The Sisterhood by Uhura the 9th

Summary: She has one goal: to find her destiny in this universe. Nyota has just gotten promoted, and she had to work hard for it.    



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Story Notes:

The Universe According to Nyota Series: This is my first attempt to write about the mirror-verse. I read some really good fanfictions, and I was inspired! Uhura is a woman full of compassion fighting to survive in the Federation Empire.    

1. Chapter 1-The Dark side by Uhura the 9th

2. Chapter 2-The Silent Wolf by Uhura the 9th

3. Chapter 3-Recruits by Uhura the 9th

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7. Chapter 7- Collaboration by Uhura the 9th

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9. Chapter 9-Signs of the Pon Far by Uhura the 9th

10. Chapter 10-The Mystery MeetingĀ  by Uhura the 9th

Chapter 1-The Dark side by Uhura the 9th


Chapter 1-The Dark Side

His hands caressed her backside; he pressed his body against hers, moaning her name. Nyota smiled grimly as she looked at the red disk in her hand: she had earned it-she deserved it. She was now one of the few women to move into the upper ranks on the Enterprise.

"Thank you for the promotion, Captain."

"You can thank me by giving me some of your essence, Nyota."

"I gave you the Halkans,[1] Captain, along with more credits than you can imagine."

Kirk tried to kiss her; she moved just enough that his lips trailed over her cheek.

"Come on, let me taste you, just once!" Kirk mumbled.

"Sorry, sir! You have those two vixens already, and I don't want to cross swords with them."

"They won't know," Kirk said, moving his hands up her back, his lips kissing the crease between her breasts.

Nyota chuckled softly, "Captain, everyone will know. There are no secrets here, only... credits."

One of his hands slid down her muscular leg, trying to reach the junction between her thighs. She leaned back to get distance, shaking her head.

"It's not worth it if I die before I can enjoy my new position, Sir," she said smoothly and with a smile. One hand removed the offending paw from her thigh while the other grabbed him by the chin.

"I have to go now, but I am grateful."

Kirk sighed, staring into her eyes with lust: "One day, Uhura, one day!" he said, releasing her.

Nyota started to leave the conference room, but turned back toward Kirk to say, "You are aware that Security Chief Sulu won't take kindly to my promotion."

That statement brought Kirk back to reality: "If Sulu could produce credits like you and Spock, he'd get everything he wants," Kirk snapped.

Nyota rolled her eyes: "Sure, Captain. Like he's going to see things that way," Nyota said, sashaying out the room with rolling hips.

She walked down the corridor smiling contentedly; she had finally obtained her objective-a promotion to lieutenant commander. She had made sure the Empire had processed Kirk's recommendation for her promotion before she issued his credits. "Leverage. Always use your leverage to get what you want."

With her promotion disk in hand, she went to see Quartermaster Brody and placed orders for new uniforms and insignia. Nyota gave her the disk, and Brody read the information:

"Congratulations, Lieutenant Commander... What did you do to earn such a position?" she asked slyly.

Nyota raised a brow and placed her hand on the knife strapped to her thigh: "Seriously? You want to go there?"

"Just asking a simple question, Lieutenant Commander."

"Hard work! Now place my order before I lose my patience!"

"Okay... okay.. I don't want trouble, Uhura! It's just that it's hard for a woman to get a leg up without protection. You will be the highest-ranking woman on the Enterprise."

"I've worked with Kirk for four years on that crazya$$ bridge with that octopus, Sulu! You don't think I deserve a promotion?"

"I'm sorry; that's not what I was getting at. What I meant is that maybe you can help me, and I can help you; what do you say?" Brody asked.

"I want a specially designed armband with my rank engraved on it; think you can do it?"

"I'll do it personally! Let me show you some of my work!" Eve put a disk into the computer and displayed a myriad of designs on the monitor. Nyota liked what she saw. She selected one for her armband, and the two of them discussed how Eve would modify it specially for Nyota.

"I'll do a rush job, and you'll have it tomorrow."

"If I like it, I'll give you extra credits for your time-and for keeping the design exclusive to me. Deal?"


Nyota left the quartermaster feeling greasy from being pawed by Kirk; all she wanted to do was wash the grime off her body. But first she wanted to celebrate with her man; she headed down to his deck. As she was walked through the ship, she kept her game face on-the glare she always presented to the male crew. She was used to it; it had been necessary since she hit puberty. Her body, which should have been her woman's glory, was instead used and abused, always attracting the attentions of the wrong kind of man.

Nyota entered Boma's quarters and saw the man in action, pumping a yeoman on his desk. She stood there watching Sam humping the yeoman, with the woman crying and moaning. Nyota folded her arms and leaned against the wall, observing his work. "Sam, Sam, Sammy! What a dog! I see you again at your best."

Boma was just a quick fix, nothing more than a f$ck buddy. But he was handsome; she gave him credit for that. She could always count on him-literally: "One, two, three, all done!" She could time it to the minute. "Just a fix!" she thought.

Sam looked up and saw Nyota glaring at him; he gave her his sleepy smile: "One minute, baby; I'll be right with you."

When he finished, the yeoman put her clothes on quickly as soon as she realized it was Uhura in the room. The chick scurried away without looking at Uhura, leaving Sam standing there with his junk hanging out.

"Hey, baby! Just in time! Want some of this good stuff?" he asked, smiling at Uhura.

"I'm good. I just was turned off, but hey," Nyota said sneeringly. She had had enough of the "men's rule" mentality. She had just come from being pawed by Kirk and now she realized she had been getting only seconds or thirds from Boma.

Boma made the mistake of approaching her, trying to lure her in, despite having just had sex with another woman.

"I always have time for you, baby," Sam said, reaching for her.

Nyota was disgusted with the thought of him touching her after being with the yeoman. She had changed her mind about the idea of hooking up with Sam:

"I'm good; I guess I'll go shower and read. I've seen enough, especially of you, Sam. I just came to say goodbye-for good this time."

"Aw, baby! The chick doesn't mean anything to me; it's always been you." Sam touched her upper arm and Nyota reacted, pulling out her dagger and lifting his junk with the blade. He sucked in his breath in fear and anger.

"I know you think you're all that! I said it's over! Now get your nasty hands off me and keep them off!" Nyota glared into his eyes to let him know she was serious.

He slowly released her arm: "What is wrong with you? We have an understanding."

"We did, but I just said we're done! I found something much better than one-minute Sammy!"

Boma growled: "Don't call me that!"

Nyota stepped back toward the door, still holding her blade: "Bye, my one-time baby."

She quickly exited and swiftly walked down the corridor. She didn't even know why she had gone to Boma's quarters. Yes, she did: She had wanted someone to share in her happiness about the promotion. She found that she was alone in that, and the knowledge made her sad and depressed.

When she entered her quarters, she quickly stripped her clothes off and entered the shower to wash away the feeling of Kirk's and Boma's touches. Under the shower, the tears ran down: "I wish just once I could be myself, just once! It's always fight or die!" She dried off and put on her sports bra and shorts.

She had double-secured her door right after entering her quarters. She never knew what animal would try to get in; she even had a hidden sound and camera system hooked up. "At least I can sleep at night," she thought as she sat down and began to review her reports. Her quarters represented the only safe space, a place where she sang her songs of loneliness, despair, and her hope of love. Her private world of just... her. Nyota prepared for the next day, when she had to put on her game face to deal with hate, fighting, mind games, and the Empire.

When she started her morning, she knew what to expect when she reached the bridge. "Rule One: Make sure Kirk's or Spock's security team is on the bridge. Never arrive early if they are not present." Her console was linked with Spock's so she knew that when he signed in to his science station, it was safe to head up.

"Rule Two: Expect Sulu to try to sleaze on you and prepare plans B and C in case he goes overboard with so-called attempts to lure you to his lair.

"Wait? I wonder if I can have my own security team?"

Nyota finished dressing; she placed another knife in her boot and hid a small one in the side of her uniform.

"As long as I do right by Kirk and translate the Imperial codes, I'm safe-I'll have his and Spock's protection. Remember Rule Three: Never-no matter what state of mind I'm in-under no circumstances, sleep with either of the commanders." It would disrupt the balance of their arrangement.

Nyota got the signal from her console, meaning that Spock was on the bridge, so she proceeded to her station. As she walked off the turbolift, she gave the Imperial salute with a stern face. She stepped onto the bridge and went straight to her station to provide updates for the commanders.

As if on cue, Sulu sauntered over with his sneering smile. She rolled her eyes: "The man will never give up!"

Sulu spoke seductively: "Hey, Uhura! I believe congratulations on your promotion are in order."

Nyota put in her earpiece and opened a channel to start her day, totally ignoring Sulu.

"How can I tell you about the perks of being a lieutenant commander if I can't confirm your promotion? Maybe it's just a ploy?"

Sulu leaned against the console next to her. Nyota input information into the computer, and a red disk appeared, which she held out to Sulu. He stared at it and then looked at her. Nyota dropped it on the floor and went back to work. She knew that Sulu would now be pissed; he reached out to touch her face, but in a flash, she had her blade pressed against his throat.

Nyota glared at the fine-looking Asian man: "Pick it up and leave me the hell alone; I have reports to do."

"One day, Uhura, you'll give me a different answer," he snarled. He bent down, snatched the disk off the floor, and went back to his station.

Nyota continued to work, thinking about how the commanders-Kirk and Spock-needed her and how they didn't. They needed her because she was the only crew member who spoke more than 72 languages. She was needed in many landing parties-all those that required more than a translator. On the other hand, they didn't need her because of the massive number of Imperial credits in the secret account whose existence they didn't know she was aware of.

Nyota transferred her reports to a Padd and took it over to Spock's station. She held out the Padd, saying, "These are the latest reports from Imperial Command, as well as requisitions for supplies from the various departments."

He reviewed her reports and requisitions, signed them, and gave the Padd back to her without even looking at her.

Nyota returned to her station and started her security check on herself and her console. She never knew who was scanning her for leverage, for leaks were a dangerous game.

It was lunchtime, but any place on the ship besides her quarters and the bridge held a risk of rape/injury. A woman could be attacked at any time, unless claimed by a high-ranking man. Then there was fighting among the women, jockeying for the affection and protection of the high-ranking men. Unattached women were vulnerable to the disreputable elements of the ship.

Rand and Moreau were untouchable to the male crew; to even approach one of them meant having to face the wrath of the Captain. Such a man would find himself... just... gone.

Nyota sat at a table alone but was listening to the group at the table next to her, three women conversing quietly:

First woman: "Girl, tell them you're a lesbian; they will leave you alone."

Second woman: "What? I'm not a lesbian!"

Third woman: If you want to be safe, that's your only option, unless you find someone to hook up with."

Second woman:" Is there any other way to be safe on this ship?"

First woman: "Are you for real? Not in this universe!"

The voices faded, but the conversation stayed with Nyota. It was true that the women were not safe. She had to run the gauntlet of men's advances every day, but she had it a little easier than lower-ranking women because she had the protection of her commanders.

After her shift, the thought continued to haunt her in her quarters: "How can a woman be safe without being attacked all the time? Or even worse, becoming a slave to some man-whore?"

Several hours later, Nyota sat up in bed, shocked by the idea that had awakened her: "Could I take over the ship? Could I? I must plan this to a 'T'; if not I will surely die."


End Notes:

[1] The Halkans were the alien race threatened in the TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror."

Chapter 2-The Silent Wolf by Uhura the 9th
Author's Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000

Summary: Nyota has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and is now the highest-ranking female on the Enterprise. She broke up with her lover, Boma, and moved on to better things for herself. She had to deal with Sulu's envy of her position, not to mention his grasping hands. But during the night an epiphany had hit her.


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The Silent Wolf


"She was seen in Lieutenant Boma's quarters."

"For how long?"

"She stayed approximately five minutes."

"Five minutes? Are you certain?"

"Yes, my lord. She replaced her knife in her boot as she left."


"Another female left a moment after she entered, my lord."


"Continue with your duties."

"Yes, my lord."

Soft footsteps retreated, and the sounds were replaced by another pair approaching.

"My lord, my scanner has indicated that Chief of Security Sulu has attempted to override her door again."

A low growl:

"I will deal with it myself; continue monitoring."

"Yes, my lord."

Those footsteps retreated as well, and silence ensued.

A few moments later, soft, creamy, green-tinted hands caressed his shoulders: "How can I be of service, my lord?"

He didn't address her; his thoughts were on the information his spies had gathered: "I have a class 7 computer science rating; she has a class 6 rating. She has done well using her computer security to defend herself." His mind still considered the new information as the pair of hands continued to caress his shoulders. "She has defended herself again from Sulu's advances, unaware that if he had touched her, I would have had him killed without a thought. Then there is Boma. I have known of their copulation for some time. He has been careless with his liaisons, but she continued to see him. Why settle for a male without scruples? Terrans often indulge in open sexual relationships without commitments."

Another thought came to him: "She has advanced herself. The question now is, did she sleep with Kirk?" His jealousy had no end; his anger continued to grow. "I need to settle the issue of Boma and any male that has... touched her, including Kirk." .He gently removed the pair of hands:

"Continue with your duties."

"Yes, my lord," the owner of the hands answered in a very disappointed voice.

Her footsteps retreated to another room in his quarters. There she sat miserably.

"Still not forgiven, T'Pring?"

She looked up at the much older male Vulcan healer.

"It seems not, Healer Shath. What will become of me if he does not mate?"

"Your betrayal has caused a rift. Your choice to copulate with his former classmate was not wise."

"What must I do to prove that I have changed? I was selected by the Vulcan High Council, and I now see that their choice was logical."

"You must use restraint and wait to see his intentions."

"How can I? He has eyes for... another, a weakling of a female."

Shath listened to her response and wondered aloud: "A Terran?"

"Yes. There are times I want to challenge her for my lord to show him I am more worthy than that soft flower," T'Pring snarled.

"I will investigate your assertion, T'Pring."

Shath started toward Spock's office and then stopped. He turned his head slightly: "If what you say is true, I suggest that you stay clear of the Terran. It is not wise to cross the S'haile, despite your claim."

He left T'Pring to her thoughts.

Sometime later in the conference room, Kirk, with his security team, and Spock, with his, met to discuss the next mission. Scotty and McCoy sat at the conference table. Uhura was at the table too, but sat far away from them all with her Padd ready to record the information for the mission.

Spock sat at the computer station and typed in the name of the next civilization to be conquered. The information the advance intelligence team had gathered appeared on the monitor:

"This is the planet, Omicron Ceti VII. A survey ship found the civilization hidden within deep caverns, apparently to evade our detection. The Empire wants to know why they decided to hide and what can they offer us. Little is known about their culture. According to my scanners, they have rich deposits of dilithium crystals and beryllium, which will be vital to the Empire's new expansion plan."

"Interesting. If you've detected dilithium, we have to find the deposits, and the people will know where. Scotty, any signs of weaponry or technology?"

"No space travel, Captain. It's easy pickin's. We have the technological advantage."

Kirk turned to McCoy: "What kind of people are they, Bones?"

"The best kind: sweet, nice, and easily manipulated," McCoy said, smiling. "Once I scan a few bodies, I can give you something to work with. I can create something that will take all our troubles away if they resist."

Kirk chuckled at the idea: "I like that, Bones. I hate wasting precious energy. How about you, Lieutenant Commander?"

Everyone turned toward Uhura. She looked up and reported unemotionally:

"The universal translator is not calibrated for their language; I'm waiting for the Empire to update the specs. I could rig something for you to take for the meantime."

Kirk gave her a leering smile: "And miss the opportunity to take you along, Uhura? No. You're coming with us. I need both you and Spock. You both have an uncanny sense of your surroundings, and Uhura can detect and interpret facial expressions and body language. You're both better at spotting a fake by the sound of people's voices than the translator is."

"It's best I remain on the ship, Captain, to... keep some of our acquaintances in check."

"Quite right, Spock. You'll mind the store while we're away."

Scotty leaned over and glared at Uhura: "Did ya f$ck the captain for that title, woman?"

Nyota quickly grabbed one of her knives and flicked it across the table. It landed an inch from his right hand.

"I just answered you," Nyota said. She got up without blinking and retrieved her knife. "Question me again, and I'll take more than just your hand," she said on her way out of the conference room.

The men laughed at him for challenging Uhura and getting more than he bargained for.

All the crew members left, except Spock and his team. Stonn secured the door. Semek scanned the room for bugs.

"Clear my, lord."

Spock sat at his station with his forefingers pressed together, contemplating the scene he had just witnessed. She had not slept with the Captain. "In that case, there must have been a bargain. Kirk is planning something without me. I must be on guard now." There were no new orders from the Empire that he was aware of, but Kirk had been more greedy than usual lately. Spock hoped that these new developments would not pit Kirk against him; it would ruin their perfect arrangement.

"Your orders, my lord?" Semek asked.

"Is anyone available to observe the Captain?"

"Stonn and Falor are at your disposal, Lord."

"Stonn, you are assigned to observe the Captain from a distance until further notice. Do not be seen."

Stonn stepped forward: "I will not fail."

"Be sure of that-proceed with caution."

Stonn bowed and left.

"Inform T'Pring that she is required to replace Stonn as a guard. Remind her of her responsibilities to her lord."

"Yes, S'haile."

"Have they been seen together?"

"Not today."

"I do not trust them, Semek. If anything should befall me..."

"Yes, S'haile. I will report to your father."

Semek and Spock left the conference room together. Spock now needed to determine how best to protect Lt. Commander Uhura. He knew that Mr. Scott would not take her insolence and threats well. He might have to pay a Terran to watch her back, but who? The ship's computers had been unreliable; he constantly had to debug them because of Sulu. Spock was also aware that the programming was spying for the Empire.

The two Vulcans walked down the corridor, saluting as they went. Spock needed a plan, but he also needed to deal with threats from multiple directions. Kirk had boosted himself up to number one on the ship, but perhaps he had plans to ascend higher within the Empire. "What are you up to, Kirk? The last time you tried a radical deal, you ended up promoted and were rewarded with bonus credits for your ingenuity with the Halkans." Spock took the turbolift to the bridge and went to work at his station with Semek by his side, assisting him.

Semek and Healer Shath were the most loyal of his crew. He had personally selected them to provide important information and perform vital tasks, but mostly to provide protection. Both were willing to die for him.

T'Pring, the wench, had been sent as a spy in a betrothal arranged by the Vulcan Council. She had ulterior motives, not the least of them her strong attraction to Stonn, his one-time classmate from the Vulcan Academy. Spock had no intention of bonding with the female; that would be a fatal mistake. Stonn was an enemy of the Vulcan High Command, of which Spock's father Sarek was a prominent member; Stonn's family would profit if Spock failed. The two of them were scheming to bring him down. Spock could not kill them-not yet-not until the game had played out. So many players; so many enemies.

When Nyota was not on the bridge, Spock would speak freely to Semek in Vulcan code. Spock would not be surprised if Uhura could break the code already; she would discover its meaning in time. Nothing was worth the risk. So secure seclusion was his best strategy for the moment.

About a half-hour later, Spock had finished his reports and sent duplicates to the Empire, Kirk, and himself. He was preparing to leave the bridge when he noticed a course deviation and stepped down to Navigation. He quickly scanned the helm and the plotted course; he knew immediately that something was off. Spock signaled Semek with a snap of his fingers and drew his own phaser, pointing it at the navigator:

"Mr. Stone, we are off course. State your reason for this."

"We are on our planned course, Mr. Spock!"

Spock stared at him with hooded eyes and growled: "You just contradicted a senior officer and told a falsehood, after disobeying the Captain's orders and taking the ship off course."

Before the next words could leave Stone's mouth, an agonizer was pressed against his chest. He fell to the floor screaming. Spock continued to press the instrument until the man lost consciousness. Spock stood and looked at the helmsmen, who was sweating and twitching his lips while Semek held his phaser on him to protect his commander.

"Lt. Palmer, notify Captain Kirk of an attempted mutiny on the bridge."

Spock stepped slowly toward the helmsmen and stared him down: "Security Officer Sulu will be disappointed in your performance. You were aware of this deviation and said nothing. I will give him the pleasure of... correcting your actions."

Helmsman Finney wiped his brow and stammered loudly as the rest of the bridge watched: "I-I didn't know what was happening, Sir!"

Kirk arrived on the bridge scowling, with veins popping out of his neck: "What the f$ck is going on?!" he demanded to know. He rushed down the steps to stare at Spock hovering over the helmsmen.

"We have deviated from our course, Captain. Did you change your orders?"

"Hell no! I didn't authorize any change. Where is the ship heading?"

"I was in the process of discovering that; do you wish to complete the interrogation, Captain?"

Kirk lunged at the man and grabbed him by the neck, wanting to kill him on the spot but knowing he needed information from him. He screamed: "Who do you work for?!"

Spock stepped back and stood next to Semek, who still was holding his phaser.


Kirk looked feral. He threw the man on the floor and kicked him in the gut. The Captain looked around him: "Get Uhura and Scotty up here now! And get Security to take this trash to the agony booths! I want to know where they were taking MY SHIP!"

Kirk straightened his tunic and pushed back his hair: "What's going on, Spock?"

Spock spoke quietly with his arms clasped behind him: "I was in the process of completing my reports when I noticed the course change."

"Do you know where they were heading?"

"The plotter was programmed to head toward sector 5; I can determine the precise location."

Spock went to his station and input the course information he had seen at the helm. He checked his hood sensor and calculated the location:

"Captain, there is nothing out there but space; there are no planets, space stations, or asteroids of any kind."

"A rendezvous then?"

"It is possible."

Uhura and Scotty arrived on the bridge, followed by Sulu and Security. Kirk scowled at Sulu and snarled:

"Well, Security Chief, a couple of your men tried to run off with MY SHIP!"


"Stone and Finney"

Sulu shot back: "They aren't my men; they aren't part of my team! I have nothing to do with their mutiny!"

Kirk's saw red and steam practically came out of his ears: "Then go and find out why they tried to steal MY SHIP!"

Sulu scurried off the bridge with his team carrying the two men.

Kirk had pulled himself together and straightened his tunic. He glared at Uhura: "Find out how they communicated; someone out there is trying to get us!"

While still staring at the captain, Nyota snapped her fingers, and Palmer gave up her earpiece. Nyota went to work.

Then Kirk glared at Mr. Scott: "Double-check those engines; they may have sabotaged them. They went to great lengths to steal this ship; if either of you finds the culprits, I want to know immediately!"

Kirk stormed off the bridge with his guards trailing behind.

Nyota sat at her station, thinking about the events that had just occurred. Trying to take over the ship was a bad idea. The only thing left was leverage.


Chapter 3-Recruits by Uhura the 9th
Author's Notes:

See the source imageSee the source imageBeta Reader: Jsilver2000

Summary: There was an attempted coup on the bridge, and the search for other culprits was ongoing. Nyota, witnessing the outcome, realized that taking over the ship was a bad idea.

See the source image


Nyota was able to find the leak in her team: a young Communications officer, Ensign Harris. Her days were numbered. Scotty discovered that the engines had been tampered with; they were rigged to shut down when the Enterprise reached sector 5. Kirk had to decide what form of death would fit the crime. He was still in a foul mood about the coup attempt. He extended his rage to the rest of the crew to remind them who was the Big Dog on the ship.

Meanwhile, down in the brig, three people were in the agonizer booths screaming and begging for help. The Security detail would let them rest for a half hour and then the torture would resume. A medical team was standing by to revive any prisoner who passed out. The Security detail and the medical team gave regular updates to Kirk and McCoy, respectively. This went on for three days; finally, Stone broke and revealed the plan. Sulu recorded his confession and sent it to Spock and the Captain. After the fourth day in the agonizer booths, the mutineers were sent to Sickbay. McCoy assessed their condition and entered "Mutiny" into his log as the reason for their state. Then he and his nurses treated the three of them; Kirk wanted them alive.

Everyone on the ship knew that Harris, Stone, and Finney would pay with their lives for their actions. The Empire didn't care how discipline was handled, as long it didn't interfere with its mission of conquest.

Nyota sat in her quarters still working on a plan to form a group that could band together and use their resources to exert leverage, as opposed to executing a takeover that was doomed to failure. First, she needed help; she needed to find someone to trust and work with, without competition or malice. She wrote in her journal her ideas:

Stage 1-Potential recruits:


Unfortunately, that was a far as she got. And Nyota had doubts about the woman she had chosen, but she had to try. "If I can just get some women to work together with me as one. We would be a force to be reckoned with." Her chimer rang, and she looked at her security screen to see Eve Brody holding a package. She unlocked her door and let her in:

"Are those my uniforms?"

"Yes, Lieutenant Commander, including the new adjustable armband."

"Call me 'Nyota'."

Brody gave her the packages, and Nyota slowly opened the package to reveal her adjusted uniform; it was still two pieces but offered more coverage of her cleavage.

"They still meet Empire regulations," Brody assured her.

Then Nyota unwrapped the armband. The gold band sported the new insignia of her command, which was accompanied by an embroidered red gem. Nyota tried the armband on, and the fit was nice.

"You have done well; for that I will reward you with a ten percent bonus. I think it looks sexy."

Brody looked wide-eyed at Nyota in response to the compliment and her generosity.

Nyota noticed her shock: "What's wrong?"

"You spoke nicely to me. Thank you. It's rare when people say something -nice."

Nyota touched her forehead and then pursed her lips. She eyed Brody closely: "How do you feel about the balance of power on this ship?"

"It's almost exclusively male ranking officers who hold the power. There are a few others who have managed to gain leverage of some kind. It's hard to be a woman on this ship, unless you have a high-ranking man by your side. I've even overheard some women pretending to be lesbians to avoid attacks, just to be safe!"

"That won't last long; the male crew will find out," Nyota said.

"You are the only prominent female officer without a high-ranking male officer for protection or banging," Brody pointed out.

Nyota knew Brody's assessment was correct, even though Kirk had been trying to get up her skort:

"That's true. The Captain needs me for now, but for how long? You can become expendable in an instant."

"We need protection as women. Where I work, no man notices me, which I don't mind!" Brody said with a chuckle. Then she became serious: "But the yeomen are fresh meat and are always targeted."

Nyota let down her guard and took out her knife and glared at Eve: "If you repeat this, we could be charged with conspiracy against the Empire! I need honest people around me. Can I trust you?"

Brody saw the seriousness in her face and thought for a second: "After what I've seen! Yeah, you can trust me!"

"Good, I have an idea, Eve. We need to rally the women on this ship to work together for our common good. We have to learn NOT to depend on the male crew and to become independent thinkers. We need to use our abilities-not our sexuality-to get what we want. We will demand more credits for missions-we deserve an equal share versus the men. And I am sick and tired of fighting off that octopus, Sulu!"

Eve jumped up and did a jig, clapping her hands: "Girl, count me in!"

Nyota saw Eve reaction, put her knife away and smiled at the Quartermaster; she had gained an ally.

"We have to do this in secret; if the men find out they will crush us or worse. We'll be undercover and covert. Now, who would be the best recruit? We have to be selective, Eve."

"I agree; some could be bought with credits and sell us out. We would all be screwed. How about Lieutenant Masters?"

"Masters? Who's that?"

"One of the smartest engineers on this ship. Mr. Scott keeps her locked away in the deepest parts of Engineering. He always has her tinkering with new gadgets. I don't think she has been seen on the upper decks in months!"

Nyota was curious about the engineer: "Computer."

A deep male voice responded: "Working."

"Read the official personnel file of Lieutenant Masters in Engineering."

"Lieutenant Charlene Masters, Engineer First Class.

"Graduated as salutatorian in Engineering from Imperial Starfleet Academy.

"Currently serving on the ISS Enterprise under Lieutenant Commander Scott.

"Expertise in warp core engineering.

"Expertise in adjustment of Heisenberg compensators for transporters.

"Has published research into the recrystallization of dilithium.

"Her complete record will continue for five minutes and 34 seconds; do you want to continue?"

"That will be enough, Computer."

Nyota looked at Eve in amazement.

Eve nodded her head in agreement: "Yep, overlooked. The girl's got mad skills, Nyota. She can really help us."

"Can you get her some place where we all could talk privately?"

"I think I can. Who else can we trust?"

Nyota walked to her desk, grabbed her journal, and scanned it:

"The idea is that we work in secret as a unit, with representatives in each department. Staying under the Captain's radar will be the hard part. I want you to recruit one yeoman to start, and you will be in charge of that yeoman. But you just report to me all their needs and concerns. Then, as we expand, all the other units will support them, and each other."

"Sounds good so far; what other units?"

"If we get Masters onboard, she'll be our contact in the Engineering unit."

"So they would never know who the real leader is if any of us get caught!"

"Right. Once we get going, we all need to be trained."

"Trained? Again?"

"For safety."

"How about Janet Sullivan in Science? She has a bone pick with Mr. Spock, because he has those Vulcans all up in there business.

Nyota jotted down her name: "How about Christine Chapel?"

"Whew, I don't know; that woman could go either way. She's a tough cookie from what I've seen and heard about her. You might make her an offer she can't refuse. I've heard she's dating Sharon Running Deer."

Nyota thought for a moment and organized her plan: "Let's tackle Masters first; she will be key to our setup. Think you can get hold of her and arrange a meeting?"

"Give me a couple of hours, and I'll report back to you."

"Thanks for the uniforms and armbands, Eve. You're talented!"

"Don't let that get around. I don't want to attract attention."

Eve left Nyota and headed back to her office.

Nyota sat at her desk and started planning her next step in developing this new organization of women. Once she recruited Masters, there would be others needed to seal the deal.

A few hours later, three women met in the Quartermaster's back office.

"No one comes in here. I'm considered off the grid and non-essential," Eve explained.

Nyota did a quick scan of the room for bugs. She had had to go three decks up, take a Jefferies tube, and then climb some scaffolding stairs to keep from prying eyes. There in front of her stood Lieutenant Masters with three tricorders draped over her shoulders. She held a fourth in her hand; she too was scanning the area.

"Yep, we're safe. Brody said you wanted to talk to me?" Masters said, getting to the point.

"I want to form an organization of female crew only. Eve says you're a wiz with inventions."

"Sounds interesting; tell me more." Masters said, folding her arms across her chest and looking Nyota in the eye.

"It has to be a secret. I want junior officers to take charge of small groups of women to protect and lead them. But most important is to change the image of female crew members that's projected on this ship. I need women who won't bow down to men. Once we gain enough strength, I would use our combined leverage to obtain equal credits for all women who serve on the Enterprise. I just received my promotion. I had to do a whole lot of bargaining and extra work to advance Kirk's agenda to get it, and even then he still wanted to sleep with me."

Masters looked at Nyota's armband and took in her new rank: "You're a lieutenant commander now?"


Masters didn't take long to show interest Nyota's idea: "What do you need from me?"

"First, I want you to be in charge of the Engineering team. I just want to start with one woman in your department who would buy into our idea. We need to train these women not to depend on men, which will be hard. The idea is to network with each department on the ship. Plus, Eve told me you have developed inventions that Scotty doesn't know about. Those can be part of our leverage."

"I'm in; what Mr. Scott doesn't know-because I'm unregistered-is that I have the equivalent of a class 7+ computer science classification, which is rare, in addition to my Engineering credentials."

"They don't know that you're a genius, Charlene!" Nyota said, smiling widely.

"Correct; the less they know the better, right?" Charlene said with a smile. "Mr. Scott keeps me hidden because of my talent. Otherwise, Kirk might give me his job. But the Boys Club won't let that happen. I give him tidbits of my stuff to keep him and Kirk happy."

"I want you to stay hidden; don't share your ideas, Charlene."

Eve chimed in: "Just tell me what you need-equipment or supplies-and I can either get them from the ship's stores or order them to be delivered to the next planet or starbase on our route."

"So what should we call this sisterhood thing?" Charlene asked, nonchalantly waving a hand in the air.

Eve and Nyota looked at each other and smiled: "THE SISTERHOOD!"

The three women sat down and drew up guidelines for the organization. They had to start small to avoid drawing suspicion. Nyota made Eve and Charlene her two ranking officers, in case anything should happen to her.

"We need a meeting place for us three, and it can't be the same place every time.," Nyota said.

"Not only that, how are going to communicate without drawing attention?" Eve asked.

The women thought for a few moments before Nyota solved the communication problem: "I can take basic communicators and modify them to emit a signal that can't be traced; give me yours now and I'll have them ready tomorrow."

Then Eve solved the meeting location problem: "I have the blueprints of the ship. We can use certain storage areas but change them each time; I have access to them. I can also program them into your communicators; the signal will be the passcode as well."

"I like it," Nyota said.

Charlene was tapping her finger on her lips, thinking about revealing one of her inventions: "Commander, I've been working on this one invention, but it's risky. I need to test it first before I show it to you. I'll let you know in a couple of days."

"Fine, I can wait. Eve, who will you recruit?"

"I was thinking of Yeoman Lawton. She's been abused a lot. She's a tiny little thing. Looks vulnerable."

"Build up her confidence. Give her some hand-to-hand combat training. Find out who abused her. Tell her you will protect her. I want a list of offenders because we three will be the judges of their cases and determine punishment."

Charlene and Eve looked at each other in approval: "About time-I'm sick of being the weakest link," Eve said.

Nyota snapped: "You're not the weakest link! You're a woman with skills and talent!"

There was a pause as the two women processed Nyota's statement. Nyota turned to Charlene: "Are you able to recruit anyone in your department?"

"Yes, Lieutenant Romaine is part of the auxiliary control team; she does all the work and has the sh$tty schedule. She'll join."

"Tell her I will protect her."

Charlene grew concerned: "I need to get back; I will have some new toys for you at our next meeting."

"Looking forward to it. Thanks, ladies! I see a new horizon in our future-as long as we stick together."

The three of them nodded their heads in agreement and left.


End Notes:

If the woman looks familiar that is Yeoman Mears from the episode "The Galileo 7, she is representing Eve Brody. I hope you like her.    

Chapter 4-Stick to the Plan by Uhura the 9th
Author's Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000

Summary: There had been an attempted coup on the bridge, and a search for additional culprits was under way. Witnessing the outcome, Nyota realized that taking over the ship was a bad idea.See the source imageSee the source image


Stick to the Plan

She smoothed the scanty standard uniform issued by the Empire. Her hair was long but drawn up high on her head into a ponytail. She was considered desirable as a Vulcan woman: her body was long, slightly muscular, and a bit curvy. She did not mind that parts of her body were displayed; nudity was not an issue with Vulcans, as they are comfortable in their skin. So when the S'haile requested her by his side for duty, it was not a problem. She was here to do a job, a job she regretted agreeing to. She had made a big mistake by sleeping with Stonn. T'Pring had done it out of spite against her family, and it backfired. S'haile Spock was more distant than ever and she saw his family's position in a new light. If they bonded she would be considered his equal, especially in power on Vulcan. But his attraction to the brown human female made matters worse. T'Pring was aware of Uhura's muscular body and her beauty, as well as the fact that the majority of the human males desired her. But T'Pring could not see the logic of Spock's attraction to her, she was a typical Terran. But the fact was that her man, the man to whom she should have been bonded, had other plans for their courtship. Spock did not hide his attraction to Uhura, although he never discussed it. But when she was present, his eyes frequently followed her, and most of his assignments were coordinated around Uhura.

T'Pring stood patiently, waiting for her orders. She glanced at Stonn, who was now more interested in her than she had expected. He had attempted to engage with her multiple times since their copulation. They had almost bonded during their liaison; if she had bonded with Stonn, it would have brought more shame on her family and led to failure in her assignment. She was now prepared to bond with S'haile Spock (especially when his time came). It would bring her honor and improve her family's standing. She realized that she must find another way to win his favor, but the human Communications officer was in her way. T'Pring slid her hand around the handle of the blade hidden in her high boot, imagining slitting the throat of the woman who was hindering her mission. She needed to find a way to get rid of her and fulfill her assignment.

Meanwhile, Spock had a lot on his mind, more than a lot. He had been calculating the probabilities of the different scenarios to keep his plan in place.

Shath had entered his private rooms and brought up the issue of T'Pring:

"S'haile, T'Pring has mentioned your interest in a human female. Is there a problem?"

Spock turned swiftly at Shath's comment, his eyes burning into the healer. That others were aware of his attraction-and worse, that they dared address him directly about it-was unacceptable!

"That is no concern of yours, Shath!"

"I am sworn to you, Spock. You are a son to me, and I am loyal to your father. I am here to guide you and advise you about any concerns that affect this ship and our mission!"

Spock took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes to calm his emotions and gather his thoughts: "My apologies, Shath. Captain Kirk has made the situation complex."

Shath approached him: "If you seek this female as a mate, she must be purified."

"I am aware."

Spock left his private bedroom with Shath trailing behind him and stopped to glare at his team.


Stonn bowed his head: "The Captain has been entertaining his women during the night; no new reports, S'haile."

"Continue your duties."

Stonn quickly bowed and left. Spock stared at T'Pring, inspecting her up and down, and then left to take his post on the bridge. Semek and T'Pring followed. Spock stared forward as he rode the turbolift. His people knew their responsibilities; he seldom had to give them orders. The doors opened, and Spock proceeded to his station. T'Pring followed and glared at Uhura, who was working at her console, unaware of her adversary. She took her post below Spock's station.

Kirk turned from his chair to glance at the new member on the bridge. He looked at her and then Spock and grinned.

"Can't you stay away from your woman, Spock?"

Spock slowly turned from his console, arched a brow at Kirk, and ignored his question: "I have the latest information about sector 5... if you are interested, Captain."

That took the smile off Kirk's face, which morphed into a sinister glare. He quickly went over and leaned on the console next to Spock. "Well?"

"We have two options: We can continue with our present course to pursue the dilithium crystals. Or we can track the rogue ship that attempted to take over the Enterprise."

Kirk folded his arms, thinking about those options.

"Either one will earn you recognition from the Empire; the rogue ship might have something to offer," Spock said.

A crooked smile formed on Kirk's face; he was getting greedy:

"I want both, Spock; make it happen! We could do a hostage negotiation. I have plans for those dead weights hanging out in the brig."

"As you wish, Captain."

"Come on, Spock! You know you always get an equal percentage," Kirk said, noticing Spock's lack of enthusiasm. "How long will take us to get there?"

"Approximately 72 hours, if we change our speed to warp 6 and maintain that course."

"Do it. We'll discuss the details later."

Kirk then went to Uhura at the Communications station:

"Uhura, get the team together for a meeting; there's been a change of plans."

Uhura paged the Omicron Ceti VII team and ordered them to meet in the conference room.

Kirk clapped his hands together and laughed as the plan formed in his head.

When Nyota got off duty, she quickly changed her uniform, draped a small tote bag over her shoulder, and headed out to meet her team leaders. It took her 20 minutes to make sure she wasn't followed. She had to be careful; she couldn't afford to be caught. When she reached Deck 15, she started to relax. She pointed her communicator at the door, and it opened to a dark room. Eve Brody turned on the lights with a concerned look:

"What took you so long?"

"I had to take a lot of detours; I can't afford to be followed. I have several targets."

"Your friend, Sulu?"

"Yeah: him, Scotty, and Boma!"

Charlene Masters stepped into the light with her tricorders draped over her shoulders: "Really? That many men chasing you?"

Nyota arched a brow at Charlene and said, "Come, ladies! Let's get to work."

Nyota opened the tote bag to reveal the new communicators and handed one to each woman.

"I adjusted them so that we can communicate without being monitored, plus, once we choose a location, we can program it to open most secure doors."

"So that's how you got in; impressive!" Charlene noted.

Eve pulled out her Padd and projected the schematics of the Enterprise on the wall:

"I designated certain storage areas as hiding or meeting places. If you notice, the walls have been adjusted to make it appear that the rooms are empty. I also created a panel that allows us to enter the secret room to hide if need be. No one will know that we are there. Plus, it's soundproof, and I can create a projection so that everything appears normal if someone uses sensors to check the room."

"It's like a hologram. So the next time I walk in here, I can hide behind that wall, and no one will notice me? Excellent!" Nyota said.

"Correct," Eve replied.

"Good job, Eve!" Nyota said.

"My turn!" Charlene chimed in, pulling out a device the same size as her Padd: "I've created an intraship transport beam that is undetectable. I can move our meetings to another place on the ship, or, if we are endangered, I can transport at least two people at a time to almost any area of the ship."

Nyota, impressed with the invention, walked over to look at it more closely: "This thing will save our lives if need be. Wow, Charlene! Great job! Let's try it out!"

Charlene adjusted her Padd: "Where do you want to go? Just remember that we need to keep this a secret, so you can't beam to an open corridor or an unsecure room."

"Send me to my quarters."

"Done!" Charlene said, inputting Nyota's deck and room number." Charlene pressed a button, and Nyota disappeared.

Eve stepped closer to Charlene: "Wow! That's amazing!"

Charlene got a peep on her Padd and rematerialized Nyota.

"That is great! Now I don't have to play hide and seek to get to our meetings."

"Mr. Scott doesn't know I've been working on this. He tried his own version, and then he abandoned it. He didn't realize that the transporter beams need to be adjusted for the ship's movement through space."

"That reminds me: I'm on his sh$t list. I think he will try to hurt me for calling him out during a staff meeting," Nyota said.

"That sucks!" Eve said, folding her arms.

"I know how to handle that broken-down Scottish freak!" Nyota snarled. "Let's move on; do we have anything else on our agenda?"

"Eve gave me your armband, and I etched an "S" for "Sisterhood" into the jewel. This will allow us to identify other members of the Sisterhood after we recruit more members," Charlene said.

She handed over the newly designed armband to Nyota. She examined the jewel embedded in the gold band; the "S" was subtle and visible only from certain angles.

"Great job! We are moving in the right direction; how is our recruiting going?"

"I've got Yeoman Tina Lawson on board. I took her to the gym for more judo lessons, as well as weightlifting to help her to gain strength. She gave me the names of two crewmen who've been harassing her. They're trying to make her part of their sex trade."

"You mean one of their bit$hes for credits!" Charlene snarled.

Nyota paced the room for a moment, then placed her hands on her hips: "I will give her training in some of my techniques. She just needs to contribute information that will benefit our cause. Good job, Eve! Who are the crewmen who are bothering her?"

"Ensigns Kevin Reilly and Chekov-those two perverts."

"Then we need to pay them a visit to teach them the lesson that women need to be respected."

"Ladies, what form of punishment should we provide for their first lesson?"

Sinister smiles formed on Eve's and Charlene's faces, and then Eve responded: "Jewels. I think Tina would like their jewels."

Nyota agreed with the idea and said: "This way they will be more careful about where they put their jewels."

The three women laughed and chanted together: "Jewels it is!"

Later, in Spock's quarters:

"You lost her?"

"Yes, S'haile. She clearly intended to evade any tail."

"Did she see you or become aware of your presence, Semek?"

"No my, Lord. I was discreet!"

Spock sat silently with his fingers steepled, thinking: "Did she find out about the software program in her computer? Is there another male I must contend with?" Then he addressed Semek again:

"Did you find her?"

"Yes, my Lord. I found her in corridor 12, walking toward the turbolift."

"Did she look as if she had engaged in a liaison?" Spock demanded to know, not caring to hide his fury at the thought.

"No, my Lord. She was gone one hour and seventeen minutes. Her appearance has not changed."

Spock leaned back in his chair, feeling frustrated about not knowing Uhura's whereabouts:

"Leave me."

Semek left at a quick pace; he did not know how his lord would react. The female Uhura has left Spock perplexed, almost obsessed. But if Uhura were his choice of mate, she was better than the one the Vulcan Council had provided. Semek was aware of T'Pring's mission. Spock had asked him to wait for the Council's plan to play out. It bothered him that Lt. Commander Uhura had evaded him. Spock was at all not pleased. Semek was driven to discover how she eluded him and whether there was another male she was attending. Semek was impressed that she had been able to elude him, but now he had to think of a way to track her.


Chapter 5-The Family Jewels by Uhura the 9th
Author's Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000

Summary: Uhura's Sisterhood had gotten off to a good start. Masters invented an intra-ship transport beam to allow the Sisters to move around the ship without arousing suspicion. T'Pring revealed her jealousy and desire to harm Uhura. Meanwhile, Spock struggled to contain his emotions while he was unable to establish the whereabouts of his Nyota.See the source imageSee the source image


The Family Jewels

Nyota left with more confidence after her meeting with her team members. Now was her first chance to prove her ability as a leader. Reilly and Chekov had it coming-the punishment for exploiting the women on the ship would fit the crime. Nyota estimated that they must have made at least 300,000 credits with their prostitution ring. But now a new sheriff was in town, and Nyota was going to right the wrongs done to the female crew. But for her plan to work, she needed more allies. She considered her options and settled on making an overture asking for the help of the devil herself, Christine Chapel.

Nyota entered Sickbay knowing that McCoy was hidden away in the Science lab running one of his mysterious drug synthesis operations. She found Christine lying on a biobed with Sharon Running Deer, her woman.

Although they were fully clothed, they were snuggling. When Christine spotted Nyota, she slowly sat up and glared at her.

"To what do I owe the honor?" Christine asked archly.

"Can we talk? Alone?"

Christine gave a lazy smile to Running Deer: "This must be good, sweetie. Take a walk. I'll let you know what the b!tch wants."

Running Deer got up and left the room.

Christine placed a hand on her jutting hip.

"I'm listening. You've got two minutes!"

"Do you know about Riley and Chekov pimping out the women on this ship?"

"Yeah, it's common knowledge; what's it to you?"

"I want to teach them a lesson. They hurt Tina. She wants out, and they won't let her go. So I'm putting a stop to the whole thing."

"What does this have to do with me?"

"I need some sort of sedative to knock them out."

Chris chuckled as she listened to Nyota's request: "Why would I help you?"

"It's sort of a payback."

"I don't understand. I mean, you could have your new lover do it for you. He has the means."

"New lover? What are you talking about?"

"Isn't Kirk your new lover? That's the rumor I've heard since you got your glorious promotion." Christine said, gleefully flinging the gossip at her.

Nyota tensed with anger, thinking about how satisfying it would be to slap the mocking grin off Christine's face. But she needed her. Nyota didn't know where Christine's allegiance lay, but she had to take the chance.

"Serving under Kirk for all these years, I know he never gives up anything without some form of payment," Christine reasoned. "Plus you dropped Boma as soon as your new title was announced."

"I don't know whether to slap you or slice you for those comments," Nyota snarled. "I did NOT F#CK or S#CK any part of him! I earned my promotion-EARNED it!" she said, pointing her finger to her chest. "It's MINE!"

"So you say; I'm just repeating what I've heard. Do you need a blood pressure pill?" Christine smiled at her work, satisfied with Nyota's reaction. She walked over and flipped a switch in the door frame.

"This will give us more privacy. That sick bastard McCoy hides listening devices in here. Now tell me more about your plan."

"I want the women on this ship to unite and stand against the men's abuse. Once I found out that Reilly and Chekov are running a prostitute ring, that was it!"

"So what's the story with Boma? You're not hooking up with him anymore?"

Nyota eyed Chris with anger: "That's private. I've said enough already. If you don't want to help, just say so." Nyota stepped closer to Christine with her hand on the hilt of her knife.

"Take it easy, Darth Vader; you're asking me to give you drugs based on your say-so. I think I should be able to ask a few questions." Christine slunk over to the nearest biobed and sat. "If they find out those two reprobates have been drugged, I don't want it to come back to me. I want to live."

"You have a point," Nyota said. "Knowing you and McCoy, I know you must have something that will not leave a trace. You didn't get this far in rank without some leverage."

Nyota was now more relaxed, playing this tit-for-tat game. She sat on the biobed opposite Christine's and smiled.

After a moment of thought, Christine smiled slyly.

"I'm beginning to believe in your cause, but I won't join yet. I need a... a demonstration of your work. I'll give you something that will knock them out without a trace. But if I am implicated in any way, Lieutenant Commander, I'll be the last person you ever want to tangle with."

Christine went over to a panel in the wall and typed in a code. The door opened silently. Chris pulled out some sheets of thin paper no bigger than her finger and held them out toward Nyota.

"I call this the kiss of death. This paper is keyed to the "y" chromosome, so it is activated by male saliva. The woman holds it in her mouth. When she kisses the target man, she shoves it into his mouth. His saliva will activate it, causing paralysis for 15 minutes. No one will be able to tell that he was drugged. It dissolves completely and doesn't leave a chemical trace."

"Your invention?" Nyota looked at the thin paper that would fit on the rim of a person's teeth.

"I didn't want McCoy to get the credit," Christine said. "He would kill me for this type of weapon." If they investigate, ninety percent of the time they don't check the mouth. So Uhura, I will be looking out for your handy-dandy work."

Nyota laughed: "I will need more of your services in the future."

Christine rolled her eyes: "Yeah, don't count your chickens just yet!"

Nyota walked out of Sickbay with her new secret weapon. Several hours later, Nyota and Eve met in Tina's quarters. They reviewed the plan and set the trap in motion.

The unsuspecting duo walked toward Tina Lawton's quarters.

"What do you think of it, Chekov?"

"Vhat's there to think about? Tina ees recruiting more vomen for us. More vomen means more credits!"

Reilly chuckled: "Yeah, the little minx has finally turned around. If she wasn't so used, I would have made her my main woman."

"Ve don't need vone voman vhen ve can haf them all," Chekov replied.

They entered the dimly lit room. Soft music was playing, and Tina greeted them wearing a skimpy blue teddy.

"Hi, boys! Ready for some fun?" she asked seductively as she ran her hands up and down her body.

"All right-thees ees more like eet!" Chekov said lecherously.

Tina rubbed her hands up and down Chekov's torso, lifting his shirt and kissing his bare chest. Then she peppered his cheeks and lips with kisses, finally entering his mouth with passion. Then she quickly turned and did the same with Reilly. Both men grabbed Tina, kissing her and fondling her breasts and butt. First Chekov, and then Reilly, went rigid and toppled over. Each man hit the floor with a thump. Tina wiped her mouth of the traces of their kisses and spat on each of them.


Nyota, Eve, and Charlene came out from behind the separation screen, where they had been hiding in the dark. All three had big smiles.

Nyota knelt to examine Tina's handiwork.

"Well, ladies, let's show them what happens when you use and abuse women."

Eve opened a case that contained long, thin knives while the other women pulled down the men's pants, revealing their genitals. Then the four women got to work on their grim task. Repugnant as it was, when it was done, Nyota could not keep herself from grinning with satisfaction at their first victory. Charlene caught her eye, and they high-fived. Then all four Sisters whooped in triumph.

An hour later, Captain Kirk and Spock were paged to Sickbay, where they found the two men in biobeds screaming.

"What happened, Bones?" Kirk demanded.

"Well, you won't believe it."

"Try me."

"Someone cut off their testicles and stuffed them in their mouths. I was able to save the appendages and reattach them. Whoever did it wanted to send a message."

"Did they say who?

"Nope, but you better listen to this." McCoy handed Spock a disk. "It tells the whole story."

Kirk and Spock went into McCoy's office and listened to a computerized voice.

"Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, Ensigns Chekov and Reilly have been running a prostitution ring on the ship, exploiting the female crew. They have accumulated three hundred thousand credits from their exploits. Their actions demanded compensation."

Kirk's eyes widened in shock, but Spock remained stoic, saying, "It is interesting that this operation went undiscovered for some time."

"They earned over three hundred thousand credits! ON MY SHIP!" Kirk started swearing and kicking the furniture around. The pimps had been making more profit than he, which burned Kirk. But, as always, Kirk quickly went from being mad to glad. A sinister smile spread across his face.

"I see, Captain, that this is not a problem for you."

"I see it as leverage, my old friend, and profit, as always," he said, laughing. Kirk and Spock re-entered the main Sickbay area and went over to the two recuperating men. They had been lightly sedated but were alert enough to talk to Kirk.

"Did you see vhat she did to me!" Chekov snarled, gently cradling his jewels.

A smiling Kirk inquired of Chekov: "Who would do this on MY ship?! Who would do something like this to bring down morale on MY ship?!"

"What? I don't get it?!" Reilly said, looking at Kirk in confusion.

"You two ran an illegal ring on MY ship without my knowledge and without my consent. Making credits by putting my female crew at your mercy! They should've taken more than your nuts! I should put both of you in the agonizer for what you did!"

Chekov and Reilly's eyes widened at the thought, and Reilly spoke up: "Captain, we just wanted to make a little money on the side for shore leave and stuff; we meant no harm."

Kirk turned to McCoy: "What's the damage Bones!"

McCoy looked at the two young men and chuckled: "Luckily for you two, whoever did this notified Security and saved your precious jewels. I was able to reattach them, but I recommend that you not engage in sexual activity until you're fully healed-six weeks should do it."

Kirk stopped laughing and folded his arms: "I will forget the whole thing, once you hand over those credits you earned off the crew. I have to keep morale up; what you two have been doing brings discouragement. So, how much?"

Chekov and Reilly glanced quickly at each other, and Reilly said: "One hundred twenty-five thousand credits."

Kirk snapped his fingers: "Spock, call Security and throw both these nutless men in the agonizer for forty-eight hours!"

Both men shot up from their beds holding their damaged jewels: "Okay, okay! We'll give you all of it! It's over three hundred thousand!"

"I thought that would change your tune. Also," he said, pointing his finger at both of them: "No harm is to befall any of those women you used. Not one! If I find out you touched one woman on this ship, you will lose more than just your balls, you dumba$$es! How stupid can you be?! Spock, make sure they transfer those credits!"

"Yes, Captain. And thank you, gentlemen, for generously donating your credits."

Spock looked over at the two men for any objections before tapping into their accounts with his Padd to transfer the credits.

Kirk left Sickbay and entered the turbolift with his guards. As the doors closed, they all began laughing uncontrollably at the whole event.

It wasn't long before the whole crew found out what happened to Chekov and Reilly. For the female crew, it was the best laugh ever. But, for the women, knowing they were free to roam the ship as equal crew members-and without fear-was the best part.

Christine and Running Deer were impressed with Nyota for what she did. They were aware that the women on the ship had been working in fear.

"She did a good job," Running Deer said.

Looking into her lover's eyes, Christine replied: "She sure did. That was a big problem too. Now I wonder how she will handle those vixens?"


End Notes:

A/N: I just want to remind my readers that the mirrorverse is a ruthless empire. There's nothing sweet about anything there. I watched "Mirror, Mirror" for the umpteenth time to observe the hierarchy and mindset of that universe. Assassination was a common thing. Enjoy!    

Chapter 6-The Vixens by Uhura the 9th
Author's Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000
Nyota and her team executed a plan to put an end to the prostitution ring on the ship run by Ensigns Reilly and Chekov, who ended up being the laughingstock of the ship. What made matters worse is that they lost all the money they had made from the scheme. Now Nyota faced another danger...


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The Vixens

In Captain Kirk's quarters, two women were grooming each other, Janice was brushing Marlena's long black tresses. Marlena gazed at the assortment of rings that decorated her fingers without really seeing them; Her mind was on another matter:

"The rumors about Uhura and Jim are persistent, Jan."

"I don't see why, Mar. We keep him busy. He doesn't have time for her between us and all his schemes."

"What about Boma? She dropped him right after her promotion; it isn't a coincidence. They are planning something."

Janice stopped brushing and turned Marlena around to face her: "Do you think he'll drop both of us for just her?"

"Why not?"

"Jim never does things by ones; he has us, and we are doing a great job keeping him interested in only us. We need to stick together, girl; we've got it made. There is no other captain in the fleet with two women," Janice said.

"I know. I trust you, girl. But the last time I heard of a setup like ours, they killed each other."

Janice looked into Marlena's eyes and became serious: "Listen, we have a good setup. You and I know how hard it is to find protection at all, not to mention becoming the Captain's women. Do you really think Jim is considering ditching us for Uhura?"

"You have to admit that Uhura is sexy, gorgeous, and smart. I always wondered why she never took the step to secure a relationship with Jim. She had the better opportunity. And, if not, why did Jim promote her?"

"We know that he's a womanizer. We knew that when we agreed to become his women. But he always comes back to us after playing the field."

"Yeah, you're right. But I feel threatened; she has more on us than anyone, Jan."

"I will check around for more information. Let's see if Miss High-and-Mighty has got what it takes to draw our man to her."

"I don't know what Jim sees in her anyway. She is not even Jim's type!" Marlena snarled.

"She got more tits and ass than both of us put together. Do you think Jim is changing his type?"

"Why not? She got that promotion out of the blue. She walks around like she owns the ship. Even Scotty gave her sh!t about it!"

"OK, Mar. Maybe we should pay her a visit; she is not taking our man. We've worked hard to please him. We need to protect what is ours."

"Now you're talking, Janice!"

Marlena pulled out her knife with a flourish and a sinister smile: "Maybe we can rearrange some of her assets too," she snarled, thinking of ways to carve Uhura's firm body.

"If what Marlena said is true, and Uhura is hooked on our man, then I've got a gift for her that would... would make her disappear," Janice thought to herself. She too wore a sinister smile as she continued grooming Mar's hair.

Scotty had his own plans; his need for revenge was deeply rooted in his mind and heart. He was walking down a corridor with a couple of his backup men. When he saw his target was in sight, a low snarl came out of his mouth, and he nodded toward one of the crewman, giving him the go-ahead, and turned, with the other crewman in tow, to circle around behind his target.

Nyota was unaware of the event about to unfold as she walked down the corridor; then a crewman stepped in front of her. She tried to move around him, and he stepped in front of her again, blocking her path. She drew her knife out of her thigh-high boot and eyed him, preparing to defend herself. He, too, pulled out his knife and the two of them squared off. She lashed out first, cutting the crewman across his chest. He snarled and lunged at her. She quickly dodged his cut and slashed him again in the arm. He covered the wound with his hand and stepped back. She pivoted for her next move and then felt herself being lifted off her feet.

Nyota lashed out, kicking at the crewman and throwing an elbow toward the unseen attacker behind her. She connected with the crewman's face as well as the man behind her, who let go, allowing her to fall to the floor. Then her knife was pulled from her hand and her wrist was grabbed from behind. Nyota attempted a karate move against the person behind her and was met with a slap across her face and a shove. As her body crashed against the wall, she aimed a kick toward her attacker, but it was deflected.

"Now, now, lassie! You dinna want to kick a superior officer, do ye?!" Scotty snarled with a sinister laugh. "Di' ye think I forgot how ye treated me at the last meeting? All I wanted to know is whether ye slept with the Captain, that's all."

Nyota didn't answer, she was breathing heavily while one of his henchmen pinned her against the wall with a sneer.

Scotty continued: "All I want is to... well... taste ye. But I dinna take second best or leftovers from the Captain. Then ye hurt my feelings, and that I couldn't take, ye b!tch."

He slapped her again. "That's for embarrassing me in front of the Captain."

Then Scotty waved her knife in front of her, twirling it: "Nothing to say now, ye b!tch? Maybe I'll carve ye a new face so it won't be so distracting!"

The two henchmen laughed; then suddenly one man crumbled to the ground. Scotty and the other henchman turned to see him on the floor. Nyota took the opportunity to kick the man holding her and elbowed him in the stomach. Then Scotty fell to the floor with a thud. Nyota braced herself for the next attack. She looked up to see a Vulcan standing over the two bodies; she just stared at him.

"Lieutenant Commander, are you well?"

"Where did you come from?"

"I am on assignment from Commander Spock. I noticed that you needed assistance. The odds were not in your favor; I adjusted them for you."

Nyota began to relax. She knelt to retrieve her knife from Scotty's hand. Then an idea came to her. She lifted Scotty's right hand and swiftly cut off his middle finger; blood flowed from the open wound.

"Thank you, Semek. I will surely inform Mister Spock of your service. You saved me, and I am grateful."

She held up Scotty's appendage as a trophy: "As a reminder." Then she quickly left, and Semek went to the intercom to request medical assistance.

A little while later an angry Captain Kirk entered Sickbay again, with Spock and T'Pring trailing behind his guards.

"What the f$ck is going on! Severed Body Parts Week?"

Kirk found out from Spock and his personal guard Semek that Scotty had attacked Uhura. Uhura corroborated the story and refused to reveal what she had done with Scotty's missing middle finger. Scotty was in pain and angry that his finger was missing, and was cursing Uhura for it. McCoy had him sedated enough for him to make a complaint. Nurse Chapel gave McCoy her Padd with Scotty's latest stats and stood by to observe.

"Look what that b!tch DID to me!" Scotty wailed, holding up his right hand to show the stump of the missing finger.

Kirk had steam coming from his ears; his fists were balled up, and he was breathing heavily. Kirk grabbed Scotty by his red shirt and lifted him off the biobed.

"I would have cut more than that damn finger off your arse! What were you thinking? I need her to do her job, and I need you to do yours! If she refuses to help me with these two missions, she can screw us up big time!"


"Justice?! I should put you in the agonizer! Three against one? How lame is that?!"

Kirk dropped him back on the bed; he swiped his hair back and glared at Scotty:

"You're not the only man that has the hots for Uhura; I'm ordering you to let it go!"

Chapel and Nurse Running Deer exchanged glances in amazement and continued to keep quiet.

Scotty glared at his captain and continued to wonder if Uhura had slept with him. "What about my finger?!"

McCoy interjected with a smile, "I could replace it with a prosthetic. I find it strange she took your... middle finger."

Scotty just glared at his mangled hand and contemplated the idea.

Kirk chuckled, "Kiss it good-bye."

Behind them stood the Vulcans, observing the whole scene. The silent wolf was grateful that Semek had done his job and saved his woman from the clutches of Mr. Scott. His anger was volcanic at the thought of her being hurt or even killed, and although he was outwardly controlled, he made no effort to rein in his emotions "I might have to kill you for touching her, Mister Scott." Spock thought Scotty was a weak man; to attack a woman three to one was below him. "Yes, I think I will have to kill you," was his thought. Spock also wondered if the two incidents were connected; he made a mental note to check into the possibility.

Meanwhile, in Nyota's quarters, four women were celebrating their victories over the past 36 hours. The clinking of four glasses rang out.

"I can't believe it!" Tina said, shaking her head. "I just can't believe I'm free!"

The four women giggled and sipped champagne to celebrate their success.

"I, for one, would be totally onboard with this 'Sisterhood' if we can do more things like this!" Charlene declared.

"I like the fact we can do it covertly and avoid detection!" Eve added.

Nyota eyed Tina and came up with an idea. "Tina, I need you to be my personal bodyguard."

Tina choked on her drink. "Me? You want me to guard you?"

"Why not?"

"First, I'm small; how can I take down those men?"

"Your size creates the illusion that you are no threat, my little sister; you will have the advantage," Nyota said. "We can train secretly to hone our combat skills and make them think twice about attacking us."

"Yes, I have some weapons that can help you too," Charlene said.

"Nyota, tell us what happened with Mister Scott," Eve said.

"It's because of him that I need a bodyguard. He got the drop on me-ME! No man on this ship has ever done that before. I thought I was untouchable under the Captain's protection. They had me cornered three to one; I could manage two. Scott was still stuck on whether I had slept with the Captain. Then, out of nowhere, Mister Spock's guard nerved-pinched two, and I took down the third. I took compensation by removing Scott's finger."

Nyota pulled out a pouch and showed them the blood-drained, shriveled finger. The women burst out laughing. "I will keep this in a jar for remembrance of our encounter."

"Wow, it was pure luck that the Vulcan happened to save you!" Charlene said.

Nyota started thinking that the Vulcan, one of Spock's men, HAD saved her. Spock had never paid her any mind.

"Yes, I think his name is Semek or something. I don't pay much attention to the Vulcans."

"Well, I would like them to be on our side if anything should happen," Eve said.

"That is something to consider, Eve, but how? What leverage could we offer?" Nyota thought aloud. "How can I convince them to join us?" Nyota looked at Tina:

"You, young lady, will report here to my quarters at 600 hours for quick training and then escort me to the bridge; once there, you will observe the bridge crew and take notes."

"Got it! Thank you, Lieutenant Commander-I won't let you down!"


Chapter 7- Collaboration by Uhura the 9th
Author's Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000

Summary: Lieutenant Commander Uhura was attacked by Mr. Scott and was saved by Semek. She cut of Scott's finger as a warning and a trophy, but Kirk's women want to question her about her intentions toward their man. The Enterprise is about to rendezvous with a ship connected to the attempted mutiny.
See the source imageSee the source image



"Captain, I have a signal from an unknown ship; they state that they are ready for the exchange," Uhura said.

Kirk sat in his chair with a determined look on his face. He was using the Enterprise as bait. He wanted to meet the man who had tried to steal his ship; a sneer formed on his face as he waited patiently.

"Captain, I have a ship warping out of space at 751 mark 30; it has the configuration of a Klingon bird of prey." Spock continued to give data: "This ship is not on the Klingon Colonial registry; I surmise this ship has been stolen."

Uhura turned to the Captain with her earpiece in place: "We are being hailed on channel 4, sir."

"Can we get a visual of their bridge, Uhura?"

"No, sir. They are blocking us; it would take me five minutes to break it!"

"Do it while we talk."

Unknown Voice: "We received your message that you want to strike a deal. What do you propose?"

Kirk chuckled: "Exchange of information for the lives of your spies."

Unknown Voice: "Spies? Your communication spoke of no spies. I see we need to renegotiate our terms."


First Voice: "Sound red alert. Shoot anyone that comes through that door!"

Kirk laughed as he heard his crewmen take over the ship. A few minutes later, the sounds of phasers firing and people screaming were heard. Then Lt. DeSalle reported: "The ship is secure, Captain!"

"Good job, DeSalle! You'll get your bonus. Now check those cargo bays and start transferring the cargo to the Enterprise. And bring their captain to me!"

Kirk turned to Spock: "Mister Spock will do the honors of checking and verifying the cargo."

"Yes, Captain." Spock left his station with his Padd and went to check on the captured cargo, with T'Pring trailing behind him.

Kirk snapped his console button: "Scotty, get aboard that ship. Take what you need and check for any new gadgets."

"Yes, sir! Right away!"

Kirk sat back with his legs crossed and smiled in satisfaction at his victory as he gazed at the disabled ship on the main monitor.

"Chief Sulu, once the ship has been ransacked, put our guests on it and set it adrift."

"Yes, sir!" Sulu said, leaving to carry out his orders.

When Spock returned with the manifest from the captured ship, Kirk was pleased. It was a raiding ship that would steal and sell merchandise, which Kirk distributed among the crew for the good job they did. Kirk had to share in order to keep the crew happy and loyal; he gave extra credits to those who went the extra mile like DeSalle. Then he interrogated the ship's commander to extract from him the source of his supplies-after he spent some time in the agonizer.

Kirk informed the Empire of the smugglers' base, earning himself more praise and privileges. Then he transported the smuggler commander and his spies back to the abandoned ship, which no longer had engines or food. The Enterprise warped back to its original location and continued its course to Omicron Ceti VII to secure the planet's rich mineral deposits for the Empire. After the Enterprise had warped well out of the vicinity of the smuggler ship, it exploded. Kirk couldn't leave them free to attack his ship again.

Later, Kirk celebrated with his two women beside him in the dining hall. The smugglers had been carrying rare alcoholic spirits and other intoxicants, illegal supplies, and their favorite wines. Marlena and Janice sat on Kirk's lap with their arms wrapped around his shoulders, laughing and kissing him. His two personal guards stood alert behind him.

Spock was there as well, sipping Altairian water with T'Pring standing behind him as usual with her stoic face.

Scotty was quiet, knowing he was still on Kirk's bad side for attacking Uhura. He was still nursing the stump of his missing finger, as well as a deep hatred for her. His henchman stood behind him with a bruised eye acquired during the attack; he glared at Uhura with hatred from behind lowered eyelids.

McCoy was the second happiest at the table; he was enjoying the rare treat from the smugglers, Saurian brandy. He watched the crew celebrate their victory with a winning smile. He grabbed a yeoman by the waist as she walked by with a tray of food, and she giggled at his advances.

Even Chekov was participating in the festivities with his favorite vodka. He shot an occasional resentful glance at Tina, knowing he couldn't retaliate against her; in fact, he had to protect her because if anything should befall her, his life would be forfeit. He was trapped.

Chief of Security Sulu was in rare form. He chugged his drinks and often stared at Nyota. He too wondered if the rumors about her and Kirk were true; he was still hoping for an opportunity to engage with her.

Nyota sat with her legs crossed, leaning back in her chair and slowly sipping her drink while observing the men in front and maintaining her usual game face. Tina stood behind her quietly, remembering her duty to protect Nyota and focusing on the mission at hand.

Noticing Uhura, Kirk broke from his romancing and smiled.

"Lieutenant Commander Uhura, I give a toast to you for breaking the codes to give us control of the smuggler's ship!"

The crowd gave a hooray. Then Kirk looked at her guard stationed behind her and smiled again, raising his glass.

"I see you have a new friend; she's so small, I wonder what she can do?"

Tina came to attention and gave Kirk a thousand-yard stare, trying not to feel insulted by the comment.

Nyota swirled her drink and gave Kirk her own thousand-yard stare:

"It seems better than her last position; rumor had it that she was working for unsavory, unappreciative bosses. I think she likes her new job much better."

Chekov blushed as Kirk shot him a glare, saying, "I see what you mean."

Nyota turned to Kirk and slyly smiled: "You've heard about small packages, Captain?"

Kirk leaned back and laughed as he held his two women firmly. The both of them were sizing up Uhura and how she spoke to their man. They would still seek information on her, but the way Jim was speaking to her was not looking good. So his women intensified their efforts to return his attention to them.

"I like that, Uhura," Kirk said, before turning to Spock and lifting his goblet:

"Spock, the plan was flawless; a toast to you for making the Empire wealthier!

Spock inclined his head in acknowledgment of the compliment and then replied, "Captain, the efforts of the crew contributed greatly to our collaboration and the successful execution of our plan."

Kirk looked behind Spock to his female guard and chuckled: "Planning to get married, Spock? I see your new friend is always with you."

Spock arched a brow and said, "Her duties are none of your concern; her allegiance lies with me."

T'Pring felt insulted, knowing that all present were assuming she serviced Spock sexually-outside the sanction of marriage, which she had been promised by both families. Now she had been demoted to a bodyguard. "It must be a test," she thought, "a test that I must not fail." Although her face did not betray her, she eyed her rival with bitter enmity, mentally dismissing the little girl guarding her, who looked helpless.

Kirk was a bit offended by Spock's retort, but he knew it would be dangerous to push him too hard. The Vulcan didn't have any sense of humor. Instead, Kirk raised his glass again, giving the traditional toast: "To the Empire!"

Everyone in the room responded: "To the Empire!"

Meanwhile, as the rest of the Enterprise crew was celebrating their victory over the smugglers, the female crew were still celebrating the crushing of the prostitution ring. Many were relieved, but some couldn't believe they were actually free of forced prostitution.

In one of the ship's lounges, three women were talking about it:

"I can't believe it; I still can't believe it. I'm actually a crewman and not a slave!" Crewman Lola Sanchez said, shaking her head in disbelief

"You can say that again!" Crewman Ashley Boyle said.

"I wonder who finally gave those two scumbags the treatment? They were sickening and disgusting," Crewman Diane Polanski said.

"They made my life a living hell!" Ashley said.

Eve Brody sat back, nursing a drink while she listened to their conversation. Then she got an idea; she would need Tina to convince the women.

"Want to know who did it?"

The three women turned to Eve, and Lola spoke: "You know something, Brody?"

"Only if you're interested."

"I'm game!" Diane said excitedly.

"Me too!" Lola added.

"Count me in!" Ashley said.

"Come with me," Eve said, leading the women out the door and then to her station a few moments later. When they arrived she secured the door and said with a smile:

"I was the one who put those two scumbags in Sickbay, ending the prostitution ring," Eve said, taking full responsibility to protect the others.

"What?" the three women chorused, followed by expressions of deep gratitude.

Then one of them asked her, "What can we do to help?"

"First, you mustn't tell anyone about what I just said; I could become a target."

The three women looked at each other in agreement: "Of course not! We understand."

Then Eve explained the basics:

"The plan is to unite the women on the ship to demand equal pay for our work, plus demand respect. But mostly to make sure that we are treated well and that we have leverage with Kirk."

"How will that work?" Diane asked

"We need to be inconspicuous. Mostly, we need to look out for each other," Eve said. "We'll have each others' backs, as long as no one betrays the Empire. It's protection with no strings."

"Now that I can live with; I am always living in fear," Lola said.

"Yeah, it would be nice to sleep at night and not wonder," Diane said.

"I hear that! What do we do first, Eve?" Ashley asked.

"Retrain yourself in self-defense. I will help you. Learn everything you can in your department and learn everyone else's job as well. Study everything about their positions and the functions of this ship."

Lola looked confused and asked, "Wow, why so much?"

"Have you forgotten you're in the military? You need to know more than your peers. Now for the tough part," Eve started to say.

Folding her arms with some doubt, Ashley asked, "What's the catch?"

"No hooking up with men, at least not for now. They could be spies. If we are compromised, then we all get the agonizer."

Ashley nodded her head in agreement: "I see."

The others nodded their heads in agreement too.

"No drinking, or limit yourselves to one drink. You know what drinking does?" Eve asked.

"Yeah, you end up spilling your guts!" Ashley said, chuckling.

"Once I see how you carry out my instructions, we'll go from there. But if you see other women being abused, let me know, and we'll handle it together."

"Now that sounds like a plan!" Diane said.

"So are we all in?" Eve asked.

"Yes!" Ashley, Lola, and Diane responded.

"Starting tomorrow, you are all in the Sisterhood!

At the same time in Engineering, Lieutenants Charlene Masters and Mira Romaine were speaking quietly in Masters' office.

"How can you stand by and let that lowlife Scott steal your thunder, Charlene?!"

Charlene looked at Mira as she calculated her fuel consumption figures. "His hankering for glory will be his downfall. He's lost something already."

Mira chuckled. "You mean his finger? I loved it. Lieutenant Commander Uhura is my idol; she did me the biggest favor by doing that!"

"I found it interesting that she took his middle finger! Letting everyone know not to f$ck with her!" Charlene said.

Mira doubled over laughing, and Charlene joined her.

"Uhura is bad ss!" Mira said.

Charlene was curious to know how Mira would fit into the Sisterhood:

"So, I was wondering, Mira... We are the only women working in the Engineering department. If anything should befall our beloved Chief Engineer, what should we do?"

"As far as I'm concerned, you should be in charge. Command is not my thing; survival is. Things are bad down here. We do all the work and get none of the credit. The men down here are dogs and make us-mostly you-do all the work. Scott has you trapped in that room creating and inventing stuff, with him getting the credit. I wish I could help you."

"In fact you can," Charlene said. "How about you and I form an alliance and support each other down here."

"Yeah, why not? Nothing is working for me. I have half of the technicians down here trying to bed me, and the other half making me do their work."

"Good to hear! With my brains and your ingenuity, we can run Engineering without the men. Plus, like you said before, if anything should happen to Mister Scott, the Captain would need us more than Kyle and Brent."

"Hmm, this sounds good, Charlene! What do we do first?"

"Let's cross-train each other and then learn whatever those guys know, but do it discreetly. Then we share what we know and store the info on our secret Padds that we can access through the main computers. I can arrange them to give us instructions through hidden earpieces. Then we will be the smartest two engineers in the room."

Mira grasped the idea and smiled at the thought: "I love it! It's a deal!"

"So let's get to work and look out for each other."


Chapter 8-Things Never End by Uhura the 9th
Author's Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000 Summary: Captain Kirk was celebrating his capture of the smuggler ship, and everyone was wondering about Uhura. Charlene Masters and Eve Brody were recruiting other female crew to train for their cause, and their plans were falling into place. Kirk did not know it, but the female crew could run his ship.See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image


Things Never End

In Chapel's quarters, two women were interacting romantically, cuddling on their bed and discussing the ship and its crew.

"What do you think about Scott, Chris?" Sharon Running Deer asked, snuggling up to her lover.

"I don't know, but things sure are interesting. I mean, Scotty had the upper hand on Uhura. She should have been dead. Scotty didn't take it well, whatever it was that happened at that meeting."

"If it wasn't for that Vulcan, she would have been dead!" Running Deer added.

"You're right! On top of that, Nyota spared Scotty's life. Interesting. She couldn't kill him because that would get the Captain really mad; Scotty is the best in the Empire." Christine thought about it and gave Nyota credit for what she had done so far.

"If you say so; he may look like the best," Running Deer huffed.

"What do you mean?"

"I've heard Masters is the unsung hero of Scotty's engineering feats!" Running Deer replied.

"Interesting. What about Reilly and Chekov?" Christine asked.

"I've got to admit, Uhura did a great job in handling the prostitution ring. In that situation, Medical was called just in time to save their genitals. Otherwise, they would have ended up with prosthetics."

The two women laughed at the thought.

Chris looked at Sharon: "We contributed to that. You know, I think we did a noble thing. The women on this ship have always been treated badly and degraded-like second-class citizens."

"Yes, I agree. What's next?" Sharon asked.

"It looks like Nyota is managing things well on her own; let's see how things play out."

Charlene Masters had invented a device that neutralized phasers and agonizers, but the weapons needed to be within the range of the device. She was in the process of broadening the range of the beam. She explained the idea to Mira Romaine, and the two were able to redesign the beam range successfully. They had become a working team with a common goal, but they kept their relationship strictly business around the crew.

Nyota had just gone off duty and sent her bodyguard, Tina Lawton, on her way. Nyota was heading to her quarters when she noticed the corridors were empty. She became uneasy and slowed her pace, checking her surroundings. She glanced around and saw not one person; her hand slowly moved to her blade.

"You're not going to attack me, are you, Nyota?"

Marlena Moreau, one of the Captain's women, emerged from behind a bulkhead down the hall and slowly started walking toward her with a confident smile on her face. Nyota moved her blade to her gold sash as she watched Marlena advance.

"Depends on how you see it, Marlena."

Marlena stopped short and eyed Nyota up and down. "It seems you've been busy lately. I noticed your handiwork with Mister Scott. I did like the fact that you kept his finger as a memento. But I'm wondering how you... managed to get your promotion," she said with a sneer.

"How did you manage to clear the corridor of the crew?" Nyota asked, feeling uneasy. She knew Marlena and Janice Rand always worked together. "Vixens."

Marlena took a deep breath, tossed her head to the side, and lazily said, "We are the Captain's women. We do have some advantages to do... and take... what we want."

Nyota looked around, still with her hand on her hip near her knife. Then the fear crept into her thoughts that she could disappear, like some of Kirk's rivals had: "Where is your friend?"

Marlena's sly smile widened: "All I want is for us to talk, just girl stuff."

Nyota eyed her and didn't like the odds, she would rather have dealt with Scotty: "Okay, talk!"

"Janice and I are curious about your relationship with Kirk; we've noticed that he has taken a liking to you for some reason."

"And you're wondering if I slept with him, right?"

"That and what your position is in his life?"

"My personal life is not your concern or business. Did you ask your man?" Nyota continued scanning her surroundings with an uneasy feeling.

Marlena slowly shook her head at Nyota's reply. "Tsk, Tsk. Not the response I was looking for; we were hoping you would inform us first. We both wonder why he would pick you anyway."

A door swished open behind Nyota to reveal Janice leaning on the door frame twirling her knife .

"We were really hoping that you would talk to us woman to woman, Nyota. You hurt our feelings."

Nyota jumped and turned with her knife ready. "Look, you two bimbos, I don't have time for this. I'm tired and want to take my bubble bath."

Both women approached with their knives drawn and Janice said, "We don't like sharing, Nyota, and you have become a threat."

"Didn't your mothers teach you about sharing? Sharing is caring!"

Nyota felt slightly relieved, knowing she wasn't going to just disappear; she would rather deal with them this way. She judged their distance and the way they held their weapons; she thought of a plan. Being Kirk's women, neither of them saw much combat, but Nyota often had to defend herself as part of a landing party. She had a huge edge in experience. She put her knife back in her boot.

Marlena lunged forward with her weapon, yelling "B TCH!"

Nyota was able to knock the knife out of Marlena's hand with a twist of her wrist and then punched her in the throat. Marlena grabbed her neck and winced in pain, falling against the wall and sliding to the ground. Janice moved faster and kicked Nyota in the stomach, just hard enough for her to lose balance. Janice maneuvered behind her and placed a chokehold on Nyota, attempting to hold the knife against her throat. Nyota bent her knees to lower herself and flipped Janice over her back; she hit the floor hard. Marlena grabbed her knife and started to get up to help her sister vixen. Nyota, breathing heavily, dragged Janice to her feet and flicked her knife against her cheek.

"Don't even THINK about it; Kirk won't find her cute anymore!" Nyota snarled at Marlena.

Janice's eyes widened at the thought, and Marlena saw her distress in her face, stopping her in her tracks. She pointed her blade at Nyota and said.

"She's bleeding!"

"That's what happens when you play with the big girls, ladies! Let's take a walk to Chapel's quarters. She can help with your boo-boos. You lead, Marlena."

Marlena walked ahead. Nyota followed her with Janice in a headlock. They traveled four doors down to Chapel's quarters, and Marlena rang her chimer. Running Deer opened the door to see a disheveled Marlena rubbing her throat and Nyota holding Janice with blood trickling down her neck.


Christine appeared in the doorway and gave a slight chuckle at the sight that greeted her. She folded her arms across her chest:

"I am not surprised, not surprised at all. Nyota, you have to stop entertaining me." Christine stepped aside and let the women enter.

Nyota looked at the laughing head nurse: "Forgive me for inviting myself, but we have some injuries that need your attention. Do you mind?"

Christine turned to Running Deer: "Go get my kit, honey." Then she turned back to the guest: "So, what happened?"

Nyota released Janice and shoved her toward Marlena, who caught her as she stumbled. "It seems my relationship with Captain Kirk has been misunderstood," Nyota said snarkily. "I was... ambushed over my promotion."

"Aw, that's the rumor I've been hearing too, Uhura. Everyone is talking about it." Christine looked at the two vixens and raised a brow. "Janice, let me see to your wound before your man has a meltdown."

Running Deer gave the kit to her woman, and they both approached Janice and attended to her cut.

Marlena was still eyeing Nyota, waiting for her to answer the question. She finally snapped: "Well? What is it U-hu-ra? Are you sleeping with our man? If so, then this is not over by a long shot!"

Uhura sashayed to the desk with her hips swiveling and a devilish smile on her face, making the moment last longer. She leaned on the desk a safe distance from them and watched Christine and Sharon clean Janice's wound. Nyota twirled her knife as she watched the steam come out from both vixens' ears. She softly chuckled.

But Christine and Sharon exchanged a look of agreement. Christine turned to Nyota: "We both will join your cause. You have proven that this thing will work!"

Janice and Marlena looked at each other in puzzlement and then turned toward Uhura. Janice gently rubbed her quickly healing wound: "What... what are you talking about? What has been proven?"

Nyota folded her arms across her chest. "It depends on whether you agree to work with us. Thanks for committing, Chris."

Chris finished cleaning her equipment and wiped the blood off Janice's neck. She had used a skin regenerator to close the open wound. She looked at Janice and Marlena and chuckled.

"It was Nyota who shut down the prostitution ring on the ship and almost made Reilly and Chekov childless, dickless jerks. Nyota has made it her mission to protect all the women on the ship."

"Yes, she wants the women to have leverage with the command crew, protecting their jobs and earning a fair share of the credits," Sharon added.

"You did that? Are you trying to take over the ship or something?" Janice demanded to know.

"Oh no, that trick has already been tried. Didn't you see what happened to Stone and the others? I want leverage like everyone else," Nyota said.

Marlena looked suspicious: "Why are you telling us? We're with Kirk!"

"I'm standing here watching you lick your wounds. I bested you two when you attacked me, and it wasn't even a fair fight. Still, I think you could help us."

"Why should we? What's in it for us?" Marlena asked. "We're sitting pretty with things as they are now."

"Wake up ladies! Those bodies of yours won't stay fresh forever, no matter how many tummy tucks or liposuctions you have done. What do you think will happen to you when Kirk gets tired of you?" Chris interjected.

The vixens looked at each other and nodded in agreement: "But first, please tell us... did you sleep with our man?" Janice asked.

"I did not. I got my promotion fair and square. Kirk said if I completed the Halkan agreement[1] as planned, he would give me the promotion. Since then I've been in all kinds of trouble over it!" Nyota spat with disgust.

Christine chimed in snarkily: "Oh wow, looks like the girls are going to play nice together now. Sharon, get us something to drink, please. Ladies take a seat; we have something to celebrate."

As the women sat around the room, Marlena had more questions: "So how does this work? What part do we play?"

"First, continue as Kirk's women and don't tell him you are in the Sisterhood. Our lives depend on it. You two are in the best position to convince Kirk to give the women safety, respect, and our fair share of the credits the crew earns."

"The Sisterhood? What an interesting name?" Marlena commented.

"That's because we are the unsung heroines of this ship. We always have to fight to survive in this universe. Nothing comes easy for our gender. Ladies! You two have the most advantages of all the women on this ship. The other women are jealous of you. But you can support all of us and lift up all female crew members. We just want what's fair across the board," Nyota said.

Christine leaned back in her chair and sipped her drink: "She's right, ladies. Women in the Empire are second-class citizens. Mind you, there are a few in upper command, but they are there only with the support of powerful men. Even they have to fight to keep their posts."

Janice and Marlena sat back and stared at each other as if they could converse in silent code.

Nyota leaned forward and stared at them intensely: "I don't want Kirk or his ship! I want equal treatment and fair pay for the female crew's contributions to successful missions. You two are in the best position, with your seductive ways, to convince him to help the women on this ship."

After a pause and deep thinking on the part of the vixens:

"It's a deal; we'll help." Janice said finally.

"Now that we are one big family, I would like to get on with my love life," Christine announced. Sharon stood next to Chris and hugged her waist.

"Let me leave first; we can't meet all the time. I will set up communications to let you know what is going on, just in case we are all being watched."

"Cool, Uhura... Um, sorry for jumping you," Marlena said sheepishly.

"I've become used to it, but this outcome is so much better than the others. I'll be in touch," Nyota said.

Uhura left for her quarters, feeling proud that she had convinced Kirk's women to join her 'hood'. She had worked up a sweat from the tangle with the vixens and could hardly wait to take a long shower to wash away the fight.

Meanwhile back at Christine's place, Janice and Marlena were still talking about Uhura. Janice asked: "How did she take down Chekov and Reilly?"

Christine smiled at them: "They were drugged. The b*stards had Tina Lawton by the throat for almost a year. She had enough and asked for help."

"Those two were perverts anyway; I could never trust them." responded Janice.

"What made matters worse for them was that Kirk took all their credits, about three hundred thousand," Christine added.

The two women's mouths fell open in shock: "What?"

"Where are the credits now?" Marlena asked.

Christine rolled her eyes at them: "Are you serious? Kirk kept those credits, along with all his personal stash. "

Janice and Marlena looked at each other, acknowledging that Christine made sense.


End Notes:

[1] The Halkans were the alien race threatened in the TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror" (Season 2, Episode 4).    

Chapter 9-Signs of the Pon Far by Uhura the 9th
Author's Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000
Summary: Nyota battled the Vixens, but afterward she was able to convince them to join the Sisterhood. She was in a constant battle to maintain her position, but her influence and the Sisterhood numbers were increasing. But there were other concerns in the wings...
See the source imageSee the source image


Signs of the Pon Far

While Nyota was fighting the Vixens, Semek was hampered below decks. Somehow the deck Uhura was on was blocked off by Kirk's security men, including the turbolift, which had been set to bypass that deck. It was his job to observe her interactions and render any service she needed.

"I must proceed to the next level; I am on an assignment that requires my attention."

"Sorry; the upper deck is under repairs and not accessible for the moment," Hendrick replied.

"Is Commander Spock aware of these repairs?"

Hendrick chuckled and folded his arms: "It is not Commander Spock's concern, and it's only for another 30 minutes. Find somewhere else to go."

Semek was determined, he tried the stairs and tube ladders, but they too were blocked. The best he could do was take up a position near her quarters and wait. He knew his S'haile would not be pleased to find that his chosen one was missing. The report would not be pleasant. Semek managed to remain undetected, and about 20 minutes later he observed Uhura walking to her quarters. He noticed her hair was disheveled and that her body glistened with sweat.

"The female has been in another altercation," he thought. He watched her enter her quarters and waited 15 minutes before he left his observation post. Semek would have to report that he had been unable to maintain his surveillance of the S'haile's intended mate. Semek's duty was to protect the S'haile at all costs, but Spock's fascination with the Terran female confused him. He understood T'Pring's role: she was pledged to marry and serve the S'haile, but she had failed to perform her duty. The betrothal had been intended to unite the S'chn T'gai clan and the S'oleh-nau clan-the two most powerful clans on Vulcan-but it failed due to T'Pring's infidelity. In the wake of that, S'haile Spock had chosen another-a strong Terran female who had managed to fight off multiple attacks.

Semek entered their shared suite, which combined three officers' quarters and chimed S'haile Spock's private room. The door opened to show Spock in his dimly lit room, facing the portal into space and watching the stars passing.

"S'haile Spock, I have failed you."

Spock turned his head slightly.

"She was traveling on Deck 3. In my attempt to follow discreetly behind her, Captain Kirk's men prevented me from entering the area; the deck was blocked off from all for 25.5 minutes. All alternative routes were also blocked by Kirk's men. I proceeded to wait near her quarters. She appeared 22.45 minutes later, after the blockade was lifted. I do not know where she was during that time."

"How did she appear?"

"She... she apparently has engaged in a physical altercation."

Semek saw the tense stance of his S'haile and slowly looked down toward his hand to see a stylus. He watched as the pen began to bend in Spock's grasp.

"She lives, S'haile-the female is a strong fighter!"

"After we have carried out our mission on Omicron Ceti VII, prepare to visit Lieutenant Commander Scott to punish him for his attack on Lieutenant Uhura."

"Yes, my lord."

Semek left to attend to his next duty. He went to Shath's room and rang his door chime. Shath opened the door to receive him and raised his hand in the ta'al.

"Please lock the door and sound-proof the room," Semek asked.

Semek quickly scanned the room for devices with his tricorder and found it clean. He looked Shath in the eye: "How long does he have?"

Shath raised his brow at Semek's directness: "Perhaps two months, but maybe only weeks. I am unable to give a more precise estimate due to the S'haile's half-Terran physiology. What has happened to cause you concern?"

"I saw him deform a stylus when he was informed of the condition of his intended mate."

"What is the condition of his mate?"

"She has been in another altercation. It is unknown who the assailant was. I was hindered from performing my duties. Also, the S'haile has requested that we eliminate the engineer for his attack on her."

"I will observe him more closely. If the symptoms progress, I will notify him of his condition. What of T'Pring?"

"She is serving him as ordered, but if she becomes aware of his condition, there will be a problem."

"There will be no problem. S'haile Spock has made his choice-no matter how unorthodox it may be. It is our duty to protect and serve our future Lord. Your service honors the House of S'chn T'gai. Semek, you have performed satisfactorily."

"I am grateful, Healer Shath. We have a common goal to uphold the honor of the heirs of Surak."

"Continue with your duties."

Semek bowed his head and left Shath's room. He encountered T'Pring in the central room of the Vulcans' quarters: "You have done well, T'Pring, in your service to the S'haile."

She tilted her head: "I am here to serve all the S'haile's needs."

"Continue to serve and bring honor to your family and clan, T'Pring. As well as to the Empire."

"May I ask a question, Semek?"


"What is this sensation over the female Lieutenant Commander Uhura? It seems the males on this ship desire her presence. Why is this?"

"You are correct in your observation of the Lieutenant Commander. Beyond her exemplary performance of her duties as a communications officer, it seems she possesses attributes and skills that are attractive to or entertain the males on this ship."

T'Pring was taken back by his answer and was determined to inquire further.

"The males on this ship often find her physical stance and movements entertaining. Is there some significance to them?"

Just then Stonn arrived to give his report and joined the conversation:

"Significance? To what?" Stonn asked.

"T'Pring is inquiring why the males on this ship find Lieutenant Commander Uhura's physical appearance appealing." Semek replied. "There are many possible explanations that Vulcan may not perceive or understand. I have noticed that the men observe the swivel motion of her hips."

Stonn concurred: "I agree. They often pause to observe her for several moments."

Then T'Pring added: "They also seem to have an attraction to her large mammary glands. They sometimes stare at them with perspiration forming on their faces."

"Yes, I have listened to their conversations in the galley in which they state her large mammary glands are enjoyable to watch as she moves. I do not understand the significance of it; the sole purpose of mammary glands is to produce milk for newborn children, am I correct?" Stonn asked.

Semek realized that the S'haile would not likely be pleased to find them talking about his mate in this manner.

"I have no answer to your questions, but I have a duty to perform. Stonn, the S'haile awaits your report." Semek bowed and left the confusing conversation.

But T'Pring had a purpose; she had continued to seek out the S'haile. Her orders were clear: she must forge an alliance with Spock's clan. How could she correct this mistake? She needed a plan. She turned toward her space to meditate and think of a plan.

"T'Pring, must you continue to ignore me?" Stonn asked softly.

"There is no hope for us, Stonn. I have failed my family. I must regain my honor-their honor-to survive. Success in that relies on the S'haile."

T'Pring turned and left before he could answer. There was no use. Her only hope was that Spock would go into pon farr and they would mate. Only that could guarantee her position. Then she would be powerful and have her family's full support. Her only choice was to leave behind the man who wanted her but could offer her no future.

Meanwhile, a quiet man stood alone in his dimly lit room, thinking of the one woman who haunted his increasingly vivid dreams. If he planned correctly he would be mated to her by his choice. But there were so many stumbling blocks between them. "Nyota Uhura, what happened to you? Who dares to touch you? I will tear them limb from limb, crush them with my bare hands! How can I protect you if you will not let me near you, let me touch you? Nyota , my craving for you grows stronger each day. Others desire you; how can I keep them at bay? You must be mine-and mine alone! I want to mind-meld with you to become one flesh and mind. You have no idea how I have longed for you! But one day, my beloved, one day you will surrender to me."

Spock sat at his desk; he was aware that his need for Nyota was growing stronger. At that moment it was a flame burning in his heart; it cooled when he thought about Nyota. But he could sense that a time (THE time!) was coming when he would lose his logic and succumb to its primitive power. He must prepare. His chimer rang. He stood and faced the window, and then permitted Stonn to enter:


"The Captain has maintained his daily routine." Stonn said. "I have observed no change in his actions. But..."

Spock's head tilted in the dim light: "Continue."

"His two mates, I've observed, gave orders to Captain Kirk's men to block off certain areas of Deck 3. It was intentional; I estimate the deck was closed off for 35.2 minutes. Kirk's men stated that the deck was undergoing repairs, but the orders did not come from Captain Kirk-they came from his women."

"Your report was efficient; you may leave."

"I am here to serve, S'haile Spock," Stonn replied, before bowing his head and leaving.

Spock put the information together and deduced that the two females-Janice Rand and Marlena Moreau-had attacked Uhura. "They must have surmised that Nyota was in a sexual relationship with Kirk, and Kirk has never denied the accusation. Kirk caused the females to attack my mate-knowing Nyota, with her fighting skills, had the advantage." Spock leaned back in his chair, and pressed his forefingers together. "Indeed! Nyota is a fierce warrior; she will make a great mate to rule beside me."

"Time, Time, my beloved Nyota, just Time," Spock growled in his rich deep voice. Vulcans were a patient lot, and Spock had it for her.

He turned to the computer to check on her well-being. Spock-as well as Semek, his trusted aide-scanned her quarters regularly to check on her security. The computer reported her safe as long as she did not leave her quarters. He would be able to meditate and rest during the night.

Now Spock turned his thoughts toward how to take out Mr. Scott for attacking her. He was aware that Lt. Masters was also an accomplished engineer. She could replace him if he turned up missing. It had to be neat and clean so that Kirk would take his loss as collateral damage. Mr. Scott had not only confessed an attraction for her, he also wanted to harm her for embarrassing him in front of the Captain and the other officers.

Sulu was also on Spock's list of males who had shown too much interest in his mate. Sulu had been quiet lately; perhaps his debacle with the attempted hijacking of the ship had made him more cautious, Spock speculated.

But then there was Kirk, who had neither confirmed nor denied that he was sexually involved with Nyota. But he did declare his feelings for her in Sickbay, most challengingly. "Why?" Spock wondered. "He has an ulterior motive," he concluded. Then Spock formulated a theory: "Distraction! Distraction from what? Kirk has another plan that he is hiding from me! I must find out if it involves me." Spock's Vulcan contingent would be not enough to enable him to prevail if Kirk tried to double-cross him. He would need more loyal men. But where would he find them? Spock realized that he would be in danger once Kirk executed his plan. And he was extremely vulnerable in his current state.


Chapter 10-The Mystery MeetingĀ  by Uhura the 9th
Author's Notes:

See the source imageBeta Reader: Jsilver2000

Summary: T'Pring was still trying to figure out how to get Spock to mate with her, but Spock's heart lay elsewhere. Spock was planning to get rid of Scotty for attacking Nyota, his intended mate. He had also discovered that Kirk's women had attacked Uhura, but he was unsure of how to proceed in that matter.
See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image


The Mystery Meeting

The Enterprise was two days from Omicron Ceti VII, and the negotiation team was ready to bargain for the rights to the newfound dilithium deposits. Kirk knew this would be a big deal-if he were able to retrieve the dilithium, it would make him more powerful and it would keep him from being sent to engage with the Klingons. The Empire would see him as a more valuable asset than a mere successful warrior officer in the fleet. His prestige would increase, enabling him to ascend to a higher position, even if it meant taking out any admirals who weren't happy about his advancement.

In the meantime, Nyota was unaware that she is being followed by Semek, but she somehow sensed she was being watched. She made sure to always have her weapons at hand.

She called a meeting on her specially adjusted communicator; she sent Tina to Marlena and Janice, and then to Christine Chapel and Running Deer in Sickbay, to tell them to meet in Sickbay. Masters and Brody were already waiting for them at the meeting location on one of the lower decks.

Marlena and Janice were in a good mood, now that they had decided to join the Sisterhood. They had reexamined their odds of retaining their status as Kirk's women and realized their positions were precarious. Chapel and Running Deer had seen the advantages of joining too-having leverage in their department and throughout the ship. They realized they didn't have to do all the grunt work and never receive recognition for their hard work.

Nyota and Tina walked down the corridor toward Sickbay like queens on a mission. Tina had a satchel over her shoulder and hugged it close to her body. When they entered, they were greeted by the other women.

"Hello, ladies," Nyota said. She looked at Chapel: "Is the coast clear?"

"Yes, nobody's here but us, but I wouldn't feel safe here for too long. One of McCoy's flunkies might pop in."

Nyota smiled at them: "No worries."

She turned to Tina and the others and explained how the new communicators worked: "These are modified communicators; the signals are encrypted and they have shields on them so no one can detect us talking to each other. I will take your old ones and adjust them."

The four women looked at each other in amazement while Tina collected their old Empire communicators and exchanged each for one of Nyota's upgraded models.

"Now flip them open and touch the orange button," Nyota said, smiling as she watched them: "Now, ladies, we are going to take a little trip, I'll see you there!"

The women looked at each other in wonder, and then touched the orange buttons on their new communicators. Running Deer and Marlena dematerialized first.

Chapel raised a brow: "Impressive!"

Then Janice and Chapel dematerialized, followed by Nyota and Tina.

The women were all together in a storage area on a lower deck, where Masters and Brody had been waiting for them. Brody had changed the secluded area into a small living space in case someone needed to hide.

"How did you do that?" Janice asked.

"It's Masters' little secret; she's the mastermind behind this new intraship transporter device," Brody said.

"Hello again, ladies. Welcome to the Sisterhood!" Nyota said.

"Everyone has their new communicators, so we're ready to go!" Tina said.

"Well, ladies, since we all know each other, let's get down to business," Nyota said.

Masters reported first: "I recruited Lieutenant Mira Romaine; she's onboard. The two of us are cross-training for each other's jobs. We are also training to handle the stations in Auxiliary Control on deck six. Remember, we are the only two women assigned down there. We would need a couple more women to make it secure."

"I can help, Lt. Commander Uhura!" Tina interjected.

Nyota looked at her new bodyguard and smiled: "I need you to stick by me, but if you want to moonlight, it's up to you."

Tina turned to Masters: "If you need me, I'm willing to help. My previous 'job'-before Lt. Commander Uhura rescued-me was prostitution."

Charlene eyed her closely: "OK, kid, but only when Uhura doesn't need ya. And thanks!"

Eve spoke up: "I have recruited three women from the lower decks who were also being abused. They signed up with no trouble, and they are already doing extra training with me."

"Do they know about me?" Nyota asked.

"No, they think it's my idea."

"Good job! Ask them if they want to work in Engineering," Nyota said, smiling with satisfaction.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. I don't think it will be a problem." Eve made a note on her Padd.

"Yes, I can give them private training modules that they can access in their quarters," Masters added.

Nyota folded her arms and looked at Chapel and Running Deer: "Well, ladies, we are in the recruiting stage right now; everyone and everything can be of help. What can you offer, Chapel?"

"Interesting, I find your organization more and more fun," Chapel said with a smile. "The biggest group of women on the Enterprise are female nurses; Running Deer and I won't have a problem recruiting them."

"Yes, we have twenty-five female nurses attached to Sickbay," Running Deer agreed.

Nyota's eyes widened at the thought of adding so many members to the Sisterhood. Her heart jumped at all the possibilities.

Then Marlena chimed in: "I work in the Science department with five other women; I can recruit them. They are always complaining about being treated unfairly."

"I work with fifteen female yeomen; I don't think there would be a problem recruiting them either," Janice added.

Nyota leaned back against the wall and looked at her Sisterhood, thinking about all its networks. If she could just keep them loyal and true, they would have a great deal of leverage against Kirk and his crew.

"You know what did it for me, Uhura? The way we handled Chekov and Reilly-that was the turning point for me and the others to feel liberated," Eve said.

The women chuckled about how the prostitution ring had been taken down.

"Okay, ladies! Secrecy is the key at this point-no men can be trusted. We need to get the upper hand first. Do you all agree?"

They all nodded and said yes.

"We've covered most of the departments on the ship, with Security being the exception," Nyota said.

"I can train the yeomen to act as security," Janice said, "but it would be tough going up against Sulu and his men. He runs his department strictly and keeps his men at a high level of readiness."

"Then we need a plan to deal with them. How can we get rid of their phasers?" Nyota asked.

Masters stepped up with a grin, holding a small device: "Glad you asked! Mira and I have improved the device that I've been working on." Charlene gave Tina a phaser and pressed a button on the device: "Fire the phaser, Tina."

Tina was reluctant at first, so Nyota gave her a nod to proceed. She aimed the phaser at the wall, and it didn't work.

Nyota was fascinated, examining the phaser: "This is great; it shuts off the whole power pack! Does it work over long distances?"

"Yes, with this hooked into the main computer banks, I can render any weapon in the armory useless. This small one I have here is good for about a thousand feet."

"Good, that is our weapon of last resort. Great job Charlene! You have increased our safety factor by a hundred percent," Nyota said. "Now for the reason we are here: The mission on Omicron Ceti VII is a big credit bag. If Kirk gets the rights to those minerals, he will gain more power and move up in rank. The Empire will give him any position he wants. According to the geologist's report, there are rich seams of dilithium ready to be harvested. It will make Kirk one of the richest men in the galaxy. My gut tells me that once he has that planet, the rest of us will become expendable-because we know too much. We will be loose ends. Somehow, we need to attain control of the mother lode before he does, or it will be the end of us."

Christine shifted her hip and then said snarkily: "I think you should wait on trying to steal that prize."

Nyota leaned back against the wall and folded her arms: "Why is that?"

"First, you don't have enough crew to pull it off, or at least you don't have enough trained crew. And where are you going to hide the stuff once you get it?"

Nyota cast a glance at Eve but addressed Christine: "I have the shipment covered, but you're right about the manpower. I will delay confiscating the shipment as long as I can, but you ladies need to recruit the extra female crew we need."

"How are you going to hide it?" Running Deer asked.

"Don't worry about that. It's important that some things remain hidden so that one person can't rat out the others. Plus, if interrogated, they would be telling the truth that they don't know, so they won't be caught in a lie. It would also protect the other women," Nyota said.

"The thing is, Kirk has dreams of grandeur," Janice said. "He has his eye on Admiral Komack's position and then Fleet Admiral Nimitz's position."

"I can see that," Nyota said. "Then he would be co-ruling with the Empire with the galaxy at his feet."

Charlene smacked her hands together: "The bastard!"

"Kirk has always loved power; it lets him sleep nights," Marlena said.

"Remember, everyone is expendable, unless you have a purpose," Running Deer said.

"That's why we need leverage, ladies. And this mission can get it for us," Nyota said. "We don't have much time; we need all the intel from all departments. I'll have the planet's communications down; I have to make sure that they are not cheating Kirk."

Marlena laughed: "Nobody cheats Kirk!"

The rest of them laughed.

"Okay, ladies: The last item on our meeting agenda is to get all the women on the ship on our side," Nyota said. "It's a win-win. We'll be unstoppable. We will have leverage in all departments. We're strong if we stick together. If you can't reach me, reach out to the person next to you. You're the leaders of your groups and can decide how they will be run. But you answer to me in meetings like this. We don't need to challenge each other for any position; I'll take care of that! We need to trust each other! Are you all in?"

The women nodded their heads in agreement.

"This calls for a celebration!'' Eve announced. She opened a cabinet, pulled out a bottle of wine, and held it up.

"You're my kind of girl, Eve!" Christine said.

They passed out cups and got ready to drink.

Nyota looked around at her new leaders-her own personal crew-and could not stop smiling: "To the Sisterhood!"


Meanwhile near Sickbay, Semek was patrolling, waiting for Uhura to emerge. He finally stepped into the Sickbay lobby and found it empty. He looked around and could not find a single nurse or doctor. Then Stonn entered Sickbay and found Semek looking around. They stared at each other in confusion:

"Where did they go?"


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