tha-“ She had accidentally got into the sunlight, cutting herself off, and hissing in pain. Her exposed flesh burned instantly; she quickly walked back to the shadows to heal. “This isn’t over. You’ll get what you deserve for hurting me.” She left in the blink of an eye.

“Crazy bitch.” Iren muttered to herself. “Now where can I find a fucking tv?” She looked all over the first floor for a tv, getting exhausted and frustrated as she couldn’t find one. Luckily, Isabella was trudging towards Iren. “Isabella! Is there a tv here?” She asked.

“Tv?” Isabella asked, confused. “We don’t have any tv’s here, Miss.”

Iren nearly fainted, “No tv? What do you do for entertainment?”

“Oh, I don’t need such things, none of the servants do. I’m sure the master and lady have alternatives to the tv.” Isabella said. “Now, I must be on my way.” She walked past Iren, going into a room. Iren sighed, looking around. What could she possibly do in this big house?She threw her hands up as she walked down the corridor of the house.

“If I could help, madam, you could relax in the master’s hot tub.” She jumped when she heard a deep british voice behind her. There stood an old man, who she assumed was a butler. He just had that stereotypical butler look, tall and stoic.

“Hot tub?” She said with hope in her eyes.

“Yes, madam. The master has hot tub in the adjorning master bathroom.”

Iren smiled, giving him a quick thanks. “Thanks…uh…”

“Jefferson.” He said with a bow.

“Thanks Jefferson.” She said, dashing upstairs. She went into Demetri’s room, he was still asleep. She walked to the bathroom, it was marvelous. It had the same gothic feel as the rest of the house.

She looked around, there was a shower with a glass door, a black tub in the center of the room, black marble sink, and black marble hot tub connected to the wall. It had candles lined on the corners, “I might have to use this again tonight,” she mused while taking off her clothes. Getting the water running, she sat patiently for it to fill up. Once that was done, she pressed the button for the bubbles, slowly getting in and relaxing.

“Yes…” She moaned, closing her eyes as she got settled. The water felt so good, she didn’t realize she was going to sleep. Yawning, her eyes felt heavy, if she closed them for a moment, maybe just for a few minutes.

Drifting off into darkness, everything was peaceful. Peaceful until she saw the face of her mother. Margaret Redwood was a strict, god-fearing woman, her husband, Fredrick, was a reverand for a small church in the south. Margaret kept her daughter neat and lady-like when going to public places. They were a small nuclear family in the early 50s, the reverand and his wife didn’t want their daughter exposed to the hatred and bigotry that was going on at the time. But Iren was smart, she knew what was going on.

Just turning 21, she wanted desparately to find a husband to move from her parents’ home. She just didn’t have the confidence or poise to find one. Her mother pressured her that she should look in the church. Iren agreed, but the church boys didn’t last with her. She felt too insecure, not pretty enough.

“I’d sell my soul to be as beautiful as Lena Horne or Dorithy Dandridge.” She voiced aloud. Her mother’s eyes widened when she heard that, grabbing Iren, and slapping her.

“Don’t you ever say something foolish like that ever again!” Margaret yelled. Iren held her reddened cheek, tears threatened to spill from her eyes.

“I…I…I’m sorry, mama.” She said.

“Go to your room, your father will pray for you when he gets home.” Iren held her head down in shame, walking quickly to her room. The tears had already came down, she let out a sob. She didn’t think she had said anything wrong, until he showed up.

“So, you want to sell your soul?” She heard, looking up to see a man in a nice suit. He was bald with green eyes, but he looked young.

Iren couldn’t speak, how did this white man get into their house. “I know you have questions, and I have answers, dear Iren.” He said.

“H-How do you know my name?” She asked.

“We walk among you, seeing and guiding tempted souls to do evil. What’s important is your soul, what do you want in exchange?” He asked. Iren stared at him with scared wide eyes.

The man looked at her expectantly, then realization hit him. “Oh, how rude of me! I’m Balzaar, I’m a demon.”

Iren gasped, covering her mouth. “No!” She cried.

Balzaar chuckled, “Yes! Sign over your soul, and I’ll give you everything you want.”

“Everything?” Iren’s eyes fluttered. “C-Can you make me beautiful?”

“Sweetheart, I can make you drop dead gorgeous.” He said with a charming smile. “All you have to do is give me your soul.”

Iren gaped at him, thinking this over. “Don’t think, Iren. You could live forever with beauty that could kill. Do it.” Balzaar urged.

“Okay.” She nodded. “I’ll do it.”

Balzaar smiled a chesire grin. “Good.” He pulled out a small knife with demonic markings on it. He grabbed her wrist, slitting her wrist. Blood trickled out of the cut quickly, she felt lightheaded. Balzaar let her blood drip on a piece of parchment with words she couldn’t read.

“Nice doing business with you, Iren.” He said with a nod. Before he could leave, Iren’s parents came into her room. Her mother screamed when she saw Iren’s limp body on the bed, blood staining the bed. They couldn’t even see Balzaar as they rushed to her body, trying desparately to stop the bleeding.

Iren’s soul met Balzaar as they watched the scene before them. “Your assignment is succubus.”

“Huh?” She said. She was jerked back into her body, scaring her parents. She blocked out their tirade, her head was fuzzy and she could hardly think. Succubus...It was a funny word that she’d never heard before. Balzaar was gone, and didn’t explain anything else.

Years after her change, her father had died, and her dear mother had been sent to a psych ward. She tried to visit her mother, but she had a meltdown at the sight of Iren. Claiming that the demon wouldn’t leave her be, Iren wanted to cry. Her mother spoke in tongues, casting her out of the mental institute.

Margaret was long gone now, dying just three years after Iren met Lilith.

Iren woke up in bed, and not in the tub. Looking around in confusion, Demetri wasn’t in bed either. The door opened, and Demetri walked in.

“You’re finally awake.” He said. “You’ve been sleeping in that tub for a while before I found you.”

She furrowed her brow, “It’s night?” He nodded. “Shit.”

“You were crying in your sleep, was there something wrong?” He asked with concern in his voice. She shook her head.

“No…I’d rather not talk about it.” She said. He sat beside her, kissing her on the lips.

“You can tell me anything.” He whispered, kissing her again.

She pulled away slightly. “Not now.”

“Fine.” He said, kissing her shoulder. “Then can I have my way with you?”

She giggled, “For a little bit…I have school in the morning.”

“Right.” He said, pushing her back and kissing her breasts. He pushed the covers down, going down her body. Stopping above her core, he looked up at her. “She marked you down here?”

Iren nodded sadly, “Demetri…”

“No, I can handle it.” He said, spreading her legs apart, he saw the bite mark on the inside of her thigh. His thumb massaged the mark as he stared at it. She grabbed his hand, guiding it to her clit. He caught on, massaging her clit with his thumb. He came back up to kiss her,

“Do you want me to eat your pussy?” He whispered huskily. Iren nodded, loving the way he touched her. “You think you’ve had your pussy eaten before? No, you’ve only been licked…I’ll devour your pussy.”

She almost came from his diry, yet sensual, words. “Please, Demetri.” She begged.

He removed his thumb, going down eat her the way she needed to be eaten. She gripped his hair when he sucked her clit, bucking her hips. His tongue was doing wonderful things to her, making her arch her back, and moan like a whore. He gripped her hands, holding them down just to torture her. He wasn’t going to stop until she came all over his face.



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