Paradise by Fictionary

Who knew that one night to a Rock concert would be the beginning to hell on earth for Angel. A night out on a day off one Friday night changed life as she knew it forever. There's two sides to every story, she just so happend to be his begining and his ending. A rockstars paradise, he would end everything and everyone who stands in the way of his peace.


This is a supernatural story about drugs, sex, money and rock and roll. Meet the band, meet the girl, meet the family and discover nothing is ever as it seems.

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Chapter 9:Strangers by Fictionary
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Chapter Nine:Strangers


It had been a few weeks since Angel and Brittany went to the rock concert and a few weeks since they had gone to the bands after party. Angel had been having vivid dreams of being in bed, being in the arms of the lead guitarist, she could smell his cologne, feel the slickness from his sweat, skin against skin. His stone-cold eyes, grey and icy like glaziers haunting her, compelling and calling to her. She had woken up in bed gripping her grey cotton sheets, dripping in sweat at the wee hours in the morning. Sometimes at two, sometimes at three. This man was taking over her dreams and sometimes nightmares. How could you be infatuated with someone you just met? How is the thought of him enough to create wetness between her thighs, the rhythm of her heartbeat to become out of sync, the butterflies she felt in the pitch of her stomach? She felt on edge, there was something about her unbalanced, and only cold showers could soothe her. She felt pathetic and a little desperate but she didn't care.

"Hello, earth Angel", Brittany was standing in front of the fridge on the opposite side of the island counter, waving both her arms in the air as if trying to get Angel's attention. Angel sat on the barstool, coffee mug in her hands as she stared into space. She had woken up early on this Saturday morning, needing a cold shower to get Aiden off her mind she didn't realize that after she made her coffee she drifted off into a daydream.

"Oh! Hi Britt", Angel frowned after she took a sip of her now-cold coffee, deciding she'd better set the disappointing mug on the counter in front of her.

"What are you getting into today", Brittany's blonde hair's pulled into a high genie ponytail, her makeup was light, she wore her prescribed glasses and she wore a black leather jacket over her black v neck form-fitting dress. She was dressed to go into the boutique for today, Angel had the entire weekend off. David, their store manager had been on the women since business became booming. They had more clientele once an international singer had spoken of love to go to ‘Carmen' whenever she wanted to be a normal person and find some very good quality clothes. The clothes were nice however the cleanup was brutal, Angel didn't understand how women threw clothes onto the floor instead of placing them back onto the hangers after trying the clothes on.

"A little bit of nothing really", Angel took a big sigh, to try to clear her head.

"Like what", Brittany had grabbed a water bottle from the refrigerator before turning her attention back to Angel who was glaring at the cup of coffee she sat on the countertop.

"I have to run a few errands, oil change and I'm getting my hair to straighten and trim. Just to pamper myself while you are at work", Angel folded her arms across her chest as she poked out her lips, she's thinking about the possibility of adding highlights to her jet black hair.

"I do not want to go, I just want to stay in bed. I am so tired", Brittany groaned.

"It'll be over quick"

Brittany lingered at the countertop for a moment. "I have been thinking of quitting"

Angel was not surprised, although Brittany dressed to impress, she was not a fan of the pencil skirt apparel they are required to wear in the boutique. The fantasy David had of the ladies being "perfect" was always overly expressive.

"Well, what about the bills", Angel tried hard not to be a downer but she had to make sure Brittany was making a rational decision.

"I still have a ton of money saved, it's just I sort of found a new job", Brittany seemed to whisper yet loud enough for Angel to hear.

Angel's arched brows rose in question. "Okay, sort of or have", Angel asked carefully.

"Remember the band, Fylth", Brittany now placed the water bottle onto the countertop, folding her hands.

Angel had a feeling she knew where this is going, her best friend was going to tell her that she got a job working for them somehow, possibly a promoter or something. Angel didn't want to chastise Brittany, even though she was a little shocked at Brittany wanting to leave their job at the boutique, she did see it coming. Brittany is an artist, half the canvas art around their modern chic apartment was created at the hands of Brittany. Which caused her to earn some cash here and there if someone wanted her to paint something but it was not consistent. However, Angel couldn't deny that they have responsibilities to their contract.

"Okay Bri, I support you in anything, I just want to make sure that you are good"

"The band's going to give me a chance to write a few songs and possibly perform with them", Brittany squealed as she broke the news.

Angel knew Brittany could sing, she just preferred to do it alone. "Congrats Bri, that's awesome..." Angel tried not to be a "bitter bug" as she carefully watched her tone, she didn't want to hurt Brittany's feelings.

"But, I hear that coming", Brittany attempted to try to be unaffected. She had a feeling that Angel would be in the middle.

"It's nothing bad, I was just wondering how will you juggle this, it's live. And you don't know them, there I said it you don't know them. How often do they have women write for them and magically they say you can sing with them too. Just be careful"

"I know Angel but this is a way for me to express myself on a deeper level, John has been so fucking cool about this", Brittany's eyes danced as she spoke about John. Angel didn't the red in Brittany's cheeks either.

"You have been talking to John", Angel squealed out in excitement.

Brittany swung her long ponytail. "Yes, just a friendly conversation. He is such an awesome guy, I don't feel like he's trying to ‘try' to impress me you know. He seems very genuine and sweet. Come to find out, he and the guys are brothers. I would have never fucking guess that"

"Yeah, the guy Jamie mentioned that", Angel said nonchalantly. She had been so caught up on Aiden after a small encounter that she completely forgot about Jamie. Jamie had been much kinder, making the nerve jitters ease in a foreign place, his home away from home as he had put it.

"Jamie is cool, much nicer than that Aiden guy", Angel tried to become unaffected after his name rolled off her tongue.

"Yeah, John says he keeps to himself sometimes. He broke up with this super model a few months back. She was stunning, well I'm about to head out. I don't know why I decided to pull an all-day shift, ten freaking hours. My head might explode", Brittany huffed as she grabbed her water bottle from the counter and her keys from the small silver glass table next to their front door.

Angel sat on the barstool a couple of minutes after Brittany had left, looking around their semi-clean apartment. She guesses he would start with tidying up the apartment before she went to get her hair trimmed. Once she had finished over cleaning the apartment to perfection, Angel decided to choose a simple pair of jeans and a white v neck shirt, pairing it with a pair of knock off sneakers she found on a chic online boutique. After getting her car serviced and spending a little more than she had expected to spend, Angel rushed into the parking lot of the salon so she could get her hair straightened. She had hoped she was not too late, she had spent more time than she had wanted to spend at the shop. Of course, she was coerced by the men at the shop other things in her car needed to be serviced. She did not get her hair straightened often but when she did she only wanted Diane Sharks' highly blessed hands in her hair. She had been introduced to Diane from a few girls at her job, she has been her favored stylist since.

"There you are, I started to get ticky", Diane gasped as she placed her hands on her cheeks in surprise. Diane had been standing in the lobby talking to the receptionist, coincidently she was asking the receptionist had she seen Angel come in yet.

"Sorry, car trouble. My troubles, it's so good to see you", Angel gave Diane an air hug and air kisses. Diane wore her signature pink framed glasses, her jet black hair was cut in a chin-length bob, she wore a black polka-dotted green pant, a yellow and black top with yellow ballet flats.

"Come on we must chat. Champagne", Diane offered as she motioned a hand gesture to Jessica, a young nail tech in training. She would also help serve the guest with beverages as they were pampered at their request.

"Maybe a mimosa, I am so tired", Angel sighed as she took a seat at Diane's booth.

"Your curls, so beautiful. Do you want to add a little bit of color, spring is approaching", Diane asked as she looked into the vanity mirror, Angel starting back at her.

Angel scrunched her nose as she thought, she had never had color on her hair as an adult. When she was a teen she died her hair autumn brown and her mother bout popped a vessel.

"I have been thinking about it, not right now. I'll just keep it black and maybe baby steps"

"Very well, so how has life been", Diane asked as she started to finger comb Angels' hair. Angel began talking to Diane about going to her first rock concert, leaving out the after-party. They then began talking about other things going on in the world, celebrity gossip, and other "news". 

Before Angel knew it, Diane was finished after washing, conditioning, blow-drying, flat ironing, and trimming Angel's jet black hair was silky pressed. Angel looked into the vanity mirror satisfied with her hair. She decided to keep it simple by getting a middle part, her hair was now almost to her belly button with layers to frame her face.

"I love it, thanks once again Diane", Angel smiled as ran her fingers through her thick luscious hair. She would enjoy the sleek style these first five days and was sure she'd put it in a slick back ponytail.

"Not a problem at all. I shall be right back", Diane said before leaving to gather a "sample care box", the salon was giving out a mini "hair and nails" care goodie box. Most Diane had said consisted of travel like-sized shampoos, conditioners, snacks, nail polish, eye mask, facial mask, and hair scrunches. They were only handing them out to VIP customers, though Angel did not come to the shop often Diane is fond of her and decided to put up one of the goodie boxes for Angel and Brittany to try them.

"Would you like a glass of wine", Angel heard the hairstylist speaking to the woman who had just taken a seat next to her.

"Yes please, thank you", the woman thanked the hairstylist who went to get the client's beverage. Angel continued to stare at herself in the vanity mirror, admiring her hair until the woman next to her attempted to get her attention.


"You look so familiar, I can't seem to know where from", the woman said as she took off her black shades, settling them in her purse. Angel didn't recognize her at all, she had green eyes, freckles on her nose to her cheeks, and dark brown hair that was in a top bun however a few strays framed her face. 

"Have you shopped at Carmen before", Angel asked as she turned her body slightly to better face the other woman.

"Not in a while, maybe that's where but then I figured I would remember you from there. I just can't remember where I saw you before", the woman tapped her lips as she tried to put a face with a place as to where exactly she knew Angel from. Angel also tried to remember where she had seen the woman before but honestly could not recall as well.

"Alright, here is your gift box darling. Oh, Claudia. Hello." Diane's cheery voice trailed off as she noticed the brunette, Claudia.

"Diane, you don't look a day over 50", Claudia said sarcastically.

"Hmmm. Darling all that Botox and implants must have gone to your damaged little head", Diane kept her voice low and hostile, and these two had some sort of rivalry.

"Okay. Thank you, Diane, I have got to go. See you in about eight months", Angel said as she gathered her box and her cross-body bag as she attempted her escape, she wanted no parts of this catfight.

"It's always a pleasure", Diane bid Angel goodbye as she ushered her to the foyer so she could pay the receptionist. Angel glanced over at the brunette before she made her way out of the store, she was sure she had met her somewhere in passing. She just couldn't shake the uneasy feeling in her stomach, something about the woman sent chills down her spine.

"So, Diane. That girl, she comes to see you often", Diane rolled her eyes as she cleaned her vanity, preparing for her next client. She turned to Claudia, her lips in a small smirk.

"Claudia that is none of your business. None. You need your roots dyed, your true color is showing", Diane made sure her tone was sarcastic and quite annoyed.

"I like it when you're a feisty darling. I'm a patient woman, you know this. If I have to come here every two weeks to get a glimpse of that pretty little lady I will do that. Besides, I know you enjoy my company"

"Just because you were welcomed here, I have ways to have you removed indefinitely. Don't forget that", Diane said in a knowing tone.

"Oh, I'm sure you will cook up something in that filthy coven of yours, witch. I don't like to be threatened and I don't like to overstay my welcome. I could tear this town part to part if I am pushed and you do not want to push me darling", Claudia cut her eyes at Diane who was unfazed.

"It is me that you don't want to push, you leeches are all the same. You all talk a big talk but I call the game and don't you forget that"

Claudia frowned at the knowing statement. "Where is my damn drink, humans can't get a simple thing done", Claudia fumed as she sought out her hairstylist who was now making her way to her with a fresh bottle of champagne.

"Whew, we had to open a new bottle and it was being stubborn. What I missed, have you two been arguing again", the young hairstylist felt the unknown tension in the air. Neither woman said anything, Diane went back to wiping her vanity.


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