Paradise by Fictionary

Who knew that one night to a Rock concert would be the beginning to hell on earth for Angel. A night out on a day off one Friday night changed life as she knew it forever. There's two sides to every story, she just so happend to be his begining and his ending. A rockstars paradise, he would end everything and everyone who stands in the way of his peace.


This is a supernatural story about drugs, sex, money and rock and roll. Meet the band, meet the girl, meet the family and discover nothing is ever as it seems.

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1. Chapter 1:Freaky Friday by Fictionary

2. Chapter 2:Meet the Band by Fictionary

3. Chapter 3:The Party by Fictionary

4. Chapter 4:The Party Continues by Fictionary

5. Chapter 5:Nice to Meet You by Fictionary

6. Chapter 6:Temp me,Tease Me, Trick Me by Fictionary

7. Chapter 7:Lucid by Fictionary

8. Chapter 8:Woman's worth by Fictionary

9. Chapter 9:Strangers by Fictionary

10. Chapter 10:Well, Well by Fictionary

11. Chapter 11:Home Is Vegas by Fictionary

12. Chapter 12:Trust Issues by Fictionary

13. Chapter 13:The Morning to The Evening by Fictionary

14. Chapter 14:Enjoy The Show by Fictionary

15. Chapter 15:Hold Tight, For The Ride by Fictionary

Chapter 1:Freaky Friday by Fictionary
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Chapter 1


"So you want me to go out to a rock concert with you tonight of all nights? What!" Angel poked her full lips and squinted her eyes in annoyance. Her best friend Brittany was dragging her out on a Friday off-night. It was their off day, an off day since who knows when and instead of fatting up with some tube ice cream and a movie marathon, Brittany wanted to go see a rock band, well bands since there was more than one act. The group "Fylth" is the most well-known, there practically megastars according to Brittany.

"Fucking hell yes I want you to go, when was the last time you had some fun. Instead of watching the Notebook for the 100th time, let's go live life. We have to go for slutty also, like slutty hot", Brittany tossed her long blonde hair to the side as she searched in her closet for something to wear.

"Do I look like the type to go to a rock concert", Angel sat on the side of her best friends' bed as she watched Brittany throw out clothes, having to dodge a few skirts and shirts as Brittany threw them out of her search.

Brittany stopped and huffed as she turned to give her best friend the eye. "Hell yes, stop being so goody goody for once. Of course! I think you should wear this", Brittany pulled out a skin-tight leather red tube dress that still had the tag.

"I am not wearing that and I may just stay home and watch lifetime anyway", Angel scoffed as she looked at the dress.

"It's too damn little for me, an XS is definitely you, and I thought it was a medium. I got too much ass for this. Please, pretty please. I will pay for the entire bills for a whole month that way you can pay your cards off", Brittany attempted to butter up Angel who still had a look of disgust as she crossed her arms.

"Well take it back, I'm serious I don't want to go"

Brittany pouted. "You aren't going to let me go to a rock concert alone, at night where there are drinks free all night are you. I just want to enjoy a night off for once and to have my bestie, you know when we get together it's always fun"

"I know that when we get together something always goes wrong. You want to go this bad", Angel just knew after asking that she was going to have to detangle her curly hair, something she has been dread doing.

"I knew you wouldn't let me down, now get those beautiful curls popping and get in this tiny ass dress", Brittany threw the dress at Angel who caught it and fell back onto the bed in a huff.

"Fuck", Angel whispered as she looked at the ceiling.

Angel spent almost two hours detangling her jet black hair, she had no choice but to wash and go in the end, she normally liked to leave twist in overnight. She was sure that her curls wouldn't be as defined so she had no choice but to have a wet dog look and hopefully her hair would be dry once they reach the concert. She had gone for a more natural makeup look put applied red lips to match this tube dress that showed off her body a little too much to her liking but nothing a denim jacket can't fix. Even though she was tiny in height and weight, her top half was heavy to the point where everyone wondered where did she get her breast done. Which is why she preferred to wear oversized T-shirts at times.

"Damn girl, I wish I had this caramel skin just glowing, this hair yes girl! I look like the fucking grim reaper, my pale ass skin", Brittany hyped her friend. Brittany had her waist-length long hair parted in the middle, her blue eyes were sparkling. She wore a black tube midriff tank, skintight black leather pants, and open-toe sandals. Brittany was slightly taller than Angel and much curvier with the best abs, all to which Brittany credited to the gym. She is much more of a gym rat than Angel is, who would work out once a day out of the week and be done.

"You look so damn hot yourself, we need to post this before we leave", Angel just may like this night after all.

"We need a shot first", Brittany made her way to the front of their apartment. They had graduated from college and moved in together right after.

"No, I'm driving so you can drink. Safety first. Should I wear tights", Angel felt herself constantly pulling her dress down which only made her breast stand out more.

"No, you look fine", Brittany squealed at the thought of Angel putting tights on.

"Okay, but I am going to put on a jacket, yes I am", Angel sung out the last part.

"It's Friday", Brittany yelled as she took a shot as she went live on her phone.


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Chapter 2:Meet the Band by Fictionary

Chapter 2

The Boys Are Back In Town

"Godammit Jimmy get these fuckers ready in five fucking minutes! I've has enough of this shit", Frankie's hoarse voice yelled as he looked at the four men who were trashed from partying the night before. There were bottles of beer everywhere, residue on the tables, cigarettes ashes, and most likely vomit on the floors. The massive suite was an entire shit-show. Jimmy the band's road "dad" looked pitiful as he walked into the room with the guy's manager Frankie. 

"Who turned on the light", Evan, the lead vocalist mumbled, his black shades still on his face. His curly short black hair a mess, and the room felt as if it was spinning.

"Shut the fuck up Frankie, we're up", John, the drummer mumbled, he was on the floor with beer bottles around him.

"We'll be ready when we are ready", the other vocalist Jamie said, he was under the covers in one of the chairs closest to the living room of the suite.

"Is it noon already", a British voice could be heard, it was coming from the other chair across the room closets to the closet along with a feminine giggle, one of the guests from the previous night was still around.

"Asher, I think your friend needs to fuckin leave and where the fuck is Aiden", Frankie was seeing red as he took in the scene. As if on cue Aiden entered the bedroom from one of the full bathrooms a black towel wrapped around his waist, his long black hair dripping from an evident shower, his grey eyes cut at Frankie in annoyance.

"We fucking hear ya, Frank, the whole gotdamn place can probably hear ya. We'll be ready. We just had a little too much fun", Aiden's deep voice said as the other four men hollered in agreement just to piss Frankie off some more. Aiden then walked to the nightstand to grab the lit cigarette and took smoke as he stared at Frankie.

"Five fucking minutes Jimmy, five fucking minutes", Frankie stormed out of the room as Jimmy glared at the five men before he as well exited the room.

"Frank's going to blow a fucking vein any day now", Jamie now with the covers off his head spoke, and he shook his chin-length brown/blonde hair out of his face.

"He'll be alright, he just needs some pussy in his life", John said as he lit a new cigarette since Aiden stole his.

"Hey", the brunette who stayed with Asher until the morning can be heard saying from under the covers.

"No offense darling", John sighed and shook his head.

"Anyone needs a hand", Asher asked as he held the woman's head in place.

"Not right now", each member said, turning down Asher's offering of the brunette.

"Well I don't know about you boys but I'm bouts to get read, we're supposed to be at the soundcheck in five fucking minutes", Aiden joked the last part of the sentence mimicking Frankie's voice.

"Shit", Evan cursed as he got out of the bed almost tripping on the sheets.


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Chapter 3:The Party by Fictionary

Chapter 3

The Party

When Angel and Brittany made their way inside of the venue, Angel was so shocked at how crowded the place was, she didn't stand out too much. She was worried that her asking complexion would be an issue but she became more at ease once she saw so many different people in the building. However, she also noticed the hungry looks men gave Brittany, she would have to keep her eyes on her best friend.

"This place is crazy", Angel said as she and Brittany made their way to the bar.

"Yes, here I brought you these in case you don't like the loudness", Brittany pulled out a pair of hot pink foam earbuds from her small clutch, she didn't know if Angel's little angelic ears could tolerate the heavy rock music.

‘Britt, thank you", Angel placed her hand over her heart as she took the earphones out of Brittany's hand.

"I know you may not like this kind of music but then again you may shock me, I'm so glad you came out", Brittany yelled over the music, the band was not playing yet however there was a band on stage playing. The two got their drinks and decided to get lost in the crowd who were bobbing to the beat.

"Fuck yeah", Brittany said as she fist pumped into the air getting unto the current act on stage.

"Hey I need to go to the ladies room okay", Angel yelled to her friend

"I'm coming with you okay", Brittany grabbed her friends small clear cup from her hands, Angel had yet to sip the alcohol beverage. As they made their way to the ladies' room, they noticed a short line forming. Angel tried to remain patient and regretted not using the bathroom so there she was shaking her hips side to side as if dancing.

"This cannot be, I wonder why the upstairs is closed off, I know for sure bathrooms and club space is up there", Brittany noticed a huge bald bounder standing in front of the staircase that led to the upstairs of the clubs. She decided she was going to flirt her way up the stairs so her girl could use the bathroom.

"What are you doing, I have to pee", Angel glared as Brittany managed to grab her arms and drag her away from the long line of ladies waiting on the bathroom.

"I'm trying to get you to the bathroom", Brittany had tossed the drinks in the nearest trash can before she made her way to the giant in all black, he smirked when he saw the two ladies making their way to him he had been here since opening and they weren't the first women trying to see the leading act.

"Sorry ladies no one allowed upstairs", the bouncer smirked down at the two women, he noticed the black girl with the long curly hair doing a small "bathroom" dance act but he knew all the plays these women tried to do to go upstairs hoping that the band 'Fyilth' would be up there ready and willing. He had gotten a message from Jimmy to find the most beautiful women for his boys. These two would be given a tap on the shoulder but first he had to make sure they were of age, the blonde looked older but the curly-haired beauty had such a baby doll face.

"My friend has to go to the bathroom and I would so appreciate it if you can just allow us upstairs. It will be our little secret, I don't tell", Angel rolled her eyes at Brittany as she flirted with the bouncer.

"Sorry darling but a man's got to follow the rules. By the way how old are you two", The bouncer asked as he looked over the smaller one who hugged her dark denim jacket closed tight as she folded her arms, her little dance all forgotten.

"I'm 25 and she's", Brittany was cut off by Angel.

"She doesn't tell you anything", Angel glared at the bouncer, and she wasn't sure what his game was.

"She is 24", Brittany kept her eyes on the bouncer.

"I can't make no guarantee but I can get you two backstage passes but of course I need to see some ID", Angel scoffed and rolled her eyes at his statement.

"We have the proof, I'm not that kind of woman to lie about that", Brittany said.

"Great the line is fucking longer now", Angel whispered loud enough for the bouncer to hear, she has to use the bathroom and Brittany just may have caused them a longer wait in line.

"I tell you what, I'll let your friend up there alone. Bathrooms down the hall of the dance floor. If you're uncomfortable I'll come to get you myself. Can't have both of you up there, wouldn't want to get into no trouble"

"Okay, you'll be okay", Brittany asked Angel who's brown eyes sparkled in excitement.

"I'll be quick, thank you Mr. just when I thought to give you a piece of my mind", Angel made a step to the steps as the bouncer moved aside to allow her through, he was looking making sure no one had seen her step behind him.

"I'll be right here Angel Marie if you aren't down here in five minutes I'm going to push his ass aside myself, I will call you too", Brittany had to use her middle name much to Angel's embarrassment.

"I'll be quick geesh mom", Angel shook her head but headed up the narrow staircase that was lit in red. She made her way to the empty top floor and became intimidated by the large empty room and high glass ceilings. The black crystal walls glistened due to the bright lights of the chandlers, this was a nice club that's for sure. She hadn't even noticed someone sitting at the empty bar on a bar stool, his back was to her but Angel saw the muscles, the long arms, and the tattoos that covered them. His black hair was pulled in a low back ponytail, he wore a white muscle shirt, and she didn't realize she gasped until he turned to face her. Not expecting anyone, he held the cigarette in midair as he blew out a cloud of smoke. Angel just felt her feet slowly moving towards him.

"Sorry, I was just looking for the bathroom", she didn't know why she felt hot all of a sudden, his grey eyes, they cut like steel at her, he looked as if he were angry at her. He has pale white skin, jet black hair, his nose was slightly crooked and he had a chiseled jaw but his eyes were hardened as he looked at her.

"Fuck is this some kind of joke. Who sent you up here", his voice deep and low, his words were like ice and Angel had to take a step back, he frightened her.

Angel felt her breath leave her, she didn't know why her feelings became hurt. She was on her way to the bathroom and here he was barking at her. She never had someone look at her like this, as if he is disgusted by her. She started to feel self-conscious, her dress was too tight and too short.

"I'm just looking for the bathroom, do you know where it is", why couldn't she remember where the bouncer told her the bathroom is.

"Do I look like I fucking know", he took his eyes off her and continued to smoke. Angel quickly walked towards the end of the floor to a narrow hallway, finding the ladies' bathroom she quickly got inside and closed the door bracing her back against the door as if it would hold her up. Her knees felt shaky, her breathing became harsh and she couldn't understand why. That stranger had managed to make her feel so small in that short amount of time. 

"What is wrong with me", Angel walked to the bathroom mirror and tried to point out imperfections about her facial features, and just as quickly as she thought of those imperfections she shook her head as she took off the denim jacket to use the bathroom. Once she finished she shook her head at the vibration coming from her small cross body black purse.

"What the hell is taking you so long", Brittany's voice could be heard blasting through Angel's cell phone.

"I'll be there in a sec, sorry I was putting water in my hair to revive it", Angel lied as she stared at her reflection.

"Oh, okay well hurry up Fylth is up next", Brittany seemed to calm down at that. Angel hung up the phone quickly stuffing it in her purse and made her way out the bathroom, to her relief the mysterious jerk was gone.


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Chapter 4:The Party Continues by Fictionary

Chapter 4

Welcome to the Other Side


"Finally and yes to the ditch of the jacket", Angel hadn't realized she had her denim jacket in her hand, leaving her shoulders bare and her petite figure now on full display.

"Let's just get this over with", Angel sighed but tried to pretend she's alright. That encounter with the stranger had shaken her up.

As the girls made their way into the crowd Brittany attempted to push pass until they were close up to the stage, that's when Angel spotted the mysterious jerk with a guitar across his chest. He locked eyes with her for a split second but she quickly looked away, the guy speaking into the microphone introduced himself as Asher he had a British accent spike short white hair and a thick mustache. Angel found herself putting in the earplugs Brittany had given her. Once the band started to play she got her joy out of watching her friend jump up and down out of excitement, she tried not to make eye contact with the stranger but found herself glued to him. His eyes often meeting hers before he would look away as if he was pissed off with her.

Right before the end of the band's last song of the night Angel and Brittany were given a tap on the shoulder by a short white male with glasses on, he whispered something to Brittany and Brittany grabbed Angel's hands while wearing the biggest smile on her face. Angel noticed twenty other women waiting at the staircase as the crowd continuing to jam out to the band's music. Angel became almost uncomfortable once she realized she was the only black girl amongst the group but relaxed when she saw a brown woman who held her head high, she looked like some kind of supermodel. Angel also noticed the ones with the highest heels and she wondered how their feet not hurt.

"What are we doing?" Angel whispered to Brittany.

"The bouncer kept his word, remember backstage passes before you went to the ladies' room. Son of a bitch kept his word. We're going to meet Fylth", Angel became sick but decided to suck it up so Brittany can get a photo and they could leave. Angel followed Brittany and the rest of the ladies upstairs, their phones were taken and they all sighed a piece of paper, she hesitated but noted a few girls squealing in excitement. They were told they could follow the party bus to the mansion if they drove themselves or they were welcome to ride on the bus. Most girls were for the bus and Angel had convinced Brittany to let her drive. If she had decided she wanted to go home she could and besides the lady who took up their phones had their phones safely tucked in a bucket that she promised to give back when the girls were done partying. Once at the mansion, Angel could not believe her eyes, she always saw mansions in the magazines but the real thing was exceptional. The drive to this place was sure long, Angel was thankful she put a tank full of gas in her car. If she thought the long drive around the driveway that held a water fountain was a sight for sore eyes, the inside of the home did it justice. She was gawking as soon as they entered through the glass stained double doors.

"Sweetie you look like you have never been anywhere", a blonde who had on too much makeup and a black skin-tight dress laughed as she walked past Angel.

"Bitch", Brittany was about to make a scene until Angel pulled her closer.

"Alright ladies welcome to my home, you have one rule. It's the most important rule. What happens behind these walls, stays behind these walls. Do I make myself clear", the woman who had their phones hostage announced? She had pink full lips, fiery red romanced curled hair, and rocked the hell out of her red pantsuit.

A few yes's quickly went around.

"Now Fylth should be arriving shortly but ladies please enjoy the refreshments in the kitchen, I have a bikini shop right next to the pool house, just check out for free under the name Rosa. Fresh towels, some food is being prepared on the grill. Have a great time, you can call me Mama Rose. If you ladies need me for anything please, I'll be in my chambers on the second floor." Rose excused herself.

"Brittany I thought we were going to just take a picture and leave", Angel didn't want to be a downer but she did not expect to party all night especially not with that jerk she ran into earlier.

"I do but we work way too much and this is something we can laugh at after. This is much better than those college parties, this is fucking insane", Brittany squealed as she grabbed ahold of Angel's arms.

"Okay, okay you're right", Angel admitted as she took in each room as they made their way into the backyard which was a huge ass compound, waiters in white suit jackets and tailored black pants holding champagne or red wine.

"Do you want to go to the swim shop, maybe put our feet in the pool", Brittany was pulling Angel along. Angel's eyes were going from shop to shop, she then realized that little homes were also placed between the shops surrounding the pool which sat in the middle of all this. This was no ordinary mansion, this was a compound of beauty.

"This is not normal, she must be a damn billionaire to afford this. That was a restaurant in the backyard of her fucking house", Angel was in shock.

"This is the life", Brittany too admired this masterpiece. Once they reached the inside of the shop, it looked like a fancy beach house gift shop. She managed to find a hot pink glitter swimsuit and Angel found a lime green bikini with a lime green fishnet dress.

"I bought this bag if you want to put your clothes in here with mine okay", Brittany had bought a beach bag so the two wouldn't have to hold onto their clothes.

"Thanks", Angel wish she had Brittany's confidence, she didn't bother to buy a cover-up, to be honest, she hadn't seen any of the other girls with a cover-up.

"I wish you wouldn't be so self-conscious, you look great Angel. Now let's go see what kind of food they have in that house, I wonder if the guys made it in yet"

Once the two reached the inside of the house, they heard male voices and of course a few women were all over the guys. Angel noticed she didn't see the jerk she had met earlier maybe he wasn't here after all. A part of her felt relieved that she didn't have the horror of running into him again.

"Let's get this party started then!" the guy with chin-length brown hair yelled as he threw his hands in the air.

The one who introduced himself as Asher winked at Angel who blushed, Brittany, caught that wink and smiled at her friend who didn't know thee Asher just gave her the signature "I want you" wink.

"He likes you", Brittany whispered.

"Nothing serious", Angel blushed but she was thankful her skin was bronze due to him making his way across the kitchen to her and Brittany.

"My, my, my. Isn't this my lucky day. You are exquisite", he approached her and held his hand up as if asking for hers just as she was about to hand him her hand she became startled by the cheering from the curly shirt haired vocalist. He came in naked from head to toe and challenged Asher to a "cannonball which leads the kitchen to become empty.

"I got to go see this, you coming", Brittany asked Angel.

"I'll be out in a sec, I'm going to munch on some sweets. I'll be fine", Angel reassured her friend as she looked around the massive kitchen which was now empty except all the sweets and liquid beverages on the island that sat in the middle. Angel was able to see some of the action from inside, she laughed softly as she saw four of the guys showing off for the women who surrounded the pool, she even saw Brittany talking to some other girl as they pointed at the guys.

She stilled saw no signs of the guy who she had run into earlier, looking at the platter of chocolate-covered strawberry's she decided to lean on the part of the island as she ate the candied fruit, looking outside as she ate in silence. She didn't know she was being watched until she heard the footsteps, they weren't hard but she felt the presence of someone.


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Chapter 5:Nice to Meet You by Fictionary

Chapter 5


"You're not going to join the fun out there", it was the short guy who whispered in Brittany's ear in the club and next thing she noticed they were here at this after-party.

"Oh, ummm yeah. I just couldn't resist these", Angel held the held gone strawberry up.

"The very best berries my wife could find", he said that statement proudly.

Angel put two and two together, the redhead must be his wife. "Rose is your wife, thank you. Your home is beautiful", Angel found herself thanking him as she looked around the kitchen in appreciation.

He chuckled. "The pleasure is all ours. This is one of the homes we own. We come here when we want to relax when the guys are all tired from working then getting back on the road. Hotels are a bit cramped at times no matter how nice they are. There's something about spending a good night rest at the privacy of your own home", he sat on the opposite side of the island. Keeping distance between him and Angel.

"I'm Angel", she didn't know what else to say.

"Pleasure to meet ya, darling, the name's Jimmy", he nodded as he placed his hands inside his pant pocket.

"Nice to meet you Jimmy", Angel gave him a big smile then offered him a strawberry.

"Oh no thank you, darling, I must watch my figure. Let me get out here and see what they are getting into", Jimmy excused himself as he went out the opened double glass doors of the kitchen. Angel had herself another strawberry and then decided to explore the home, which she soon realized had an elevator on the first floor by the bathroom downstairs. It probably was rude of her to snoop but this home was too beautiful for her to not explore, she decided to use the elevator and noticed this house has a basement and three floors above it. She remembered that Rose stated that she was on the second floor but she didn't want her knowing she was snooping in her house, she just wanted a tour. Crazy how everybody else wanted to party and she wanted to study the design of this beautiful home. She pressed the third floor and regretted it after the fact. Once the steel doors opened she was taken aback by the marble floors and black stone walls lit with rectangle lights. Angel noticed that there were 6 rooms with the doors all shut and what looked like a key card pass to enter.

"Strange", she thought to herself but she didn't know how the rich people's doorknobs work. She walked down the hallway further and she thought she heard someone coming up the staircase that sat in the middle of the hallway. She turned the corner and noticed a door just around the corner, she cursed at herself for being so snoopy and now she was probably going to get her and Britt thrown out of the party of their lifetime. She noticed this silver steel door also had a key pass as well except it was slightly ajar. Her breath became caught in the back of her throat as she took in the all-marble black walls dark cherry hardwood floors and a huge mirrored glass ceiling, the bed look costumed made in black silk sheets, the entire wall to the right held silk black curtains across the length of the wall. She heard the shower running and a light was on with steam coming from under the door that was just around what looked to be a corner, possibly the bathroom. She also heard footsteps coming from outside the bedroom most likely in the hallway, Angel started to panic and hoped that she was able to fix under this bed because she immediately dashed the floors. She was thankful that the bed sat high as she pulled the silk black bed curtain and made her way under the bed her breast crushing against the cold hardwood, holding her hands to her mouth to stay quiet.

"Mr. Aiden, type O as you requested", a males thick voice could be heard as he knocked twice on the door and she heard his footsteps descending back down the hallway. After a few minutes she heard the bathroom door open and footsteps walking around the room. She had made sure to pull the silky bed skirt back down so she was in the complete darkness under the bed. She heard a low mumble and the opening of the door and the close of the door and feet walking but then stopping. Holding her breath she tried to not move not even breathing but she didn't know that he smelled her once she entered his room.

"Are you going to continue to hide under there", his voice was so sinning, and it was low and menacing. The voice of the black-haired stranger who had already hurt her feelings once today.

Cursing herself out in her head Angel decided since she was caught to make her presence known, out of all the doors she possibly could walk into, she walked straight to the Devil himself.     

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Chapter 6:Temp me,Tease Me, Trick Me by Fictionary

Chapter 6

Surprise Me


Crawling from underneath the bed, she had to make adjustments to her swim top and the cover-up as it barely made it to her knees but now it was bunched. She was thankful she was facing a wall and she couldn't see him towards her left but she felt him across the other side of the bed. Turning around to give him a nervous smile as she placed her hands in her curly mess she turned to meet the cold grey eyes that were glaring at her. She could not believe how beautiful he is and so fucking tall. His long black hair was dripping wet, pieces framing his face down to his muscled chest. His arms, chest completely covered in tattoos. He was naked from the top but had a white towel covering his bottom half. She was getting heat flashes again, and she knew she had to explain her self so she won't get Brittany kicked out.

"I'm sorry. I was ummm, I was", she had to look away as she held onto her arms as she crossed them across her chest.

"Look at me when you speak", he asked more like commanded and just like that this little spell was broken, Angel scrunched her eyebrows and stood her ground as she pointed at him.

"Wow you are an asshole! You don't have to treat a lady like shit you know", who did he think he was talking too.

"The way you are dressed I wouldn't have taken you as a lady", the statement caused Angel's blood to run cold, he had caught her off guard with that remark. She felt tears forming in her eyes but she kept them held back, she couldn't let him see that he had got to her once again in the same night.

"Fuck you, I don't have to explain myself", she made her way to his door, not making eye contact. She attempted to pull the door but it wouldn't open no matter how much force she tried, feeling all the rejection she placed her forehead on the door and let out a huff. She didn't want to be in the same air as him.

"Can you let me out", she asked never removing her forehead off the door, never looking at him.

"Maybe. When I'm ready", he sighed as he walked back into to his bathroom.

At that Angel snapped her head back, ready to give him a fucking piece of her mind but he wasn't in his bedroom anymore but she heard the water running in the bathroom. So as curious as she is, she followed the sound. She was unprepared at the sight of the bathroom, the interior of these walls were completely black with crystal cave-like walls, dark cherry hardwood floors, and massive shower as she looked further down the bathroom and a cave-like tub that looked more like a mini pool connected. The ceilings were completely windowed giving the view of the starlight sky.

"Oh my god", she whispered. Before she could finish her sentence, he was standing right in front of her. He was looking down at her, into her dark brown almond eyes in curiosity and something else lingered into those eyes. He's standing so close she was sure he could hear the rhythm of her heart beating rapidly. She was scared yet she felt calm, even a little safe with him.

"You don't have to go", he said the words very slowly as his arms came around to her, resting on her waist holding her up. She could have sworn his grey eyes flashed a golden yellow but it happened so quickly that she wasn't sure it had even changed.

"I don't have to go", she asked as she repeated. She became so unsure of what she was even saying, she felt like she was in a trance, under a hypnotic spell.

"No, you don't", he said the last part with a bit of hesitation.

"No, I don't", she questioned to which he looked away from her abruptly and even removing his arms from the small of her back.

"I apologize", he didn't look at her as he gripped the edges of the sink counter, his veins visible and she heard an audible crack and a small line unforeseen to her did form in the black and white marbled countertop. He cursed to himself as he took deep breaths, he knew he was on the verge of losing control. In frustration he moved his wet hair out of this face slicking it back.

Angel now breathing heavily due to the emotions she could not describe like the butterflies in the pit of her stomach, continued to star at him in shock. It was as if he was in her head controlling her thoughts. Yet, she craved for him to hold her again, it was as if her insides were raging, her hormones now out of place. Since he had placed his arms around her, that first contact left her wanting more of that feeling. She wanted to wrap in those strong arms, she never was surer of anything in her life. She felt herself pulling the edges of her swim cover-up up her thighs, never looking away from him as she did so. Once she pulled the entire cover-up off her body, she watch him turn towards her, facing her but he froze. His eyes only remained fixed on hers, he didn't dare look past those eyes. She just didn't know she was in the grasp of danger.

"What are you doing", his voice sounded more like a low growl, much hoarser.

"I don't know. This just feels right", she whispered as she threw the mesh green cover-up on the floor.

"Mine", she heard his voice in her head which caused her to jump in shock but it was more animalistic. His eyes were glued to her as he took a step closer to her, trying to close the distance between them. Gasping as he picked her up, her legs wrapping around his waist holding onto him for dear life, his towel somehow falling to the floor and she felt him, every inch of him. He never took his eyes off of hers, searching them, she was sure she heard a low growl coming from his chest.

"Why are you so rude to me", she whispered as she stared into his eyes.

"Let's not talk about it", he whispered back as he moved his hips as if he couldn't get any harder. She felt herself getting more wetter at the feel of his length as he pulled her to him, she didn't even realize that they were back into the bedroom until he had laid her gently on the bed. Staring up at him, Angel felt like she was in a dream state, she couldn't explain the feeling he gave her. Was this lust? If so, she loved every part of it. Sitting up with her elbows supporting her, she reached behind her to untie her lime green bathing top tossing it behind her. She held her breast in her palms as she looked up at him, how strange the events have turned. Here she is half-naked in some rock stars bed, the prior encounter long was forgotten.

"There is no going back after this", he wanted her to understand what she was getting herself into. He was usually never one for many words before fucking but he knew she was not just anyone. She, however, did not understand the effects she is feeling and he would deal with those feelings afterward. Even if she would hate him, he would spend eternity making it up to her somehow, if she survives the night. He knew before she entered the second floor at that fucking club, he had smelled her. A feeling that he had only read about in the printed articles Jimmy had given him. Information Jimmy had to call many people to find, years and years of information about who Aiden really is. Aiden did not want to accept his faith, he didn't want to be attached but he knew it would happen. Centuries of being alone, he had gotten used to life just as it was. However, his other half wanted what was rightly his. His wolf wanted his mate, his vampire half wanted her blood and wanted her dead. Satan must have it out for him, gifting him a human as a mate. He could kill her unintentionally.

"I don't care", she whispered.

Aiden carefully touched her face, caressing it as she eagerly nestled into his large hand. Slowly removing his hand from her face he allowed his hands to travel down to her breast which she still cradled. He felt jealous as he forced her hands away much to her small giggle. Soft, plump, heavy, they looked perfect. Feeling his mouth becoming dry he eagerly latched on to one sucking, pulling and biting her nipples. She is the perfect blend of caramel, honey, and these chocolate buds. He hadn't realized he nipped her a little too hard until she softly cried out, the scent of her blood filled his room. He has been a little too rough with her but it seemed he had only made her more aroused. The scent of her arousal much stronger than he was prepared for. These sound and scent proof bedrooms Rose had for each bedroom was necessary at times such as these, Rose would often fuss that she didn't want to smell the blood of "whores". Rose is a vampire as well as Jimmy along with his brothers Evan, Asher, Jamie, and John yet Aiden is the only hybrid. A combination Jimmy has yet to fully understand due to Aiden being the only living hybrid known, the two were sworn enemies and Aiden didn't know anything about his birth parents.

"You bit me", she asked, confused as she watched as he licked and suckled as much blood as he could get from the tiny wound.

He hushed her with a kiss on her lips, he had been waiting to kiss these full lips since she pouted at his treatment of her at the club. He would explain later, if he was able. She tried to give him soft kisses but he wanted her to be more aggressive with him, showing her how to fight tongue with tongue. She was too small compared to him, he knew if they'd have sex he would lose control but he would try to remain patient.

"Turn over", he ordered a bit aggressive, his voice husky, to which she obeyed but jumped when he smacked her ass a little too hard causing her to whimper. She decided to move up the headboard and away from him, teasing slightly. She wanted him fully on this bed, surely he could make room. This bed covered most of the room. Angel looked above to the ceiling mirror, admiring the state she was in. She felt weightless, she felt the most free she had in many months. Laying back onto the plush pillows that where covered in silk cases, her curly hair fanned across its luxury.

"Aiden, you have to let her out", just like that the world he knew stopped, and Jimmy stood on the other side of the bedroom door. Standing in the hallway, Aiden knew he would have to face reality no matter how badly he wanted to hold onto her now that she was alone with him. There is so much he wants to explain to her carefully but no matter how careful he plans, she is not a part of his world but she is his world even if she doesn't know it yet. A human has no place in the arms of a beast, he knew that but when he had her scent of her scent and his wolf became agitated, so did he.

"I can't do that just yet Jim, I can't do that", Aiden said as he never took his eyes off the brown beauty that lay in the middle of his bed. He had hoped that he could start the process without anyone noticing she was gone, once she entered his bedroom she had made a choice for them unknowingly. Here she lay, her almond shaped eyed casted low due to her daze state, and he had put her in this state with compelling her. He didn't mean to be so rude to her but he just could not handle the situation she had put them both in. He now had a weakness.

"You know you possibly may kill her if you go through with this. I don't know what you are going through and I understand that if I'm forced to enter, I will have to put you down. Think this through carefully. Do not do this tonight", Jimmy's father like voice did hold great concern however Aiden was focused on the woman who lay silently, he wasn't sure if she could even hear Jimmy or anything.

Aiden had to look away from her as he responded to Jimmy, he would have to find some way to keep her within arm's length for now.

"Alright, fuck. I won't do it, I'll send her away. Give me a couple minutes", Aiden now sounding agitated as he walked around the bed and to the bathroom, slightly closing the door. He had to finish himself off, fucking blue balls are a pain.

Angel stared at herself in the mirror above her, taking in the state she is in, naked from the top down. She smirked as she undid her bikini bottoms, she didn't know what she was doing but some part of her wanted to do this. After what felt like forever, Aiden reemerged from the bathroom now in a pair of black pants covering his bottom half. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he noticed Angel waiting for him to finish what they had started a little tango between them would have to wait.

"Look at me", he commanded her to look into his eyes and in her daze she obeyed yet hesitated.

"Okay", she was sounding unsure.

"I want you to leave this room and forget that this happened. Get dressed and go back downstairs", he bit the words out, making himself sound much more threatening than he had wanted too. Once the message registered to her, he watched as a look of confusion and shock took over her facial expressions as she reached behind her to grab his pillow, covering herself while glaring at him as she made eye contact.

"What the fuck did you give me", her little voice was shaking.

"You can leave, your dress is on the counter in the bathroom", he didn't answer her question only made his way towards the bedroom door.

"Wait, did we?" she was scared for his answer, biting her lip and looking away from him.

"No. You have nothing to worry about. You would know if I had you, that I can guarantee sweetheart", he was so cocky and full of himself that it annoyed Angel. He clicked a few buttons on the lock pad on his bedroom door that appeared to be touch screen. Then a soft click singling of the door being unlocked.

"Wait don't open it yet, someone may see me", she tried to bury herself future into the bed hiding herself.

"There's no one out here, Jimmy's gone. Get dressed, close the door when you leave", he was gone just like that. Angel let out a breath she had been holding when he left.

"What the hell", she said as she scratched her scalp and looked into the ceiling mirror.


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Chapter 7:Lucid by Fictionary

Chapter 7:Lucid

"Angel, I was getting so worried! Where have you been", Brittany held a red cup in her hand as she spotted Angel coming from the hallway. Angel had gotten dressed, fixed her hair by adding more water so no one would look at her differently. Once she made it to the first floor where the party is she had to count to twenty a couple of times, she did not remember anything beyond getting from under the bed upstairs to finding herself naked on a strangers bed.

"Exploring", Angel gave Brittany a close smile as she looked around the room and noticed everyone mostly was outside, all the guys were with majority of the girls.

"I should have gone with you, this place is beyond beautiful. Do you want a drink", Brittany asked as she pulled her friend down the hallway that led to the kitchen. Angel remembered eating strawberries there and meeting Jimmy.

"No, no drink. I'm fine", she wondered if the strawberries contained alcohol of any kind because she had to have a blackout for her not to remember anything. Brittany then convinced Angel to join everyone outside by the pool, Asher spotted the girls returning. He was in a float with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. The guy with the lip ring and short curly black hair was making out with one of the girls on the far side of the pool. The guy with the chin length brown hair offered Angel and Brittany some small cup of jello which Angel declined but Brittany did not.

"Hey you want to head out in about any hour", Angel asked Brittany in her ear to which Brittany agreed to. This party was becoming a little too long in Angel's eyes.

"There you are", a deep voice said in a sing along voice, it was the guy with the long blonde hair. He had a tattooed arm sleeved and a nose ring, he was a bit shorter than the guys.

"Oh hey, Angel this is John super funny guy. John this is my friend Angel, she went missing on me for a second", Brittany introduced the two.

"Well shit we thought you left the party, glad you stuck around. Mind if I steal your friend", John seemed very jumpy as he talked, Angel remained polite but thought that he was too jittery.

Angel nodded and watch Brittany go back towards the house with John. Angel decided to put her feet in the pool keeping distance from the other girls.

"Mind if I join you", a males voice coming next to her causing her to look up into a pair of green eyes, it was the guy with the chin length brown blondish hair. He wore didn't have on a shirt but wore red swim trucks, one of his legs covered in tattoos and so were both his arms, his chest free of the ink only a thin line of brown hair on his chest. He was one of the singers, Angel had heard him sing before putting her ears plugs back into her ears, the instruments became too much for her.

"I don't mind", she made sure to keep a little distance between them as he took a seat next to her, placing his feet in the pool as well.

"I'm Jamie", Angel gave him a small smile.

"Angel. You have a great voice", she thought it was best to at least strike up a conversation with him about something instead of sitting in awkward silence.

"Pretty name for a pretty lady", he smiled showing two dimples, kind to think of it each of the men were very attractive. No blemishes on their faces, Jamie did however have a unique mustache that reminded her of a bow tie.

"So where are you guys headed next", Angel said as she stared into the pool, rolling her eyes as she saw two of the girls take their tops off and Asher falling into the pool.

"Ohio", Jamie said as he smiled and then cheered his friend on.

"Wow, so how did you guys enjoy your stay here"

"It was okay for a little while till we got banned from the fucking hotel. Nice that we can always fall back at a place practically home", Jamie kicked his feet in the water.

"You guys must party hard", Angel poked her lips, a habit she did when she questioned something.

"No actually we don't party enough. Sometimes. It's always work, image and a shit ton of rules but fuck the rules"

"So how did you meet the guys", she couldn't believe she was actually enjoying talking to Jamie, he seemed not bad.

"We're brothers. Asher right there is the youngest, I'm before him, Evan over there is before me, John is before him and Aiden is the oldest"

"Asher seems pretty nice but why does he have an accent and the other of you don't", Angel questioned know being her nosey self.

"Ah yes", Jamie seemed to laugh at Angel's question to which she gave him a glare.

"Sorry if I'm being nosey it's just interesting"

"Asher's was born in London, grew up in London. We have the same father but different mothers", Jamie said as moved his feet in the water.

"Oh that's cool, have any of you visited London before", Angel now was interested.

"Oh yes all the time, fucking love it there. We have another home there", Jamie said.

"So cool", Angel smiled, like really smiled, showing off her dimples.

"She has dimples, nice." Jamie said causing her to stop smiling.

"Oh thank you", Angel said looking away.

"Have you met all the guys yet", Jamie asked now fully facing Angel.

"Oh, uh I've met Asher, you, I have not met Evan but he's been making out since I've been back here, I just met John. I think I met Aiden and I did meet Jimmy", then Angel remembered the stranger from the club, the stranger from the third floor. She didn't get his name but he must have had to be Aiden, she honestly couldn't remember a thing about being up there. He had said that they didn't have sex but she was naked and her left nipple felt sore and he was not wearing his shirt. She had believed him due to not feeling any soreness but she would know for sure in the morning, right?

"Aiden's probably off writing a song now, I haven't seen him since we made it. He's a lone wolf", Jamie said.

"Well it was nice talking to you. I need to find my friend, we're leaving soon"

"At this hour", Jamie's eyes bout bugged from their sockets.

"It's no big deal, I drive home from work at night all the time. I followed the bus up there"

"Surely leave once its daylight, I wouldn't be a good host to allow two women to travel at this hour. A lot of freaky motherfuckers out there"

"We can't", Angel said softly, images of her in that bed clutching the pillow still vivid freshly in her mind.

"Please, be our guest", he was now looking into her eyes intensely but she closed her eyes and looked away.

"Well where would we sleep", Angel did not feel like driving, she was actually pretty sleepy.

"There a rooms everywhere, all you have to do is really pick", Jamie said as he stood.

Angel then stood, and regretted her height. She is only five feet tall, were all of them so tall?

"Okay, well let me go find Brittany and tell her we're staying"

"Do you want me to come with, you can get lost around here", Jamie asked.

"No thanks, I'll be fine", he just didn't know that her snooping is what caused her to wake up naked in his brothers bed.

Angel decided to venture off inside the main house, walking down the mahogany hallways, she wondered just where in the hell was Brittany. When she walked further down the hall she noticed a purple neon light reflecting on the walls, the light was coming from inside a room with the door creaked open. Angel held her breath as she took in the scene. Two girls making out on a black leather sofa, one of them she recognized as the blonde who chastised her earlier. Three other woman on the floor having sex, their moaning a bit much. There was smoke that filled the air and she saw Aiden, sitting on the couch beside the women bending his head on the wide glass table and by the long sniff she knew he was not admiring the glass table.

"I think she wants to join", the brunette who was making out with the blonde noticed Angel standing in the door way. A smirk on her face before she locked her lips as she looked at Angel.

"I wonder what she tastes like", the blonde said after she looked over her shoulder, giving Angel an eye wink.

Aiden, after doing 4 short lines raised his head, eyes closed as he sat back into the leather couch, he is still shirtless but his pants are unzipped. Angel watched as the blonde eagerly made her way to Aiden to unbutton his pants and he did nothing to stop her, he just rested his head against the couch. Angel gasped as the blonde freed Aiden's cock, running her red manicured finger up and down. Her hand not even fully around, he was thick and long. The brunette began playing with the ass of the Blondes whose face were focused on Aiden's cock. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. Her eyes big as she tried to adjust her lips around Aiden's cock, her gagging noises are what caused Angel to move away from the door. She ran away from the door almost tripping on her bare feet, holding onto the walls to catch her breath. She had never seen such an erotic scene, she didn't even watch porn but she was sure that's what porn looked like. Angel isn't a virgin, she lost her virginity to Tom Howard, which made her feel like shit since he only wanted to see could he nail a black chick. She was sixteen and that was the first and last time she had sex.

"Hey, what's wrong", Jamie was now in front of her, she didn't realize she stumbled into the kitchen. She didn't realize she was crying, why was she crying?!

"I, I, I got lost", she lied but she didn't know what else to say. Jamie pulled her into a hug as she cried into his chest. He didn't know what to do about her crying, he just knew to comfort her as she cried into his chest.

"Oh shit", John who was smiling ear to ear said as he and Brittany walked into the kitchen they had been laughing and talking about the game they had just played on John's Xbox.

"Angel oh my God! What did you do", Brittany pulled Angel around and glared at Jamie who held up his hands in defense.

"She got lost, I ran into her here I swear"

"He didn't do anything, I was just panicking. Yes", Angel got herself together as Brittany held her shoulders.

"Good I didn't want to have to kick his ass. You ready to go", Brittany asked.

"No, we can stay. It's too late to drive but I'm going to go to sleep. Go have fun, I'm fine. Jamie about that room", Angel said as she wiped away her running mascara, she was sure her false lashes where coming off.

"We're sleeping in the same room so whatever room she's in, let me know so I can know. Okay Jamie", Brittany make sure to give Jamie daggers.

"Of course", Jamie said.

"I'm such a baby. I'm sorry for all of this", Angel said as she pulled her hair back away from her face.

"It's alright, you're safe with me", Jamie smiled.

"So where is my room?"

Jamie smiled and led Angel up the stairs to the second floor, she had wished he used the elevator instead. They stood in front of the bedroom closet to the stairs, Jamie put in the codes and once he adjusted the light switch Angel could hardly believe the room. The walls were cream the ceiling held a mural of angels floating on clods with a heart instrument, eight arch gold trimmed windows showing the view of the backyards compound, a large cream tufted Victorian styled bed with cream silk bedsheets and a load of pillows, two cream chair at the foot of the bed and a lite fireplace across from the bed.

"Enjoy your night. You can adjust the temper if you'd like, it must be freezing in here", Angel jumped at Jamie's voice, she was so into the visual of the bedroom that she forgot he was even there.

"Wow this is so nice"

"Alright then"

Angel noticed that Jamie was leaving. "Jamie, thank you", she smiled. Jamie soon left her alone, alone in a mega suite and her lost in her thoughts. Why would he want to do that, drugs and with them. She guessed this what being a rock star is all about but what did she know. She felt foolish, why did she feel so heartbroken over what a stranger did. Why did she feel this pain in her chest, the image of that woman, his head thrown back against the couch? They are from two different worlds, she was silly to even think otherwise. Angel pulled back the sheets and curled in a fetal position into the center of the bed, sleep soon taking over her body. This was one hell of a night.


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Chapter 8:Woman's worth by Fictionary

Chapter 8:Woman's Worth

"I want to be with you", Angel pleaded but he kept walking.

"It will never work. This is the real world sweetheart. Stop acting like a fucking child Angel for once stop needing me", he had turned away from her, walking away from her.

"I want you, there's a complete difference Aiden. Aiden. Aiden!"

Angel shot straight up in the bed gasping for air. Looking around the bedroom, proved last night was not a dream. The curtains were closed shut, Brittany lay to her right snuggled still in dreamland. Angel still had on her mesh swim cover-up and bathing suit, she didn't know what time it was until she looked at the clock on the wall. The clock on the mirrored nightstand read six forty-five in the morning, the perfect time to head out. Looks like she and Brittany were going to be doing the walk of shame, this was the perfect time to be thankful she had her place. Angel tiptoed out of the bed, trying to be careful not to wake Brittany.

"Hey there's a T-Shirt and sweats on the countersink in the bathroom, I figured you would be most comfortable when you woke up", Brittany mumbled in a groggy voice. Angel hadn't been as quiet as she tried to be.

"Thanks", Angel whispered as she tiptoed to the slightly opened door of the bathroom. Brittany shifted in the bed and turned back around.

Angel spotted the T-shirts and sweats before she glanced in the mirror. She had to get this makeup and torn up lashes off her face, she became cringed at the sight of herself. Her mascara had run and dried on her eyes, her false lashes were hanging by stands, her foundation makeup slightly smeared, her natural kinky curls were frizzy and needed a nice twist out. She looked at the grand clear glass door of the massive shower and wished she could take a shower but she just didn't feel too comfortable taking a shower at someone else's home. Especially when she had just met the host the previous night before. Discharging her false lashes in the trash, she decided that just maybe there was some type of body soap she could wash her face with to get this gunk off of her face, and in the cabinets, she found feminine body washes, facial washes, loofas, and scrubs. She was puzzled as to why all of this stuff was under the sink but maybe they had guests all the time. Grabbing an unopened facial wash, Angel eagerly ran the water warm and opened the new facial wash to scrub the mess off of her face. After cleansing her face and putting the t-shirt and sweatpants over her swimsuit, Angel decided to go wake Brittany so the two can head on the road.

"Yes sorry, I'll be in later David", Angel heard Brittany's sleep-filled voice as she spoke into her cell phone.

"You got our phones back", Angel was more concerned at the fact that Brittany had her phone than Brittany talking to their boss. Rose had taken them up last night.

"Yeah, they just brought them when you were in the bathroom. You look good, I need your clear skin", Brittany sat up in the bed, her back resting on the headboard. Her blonde hair was in a messy top bun.

"Oh, okay. Are you ready to hit the road, get back to real life yet", Angel was ready to get into her bed, and looking forward to work?

"Yes, I think the guys are already gone. John said they were leaving hella early", Brittany said.

"Hmm. Well, this is certainly a story we can look back and laugh about", Angel said as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"Hell yes it is, shit was one hell of a night", Brittany said before she chuckled.

Just as Brittany had said, the guys were gone when they had gotten out their rooms. Most of the girls were in the center of the foyer some talking, some exchanging numbers and some just standing when Brittany and Angel were making their way down the stairs. Rose stood at the large front doors next to two male servants who were dressed in tailored suits. She sore a cheetah print robe and her red hair are curled to perfection, her face free of any makeup. She truly is stunning.

"Well ladies, it has been a pleasure to meet you all. Have a safe trip home, thank you all for being so lovely", Rose said as she bided some of the ladies farewells, most were catching a ride back on the bus in which they had come.

"Thank you so much for your hospitality", Brittany said to Rose as she and Angel made their way out the door.

"The pleasure was all mine. You two be safe on the road home now. Don't go looking for trouble", Rose smiled but her last words were directed to Angel seeing her eyes lingered on her for a moment, a smile still on her face.

Once the ladies were all settled in the car, Angel didn't hesitate to push her foot to the gas. She wanted to get back to her life, as boring or simple as it may be to most. She normally didn't like to go out to the clubs but she would go if she was with Brittany, she knew they'd have each other's back. Brittany and Angel hadn't been separated since meeting their freshman year of college, they just clicked. Sometimes they felt more like long lost sisters than best friends and for that Angel is grateful for. Angel is the only child, the apple of her parent's eye. Her mother had three miscarriages before Angel was conceived, her mother is the true definition of a warrior. She had hoped to follow her mother's footsteps and choose nursing as her career path however that sunk quickly. Instead, Angel decided to follow her passion in journalism, something her father Angelo didn't see a career in. He always critiqued Angel but it was all due in love or a little overbearing. Brittany often would remind Angel, she is a grown woman now and her parents should let her live her own life and that they would love her regardless. Unlike Angel, Brittany is not the only child however she is the only girl, being the second oldest. Brittany always is the "wild card" in her family. While her oldest brother is following in her father's footsteps by going to law school, Brittany is an artist in every sense of the word. Her parents often frowned upon her at times, which is why she rarely visits home. Her mother hasn't worked since Brittany was born, she was a stay at home mom who often drank, shopped, and was arm candy to her husband. A life Brittany did not want for herself. Once the two girls made their way home, Brittany immediately went to her room to get the rest of her sleep until she got ready for her evening shift. Angel made her way to her bedroom, her eyes glowing when she spotted her queen-sized perfectly made blush comforter sheets. She dived into the bed, looking towards her opened curtained windows. Last night felt so unreal, she still wouldn't have believed it until she woke up in sheets that were not hers, a home that is not hers. Wanting a fresh start, Angel decided a much-needed shower is mandatory. As she started to run the water hot, she couldn't help but think of Aiden, she had dreamed of him. It seemed so real, she saw herself in black silk sheets, the mirrored ceiling but she wanted to be there. Then she remembered seeing him snorting, getting sucked off by that woman, and everything became too much for her. Running her hands throw her curly hair in frustration she tightly closed her eyes as she sat on her closed toilet lid and pulled her head to her knees. She wanted to forget about last night yet she wanted to remember these lucid visions. She wanted to relieve a feeling that was unknown to her, she wanted him to look at her in a way that she didn't understand as to why. He was not kind to her like Jamie, he wasn't kind like Jimmy either. The buzzing on her phone had caused her to jolt back into reality, she took a deep sigh and realized she had an unopened text from Brittany about her too going into work with her, the person who was taking her shift called out so she was indeed going in as well. She sent a text of an agreement to Brittany before stripping to the nude and getting into the hot shower. Letting the water run down her back before she put her head under the water, the feeling of the water massaging her roots was soothing her nerves. She blindly reached for her shampoo that sat on the corner of the shower to her right. She would deep condition and slick her hair in a low side ponytail if she was going into work. She and Brittany worked in a clothing store, which often got tiresome due to all of the clothes women left in the dressing rooms. She groaned as she thought about how her shift was going to go.


"I want this entire store spotless tomorrow morning, I don't want clothes left in the back.  Need them steamed and processed for the customers tomorrow morning. Brittany, please put on a smile for the customers today, no arguing", David stood in the center of the circle of girls in the stock room in the back of their clothing store. He was lecturing the evening girls as to how perfect he wanted the store to be. Angel already disliked that they were to be in hair and makeup at all times with an "upscale" dress code if they were going to get a little dirty while working.

"Alright ladies, let's get to it", Alyssa, the manager on the night shift clapped her hands after David had his weekly rant before he left for the day.

"Thank goodness this is over, I cannot stand to hear his mousey ass voice. I can't wait till I quit", a girl mumbled to another associate.

"Well see you on the break", Brittany faked cheered as she walked ahead of Angel.

"Angel, could I speak to you a moment", Alyssa wanted to pull Angel aside before she made it to the door of the main floor.

"Sure", Angel said in a cheerful tone.

"Angel I do love your dress, thank you for always being in the dress code. Your hair. You know how we feel about ponytails", Alyssa said as she clutched the book to her chest.

"I know but I just didn't have time to deal with it", Angel said knowingly.

"That's okay. Hey, maybe you can lose the ponytail, it's too casual"

Angel stared at her questionably and made sure her tone was calm. "It's just hair, I don't get it"

"I know, I know but it'll look less laid back. More upscale without it. You know", Alyssa tried to soften the blow.

"Alright. I'll let my ponytail go but I don't know what my hair has anything to do with my performance"

"I understand, it's just business trust me. Thanks for understanding", Alyssa said before heading into her office.

Angel rolled her eyes as she joined the rest of the team before she took her ponytail out and scrunched her hair. Brittany gave her a knowingly look when she made her way back to the floor.

"Alysa is with the bullshit again", Dana, an associate, said when Angel stood next to her as she arranged some dresses incorrect order.

"Yeah but it's okay. David is aware of her shit", Angel said.

"I hope he knows about her telling Amy, she's too big for that dress she wore last week", Dana said.

"A woman tearing down another woman to build herself up is a self-hater. It's crazy too me"

"For a second I thought you were talking about my mother", Dana said as she shook her head.    

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Chapter 9:Strangers by Fictionary
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Chapter Nine:Strangers


It had been a few weeks since Angel and Brittany went to the rock concert and a few weeks since they had gone to the bands after party. Angel had been having vivid dreams of being in bed, being in the arms of the lead guitarist, she could smell his cologne, feel the slickness from his sweat, skin against skin. His stone-cold eyes, grey and icy like glaziers haunting her, compelling and calling to her. She had woken up in bed gripping her grey cotton sheets, dripping in sweat at the wee hours in the morning. Sometimes at two, sometimes at three. This man was taking over her dreams and sometimes nightmares. How could you be infatuated with someone you just met? How is the thought of him enough to create wetness between her thighs, the rhythm of her heartbeat to become out of sync, the butterflies she felt in the pitch of her stomach? She felt on edge, there was something about her unbalanced, and only cold showers could soothe her. She felt pathetic and a little desperate but she didn't care.

"Hello, earth Angel", Brittany was standing in front of the fridge on the opposite side of the island counter, waving both her arms in the air as if trying to get Angel's attention. Angel sat on the barstool, coffee mug in her hands as she stared into space. She had woken up early on this Saturday morning, needing a cold shower to get Aiden off her mind she didn't realize that after she made her coffee she drifted off into a daydream.

"Oh! Hi Britt", Angel frowned after she took a sip of her now-cold coffee, deciding she'd better set the disappointing mug on the counter in front of her.

"What are you getting into today", Brittany's blonde hair's pulled into a high genie ponytail, her makeup was light, she wore her prescribed glasses and she wore a black leather jacket over her black v neck form-fitting dress. She was dressed to go into the boutique for today, Angel had the entire weekend off. David, their store manager had been on the women since business became booming. They had more clientele once an international singer had spoken of love to go to ‘Carmen' whenever she wanted to be a normal person and find some very good quality clothes. The clothes were nice however the cleanup was brutal, Angel didn't understand how women threw clothes onto the floor instead of placing them back onto the hangers after trying the clothes on.

"A little bit of nothing really", Angel took a big sigh, to try to clear her head.

"Like what", Brittany had grabbed a water bottle from the refrigerator before turning her attention back to Angel who was glaring at the cup of coffee she sat on the countertop.

"I have to run a few errands, oil change and I'm getting my hair to straighten and trim. Just to pamper myself while you are at work", Angel folded her arms across her chest as she poked out her lips, she's thinking about the possibility of adding highlights to her jet black hair.

"I do not want to go, I just want to stay in bed. I am so tired", Brittany groaned.

"It'll be over quick"

Brittany lingered at the countertop for a moment. "I have been thinking of quitting"

Angel was not surprised, although Brittany dressed to impress, she was not a fan of the pencil skirt apparel they are required to wear in the boutique. The fantasy David had of the ladies being "perfect" was always overly expressive.

"Well, what about the bills", Angel tried hard not to be a downer but she had to make sure Brittany was making a rational decision.

"I still have a ton of money saved, it's just I sort of found a new job", Brittany seemed to whisper yet loud enough for Angel to hear.

Angel's arched brows rose in question. "Okay, sort of or have", Angel asked carefully.

"Remember the band, Fylth", Brittany now placed the water bottle onto the countertop, folding her hands.

Angel had a feeling she knew where this is going, her best friend was going to tell her that she got a job working for them somehow, possibly a promoter or something. Angel didn't want to chastise Brittany, even though she was a little shocked at Brittany wanting to leave their job at the boutique, she did see it coming. Brittany is an artist, half the canvas art around their modern chic apartment was created at the hands of Brittany. Which caused her to earn some cash here and there if someone wanted her to paint something but it was not consistent. However, Angel couldn't deny that they have responsibilities to their contract.

"Okay Bri, I support you in anything, I just want to make sure that you are good"

"The band's going to give me a chance to write a few songs and possibly perform with them", Brittany squealed as she broke the news.

Angel knew Brittany could sing, she just preferred to do it alone. "Congrats Bri, that's awesome..." Angel tried not to be a "bitter bug" as she carefully watched her tone, she didn't want to hurt Brittany's feelings.

"But, I hear that coming", Brittany attempted to try to be unaffected. She had a feeling that Angel would be in the middle.

"It's nothing bad, I was just wondering how will you juggle this, it's live. And you don't know them, there I said it you don't know them. How often do they have women write for them and magically they say you can sing with them too. Just be careful"

"I know Angel but this is a way for me to express myself on a deeper level, John has been so fucking cool about this", Brittany's eyes danced as she spoke about John. Angel didn't the red in Brittany's cheeks either.

"You have been talking to John", Angel squealed out in excitement.

Brittany swung her long ponytail. "Yes, just a friendly conversation. He is such an awesome guy, I don't feel like he's trying to ‘try' to impress me you know. He seems very genuine and sweet. Come to find out, he and the guys are brothers. I would have never fucking guess that"

"Yeah, the guy Jamie mentioned that", Angel said nonchalantly. She had been so caught up on Aiden after a small encounter that she completely forgot about Jamie. Jamie had been much kinder, making the nerve jitters ease in a foreign place, his home away from home as he had put it.

"Jamie is cool, much nicer than that Aiden guy", Angel tried to become unaffected after his name rolled off her tongue.

"Yeah, John says he keeps to himself sometimes. He broke up with this super model a few months back. She was stunning, well I'm about to head out. I don't know why I decided to pull an all-day shift, ten freaking hours. My head might explode", Brittany huffed as she grabbed her water bottle from the counter and her keys from the small silver glass table next to their front door.

Angel sat on the barstool a couple of minutes after Brittany had left, looking around their semi-clean apartment. She guesses he would start with tidying up the apartment before she went to get her hair trimmed. Once she had finished over cleaning the apartment to perfection, Angel decided to choose a simple pair of jeans and a white v neck shirt, pairing it with a pair of knock off sneakers she found on a chic online boutique. After getting her car serviced and spending a little more than she had expected to spend, Angel rushed into the parking lot of the salon so she could get her hair straightened. She had hoped she was not too late, she had spent more time than she had wanted to spend at the shop. Of course, she was coerced by the men at the shop other things in her car needed to be serviced. She did not get her hair straightened often but when she did she only wanted Diane Sharks' highly blessed hands in her hair. She had been introduced to Diane from a few girls at her job, she has been her favored stylist since.

"There you are, I started to get ticky", Diane gasped as she placed her hands on her cheeks in surprise. Diane had been standing in the lobby talking to the receptionist, coincidently she was asking the receptionist had she seen Angel come in yet.

"Sorry, car trouble. My troubles, it's so good to see you", Angel gave Diane an air hug and air kisses. Diane wore her signature pink framed glasses, her jet black hair was cut in a chin-length bob, she wore a black polka-dotted green pant, a yellow and black top with yellow ballet flats.

"Come on we must chat. Champagne", Diane offered as she motioned a hand gesture to Jessica, a young nail tech in training. She would also help serve the guest with beverages as they were pampered at their request.

"Maybe a mimosa, I am so tired", Angel sighed as she took a seat at Diane's booth.

"Your curls, so beautiful. Do you want to add a little bit of color, spring is approaching", Diane asked as she looked into the vanity mirror, Angel starting back at her.

Angel scrunched her nose as she thought, she had never had color on her hair as an adult. When she was a teen she died her hair autumn brown and her mother bout popped a vessel.

"I have been thinking about it, not right now. I'll just keep it black and maybe baby steps"

"Very well, so how has life been", Diane asked as she started to finger comb Angels' hair. Angel began talking to Diane about going to her first rock concert, leaving out the after-party. They then began talking about other things going on in the world, celebrity gossip, and other "news". 

Before Angel knew it, Diane was finished after washing, conditioning, blow-drying, flat ironing, and trimming Angel's jet black hair was silky pressed. Angel looked into the vanity mirror satisfied with her hair. She decided to keep it simple by getting a middle part, her hair was now almost to her belly button with layers to frame her face.

"I love it, thanks once again Diane", Angel smiled as ran her fingers through her thick luscious hair. She would enjoy the sleek style these first five days and was sure she'd put it in a slick back ponytail.

"Not a problem at all. I shall be right back", Diane said before leaving to gather a "sample care box", the salon was giving out a mini "hair and nails" care goodie box. Most Diane had said consisted of travel like-sized shampoos, conditioners, snacks, nail polish, eye mask, facial mask, and hair scrunches. They were only handing them out to VIP customers, though Angel did not come to the shop often Diane is fond of her and decided to put up one of the goodie boxes for Angel and Brittany to try them.

"Would you like a glass of wine", Angel heard the hairstylist speaking to the woman who had just taken a seat next to her.

"Yes please, thank you", the woman thanked the hairstylist who went to get the client's beverage. Angel continued to stare at herself in the vanity mirror, admiring her hair until the woman next to her attempted to get her attention.


"You look so familiar, I can't seem to know where from", the woman said as she took off her black shades, settling them in her purse. Angel didn't recognize her at all, she had green eyes, freckles on her nose to her cheeks, and dark brown hair that was in a top bun however a few strays framed her face. 

"Have you shopped at Carmen before", Angel asked as she turned her body slightly to better face the other woman.

"Not in a while, maybe that's where but then I figured I would remember you from there. I just can't remember where I saw you before", the woman tapped her lips as she tried to put a face with a place as to where exactly she knew Angel from. Angel also tried to remember where she had seen the woman before but honestly could not recall as well.

"Alright, here is your gift box darling. Oh, Claudia. Hello." Diane's cheery voice trailed off as she noticed the brunette, Claudia.

"Diane, you don't look a day over 50", Claudia said sarcastically.

"Hmmm. Darling all that Botox and implants must have gone to your damaged little head", Diane kept her voice low and hostile, and these two had some sort of rivalry.

"Okay. Thank you, Diane, I have got to go. See you in about eight months", Angel said as she gathered her box and her cross-body bag as she attempted her escape, she wanted no parts of this catfight.

"It's always a pleasure", Diane bid Angel goodbye as she ushered her to the foyer so she could pay the receptionist. Angel glanced over at the brunette before she made her way out of the store, she was sure she had met her somewhere in passing. She just couldn't shake the uneasy feeling in her stomach, something about the woman sent chills down her spine.

"So, Diane. That girl, she comes to see you often", Diane rolled her eyes as she cleaned her vanity, preparing for her next client. She turned to Claudia, her lips in a small smirk.

"Claudia that is none of your business. None. You need your roots dyed, your true color is showing", Diane made sure her tone was sarcastic and quite annoyed.

"I like it when you're a feisty darling. I'm a patient woman, you know this. If I have to come here every two weeks to get a glimpse of that pretty little lady I will do that. Besides, I know you enjoy my company"

"Just because you were welcomed here, I have ways to have you removed indefinitely. Don't forget that", Diane said in a knowing tone.

"Oh, I'm sure you will cook up something in that filthy coven of yours, witch. I don't like to be threatened and I don't like to overstay my welcome. I could tear this town part to part if I am pushed and you do not want to push me darling", Claudia cut her eyes at Diane who was unfazed.

"It is me that you don't want to push, you leeches are all the same. You all talk a big talk but I call the game and don't you forget that"

Claudia frowned at the knowing statement. "Where is my damn drink, humans can't get a simple thing done", Claudia fumed as she sought out her hairstylist who was now making her way to her with a fresh bottle of champagne.

"Whew, we had to open a new bottle and it was being stubborn. What I missed, have you two been arguing again", the young hairstylist felt the unknown tension in the air. Neither woman said anything, Diane went back to wiping her vanity.


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Chapter 10:Well, Well by Fictionary



Angel was sitting on the living room sofa with a bowl of buttery popcorn, her fingers seemed to linger on the channel button of the remote, and she couldn't find a single thing to watch on the television. After she had gotten her hair done, she went window shopping downtown and came home had a long bath, deciding that a night on the sofa with high cholesterol wasn't such a bad idea.


She turned her head towards the jingling sound of keys coming from her front door of the apartment, Brittany came in huffing, and her face set in an annoyed expression. Angel could tell by Brittany's slumped shoulders and slight dragging of her feet that Brittany was glad to finally be home. "That bad of a day huh?" Angel asked before she put a buttered sweet kernel in her mouth.


"Girl, it was so crowded today and I didn't have the energy nor the patience to deal with a lot of attitudes today. What are you watching", Brittany asked as she closed and locked the front door. Taking her shoes off on the hardwood floor before she steps on their area carpet.


"I think this screen has been watching me since I got here", Angel admitted.


"Well, I'm going to go put on something cozy, and do you want to have a scary movie marathon", Brittany asked.


"Yes, if you can stay awake", Angel laughed and Brittany nodded in knowing, she knew she would quickly fall asleep. Angel browsed through the unnecessary channels until she saw his face, glancing towards the hallway towards their bedrooms making sure Brittany didn't catch her in her memorized act. He appeared to be uninterested in the interview, his cold eyes glancing at the audience without a care in the world. He sat back relaxed and unfazed as his brothers each answered the questions differently.


"You know I never knew how much of a dick David was until today too, he's always so uptight", Brittany now dressed in her button-down pajama top and cozy polka dot pajama bottoms, walked from the back room, pulling her ponytail in a messy top bun. Angel wouldn't have heard her be honest, she was too focused on what the guys were interviewing about.


"Oh wait, I completely forgot to check out their interview. How long has it been on", Brittany took a seat on the chaise cushion of their L shaped couch.


"Oh, I don't know I just flickered through the channels and saw this. It looks interesting", Angel attempted to sound unfazed at the effect seeing him had caused her. She decided to refill her bowl of popcorn as a distraction, an escape from her best friend's questionable gaze. Not that Brittany was even aware of Angel battling emotions when it comes to this man, Aiden.


"John had mentioned it to me to be on the lookout for it. I just completely forgot about it"


Angel decided to get up and refill the half-empty bowl of popcorn, she hurried to the kitchen as Brittany turned the volume notches up.


"So, the girl snuck in your hotel room when you were sleeping, that must have been a fright", the interviewer visibly interested in the story the men were telling.


"No I wasn't frightened at all mate, just upset she didn't wake me up sooner", Asher laughed as the crowd joined in on his laugher.


"Always got to have the ladies around", Angel heard Jamie's voice, he was now talking to the interviewer.


"Do you fellas ever consider the settle down married life", the interviewer asked on a serious topic.


"Maybe whenever that happens but right now we are concerned about the music and our fans", Jamie answered.


"That type of connection is worth the wait definitely, Flyth ladies and gentleman", the interviewer said right before the broadcast turned to commercial.


"You know, I've been humming a nice melody and I'm thinking of singing it for John", Brittany took the cold can of coke Angel handed to her as she made her way back to the living room with a fresh bowl of buttery popcorn.


"You should, are you nervous", Angel asked as she sat the bowl in between her and Brittany.


"Just a little, he's a rock-star", Brittany's cheeks shaded a light pink, Angel was taken aback slightly. Brittany must have liked this guy, more than Angel had originally thought.


"Well I know you are a star, I can't wait to hear you blow them out the water with your voice", Angel truthfully admitted.


"So.....what do you think about Vegas", Brittany asked out of the blue.


"What do you mean what do I think about Vegas?" Angel was puzzled as she put another popcorn into her mouth, chewing slowly as she looked at her best friend with a curious glare.


"Welllllllll, I kind of have a trip to Vegas in two weeks", Brittany announced, throwing Angel off guard.


"Wait, what. Okay, who are you going with", Angel was confused, Brittany had not mentioned anything about Vegas.


"You...I kind of told John it was okay to buy our tickets", at the admission Angel nearly choked on her popcorn as she glared at her best friend.


"I'm sorry, I knew this was stupid but I just got so excited and I wanted to have my best friend with me but I knew you'd probably freak out on me", Brittany was babbling, something she did when she was nervous.


"Woah! Britt! You didn't even ask me first", Angel now standing over her best friend, pacing back and forth, the popcorn now making Angel's stomach turn.


"I'm sorry but I didn't think it would be a big deal"


"What! How is me going to Vegas, not a big deal, I never agreed to this Britt", Angel crossed her arms across her chest.


"Sorry! I'm such a fucking idiot", Brittany regretted this choice she had made for the two of them.


Angel sighed as she looked at her best friend who was covering her face in her hands. "Look, you aren't an idiot okay. I'm just shocked. Okay, when are we leaving", Angel signed as Brittany's faced went from sorrow to excitement.


"We are going to have so much fun", Brittany squealed as she jumped up to hug her best friend.


"We have to tell David first, we have to get something to wear. We have to be smart about this", Angel was making a list aloud and checking it twice.


"Omg you are right and we have to go get waxed!" Brittany agreed as she popped a single buttery kettle into her mouth.


"Oh you are so paying for mine", Angel now sat back on the sofa next to Brittany.









Chapter 11:Home Is Vegas by Fictionary


"Vegas!" Angel cringed when her mother's loud outburst caused her to winch, forcing her to hold the phone away from her ear.

"Vegas", Angel confirmed as she took in the scene around her, two weeks ago today she learned she would be going on an adventure of fame and fortune with Brittany. Angel looked around the massive hotel suite that the band hand got for them, they each had their room and bathroom, which was conjoined with the kitchen and living room, their bedrooms on opposite sides from each other.

"Pay attention to your surroundings and do not speak to strangers. I cannot believe you two went and to Vegas in the spare of the moment", Angel's mother was not upset with the girls only concerned as she always was when it comes to not only Angel but Brittany too.

"I know mom but sometimes you have to just live a life you know", Angel tried to reason with her mother but she knew that a long lecture would follow when she does meet up with her parents. Due to Angel being the only child, her parents could be overprotective.

"Hey, mama!" Brittany came squealing into Angel's bedroom, she had heard Angel's mother's voice as she was taking photos in the suite. Angel looked up from her phone to greet her best friend with a smile as Brittany laid across the queen-sized bed.

"Hello Brittany, I hope you both be safe and do not take food or beverages anyone gives you", Angel chuckled at Brittany's facial expression as if she were a kid in trouble.

"Of course, I miss you. I hope I get to visit you for the holidays", Brittany practically took the phone away from Angel's grasp.

"You are always welcome, I just hope you sing us a song. You are always a joy Brittany", Angel loved her mother and her best friends' interactions. Her parents loved Brittany as if she were a second daughter.

"Of course, speaking of singing that's the entire reason for our girls' trip", Brittany was about to go into more detail about the reason for the sudden Vegas trip she and Angel are on.

"Oh, mom my phone is about to lose service, love you bye", Angel didn't wait for her mother's interjection as she hurried and ended the call.

"Woah okay why did you do that", Brittany was now confused at Angel's actions.

"I sort of lied but not lied and told my mom we saved for this because we needed this trip. I didn't tell her that we are here as you are following your dreams and national rock stars paid for everything", Angel knew she'd have to hear an entire lecture from her mother whenever she chose to call her back.

"Oh, well I'm sure your parents wouldn't mind", Brittany sat crossed-legged on the bed now stared at her best friend who now was going into the bathroom, her makeup bag in hand

"So the guys are having dinner tonight at some fancy restaurant and we're invited, it's supposed to be upscale but John said anything will be fine"

"You light up when you talk about him, this is interesting", Angel took a few of the contents of her makeup out of the bag arranging them onto the counter. The girls learned that they would be here for a week, an entire week that would possibly feel like an entire year.

"He is so funny, so cool, and he's a gamer just like me", Brittany blushed.

Angel now standing in the bathroom doorway stared at her best friend with a smirk. "I can see how your night may go"

"I had sex with him at the party", Brittany confessed with her eyes closed causing Angel to gasp and as she was about to ask for more information, there was a knock on their door. Angel gave Britt a questionable glance, Brittany only gave her a confused one but both girls made their way into the living room with Brittany in front. Brittany looked through the peephole of the door and mouthed "Jamie".

Angel unfolded her arms that were across her chest, she doesn't know why but she looked down at her outfit: a pink tank top that stopped above her belly ring and spandex active shorts.

"Hello, what a lovely surprise", Brittany stated as she opened the door to greet Jamie. Jamie greeted Brittany but his eyes remained on Angel who gave him an awkward wave.

"Hi", Angel managed to get out as Jamie came future into the living room, Brittany closing the door as he came future into the living room.

"Nice view, so are you ladies settled in yet", Jamie stated as he looked around the suite.

"Almost so what's going on", Brittany asked.

"Well, I was coming to steal you for a moment as your lovely presence is requested. I also had hoped to invite Angel as well", Jamie's eyes were singing to Angel. She felt safe with him, she trusted him.

"Okay", Angel said with a smile, meeting Jamie's eyes.

Brittany and Angel followed Jamie throughout the luxury hotel and to the black SUV where John was the driver and Jamie got in the passenger side as both women got into the backseat.

"Hello ladies, how's Vegas looking to ya", John was looking in the rearview mirror directly at Brittany who gave him a sly smirk as she buckled her seat belt. Brittany didn't want to admit that she got these butterflies whenever she spoke to John. John felt it of course and he had hoped that Brittany now working with the band would not scare her off, he had hoped that she was open to accepting him as he accepts her.

"It's nice you know, I wasn't too excited I admit but this is nice", Angel stated, she began to look out of the window as the car moved throughout the lanes, she set on sightseeing as a distraction.

"Well everyone is excited to see you guys, we have a bit of free time before we work tomorrow night", John said.

Angel continued to look out of the window as they drove through the streets of Vegas, she may be not excited about this Vegas trip but both she and Brittany did need to getaway. Sometimes Angel feels like she works so much and too much that she never really has a life outside of work. Working at a high-quality store has its perks but sometimes Angel felt like she is just settling, she doesn't get excited about work, she just does it because she has bills to pay, and quite frankly that's just the way it is. Angel admired Brittany because Brittany takes risks, if she doesn't want to do something she focuses on what she wants to do, when Brittany's parents wanted her to be a lawyer, Brittany stood her ground and expressed that is not for her. Now that Brittany is fulfilling another dream of being a singer, Angel should not scold her for her decision to quit the store, at least she is following her passion.

"Welcome to La Casa", Jamie said as he unbuckled his seat-belt bringing Angel out of her thoughts, they have made it to their destination.

This home was an old-style Italian villa with three floors, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a grand entry room, two libraries, and a breakfast room with French style doors opening to an outdoor dining deck, a European kitchen with marble countertop Islands, four-bedroom suites, and oversized balconies overlooking the grand pool. Angel has thought the last home was a masterpiece and now she was certain that this placed topped the last home in her opinion. She and Brittany stood side by side admiring the home and of course, Angel would be thinking one thing and Brittany would say it aloud.

"You guys have to be billionaires, I mean wow", Brittany was now following John's side as they made their way to the front door.

"You can come in if you want", Jamie decided to make light fun at Angel who was gawking at the place in admiration, these were homes she would see in magazines, and the magazines did it no justice.

'Right behind you", Angel turned her head to look at Jamie who gave her a small smile.

Angel followed Jamie into the home and tried to keep her eyes from bulging out sockets, she became self-conscience in her attire as she and Jamie walked through the home, he was giving her a tour but she soon realized she was giving him a tour as well.

"There's a gym here too, nice", Angel decided to distract Jamie as they made their way to the gym. She loved the floor to ceiling mirror, and the glass door leading out to the backyard landscape.

"My favorite part when I visit as well", Jamie admitted.

"I thought your last home was nice but this is beautiful", Angel looked up at the mirror ceilings as well.

"Yes, it is. This is Aiden's main home, very grand. Very nice, there are also two libraries under this level", Jamie was looking around the room as if he was seeing it now for the first time.

Angel tried not to be affected by the sound of his name, she kept her emotions down as she continued to look around the gym. "Well it's very nice"

"Yeah, well how about I show you around", Jamie was eager to show Angel around but his phone rang. She could see his disappointment as he talked into his phone, his eyes leaving her for a moment.

"You okay", Angel asked after he was done with his call.

"Yeah but I have to go talk to Jimmy at one of the meetings across town, I'm so sorry I was looking forward to this tour", Jamie admitted.

"That's okay, you are so sweet"

"Well I guess I should take you to meet the rest of the guest"

"Well don't you think I can look around some more", Angel honestly wasn't ready to quit her mini-tour, she was so in love with this home.

"Well", Jamie seemed unsure mainly because this house was huge and he didn't want her to get lost.

Angel could see the hesitation, especially when Jamie rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, I have my phone and it's fully charged. I can text Brittany if I get lost right, she's with John", Angel said as she pulled her phone out of the thin pocket of her spandex shorts.

"I don't know, Aiden may not like that I left a woman all alone in a place she doesn't know", Jamie stated.

"I may not", Angel and Jamie became startled at the sound of Aiden's voice as he stood in the doorway of the gym. Angel became started due to the walls being crystal clear and she didn't notice Aiden walking past the glass.

"Aiden, glad you are here. I have to meet Jimmy across town can you help her meet up with her friend, she may be with John", Jamie was talking to his older brother who appeared to be uninterested in what Jamie was saying however, soon after Jamie explained himself he was gone to attend his meeting leaving Aiden and Angel in the gym.

Angel didn't like how he was looking at her, she didn't like how his eyes seemed to be annoyed with her so she decided she needed to break the ice. "Look I think we got off on the wrong foot, I'm Angel", She reached her hand out as if to shake his, he looked at her hand but didn't prepare to shake her hand at all.

"Aiden", he said as if he was only going along with this formal introduction to making her happy.

Angel smiled at him as she placed her hands behind her back. "See that was not so bad"

Aiden looked at her and the only thing he kept staring at was her neck, Angel however was unaware that his focus was solely on her neck as he stared down at her, the space between them too big of a gap for his liking.

"I love your home, I hope you don't get upset with your brother. He was just showing me around because I asked him to", Angel decided to move future away from him as she moved to the opening door of the backyard, looking onto the landscape in admiration.

"He wasn't focused on the tour. You are practically naked", Aiden bit the inside of his cheek as he watched her back, and she was turned away from him. He did not move, when he saw her and Jamie on his security camera screen he almost lost his control. He also smelled that Angel was developing feelings for his brother which she had every right to feel the way she feels, she didn't know that she was his soulmate and he feels like this may be for the best. When he saw her and Jamie, he wanted to immediately mark her but it would possibly kill her especially due to his rage he felt. He also knew that if he continues to be cold to her, she will be able to break this hold that she has on him, she can be free and safe away from him.

"This day and age, I can wear what I want when I want", she laughed at him, turning back around to face him, she looked into those cold grey eyes that looked at her with annoyance.

"You can", he said as he folded his arms across his chest, the black shirt he wore practically hugged those muscles and Angel couldn't stop the feeling in the pit of her stomach as she looked at him, she was not scared of him but she felt something she couldn't explain. She wanted to understand him since meeting him in that club she felt something, even if he was nothing but rude to her she couldn't explain this feeling to anyone.

"You don't have to be so macho and cold towards me you know", she said which caused him to gasp, and that statement caught him off-guard. She then walked towards him, past him waiting for him to finish showing her his home.

"Angel", he said her name in a whisper but she heard it, for a split second he felt bad but then he remembered why he has to keep them separate, she is a weakness for him. She will never understand the danger she will be in.

"Can you just show me around this place, it is beautiful", Angel asked as he turned towards her, he seemed pretty unsure but Angel will not let him get to her anymore. Aiden said nothing but stood beside her in uncomfortable silence as they walked down the halls. Angel's face lit up with each room, Aiden didn't state which room they were in at all, leaving Angel to guess but she was accepting that he wasn't going to say anything as they made their way to each new room on the second floor. Angel had noticed a staircase leading down just around one of the corners of the game room when Aiden decided to end the tour.

"Okay that's enough, I have work to do", Aiden said as he put his hands in the pockets of his grey sweatpants.

Angel smirked at him "Okay fair, I probably talked your ear off enough today. Thank you", she enjoyed just being around him, even if he didn't say much, she caught him smirking along their trip around his home as Angel discovered anything she like about each room and each piece of detail she liked, even though she had wanted to look at one of the libraries she settles for this moment of Aiden not being completely rude to her.

"Let's get you back to your friend", Aiden had managed to keep a good distance between them, each passing minute with Angel was torture to him, his wolf would attempt to fully take control whenever Angel got to close to him.

Angel followed him throughout the halls and when they finally made it to the grand living room, she saw Brittany writing on a piece of paper with John sitting across from her. She heard Brittany humming as she wrote but she looked up because John had looked towards the two as they came future into the living room.

"I take it the rest of the gang are with Jimmy", Aiden was speaking to John who then asked to speak to Aiden privately. Angel made her way to the couch and slowly sat down next to Brittany who laughed softly.

"You're not going to break the couch Angel", Brittany stopped writing to look at her friend who was carely seating on the white tufted couch.

"This house is freaking insane, I love it. I don't think I can ever live in this", Angel said as her eyes landed on the grand piano that set next to the fireplace.

"Angel you can live anywhere you want to, you are always so hard on yourself. Hey, check out these lyrics, not done but alright so far. Do you think that Aiden will like it? John says he will but he never really says much", Brittany asked as she and Angel looked over the lyrics.

"He doesn't talk much but screw him if he doesn't like it, I like it already. You are so talented", Angel was seriously looking over the words as she read the lyrics word from word. Brittany was pleased that Angel supported her, no matter how crazy an idea Brittany has ever had, Angel supported her. It feels good to have a friend who truly wants to see you suceed.  


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Chapter 12:Trust Issues by Fictionary


"Maybe I should change the last lyrics", Brittany sat up on the couch from slouching, and she just wanted to find the perfect melody of this song she had been writing basically all day. The sun had set and all of the guys are back at the mansion from their meeting. John sat next to Brittany as she struggled with her lyrics, he had thought the song was perfect as well as Aiden which is rare considering Aiden is the worse critic. No matter how much Angel and John would ensure Brittany her lyrics are great, Brittany herself is unsure.

"I'm telling you this is great. Do not change anything Britt, I'm telling you", Angel now sat in the accent chair next to the fireplace with a faux brown fur blanket that Jamie had given her due to her being cold.

"Exactly, you are thinking too hard about it", John gave Brittany a small smile, he didn't want to piss her off because he could tell that she was sensitive to this new experience.

"Maybe you need food", Jamie spoke as he came back into the living room, hands in his pants pockets.

"Yes! I am so glad you have made a valid point, we haven't eaten since we got here right Britt", Angel said while giving a knowing look to Jamie. Her stomach had been growling for a few hours now.

"Maybe you guys are right, food will probably help this fog", Brittany tried to mask her disappointment, this would be her debut as a singer and the guys are really taking a chance to be honest.

"Hey don't look so down", John placed a hand on Brittany's chin to lift her head up. Brittany gave him a small smile.

"Well, we do have reservations tonight and I should probably get you two back to the hotel so that you can prepare to get ready", Jamie asked.

"Yeah, I almost forgot about that well it's past five so yeah let's get going", Brittany agreed.

As John walked Brittany to the car, Jamie stayed in the living room waiting for Angel who neatly folded the blanket.

"What are you smiling at", Angel asked looking up into Jamie's eyes.

"You are so polite, I think throwing it on the chair would be fine enough. Aiden has servants and things of that sort"

"Yeah, well that would be rude to just leave it"

"Yeah, hey I know this may sound weird because we are both going to dinner already but I would really love", Jamie stopped his sentence unsure if he should ask Angel this lingering question.

"What", she folded her arms across her chest and slightly looked away from Jamie intense staring.

"Would you be my date tonight and maybe we could go out after the show tomorrow"

"Oh well, I mean Jamie", Angel was caught off guard.

"It's alright I don't know why I asked"

"Yes, I will be your date tonight and if you guys have time after the concert then maybe we can hang out you know", it wasn't that she was not flattered but she wasn't looking for anything serious. She felt herself let her guard down, she wasn't so uptight and Jamie is really sweet.

Jamie and Angel eventually joined John and Brittany in the SUV as the two ladies were on their way back to the hotel. As they were driving through the Vegas streets, Angel sat quietly looking out the windows at the night scene. There was this ache in her chest that overcame her, she had settled on the nerves that she may be feeling due to this being a new environment for her. She wanted to blame it on this but then this ache felt familiar but from where she can't quite remember. Once back at the hotel both she and Brittany immediately showered and prepared to get dressed. John had stated he didn't think the dress code mattered but Jamie vocalized how jeans were not allowed no matter what John said. Jamie had said he didn't want to cause a scene of there would be an issue with getting inside the restaurant. Angel applied her mascara to her neatly no make-up, makeup look her eyes appearing larger due to the brown liner she settled for under her eyes. She flat ironed her hair and settled for a middle part, thankful for her new layers her hairstylist had put in her full hair which she knew would grow back out by the end of the year. She debated about which shoes to wear but decided that black peep toe booties would be fine considering she wore black leather pants and a off the shoulder black bodysuit. When she made her way into the living room she noticed that Brittany, Jamie and John were all waiting on her to finish getting ready apparently.

"Oh wow, I'm the last one ready. Nice", Angel stated as she placed her black cross body on her shoulder.

"No you're fine, I honestly just came out and let the guys in", Brittany had settled for a black knee length dress with clear peep toe heels. Her hair was in a high pony and her smoky eye was impeccable, and her pink sheer lips setting the lasting touch to complete her outfit.

"You look great", Jamie couldn't take his eyes off her since she came out the room. She gave him a small smile.

"Thank you, you clean up good", Jamie had a silk black button down and black pants and black loafers to match. His chin length brownish blonde hair pushed back out of his face, he was handsome, any women walking this earth could agree to this. She wouldn't mind if she let the liquor give her courage to take him down tonight.

"Okay let's get some food before you two start making out, you two are too cute", Brittany's outburst caused Angel to come out of her inappropriate thoughts.

Angel felt herself shade a slight red at being caught red handed, she took Jamie's offered hand as they left the hotel room. She and Jamie sat on the second row of the SUV to continue to talk, Angel did notice her starting to stare at him as he talked about family, the band and the women and just life of being in the constant public eye. She found herself laughing more and becoming more comfortable to him. When they reached the restaurant, she didn't mind walking in hand in hand with him, as they passed countless tables and made their way to the second floor of the restaurant her breath caught in her throat at the grand dinner table. There were a few people already seated, she spotted Rose and Jimmy talking to each other.

"About time, I was starting to wonder about you guys", Evan said before he took a sip of his wine.

"There's our leading lady", Asher spoke in Brittany's direction as she took a seat next to John. Asher had two woman touching his chest, they sat set to him and he in the middle. Angel's eyes took in everyone at the table when her eyes landed on Aiden's cold ice stare, he looked angry for some reason. A brunette sat beside him talking to him, when she suddenly realized that Aiden was not paying attention to her she realized his focus was on Angel and his brother. Angel suddenly let go of Jamie's hands nonchalantly and played it off as nothing, Jamie didn't realize but only pulled out a chair for Angel to sit next to him. Angel's eyes never left Aiden, there was so much communication amongst others around them that no one noticed the two in a staring match. Angel felt as though time had slowed down as she stared into his eyes, she felt that feeling in her chest again. She was just happy moments ago with Jamie and now she felt as if she had done something wrong and the way Aiden was looking at her made her feel guilty about something. The brunette appeared to be annoyed at this continued starring match so she placed her hand on Aiden's chin and pulled his focus to her and gave him a kiss which he returned, Angel suddenly looked away. This ache in her chest feeling more intense seeing him kiss that women. She was with Jamie, he is a good guy. Aiden is just his brother who she feels intimidated by, Aiden doesn't talk much, yet she dreams about him.

"Did you want to order something", Brittany sat to Angel's left and her whisper brought her out her trance.

"Yeah, I need wine", Angel's voice came out in a rasp, she felt breathless all of a sudden.

"You okay", Brittany became concerned at Angel's sudden change in mood, and everyone was unaware of the staring match that had just transpired except the brunette.

"Yeah, I just need something to eat and a nice glass of wine", Angel dismissed her best friends concern, glancing across the table to get another glance at Aiden but it was the brunette who glared at her this time. She was making a statement judging by the eyes, she wanted Angel to know this one was hers.

Angel looked away and stared at Jamie who didn't have a clue what is going on was talking to Evan. The sound of glass clanking brought everyone to a mumble, Rose dressed in a red spaghetti strap shimmer dress stood from her seat. Her red hair curled to perfection with a side part and deep waves. Jimmy looked up at his wife with admiration, the way he looked at her with love radiating from within his entire soul. Angel could see that he loved her with everything in him, she didn't know their story but from the outside looking in it looks like the most beautiful ending.

"Okay fellas, I just want to say how proud I am of you and how far you have come. Tonight don't party too hard because tomorrow will be another record breaking show", Rose smiled as she looked around the table.

"Well, we would certainly try to be on our best behavior, right Asher", Evan directed his statement towards his brother who always got the trouble started.

"I'm always on my best behavior", Asher laughed causing a slight laughter to go around the table.

"I am so looking forward to Brittany's lovely voice tomorrow night. I'm told that you have a gift, thank you for sharing it", Rose directed her attention to Brittany who raised her glass at the acknowledgement.

"Thank you, I am so honored to be given his opportunity and hope you all love the song"

"I'm sure we will. Aiden, I hope you are also on your best behavior as well, letting someone else have the change to lead the way must have been difficult but you are a fair man", Rose made sure to make eye contact with Aiden who appeared to be ready for this dinner party to be over. His long hair pulled back in a low ponytail, his white button down had two buttons undone, he had been agitated.

"Everything will work out. Everything always does", Aiden said and looked away from his mother who slightly scolded him, and Angel had caught the silent exchange that everyone else seemed to miss.

"Well, here is to a good night", Rose raised her glass and everyone else soon followed.

Angel had spent most of the night talking to Jamie to avoid making eye contact with Aiden, she couldn't just fucking shake him off her mind. She also could tell she had a little too much to drink, her body felt hot and the more she looked at Jamie the more she craved the ache between her legs to go away. Something simple as watching him talk and watching his hand mannerisms when he spoke did things to her body. It had been a long time since she was intimate the fact that she was turned on was definitely due to the liquor. Jamie was unaware at her flirtation she was doing to him with her eyes, or maybe he was and being a gentleman about it.

"I am stuffed, you ready to go. Jimmy is paying and told John we can go if we wanted", Brittany whispered to Angel.

"Yeah, I'm so ready to go", Angel stole a quick glance at Aiden who instantly looked over at her.

‘I hope he doesn't fuck her', Angel thought to herself as she stared at Aiden, at this point she didn't bother to look away from him. She wanted him to catch her looking at him, he didn't look away and no matter how cold his eyes are to her she was unfazed.

"Hey, John is going to start the car for us", Brittany's voice brought Angel out of her staring match.

"Okay", Angel whispered as she looked down into her lap, just to breath for a second. Those eyes were getting to her, he was getting to her and so was this red wine flowing through her veins.

Angel cringed when she looked back up and across the table to see Aiden and the brunette standing and preparing to leave, he had grabbed her eager little hand and she turned to glare at Angel.

"You ready", Jamie was standing already and grabbed Angel's hand as if to help her stand. Angel took his hand and gave him a small smile, she didn't understand why she was feeling this way. She felt herself being sensitive, she felt this feeling in her chest again, she felt rejected and why should she? He didn't owe her anything.

"Yes, I think I'm alright. Jamie, darling would you help me back to the suite. Your father could be a bit forgetful", Rose could be heard saying. Jimmy was holding her up with the help of Evan and John.

"Well sure but", Jamie could be heard. Angel was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't fully process the scene before her.

"Aiden can drive them back, I'm sure he wouldn't mind", Rose spoke in short breaths.

"We were heading in for the night", the brunette said, she had a look of annoyance on her face as she looked at Aiden as if she dared him to leave her side.

"Aiden can drive them, John and Jamie can you two see it we get back safely, Evan would you please go keep an eye on Asher I don't want him getting into any trouble. You don't mind do you Aiden", Angel could see Rose wouldn't take no for an answer. Aiden had Evan drive his car and instructed him to take the Brunette back to his place before going to find Asher.

"I hate that dick left me", Evan could heard saying as he took the keys from Aiden. The brunette gave Angel a glare and Aiden a kiss before leaving.

"I'm sorry", Jamie said to Angel who assured him that everything is fine.

Angel watched as John and Jamie followed their parents in the direction of their car, Jamie in the driver seat and John in the back with his mother. Aiden looked annoyed as he lead the women to the SUV, Brittany got into the front seat and Angel in the back. The car ride was silent all the way back to the hotel and Angel didn't mind it at all. Brittany on the other hand would try to talk to Aiden but didn't get much out of him except a yes or no. When they reached the hotel Aiden insisted on making sure they went straight to their rooms so he accompanied them all the way to their suite.

"Thank you so much. I will see you tomorrow I guess, see you in the morning Angel", Brittany yawned as she made her way to her room leaving Angel alone in the living room with Aiden.

The air felt so thick, Angel stared at him for a moment and opened and closed her mouth but no words coming out. She was sure the liquor had worn off, she also didn't feel this pain in her chest anymore.

"Thank you", she said out loud and stared into his eyes, he was watching her intensely.

"Okay", his deep voice radiated through her entire body and he was unaware at what he does to her. Angel could tell he was preparing to leave, he had done his part and brought them safe and sound.

"Wait, please", she whispered the last word but he heard her and for the first time since she met him those ice cold grey eyes were slightly softer as they stared at her which caused her to smile.

"Look, I have to get going"

"Okay but I need to say something to you. Give me a few minutes", Angel asked and she could see him fighting with should he stay or go.


"Well, do you want to go over in here, I don't want to disturb Brittany by talking in here", Angel placed her hand together in front of her as if she was hoping he said yes.

"You want me to go in there, where you sleep", he slightly closed his eyes as if to ask why when she had already explained herself.

"Well yeah, I don't want to wake up Britt", Angel was about to ramble but he agreed. Angel smiled as she led him into her room for the week, he complemented the space especially the view she had of the city.


"I just want to fix whatever this is", she said as she took off the booties.

"Whatever what is", his voice was getting lower.

"I can't stop thinking about you. Ever since I met you, you don't like me and I don't know what I said or what I did but I want to fix it", she admitted as she looked up at him, he was standing in front of the closed bedroom door and she hoped he didn't think she was crazy but she had to let him know how his rejection was affecting her.

"Look, you seem like a nice girl", he couldn't even look at her, he knew what she was going through and she doesn't need to explain. Since he met her that day in the club, the mate pull activated and everything she is going through is because of that. He knew what she felt today because he smelled it, still smells it and for a moment she let her guard down for him to read her thoughts. He can't have her be around him, he has enemies, centuries of enemies and now he has someone that he can call his but she was just not safe with him.

"I'm not a child, Aiden. I just want you to stop acting like you hate me. I want you to....I want you. I'm trying to understand what type of man you are, I've known you for what a few weeks and I sound like an obsessed freak. This is not the woman I am. I have never felt this with anyone, I don't get this into anyone. I think about you, every day and I don't know why. Do you think I'm going crazy", Angel wanted to just spill everything to him and hope he could understand. She hoped that he wouldn't put a restraining order on her, he probably thought she was bat shit crazy at this point.

"Listen, it's called a crush. Look, let's just pretend that this little exchange didn't happen okay", he was trying to undermine what she was feeling. His wolf was fighting him on claiming her, the sadness she is giving is making his wolf very upset. Aiden couldn't allow what others say faith destroy her, protecting her from him is the best thing he could do for her.

Angel felt so stupid, she is pouring her heart out to a man who doesn't even know her. He probably think she is mentally unstable, Angel wrapped her arms across her chest and looked away from him as if she was hugging herself.

"A crush. I feel so stupid", her voice was breaking but she didn't want to cry but it hurt. She couldn't explain to him what she felt, the pain in her chest and he was right they are basically strangers and this silly school girl crush is all that this is.

Aiden felt like shit, watching her try to comfort herself as she is baring literally her soul to him. "Fuck, look don't cry", as soon as he said that she buried her head in her hands and softly sobbed. Without a thought, he pulled her into his arms and he had to remain in control as his wolf fought to take him over. His wolf felt that he should be comforting her because he is the only one who cares for her. Aiden tensed when he felt her head against almost to his chest, she was so fucking tiny. So much for not giving a damn, the moment she melted to him he felt this warmth in his chest, slightly.

"I feel like I'm going crazy", She whispered to him as he held onto her.

"Okay, I have to get going", he didn't want to leave but he knew that he had to before he did something he may regret.

"Okay", Angel whispered as she stare dup at him, his eyes were filled with concern. Angel looked at his lips then back to his eyes.

"We can act like this never happened if you want", he almost laughed at the glare she gave him.

"No, I want to remember all of this", she whispered.

Neither of them said a word for a moment, without a second thought Aiden craned his head further down and gave Angel a peck on the lips. Angel said nothing and pulled his head back down to hers to give him a kiss which he didn't pull away from. Somehow they were fighting for dominance and he back was against the wall and he was holding her up as her hands massaged his scalp.

"Fuck", he whispered as he kisses her neck, suckling in one particular spot. He could hear her hear-beat, he could practically taste her blood. He felt his wolf gaining control, he wasn't sure is he could stop himself this time. Seeing her with someone else, his brother, he couldn't have that.

"Don't stop. Please don't stop", she whispered between moans.

"Shit", he growled as he laid her on the bed. Aiden watched her tug the shirt over her head leaving herself in a strapless black bra that fought to contain her breast. Angel watched him as he unbuttoned the rest of his button down, her eyes landing on the budge in his pants.

"Hurry up", she whispered to herself but said aloud as she rubbed her toes against his crotch.

Aiden began to tug on her pants, the zipper being in the way, he could smell her sweetness, practically parched for her. Angel turned over towards her stomach as Aiden fought to get her pants off her, his finger immediately touching her covered pussy. His thumb rubbing at the damp lace, he eagerly pulled her panty to the side and knelt to have his first lick which sent Angel face down into the bed. Aiden pulled her by her thighs back to his face as he tongue fucked her, trying to get any drip that came down her thighs. When she jerked away from him he took his frustration out on her shy clit, sucking furiously.

"You taste so fucking good baby", he growled into her pussy. He made her come but held her into place as she gushed onto his face, into his mouth. Aiden didn't let up on his assault as he instructed her to roll over so that she was back on her back. He spread her shaky legs future apart, placing them on his shoulders.

"Yes, yes", Angel squealed as she looked down into those grey eyes. She could have sworn they flashed gold for a second.

"Look at me", Aiden demanded as he look a lick at her clit again then suckling. Angel's hooded eyes quickly met his as he feasted. She put her hands in his hair as if to brace herself, the more she tugged the harder he pulled on her sweet jewel.

"Aiden", she could only say as one hand reached to squeeze her breast and then she felt one finger toying with her entrance, she was loosening up for him. She jerked when she felt him finger fucking her, arching off the bed only to have him bring his hand that was playing with her nipples settle on her lower stomach as if to steady her.

"This my pussy?" he asked waiting for her to respond.

"Mhmm", she could only say as he fucked her with his finger, then another.

"Prove it. Come again", he demanded as he pumped two fingers in and out of her tight pussy.

Angel loved him talking dirty to her, she loved the aggression he gave as he suckled and pulled at her clit, and there was no way she was going to let this be a one-time thing.

"Aiden", Angel became angry at him at the sound of a wet ‘pop' when he withdrew his fingers from her dripping pussy. Angel watched as he stood up to pull his pants down, his rock hard dick springing free, precum seeping from the tip. She was slightly alarmed at the size, she had seen it before but when he rubbed it up and down to tease he she tensed. What if it hurt?

"If you want me to stop baby just tell me", he said hoarsely as if he were straining as he rubbed the tip back and forth.

"No, I'm okay", she tried to relax after she felt the tip trying to enter.

"Fuck", Aiden was defiantly fighting for control as he toyed with her entrance, she was too tight even after getting her ready.

"Fuck", Angel squealed as he put the head in again and gently inched more inside her but halting to give her time to adjust to his size.

Aiden reached down kissing her lips again as he inched more inside her, causing her to cry in his neck. She was clenching around him to the point that he would explode.

"It's okay", he wasn't sure if those words are for her or for him. Angel slowly started to relax as she gave him kisses on the lips and face. Aiden couldn't control his wolf as he felt control slipping away, he slammed into her and instead of her screaming out, he silenced her with a kiss as he fucked her brutally. She clawed at his back as he lift one of her legs on his shoulders.

"Aiden", was all she could say as he fucked her into this bed, there was no turning back from whatever plan he thought he had in mind.

‘Mine', Angel gasped as she heard an animalistic growl in her head, she agreed with the voice. There is no way she was letting him get himself out of whatever this is.

Aiden stared down at her neck as her heart continued to race, this will seal him to her for eternity. He will protect her and hope that he can learn patience from her. He had to remain in control with her.

"Oh my", Angel felt the heaviness in the pit of her stomach and in an instant she felt a sharp pain in her neck but she couldn't scream but she shuddered as she came. Before the darkness took her over she felt Aiden holding her as she shook, his eyes they weren't grey but red.





End Notes:

Angel is feeling the pull due to her being Aiden's soulmate. Aiden knows this, remember she does not. Although he let it go this far, will he accept it or fight with his own demon. 


What do you think will happen now?

Showtime next time.

Chapter 13:The Morning to The Evening by Fictionary


Angel's brown eyes fluttered slowly to consciousness, she was laying on her stomach naked with the ivory hotel comforter down to the small of her back. Bracing herself on her elbows and halted when she felt a sharp pain coming from her neck, frankly, her entire body felt like she had been hit with a truck. She turned her attention to the view of the city, the floor to ceiling windows gave her suite a comforting sunray, a reward from the morning sky. Rising until she sat on her bottom, she pulled the comforter so that it was covering her chest. She remembered last night, she remembered the early morning tango she had shared with him. It did not hit Angel that she was alone in her hotel room until she looked next to the empty left side of the queen size bed. He had left her alone in bed and didn't even say goodbye before he had left. Angel brought the comforter up to her nose as she softly sniffled. It was disheartening to know that while she couldn't get Aiden to say two words to hold a conversation that he was more vocal as he fucked her. He said a lot of things to her last night, a lot of things she took seriously to the heart.

"Angel, are you up', Brittany knocked at the closed bedroom door. Angel her eyes towards the door, she didn't want to face Brittany in this state. She felt embarrassed that she just had her first one nightstand.

"I'll be out in a second, give me a minute", she held her tears back so her voice wouldn't be broken.

"Alright", Brittany sounded unsure she should leave Angel's door, it was only ten in the morning so she'd let her get up when she was ready to.

Angel held the covers to her face, she didn't even have his phone number to give him a piece of her mind. She wanted to call him every foul word under the sun at the moment but she hadn't fully accepted that she had a one-night stand. Angel groaned as she mustered up the strength to get out of bed and go to the bathroom and the first thing she did was look in the mirror. Her lips were slightly swollen, her makeup wasn't bad considering, her hair had slightly waved possibly due to her sweating but it was her neck that had her freaked out. There was a forming bruise on her neck, she was way too damn old for a hickey so she would have to put her makeup to use. She also noticed a bruise on her hip and she did remember Aiden gripping her a little too hard but she didn't tell him it had hurt, she was enjoying her pleasure a little too much to care about pain. Angel decided that a long hot shower would help her body heal, hot showers were the answer to everything. As Angel got inside the shower, she immediately grabbed the shampoo she had brought with her to scrub her scalp, nothing like a scalp massage in the shower. As she scrubbed her scalp visions of the previous night flooded her mind, Aiden grabbing a hand full of her hair, grabbing her neck, biting her ears, neck, ass, it was becoming too much to the point she had to brace herself against the wall.

"Get it together girl", she whispered to herself as she took a deep breath in and a deep breath out.

Angel had got herself together finally, she had a feeling that she wouldn't enjoy her trip too much now. Angel didn't feel like being out in the public today, she knew Brittany would want to go to a few shopping centers before she hit the stage tonight. Angel had decided to dress in a matching black pant and zip jacket, a black tank underneath and she put on a pair of black open-toe sandals. Her hair now in tight/loose curls she just pushed it to the side and out of her face and decided to add water and some edge gel for her baby hairs. Her makeup was her go-to no make-up makeup look with the addition of makeup on her neck covering the tender bruise on her neck, you couldn't even see the bruise once she got done, and she didn't look like she had a wild night.

"There you are, okay you look cute", Brittany was sitting on the couch watching some television, dressed in distressed denim shorts, a graphic grey tee-shirt, white sneakers, and her long blonde hair was in a slick back ponytail.

"Thanks, you look cute too", Angel said as she came further into the living room area, taking a seat at the edge of the couch.

"Thank you. So", Britany gave her a grinning cat smile.

Angel tried to appear unfazed as if she didn't know why Brittany wanted her to reveal her dirty little secret, did Brittany hear them last night. She was sure the nearby hotel guest would be flooding the lobby with complaints, Angel was too into what Aiden was doing to her than to care about being quiet.

"So..." Angel asked.

"Aiden", Brittany squealed causing Angel to drop her head in embarrassment, fuck she had heard them.

"Look, it was", Angel couldn't think of the words to describe how "it" was. It was everything she couldn't dream of.

"Good or bad", Brittany wanted to know all the details.

"Brittany, it was good okay. It was amazing", Angel admitted with a smile.

"He snuck out of here when I was getting up this morning. I opened the door and saw a white shirt and long black hair and I thought it was an intruder until I remember I saw that person last night. You sneaky little thing, I cannot believe you"

"So you didn't hear me last night", Angel questioned puzzled.

"Oh hell yeah, I heard you! I just didn't know who the guy was"

"Great. Now everybody knows"

"It's not a bad thing, you had great sex. I'm proud of you, you were practically a virgin", Brittany had known that Angel lost her virginity long ago and that was her first and last time. So for Angel to take a chance, she was happy for her.

"Yeah I guess", Angel sighed.

"So, I wanted to go shopping and sightsee and everything but Rose called me, John would be picking us up so that I can do soundcheck soon", Brittany said as she picked up her phone.

"Oh, okay. I cannot wait to see this show tonight"

"I'm so excited", Brittany squealed in excitement.

A knock at the door caused botch ladies to turn their attention to the door, Angel stood as Brittany made her way to the door and opened it after she looked through the peephole. John stood at the door, in a white tee-shirt and dark denim jeans. John gave Angel a nod, Angel noticed Jamie wasn't with him, John had come by himself. Jamie, she completely forgot about Jamie. She had been giving him teasing and flirting with him all at dinner last night. Jamie couldn't have known that Aiden spent the night with her, no one would know that so why is she feeling like she hurt Jamie's feelings and he knew.

"Are you ladies ready to rock and roll", John asked, his demeanor was not off, and he was his normal self. Maybe Angel was thinking too much about nothing.


"You sound so good", Angel was amazed at Brittany's talent, they had been here for almost three hours but Brittany was able to get a feel at her sound.

"Thanks, I feel so pumped. This is huge! I'm a singer", Brittany couldn't believe it even though she said it aloud. Brittany could be the most successful at her newfound career and her parents would look at her in disgust. She knew that her mother would talk down on her dream and expect Brittany to be more like her, a housewife. There is nothing wrong with being a housewife but that life is not for Brittany.

"Gosh I can't wait to see you do well tonight, I'm so proud of you", Angel suddenly looked behind her, she had this feeling, and she felt this pull. She saw the guys bring in equipment at the back of the stage and then she saw Aiden talking to one of the sound engineers but he was not by himself. The brunette from dinner was neck to him and clinging on his arm. Angel squinted her eyes to make sure she was seeing what she was seeing, was he serious? Did he have sex with her too? Angel felt as though she was going to be sick. The worse part of this little encounter is, Aiden simply looked at Angel but then quickly away from her as he grabbed the brunettes' hand and they had left in the same direction in which they came. She felt a blow to her gut but she stood her ground appearing unaffected. Why would he show up with her? Angel placed scenarios in her head to find a reason but she had to settle on the fact that Aiden did not owe her anything. They didn't even hold a real conversation with each other, he just fucked her and left. He didn't owe her anything.

"If she smiled more, she could be cute", Brittany said about the brunette that was practically trying to mold herself into Aiden. Brittany could tell by Angel's widen brown eyes that she was shocked to see him and that woman.

"This dude cannot be serious", Angel didn't realize she was stepping to move in the direction of Aiden and the Brunette.

"Angel, hey. Let them go. It'll be alright", Brittany had grabbed Angel's arms to stop her from making a scene. Brittany could tell that seeing Aiden act as though nothing happened made Ange's blood boil.

"That's so fucked up", Angel felt tears trying to form and she hated herself for that. She was acting like a crazed fan, a fucking fan!

"I know, just forget about him. Hey, let's go find something to eat", Brittany tried to calm her friend down but she could see by the confused look on Angel's face that Angel's thoughts were running a mile a minute.


Chapter 14:Enjoy The Show by Fictionary


"Okay, just sex. You don't even know him. Now you're talking to yourself like a crazy person", Angel whispered to herself as she looked at her reflection. Her hair was still in its natural curly state flipped to the side, she had gone to the drug store to pick up some curl moisture to give her curls a boost of shine, her makeup tonight consisted of Smokey eye with glitter, wispy false lashes, and red lipstick. Angel did step outside her comfort zone with her dress, she was on vacation and she always played it safe but tonight the shot runched shimmer black dress she wore hugged her body flawlessly and she decided on a pair of black strappy gladiator stiletto heels. She would be behind the scenes this time so she didn't have to worry about being in the crowd and standing in heels for a long time.

"Knock, Knock", Brittany knocked as she entered the bedroom only to turn to her right to see Angel admiring herself in the bathroom mirror.

"Is it time to go", Angel asked.

"Yes, you look fucking good, let's get a spin", Brittany's hair was curled in loose waves with a part down the center. She wore distressed high waist black denim shorts, black platform booties, a leather jacket with a red V spaghetti strap bralette. Her makeup was similar to Angels except she had a nude gloss lip.

Angel spun around as her best friend boost her confidence. "Thank you, you look good too"

"Well let's get going", Brittany had told Angel that a driver would be coming to pick them up two hours ahead of the show so that Brittany could get set up and warm up her vocals. On the drive to the venue, Angel made sure to be as talkative as she could be because she wanted Brittany to be pumped and not get nervous. Although Brittany is tough as nails, she also cared deeply about what others thought especially about her talent. You can never know how people will react, especially with this business. When they reached the venue, Angel was shocked that Brittany had her dressing room with balloons, gifts, and snacks.

"This is so sweet", Angel read the cards mostly from Rose and a few from the band: welcoming her to the team.

"This is a lot", Brittany looked around the dressing room in amazement, she did feel nervous but seeing all these wonderful gifts made her feel accepted by the band.

"Chocolate-covered strawberries", Angel said as she gave Brittany a questionable gaze, she wanted to have one.

"Help yourself", Brittany laughed due to Angel's eyes dancing in excitement, she had a sweet tooth.

As Angel pried the container of the juicy chocolate-covered strawberries, a woman wearing a headset dressed in all black opened the dressing room door.

"You are due for warm-up in like five minutes, hi I'm Janice, let's go", Brittany's eyes widened as she looked back to Angel for comfort.

"Go show them what you came to do", Angel said as she gave Brittany a firm nod as she held the strawberries to her chest. Angel watched as Janice ushered Brittany out the door leaving Angel in the dressing room alone with the welcoming gifts. Angel smiled softly to herself, who would have known that girls' night out would be a dream come true for Brittany. Angel on the other hand felt as though she was losing her mind chasing after a man who doesn't even talk to her.

Angel sat on the purple loveseat couch that sat against the wall, she was on her second chocolate strawberry. She wished that she could get her emotions in check but since that night, she has been out of her mind. She remembers the feeling in the pit of her stomach like something was about to happen as she walked up those stairs to that second floor. She remembered her heart feeling heavy and then when she saw him, making eye contact just was something she couldn't describe. Angel remembers it clearly, he was writing but she remembers seeing him tense and look to his side as if sensing her. When her brown eyes met those ice grey eyes, something just clicked for her, it was like seeing someone you had been wanting to meet. He was shocked but then in an instant, he was upset.

"Angel", Angel jolted at the sound of her name being said. She looked up to see a shirtless Jamie standing across from her a smile that reached his eyes. He only wore black leather pants and spiked combat boots, his chin-length blond-brown hair slightly pushed away from his face but still framing his face.

"Oh, Jamie. Hi, I was long gone", Angel nervously smiled and placed the strawberries to her left so that they sat on the couch.

"That's alright, that's alright"

"Is the show starting already", Angel asked.

"Yeah pretty soon. When I saw Brittany but didn't see you backstage I figured that you were here. Are you okay", Jamie asked.

"Yeah, yeah I'm good. Are you okay? How's Rose", Angel decided to start up a conversation to ask how Rose was feeling due to her not feeling well last night.

"I'm well, Rose is doing well. She was just a little dehydrated, she is here if you would like to see her"

"That's good, yeah I can't wait to see her", Angel smiled.

"So I was wondering if you wanted to come to the club after the show, the gang will be there but I didn't know if you and Brittany would be interested", Jamie was giving her those eyes that he gave her last night at the table. Last night she returned those flirty looks back but now she felt that it was wrong. She had sex with his brother last night. She knew she had to stop this train before it goes off the tracks.

"Yeah, I can talk to Brittany", she crossed her arms across her chest but she was unaware that the action caused her already large breast to push up and Jamie noticed.

"Looking forward to it", Jamie gave her a sly smile. Angel couldn't find the words to say, she needed to stop this flirtation but not right now, not before he was going on stage. She didn't know if this needed confrontation would interrupt his flow on stage so she chose to wait until later to discuss.

"Are you ready to see the guys before we hit the stage", Jamie asked as he held out a hand to help Anel off the loveseat. Angel gave Jamie a small smile as she took his hand, she wished she had grabbed her leather jacket to cover herself because the hungry look Jamie is giving her made her feel self-conscious. Angel tried to ignore the stares she was getting as she followed Jamie through the white hallway. When she saw the guys they greeted her with a smile, well all except Aiden who looked as though he was agitated. He was standing next to Evan and the brunette was right there to his other side. The brunette glared at Angel before looking away, she wore her hair in a long ponytail and a black leather dress with platform booties. Angel tried to ignore the brunette but it was hard not to when she was attached to Aiden like glue and Angel can admit the woman is strikingly beautiful, she also gives the aura of a supermodel. Angel then turned her attention to Brittany who was given her mic, Angel crossed her fingers in Brittany's direction for good luck. As the band went onto the stage there was loud cheering of excitement, Angel tried not to appear annoyed at the fact that she and the brunette were alone, next to each other.

"You know, you may have had him last night but he is mine every night", was all the brunette said as she folded her arms and glared at Angel.

"I don't know what you are talking about", Angel stared up in shock at the woman, she was not about to have a discussion about him with some stranger.

"Okay, fair enough. Just know that I know what you know and what I know is that you fucked my boyfriend last night. Congratulations welcome to tour life. You are all the same", the brunette glared at Angel as she turned and walked away, her brown eyes cut at Angel as if she were disgusted. Angel then suddenly recalled the conversation with Brittany a while back.


"Yeah, John says he keeps to himself sometimes. He broke up with this supermodel a few months back. She was stunning, well I'm about to head out. I don't know why I decided to pull an all-day shift, ten freaking hours. My head might explode", Brittany huffed as she grabbed her water bottle from the counter and her keys from the small silver glass table next to their front door.


Chapter 15:Hold Tight, For The Ride by Fictionary
Author's Notes:

Enjoy the Show.


The entire ride to the club Angel was battling with her thoughts, he has a freaking girlfriend. When she and Brittany had spoken that morning, Brittany was under the impression that Aiden and his girlfriend were not together. Now, she knows that is not the case, Aiden is still in a relationship with the supermodel and she is letting Angel know to back off her man. Angel felt so angry with herself, that she was such an idiot but honestly Aiden doesn't owe her anything. He is a taken man, she had been gullible and blinded by her obsession with him, and at this point, it feels like an obsession. After feeling angry with herself, she then became angry with him, there goes that feeling in her chest again. She feels claustrophobic in the back seat, she feels as if her breath is lost in her chest, struggling to escape and the space around her feels closed in. She breathes a sigh of relief when she felt the car stop in front of the club, she didn't need to count backward to calm herself. When Jamie opened her side of the door to grab her hand, she felt a wave of relief and welcome the night air. When Angel made her way into the club, she followed Jamie and the rest of the crew to their VIP section. When she had asked Jamie why they don't have security following them because they are celebrities, he made a joke of it and assured her that they are fine. Many ladies were trying to get the men's attention as they moved through the crowd and many men offering handshakes. When they had finally made it past the velvet red ropes of the section, Angel didn't dare make eye contact in Aiden's direction but she wanted to catch a glimpse of those grey eyes. Asher had ordered a round of shots for them all to as he said to "get the party" started and Angel found herself having shot after shot.

"That's what I'm talking about", Asher sat across from Angel, Jamie, Brittany, and John. The two women that were on Asher's side took multiple shots as well as if to compete for Asher's attention, he was impressed with Angel because he assumed that she was more reserved than Brittany but maybe Vegas was getting to her.

"Woah, easy slow down", Jamie yelled over the loud music as he placed his hands over Angel's filled shot glass, he was smiling but he was shocked at this sudden sense of rebellion. Angel gave him an eye roll.

"It's alright, I'm on vacation and I want to have all the fun I can before I go back home to my boring life", Angel shouted as she yelled loud enough for Jamie to hear, the music was loud, a little too loud.

"I hear you", Jamie said as he shook his head as if it was out of his control, she is a grown woman after all. Angel then stole a glance at Aiden, the brunette was sitting on his lap giving his kisses on the side of his face. Aiden's attention was focused solely on Angel and he did not look too pleased with her.

"Angel is never this bold, maybe Vegas is lighting the mood", Brittany leaned across Angel as she spoke to Jamie who was nodding his head to the music.

"It's not a problem, I'll keep an eye on her", Jamie said.

"I got my eyes on you too", Brittany had to let him know she was watching both him and Angel. Especially after what happened last night with Aiden, Brittany would never tell her friends business and she knew that Angel was just trying to distract herself with this alcohol. Aiden had some nerve acting like he did nothing wrong and flaunting his relationship in front of Angel's face. Brittany gave Aiden and his girlfriend a glare as she watched the model kissing all over Aiden, why would he think that was okay for him to cheat on his girlfriend, disgusting pig. If he wanted to act single then why not just be single and not involve innocent bystanders in your shit?

"Let's go dance", Angel turned her attention back to Jamie who wasn't aware that Angel and Aiden shared an exchange with their eyes. Angel didn't wait for Jamie to respond but grabbed him by the hand to help him off the leather couch. Jamie quickly finished his drink and followed Angel down the stairs to the dance floor. A few women tried to get Jamie's attention because they would perk themselves up but Angel ignored them as she began to sway her hips to the beat of the music. Jamie danced with her but didn't get disrespectful, he kept a distance between them as he watched Angel dance. Angel is feeling the liquor move through her bloodstream and wanted to forget about the night she shared with Aiden, Jamie on the other hand is more respectful. Yet, how could she even know this? She was a stranger.

"You're playing with danger tonight", Jamie whispered into her ear, she got shivers not because it turned her on but because she felt like she was doing something wrong. She was the one who pulled Jamie through this crowd, this isn't even like her. She then felt guilty because she was using Jamie just as Aiden had done to her. She was using him as a distraction to whatever was going on with her, that's not fair to Jamie.

"Hey, I have to go to the bathroom I'll be right back", she needed to clear her head and put some space between herself and Jamie, she didn't want to do anything she would regret.

"I'll come with you", Jamie said as he looked around, Brittany and John had followed them on the dance floor. He was going to at least try to find her friend so maybe she can be with her and she won't be alone.

"No, I'll be fine. I have my phone", Angel quickly moved through the crowd away from Jamie, she was a bit tipsy but she felt sober up due to her actions. It was like a reality check hit her, this isn't her lifestyle, and she isn't this live life on the edge type person. Angel was so focused on her thoughts that she was not paying attention to where she was walking and she ran straight into someone. She felt hands holding her shoulders as if to hold her steady into place, which caused her to look into the person she bumped into, there are those grey eyes.

"You're being reckless", he said, caught off guard by her flinching away from him.

"Where did you even come from and don't touch me", she yelled at him but her yell was a whisper compared to the loud music in the club. He pinched the skin between his brows as he cursed aloud, he was frustrated with her.

"You can't wander off especially considering you have been irresponsible, you're drunk. Do you know that someone could take advantage of you like this", he was questioning her looking at her with disappointment. Angel folded her arms across her chest.

"I have my phone, Brittany could have called me. I have to go to the bathroom anyway", she looked away from his gaze.

"Okay, I'm coming with you. I'm not asking, I don't like repeating myself", he stepped aside so that she can lead the way.

"Funny how you don't like repeating yourself now but last night you had no problem with repeating yourself", Angel glared up at him as she walked past him. He looked annoyed at her remark but he had to know how his sudden case of amnesia would affect her.

Angel led the way to the bathroom, a classic sense of Deja Vu as there is a line to the woman's bathroom. Angel cursed under her breath as she hit her head softly against the wall, she tried not to be affected by Aiden being close to her. Why was he toying with her like this, she should have just let Jamie accompany her to the bathroom, he would be a much better companion than this devil standing next to her right now.

"Why don't you go check on your girlfriend", Angel spoke staring up at Aiden, she wanted to pick a fight. She wanted to know why would he sleep with her and he has someone, why would he create a soul tie with her? Is this his life on the road?

"Why are you concerned about her", Aiden looked around, he was able to stare into the dance floor but he didn't see his brothers insight. When he heard Jamie accept Angel's request not to follow her, he had to take matters into his own hands. He couldn't believe that Jamie would let his infatuation with Angel cloud his judgment and let her just wander off.

"Seriously, you are an asshole. You know she doesn't even deserve this", Angel closed her eyes and huffed in frustration as she crossed her arms across her chest. Aiden was quiet as a few ladies pretended not to overhear their little argument. A few women made faces or cleared their throats as if being put in an awkward position.

"We can sit here in silence if you like", Aiden wasn't in the mood to deal with drunk Angel, he can practically hear the blood flow, practically taste it and it left a bitter taste in his mouth.

"Fine", Angel said as she turned away from him and focused on the person in front of her as the line did move along.

'How can I feel like this about you', Angel thought to herself. She softly sniffled to keep the tears at bay, he would probably make fun of her again. A crush, a night of passion caused her to tingle all over. Angel slowly brought her hand to her bruise that was covered with makeup, she had two puncture wounds on her neck that she tried to find a reason about. She remembers her climaxing and then Aiden soon after and he latched onto her neck, first, there was pain then she felt pleasure but then more pain. She saw his eyes, they weren't their normal stone grey but red, blood red. Angel felt hands on her arms as if to hold her steady, she welcomed the embrace he gave from behind. She relaxed as she rested her head on his chest, suddenly everything she was mad about didn't matter anymore. She just settled into him and allowed him to hold her, she felt a kiss on her side temple.

"Just give me time", he said to her and just as easily as she fell into this trance she snapped out and then her surroundings became clearer. She heard the booming from the music and is still in line waiting to go into the ladies' bathroom and Aiden was with her not Jamie.

"Get off me. I won't be your little side thing. Let's just act like we never happened okay. You have a girlfriend and I'm fine with that", she turned and pushed at his chest which he didn't move from the force of her push but he was caught off guard. Angel ignored a few stares from a few ladies in the line for the bathroom. Aiden stared at her and said nothing but Angel heard his voice loud and clear in her mind "Time", that was all he said as he stood silent. Angel looked away from him, now she was hearing what she wanted to hear. Amid the music there was a loud boom, then another and another. It sounded like fireworks but only louder, then there is an echo. Why would fireworks be going off in a club, a packed club? It only took Angel a few minutes to realize that these are not the sound of fireworks but gunfire.

"They are shooting", Angel heard one of the ladies scream. The scene before her, women running and screaming as the sound of gunfire rang off. Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion, seeing everyone scatter as the boom reflected off the walls. She felt her sense of hearing leave her for a moment as she watched the faces of many. Suddenly Aiden grabbed Angel's hand and quickly shielded her, covering her body with his as they moved through the chaos, getting lost in the crowd. There was screaming as they moved at a rapid speed, Angel couldn't process anything going on around her then suddenly it was quiet. Suddenly she was placed onto the sidewalk concrete outside and then Angel then felt arms go around her neck, it was Brittany. She was now outside in what looked to be like an ally, she was sitting on the ground and Brittany was holding onto her. As quickly as it left, her hearing came back suddenly as she looked around hearing the yelling, the crying, and the sirens. Aiden was nowhere to be in sight but she saw Evan, Asher, and John all talking amongst each other.

"I saw the tattoo myself", she heard Evan tell his brothers. Whatever they were discussing, it wasn't meant for others to hear judging by their huddle together.

"Aiden, where's Aiden", Angel spoke to more so herself as she looked around, he was the one who had brought her out of the building. They moved fast, too fast that Angel couldn't process what had just happened only the aftermath. Angel didn't know that Evan had heard her as she questioned about Aiden's whereabouts.

"He got you out, are you okay", Brittany's tears are now black due to the mascara running due to her tears. Brittany held both hands on either side of Angel's head as she looked into her eyes. Angel was trying to process what's going on with this sudden rush, she was just in the club waiting in line with Aiden and now she was outside barely processing it all.

"Car's here", Asher spoke out as a black SUV made its way around the corner.

"Evan will take you two back to the hotel", John spoke to Brittany who gave him a rapid nod as she grabbed Angel's hand. Angel noticed that Brittany refused to grab John's offered hand. Angel followed Brittany's lead to get into the SUV but her mind was running wild by the second. What is going on?


When they were back at the hotel Angel sat on the sofa, she had put on a black jogger set just to get the clothes off her, how did a night become such a blur? Brittany still in her clothes had her head in her hands as she sobbed. Evan stood in the kitchen as if to give the girls their space, they had just experienced something traumatic. Angel had never been in a situation such as this and neither had Brittany. Angel got up finally after fighting with herself and her emotions, she had to know was Aiden okay.

"Evan", Evan looked up at her, he had been staring into the counter, and into nothing maybe he was just as lost in his thoughts as well.

"Hi", was all he said, he didn't have many expressions on his face but he did have a look of concern but it was masked with something Angel didn't know about.

"Your brother", she placed her hands together as she sighed.

"Jamie right", Evan said. Angel squinted her eyes as she looked at him, she was so concerned about Aiden that she completely forgot about Jamie.

"How is Jamie, where is he?" she asked. Evan must think she is some groupie, she was all over one of his brothers but it was Aiden's name that she called out for. Evan hit his knuckles on the marble counter as if he were thinking before he spoke.

"Jamie is okay, he was trying to be a hero as he always is", Evan said as he gave Angel a look of concern.

"And Aiden", she asked, her big brown eyes staring into Evan's black eyes with curiosity.

"He's with his girlfriend, Siren", Evan said as he stared into Angel's brown eyes. When Evan made his statement Angel looked away from him in shame. She wasn't a fool, Evan was making it clear to her as Siren had, and Aiden is off-limits. She could understand Evan's view of this, Jamie and Aiden are his brothers and he wouldn't have their bond be tampered with because of a woman. Angel crossed her arms and rubbed the makeup covered spoke on her neck, it had been throbbing for a while now. Evan noticed her rubbing a particular spot, Angel didn't know she had rubbed her neck so that a red punctured wound was visible to Evan.

"Right", Angel turned away from Evan to hide her embarrassment. Brittany was silent as she stared at the sofa across from her, just staring into space at nothing. She was so quiet.

"I have to take this", Evan announced as he made his way to the front door to step in the hallway, his cellphone had rung. Angel nodded as she watched the door closed behind him. She then stared down at her best friend.

"I saw a man get shot right in front of me", Brittany admitted as she still stared in space. Angel knelt in front of Brittany who then looked at her. Brittany's eyes appeared so lost away, lost in her thoughts.

"Oh, Britt", Angel hugged her, rubbing her back to soothe her.

"Angel, no. Listen to me, I saw the shooter", Brittany was shaking all over as she pulled away from her friend to look her in the eyes. Angel looked carefully, Brittany's blue eyes were terrified.

"It's okay, you're okay", Angel tried to reason but Brittany shook her head side to side as she closed her mouth to contain a sob.

"It looked like something from a horror movie", Brittany cried softly as Angel tried to soothe her.

"It's okay", Angel whispered.

"No, No, No you don't understand. It was a monster", Brittany wheezed as Angel grabbed her to hold her.

Evan appeared back in the hotel room but he wasn't alone, Jamie was with him and he looked like something was on his mind. His eyes met Angel's and she knew something has happened, he looked angry and agitated.

"Are you okay", he asked Angel who gave him a soft nod.

"Yeah", Angel whispered as she held onto Brittany who had gone still and silent again.

"Look, the tour is canceled. We have a plane ready to take you both back home", Evan announced, his hands now in his black denim pants he too appeared annoyed.

"What is even happening", Angel asked as she stood and stared at the two men, everything was happening too fast, the night was beginning to start and then chaos erupted.

"I'm ready to go", Brittany said softly as she stood and crossed her arms across her chest, she didn't even acknowledge the two men as she brushed passed Angel and went straight to her hotel room. Angel stared at Brittany's shit door and looked back at the two men.

"Any word of what exactly happened?" Angel asked as she stepped forward towards Jamie who stared at the floor before looking back into her eyes.

"We don't know exactly. Let us know when you two are packed, we'll be downstairs in the lobby", Evan spoke before Jamie could have the chance. Angel furrowed her eyebrows when Jamie didn't respond and followed Evan out of the room leaving Angel alone in the living room with questions that were left unanswered. 


End Notes:

So yeah, I know it's a bit all over the place but starting now the story will shift to the darker side. Why so mysterious? Well, this story is only beginning.

What has Brittany so shook?

Does Evan know?

Will Jamie be Angel's peace?!

Why does Aiden need time?

What the heck happened?!


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