BUNNY by DarkandLovely

everyone always wants to be an idol until they don't

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Hey y'all! So, this was VERY unexpected lol. I was not planning to start Bunny any time soon but Bon-hwa and Nova yanked my brain so hard I had to. This is one of my short stories that I projected starting this year! It's idea I hadn't before shared with you all hehe. 


this explores the reality of 'idol' life and the entertainment industry. drugs, sex, etc. 


kang bon-hwa (@bb_shnn) (27) 


Bon-hwa is a man who carries many weights on his shoulders. Being an idol, he constantly feels the heat from the spotlight as well as pressure from his company on a consistent basis. His image is squeaky clean and he's marketed as the innocent child-like member. His truth though far from it. His personality and that of his persona clash and he struggles to gain hold of and diffientiate between the present now and the two 'him's. 

Born to an affluent family, doctors lawyers and even musicians it seemed like his life in the entertainment business was set from before he was born. And yet through all of the madness, the memories of her seem to comfort him. She was the one person who hadn't treated him any differently... they were the same... Can this 'bad boy gone good' accept who he really is away from the spotlight or is it fated that he lose himself in the midst of it all? 


Reabetswe Fila Ranamane as Supernova 'nova' washington (26) 

@filah_lah_lah on instagram

@filah_lah_lah on instagram                    


Nova was different. That she knew. She didn't see many other girls with her complexion at the many tennis matches or at the soirees. She was lucky they said. Lucky to have come from an affluent black family. Lucky to have been raised by two parents, still happily married, by the way. She knew that her life was one they said 'was out of the ordinary'. In high school she meets this bright outgoing kid, much different than her. His name is bon-hwa but for some reason he gets stuck with the nickname bunny. A teenage romance ensues between the two of them before it is brutally ripped away from them as he returns to Korea. She is shocked to see him on her television screen one summer afternoon and she hardly recognizes him. 

Knowing that her connection to bon-hwa was still very much alive, it curiously happens that she starts to receive random messages from a stranger on the korean messenger app Kakao talk. In sparking conversation she begins to learn the secrets of the industry and how unhappy the guy is not knowing that the guy is bon-hwa.

Bon-hwa and Nova begin to rekindle their romantic feelings through text and once they meet face to face... it all crashes into a wonderfully terrible mess of memories, unspoken emotion and passion. 

Will Nova be the one to provide Bon-hwa with his safe haven? Will she be able to accept him for who he really is behind the persona? 

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