Paradise by Fictionary

Who knew that one night to a Rock concert would be the beginning to hell on earth for Angel. A night out on a day off one Friday night changed life as she knew it forever. There's two sides to every story, she just so happend to be his begining and his ending. A rockstars paradise, he would end everything and everyone who stands in the way of his peace.


This is a supernatural story about drugs, sex, money and rock and roll. Meet the band, meet the girl, meet the family and discover nothing is ever as it seems.

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Chapter 1:Freaky Friday by Fictionary
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Chapter 1


"So you want me to go out to a rock concert with you tonight of all nights? What!" Angel poked her full lips and squinted her eyes in annoyance. Her best friend Brittany was dragging her out on a Friday off-night. It was their off day, an off day since who knows when and instead of fatting up with some tube ice cream and a movie marathon, Brittany wanted to go see a rock band, well bands since there was more than one act. The group "Fylth" is the most well-known, there practically megastars according to Brittany.

"Fucking hell yes I want you to go, when was the last time you had some fun. Instead of watching the Notebook for the 100th time, let's go live life. We have to go for slutty also, like slutty hot", Brittany tossed her long blonde hair to the side as she searched in her closet for something to wear.

"Do I look like the type to go to a rock concert", Angel sat on the side of her best friends' bed as she watched Brittany throw out clothes, having to dodge a few skirts and shirts as Brittany threw them out of her search.

Brittany stopped and huffed as she turned to give her best friend the eye. "Hell yes, stop being so goody goody for once. Of course! I think you should wear this", Brittany pulled out a skin-tight leather red tube dress that still had the tag.

"I am not wearing that and I may just stay home and watch lifetime anyway", Angel scoffed as she looked at the dress.

"It's too damn little for me, an XS is definitely you, and I thought it was a medium. I got too much ass for this. Please, pretty please. I will pay for the entire bills for a whole month that way you can pay your cards off", Brittany attempted to butter up Angel who still had a look of disgust as she crossed her arms.

"Well take it back, I'm serious I don't want to go"

Brittany pouted. "You aren't going to let me go to a rock concert alone, at night where there are drinks free all night are you. I just want to enjoy a night off for once and to have my bestie, you know when we get together it's always fun"

"I know that when we get together something always goes wrong. You want to go this bad", Angel just knew after asking that she was going to have to detangle her curly hair, something she has been dread doing.

"I knew you wouldn't let me down, now get those beautiful curls popping and get in this tiny ass dress", Brittany threw the dress at Angel who caught it and fell back onto the bed in a huff.

"Fuck", Angel whispered as she looked at the ceiling.

Angel spent almost two hours detangling her jet black hair, she had no choice but to wash and go in the end, she normally liked to leave twist in overnight. She was sure that her curls wouldn't be as defined so she had no choice but to have a wet dog look and hopefully her hair would be dry once they reach the concert. She had gone for a more natural makeup look put applied red lips to match this tube dress that showed off her body a little too much to her liking but nothing a denim jacket can't fix. Even though she was tiny in height and weight, her top half was heavy to the point where everyone wondered where did she get her breast done. Which is why she preferred to wear oversized T-shirts at times.

"Damn girl, I wish I had this caramel skin just glowing, this hair yes girl! I look like the fucking grim reaper, my pale ass skin", Brittany hyped her friend. Brittany had her waist-length long hair parted in the middle, her blue eyes were sparkling. She wore a black tube midriff tank, skintight black leather pants, and open-toe sandals. Brittany was slightly taller than Angel and much curvier with the best abs, all to which Brittany credited to the gym. She is much more of a gym rat than Angel is, who would work out once a day out of the week and be done.

"You look so damn hot yourself, we need to post this before we leave", Angel just may like this night after all.

"We need a shot first", Brittany made her way to the front of their apartment. They had graduated from college and moved in together right after.

"No, I'm driving so you can drink. Safety first. Should I wear tights", Angel felt herself constantly pulling her dress down which only made her breast stand out more.

"No, you look fine", Brittany squealed at the thought of Angel putting tights on.

"Okay, but I am going to put on a jacket, yes I am", Angel sung out the last part.

"It's Friday", Brittany yelled as she took a shot as she went live on her phone.


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