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everyone always wants to be an idol until they don't

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Hey y'all! So, this was VERY unexpected lol. I was not planning to start Bunny any time soon but Bon-hwa and Nova yanked my brain so hard I had to. This is one of my short stories that I projected starting this year! It's idea I hadn't before shared with you all hehe. 


this explores the reality of 'idol' life and the entertainment industry. drugs, sex, etc. 


kang bon-hwa (@bb_shnn) (27) 


Bon-hwa is a man who carries many weights on his shoulders. Being an idol, he constantly feels the heat from the spotlight as well as pressure from his company on a consistent basis. His image is squeaky clean and he's marketed as the innocent child-like member. His truth though far from it. His personality and that of his persona clash and he struggles to gain hold of and diffientiate between the present now and the two 'him's. 

Born to an affluent family, doctors lawyers and even musicians it seemed like his life in the entertainment business was set from before he was born. And yet through all of the madness, the memories of her seem to comfort him. She was the one person who hadn't treated him any differently... they were the same... Can this 'bad boy gone good' accept who he really is away from the spotlight or is it fated that he lose himself in the midst of it all? 


Reabetswe Fila Ranamane as Supernova 'nova' washington (26) 

@filah_lah_lah on instagram

@filah_lah_lah on instagram                    


Nova was different. That she knew. She didn't see many other girls with her complexion at the many tennis matches or at the soirees. She was lucky they said. Lucky to have come from an affluent black family. Lucky to have been raised by two parents, still happily married, by the way. She knew that her life was one they said 'was out of the ordinary'. In high school she meets this bright outgoing kid, much different than her. His name is bon-hwa but for some reason he gets stuck with the nickname bunny. A teenage romance ensues between the two of them before it is brutally ripped away from them as he returns to Korea. She is shocked to see him on her television screen one summer afternoon and she hardly recognizes him. 

Knowing that her connection to bon-hwa was still very much alive, it curiously happens that she starts to receive random messages from a stranger on the korean messenger app Kakao talk. In sparking conversation she begins to learn the secrets of the industry and how unhappy the guy is not knowing that the guy is bon-hwa.

Bon-hwa and Nova begin to rekindle their romantic feelings through text and once they meet face to face... it all crashes into a wonderfully terrible mess of memories, unspoken emotion and passion. 

Will Nova be the one to provide Bon-hwa with his safe haven? Will she be able to accept him for who he really is behind the persona? 

o n e by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:


o n e 





Confetti gave a pleasant ‘pop’ and champagne began to flow more foam at first than alcohol. Thanks to Gang-bum. He cheesed hard as it finished spilling over and began to pour it into their flutes. 

    “Aera, you don’t want some?” 

    “Hello? Hyung?” A hand waved over his face snapped him out of whatever daydream he had been in and he blinked, looking up at I.H, the youngest member of the group. 

    “Ah, sorry. What were you saying?” The poor boy looked concerned for a moment but grinned, handing him a flute of champagne. 

    “Here hyung! Let’s drink!” 

    “Ah… sure.” Clearing his throat, he gave a small smile as he eyed the other members laugh and play around. 

    “I want to toast to you all.” At the voice of their company CEO, they all grew quiet. Lifting the champagne glass, she smiled, eyes twinkling. 

    “You all worked really hard on your debut. I know it wasn’t easy.  I’m proud of you for keeping at it even though you wanted to give up.” As she spoke, he swallowed thickly. 

    “Some members came to us just in the nick of time.” Her eyes moved from the larger group to his. 

    “Aera, we appreciate your dedication to the group and to the company.” Placing his now empty glass on the nearby table, he stood and bowed deeply. 

    “I am forever indebted to you Sajang-nim. Thank you for welcoming me so well.” Lifting up, he caught her smile. 

    “Good then. Let’s drink and have a good time!  Kim Im-Hwan, give me the champagne!”  The boy pouted, making some of the female sunbaes giggle. 

    “But…I want some too!” 

    “Give it here!”    




    It was all one big fucking act. 



    The room suddenly went dark and they all grew still. 


    All of it. 




    “What’s going on? Why did it get dark?” None of the other members answered him. In the black silence, he could hear the clinking of glass and low quiet sighs. 




Wasn’t this all it was about? Of course, it was always all about appearance. What looked good. What sounded good. 




    “Hyung, the quieter you are the faster it’ll be over.” I.H. 

    “What the hell are you talking about? What’s going on?” 

    “You’re the newest one here so that means tonight is your initiation.” Initiation? 

    “Every one of us has had to go through it.”  

    “You’ll fight it at first but after a while, it’ll get better.” 




    At the time, he didn’t know anything. He didn’t know what he expected but it wasn’t…it was far from that. 





    Hot. He felt so hot. Groaning, he opened his eyes but soon they grew wide with shock. What the fuck? Chani, the leader of the group was stark naked right in front of him. Several of the other members were either in the same state or being undressed. Dropping panicked eyes down he found that he too had been undressed, even his boxers taken off. His arms had been tied behind him, hands bound. A black leather harness covered his neck, chest and further down enclosed around both of his thighs.  

    “What the fuck is going on?” He heard his voice ask but it sounded strange.  Slurred. Drunk. Horrified eyes watched as raven and blonde heads bobbed, mouths stuffed full of the dicks of CEOs from other companies, producers of variety shows, and even studio directors. 

    “He’s awake. Finally.” Effeminate moans filled the now-lit room. Tied until he couldn’t move, the second youngest Gang-bum whined and thrashed as some strange-looking thing was pressed against his erect penis. Another was pushed into his butthole and at that, he moaned like a bitch in heat. He felt his heart pound against his chest. Fingers pulled his head away and up. Red lips smirked. His eyes had grown watery now and he felt like at any moment he was going to throw up. Kang Ha-joon. Their CEO. 

    “Are you going to cry?” She asked with a taunting little snicker. 

    “S-Sajang-nim…w-w-what are y-you doing?” She licked her lips as she towered over him. She wore the undergarments of a hanbok, her hair twisted up and away from her face. She knelt, grabbing his hair once more. 

    “We have to welcome you to the company Aera.” 

    “You’re fucking sick… all of you!” At his English, she sneered. 

    “Keep talking in that language. I dare you.” 

    “You don’t have to do this. Seriously. Let me go Sajang-nim.” Shoving his head back, she stood up and began to unwrap her bindings to her chest. Breasts, obviously implants, sat smooth and pert as she pulled off the silky red chima, revealing her mound covered in a thong in the same color. 

    “You’re a disobedient one aren’t you?” Lifting her foot, she began to step on his member, bringing a pained hiss to him.  

    “Didn’t Mommy and Daddy groom you for this? You should know what we’re doing isn’t disgusting. It’s business.” Spreading her toes, she teased his length some, making him jerk. He scooched away from her, eyes steely. 

    “Don’t touch me.” Laughing, the woman lifted her leg and kicked him back against the sofa. 

    “You told me you were forever indebted to me but a moment ago. Did you forget that quickly?” Straddling him, she leaned forward as the sound of the orgy intensified. All around them sweaty flesh, lust filled the air, the whirring of those strange objects, and the smell of ejaculation made his stomach queasy. 

    “Poor puppy. Don’t throw up before I’ve broken you in.” Pressing her lips to his, she took a hand to keep his moving head still. The other she slipped down past his hips and squeezed his testicles tightly, bringing a pained grunt to sound against her mouth. 

    “If you obey me, I’ll be nice.” Letting go of his scrotum, she took a lone finger and inched closer to his anus. He thrashed, body now lightly shiny with sweat, beads of it dotted his forehead and his hair had grown damp. He protested against her mouth as the tip of her finger rubbed against the puckered little hole. She bit his lip to silence him, drawing blood. 

    “If you don’t….I’ll find the biggest plug we have and fuck you with no lube.” Lips grinned as tears began to drift down his cheeks. 

    “P-please Sajang-nim…..don’t do this… please. I’ll do anything else but this…. not this…” 

    “Shhh.” Licking his jaw, she sat up and for a moment appreciated the hard work training had produced in his body. She seemed pleased, teasing the toned hard chest and stony abs with her fingers. 

    Getting up, she turned around and nearly suffocated him, sitting on his face with little to no warning. 

    “Let’s see how you eat my pussy. Depending on how well you do, I might even suck your little virgin dick.” 




    That night was hell. The filthy bitch had played with him like he was nothing but a toy. His first taste of pussy was sour and it made him nauseous. It smelled just as sour as it tasted. Of course, he’d been inexperienced and she knew that. She got off on it… on the fact that he was powerless beneath her. 



    Mashing the wet flesh of her mound against his nose and chin, she instructed him on how to keep his tongue as she began to play with her clitoris… move it there… no over that way…yes… right there…make it stiff…yes. Riding his face, she came intensely, loud nasally moans making him sick. Panting, she laughed some, lifting fingers to push back her hair. 

    “God, you’re terrible. But you do take direction really well don’t you?” She asked shaking her bottom against him.  Lifting up, she got off of him and for a moment, went into a room, leaving him to stare up at the ceiling, her drying fluids and his tears making a mess of his face. The moans of his group members and those of unnamed men and women continued on, a twisted disgusting aria that he never wanted to hear again. Ha-joon reappeared, holding some of those strange-looking objects. 

    “Do you know what these are Aera?” She asked, lifting her pinky finger to her mouth. 

    “I don’t want to know…please.” Licking it once more she removed the digit and knelt. 

    “Let’s see what we have here…” Slowly, she began to push the tip of her finger into his butthole, the intrusion making him cry out. The pain made tears slip down his cheeks more and he openly began to cry now, the veins in his neck now popping out from the strain.

    “Stop…..please stop…. that hurts…..” But she progressed a bit more until half of the digit was inside, eyes intensely on his pained face.

    “It’s so tight….just like a girl.” Pulling the finger out, she cleaned her hands with sanitizer and began to squirt thick clear lubrication on the smallest plug she had, a pretty little jeweled one, a heart-shaped gem. Taking the excess, she put the cold wet fingers right against his entrance, making him jerk once again, away from her. 

    “The more you fight me the more it will hurt.” And like that, she began to push the plug little by little into his virgin hole. 






    When it was all over, he’d laid there on that couch and sobbed like a baby. Humiliation and disgust covered him like a blanket and he couldn’t remember the last time he’d cried like that. She wasn’t satisfied until his come had oozed out from the top of the cone-shaped vibrator she’d put on him, all of it making a filthy mess all over him. She’d watched that pretty pink jewel throb as the following orgasm after orgasm made him breathless. His body spoke for him and what a beautiful admission of pleasure it was to witness. So she told him time and time again afterward. But to him, he felt like he’d rolled around in shit. He hated how his body had betrayed him. He hated how….how much of a monster he became afterward….pandora’s box had been opened and suddenly filled with rage, he wanted to destroy whatever he could. Even if it meant destroying himself. 

End Notes:


A/N: This really took a life of its own. I was not even gon start this y'all. Please let me make that clear first LOL.I had like no direction really at all lol. But when I dreamt of Bon-hwa and Nova Friday night, I knew I HAD to write what I saw. To be honest, one of the reasons I left the kpop scene was because things like this happen in real life. Orgies, rape of minors/underage boys and girls...it's really disgusting. This stuff is happening behind closed doors not just in Korea but in America too. Pretty much all over the world in entertainment. It's sick. This story is my attempt to give voice to countless men and women who enter the korean entertainment industry and are forced to stay silent about what happens to them. 



t w o by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:


t w o 


    “Have you heard from Bon-hwa?” Bright laughing umber eyes turned from the tv to look at her sister. 

    “Bunny? No. Why would I?” 

    “I have been thinking about him lately. It’s been so long Nova.” Her smile faltered slightly before it resumed, her eyes now back on the tv. 

    “Yeah…he’s been gone 10 years now. You remember how they left?” Her sister, Nebula, sat next to her with a quick suck of the teeth. 

    “Hell yeah I remember. It was weird how his family just packed up and left so abruptly.” Her eyes didn’t leave the television screen but her nails started picking at the skin of her cuticles. 

    “Right before they left, he told me why. He said he was going to audition to be a music star over there…in Korea.” 

    “Bon-hwa couldn’t sing. The hell?”

    “If Mother heard you talking like that you know she’d be very upset Neb.” Her older sister pursed her lips and rolled her eyes. 

    “I know mère would be furious. But she ain’t here is she?” She didn’t reply to that but her lips smiled some. 

    “Bon-hwa could sing. He just never sang around you.”

    “Well, with his mean-looking ass I ain’t wanna hear him anyway.” She bust out laughing, grabbing her stomach. 

    “You so damn rude. Bunny did not look mean.”    

    “Yes the hell he did. Talk about a resting bitch face.”

    “But he was more outgoing than I was. Bitch face or not.”

    “Hm. You was just the timidest wallflower. It made no sense.” 

    “And that’s why he was my best friend.” 

    “Hm. Well, I’m heading out. Lock up when you leave.”

    “Going to see your boyfriend?” Nebula cheesed way too hard but otherwise said nothing else, the door closing her admission. 

    Sighing, she laid her head back against the cushion of the couch. Bunny. Over the years she had her moments when she’d think about him. Remember him. Closing her eyes, she let the ache in her chest bring forth the memories she carried in her heart. 




    “Hurry up short stuff.” A tiny hand slapped him on the arm. 

    “Shut up.” Nearly wheezing, she struggled to catch her breath and he couldn’t help but grin as she panted stooped over, hands on her knees. 

    “I don’t walk that fast Nova. Stop being so damn dramatic.”

    “Boy…Tais-toi ou je te tue…” She straightened up, one last exaggerated sigh making him chuckle. Lifting a hand, he placed it on top of her head and pulled her closer, grin deepened, and licked his lips. 

    “You know I love when you speak French to me Nova. It’s hot.” Her cheeks grew as hot as the sun blazing on them and she just knew her cheeks were blooming in color, that hand pulled her head even closer towards those smirking lips of his.

    “Even though… I told you I’d kill you if you didn’t shut up? Still find that hot?” 

    “Hot as fuck.” Pushing him back from her, she pursed her lips. 

    “You got problems.” That made him chuckle and it didn’t take long for him to catch up to her. 

    “Don’t be mad princess.” He said against her ear, his arms pulling her back against him. Sighing against the crown of her head, he smiled crookedly. 

    “I like teasing you.” 

    “Well, I don’t like it. You’re being mean.”

    “But it’s so cute seeing you get so worked up.” He said, letting her throw his arms away from her. 




    Teeth sank into her bottom lip as she smiled and she allowed the memory to wash over her. Bon-hwa had always been like that. The masculine cadence in his voice, the confident swagger in his stride, eyes, smile. All of it had excited her. Her bunny. Quite large and tall he physically didn’t look so soft; by all means, she’d seen him shirtless a time or two to prove that. It was his eyes though. Big and innocent-looking, sometimes, they reminded her of a bunny’s. Cute. Endearing and lovable. Opening her eyes, she balled up her lips as she stared up at the ceiling. Her heart ached the more she thought about him but once she started going, it was hard to stop. 




    She’d never seen him look so flustered before. Boy was straight up stuck. Mouth open. Eyes wide. At a complete loss for words. 

    “Hello! Bon-hwa…HEY!” The snap of his sister’s fingers broke whatever trance he’d been in and his eyes shot over to hers. 

    “Don’t mess this up for her tonight okay dipshit? This is her big night.” 

    “Are you sure it’s okay for Hyung to go with her? He looks like he’s gonna throw up.” The parents all chuckled at the now blushing girl and equally as red boy as they tried to avoid eye contact.

    “Nova would not allow me to even suggest another date. He can’t back out now.” 

    “Nova, you look like a fairy. Your dress is so pretty!” His sister Ji-eun complimented, her eyes full of adoration.

    “O-oh… thanks.” The theme at the prom was the Secret Garden and she’d picked a quite luxurious blush ball gown.  Delicate and off the shoulder, the massive body resembled flowers here and there. She’d taken her braids out and her natural hair had been fashioned in a big fluffy afro, the whole of it adorned with different kinds of flowers. Indeed, she looked like a fairy about to take flight. 

    “Well, let’s get the birthday girl to her party.” Clearing his throat, he offered his arm and she gently accepted it. They both heard the snickers of their siblings as they both entered the limousine. A brief tap on the window cut up the nervous energy between them. Rolling it down, she found her father peeking in. 

    “Tonight because it’s prom and your birthday, you can stay out a little later sweetheart.”

    “How late?”

    “Make it back by 2.” She gawked at him as his eyes slid over to Bon-hwa who seemed to be finding his clutched hands interesting. 

    “Have her back at 2. I’m trusting you with her.” He lifted his gaze. 

    “Of course Mr. Washington. She’s safe with me.” The two of them stared at each other for the longest, a silent conversation ensuing before he tapped the window. 

    “Have fun baby girl.”

    “Thank you, Daddy.”




    That night was one of the best nights of her life. That night, she let her friends pull her off of the wall and into the fray of dancing bodies. She let laughter come up from her belly and let the music move her. It was a night of release. 




    “I told you not to get us a fucking room dude. What the fuck?” 

    “Listen, her pops said be home by 2. It’s currently midnight. Which means that you can finally stop eye fucking her and do it for real just in time to take her home.” She had heard them… him and his friend over there talking. Being quiet all the time had its perks. 

    “Don’t chicken out now Hwa. Besides, haven’t you heard the quiet shy ones are always the freakiest? She might like choking and shit.”

    “Fuck you. Don’t talk about her like that. Get the fuck outta my face.” Shoving the snickering jerk away from him, he cursed under his breath and slid his hair back from his face. 

    “Whatever you do Hwa, don’t nut in her.” 

    “Don’t what?” His head turned so fast she thought his neck was gonna fall off. He looked horrified at her arrival and said Cheshire cat next to him just grinned even deeper. 

    “Nov, me and my date gon get a room for a few hours.”

    “Uh-huh. And why do you have my friend over here all red-faced?” He sniggered. 

    “Look, you two figure out something to do. I paid the limo driver a lil extra to go take a ride around downtown ya feel? He’ll be back around 1:30.”

    “Wait, why are you leaving me with-”

    “Bye kids.” The kid damn near dragged his date into the elevator and it was quiet between them. This time, this whole evening it had been an uncomfortable silence. She didn’t like that. 

    “We might as well head up.” He looked like he had swallowed a tire but nevertheless trailed behind her as she went to press the up button. Shivering, she lifted her hands up to her arms. 

    “Here.” She looked up at him as he lowered his tuxedo jacket onto her shoulders. 


    “If you were cold, you should have told me earlier.” 

    “Sorry.” Smiling, she closed the jacket and enjoyed the expensive cologne that seemed to wrap around her like a warm blanket. He kept his hands in his pockets as they walked to the room. Opening the door, the two slowly stepped into the room. A luxury suite for sure. Large sitting room. Oft to the right they could see what looked like the bed and bathroom. Ample kitchenette. 

    “How much did your friend pay for this room? Good lord.” 

    “Hell if I know. He shouldn’t have bought it.” 

    “Why not? I’m tired from all that dancing.” That made him smile and a small chuckle followed after. Finally. Some semblance of normality. 

    “I’m proud of you my little wallflower. You really put yourself out there tonight.” She blushed and turned to walk into the bedroom. 

    “You think we could take a nap?” 

    “Of all things to do you want to nap?” He probably didn’t mean it the way it sounded. 

    “If not nap then what?” He didn’t say anything, just looked at her. It was more intense tonight. Like… like he was yearning for something. Like he wanted her to figure out what it was. Licking her lips, she turned her eyes away and down, gripping her hands together. 

    “Can you unzip me please? I wanna take a shower.” He was unusually quiet but she felt and heard the zipper glide down her back. 

    “Thank you.” Rushing into the bathroom, she closed the door, pressing her back against it. Her heart was beating so fast. A warmth sat on her cheeks. She felt dampness in between her legs and thought maybe she’d peed a little. Pulling the dress off, she reached down and gasped. That was not pee. Oh God…. Lifting her fingers to glance at the translucent slime, she hastily wiped it off on the towel and started the shower. 




    It had begun way before prom night. The flirty touches, warm breath, body heat, and lips always teased her. But never before had her body reacted like that. She’d washed it away, the sweat, excitement, and exhilaration of the night away with foamy suds. Washing the makeup off of her face, she sighed, feeling clean…feeling better. If she could go back, she’d tell her younger self that it was okay….that her body was only telling her what her heart was too afraid to admit. 



    The towel against her skin felt divine, thick, and fluffy and she’d managed to take out most of the flowers from her Afro. Looking at her bare face, she licked her lips and slowly began to open the door. He was not there in the bedroom. 

    “Bunny?” She called, the cold air from the air conditioner starting to make her tremble and shake. Damn. She forgot the air was on. 

    “I do have a question for you.” Gasping, she turned towards his voice. He stood against the doorway, arms crossed. 

    “What is it?”

    “What are you going to put on?” Blinking, she hadn’t thought about it and was rather embarrassed at the fact. 

    “Um…they should have robes…um…” 

    “Mmhm.” Her mouth grew dry as he began to unbutton his shirt, nice and slow…thoughtfully. 


    “Uh what?” He shrugged out of the shirt and tossed it there beside her dress laying on the floor. 

    “Such a pretty dress. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so dolled up before princess,” That one word seemed to start up that dampness again and she pressed her thighs together again. 

    “While you were in the shower, I’ve been trying to think of all the ways to do this right… to say it right.” She was like a deer in headlights as he came closer and closer, his pants having been thrown in the little pile of their clothes. Taking her hands into his, he intertwined their fingers and pressed them back against the wall. 

    “Bon-hwa….” Pressing his forehead against her shoulder, he breathed heavily, tightening their fingers. 

    “You’re just as beautiful without it on. You’re so perfect, princess…” She squeezed her eyes shut, knowing he was looking at her naked body. 

    “Let me go Bon-hwa….”

    “If you tell me you don’t feel the same way I will.” 

    “What?” Lifting his head, his eyes were intense and passionate and they trapped her. He took one of her hands and grabbed his very aroused member, a thick outline threatening to spill out from his boxers. 

    “You make me get like this…every fucking time.” Cheeks now red in blush, he lowered his head once more to press against her neck. 

    “I didn’t know….how to tell you. I guess I was scared. I’m scared shitless right now Nov.” She swallowed thickly and let go of his hand, only to lift her arm and wrap it around his broad shoulders. 

    “We can be scared together bunny. You make me feel the same way…” She said softly against his ear, biting her lip as he squeezed their hands tighter. 

    “I…um…I don’t feel as hard as you but…I get really wet down there.” 

    “Are you wet right now princess?” Breath heavily once more, her breath faltered in her throat as his lips kissed her shoulder… once. Again. 

    “…yes…” She admit, the weight of embarrassment losing its hold on her with each passing confession. He didn’t answer this time, his lips instead taking hers in a kiss. His hand let go of hers finally and lifted to pull her against him. Their kiss was awkward and clumsy and for a moment, the two of them couldn’t help but laugh against each other. 

    “For fuck’s sake… “

    “What are we doing bunny…” Eyes now relaxed, they smiled at her as they attempted another kiss. 

    “We’ll figure out what we’re doing together….” He said, eyes growing dark and lidded once again. Lifting her up into his arms, he began to walk them back towards the bed. 




    It was amazing. The human body. It seemed to have its own intrinsic way of moving and being when two people wanted to make love. It just seemed to know.



 Their kisses had grown slower and less rushed. It felt funny, their tongues slipping against each other but with time and practice, she was sure it would have felt like heaven. He’d laid her underneath him and for the tiniest moment, she’d forgotten everything but his hands as they caressed and squeezed her breasts and his lips as they kissed her skin. Tongue as it licked and played with her nipples. 

     Moaning softly as he kissed down the valley of her chest, she’d forgotten about it all. Interesting to say that while he kissed and quietly roamed her, her triangle tingled and throbbed, growing wetter and wetter. Just as he had lowered on all fours, ready to open her legs, remembrance slammed into her stomach and chest like a train. She’d forgotten that she’d promised God to wait. She’d promised herself. Her hands shot down to grip his shoulders and it made him pause. 

    “B-bon-hwa…w-wait…” Desire and longing had made his gaze heavy and sleepy, his pouty lips swollen from their kisses. But, he didn’t move, eyes deadlocked on hers. 

    “I’m…I’m sorry…” Lifting, he carefully laid against her, body slightly to the side. Sighing against her, she felt his lips smile. 

    “Don’t be sorry…” 


    “We should. Wait.” Embarrassment flushed her but his tiny little pecks against her cheek and nose made it go away. 

    “You don’t want to though…you wanna do it…” With him flush against her, she could feel the hardness of his member and tried everything to put push against it. 

    “It’s not about what I want Nova.” Moving her to lay on her stomach, he sighed against her again, their fingers intertwining above them. 

    “I want you to be ready. I want you to feel ready.” With that, he started to get off of her when a silky groan sounded behind her. She began to lift and hands used that momentum to pull her bottom back against him. She gasped loudly, closing her eyes tightly. God, that felt so good.  Leaning forward to arch her back, she turned her eyes up towards him. Letting his hand rest on her lower back, he inhaled deeply, eyes tearing her to shreds. 

    “This’ll be here when you decide it’s time baby girl. No rush.” 



    She hated it. Hated that he’d left her. Hated that his family didn’t think their friendship…their relationship worth a damn. He came from money but then so did she. It wasn’t like they weren’t economically compatible. She wasn’t weak, dumb, or incompetent by any means. But, none of that mattered. Somewhere down the line, to them, something about you was never going to be good enough.

    Clearing her throat, she stood from the couch and grabbed her keys.  She hated that in her mind, dreams, and fantasies he had made a permanent home and showed no signs of leaving. God forgive her… It didn’t matter how many times she touched herself thinking about him…it wasn’t enough. When would it ever be enough? 

End Notes:


A/N: Ah, my baby Nova poo. I feel bad for her... for them. Their love was blossoming so beautifully and it was ripped from the earth like a weed. This chapter, I wanted to show the innocence of teenagers. I remember before I had my 'sex' talk and my body used to react like Nova's I didn't know what the hell was happening lol. Hell, I thought I was literally dying when I started my cycle LOL. At 16 years old, by now they've had their talk of course... but the feelings and hormones coursing through the both of them is new and umfamiliar. I wanted to showcase that. The beauty in not knowing. The beauty in wanting to discover pleasure together. *sniff* can you tell that  I love them? (bxn supremacy lol) 



Nova's prom/birthday dress: 

Buny;s tux:

Nova's family:

Their mother Léa Washington


Their father Matthieu Washington 

Nebula, Nova's sister 


Bon-hwa's family: 

His father Noah Kang

His mother Emma Kang 

His sister Ji-eun 

His brother Junho 

t h r e e by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:


t h r e e 





“Aera! Aera! Aera!” A glossy face smiled, perfect teeth shining bright like pearls. 

    “We love you Cuties!” Many of his fangirls screamed and he laughed softly, eyes crinkling up at the corners. 

    “We hope you like our new song. Please treat us well!” 

    “I LOVE YOU AERA!” Pretty blue eyes came up on the projector as they turned to look for the voice who had shouted. 

    “I love you too!” At the cute aegyo in his voice and the heart made with his arms, the girls went crazy. 

    “Yah, I think the Cuties come to see Aera more than the rest of us!” 

    “Oh? Are you jealous?”

    “No no no no don’t misunderstand me. Aera’s so cute it’s hard not to come to see him.”

    “But I think our maknae I.H is pretty cute hehe.”

    “We all are right?”

    “RIGHT!” The crowd answered with a firm shout and the group of guys all laughed and hugged each other before getting in formation for the next set. 





    Groaning, he flopped onto the couch, reaching up to throw the headset away from him. God his body hurt. 

    “Tired already Hyung?” Kang-min queried behind him with a smirk. 

    “I need a break.” He answered, voice full of exhaustion. 

    “I thought we were gonna go drinking later. You don’t want to?” Of course, his voice sounded polite but the hands that found themself on his ass said a different story. Lifting his head, he turned his face, glaring up at him. 

    “Kangie, stop groping him. I’m sure there’ll be somebody’s dick for you to gobble later.” The younger man pouted, reluctantly letting go of his ass.

    “But, Bonnie-hyung has the biggest one in the group.” 

    “Size isn’t everything you know.”

    “Tell those insatiable bitches with pussies out there. The bigger it is the better they like it.”

    “That’s why I prefer men. We don’t care how big it is, just as long as it fills us up, makes us feel good, and makes us cum.” 

    “Don’t be a fool. Size queens are everywhere.” 

    “Great job everyone! Good show.” The voice of the program director cut through the interesting topic of conversation and he lifted up to sit. 

    “Tomorrow is a free day for you all, a gift before we start promotions for our new era.” Tired empty and excited eyes stared at him as he continued, 

    “Go home and rest up.” 

    “Thank you Concert Director Sang.” Eyes lifted to those of Kang-nim, his gaze predatory and unashamed in their lust. 

    “Since they butt fucked you, you’ve been such a slut Kangie. I remember you crying and begging them to stop just like the rest of us.” He didn’t seem embarrassed at his very rude statement and grinned instead. 

    “You know as well as I do, hyung, how good it starts to feel. If I remember you correctly, you came so much you ruined Sajang-nim’s couch. She had to throw it away and buy a new one.” His Aussie accented English came out strong and some of the other members started to chuckle. 

    “Are you two done? I’m ready to drink and get laid.” Kim Im-hyun interrupted with a pout, arms crossed. He stood up and pushed past the annoying little fuck. 

    “I’m going home.”

    “See you in a day Hyung.”

    “Bye Hyung.” Ignoring their farewells, he pushed open the doors, got into an awaiting black van and slammed the door shut. 




    His parents had most certainly not prepared him. Neither had his aunts and uncles, some of whom were some of the biggest names in the industry. Laying his head back against the seat, he closed his eyes. When he was a kid, he’d go to shows and be backstage when they gave interviews. Hidden. He’d always been given a place to be, a child’s place. And he had been glad. It had never interested him in what the adults did. As long as they left him alone, he was fine. 

    “Fuck,” He cursed softly under his breath. The industry was a dog-eat-dog world and they’d all taken turns fucking him. They’d thrown him out to the wolves to be devoured. What a sick joke. Lifting shaky fingers to his hair, he slid the slick strands back. 

    If he’d known that his life would be on puppet strings, he would have stayed in the States. He would have stayed with the one person that meant everything to him. 




    Fingers gripped the sides of the toilet and violent sounds of vomiting cut through the mindless chatter from the television. The sound of spit and running water brought the moment to an end and soon, he reappeared into the living room. 

    “Um….are you okay?” Brown eyes looked up at him. Licking his now clean teeth, he leaned down over the woman, gazing deep into her pretty orbs. 

    “Better now that you’re here. When’d you come in?” She lifted hands to press against his chest as lips began to kiss nut-brown skin. 

    “While you were in the bathroom.” He hummed against her and trailed his tongue up the side of her neck. 

    “You fly back soon.” It wasn’t a question and they both knew the answer. But still, his lips kissed and sucked, making her moan slightly.     

    “You gon fly me back out again Papi?” Lips smirking now, he pulled away from her and pushed her to lay back against his couch. 

    “Depends.” Her eyes were coquettish as his fingers pulled apart the pretty white lace robe. He was gonna go to hell for this. Probably had a first-class ticket long ago. Licking his lips, he watched her dark nipples harden against the sheer lace cups of her bra and chuckled. 

    “Are you gonna be a good girl?” He asked, lifting a finger to brush a pebble. She inhaled, slightly arching her back. 

    “Are you?” Fingers now took the nub between his index and thumb and pinched, making her moan. 

    “Si Papi…” Pressing his hand flat against her ribcage, he followed the curves of her body down to her triangle. Taking hold of it, he held the mound firmly. 

    “Tonight, this is mine right?”


    “Use your words.”

    “Yes Daddy.” Already she had soaked through the thin lacy fabric, her smell sweet. Lifting away from her, he grabbed the nearby blindfold and tied it behind her head. As his fingers shoved down his sweats, he took in the beautiful gift before him. Yet again, he was a slave to his deepest darkest fantasies. For a moment in time…she could and would be just what he wanted. Supernova Washington. 





    They didn’t understand. They laughed at him. Curiously watched him as he sat in front of a computer screen watching women they’d never before seen get railed time after time after time. 

    “Is that her real ass Hyung?” 

    “The way it jiggles reminds me of jello…”    

    “Look at her huge boobs…whoa…” He’d sit there, hands by his sides, eyes locked on the screen for hours on end. 

    “You like black girls Bonnie?”

    “Obviously. He watches them all the time.”

    “Wah….she’s kinda pretty. I wonder what it would feel like to fuck one.”

    “They have too much for me. I’m good with Korean girls.”

    “Nah, white ones are better. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and lots of pink pussy.” 

    “Go away.” He’d say, irritation cutting through the chatter like a knife. 

    “Oh, he’s mad.”

    “Hyung, you’re cumming already. You haven’t even touched yourself yet.” 

    “Yah, Kangie. Let’s go. Let’s leave him alone.” Soon, they’d leave him in silence once again, his focus once more on the bouncing tits and pink dick stuffed slits. They didn’t understand….he had to become better. He had to control himself….train himself so when he went back to the States, he’d be ready for her. 




    He started using those same strange objects of before, starting small. A small vibrator wand against his frenulum. That drove him almost insane and the pain from withholding his orgasm ate him up in his belly for a couple days afterward. He found that when he coupled the ring with the wand, it built up even more pain and by the end of it he was nearly shaking. Sick bastard. Good for nothing piece of shit. Filthy weepy cocked bitch.  

    “Mm Nova….” Effeminate man whore. Toy. Pet. Cum bucket. Puppy.

    “Nova…..Oh God Nova…..” He pounded away all of the words….the insults…the degradation and humiliation. Fucked her so hard she looked like she was going to squirt and he hoped she did… all over him. Reaching down, he played with her clitoris until she screamed so loud there was no way the neighbors next to him didn’t hear her. He got his wish as she wet their hips and thighs. She grew limp as soon he pulled out of her. Inhaling sharply, he breathed heavily as he sat back against the couch, dick throbbing. He’d been so close….so close to coming inside of her this time.

     Licking his lips at the wet slimy mess looking back at him, he allowed himself to finally come, long angry spurts shooting up into the air. Closing his eyes, he continued to empty himself, a deep shaky breath as the feeling of her mouth and tongue came to swallow the last bits of it. Opening his eyes to drift down to the blindfolded woman, he slipped fingers into her hair. 

    “Good girl…” He praised before rolling his eyes back. He had to find another one. The minute he almost came inside of them, it was time to move on. Pity though he thought as his eyes drifted down to the slurping mouth of the woman. She was the best one he’d had so far. 




    Lifting a towel to dry his hair, he headed back into the living room. Sitting down on the sex-scented couch, he reached for the remote and turned on the television. 

    “Idol group KASSIA have comeback with their third single ‘Kiss’ and fans are already obsessed over the video! The group comprises of five members: Chani (29), Bon-hwa(27), Gang-bum(24), Kang-min(22), and I.H (18). For being such a young group, they’ve already amassed a following of over 10 million fans in just short of three years of their debut. Some fans say that Bon-hwa, born in the United States, is perhaps the most alluring member and critics agree that his silky swagger and smooth soulful voice present a delightful contrast with his angelic and innocent appearance.” He couldn’t help but laugh out loud, empty humorless eyes watching the circus act before him. Innocent….Angelic….there wasn’t shit about him innocent or angelic. His dry smirk fell away from his mouth and he flipped the channel. He liked so many dirty things. Drinking. Smoking. Fucking. He was trash and he liked it that way. Letting the remote fall against the couch, he picked up his phone. 

    The least he could do was send her back with a parting gift for her services. Enough money to shut her up. He knew she’d eventually tell someone about their escapades. She’d brag about fucking an idol and he honestly didn’t care. If it weren’t for his goddamn image, he’d gladly brag about her too. Tapping the confirmation for her flight back to the States, he cash-apped her a pretty little dime and with a sigh, was finished with it all. Going through his photos, he breezed eyes over all the pictures he had asked her to send him. Her neck with a baby girl choker. A shot of her ass tooted up in the mirror. A half shot of her thong-covered triangle, ‘Daddy’s property’ written across the front.

     Licking his lips, he deleted them one by one, hesitating on the one he had taken of her tits covered in his cum. Sighing, he deleted it and threw his phone away from him. Getting up, he got dressed in cozy sweatpants and a t-shirt. He needed to get high or something. Take the fucking edge off. His nerves felt like they were exposed and frayed at the ends. Reaching into one of his drawers, he pulled out a skim white package. Laying it on the table, he grabbed a small razor and began to separate the fluffy white powder into neat little lines. Rolling up a piece of paper, he held his nostril and sniffed one line. Two. Feeling daring, he sniffed a third and groaned, letting his head hit the back of the couch. He wanted to get fucked up and forget. 






    “Baby now, take me into your loving arms. Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars… place your head on my beating heart… Thinkin’ out loud…maybe we found love right where we are…” His voice was low but she heard it clear as day as he stood in line. Mouth dropped open, she gawked at him as he continued to sing, earbuds closing out the world. Oh my God…Smooth and soulful, it sounded like pure silk. The very urgent pull on his hoodie disturbed him and his eyes snapped open. Glancing down at Nova, he pulled out an earbud and knit his eyebrows in confusion. 


    “You…you sing?” His cheeks grew pink and he clenched his jaw, briefly looking away. 


    “Why the hell haven’t you sang before?!” 

    “I haven’t wanted to.” But that wasn’t the truth. He wanted to. He just didn’t trust anyone enough to sing around them. It was a big enough spectacle in church. The pastor always asked him to sing and for each opportunity they got, his parents used it to glorify themselves. It made him sick to his stomach. She blushed and let go of his hoodie hugging him. 

    “Don’t be scared to sing for me Bon-hwa. I won’t judge you.” Smiling softly, he hugged her back and began to hum the next song that shuffled on his music player. 




    She was the angel. She was the heavenly being sent from up there in the skies to him. That’s how he knew God loved him. When he gave him her. She’d always been shy since they’d met freshman year. He had hit his first growth spurt and looked like a college student more than a kid right out of middle school. But time seemed to stop for her and she looked like a sixth-grader. It amused the hell out of him and he couldn’t help teasing her about it. His perfect little princess. She was the good to his bad. And he was more times than not more bad than good. He’d sneak cigarettes before class thanks to the upperclassmen and cussed like a sailor. He’d even gotten one of the upperclassmen’s college buddies to buy him some alcohol. 

    He learned early that if people liked your looks, you could get whatever you wanted. Of course, he knew he was attractive. His family pedigree said it all. Every single one of his family members was attractive as hell and they were every bit cocky about it. What’s more, they had the money to back it up. You put good looks and money together and BINGO!

    That’s why he had always been so popular in school. Annoying little shits. Most of them were clingy and the girls even more so. He respected others that were blatantly honest in only wanting status. Those he kept around. He’d been used and he used just the same. 





    The one thing they couldn’t understand is the fact that he hadn’t lost his virginity yet. A guy as popular as him. The thought made him laugh. Those whiny bitches weren’t worth it. Guy or not…. he still wanted it to be special. Wanted it to be with someone he really cared about. He’d listen to her laugh and playfully hit him. Or when she needed help getting something because someone had assigned her locker at the top. Spending those long summer afternoons after church, laying in the grass. Wrapping arms around her against him as he serenaded her. When he’d lay in his bed at night, his boxers felt tight and uncomfortable and he knew why. It had to be her. He knew she’d given a vow of purity to save herself for marriage and he knew he’d probably fail before she did. But, as his hands drifted down to slowly touch himself, he promised himself that he’d become a man worthy of it… of her. 




    Soaked with sweat and pale, he lifted himself up from the floor. He couldn’t remember when he’d got there or how long he’d been there. Long enough that the smell of his unwashed body wafted rank and sour across his nose. Groaning, he wiped sweat, saliva and vomit from his mouth and stumbled into the bathroom. Lifting shaky sweaty hands to the sink, he hovered as his stomach rolled. He gagged and gasped in air before coughing and spitting in the sink. Lifting eyes upward, he emptily looked at himself. Eyes swollen and bloodshot. Skin a sickly pallor. Wet with sweat like he’d been in the shower. And cold as hell, trembling like a leaf. Would she be proud to see you now you piece of shit? His reflection asked him, a sick twisted grin on his face. Smug bastard. Would she want you knowing what I know? 

    “Shut up…” He replied shakily, fingers so wet they started to slip off of the sink. You’re a bitch now. They made you into their little slut and you learned to love it didn’t you? Learned to love the way they stretched out that pitiful asshole of yours. 

    “Shut the fuck up!”  He yelled, anger and heat making his head swim. It doesn’t matter how many girls you fuck, dominate and abuse. You’ll never be the man she needs or wants. You might as well kill yourself, you stinking sweaty waste of life.  Throwing back his fist, he let out an enraged yell as he started to strike the mirror, causing it to fragment into pieces. Numb, he didn’t even feel the blood or the pain and he punched until red and jagged broken edges looked back at him. Until he was gone. 

End Notes:


A/N:That was a very dark place. My poor Bunny. He's done what he has had to to survive. Yeah, that means secret night visits to his 'CEO''s house and doing other things he hasn't wanted to. I think it's easy to judge and say 'Oh well they don't have to do this stuff' and 'they can leave' No, they can't. Once you sign your name on those contracts, they literally OWN you. They own your entire life. Your money. Your body. Mind. They own your soul. And if they want to, they could very well destroy it all in a blink of an eye. I cannot imagine how terrifying that reality must be. And then to bury it deep inside you, get on a stage and smile, act happy and run yourself raw for performances, stages, show filmings and interviews. As human beings, the people behind the name, the face, the image... I respect them so much. 

Bon-hwa over the years has formed a very unhealthy obsession with Nova...but she's all he has... she's the only thing enabling him to cling to some sort of sanity. 

I love them. I love him. 

This chapter was hard. Take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. :) Okay, on to the last update for you all hehe. 




KASSIA group members: 

Chani (Leader) (28/29)

* I didn't realize this could look very hum suggestive but um kinda fitting? lol* 


Aera (main visual) (26/27)

Gang-bum (vocal) (24)

Kang-min (main vocal) (22)

I.H  (rapper)  (maknae) (18) 



f o u r by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:


f o u r 






Her legs burned but as she fell into another serve, she let out a breath of relief as she scored. The sun blazed down on her and she was glad that she’d left her hair out instead of getting that sew-in. Chile baby she was baking. 

    “Nov, let’s take a break!” Neb called from the other end of the court. 

    “Sure.” Lifting her arm to wipe the sweat from her brow, she took a swig of her water bottle. 

    “You tryna get chose sister?” She asked, eying the bikini top Neb wore. Pursing her lips, she rolled her eyes at her, spraying her with some water from her bottle. 

    “You know the cutest guys play here.”


    “And I see you aren’t. Why is that Nova?” Scoffing, she returned the eye roll with one of her own. 

    “I don’t need a man sœur (sister).” 

    “But tu veux un homme qui n'est pas resté. (you want a man who did not stay). What senses does that make?” She swallowed hard and bent to pick up her matching pink racket to match her pink tennis ensemble. A sports bra and fitted tennis skirt with clean white tennis shoes. 

    “You were kids and he’s some famous idol now. You have your own life to live now Nova. Let him go. Start fresh before you get too old and regret it.” 

    “Hello ladies,” They both turned to see two very attractive men approaching. Both tall and hella fit. One brown skin and another dark chocolate just the way Nebula liked em. She didn’t hold back her interest with a lick of her lips, a flirty smile following. He was showing everything she liked, shirtless and melanin shiny with sweat in the mid-summer day. 

    “Bonjour gentlemen.” Nebula flirted, lifting a braid or two of hers and twirled it around her fingers. His eyes grew dark and intense as they fluttered down her body. 

    “Parlez-vous français?” (do you speak french?) He asked, voice delightfully raspy. 

    “Oui.” Taking her eyes off their eye fuck fest, she met the eyes of the brown-skinned one. He was cute. She gave him that. Really cute. His eyes were friendly and respectful and he had his shirt on, albeit, soaked with sweat just the same as his partner over there. 


    “Bonjour,” He outstretched his hand and she gently shook it. 

    “Vous venez souvent?”  (do you come here often?) He asked, voice smooth and gentle. Pleasant. 

    “Ah, oui. Ma sœur et moi venons le weekend.” (Ah, yes. My sister and I come on the weekends.) 


    “Comment tu t’appelles?” (what’s your name?)

    “Pierre. Et vous?” (and you?) 


    “Nova. C’est magnifique!” (that's beautiful) 

    “Merci beaucoup.” (thank you). He smiled at her and she returned it. 

    “Pierre, we should take these beautiful ladies out for a coffee. Do you drink coffee?”

    “I do. Nova doesn’t much.” Nebula answered, eyes still locked on his. 

    “Then perhaps we could go for coffee, the two of us?” He asked with a crisp white smile. She watched Nebula all but melt into a puddle of goo and tried to stop herself from busting out laughing. 

    “Oui. I’d like that Henri.” He reached for her hand and pressed a kiss to the back of it. 

    “Great. Why don’t we meet here next weekend for a match?”

    “What time?”



    “And I’ll need your number Mademoiselle Nebula. If you don’t mind.”

    “You funny thinking I mind. I was waiting till you asked.” The two of them licked their chops at one another as they exchanged numbers. 

    “It was nice to meet you Nova. Next weekend?” Smiling at him, she gave a nod allowing him to take her hand and kiss it. 

    “Until then.” Smiling, he let her hand go and they left them alone on the court once again. 

    “Gawddamn. Did you see that fine motha? Mon dieu…” (my God) 

    “He’s only looking to tap that ass of yours.”

    “Hell, what’s wrong with that? Well, I’m definitely looking to ride that horse he got in his pants. I know he got one. I just feel it.” 

    “You’re a piece of work Neb. Damn.”

    “You, my dearest little sister, need to get ate out. I mean till your toes curl and you squirt ate out. You deserve it and let’s face it your coochie got cobwebs on it by now.”

    “Hey! Nasty and rude as hell. Get off me.” Neb grinned, playfully hitting her on the bottom. 

    “Prude. One more game?”

    “You’re on.” 



    Rubbing cocoa butter scented body oil into her legs, she sighed contently before looking at the tv. Some blah blah blah about some pointless celebrity news. The Hallyu wave as they called it was spreading… whatever that was. Groups of men and women, all dressed in dramatic and colorful gear flashed on the screen as the announcer continued on. Her hands stopped massaging her legs when she heard something familiar. 

    “….he’s quickly reaching star status both abroad as well as here at home. He goes by Bon-hwa and he’s apart of a group called KASSIA.” Wide eyes turned towards the tv, her heart beating wildly in her chest. His face popped up on her 60’ screen and she froze. His hair was a light brown and cut round, giving him a boyish appearance and his eyes were blue. Most definitely contacts. His signature beauty marks were there, one on the bridge of his nose, another right underneath his left eye and on his cheek. Another picture flashed of him, his hair blonde and eyes that pretty color blue. It was obvious that they’d put a colored lip color on his lips and he looked much paler than she remembered. But gawking at the familiar grey beanie and baseball jersey, she felt her eyes water. Sinking onto her bed, she gripped her bedsheets as videos of him showed up next, some of him dancing, others making cute faces or performing with the other members of their group. 

    “Only 26 years old, Bon-hwa left his home in Wisconsin after graduating high school and moved to Korea to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Since his group’s debut three years ago with their first hit, “Hello”, KASSIA’s popularity has continued to skyrocket.”

    “They just had a come back you say?”

    “Yes, they just released their new record ‘Kiss’ and it already has 15 million views worldwide.”

    “Wow! These young guys are impressive!”

    “Yeah, I think so! I’ll have to give it a listen. I hear Bon-hwa’s voice is beautiful.”

    “Mmhm. Up next, we’ll hit why Kim K says she’s over Kanye…for real this time…” Throat tight, she stood and resumed applying the body oil, too stunned to speak. He’d made it… he’d made his dreams come true. Eyes filling with tears, she let the emotions free and cried softly before getting dressed. 



    “Hello! Earth to Supernova!” She looked up from her phone into her sister’s irritated face. 

    “Did you hear anything I said?”


    “Girl, you annoying as hell.” Shrugging, she tapped ‘bon-hwa’ into the search engine of YouTube and so many dance covers and songs came up. She felt her heart beat rapidly. 

    “What are you doing? I hope you looking up quality lingerie for that hottie next weekend.” 

    “Bon-hwa…he um… he was on the tv earlier today.” Neb’s eyes grew wide. 

    “What?” Clicking on a dance cover, she turned up the volume and moved over a seat so they could watch it together.  It was surreal, watching him… looking at him again… Tall and lithe as ever, he slowly approached what looked like a mirror. His hair was in a stylish mullet and he pulled it up into a ponytail. His reflection stared back at him and even Neb’s breath drew in. He was gorgeous. The music started to play and suddenly he moved, grabbing his throat. The intensity of his facial expression had them breathless as he continued to dance, seeming to caress the music like a lover. 

    “Shit, that’s Bunny?” Neb asked, eyes growing wider as he suddenly twirled, the sound of a match being lit right on time. Tossing his pretty white cape away from him, he began to dance to a rock sound, his movements precise, enthralling and seductive. 

    “Damnnnn. I didn’t know he could move like that…ooh…” As he moved, the light fabric of his shirt lifted, teasing his abs and his collarbones. Safe to say, he was hypnotizing. The way he played on his androgynous looks, encompassing both the feminine and masculine had her licking her lips. He danced with playful aggression, smooth power, and emotion. When the song was over, the sisters sat back, at a loss for words. 

    “Play another one. He dance in anything else?” She quickly found another one and like a geeked school girl pressed play. 

    “Ooh, hip hop….okay.” His hair was shorter in this one, dyed black. He slipped fingers through it, the action making her bit her lip. She hadn’t forgotten how those fingers had felt touching her body…

    “Aw shit Bon Bon….there it go… aye…” Neb was bopping along as he let his natural swag come out. Motioning a ‘come here’ motion with his eyes right in the camera had her neck hot and even she couldn’t help but start to bop along with it. When the video ended, the two of them sat back in their chairs, mind blown. 

    “Damn. I didn’t know he could dance.”

    “Me neither.”

    “You knew he could sing though.”


    “Whoa.” Clearing her throat, Neb straightened up. 

    “Well babe, I don’t know what the universe is telling your galaxy about all of this… but…” Reaching for her iced coffee, she took a sip. 

    “I don’t think you seeing him today was an accident.” Neither did she. 





    Curling up on her bed, she closed her eyes as his voice drifted across her. The song was in Korean…but it was just as silky and smooth as she remembered it.  A nice relaxed R&B type beat, it melted into her ears like butter. He didn’t sound scared anymore. Rather, that confidence she fell in love with was coming back at her and it made her smile. You better sing Bunny… Opening her eyes, she nibbled on her lips as she let the song play, scrolling across her phone.       

     Thumb hovering over the green Korean messenger app, she slowly pressed it. It was silly she knew. All these years of having this damn app. He’d told her to create a profile but in 10 years, she’d never once received a message from him. Pulling up her profile, she felt her stomach do flips as she stared at a notification of a message. Mon dieu… was it… when… She clicked on it and knit her eyebrows together. 

    It was an anonymous user, toki1932 to be exact and whomever it was had no picture. All she knew was that whoever it was was male. They’d sent something in Korean… something she couldn’t understand. It’s not him. It’s probably some weird creep. She’d had her experiences with a few of them already and because of that almost deleted the whole thing. But, her childish hope of Bon-hwa reaching out to her had kept her from it. Pursing her lips, she watched as the three dots popped up signaling whoever it was was typing. A cute notification sound went off and another message showed up. 


    tok1932: Hey there. I don’t see on your profile that you know Korean. Sorry. How are you? 


    She bit her lip and hesitated. If you get creepy, I’m blocking your ass. 


    novaworld555: I’m fine. Who…I mean… how are you?  There the three dots went before laughing emojis. Then, 


    tok1932: I’m good. Thanks for asking… I think? You definitely added that as an afterthought.  


    She typed on her keyboard a hasty reply. 


    novaworld555: I’m sure you understand why I have my guard up. Dudes on this site can be…interesting. That’s the nice way to say it. 


    More laughing emojis. 


    tok1932: I’ll apologize on their behalf. Not all of us want to come in your inbox and ask for pictures of your feet. Of course… um… if that’s what you’re into then…no offense?  


    She found herself smirking. He was a bit of a smart ass huh? So far he wasn’t giving her any creepo vibes. Maybe this would work. 


    novaworld555: And speaking of feet pictures, why are you in my inbox? 


    tok1932: Ouch. You really have your walls up huh?


    novaworld555: Do you blame me? I’m talking to a random stranger from across the world. All these conversations start out nice. And then you find yourself blocked. 


    tok1932: Considering you’re still talking to me, I’d say I’m doing a pretty good job so far. 

    tok1932: I don’t blame you, no. It’s a shame that women have to be so on guard around men. We’re the ones supposed to protect you. 

    tok1932: Well, if you’re expecting an answer like I was horny and clicked on the first hot foreign face I saw you’d be terribly wrong. But nice try. 


    She pursed her lips. Hm. 


    novaworld555: I suppose. I’m waiting on you to mess up so I can block you. 

    novaworld555: That’s an interesting perspective from a random stranger all the way in Korea. 

    novaworld555: If that’s not it and you don’t want any feet pics then what is it? Seems like you’re fluent in English already so I know you’re not wanting free English lessons. 



    tok1932: Damn, you wanna block me so bad huh? Your fingers are block happy. 

    tok1932:As of now, I’m not a random stranger all the way from Korea. The name’s HB. Nice to meet youuuu…? 

    tok1932: Believe it or not, some of us are normal human beings that just want to get to know other normal human beings. Without kink or fetish. Or requests for that matter. (again, if you’re into that, no offense) 


    HB huh? She had to admit the bastard was extremely easy to talk to. She kinda dug his energy. 


    novaworld555: Yeah I wanna block you. You have no picture, no information other than you’re in Seoul and you’re texting me at 1 in the morning. 

    novaworld555: HB? Would be nice to put a name to a face. I’m Nova. Nice to meet you…I guess? 

    novaworld555: see, you’re kinda working it up on red flag numbah one… this the second time you’ve brought up kinks and fetishes…I do find it hard to believe.  P.S (if I was into that it ain’t non ya damn business.)






    tok1932: Give me a break Nova. I just made this profile. I didn’t know I needed to have all that right out the gate. Sheeshhhh. 

    tok1932: Look who’s giving creepy vibes. Asking for pictures already? At least take me out to dinner first. 

    tok1932: Hey, I’m just trying to cover all my bases and not offend anyone if I can. It’s never safe to assume anything. Matter fact, while we’re on the subject, what are your pronouns? I’d hate to mis-pronoun you. 


    novaworld555:I guess. 

    novaworld555: Says the guy who got my picture for free. You take me to dinner first. You owe me. 

    novaworld555: she/her. Hetero. You get brownie points for that HB. I’ll give it to you. 


    More laughing emojis and one big smiley face emoji then, 



    tok1932: he/him. hetero. thanks for asking. 

    tok1932: I guess I could finally fill in my profile pic. Lucky you you’re the first one to see it. Let me know what you think kay?

    tok1932: thank you, thank you.     

    PHOTO stared at her and her heart began to beat faster. She was ashamed how quickly she clicked on it. Oh…He looked like he was out somewhere in public sitting down. He had on a brown baseball cap and a red shirt on. Black vest. A matching black mask covered his face and he had his hand resting up on his chin.  His eyes were pretty and almond-shaped and most definitely bored. He’s cute as hell. Licking her lips, she went to type a response. 


    novaworld555: It’s cool. Now I can put a face to a name. Well, half a face. 




    tok1932: Hey, we just met. Half a face is all you get. 

    tok1932: I have a question. 

    novaworld555: oh boy here we go… what? 

    tok1932:kkkk. Nova…is it short for something? That’s an interesting name. 

    novaworld555: Yeah. My full name is Supernova. But… I go by Nova for short. 






    tok1932: supernova. That’s a hell of a name. 

    novaworld555: thanks, I guess?

    tok1932: definitely a compliment. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. 

    novaworld555: yeah and this is when I block you. 

    tok1932: #triggeredmuch? sheesh. A man can’t even compliment you. I don’t know if I should be ashamed to be a man right about now or mad.     

    novaworld555: I’ll leave that decision up to you. Let me know what you pick. 

    tok1932: oh so that means you’re not gonna block me? 


        Licking her lips, she smiled to herself. 


    novaworld555: I’m still deciding on that. But for now I guess not. You passed the first vibe check. Barely. It’s still early so there’s plenty of room for error. 



    He sent laughing emojis. 


    tok1932: I’ll take it thanks. No complaints here. 

    tok1932: It’s pretty late there huh? Maybe you should go to bed. 


    Sucking her lips, she pursed them. 


    novaworld555: what are you my daddy? 





    tok1932: Ooh. That was spicy. Does that happen when you get sleepy? 

    novaworld555: who said i was sleepy? 

    tok1932: I not i. That said you’re sleepy. 

    novaworld555: okay sure grammar police 

    tok1932: get some rest

    novaworld555: yeah. sure. you too. 

    tok1932: I’ve got a long time before that happens but thanks. 

    tok1932: sweet dreams supernova 

    novaworld555: have a nice day HB no last name. 



    Yawning, she smiled as she pressed her face against her pillow. Well, that wasn’t so damn bad.

End Notes:


A/N: Can I just say that Nebula is like... *sigh* she's a total queen okay? yeah. OOF, so here's the first conversation between Bon-hwa-I mean- HB and Nova. Of course, Bunny knows it's her. She has NO clue lol. yet. I love the progression of their conversation so far hehe. really down to earth and playful. Just like it was in high school haha. kay, I've got pictures and things so I'll upload them here hehe. 

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you soon! 

God bless you richly in this new month hehe.




Nebula's tennis outfit: 

Nova's tennis outfit: 




pictures of bon-hwa as aera the idol: 

Aesthetic of what KASSIA looked like on tv:


Videos of bon-hwa dancing 

*I used Hyunjin from Stray Kids as direct inspo* 


Hyunjin "Play with fire" 


Artist of the Month- Motley Crew by Hyunjin from Stray Kids


The vocal I picked for Bon-hwa is Jooyoung (literally one of my favorite k-artists) Songs referenced are Sweet Life and Daydream 

Jooyoung- Sweet Life 



The picture that Bunny sent Nova: 


f i v e by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

f i v e 






"Hyung, you look like shit." 

"Sajong-nim was pissed. No wonder she left bruises." 

"Where were you?" 

Lifting exhausted eyes, he lifted them to the mirror in front of him. He couldn't argue. He did look like shit. The makeup artist knew to keep her mouth shut as she began to softly tap the pad against his skin, hiding the purple and green bruises. She expertly concealed the massive bags under his eyes and the healing cuts and scrapes by his mouth. Picking up the hint that he didn't want to talk, the rest of the members disbanded the crowd they had employed around his chair and all began to get ready themselves. He watched as she covered the moles on his nose and cheek, moles Sajang-nim complained about all the time. She called them ugly, said they ruined his otherwise perfect face. 

"We're on set in ten!" The creative director called, popping his head into the make up room. Taking the cue, she dipped color on her brushes and began to paint him like a living doll. 


The lights from above burned him but as if on cue, that fake plastic smile stayed plastered on his rosy lips. The anchors of the variety show were bubbly and energetic and they talked very animatedly with their hands. 

"Aera, fans want to know what's your ideal type?" He hated this question. Cheeks highlighted with blush, he lifted his hands up to cover his face. Like a robot. 

"This is embarrassing....ah..." 

"He's so cute! Is he blushing?" Putting his hands down, he gently bit his lip as he prepared to answer. 

"My ideal type is a girl who has a small face. She has to be shorter than me. Ah... long hair short hair it doesn't matter." 

"Wah, you like shorter girls? Tall girls don't have a chance?" A little giggle rose from his throat and the girls in the audience swooned something serious. 

"I didn't say that Noona..." Her cheeks grew pink as their eyes met.

"Someone with fair skin. Innocent looking. Someone friendly and talkative." Her blush intensified as he rambled off what he'd observed of her and she lifted a hand to her neck. She seemed taken aback and he knew better than to look for much longer and dropped his gaze onto his tightly pressed hands in his lap. 

"Ahhh this kid. He's a sly devil I tell you, flirting with his noonas. Don't fall for his cute antics." The MC interjected with a chastising hit to his head. He smiled and bowed his head with a small smile. Finally, some truth. 

When the program was over, they greeted the anchors and bowed to the rest of the staff, thanking them for having them on. He locked eyes with her and she smiled against her water bottle. Her feline eyes had narrowed and grown intense with lust. Taking a drink, her tongue darted out to lick the drops that had spilled out on the sides. 

"Yerin-noona," Turning those eyes away from him, for a moment he felt he could breathe. 

"We're scheduled to come back in about a month's time. We'll finalize all details soon."

"Of course." 

"We should get the boys back now. Let's go."

"Can we eat? I'm starving!" The woman named Yerin approached him as her team and fellow anchors started to head in the opposite direction. She didn't say anything as she backed him against the wall, sliding a hand down to grab his junk. He inhaled sharply, Adam's apple bobbing from a hard swallow. 

"Yerin-ssi, come on. You'll have the opportunity to play with him." Smiling again, she let him go and like that, she was gone as if nothing had ever happened. Closing his eyes, he let the back of his head hit the wall. 

"Aera, come on!" 


He still couldn't believe it. That'd he had done it. He'd been high and horny as fuck and with her on the brain he had gotten on Kkako. He'd never forgotten it... her username. How could he? Sometimes, he stared at it for hours, wired on caffeine and sleep deprivation. Spending 19 hours in the dance studio, practicing until his toenails bled, he'd see her face when he lowered himself into those freezing baths of ice. Glasses clinked around him and he stared down at the food piled on his plate. Way more than what was necessary. Grabbing his utensils, he began to eat. 

He hadn't expected her to respond. Hadn't expected to spend nearly an hour talking to her. 

"Bonnie, what are you going to do during our vacation coming up? You heard that they're letting us go on one right?" Looking up at Chani with his mouth full, the older man grinned as he tried to eat faster. 

"Calm down. Don't choke." He slowed down and swallowed with a swig of beer before answering. 

"Thinking about Busan."

"Ooh. Busan sounds nice!" 


"Why not come to Lotte World with us?"

"I see you motherfuckers all day every day. I need a fucking break." 

"Oof. Whoa there. Language sir." 

"Suck my dick." 

"Don't tease me with a good time hyung." Kang-min replied smoothly, teeth grinning. 

"You hate it here don't you Bonnie?"

"He's just mad because Ha-joon-ssi beat his ass." 

"I'd be mad too."

"Everyone knows the bitch is crazy. She's into some twisted shit." Chani said, taking a shot of soju. 

"What'd she do to you?" Lifting stormy eyes, the man who asked the question stiffened and took a gulp of beer. 

"Well, hate to say it but whatever it is you're doing... keep doing it. Ha-joon never lets her idols take a vacation so soon after debut. She might even take the food restriction off of our diets." 

"I'm not your fucking scapegoat." Lifting his utensils, he pointed them sharply at Gang-bum. 

"If you want more benefits then you fuck her." 

"Right now, you're her obsession. She could care less about the rest of us." Slamming the jeotgarak down on the table, he got up, chugging the rest of his beer. He'd ate so much he could feel it sit at the back of his throat. An easy binge. 

"I'm going home." He made it to the door before his legs gave out and he fell, hitting his head against the floor. 



"Is he bleeding?"

"Get Manager Shim!" Their voices sounded so far away.. so distorted...A click sounded and he blacked out. 


"Bunny?" So far away... 

"Bunny?" Eyelashes fluttered against the tops of his cheeks and slowly, they opened to let in the light of the world. Drifting them down, they took her in their visage. She was laying on him, her head against his stomach. Those beautiful eyes looked up at him curiously. 

"What...what are you doing down there angel baby?" His voice sounded like he'd been eating sandpaper and his throat was dry. She sighed, those pillowy lips of sin pouting. 

"Waiting for you to wake up, bonehead." Everything seemed entirely too sensory... he wasn't sure where he was... where they were. Was it grass underneath him or gravel? Was that sunlight or burning fire in the sky? 

"I was asleep?" He'd placed a gentle hand on her soft fluffy hair. 

"Mmhm." She lifted her head finally. Slowly, she crawled up his body, making his heart start pounding in his chest. 

"I wanted to wait till you woke up to tell you." 

"T-Tell me what princess?" She straddled him, the action taking his very breath. What the hell was happening? She didn't say anything at first, just closed her eyes and lifted to pull his hand from her head to her face, pressing her cheek against his palm. She pressed a kiss against the skin, making him nearly choke on his spit. She began to kiss his fingers, one by one. Slow and unrushed. Her eyes opened and dropped to his. A pretty pink tongue ventured out from her mouth and licked his digits in the same manner as her lips, slow...gentle. Fuck. 

"N-Nova...t-talk to me...what's going on?" He stuttered pitifully, trying to make sense but failing miserably. All the blood from his brain and body was going to another place. She smiled then and sighed, a short warm breath against his now wet flesh. 

"I thought I was talking..." She said softly with a pout. He gulped as she pressed his hand against her neck. 

"You know graduation is soon." She said, that soft musical voice of hers making him even harder. 

"Yeah.... we're...we're almost there." 

"Almost." His fingers brushed her collarbones. She never had to dress like the rest of them. She could wear a paper bag and he'd still want her. It was simple. So fucking simple. A black tank top. A white skirt. Silver hoop earrings. The small thin hoop nose piercing. That was it. 

"Closer..." She'd all but breathed the word and he felt suddenly lightheaded as she pressed his hand against her chest. She wasn't wearing a bra and those perfect tits looked like at any minute they'd spill out from her top. Goddamn. She bit her lip now, eyes sleepy and hooded with very real... very palpable desire. 

"Do you know what I wanna say now?" Grabbing his wrist, she pulled his hand away from her breast, his fingers gently pulling the shirt down, revealing an erect little nipple. She leaned forward, pressing their hands together, fingers entwined. Her lips forced his eyes closed as she gently kissed his eyelids and up against his hairline. He couldn't think straight anymore...couldn't even breathe as she glided those soft smooth lips down the bridge of his nose. Kissing the mole there, she kissed the others underneath his eye, thereby his cheek. His breath was taken up by her own as she kissed his lips. A soft sweet moan vibrated against his lips and yet another as their tongues danced against one another... passion and desire bleeding into his veins. Wetly, their lips separated and their breaths hushed against each other. 

"Nova..." His voice was a whisper but it said so much. Licking his top lip, she welcomed his tongue again, slowly pulling it into her mouth to suck. Panting, she sighed against his jawline. 

"I wanted to tell you that I'm ready now." Nuzzling his cheek, their eyes met again. 

"Make love to me bunny...please." Laying flush against him, she pressed a soft kiss against his bottom lip. 

"Fuck me until I can't breathe..."


"He'll be okay. He's sleep-deprived and suffering from exhaustion." 

"We'll take care of him."

"Also...I found traces of cocaine in his system." The two men turned to look at him. He was extremely pale and sweaty, his eyelids and the underside of his eyes crimson as if he'd been crying. The stark combination made him look deathly. 

"Please make sure he's eating enough. He's starting to look malnourished." 

"Of course Doctor." Eyes fell across the embarrassingly erect hard-on he sported, standing up so much the sheet lifted. 

"I'll leave him once more in your care. Should he collapse again, bring him back." 

"Of course." The door opened and closed, leaving the two of them alone. Chuckling quietly in the room, the man lifted his hand and cupped his cheek. 

"You'll be alright Bon-hwa. I'll make sure of it." Letting his fingers slip down the sweaty skin, he leaned in closer, pressing his forehead against his. 

"We'll feed you. Clothe you. We'll give you a home." The satiny skin beneath him felt divine, the contrast of hard and soft, smooth and rigid. Standing up, he slowly pulled back the sheet. He'd wet his boxers, poor thing. Reaching, he pulled the leaking dick up and out to air. Watching in lustful fascination, he licked his lips. Ha-joon hadn't been wrong. The frustrated tree twitched and bobbed, another string of pre-cum oozing from the slit in his angry mushroom-shaped head. Poor, poor thing. 

"You're having such a wonderful dream..." Taking hold of the thick trunk, he slowly began to stroke him, watching as his hips bucked upward. His eyes watched pleasure transform his whole face and lifted his thumb to brush against his frenulum. A weak breathy cry left his throat and he began to thrust up against his hand. That's it... that's what he needed. 

"I'll help you finish it hm? I'll help you feel better." Bending, he continued to stroke him, slowly pulling him into his mouth. 


Eyes shot open and breath was heavy...panicked. White, blue and green dots danced around him and he squeezed his eyes shut, shutting them out. Goosebumps raised across his flesh and he shivered. So cold. He was so cold. Heavy fingers lifted to his face and froze. Something sticky and wet was on his face. Pulling them away, he turned his nose to inhale. Tears welled up in his eyes as he recognized the chlorinated smell. Trying again, he opened his eyes and looked down at him. Everything was wet and he felt it in his hair, on his neck, there drying by his chin. On his chest, his thighs. His dick stared back up at him, flaccid and sated. A cloudy pool of cum there by his hip. Pressing his face against the floor, he began to sob, fat heavy tears and pain making him choke. Take me back. Tightening his hands into fists, he began to scream, the tears blinding him. 

"TAKE ME BACK!" In a frenzy, he got up and began knocking things over, his chest tight. 

"Take me back.....take me back...." Pulling open drawers, he wrapped fingers across the handle of a blade. Nearly wheezing, he began to cut himself, the pain, the tear, the blood all suddenly giving him release. Dropping it he let his arm drop and started to stagger into his living room, droplets of blood painting a trail behind him. Gasping at the air, he stumbled into his bedroom. Falling against his bed, he groaned softly, reaching for his phone. Shaky bloody fingers found the Kkako icon and hastily clicked it. Nausea cut into him as he typed. Just as he pressed send, the phone slipped out of his hand and the black consumed him once again. 

End Notes:


A/N: When I tell you that this took a lot out of me. It took a lot out of me. It kinda made me think about how I used to feel like a teenager lol. Bon-hwa's pain is so real and palpable. I just want to make it all stop for him. I read a long while ago some anonymous accounts of those who were believed to be idols in the industry. They explained how they would be preparing for shows and performances and their 'noonas' would literally just walk up to them and grope their private parts. Making jokes or sexual innuendos. Some of these accounts said that they experienced it a lot and didn't know how to approach the situation because they were seniors in the industry. 

To this day, that still disgusts me y'all. I know kpop continues to be glorified and everything is shown as perfect. Nothing is ever wrong and your idols are always happy lol. Please don't think that this is a kpop diss. I used to be a HARDCORE kpop fan (I guess the kids say stan nowadays lol) for almost 9 years lol. SHINee (Still kings), BIG BANG, WONDER GIRLS, and GIRLS GENERATION. SUPER JUNIOR and TVXQ. Alla them lol. I respect the hard work that these people have put in and still occasionally listen to a song or two haha. However, as a storyteller,  I have to TELL THE REAL STORY behind the smiles and cute aegyo.  Love you all. This story is already proving to be very powerful and impactful for me. Wow. I hope it is for you too. 

DL <3



s i x by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:


s i x 




She had just finished slipping into her tennis skirt when she'd heard it. The 'ping' let her know she got a message. She licked her lips, feeling her heart start to speed up. She was pathetic. It had been a week since they'd spoken and she'd gone from wanting to message him to deciding to let him initiate. She'd told Nebula about him, even showed her his picture. She had grinned as she read the messages. 


"You like him don't you?" She had asked, handing her back her phone. 

"I don't know him to like him." 

"Mmhm. He's cute. Dying to see the rest of his face though." 

"Me too honestly."

"For all we know, he could have gotten this picture off of the internet. How do we know it's him?" She had shrugged, eyes finding the picture of him again. 

"You should message him." Eyes wide, she looked horrified at the suggestion. 

"Hell nawl. He should message me first." 

"Yeah, okay." 


"Soon, you're gonna be with a real flesh and blood man Nov. You're so terribly frustrated it's suffocating me and I don't even live with you." 

"I am not frustrated."

"Bet you if Pierre's fine face got in between them legs you'd be singing a different tune." 

"For God's sake Nebula." 

"Not all of us are like you Nov. We all can't hold out and wait." She frowned. 

"I'm not judging you. But sis, you're almost 27 years old and still a virgin." 

"And it ain't none of your business. Stop trying to hook me up. When I want to lose it, I will." 

"Alright, alright. Fine. Sorry I brought it up. I'm proud of you for hanging in there." Sucking her teeth, she rolled her eyes, putting her phone back in her purse. 


Opening it up, she read the message. 

tok1932: Nova. 

tok1932: Nova. 

Her eyebrows knit together and she frowned. What was that? Lifting fingers to key keyboard, she replied. 

novaworld555: Um.... hi? 

novaworld555: Is everything okay? 

He didn't reply right away and she found herself spoiled by his response times the first conversation they had. Chewing her lip, she began to type something else. 

novaworld555: Why did it take you so long to message me? 

novaworld555: I thought something happened to you. 

Again, no answer. Inhaling deeply, she threw her phone back in her tennis bag. Heading into the living room, she put on her visor and grabbed her keys. She was nervous as hell already about this day. Pierre was nice but she...You don't even know him. Give him a chance. Sighing, she stepped out and locked the door. This had better be worth it. 


When she pulled up, Nebula and Henri were already hugged up, him showing her how to serve. Pursing her lips, she got out of her car with a sigh. That heifa didn't need any lessons on serving. Lord, get me through this day. At the sound of her car slamming shut, the two of them turned towards her. 

"Nov! You made it!" 


"Henri was just showing me how to improve my serve." 

"Oh." Henri cleared his throat and gave a charming smile. 

"Should we start with coffee? Tea?"

"Croissants, butter, and fruit, please. Y'all can keep the coffee." 

"Right this way then." The cheesing bastard grinned, entirely too close to her sister for her comfort. Scowling, she crossed her arms and followed them in. 

"None of this was my idea by the way. Just thought you should know." Pierre input, seeing the very obvious displeasure on her face. 

"Nebula isn't any damn better. Encouraging him." He stayed quiet but offered her a hand to step up into the dining room. Once they were all seated, she ordered a hot lavender honey tea and the executive breakfast. Clearing her throat, she watched her sister giggle and whisper something into Henri's ear. He whispered something back and she hit him on the chest. 

"Nasty..." She said lowly, skinning and grinning as he whispered more into her ear. 

"If this is all y'all are gonna do all day I'm going back home." She said, irritation making her nostrils flare. The two of them separated and Henri cleared his throat. 

"Mes excuses," (My apologies) 

"Pierre... when'd you start playing tennis?" Neb asked with a friendly smile, thanking the waiter as he placed their drinks down. 

"5 years old." 

"So young..."

"In a sport like tennis, there's no success unless you start young." Henri said, lifting his coffee to his mouth. 

"Much like singing." The comment had come from Nebula and she nudged her underneath the table. 

"Right, yeah."

"Have you guys heard about this new boy group? What're they called again Nov?" What are you doing? Her eyes asked her. Neb just winked at her, waiting for her answer. 

"Um, I think KASSIA or something like that." 

"What kind of name is that for a group?" Henri asked, brows creased. 

"They're some popular group over in Korea."

"The country still in the throes of civil war?" 

"Yeah that's the one, so um, yeah Nova's got a friend in that group. He just recently made the news." Pierre smiled, leaning back in his seat. 

"You're friends with celebrities Nova?" He asked, a teasing smile on his face. 

"I wouldn't put it like that..." 

"Y'all wanna hear 'em?" Whipping out her phone, she pulled up one of the videos they'd watched the week prior. 

"That's a man?" Pierre, who the whole time had been reserved, started to laugh quite obnoxiously. 

"Je ne vois aucun homme ici." (I see no man here.) The brothers laughed so hard in unison and at that moment, she felt a bitter taste come to her mouth. 

"Don't make fun of him. You don't know him." 

"Then maybe you can tell us, Mademoiselle. Does he have a cock?" Henri sneered at her, making anger lick her belly. 

"Il n'a pas de pénis." (He doesn't have a penis.) Pierre laughed, dabbing at his eyes. 

"Do you?" She shot back at him, eyes narrowed with anger. 

"Oui, Mademoiselle. 8 inches. Maybe your sister can confirm later if my measurement is off." 

"I won't be confirming anything Monsieur." He looked at her as she got up. 

"I don't give a damn how big your shit is. What you're not gonna do is disrespect my sister. Nova, let's go." Confusion all over her, she slowly stood up.

"What about my breakfast?"

"We can order a fresh one to go."

"Ladies, let's not get upset. He just took me by surprise is all. I apologize for offending you." 

"I'm sorry, that was very rude of us. Please accept our apologies." Pierre offered with a smile, one she now found misleading. Perhaps he was the ring leader of this little stunt after all. 

"Look, I don't know what you heard about American girls but whatever you heard it's a whole lie." She hissed through her teeth, grabbing her purse. 

"Maybe not you. But Nebula here just offered to suck my cock while we waited for our food so," Henri said with a cocky grin, crossing his arms across his chest. 

"I sure did and I take it back. Let's go Nov." Getting up, they grabbed their purses and play bags. Leaving the men shaking their heads and laughing amongst themselves, the two-headed to place to-go orders and the court. 


By the time she got home, she was exhausted. Throwing her play bag by the couch, she kicked off her shoes and tossed her visor on the table. What a freaking day. A part of her felt like she'd wasted it. Nebula and her antics. She knew she'd upset her, that's why the whole day she'd catered to her. Sighing heavily, she lifted the pink sweatshirt up and off and scratched her scalp. The cute notification bell made her stop. Unhooking her bra, she picked up her phone. 3 messages from tok1932. Now he wanted to respond huh? She opened the chat. 

tok1932: Annyeong. Hi. Hey. 

tok1932: Yeah sorry about that I um... I got shit-face drunk last night. Didn't mean to scare you. 

tok1932: Aww. So what you're telling me is that you like texting me. That's really cute. Confession time: I like messaging you too. 

It made no sense why her heart was beating crazy in her chest like she was a schoolgirl. 

novaworld555: hold your horses, sir. I didn't say all of that. I was just concerned about you. 

novaworld555: so what you're telling me is that when you get drunk you think about me. hm.

tok1932: is it too soon to admit that? Yeah. That is what I'm telling you. 

tok1932: Since we're on the honesty train, I've been thinking about you this whole week. 

Laying back against the bed, she bit her lip. 

novaworld555: you sure it's not because of my picture? 

novaworld555: If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were flirting with me. 

novaworld555: you don't know me well enough to flirt with me.



tok1932: maybe. But I don't have to know you well enough to know I'm kinda attracted to you. 

tok1932: are you asking that as a serious question or...? 

tok1932: no. it's not just because of your picture. I dig your energy. It's crazy. 

tok1932: If you want to start talking about that, we can. I can start telling you what I like about it.

Mon dieu. This man... Her cheeks had started growing warm. 

novaworld555: Kinda? Like 50/50? 

novaworld555: you're not drunk right now are you? 

novaworld555: calm down sir. please. 

He sent laughing emojis. Then, 

tok1932: oh... now you're curious?

tok1932: I'm very sober thank you 

tok1932: Since you asked it, I'm sure you meant it seriously so. I mean..I figured I'd answer seriously.

She put her phone down and closed her eyes. Nibbling on her lip, she took a deep breath. You're flirting with a whole stranger. Are you that damn lonely? Slipping out of her skirt, she opened her eyes. It embarrassed her how much one little conversation made her wet her underwear. Reaching for her phone, she responded while she still had the nerve.

novaworld555: kinda curious not gonna lie. 

novaworld555: you're on a whole 100 right now Mr. Stranger. 

Cheeks warm, she waited as three dots came up. 


tok1932: More than 50/50. I just said kinda cause I'm trying to pass your second vibe check. 

tok1932: I'm not trying to get blocked. You're entirely too happy to do that. 

tok1932: Mr. Stranger huh? Sheesh. I'm hurt you're intentionally trying to forget my name. You get amnesia when you're flustered. #notetaken 


tok1932: it's okay to admit you're attracted to me, by the way. There's nothing wrong with that. 

novaworld555: what brought you to that conclusion? 

tok1932: your words play hard to get. That's cool. But your energy is totally into mine.

tok1932: Maybe we should change the subject hm? I don't want to make you uncomfortable. 


tok1932: how was your day? What'd you do? 

novaworld555: It was annoying.

tok1932: how come?

novaworld555: I encountered some jerks today. 

tok1932: mind elaborating on jerks? 

novaworld555: if you want me to say it fine. assholes. 

tok1932: guys. 


novaworld555: how'd you...

tok1932: unfortunately, that's the prime word of choice women use when referring to a guy. 

novaworld555: especially when they deserve it 

tok1932: I'm sure he did. what happened? 

novaworld555: so fun fact: I play tennis. 

tok1932: oh wow! 

novaworld555: yeah and um I encountered some guys on the court.

She jumped when her notification dinged louder than what was necessary. 


Clicking on it, she froze. Mon dieu. He wore a white t-shirt today. Black baseball cap with some blue logo on it. He must like baseball caps. His mask was the same white as his shirt and he had his hand lifted up across his chin. As if thinking. There on his right ring finger, he wore a decorative ring. 

tok1932: Listening. 

Licking her lips, she stared at his picture some more. He was really good looking. The mask only seemed to intensify the mystery around him and it more than whet her appetite. You are pitiful. Just maybe. But... she liked talking to him. She wanted to know more about him. 

Leaving the phone on her bed, she quickly put on a shirt, something quick and easy since she was about to shower. Sitting back on her bed, she turned on her light and bit her lip. Heart pounding, she took a deep breath. Leaning her arm on her knee, fist pressed against her cheek, she snapped the picture. Pressing send before she chickened out. 

novaworld555: And should I continue, what is it you're gonna do all the way over there? 

She bit her lip to shreds waiting for his reply. 



tok1932: I mean... I could catch a flight. 

novaworld555: yeah right. you're talking shit. 

tok1932: I'm really not.

novaworld555: whatever. 

He sent laughing emojis. 

tok1932: when I'm shit talking you'll know.

novaworld555: boy please. shit. talking. out of your ass. 


tok1932: So, that's what the look on your face said. I was having a hard time getting past the fact that you're so damn beautiful.

tok1932: maybe I should talk what you call shit more. 

tok1932: we're upgrading fairly quickly but I'm game. You set the pace here. I'm down for the ride. 

novaworld555: what are you talking about sir?

tok1932: you sending me pictures ma'am 

tok1932: like I said... your energy and mine are very compatible 

novaworld555: you think so? 


Licking her lips, she opened it with the quickness. Squeezing her thighs together, her breath started to get heavy. He'd changed clothes. Now in black, he looked like he was laying down or something. Arm up against his face, he looked directly into the camera lens. He had a shiny necklace around his neck but with the shadows, she couldn't make it out that clearly. 

His gaze was intense and it cut into her, little hot tiny holes all over her body. Shifting her hips, she was about to reply when he beat her to it. 

tok1932: I was about to say something you'd block me for. So I figured a picture was worth a thousand words. 

novaworld555: yeah. it was. it said a lot I don't wanna unpack. it was just a simple question HB. 

tok1932: and I think I answered it well enough. 

tok1932: I've been at the hospital all day today...actually just got in not too long ago. 

novaworld555: you drank that much? 

tok1932: it's a long story. one I'm not sharing tonight. 

novaworld555: okay 

novaworld555: don't get so drunk tonight

tok1932: too late. 

tok1932: I'm already drunk. 



novaworld555: alcoholic 

tok1932: definitely wasn't talking about alcohol but it's okay. you're a champ for trying to dodge that. 

tok1932: it's late there so...I'm gonna go. 

tok1932: It's almost 3 in the afternoon here

tok1932: I'm sleepy as hell 

tok1932: and your eyes and lips are driving me crazy. 

Before she could even muster up the courage to respond, he beat her to it again. 

tok1932: sweet dreams Nova 

Letting her phone slip out of her hand, she swallowed thickly. What was she doing? What were they doing? She didn't want to fall in deep with this. Her brain told her to be careful but her heart was saying other things. Feeling other things. Lifting herself up, she finally slipped out of her underwear now completely drenched and headed into the bathroom to start the shower. 

End Notes:


A/N: oohhhhhhh these two love birdssssss. UGH the way Bon-hwa talks to her is just. WHEW. *fans self* I'm just here for them that's it and that's all thanks haha. 

I'll have more updates soon hehe. 



The pictures Bon-hwa sent his baby: 

The pic Nova poo sent Bon Bon: 


s e v e n by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:


s e v e n 











The familiar 'ping' went off. Biting her lip, she opened the message. 

tok1932: Hey Nova 

Heart pounding, she quickly responded. 

novaworld555: hey. what're you into today? 

tok1932: well... I just got a new hair color 

novaworld555: ooh. Lemme see. 


novaworld555: I like it. You still have that mask on though. After all this time. 

tok1932: I wanna keep you guessing.

novaworld555: rude ass. 

tok1932: Don't be like that. Be nice. 

novaworld555: no. I don't want to be nice. 

tok1932: brat. 

She giggled like a little girl and ran fingers through her braids. A couple of months had passed since they'd been talking. They'd taken things real slow and steady, she opening up to him a little here and he there. Soon, it was like they were texting every night. She couldn't stop thinking about him and he expressed the same. Nebula had told her to be careful... way too many catfishes and scammers out there. But... she didn't doubt it for a second. He was very real.  

Over the course of about five months, he'd sent her videos... him going to the store. Him sitting in the library. Panning the camera to show her Seoul as he was out and about. Returning the favor, she'd sent him a video now and again. Her on her way to the tennis court. Or shopping. Even making funny faces as she sat in her college classes. She enjoyed the mental and emotional intimacy he provided to her. She hadn't been aware that she'd been lacking it...but since Bunny had left her, she felt alone. It felt nice to have someone to talk to... someone to vibe with. 

tok1932: I have something kinda serious to tell you 

She sat up as those dots popped up. 

tok1932: The reason I wear my mask all the time 

novaworld555: yeah? what's the reason? 



tok1932: I can't just show my face. For a lot of reasons. 

novaworld555: like what? I'm still waiting for that part. 

tok1932: If I tell you, you have to promise not to run. 

tok1932: or block me. I'll be devastated. 

novaworld555: okay now I'm concerned. 





tok1932: have you heard of kpop? 


tok1932: so... um. I'm actually an idol. 

Her stomach crashed into her feet and she stared at the phone screen for a good couple seconds. 

tok1932: Nova? 

novaworld555: yeah, I'm here. Just... just surprised. shocked is more the word. 

tok1932: I've been holding that in for a little while now. I wanted to tell you but for obvious reasons I've been scared shitless. 

Licking her lips, she turned to lay on her side. 

novaworld555: can we video call? 



tok1932: give me a minute. 

She shot up and ran into the bathroom. Running frantic fingers across her face, she checked her appearance. Damn, maybe she should change. Wearing a pink lounge set, she briefly wondered about the crop top and fuzzy pink shorts. A little tease won't hurt. Hastily putting her braids up in a high pony, she dove back towards the bed. 

tok1932 is calling you 

Her heart slammed into her throat and butterflies danced in her belly but she accepted the call. Their eyes met and they both were lock-jawed it seemed. Staring at each other, it was quiet for the longest time. Mon dieu....he was real... it was real. Oh God.... He shifted the camera a bit and she took a deep breath. 

"um... hi." 

"annyeong." His voice was really low and she struggled to hear it clearly. Wherever he was, it was busy. She could hear people talking close by. He had to be quiet. 

"So... uh... HB right?" His blue eyes smiled cutely. 


"Nice to meet you face to face... kinda." 

"Mmhm." She felt hot as his eyes drifted down her body. She'd lifted the camera enough that he could see her belly button and the top of her shorts. 

"Sorry if it's too much. I really didn't wanna get changed." 

"Don't be sorry." His voice sent shivers down her spine. Licking her lips, she took a shaky breath. 

"Jesus. You're unreal." She heard him say under his breath before looking up. He didn't seem all that comfortable... maybe too many eyes. 

"You're working right now?" His eyes drifted back down and met hers. 


"What time is it there?" 

"Mm....ah, ne. ne. Kamsamnida." The focus of the lens shifted and it was black for a little bit before he reappeared. 


"Don't be." There again they stared at each other in silence. 

"You're really an idol? Like real talk?" 

"Real talk Nova." The way he said her name was insane and she pinched her thighs together. She forgot he could see the tops of them and blushed as his eyes narrowed slightly. 


"Look at me." She couldn't help it, the way his eyes drew her in. 

"Be honest with me."

"About what?" 

"You wore that on purpose didn't you?" Taking a shaky breath, she shifted on the bed, bringing the lens up a little more towards her face. 

"You put that on with intentions." He was whispering now but his eyes spoke loud and clear. Biting her lip, she nodded a little bit. 

"I thought you'd like it." He didn't say anything, just lifted his eyebrow. 

"Such a brat." He hushed into the phone, making her hips wiggle. 

"Maybe now you won't worry so much about me running." His eyebrow lifted again and the noises and voices around him grew louder, hustle and bustle. 

"It's been really nice messaging you. Even nicer to finally see you." 

"Me too." His eyes lifted up once more. 

"I have to go." She sighed. 

"Message me later?" 



"Bye pretty girl." Blushing, she gave a smile. 

"Bye." He winked at her before ending the call. Taking a deep shaky breath, she dropped her phone and covered her face with her hands. Turning, she screamed into the pillow. 


Sweat slid down his temples and he panted for air as the routine came to an end for the tenth time. Stooping, he closed his eyes and tried to inhale from his nose. 

"You're going especially hard today hyung." I.H observed, his cheeks just as red as his. 

"You should dance harder too." The kid grinned, turning to go annoy someone else. He inhaled deeply... slowly closing his eyes again. He was pushing through it... it was suffering through it. Opening his eyes, he got in formation and the song started over again. 

He'd been doing better. Better than he was a few months ago. He wasn't self-mutilating himself as much. Of course, the nights it got so bad he did it just to take the pain away. He wasn't getting high as much either. 

"Good! And Aera.... Yes, good!" His mind was clearer. Sharper. And it was all because of her. His angel. She'd been his everything. His motivator. His encourager. His cheerleader. 

"...And done!" Popping sharply, they waited until the music ended to break and he fell back against the floor. 

"Save your energy Bonnie. It's gonna be one of those nights." Swallowing thickly, he pushed himself to get up and soon they started again. 


Hissing, he lowered himself into the bath of ice. Fuck. Blowing out breaths, he breathed in and out from his nose deeply. Eyes closed, he leaned his head back against the rim of the tub. Every muscle hurt....it was gonna be a bitch to get up later. With only a few hours allotted to sleep, he flexed his fingers, gripping and letting go of the sides. Just a little more. In a little bit, he'd be able to get a break. Licking his lips, he opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. With their newest concept approaching, he knew that he wouldn't have much time after that. 

He needed to see her, touch her, hug, hold and have her. A quiet chuckle sprung up, followed by a sharp hiss. His naughty angel baby. She had looked like a sweet little edible...all that delicious brown skin and those fucking eyes of hers. Licking his lips, he slowly relaxed as the cold began to take the ache and pain away. Not the weak kind. The two-bites-and you're-fucked-up kind. He wanted to get high on her, inhale and taste the sugary sweet potency between her legs. Nibble away until the whole of her was gone. 

Lifting a hand from the bath, he slid icy fingers through his hair and slowly stood. Truthfully, he'd been erect from the minute he saw her and it had been rough making it through 19 fucking hours of practice. The bastard always managed to pop back up throughout the whole time. Even now, it was stiff and unrelenting. Biting his lip, he stroked his shaft a couple of times, reaching up to put pressure against his head. A soft groan filled the room and he let his head fall back against his shoulders. Just a little bit. Enough that he could try to sleep. Stroking faster, his breath caught in his throat as he came, a spurt or two shooting up across his chest. Breathing a sigh, he opened sleepy eyes and quietly cleaned himself. Getting out of the bath, he drained the water and collapsed in bed. Nova was going to fucking kill him. 


She slowly roused from sleep, groaning against her pillow. The bright autumn sun sprinkled in across her and kissed her skin good morning. Sighing, she opened her eyes, blinking and rubbing the sleep away. Yawning, she stretched and plopped back down on her bed. Today was gonna be a busy one and she was not looking forward to it. Reaching for her phone, she unlocked it to see 2 messages from HB. Smiling softly, she pressed it. 

tok1932: good morning halo. I just got up myself. 


Opening it, her heart melted into a puddle of goo. He was so freaking cute. He had snapped a picture of him outside rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. 

tok1932: Today's the big day huh? Kick ass on the court. Message me later. 


Seeing it made her laugh and she rolled her eyes. He was stupid. Cheeks warm, she pressed a smile into the comforter. He laid on a bed, a single light on, and posed silly with his hands. Two peace signs. One in the air. And another...her eyes grew wide and she was not in the least bit ashamed of how she zoomed in. This was the only picture she'd ever seen of him without a mask on. But he'd placed his other hand directly in front of his face with the other peace sign. He had his leg lifted and propped up on the wall and had put some heart emojis above his head. 

Typing, she replied. 

novaworld555: good morning. Or...good night now? Yeah... today's the match. I'm lowkey stressing. It's not about winning but...I still want to. Ya know? Anyway, thanks for the morning text. And pictures. You're a complete idiot. 


tok1932: don't stress out sweetheart. You can do it. 

novaworld555: are we upgrading from halo to sweetheart? 

tok1932: we've been upgraded. In my mind at least. 

novaworld555: oh? 

tok1932: we've been playing games for what is it now...five months? six?

novaworld555: it's been a game to you? 

tok1932: don't twist what I'm saying. 

novaworld555: it sounds like you have something you want to say. 

novaworld555: something serious again. 

tok1932: I want us to be official. No more games. 

Her eyes bugged out of her head and she shot up. 

novaworld555: are...are you asking me out? 

tok1932: yeah that's how it reads. 

novaworld555: don't get smart HB. It's too early for your shenanigans. 

He sent laughing emojis and then a tongue sticking out emoji. 

tok1932: You're skirting around things that make you uncomfortable again Nova. 

novaworld555: No I'm not. 



novaworld555: Okay...

tok1932: okay what?

novaworld555: we can make it official. Between us. 

tok1932: thank god. I was sweating over here. 

novaworld555: don't. please. 

tok1932: now I can call you all those other names in my mind. 

novaworld555: oh God... that sounds perverted. 

tok1932: not gonna lie some of them are. 

novaworld555: you're disgusting. 

tok1932: you won't be calling me disgusting when you're on a plane. 

Her eyes bugged near out her head. 

novaworld555: e-excuse me? Say that now? 

tok1932: I'm flying you out here to Seoul. In a few weeks.

novaworld555: wait... wait wait wait. hold UP. 

tok1932: no? 

novaworld555: what if I have plans and stuff? 

tok1932: cancel them. 

novaworld555: b-but...

tok1932: please? Hoping that works so I don't come off like I'm ordering you around. 

novaworld555: That's exactly what you're doing. 


novaworld555: and.... um... I kinda like it? Oh my God... *embarrassed* 

tok1932: listen. don't start with me right now sweetheart. It's late and I'm still trying to recover from our last video call. 

tok1932: don't be embarrassed. nothing to be embarrassed about. 

novaworld555: you're a bully. 

tok1932: you're a brat. 

Rolling her eyes, she grinned. 

novaworld555: Fine. I'll...I'll come. 

tok1932: My company is giving us a small vacation for the christmas season. I can't wait to see you... for real this time. 

tok1932: I'm thinking dinner and a movie? No masks this time. 

Her heart pounded against her chest.

novaworld555: t-that sounds nice. 

tok1932: cool. I'll send you the information on hotel check-in and flight time later. Oh... and I'll have someone pick you up from the airport. To be safe. 

novaworld555: You sound very well versed in flying girls out sir. 

tok1932: You, ma'am, aren't some little star-struck groupie.

tok1932: I've always been honest with you right? I've had flings before. I won't lie to you. 

tok1932: You're not a fling or a hookup to me and I want you to know that right off the rip. 

Oh God... was he serious? 

tok1932: You deserve to be spoiled. So, when you get here, be prepared. I'll take care of you. 

She felt her eyes well up with tears and she pressed her face into her covers. He was saying all the right stuff...everything she wanted to hear... and... and she wanted to believe him. She wanted to believe in him. 

novaworld555: You're saying all the right things but...

novaworld555: I'm scared... 

Popping her head up, she began to sniffle seeing his request to video call. Please God... things like this don't happen.... they're not real... Accepting, she pressed her face against the comforter. 

"I know you're scared sweetheart." His voice was really low again but she heard him much more clearer this time than before. She sniffled some more, trying to hold back her tears. 

"I'm just as scared as you are." 

"No...no you're...you're not." Lifting her face, she looked up at soft gentle eyes. 

"You have nothing to lose...but everything to gain." 


"No....I...I want to trust you but... I'm so freaking scared." 

"We have to have trust if we're gonna make this work. You know that babe." 


"I'm risking my career for this. I want you to know that." Too late, the tears started to slip down her cheeks. 

"Idols aren't allowed to date. Idols aren't allowed to breathe, think, or be human. We're like robots... puppets. They have us on strings and whichever way they want us to go, we go." 


"I'm scared too. Scared that I'll be punished for opening up my heart to you; for following my heart. I'm scared that we'll be discovered. I'm scared of crazy fans, management...that's so many things to be afraid of Nova." Lifting her fingers, she wiped away her tears. She could hear the anxiety in his voice. She could hear the fear. 

"Look at me halo," Sniffling, she lifted her eyes and their gazes met. 

"I want this enough to risk it all. I want you enough to put it on the line." 

"I can't let you ruin your career..."

"You're not going to 'let' me do anything. I'm a big enough boy to make my own decisions." Covering her face with her hands, she took some deep breaths. 

"God... this is so crazy..." Letting her hand fall away from her face, she sighed. 

"You deserve this Nova. I deserve this. I deserve us. I can't be the man I want to be to you if you won't trust me. We might as well end things now." 

"That's...not fair....don't put this on me..."

"Make a choice. I don't have long. I have to back to practice." 


"I don't have long Nova..." She clenched her jaw and answered...softly. 

"I'll come see you." He breathed a sigh of audible relief. 

"Okay. I'll send you everything later." 


"See you soon halo," 

"See you soon," 


Laying on her bed for the longest, she stared up at the ceiling. It was wild that in five months, she felt like she'd known him for so much longer. It wasn't normal to feel the way she felt about him in such a short time. But... she...she couldn't deny or lie to herself anymore. She'd live with whatever happened. But, she had to find out for herself. 

End Notes:


A/N: So, IF YOU THOUGHT THAT IN MY WRITING CAREER I WAS NOT GON HAVE Y/N BE A BLACK WOMAN YOU THOUGHT HELLA WRONG. LOL. NOVA LIVING THAT Y/N LIFE FA REAL YA HURRRRRR. MANS SAID BABY I'MA FLY YOU OUT. OOF. This whole chapter made me feel things lol. Bon-hwa is  such a man baby mmf. Spoil your princess, KING Bonnie. I ain't even mad. I see why kids nowadays be barking and meowing lol. sometimes human words ain't enough LMAOOOO. CHILEEEEEEEE WHEW. 

I love that in this chapter they both admit their feelings (again lol) kudos to our QUEEN NOVA for showing some skin haha. I'm sweating thinking about the next chapter update. (well, actually... the chapter I'm working on right now has me literally sweating lol. it's HOT) hehe. 

you guys are sweet. God bless and thank you for reading~ 




Nova's lounge set:

Bonnie's hair: 

the picture he sent Nova to cheer up lol (he's really a big dork y'all. don't believe him when he say he tough LOL) 

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e i g h t by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

e i g h t 


Snow fell from the sky, coating the streets of Seoul in pretty fluffy white. Gargantuan Christmas trees decorated entryways to shopping malls and strips and the sweet cheery music of Yule Tide melted the marshmallows on the steaming cups of hot chocolate. 

"It's cold as shit out here!" Turning eyes from the frosty windowpanes and the smell of warm coffee, she pursed her lips at her sister who wrapped arms around herself while managing to shake like a bare tree branch. 

"Didn't nobody tell you to dress like that." In a cropped cream sweater and blue jeans, she wore a long pink fur coat and white boots. The coat, she now had clamped shut. 

"I'm glad I got these braids in otherwise my whole entire head would be freezing." 

"Sure would be." Sucking her teeth, she frowned. 

"I cannot believe you don brought me all the way across the world to meet your pretty boy kpop star boyfriend. This is ridiculous." 

"Last time I checked, you invited yourself to this rodeo." 

"Tuh! Je suis content que de l'avoir fait! (I'm glad I did!) For all we know he could be a serial killer. And your crazy ass just hops on a plane anyway. Do you know what mère said when I told her we were coming to Seoul?" 

"I don't care. I'm 27 years old. I don't need her permission." Shivering, Nebula sucked her teeth again. 

"Look, I respect that. Really. But can we go inside somewhere where it's actually warm? My braids bout to turn to ice." 

"What about there?" She pointed to a coffee shop across from them. 

"You playin..." Neb screeched, speedy gonzales walking into the pretty glass building. She was about to take a step when a hand stopped her. Yanking her arm, she turned to see a familiar face behind her. Eyes wide, she gawked up at him. He was tall as hell. He wore a black mask, one that blended with the night. He wore a dark pewter puffer and a thick scarf tied around his neck. A lighter grey winter hat sat on top of his head. From all the millions of lights, she could see that his ears and the tops of his cheeks were flushed red from the cold. 

"You're here... oh my God you're here..." He laughed warmly against her as she jumped into a hug. 

"It's good to see you...finally." He wrapped his arms around her, his hug sending tickling butterflies to her stomach. 

"Did you have a good flight?" He asked, pulling back a little. 

"Yeah. Nebula slept most of the time."


"Yeah I did too..." His eyes were so pretty without the many contact lenses. Pure chocolate, they sparkled and twinkled like stars in the sky. 

"Oh... um... speaking of my sister...thank you for letting her come."

"The more the merrier." 

"NOV! IS THAT HIM?" She turned to see her sticking her head out of the door. Good Lord...

"Come on. Let me introduce myself to her hm?" Blushing as he took hold of her hand, she felt those butterflies flutter for real as they entered the coffee shop. Letting go of her hand for a minute, he removed his gloves before extending his hand towards her again. Gawking at the size of it, she heard him chuckle. 

"Something wrong?" He asked, a teasing eyebrow lifted. I wasn't expecting you to be so damn huge. 

"No...no um...no." She took his hand, chills dancing down her spine as their fingers intertwined. His warmth bled into her like a tea kettle and she found herself smiling softly as he lifted hers to press against his mask-covered mouth. Their hands tightened on each other and slowly, they approached Nebula. She was standing in front of their dessert case, eyes squinting hard at the Hangeul. 

"Nova! Nov-"

"I'm right here. Calm down." Turning, she was about to say something when her eyes drifted upward. Her mouth dropped open. 

"Nebula right?" At a loss for words, she nodded silently. 

"HB. Nice to meet you." 

"Oh shit." Lifting her other arm to wrap it around his, she pressed it closer to her chest. He felt good to touch. Warm. Solid. Hard. 

"He's like double your size Nov. How tall are you exactly?" 


"Shiiiiiit. Girl, you look like his kid." 

"Shut up. I do not." 

"Can't lie though. Y'all look cute. Really cute oh my god." 

"Why don't you and your sister find some seats. I'll order some beverages." 

"Okay..." Eyes smiling, he didn't seem to want to let her go either but soon walked away from them to the corner. 

"Girlllllll......" Rolling her eyes, she let her sister pull her toward a table. 

"Neb... stop. You're embarrassing me."

"Okay okay look. Screw that. Let's talk hands and feet. Did you see what I saw?"


"He got a whole stallion in them pants sis. Oh God I just feel it. Get your cowgirl hat and get ready to giddy up on that thang. It's gonna take you for a ride." 

"Arrête Nebula! Tu m'embarrasses...." (Stop Nebula! You're embarrassing me.) She grinned and cackled, doing a 'giddy up' motion with her hands before getting playfully shoved. 

"These Koreans looking at us weird. Stoppppppp please for the love of God..... sit down already." Winking at her, her sister took her cue and lowered herself down into a chair finally. 

"Cannot take you no damn where." 

"Nope," She agreed, wiggling her eyebrows. 

"Yo man coming back..." 

"Mon dieu..." (my God) 

"I wasn't sure what everyone likes so I got a sampler." It had an arrangement of pretty drinks, some coffee, some teas and sodas. 

"Ooh. I'm the coffee drinker. That looks yummy." Neb picked up decorative liquid in a glass and it hurt watching her drink it. All of these drinks were too pretty to drink. Picking up a blue, purple and pink drink, she lifted the straw to her lips. Taking a sip, her eyes grew wide. 

"Joah?" Knitting her brows at the Korean word, she cocked her head to the side. 

"It means do you like it?"

"Oh. Yeah. It's tasty."

"Good. Glad you like it." He selected a coffee drink as well. Both of the sisters watched, eyes glued to him as he slipped the straw underneath his mask. The disappointment was felt from across the room and his eyes smiled again, making those butterflies flitter again. 

"Do you have to wear that all the time?" Nebula asked, taking a drink of her beverage. 

"In settings like this, yeah."

"What would happen if you took it off for a tiny minute?" He made eye contact with her, making her sit up in her seat. 

"You and Nova would be completely mobbed." 


"It's for your protection just as much as it is for mine."

"Hm. You famous famous huh?" 

"Just a little bit." Grinning, neb glanced at her, taking another sip of her coffee. 

"So...HB is it?" 


"What made you pursue my sister? I mean... no offense but you're all the way across the world. You clearly have a lot of fame so that means you can have any girl you want. Why Supernova?" He sat back in his chair, a nice relaxed ease. 

"Nebula is it?"


"I'm gonna keep it 100% with you. I'll tell you like I told Nova, I'm not gonna lie to you." That's how he started and it had her undivided attention. 

"Girls are easy to get and come by. They're star struck and hungry for attention. They're easy to use...if you catch my drift." 

"Perfectly." His eyes drifted from Neb to her, making her grip her hands together underneath the table. 

"Frankly speaking, between us, I'm a grown ass man. 28 years old this year. Girls are for little boys." Nebula's mouth dropped open and remained open as he continued, 

"The connection I've formed with Nova does so much more for me... satisfies me so much more than my time with any groupie." She licked her lips, feeling his eyes burn holes into her. 

"Supernova stimulates my mind and my body...my emotions and my thoughts. She's everything I want and everything I need in a woman." Neb was speechless and so was she. He took the silence to drink so more of his coffee. 

"Does that answer your question?" He asked with a friendly eye smile. 

"Uh...hell yeah. Damn. Yeah." 

"Good." Her throat was dry as hell and she coughed some, reaching for her drink. 

"Giddy up Nov." Eyes wide, they shot over to her and HB just lifted an eyebrow. 


The walk was brutal, the winter night wind picking up. She clutched her coat tighter to her and so did Neb. 

"I'll drive you both back." 

"You came alone?"

"I told you I'm a big boy. I can handle navigating my city." Nebula coughed, jabbing her in the side. 

"Ow! Girl..."

"You very kind HB." 

"No problem. After you," He opened the door for Nebula and she gladly slipped in the backseat. Coming to the passenger side, he pulled her closer instead of opening the car door. 

"I have my hands full with two galaxies tonight don't I?" She laughed softly, lifting hands to play with his scarf. 

"Nebula more than me." Eyes twinkling, he leaned down a little, hugging her closer. 

"I don't know about that." He whispered against her. His cologne wafted across her nose and she bit her lip as he opened the passenger door. 


Nebula had gone upstairs to their room, leaving Nova downstairs with him. On heated leather seats, they held hands and talked about whatever they could think of. It was nice...being able to finally touch her, feel her. He smiled as she rambled on about the Christmas light displays in Seoul. He'd forgotten just how tiny her hands were in his. But it made his heart melt. Gently stroking the back of her hand, he leaned his head back against the seat, eyes soft as she continued on. 

"...and don't get me started on these trees. The trees y'all have here are in. sane." 

"We know how to do Christmas that's for sure."

"Yeah I'd say." She started to yawn. 


"Yeah, I should get upstairs." 


"I talked your ear off I'm sorry." 

"Don't. I didn't mind." 

"I don't wanna leave..." She drawled sleepily with another yawn, bringing her hand to stop the movement of his thumb. 

"It's okay sweetheart. Go rest." Pouting, she sighed reluctantly. 


"Text me when you're free later." 

"...kay..." Finally withdrawing her hand, she slowly opened the car door and got out. He waited until she entered the building and stepped onto the elevator before re-starting his ignition. Reaching up, he pulled his mask off and pressed on the gas, zooming down the empty street.


Lifting a towel to his forehead and neck, he took a long drink of water before shoving his hair back with jittery fingers. Tonight was it. He'd been up all fucking night and this was his third set of reps already. Still, he felt on edge. He'd called the restaurant as soon as they opened to make sure everything was set in place. He'd called the florist. By 11 am he was nearly sweating with anxiety. Tonight had to go perfectly. He couldn't have any mishaps. Placing the water bottle back on the counter, he inhaled deeply and jumped back into another set of reps. 


"Did he tell you where y'all going?" 

"Dinner and a movie at his place." Neb spit out her water. 

"At his place? Oh he tryna lay the pipe on you as soon as possible."

"Shut up." She shoved her and she screeched, barely saving herself from falling onto the ground. 

"Where he taking you for dinner?"

"No clue. He told me to get like dressed up though." 

"Ooh. He wanna show you off." She rolled her eyes and threw a pillow at her. She'd made sure that she brought the best. She had a pretty little number currently hanging and being steamed. She was gonna show off her damn self, HB or not. 

"We should get pedis. Manis too. And while you at it, a Brazilian wax." 


"No um, let's go. Up." Huffing, she let her sister pull her into the bathroom. 


He'd finished spritzing his Chanel Bleu when his phone went off. Clear almond-shaped eyes took in his appearance in the mirror. Good. Swallowing, he turned on his heel. It was time to go. As he locked the door to his apartment, he gripped the keys in his hands to try to help them stop shaking. He could feel his nerves rise up and took deep breaths on the way to the car. If he didn't stay clear, he'd smoke half a pack before he even got there and he didn't want her smelling cigarette smoke. Breathe. Everything will be fine. Everything will work. Unlocking his door, he slid into the driver's seat and closed the door. Pressing his face against the fingers that gripped the steering wheel, he was quiet for a moment before starting the car up. Taking another deep breath, he maneuvered the gear to first shift, soon shifting to second. 


"Damn you look hot." Twirling in front of her sister, she did a silly pose. 

"Thank you." Dressed in a pastel yellow dress, short layers of silky soft chiffon billowed out in front. Sheer puffed sleeves traveled down her arms and the square neckline gave her a sweet ethereal look. The length of the dress came to just under her knees; complimenting both her height and skin tone. 

"Lemme see the back..." Doing another little twirl, she heard Neb whistle. 

"This is giving everything it needs to give. My God..." 

"Stop hyping me up Nebbie, you're making me blush." The sisters shared a giggle and Neb gently caressed her cheek. 

"I'm happy that you came with me." Her teeth sunk a little into her bottom lip and Neb chastised her. 

"You'll ruin your nude lip. Stop..." Sighing, her sister looked like a proud mom. 

"I'm glad he wasn't a catfish. He really seems legit."

"I told you he was real." 

"Dating a whole ass celebrity. Sheesh." 


"Do you even know what group he's in? Which company? I did a lil bit of research. This country has a shit ton of groups and companies." She shook her head no. 

"He told me he'd reveal all of that tonight."


"My heart is beating so fast in my chest right now.... Lord Jesus..." 

"That's not the only thing that's gon be beating you tonight." 

"Nebula Étienne! Quit." 

"Don't think I ain't see that sheer set you put on underneath that dress." Cheeks hot, she ignored her, going to grab her purse. 

"The coochie gods have heard my prayers. You gon get that thang boxed, rocked, and schlocked." 

"Ohhh my God I'm going. You are so nasty..." 

"I could shed a tear just thinking about it." 

"GoodBYE Nebula..." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Remember what I told you! GIDDY UP. Ride that pony till it fall off." She closed the door a bit harder than what was necessary, her sister cracking up still behind it. Clutching her purse tightly, the soft click of her heels echoed on the marble floors and she headed down to her ride. 

The night was aglow with dizzying color and she was for a moment in a trance. Seoul was really beautiful. She sat back against the luxurious seats and tried to calm her poor heart. Her stomach by now did somersaults and belly dives and they only increased once they pulled up to the restaurant. The chauffeur smoothly got out and opened her door, offering her a hand to step out. Taking it gently, he helped her up the steps one by one. Looking up at the sparkling sign, she gawked at it. The H Hotel. 

"This way Miss." Focusing ahead of her, she took an unsteady breath as he brought her to the shiny gold-tinted elevators. 

"Top floor. Straight ahead. Please enjoy your dinner." 

"Thank you." Pressing PH, she gripped her purse to filth as the elevator steadily climbed up and up until, 'ding!' As the doors opened, she meekly stepped out, heart now in her throat. Large floor-to-ceiling windows surrounded her and the views of the city captivated her for just a moment. Warm dim candles created a cozy mood Up above, flowers hung down from the ceiling in massive droves, purples, and pinks taking her breath. Straight ahead...

Slowly, she stepped forward, the space so quiet she could literally hear her heart pound in her ears. Up ahead, she saw him. He sat at a single table, there in the heart of the bouquets of flowers. Oh god.... The closer she drew to him, the shakier her legs grew. A muted grey pinstripe suit. Crisp white shirt. Tie of the same color. Closer. His hair was messy and she assumed it had once been smoothed to the side of his face. His fingers had shaken it all apart. She caught the glimpse of what looked like a Rolex on his wrist, black and powerful. He'd put his arms up onto the table, his hands locked together tightly, hiding his face.

Closer. Closer until she smelled his cologne. The last 'click' of her heels sounded and she felt warm and feverish as she heard him sigh. Slowly, he lifted his face. As their eyes met, the air in her lungs seemed to have been choked out. Eyes wide, she gawked at him as he smiled, his lips pouty and familiar. His voice seemed to pick apart at her and her eyes started to grow misty with tears. 

"It's good to see you, angel." 


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okay, I wrote one more chapter *cue fire signs* and working on another lol. It's spicy and x rated. Just a total heads up. thanks. hehe. 







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n i n e by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

n i n e 




She hadn't moved, her mouth still dropped open from the shock. 

"This isn't real.... no way..." She said, her voice trembling. Reaching for his wine, he took a slow sip, eyes slipping down her appearance. 

"It's real sweetheart. I promise." 

"But....but how...when...why..." 

"Come sit down first Nov. We have plenty of time to talk." Slowly, she approached and stopped when he slid his chair back and stood. It was so quiet he could hear the tremors in her breath and as he came around to the back of her, pulling out her chair, the scent of her perfume wafted across his nose. She'd turned her head to look up at him, still stuck to the floor. Gripping her purse, she slowly lowered herself into the chair and was quiet as he gently pushed her in. Clearing his throat, he resumed his seat. 

"So, you're HB..." It sounded accusatory, her voice. 

"In the flesh." Her eyes darted all over the place, refusing to look at him. 

"All this time...it was you." Leaning back in his chair, he smirked. 

"And here I thought you'd be happy to see me." Finally. That got her to look up. She stared into his eyes. 

"Why did you have to lie though?" 

"When did I lie?" He asked curiously, eyebrow lifted. 

"This whole time! You made me think you were someone you weren't." 

"Am I not a Korean pop celebrity? Did I not spend six months by my phone waiting like a lovesick puppy for you to text me back?" She dropped her gaze. 

"I couldn't reveal everything to you at one time Nova."

"If you had of spaced it out over the 10 year period you went ghost I'd be sitting here having a better reaction." He licked his teeth at that. 

"I deserve that. You're right. I should have kept in contact." 

"Why didn't you?" 

"I couldn't."

"What do you mean you couldn't?" 

"My company banned cell phones the entire time I was training." 

"Why would they do-"

"To make us feel isolated. They took everything away from us bit by bit until we had no one else to rely on but them." She bit the inside of her cheek. 

"It's apart of the grooming process." 

"Grooming?" Lifting his wine glass to his mouth again, he took another sip. 

"It's a process everyone has to go through." 

"...I see." 

"Training usually lasts for only a couple of years but my period was much longer than that. I had to learn Korean until I became somewhat fluent which took a hell of a time. Dance classes that lasted nineteen sometimes twenty hours a day. In the gym every day of the week. Dieting. It was hell." Her eyes found him again and this time they were softer than before. 

"That whole time, I wasn't even allowed to call my parents, Ji-eun or Junho."

"My God..."

"It's pretty accurate to say that in actuality, I really just got my phone back. We debuted three years ago and even then it was restricted due to promo and performances." She reached across the table and took hold of his hand. 

"Bon-hwa...I'm...I'm sorry..."

"Don't be." He gently closed her fingers up into his palm. 

"I spoke out of complete ignorance just now. I... I didn't know."

"I didn't tell you." 

"Are you happy bunny?" Her nickname for him made his heart slam against his chest. Lifting eyes up from their entwined fingers, he let them fall onto her face. She was a vision of divine golden light, a sliver of delightful warmth sitting across from him. The yellow she wore popped deliciously against her mahogany skin and the golden diamond earrings dangling from her ears resembled little rays of pain and pleasure, they stabbed into his lungs each breath he took. 

Those pillowy soft lips of hers shined in the lowlight, the candles flickering across them. She'd left her neck bare, her delicate collarbones teasing the eye. Just looking at them made him want to bite them, sink his teeth into the smooth flesh of her throat. Tightening his grip slightly on her hand, he gave a soft smile. 

"Happy to see you again, yeah. Hell yeah." Smiling, she withdrew her hand and he let her. 

"It's good to finally see your face again. Without the mask." 

"I was starting to hate the damn thing." She laughed softly, making him smile deeper. 

"So, I'm sitting with the ever-popular Aera from KASSIA." She teased, a smirk of her own coming to her face. 

"He's not here presently. Thank God for that. Annoying prick." She chuckled. 

"Right now, it's all Bon-hwa." Biting her lip, she blushed as his eyes dropped to her lips. 

"It's good to hear your laugh again angel," His voice washed over her like a soft silky rain and somehow the droplets managed to collect between her legs. Already, she felt disoriented, his voice, eyes, hands, everything about him bewitching her. 

"Let's eat hm?" 



Violins played sweetly around them, the pleasing melody enhanced their dining experience. Not that she was eating much. She, however, watched him eat and her eyes soaked everything up like a biscuit. He'd ordered the steak. Medium-rare. He chewed slowly and thoughtfully like he was savoring everything about it. She felt intoxicated, as some juice from the steak slipped to the corner of his mouth. God help her, she felt her entire body tremble as she watched his tongue slowly lick it away, his eyes gripping her in a chokehold. Taking a shaky breath, she lifted an equally shaky fork and tried to focus on her watercress and farro salad. 

"Not hungry?" He asked, watching her fork quiver. 

"Oh... um... no I am..." She was insanely hungry but it wasn't the salad that had her nearly drooling at the mouth. Sit up. Eat right. Her mother's voice echoed in her head and she cleared her throat before sitting up straighter. Gripping her fork tight enough that it no longer shook, she took a bite. 

"Why don't you get something else from the menu Nov? I don't think that tiny salad is going to fill you." Choking on the vinaigrette, she reached for her water and took a huge gulp. Lifting eyes, she found his dark and intense, a teasing smirk on his oh-so-kissable lips. Clearing her throat, she pursed her lips. 

"I'm good. I'm sure dessert will do the trick." His smirk deepened and he chuckled lowly before lifting his water. 

"I'm sure it will." 


The wine had her feeling right. Cheeks pretty and faint with blush. She sighed contently as she finished her cake, gently sitting back against her chair. 

"I'm a very impressed girl, bunny." She said her voice soft and light. Smiling, he raised his wine in a mock toast, tossing back the last bit of it from the glass. 

"I'm glad you're enjoying our evening sweetheart." Humming, she turned her gaze towards the night skyline. 

"Do you drink often?" He asked, taking note of her glossy eyes. 

"Just a little. Not a whole bunch." He could tell. She'd nursed her wine but her water was long gone. Half the cup remained and already she was teased. 

"Am I drunk?" She asked, those enchanting eyes finding their way back to him. 

"No, angel. You're not drunk. Just a little tipsy." 

"Mm." She slowly pushed back her chair and stood. 

"Seoul is so beautiful. Mon dieu." He watched as she went to stand in front of the windows. 

"It's like God took brushes and painted little dots of color here and there." 

"It does look like that doesn't it?"

"Mmhm." He couldn't resist it anymore. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her against him. She relaxed almost instantly, welcoming the press of his nose against her braids. 

"I think God painted you even better than the night of Seoul." Her eyes fluttered closed at his soft masculine cadence and lifted hands to grip his arms around her. 

"He really took his time with you." He hushed, his eyes fluttering closed as her perfume drifted into his nostrils again. 

"You too bunny."

"You think so?" 

"Mmhm." Inhaling her scent again, he pressed a kiss against her temple. Another to her cheek. 

"Thank you." Her breath answered him as he kissed her again, near her jaw. 

"I think it's past your bedtime angel," She turned her face towards him, his nose brushing her own. 

"I don't wanna go home yet." 

"No?" She shook her head. 

"What do you want, princess?" His thumb glided across her bottom lip, pulling them apart. 

"I wanna stay." She breathed, lifting those sleepy eyes upward. 

"You sure?" 

"Yes..." Taking his hand, he cupped her cheek and closed the distance between them, their lips pressed against each other. Nice. Sweet. Slow. She turned in his arms, lifting her hands to press against his chest. She opened her mouth slightly, letting him taste the sweetness of the buttercream and wine on her tongue. Moaning softly against him, she let him take possession of her little by little. Sucking on her juicy bottom lip, he bit into it a little bit before pulling away. His hands slipped down her back and lower still, gripping the cheeks of her derriere. He lifted her up into his arms and pressed her back against the glass. 

"Bon-hwa..." She arched her back, revealing that pretty little throat. Taking hold of it with his teeth, he pulled the skin into his mouth to suck. Moaning again, she lifted her hands up his neck to slide into his hair. 

"You should get ready for bed Nova," He whispered against her ear, making her bite her lip. 

"Tuck me in, bunny." She breathed in reply, looking at him with those fucking eyes. 

"You sure you want me to do that?" 

"Mmhm." Pulling her away from the window, he hoisted her up again, bringing a slight squeak from her. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her face against his neck as he brought them into the bedroom. Slowly, he lowered her down, laying her back against silk sheets. Pressing a kiss against her lips, he bit his own as he stood. Unbuttoning his suit jacket, he slowly shrugged out of it. 

"I remember the last time we were here." He spoke quietly, pulling his tie loose. Her hips wiggled a little, making her dress rise up her thighs. 

"You told me you weren't ready for this, then." Slowly the buttons to his dress shirt came undone and she watched every move, licking her lips as his chest and abs came into view. Quickly letting it drop next to his jacket and tie, he took her tiny ankles in his hands and pulled her to the edge of the bed, making her gasp. Leaning down over her, he pressed a kiss to her cheek. Her jawline. Her bottom lip. 

"I'll ask one last time." Lifting his eyes to hers, he spoke low against her mouth. 

"Are you sure?" Lifting her arms, she wrapped them around his shoulders. 

"I'm sure." Pressing a kiss against his lips, she bit her own. 

"I'm ready..." 


Her dress had been taken off, the puff of fabric looked comical on the floor. But what wasn't comical was the way he looked at her. She knew when Nebula picked it out what it was for. She knew when she put it on what it was for. But God help her, the way he devoured her with his eyes.... she didn't think she'd be able to handle him taking it off. He was quiet, too freaking quiet. It had her in anticipation...her entire body on fire. Grabbing her ankle, he lifted it to rest up on his chest. Unbuckling the clasp to her heel, he freed her foot, bringing a relieved sigh to her. Thank God...Smiling against the middle of her foot, he pressed a soft kiss there. Kiss. By her little toe. Up across the middle toes. There at the top of her big toe. But then his tongue swirled around it in small circles, making her gasp. She couldn't help the way she slightly yanked her foot back. The action made him laugh and he gently brought it back towards him. 

"Ticklish hm?"

"Yeah...kinda..." He pressed more kisses there until the muscles in her leg relaxed. 

"Feels kinda weird bunny." He pecked her toes before licking them again, slower this time. Taking some into his mouth, he sucked on them a little bit before speaking again. 

"How's that feel angel?" Her hips had started wiggling again and she had started to pant. 

"Mm...better...." She never in a million years thought that the sight of Bon-hwa sucking her toes would turn her on but the way he moved his tongue made her crazy. Moans started to rise from her throat and she finally felt like she could breathe when he sucked her big toe one last time. Gently blowing on them, he lifted her leg up higher to his shoulder and started removing her other heel. By the time he'd finished, her triangle was soaked. Her panties felt sticky and heavy and he had definitely noticed. 

She gasped from the simple act of him pressing a kiss there. He kissed there again, letting his nose drift across the pretty white lace flowers. 

"What a cute little sunflower you are." Inching closer to the wet, he pulled the fabric into his mouth, humming against her. She weakly moaned, fingers shooting down into his hair. Again. The pad of his thumb brushed her throbbing little button and she arched her back, moans turning to breaths. She felt his fingers grab hold of her panties and lifted her hips, helping him as he pulled the drenched thong down and away from her legs. Spreading them wide, he groaned softly. 

"You're so pretty, princess." Kissing her nub, he gently licked at it, slow... taking his time. If he hadn't held on to her, she probably would have fell off the bed...that's....

"Mm....oh mm..." that's how good it felt. Drawing it into his mouth, he sucked until she tightened her grip on his hair. 

"How's that feel baby?" He hushed before diving in again. She felt her eyes water and moaned again, panting as he pulled up. 

"So good bunny....so good..." Humming in approval, he wetly sucked her folds, his breath against her making her crazy. Slipping his tongue inside of her made her see stars and she nearly sobbed now, arching her back more and more. He let her hips move how they wanted, following her lead, his tongue driving her crazy. A sharp heat stabbed her in the belly and she cried out as it got closer and closer. 

"Bon-hwa..." Somehow, his thumb started playing with her button again and the heat set her ablaze. 

"Oh Goddddd.....OH!" He didn't remove his tongue right away but when he did, he breathed heavily against her, kissing her inner thigh. Those kisses didn't stop as he moved up her body and she gladly welcomed them to her mouth, wrapping arms around him. 


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A/N: I'M NOT SCREAMING, YOU'RE SCREAMING.  Lord Jesus..... this was new for me in some ways. Can we talk about Bon-hwa asking for consent THREE TIMES? *starts sobbing* He said, I'm bout to do some nasty sh!t to you so I need to know you really ready. *swoons* Whew chile it is HOT in here lol. Also, can we talk about the open and honest communication during their intimacy? UNGF. AND THIS IS ONLY PART ONE LOL. THIS AIN"T EVEN ALL OF IT. HELP ME LORD LOL. Okay, we're caught up update wise lol. I'm writing  t e n  as I type this so. yes hehe. thank you for reading. liking. upvoting. commenting. I appreciate all of it my loves! See you guys soon! hehe. 


t e n by DarkandLovely
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t e n 



Recommended songs for the chapter: 

Dreamgirl by OFFONOFF 

Closer-Sabrina Claudio 

Stand Still- Sabrina Claudio 





Fingers peeled away the sheer sunflower bra and it met the ground. 




Warm lips kissed. Large hands squeezed. A slick tongue licked. A mouth sucked. Fingers toyed and played with tiny dark nipples. A small back arched. 


Pretty everywhere. Skin. Soft weak moans. Pretty teeth. Lips. Pretty tits. Soft and round, they fit nearly perfect in his hands. Pretty little pussy. Gorgeous slick pink. Warm. Tight. Wet. Succulent. Sweet. His favorite thing to eat. He'd never get enough.


Her heart beat just the same time as his. Unison. Her eyes ate away at him too. They drifted down his body and he let her gaze, enjoying the way she looked at him. Her fingers followed her eyes up across his jaw, down his throat. There across his pectoral. His mouth spoke what his eyes asked. 

"Touch me angel," He needed it... craved it. Her soft little fingers drifted down his skin like smooth paint and he felt a whisper of pleasure grace his body the closer she got to where he needed her most. Her cheeks were just as colorful as his and their eyes spoke quietly... silently. Slipping her hand down, she teased him, tips of fingers. It wasn't much. It wasn't enough. Leaning closer to her, he kissed her. 

"Wait." Her hand jumped as if he'd burned her. Taking it into his own, he slipped their hands in between her legs. His slipped past her own and into her, taking her breath. Panting against her mouth, he slipped his tongue against hers, her sweet little moan making him bob beneath his hips. 

"Your moans are so sexy angel baby," He breathed, pulling his fingers out of her. Pressing her entire palm against her wetness, he brought it back towards him. Wrapping it around his length, he hissed softly. Fuck... 

"Mmmm....." Slick and slow. So good. She couldn't take her eyes away from him and it turned her on like hell watching the effect she had on him. He needed her to know. To see. To feel. A short breathy moan choked him as he moved their hands faster. His teeth bit his lip and his eyes rolled back. 

"You think about me...touching yourself like this bunny?" A louder moan escaped his throat and it sounded like he was singing...She loved his voice so much. 

"Yes...fuck yes... all the time baby girl..." He gasped out, their hands now producing a loud wet 'thwop'. Licking her lips, she pulled his bottom lip into her mouth, welcoming his hungry kiss a moment later. 



"I wanna taste you too...can I do that?" His neck and ears had grown a soft red and he moaned openly now, the muscles in his abdomen pulsating the closer and closer he got to his release.

"Of course, princess." Kissing him again, her cheeks blushed as he moaned into her mouth, forceful spurts soon squirting up onto her chest. He made their hands stop and breathed unevenly, opening his eyes. Lifting their hands up, he pressed her back against the silk sheets. 

Licking, he cleaned it away from her nipple and the flesh of her breast. Humming, he cleaned the last bit of it away. Reaching for her jaw, he kissed her deeply, letting his taste slip across her tongue. Moaning softly, she swallowed, sucking the slick muscle. Panting as he once more laid on his side, she snuggled against him, his arms wrapping around her like a cocoon. When his heart slowed down against her ear, she moved to get on top of him. Reaching up, she let her braids tumble down her back. Quiet, she took a shaky breath as he reached up to caress her cheeks. 

"Talk to me, baby...what are you thinking about?" 

"Nothing...just how good you make me feel..." The blush in her cheeks were girlish and pretty. Sitting up some, he grabbed her and pulled her down to lay against him, his arms keeping her safe. 

"You make me feel good too angel," Biting her lip, she smiled against his neck as he quietly stroked her shoulders, pressed his palms against her back, soft loving touches. 

"How was I not ready then?" Laughing warmly, he pulled her jaw up and their lips met. 

"Your body just knows sweetheart." Lifting, her braids fell down around them prettily and he glided fingers across them for a moment. Leaning her cheek against his palm, she sighed softly. 

"I love the way you touch me bunny..." 

"You do?"

"Mmhm." Down across her throat. The length of her collarbones. Even down the smooth skin between her breasts. 

"You make me feel beautiful..." She breathed as his touch lightly teased her smooth flat areolas...enough to tease and make her wiggle. His hands squeezed her breasts gently and she moaned softly as he pinched her nipples gently.

"Like...mm...like I'm the only one..." Lifting into a sit, his arms came around her. Lips kissed her neck, up across her jaw.

"Neon naeui ggum Iya dang-sin eun je ggum ieyo..." (You are my dream) Moaning weakly against him, she welcomed his kiss against her mouth. Down below, she could feel his shaft, hard... smooth. Impatient. Slipping down, she gingerly reached for him, bringing him closer....closer...

A low breathy moan fanned against her mouth as she slowly took him in. Breathless she let her head fall back at the way he stretched her, filling up all of her empty space. Hands now on the cheeks of her bottom, he gripped as she gently rocked, pulling him in even more. 

"Mmm..." Rocking in a nice steady rhythm, their foreheads met, breath, lips, teeth and tongue. 

"Nneoneun nae sesang iya. (you're my world) You're everything..." He whispered against her cheek. Moaning softly against him, she slowly let her arms come around his shoulders as their pace grew faster. Hot sharp rain stabbed into her and she choked out a moan as she released, digging little half moons into his back. Her body quivered a little, making him hold her tighter. 

"You did so well sweetheart..." He praised, pulling them down to lay once more. 


The way he made her feel was intoxicating...Letting her head fall back, she let another moan come up. Powerful...Special. She didn't try to stop it, the way her body yearned, reached, and pulled him into her soul. Above him, arms back, hands fisting the silk... legs spread, she laid herself there on his table of pleasure, presenting herself a willing sacrifice. Slow, like waves of the ocean...enough to squeeze the breath from his lungs. Deep like words, touch, lips, love it threatened to consume her... she let it and their bodies agreed, a deep resounding 'thwack' rose between them, wet....hungry. 

"Mmm...fuck..." More. She wanted more. His hands gripped her waist, giving to her... hard now... fast....Mad. 

"Mmm fuck Nova..." The way he moaned her name egged her on, he thanked and begged at the same time. Groaning, he reached for those perfect tits, bouncing as they fucked in frenzy. Sobbing, she felt the urge to pee hit her and she arched her back as it built up. 

"B-Bunny....oh god Bunny...." Letting go of her breasts, he stopped her suddenly, panting as she whimpered softly, head thrown back. Slowly, she swiveled her hips, smiling to herself at his breathy groan. Leaning up a bit, she bit her lip, eyes on him. Taking him in, slipping him out. His hands left her waist, coming to rest on her ankles, his grip firm. Nice and steady, it made her insane the way he slowly caressed her...stretched her. 

"Fuckkkk....mmm..." Gratification made him ethereal, those beautiful crimson lips gasping for air. Those intense eyes of his had rolled back and he'd thrown his head back against the sheets, the sweaty gossamer on his delicate neck, milky skin flushed like petals of roses.  Goregeous. Bon-hwa was so lovely. He was all hers. 

"How do I feel, bunny?" She asked, voice soft and sensuous. He made her feel like a goddess, a divine being of stars, wonder, and infinite beauty...the answers to the questions he sought there inside of her. And how he dived in search, eager and hungry for enlightenment. He'd opened those damning eyes and fell on her circling hips, up past the drops of sweat kissing her skin. Teeth that bit into lip. Her fingers slipped down her body slowly, teasing her engorged little button. His eyes stabbed into her just as sweetly as his shaft inside of her. For some reason, she wanted to hear him say it... tell her how good she was to him. He'd awakened something in her that had laid dormant and silent. But, now... now she wanted to be as loud as she wanted. 

Lifting her hips, she gently engulfed him, a tiny wet smack between them. He grunted, so close to breaking...now squeezing her ankles dangerously close to pain. 

"Please...please tell me..." 

"Fucking...amazing baby.....so fucking good...." He grunted out, licking his lips. She felt like she was floating...flying on the clouds, pink and sweet with love. She felt the passion, the frenzy, the ferocity brewing in him and decided to let him take it out on her... give him all of her. Coming to a stop, she lifted, at once missing the feeling of him as she turned, her back facing him. Pressing her bottom back against him, she pulled him back inside with severe urgency. Leaning forward, she let the silk kiss her face, waiting...silently praying...yearning. 

He lifted his hands once more, taking her cheeks in a steely grip. They began to collide violently, a loud forceful thwack wet and hard between them. Titillating moans washed away from her shore, eating her up in red hot flame. 

"Bon-hwa....oh God....c'est si bon...s'il te plaît ne t'arrête pas mon chéri..." (...it feels so good...please don't stop baby) A fragile whimper, soft and pretty whooshed out from his throat and he panted harshly. 

"Goddamn baby..." He moaned, sucking in air sharply as a hiss, breath releasing in short little groans. Quick, fast. Almost there. She cried out as she felt the flame possess her, teetering on the edge of orgasm. 

"Give it to me angel...come nice and hard for me baby." Screaming his name euphoria suffocated her as her orgasm ripped through her, tearing her apart. Wetting their conjoined hips...the silk beneath them...soaking the world with her rings, stars and colors. Loud and wet, he kept pace as she milked him, his release threatening to crash into him like a train. 

"Fuck...I'm gonna cum baby... oh fuck..." His stomach clenched and unclenched and he didn't have much longer.

"Can I come inside you baby....fuck....fuck hurry up... answer me Nova..." Another sweeping orgasm split her apart into pieces of stardust and her teeth biting the sheets. 

"Oui...oui oui oh God yes...." An exquisite moan roared loudly from his throat and he tripped over his breath as spurts of cum angrily shot up in her. Panting, he held her hips still as he filled her up, tongue licking lips as she throbbed and pulsated around him. She moaned softly as he slowly lifted her bottom up away from him. Eyes watched as slowly, his cum oozed out of her. Her hips bucked as her wet abused pussy pushed out more of it. 

"Fuck me..." He breathed, licking his lips again. She was so fucking pretty, filled with his cum. He wanted to eat her out again...wanted to taste the both of them until he got drunk. 

"Mm...you're so messy Supernova." She lifted on all fours, turning those goddamn eyes back to him. Smirking, he lifted on his knees and grabbed hold of her braids, pulling her head back. Pressing his lips against her neck, he gently licked up across it, across her jaw. She hummed as he pressed a passionate kiss to her lips. 

"Neomu saranghae..." (I love you so much) Sucking her tongue, he bit into her bottom lip. 

"I love you..." He pulled her down to lay next to him. Her eyes sleepy, she rubbed her ass back against him with a soft quiet hum. Satisfied and breathless, her eyes fluttered closed and she snuggled up against him as his arms came to hold her tight. Smiling against her, he kissed her shoulder.

"Sweet dreams princess. "  

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see you soon. 




e l e v e n by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

e l e v e n 



In her dreams, there was grass. Wind. Sea. Yellow. Flowers. She smiled as the breeze hit her face, teeth pretty and white. Opening her eyes, she looked out to the gentle lapping waves against shore. Leaning her neck back, she felt a hand slip up across her throat. Warm, big… it could crush her if it really wanted to. Opening her eyes, she looked to see a man looking down at her. Hair a startling onyx against his pale skin. Delicate beauty marks. There on the bridge of his nose. There. Another under one of his warm almond-shaped eyes. Yet another on cheeks that blushed. His rosy lips smiled. 

    “Are you in orbit?” He asked, his voice soft and deep. It made her breathless. 

    “Orbit?” He leaned down some, pressing his forehead against her. His scent was so comforting, familiar. It felt like home. 

    “Your light won’t ever burn out.” His lips trailed down the bridge of her nose. Out at sea, the once peaceful waves now began to toss, ever so slightly. 

    “Burn me in your light. Possess me.” His words stirred her body and she lifted a hand to slip fingers through silky strands. 

    “Let’s burn together.” She breathed as his lips drew closer to her own. The building crashed now, splashing up to wet the sand as their lips met. His soft tongue slipped into her mouth and she felt her body melt against him. 

    “Let’s explode.” He whispered, lips kissing hers again, deeper than the last.




    “Mm…”  Her eyes opened and tried to focus. Arching her back, the ceiling started to come into focus and her brow creased as pleasure warmly caressed her again. Soft quiet sucking drifted up into her ears and she groaned looking down to see a dark head in between her legs. Rolling her hips slowly, her fingers slipped down into the soft strands. 

    “Ooh…. mm….” The head lifted slightly and sexy brown eyes looked up at her. A slick pink tongue licked up her folds and circled her clitoris. 

    “Mmmm c'est si bon…” Closing those pouty lips around her, he sucked, humming deeply. Her eyes rolled back and she arched her back, hips now bucking up against his face. Letting go with a tiny kiss, he flicked at it, the way he made his tongue firm, soft, flat made tears gather at the corner of her eyes. 

    “Mmm Bon-hwa….ooh….mm…” He moaned against her again, hands now reaching to hold her still. It didn’t take long for her to come and she shattered into pieces of sharp bliss. Chest heaving, she tried to catch her breath…her bearings…sleep still heavy on her lashes. Lips smiled against her as they kissed up her body and she let her arms follow ascent, hands still gripping his hair. A slow little suck on her nipples and further up against her neck. Wrapping her arms around his neck now, she breathed heavily as his lips kissed her forehead. Her nose. 

    “Morning, angel…” He said lowly against her lips, pressing feather-soft kisses against them. 

    “Mornin, bunny.” He laid beside her, watching as she turned to face him, cheeks warm. 

    “That’s one way to get woke up.” He smirked and she playfully pushed him. 

    “Nasty. Just nasty.” Biting his lip, he wiggled his eyebrows. 

    “What time is it?”

    “A little after 11.” He replied parting her lip with his thumb. Groaning she turned a little onto her back, lifting her hands to rub the sleep out of her eyes. 

    “I need a shower. A bath with epsom salt. And croissants.” Pressing his face against a breast, he wrapped an arm around her waist. 

    “If I get carried away you gotta tell me.” Lifting fingers to play in his hair, she shook her head. 

    “You didn’t get carried away.” Smiling, he nudged her chin with his nose.

    “Our first time was everything I wanted it to be…” God, he was the cutest. His cheeks were rosy and his eyes were soft. 

    “Me too, bunny. It was perfect.” Sighing against her, he snuggled up, letting her trace love-scented letters into his back. 

    “I’ll get us some breakfast.”


    “The shower we can take this morning. The bath will come later.”

    “Later? I thought I was leaving later. I’m not?” 

    “Nope.” Pushing his shoulder, she sucked her teeth. 

    “What do you mean nope?” 

    “Last time I checked we were on vacation.” He’d lifted his face, his eyes mischievous now. 

    “Correction: You’re on vacation.” 

    “No. We’re on vacation.” Rolling her eyes, she pursed her lips, a pout that was kissed apart. 

    “You’re not escaping me that easy.” She couldn’t help the laugh against his mouth. 


    “I told you I’d spoil you, didn’t I princess?” 


    “Mmhm.” He said with one last kiss. 

    “I’m taking your fine little ass to Busan.” 

    “What’s that?” He’d lifted away from her and stretched. 

    “A cool seaside town south of Seoul. I wanna get away from this cold and snow for a little bit.” Sitting up, she hugged his back. 

    “Sounds fun.” 

    “So much to do, so little time.” Pressing a kiss to her forehead, he pulled away and got up, sliding fingers through messy hair. Biting her lip, she watched him yawn and start for the bathroom. 




    Brushing his teeth, he glanced over at his little angel as she sighed with contentment. Fresh from the shower, she wrapped a big fluffy towel around her and tied it shut. Already showered and in boxers, he leaned down to spit out the toothpaste. He went first, knowing that if they were together, he’d end up fucking her all over again. Rinsing his mouth, he sighed, lifting wet fingers to slide through his hair. She was really tender right now and he knew she needed time to recover. He knew that. His dick, however, didn’t. Greedy fucker. Even now, he nursed a half-erect hard on watching her dry her body. She was gonna fucking kill him. 

    “Nova,” Looking up, she blinked, pausing her towel. 

    “Birth control. Are you on it?” Cheeks growing red, she shook her head. 


    “Yeah… I’m gonna need you on that princess.” Growing even redder, she swallowed and nodded, closing her towel. Coming to hug her, he sighed. 

    “What I did last night wasn't responsible.” She bit her lip as he kissed her cheek, down to her shoulder. 

    “I told you you could…” She breathed. He lifted hands up from her waist and gently squeezed her tits. 

    “Yeah you did… and I’m not gonna lie Nova. I’m going to want to cum inside you every time we make love.” Her eyes fluttered closed and he hugged her closer. 

    “We have to be responsible hm?” 

    “Mmhm…” Kissing her lips, he let her go…reluctantly. 

    “I’ll get a Plan B and some condoms on our way to Busan okay?”


    “I’ll go order breakfast.” 

    “Kay bunny.” Letting her go, he left her to finish drying up. He ordered Brennan’s Eggs Hussarde with black coffee and some croissants, fresh fig jam, extra butter and honeyed fruit salad for Nov. Giving his hair a quick comb, he put on a pair of pants and a black hoodie. There wasn’t a point in dressing really heavy. Checking his phone, he heard her come into the room, her phone set on the table. 

    “Is Neb coming with us?” 

    “Truthfully, I’ve been pondering that.” 

    “I mean… she did invite herself.” Chuckling, he shrugged. 

    “She doesn’t know it’s me.” 

    “She will when you drop me off.” The two shared a comfortable laugh. 

    “I want it to be the two of us.” 

    “Me too bunny.” 

    “I’d feel like an fuckhole leaving her to wander Seoul by herself though. It doesn’t seem right. It’s like leaving my big sister alone in Spain.” Turning, he found her bending down to pick up that cute sunflower thong from last night. Slipping a leg in at a time, she pulled it up over plump ass cheeks. Dick throbbing, he watched as she bent over to pick up her bra. Fuck him. Forcing his eyes away, he cleared his throat, grabbing his phone again. 

    “She can join us. I’ll just get her a separate room.” A sigh from behind him made his eyes turn again and this time relief washed over him. She was dressed. 

    “I’m down with whatever.” She said, lifting her braids up into a ponytail. Cool. He was down with her being down.





    After breakfast, they went downstairs and got into an awaiting van. The doormen helped put his stuff in the trunk and soon, he got inside, a mask now covering his face. Pulling it down, he sighed, leaning his head back against the seat. She pulled her feet up and leaned down to lay on his lap. Smiling as he caressed her braids and back, she closed her eyes as the van started moving. 

    On their way, they stopped by a drug store. Slipping his mask up he went inside, to save her being looked at he said, and bought the Plan B and condoms. When he came back, he handed her a bottle of water. Smiling, she thanked him. 

    “I didn’t know if you were allergic to latex so I didn’t get them. I got another kind.” He said as the door to the van closed. 

    “Oh…” Curiosity nudged her and she peeked inside the bag. A small bottle of what looked like gel and the other boxes. Pulling out the box of condoms, her eyebrows lifted. 

    “Bare skin huh?”

    “What?” He frowned, crossing his arms. Cheeks pink, it gave him away. Not him being embarrassed. 

    “Nothin’ bunny. Bare skin is good. I want it to be like you don’t have one on.” Lips now grinning, he chuckled lewdly. 

    “Is that right? I’ve made you a bad girl.” Biting her lips in a smile, she took out the Plan B and opened it, taking the pill. Downing the water, she smacked her lips and grinned goofily. 

    “All done!” 

    “You nut…come here.” He chuckled, pulling her back towards him. Sighing, she laid back on his lap. His fingers gently slipped through her braids again and began to massage her scalp with the tips of his fingers, making her moan ever so slightly. 

    “Feels good bunny.” 


    “Mm…it’ll make me sleepy…”

    “Then go to sleep sweetheart.” Eyes drooping, she did just that. 




    “Well well well… what do we have here?” Fresh from the nap in the van, Nova did not look enthused and pursed her lips. 

    “Neb, please don’t start.” 

    “You’d think after being dicked down she’d be friendlier.”

    “She’s just upset she had to wake up.” Nebula crossed her arms at him standing in the doorway. 

    “So, what you’re saying is that you definitely dicked her down.” His face grew red with confirmation and that made her chuckle. 

    “Aren’t you gonna come in HB?” Swallowing thickly, he nodded. Their Airbnb was posh, totally their style and it made him smile. Following Nebula into the living room, he sat down. 

    “There aren’t any cameras in here. You can relax.” He wasn’t aware that his shoulders were tense. 

    “You never know.” He replied, relaxing them. 

    “Unless the hosts are serial killers, that would be hella weird.”


    “Take your mask off.” She sat across from him, arms crossed. Nervousness stabbed him in the pit of his stomach but he lifted his hands up anyway. You know her. It’s okay. Pulling the loop from behind his ear he slowly removed it, making her eyes go big as saucers. 

    “BON-HWA?” Smiling at her, he grinned, the anxiousness of before gone. 

    “In the flesh.”

    “Oh my GOD. You’re HB?! Oh shit.” Chuckling, he welcomed her run to hug him. 

    “I missed you like crazy! Oh my GOD.” 

    “I missed you too, noona.” 

    “I’m so happy to see you made it, global superstar.” He lifted his hands to protest that but she continued, 

    “Out here selling out arenas and shit. I didn’t know you could sing. It took Nova to tell me you did.” 

    “Haha yeah, I didn’t sing much then.”

    “Why? You got a hella sexy voice.” Cheeks warm, he grinned. 

    “That’s a new one. I’ll take it noona. Thanks.” 

    “Well, I know for sure Nova had fun with you last night. She’s been crazy about you ever since y’all left the States and moved here.” 

    “I’ve been crazy about her too. Never stopped.” 

    “Awwww shiit.” 

    “Neb, go pack you a bag.” They both looked up to see Nova standing at the bottom of the steps in a cropped light green sweatshirt and matching joggers. Crisp white tennis shoes. She had lifted her braids up in a pony, a green scarf decoratively peeking out in the front. 

    “Wait…what you mean pack you a bag? Where we goin?” 

    “Busan.” He answered with a grin, his eyes warm and humored. 


    “Girl, come on. Bunny said it’s like a 4-hour bus ride from Seoul. We wanna get checked in our hotel.” 

    “Mmhm I’m sure y’all do, ya freaks.” 

    “Nebula…” Grinning, she suddenly looked at him. 

    “Oh shit, do I gotta buy-”

    “I handled it for you noona. No worries.” 

    “Nah, you know what y’all go. I invited myself here. I don’t wanna get in the way of y’all time together.” Chuckling, he cleared his throat. 

    “You’re not getting in the way. Trust me.” Sighing, she nibbled her lip and looked at her sister. 

    “It’s okay Nebbie. Really. You’re not intruding. Go pack a bag.” Cackling, her sister took off, running up the stairs with nearly maniacal laughter. 

    “Something is seriously wrong with her. I swear.” Grinning, he lifted his arm, extending his hand. Biting her lip, she took it, letting him pull her to sit on his lap. 

    “Since we’re leaving late, will we be okay when we get there?” She asked, wrapping her arms around him. Pulling her legs up onto the couch, she sighed against him. 

    “We should be. It’s okay.” 


    “What about a movie tonight? Just you, me, and a shit ton of snacks.” Smiling, she giggled. 

    “Sounds good. Can’t wait.” 

    “Y’all are too cute…” Sitting up, Nova looked embarrassed and Nebula grinned even deeper. 

    “That didn’t take you long.” She said, cheeks red. 

    “Course not. Your big sister always comes prepared. However, you on the other hand…well we girls are gonna have to go shopping.” 

    “Oh God…” She stood up from his lap and pursed her lips as she approached her. 

    “Listen. Don’t embarrass me in Busan Neb. Seriously. I am gonna stop traveling with your ass if you can’t contain yourself.” 

    “No you ain’t. You adore the love and light I bring to your life.” 

    “Je jure devant dieu,” (I swear to God) Standing up from the couch, he chuckled to himself watching the two of them. Flashbacks of high school played out before his eyes and he realized just how much then that he’d missed his noona. 

    “You girls ready?” Sucking her teeth, Nova cut her eyes playfully at Neb as she retrieved her small suitcase. 

    “Lead the way, pop star.” Nebula grinned. Coming up to her, he chuckled before gently pressing a kiss against her temple. 

    “Missed you noona.” 

    “Missed you too Bon Bon.” 




    Sighing as she slipped deeper into the tub she closed her eyes. Lavender, sage and rose-scented bubble bath calmed her mind, the luxurious red rose petals and sage Epsom salt the icing on the cake. Lifting the soft Turkish cotton washcloth up and across her neck, she opened her eyes. All of this was simply magical. Bon-hwa really didn’t have to do any of this… I told you I would spoil you, princess. Sinking her teeth into her bottom lip, she lightly teased her nipples, erect with need with the cloth, making her gasp. How was he real? How was a man like him real? She had to be dreaming. The rose petals kissing the tops of her knees said differently. Her relaxed muscles said differently. How she hungered for him already between her legs. Just at the thought of him. Cheeks warm, she sighed again and cleaned herself one last time before getting out. Wrapping herself in a fluffy towel, she slid into slippers and headed towards the small seating area. The bathroom had to be the size of a studio apartment at least. It was massive.   

         Grabbing her body oil, she dried off and moisturized, and slipped into her pajamas. A cute little pink butterfly lounge set she’d picked up at one of the stores with Nebula. Thankfully, they had gotten to Busan earlier than she thought. That left time for them to explore some and once checking in, she and Nebula hit the nearby shopping mall. She’d gotten a few cute outfits and vehemently denied several of Nebula’s picks. She did, however, agree on the swimsuit she’d suggested. Barely. A pretty shade of brown, the two-piece consisted of a tube top and a high cut brief. A matching cover up/robe came with it and she loved how soft and flowy it was. It was out of her choices of past as tube tops tended to make her nervous with how top heavy she was. When she tried it on though, the girls stayed up and in and that convinced her to purchase it. 

    “Bon-hwa gon bite that off you sis. Watch and see tomorrow.”


    Smiling, she put her braids up in a relaxed ponytail, washed her face, and brushed her teeth. Feeling fresh, she opened the door and stepped out. Her heart melted as she set her eyes on him. Lying on the King bed, he held his phone in front of him, oblivious to her. He looked so comfortable and cozy in a pair of heather grey sweats and a sleeveless tank. Feet light and quiet, she came up behind him. Getting up onto the bed, she crawled up onto his back and laid flush, pressing her face against his cheek. 

    “Hey you,” Smiling, he chuckled. 

    “Hey.” Pressing a kiss against his cheek, she pressed her nose against his neck, inhaling his scent. Woodsy. Aromatic. Like home. 

    “You smell good too babe.” 

    “How’d you know I was thinking that?” 

    “The exaggerated inhales were a good indication.” Laugh, she hit him on the shoulder. 

    “Smart ass.” Smirking, he glanced up at her. 

    “What do you wanna watch?” 

    “I dunno. You know I’m not hip to Korean tv.” 

    “Doesn’t have to be Korean.” She balled up her lips in thought. 

    “Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” 

    “Sure. I’ll get this while you go grab me the popcorn.” Grinning like a kid in a candy store, she kissed his cheek and got up. A playful slap on her butt made her turn. 

    “You had that coming for wearing that. Jesus.” Sticking out her tongue, she ignored his chuckle and made her way into the living room. 




    Lifting the remote to turn off the television, she leaned over him to put it back on the night stand. Sitting next to him, she laid soft hands against his hair. He was such a good sport. Her smile was gentle and light as she listened to him breathe, having fallen asleep 40 minutes into the movie. It didn’t matter what she wanted to do, he always sacrificed for her happiness. He’d always been like that, even as teenagers. Laying down next to him, she snuggled closer to his body and began to gently comb through his hair. He was such a softie…her bunny. Big warm heart to match his big warm smile and she loved that about him. Always had. She knew things with his family had always been rocky and knew he acted out because no one paid attention to him. It wasn’t until he announced his desire to become a pop star that suddenly his whole family gave their support and backed him. His mother and father never really cared about their friendship. Sure, they were always cordial. But too busy in their own affairs, they never paid her…them any attention. 

    Leaning to kiss his brow, she glided her nose down the bridge of his nose and tickled his nasal tip with her own. He sighed contently against her mouth and moved his body closer, pressing his face against her chest. Wrapping loose lazy arms around him, she watched him as he slept. He looked childlike, his face soft and calm. His mouth and jaw relaxed. Lips parted to let content breath tickle her skin. 

    “My baby bunny…” She whispered against him, feeling her eyelids starting to droop. 

    “…..love you…” Her breath released, soon favoring slumber instead. 

End Notes:


A/N: I may or not be completely in love with Bon-hwa and Nova. *sobs* they're just....ugh. Yeah. Ugh. haha. I've got a few more chapters here to upload. I was trying to end this at about fourteen chapters but I'm letting my writing flow until it's completed. Happy Sunday hehe. 



t w e l v e by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

t w e l v e 




The sounds of water splashing against concrete made him look up from his phone. Eyes watched Nova and Nebula as they sat on the beach chairs, chatting and laughing. His phone ‘ding’ed again and he brought his gaze back down.  


    Hyung, are you having fun?  Feeling his nostrils flare up, he frowned almost immediately. Kang-min. Bastard. 

    Are you? He messaged back before taking a sip of his iced coffee. 


    Why are you messaging me? I’m on vacation and the last person I want to hear from is you. 

    Why are you always so mean to me hyung? 

    I don’t like you. 

    That’s harsh. 

    You asked. 

    Why don’t you like me?

    Maybe it’s because you always touch me in places I don’t want to be touched. 

    Not by me. 

    Now you’re getting it. 

    But by her? His chest grew tight and his heart started to pound in his chest. 


    She’s pretty hyung. Big tits. I see why you like her. Suddenly the air inside his mask grew hotter and he looked up at once, starting to dart in and out of people. What the fuck was he talking about? 

    Don’t worry hyung. I won’t tell Ha-joon-ssi you have a secret girlfriend. 

    You piece of shit. 

    I won’t tell. But you gotta do something for me. 

    Fuck you with an elephant dick. 

    Not an elephant’s dick. Your dick hyung. I want your dick. He could feel his breath getting heavier and felt sweat bead at the back of his neck. He was insane. Completely mental. 

    Stop fucking around with me Kang-min. I’m warning you. 

    Of what?

    If you do anything to her, I will kill you. 

    “Bon-hwa?” He jumped, turning to look up at Nebula who was grinning. 

    “N-noona. Hey.”

    “Take that damn mask off. You look silly.”  

    “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

    “For crying out loud. At least take the sunglasses off. You look like an old lady with a bucket hat on.” Slowly, he removed them, trying hard to focus on her, his eyes on the many people walking by them. 

    “Bunny?” His eyes at once found hers and his mouth went slack. She’d dipped in the pool and her skin glistened with beads of chlorinated water. She let her braids down and seemed to be attracted the attention of more than just him. 

    “You really like her titties don’t you? I swear all you do is look at them.” Nebula teased, shoving his shoulder. Coughing, he cleared his throat welcoming the distraction. 

    “Actually noona. Yeah. I do. They’re perfect.” He said, starting to stand. Lifting his phone, he typed a message before shutting it off. Taking off his hat, he covered his phone and to her surprise removed his mask. 

    “Thank God.” Swallowing, he took Nova’s hand and led her back towards the pool. She screeched as he ran forward, pulling her into the water. 


    Don’t make me your enemy you fucking maggot. Mind the business that pays you and I just might be willing to overlook all the sexual harassment. 




    She screamed in laughter as he threw her into the pool. 

    “Mean ass!” He grinned at her, slipping fingers through his wet hair. 

    “Who the fuck picked this out? You or Nebula?” Pouting, she splashed some water up at him. 

    “Who cares who picked it out?” 

    “I do…”

    “Why?” She taunted, starting to come to the edge of the pool. 

    “I don’t like other men looking at you.” Okay, now he sounded more serious than playful. 

    “They’re gonna look bunny. They can’t help it.” Slowly, she lifted up onto the edge of the pool, giving him a more than generous view of her cleavage, eyes still teasing. 

    “Only you can touch me. You know that.” His eyes had grown dark and intense and he approached the poolside. Sitting beside her, he lowered his hand to grip her braids. Pulling her up, he kissed her with force, making her moan softly. Lips separating wetly, she breathed heavily as he leaned down to lick the beads of water from her exposed cleavage. 

    “Bon-hwa…the people…”

    “I’m giving them something to look at.” He said lowly, kissing up her neck. Lifting her arms, she closed them around him, mouth pliant and open as he kissed her. 

    “The least they should know is that you belong to me.” Breathless as he sucked a small hickey onto her neck, she lifted on her tiptoes and pulled him back into the water. 




    He could barely get her into the nearest room, lips, teeth and tongue devouring everything in their path. Shoving open the nearest door, he walked her inside and kicked it closed behind him. She was at a loss of breath as he backed her against one of the massage tables. Reaching up, he pulled her swimsuit top down with such force it made her gasp. Lifting his hands, he caressed her breasts, touch gentle. Squeezing, he leaned down to lick and suck on her nipples. She moaned, letting her head fall back. 

    “Mm….bunny….” Kissing them, he took hold of her waist and turned her around. 

    “Bend over.” He said, voice deep and assertive. Doing as she was told she bent over, heartbeat up into her ears. His light touch electrified her, fingers drifting down her back. Palms took hold of her cheeks and gently massaged them. He wasted no time and pulled her bottoms down until they pooled by her ankles. The cool air from the room made her hair stand on end and she sucked in a breath as suddenly his hand slapped her on the bottom. Crying out, she turned to look back at him. 


    “You like teasing me don’t you?” Biting her lip, she jumped as he slapped her again on the rear, the pain making her eyes teary. 

    “No bunny…”

    “Yes you do. You like being a goddamn brat.” She panted as he pushed down his trunks, revealing his angry member, just as furious as he was. But God in heaven she wanted it… wanted him to fill her up over and over again. 


    “Shhh…” Leaning over her, he gripped the bed and pressed the head of his dick against her opening. Rubbing it up against her folds, he pressed his lips against her ear. 

    “You’ve been a bad girl Supernova. When you’re a bad girl, you get punished.” Even his voice, now authoritative and dominant made her press her thighs together. 

    “Please…” Pushing back against him, she was stopped by another smack against her cheek. Whimpering louder, she reached up to wrap fingers around his forearms. 

    “Please…” She begged again, panting as he began to rub himself against her again. 

    “Not until you apologize.” Licking the side of her jaw, he lifted up and massaged the warm red flesh beneath him, touch gentle like it was before. 

    “I’m gonna spank you until you apologize. Is that clear angel?” 

    “..yes…” She whispered, whining as he rubbed against her yet again. 

    “I want you to count until I’m done.” 

    “O-okay…” Lifting his eyes from her bottom, they met hers. Lifting his hand, he slapped the flesh hard, making her buck up. Squeezing her eyes shut, she gasped. 


    “…O-one…” Another slap, this time on the other cheek. 

    “T-t-two…” Another. 

    “T-three…” Yet again and she bucked up, breath now mere shudders. 

    “F-four…” Squeezing her eyes shut, she gasped as he smacked her again. It hurt….Her cheeks were now burning and she felt even more tears well up in her eyes. Whimpering softly, she felt him grab her jaw and pull her head to the side. Her triangle throbbed so hard it hurt, the sweet wet pain making her thoughts muddled. 

    “One more. Just one.” His voice was now soft and gentle and she nodded, his lips pressing a loving kiss against hers. Biting her lip, she braced herself and moaned out loud as the last blow came to her cheeks. Breathing in relief, she opened her eyes, the tears that had built up in her eyes now wet her cheeks. 

    “Good job baby girl. You did so good taking your punishment.” His kisses were soft and sweet against her stinging cheeks. 

    “Do you want your reward for being good?” 

    “Yes…yes please…” His dick jumped at how eager she sounded and he licked his lips. She was soaking wet, sweet nectar misting her inner thighs and under the cheeks of her ass.  Chuckling, he pulled out a condom and ripped it open. With her pretty little pussy sopping and obedient, it took everything in him not to just slide into her raw. Stretching the sheath over and down his length he grabbed hold of her hips and slowly pushed himself inside. She moaned loudly and bucked back, squeezing him almost instantly.  

    “Fuck…” He hissed out a groan at the way she squeezed him. 

    “You’re so goddamn wet Nova. Fuck…” Letting go of her back, he slipped slow hands up her back, his gait just as relaxed…easy…. 

    “You liked when I slapped your ass didn’t you? Hm?” She choked out a moan, struggling to answer him. 

    “…oui…” That one little croak made him thrust into her hard, making her cry out. 

    “Do you wanna be fucked?” 

    “Mm…ouis'il te plaît.  (…yes…please.) Fingers grabbed her braids and pulled her head back as he rammed into her, feeling her pulsate and flutter. Stopping their hips abruptly, she nearly screamed, clawing the mat underneath her. 

    “You’re so close to coming. I feel it baby.” He hushed against her ear, taking the lobe into his mouth. Slow and gentle now, his length teased her, stretched her little by little. 


    “Please what?” 

    “Make me come please…” She sounded so fucking desperate. Letting go of her braids, he brought his hands around and under to grab hold of her tits. At once, he began to thrust violently into her, her wetness causing a loud wet smack between them. 

    “Bon-hwaaa…..oh God…..oh Godddddddd!” She reached back to grab at his hips, digging her nails into him as he pushed her over the edge finally. 

    “That’s it, angel baby….that’s it…” His orgasm stabbed into his stomach as she came, the intensity of it making him see nothing but light. Open mouth moans conjoined against one another and soon they became still. Not wanting to let her go just yet, he laid against her, hugging her to him before pulling out. 

    “You’re so addictive.” Discarding of the messy condom, he tossed it into the trash nearby. 

    “I could fuck you all day long.” She slowly stood up from the table, expression fucked out and dreamy. Pulling her against him, he licked the corner of her mouth before sucking on her bottom lip. 

    “I’ll never get enough of you. I’ll always want more.” Humming as he kissed her, she reached up to fist his hair. Once last kiss against her sweet lips and he backed up, pulling his swim trunks back over his hips. Kneeling, he gently pulled her swim bottoms back up. Kissing up her back one her shoulders, he fixed her tube top. Hands lifted to softly sweep her braids back from her face, thumb lightly caressing her hairline. She hummed at the attention, making him smile. 

    “Thank you baby.”

    “For what?” She breathed as his hand pressed loving heat down her back. 

    “Hanging in there. I know it was your first time experiencing that.” Breathing against her mouth, he softly kissed her lips. 

    “You’ll tell me if it ever gets too much right? No matter what I’m doing… if you tell me to stop. I will.” Still coming down from her orgasm, she looked sleepy and oh so satisfied. Vocalizing her agreement, she let him kiss her eyelids and down the bridge of her nose. 

    “Are you ready to go back out there?” 

    “Mmhm.”  Cheeks blushing, the two of them opened the door to find the hall with some people in it, whom all looked at them. Nova pressed her face against his arm and they hurried back out to the pool. 




    “Took y’all long enough.” Nebula grinned, taking in their appearance. 

    “Y’all look like y’all just got done fucking.”

    “Shut. Up.” She kneeled over and cracked up, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. 

    “Whew shit. It’s about time you got turnt out Nova. Bon Bon, on behalf of me and the coochie gods, thank you.” 

    “Oh my God…” Cheeks red, he grinned proudly like he did something. 

    “No problem noona.”

    “What the hell you skinning and grinning for? Don’t entertain her!” Nova said, playfully shoving him. 

    “Don’t be mad angel. We can go find us another room and make up.” 

    “OH MY GOD. I cannot…” Him and Nebula both started busting out laughing. 

    “Both of y’all fired.”

    “Hey! Wait, you can’t fire me! I’m your sister.”

    “I don’t care.” Hugging her close, he smirked as he watched the two begin to walk away. Reaching for his sun glasses, he heard a gasp nearest the pool. 

    “Oh my God…is…is that Aera?” He felt his whole heart sink into his feet. 

    “Wait, is it?” Sliding the glasses on and the hat he quickly followed behind the two women up ahead, putting the mask back on. 





    Sweat beaded against her hairline and she huffed, reaching to take his hand. 

    “Too fast bunny,” She huffed, making him slow. Lifting his free hand, he laid it gently against her hair. 

    “Still winded huh?”

    “You still walk entirely too fast for me to keep up.” Grinning, he tightened his grip on her hand. 

    “Where are we Bon Bon?” Turning to see Nebula as she hiked up, he grabbed her hand and helped her up the steps. 

    “Songdo Cloud Trails.” 

    “Why there so many damn stairs? Shit.”  Chuckling, he let go of her hand. 

    “It’s just to get to the actual platform, noona. We don’t have that much further to go.” 

    “Hmpf. Yeah, okay.” He waited until she had started her way up before nudging the two of them along too. The smell of the sea and the salt in the air bled into their nostrils and all three of them took a deep breath, coming to stand on the elevated pier. 

    “Mon dieu…” Nova breathed as she left him to go stand at the balcony. 

    “C'est si joli…” (It’s so pretty…) Hugging her from behind, Nebula sighed against her and smiled as they looked out at the ethereal blue-green waters, clear and sparkling like shards of hand-spun glass. Oft there a distance away, the soft white sand of the beach drifted up upon the wind prettily, scattering across the shallow shore. 

    “Neoheui dureun neomu areumdaweo.” (You two are so beautiful.) He said, coming to wrap arms around the both of them. Nebula grinned, leaning against him. 

    “Boy, you get to Korea and forget out to speak English.” Laughing warmly, he sighed contently against her braided bob. 

    “Leave him alone Neb. He’s connected to his culture now. It’s beautiful.” 

    “Mmhm. I’ll all for it. But at least translate what you’re saying. Shit.”  Grinning, he pulled away from them. 

    “I know you love me, noona.”

    “Bonehead,” She said pinching his cheek. 

    “Why don’t we walk a little bit more? After this, I wanna take you guys to Haedong Yonggungsa.”


    “It’s a really cool temple that was built in the 1300s or some shit. It’s one of my favorite places to visit here in Busan.”

    “Ooh, that sounds so cool.” She said, eyebrows lifting. 

    “Let’s get a move on then. So much to do, so little time.” Pulling them both by their hands, he began walking forward, the sea wind rustling his hair. 




    Standing in the mirror, her eyes fell across her form once more. Dear God…

    “You very pretty. Like princess.” The older lady who had come into the room smiled as she took her braids into her hands. 

    “Oh… thank you.” Smiling, the woman began to fashion her braids into a single long braid down her back. Bon-hwa had surprised them on the way to the temple, stopping by a shop with so many pretty dresses. Hanbok they called them. So many swirling colors, dainty hair ornaments, and other accessories. He must have frequented this place because he stepped in to greet the woman without his mask on and she gently pat his cheek. He said something to her in Korean, glancing at the two of them. The woman smiled and gave a gentle nod. 

    “I’’ll leave you guys to get ready.” He said with a soft smile before leaving them alone with the woman and her attendants. The woman motioned ‘off’. Oh. Their clothes. Oh. Nebula looked just as confused as she did but when she began to take off the plaid shirt tied around her waist and take her crop top off, the ladies began to pull those swirling lush dresses from the racks. 

    “I guess this what we doing.” Nebula said, slowly pulling her cropped sweatshirt top up over her head. 

    “Guess so.” When they had gotten dressed, they lifted hair ornaments to their hair. Even now, she watched the woman tie a pretty red ribbon to the end of her braid. She placed a matching red flower pin further up. She looked like something out of a fairytale. A full elegant white skirt covered her bottom half, the top part a gorgeous red. Underneath, she wore soft lush fitted pants. A short sheer jacket was placed over her shoulders and closed with silky lace ties. Delicate pink and red flowers had been sown down the sides of the sleeves, giving a graceful feminine flare. The nice old woman had taken to humming, tying a beautiful decorative tassel to one of the strings that closed her jacket. On her feet, she wore flower embroidered shoes. Lastly, they placed a dainty coronet of some kind right against her hairline, white silk, pale pink, cream and red tassels hanging down. Tying smooth black strings down and around the back of her head, she smiled before stepping back. 

    “Look,” Drawing her eyes away from the woman, she took in her appearance. Looking at herself made her tear up and she turned, to see Nebula also tearing up. She looked beautiful too, in a forest green dress, an off-white jacket covering her shoulders. They had tied a simple yet pretty green tassel to her skirt and placed a pin of flowers in her hair. 

    “You look like a Queen or something Nova.” She said, coming to press her face against hers. 

    “You too Nebbie,” Lifting arms to hug her, the sisters sniffled against one another. 

    “He is ready for you two. This way please.” A younger woman said with a friendly smile, motioning for the door. 

    “Um…will we come back here to return these?” 

    “No need, keep them. He bought them for you.” Taking each other’s hand, they slowly came outside. Gasping, the both of them were stunned when they saw him standing there, hands crossed behind his back. He stood tall and powerful in a neutral grey white hanbok, a sleeveless bluish-black overcoat emphasizing his broad shoulders draped down the length of his body. A decorative red cord had been tied around his waist and hung down by his ankles. On his head, he had on a wide-brimmed hat, an attached white beaded cord hung down to about his waist. He looked absolutely gorgeous, like a prince. 

    “Daaaaamn Bon Bon…. you look hot.” Smiling prettily, his eyes smiled at them, a pale pink blush in his cheeks. 

    “Thank you noona,” Eyes resting on her, his gaze drifted down her body. 

    “You look like an angel from heaven.”  Her cheeks grew flushed and she bit her lip in a smile. 

    “Thank you, bunny.” 

    “You too, noona. Both of you look incredible.”

    “Thank you. All thanks to you.” 

    “It’s no problem. I wanted us to experience the temple the right way.” 

    “Well, now that we’re all dressed up, let’s go!” Leading the way to the awaiting car, Nebula went in first. Taking her hand, he lifted it to his mouth and pressed a gentle kiss against the back of it, leading her to get in. 




    He tried to keep his hands from shaking. Nearing the highest point of the day now, he knew that people would be swarming the temple. It unnerved him…. terrified him actually…being like this without a mask on. He glanced down at Nova as she walked beside him, the shadows of tree, shade, and sun gliding across her face.  His throat suddenly got tight and he took an unsteady breath. Locals and tourists alike passed them by, some dressed in hanbok, others in regular clothes. 

    “Are you nervous?” Her soft sweet voice asked and she lifted her hands to wrap around his bicep. 

    “I’m okay.” He replied, voice quiet. 

    “You’re shaking, bunny.” Licking his lips, he opened his hand, allowing her to slide one of them down and intertwine. 

    “Being in public like this…it fucking terrifies me.” The scrape of shoes and eager chatter made him stiff and he could feel sweat start to bead up on the back of his neck. 

    “It’s okay…I’m here.” 

    “Um, you guys go on ahead. I wanna take a look over here.” Nebula stopped them and they turned to look back at her. It was some pathway to another part of the temple. 

    “You have your phone on you?”

    “Of course mom. Go head and go. I’ll be okay.” Shooing away Nova’s worried expression, she left their sight. Swallowing thickly, he could feel eyes all over him and roughly pulled her in the opposite direction, a path not as saturated with people. 

    “Ow! Bunny, wait…” He didn’t stop until they came to a clearing, a huge pavilion with golden dragons empty and people-less. Panting, she watched as he turned to face her, his cheeks red from exertion. 

    “I never used to be like this.” Quiet, she watched him as he clutched his hands together, visibly shaking. 

    “Fuck, I need a fucking cigarette.” He said, voice full of anxiety. Slowly, she came towards him and unclenched his hands, taking them into hers. 

    “Breathe bunny.” He tried and just as he let it out again, she lifted their entwined hands and wrapped them around her, his arms closing around her. 

    “Just breathe…” There, she heard the change. He was relaxing little by little now, his body following suit. 

    “No one’s here… it’s just you and me.” That encouraged an audible whoosh of breath to leave his body and he leaned down to press his face against her shoulder. 

    “Thank you…” He whispered against her. 

    “You’re welcome…” Hugging her close, he slowly began to walk her back until her back met the golden pillar behind them. Taking both of her hands together in one of his own, he lifted the other to grasp her jaw. Lifting it up, he made her stand on her tiptoes as he leaned down, their lips meeting sweet and tender.  Something about his kiss was different and she hummed against his mouth as she tried to figure it out. Separating, he pressed his forehead against hers, breath calm and warm against her mouth. 

    “Today’s our last day together.” There it was. He sounded mournful and gently kissed her lips again. 

    “I don’t want to let you go. I wanna keep you here with me Nova.” Smiling, she nuzzled his nasal tip and pressed a chaste kiss against the beauty mark on the bridge of his nose. 

    “I don’t wanna go either bunny.” Sighing, he caressed her cheek now, touch tender, and full of warmth. 

    “These past few days have been the best days of my life…I don’t want them to end.” 

    “Me neither.” Their lips met again, soft and sweet. 

    “Before you go, I wanna do one last thing.” 

    “What’s that?” She breathed against his mouth, pecking his bottom lip. He didn’t say anything at first, just pressed his face against her neck. Slowly, his kiss marked her, steady small little bites and sucks arousing her little by little. She felt something slide up onto her finger and furled her eyebrows. Lifting his face from her neck, he looked down into her eyes, his gaze tender and full of love. She watched as he slowly came to kneel in front of her. At last, his hand freed hers and instead lifted to caress and grab the cheeks to her derriere. 

    “Nova, from the moment I met you, you changed my world. You became my world,” Pulling her hands from behind her back, she looked down to see the most beautiful ring on her finger. An iridescent opal sat nice and pretty, delicate little diamonds surrounded it and a lush rose gold band popped against her skin. Tears started to well up in her eyes and she laid her palm against his cheek as he continued, 

    “In my heart, I see only you. My heart, body, even my soul…. it only wants you.”


    “I want to spend my life with you Nova. Had things been different… had I not come here, we’d already have 10 years down.” Tears now starting to fall against her cheeks, she laughed, voice full of tears. 

    “It’s okay…we can start now.” Those big beautiful eyes of his were misty and she knelt in front of him, arms now wrapping around his neck. 

    “From that night of my 16th birthday, I’ve always been yours Bon-hwa. That won’t ever change.” Pressing her face against his chest, she sniffled. 

    “You’ve always had my heart. Now, my body…” He wrapped arms around her. 

    “Take the rest of me. Whatever is left, I give it to you freely.” Lifting, she kissed him passionately, her tears making her throat release tears. Crying against him, she felt the ribbon the shop owner tied around her braid be loosened and pulled away. 

    “I’ll marry you a thousand times over.” 

    “Then, today be the first day of our new life.” Pushing him back against the sand, they shared a kiss, lips and teeth grinning against each other. Claps of applause broke them up and they looked up to see a few scattered people around them. They smiled and offered congratulations to them. Blushing, they started to leave from the confines of the small group, hands tight together.  Her ribbon picked up the breeze of the mountains, now hanging from his waist. Soft lips and soft touches they went in search of Nebula.     

End Notes:


A/N: This is probably one of my longest chapters yet lol. So much to unpack. So, Kang-min is a major thorn in my side and I'm sure yours. He doesn't know that he has a PROTECT BONHWA squad waiting with guns, rifles and machetes ready to defend him. LOL. Kang-min is representative of how I imagine bullying might go within groups or within members. Again, I don't know excatly and all of that may be a stretch. However, I know that members do bully and it can go deeper than 'I hate you'.  

What's not heard of it bullying between the girl groups but in my experience, no one ever talks about bullying between members in male groups. Nor does anyone talk about the underlining genuine feelings of attraction towards the same sex either. It's all so incredibly taboo in Korea still so guys and ladies that have attraction to the same sex still keep it very much under wraps. Though, I definitely think in the past couple years things have started to shift with there being an openly gay idol and I believe an female idol coming out as bisexual.  I don't think Korea as a whole is entirely ready to accept this yet. 

So, as we know, Bon-hwa has a 'daddy' kink and completely had ENOUGH of Nova's teasing lol. I hope I protrayed everything well. My favorite part was at Haedont Yonggungsa. OMG. EVERYTHING ABOUTTT ITTTT. *crys, sobs, breaks down* lol. The symbolism of everything *chef's kiss* 

Also, I wanted to add another aspect of life not many talk about (that I know of). Social anxiety. Having to be in the public (as celebrities even here in America have said) can be absolutely terrifying. You're always surrounded by people, always have eyes on you. Being that Bonnie is always in the public eye, always on stage, always on the television, always mobbed by fans, and even harassed by extreme fans (saesangs...I'll delve into this in later chapters), his mask has become his safety net. The fact that he doesn't know who, what and if they are really genuine messes with him. It makes him incredibly paranoid to the point of full blown anxiety attacks. 

I wanted to show that idols are NOT perfect. They are human beings. They have real fears, real emotions and sometimes, they can be too much for them. 

Let me get off my soapbox LOL. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk! LOL. I am honestly surprised at the amount of love this is receiving. It's really humbling to see all the reads, likes, and votes. Thank you for allowing me to grow and share me with you. 




Nova's swimsuit:

The room they got kinda (more than kinda) freaky LOL *hides face* 

Nova's outfit out and about in Busan:

Nebula's outfit: 

Bon-hwa's threads: 

Nova's hanbok:

Her Daenggi:

Her norigae:

(the pink one) 

Her jokduri:

Her pretty ring:

Neb's hanbok:

Bon-hwa's hanbok:








t h i r t e e n by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

 t h i r t e e n 




Heat flushed his body and he huffed harshly, trying to memorize the second part of the dance choreography. 

    “No no no. Stop! Stop stop! It’s like this guys…” 

    “Yah! We’ve been over this a million times now…”

    “Bonnie-hyung has the best swag. Let him show us.” Cheeks red, he inhaled sharply through his nose and stood to his full height. 

    “You can’t fake swagger. If you have it, you have it. It can’t be taught.” He replied, the tiniest hint of annoyance in his voice. 

    “Well, show us again. The parts you remember.” Chani huffed, stooping down to grab his water bottle. Exhaling, he motioned for the music. A stirring electronic beat came on and he began to move to the beat, his body popping and sliding back to the side nice and easy.  His groupmates watched in awe as he moved his feet in quick little footwork, a smooth shoulder rock to the other side. Charisma and smooth confidence slipped off of him. He hit the moves for a while longer before stopping, requesting the music to be cut. 

    “You look cool hyung.” 

    “Whoa. How the hell did you learn all that so fast?” Pinching the bridge of his nose, he eyed them all irritation now fully present on his face. 

    “The fuck is wrong with you? How the fuck did I become the best dancer and you motherfuckers are grabbing at straws?” 

    “Don’t brag hyung.” The voice of the member he hated most spoke from the very back, arms crossed. 

    “A part of real swagger is knowing the difference between arrogance and self-assurance you dumb fuck.” Those who understood him gasped and Kang-min though, grinned licking his lips. 

    “Someone’s moody since coming back from vacation. Was your fun cut too short?” His nostrils flared and he came up on him, fists ready to strike. Hands struggled to pull him back, furious eyes burning holes into him. 

    “Hyung, hyung, hyung! Don’t… just leave him alone.” 

    “It’s not worth it. Come on, we don’t have time to waste.” That fucking smirk on his face. Gathering what was in his mouth he spit at him, the action finally cracking that smug look. 

    “Bon-hwa-hyung!” Kang-min, however, started laughing and the choreographer pulled them apart. 

    “OUT. NOW.” Yanking his arm free, he pushed past the doors. 




    Things had been sweet. Things had been good. It’d been two months since they’d returned to work and he’d been working hard. He’d been trying to keep positive. Nova and Nebula had long since returned home and at least four times a week they messaged on Kkako.  His mind was still on their time together and he knew hers was too. 




    Eyes turning to look at his clock on his phone, he sighed quietly. 0:30. The bed he slept in was uncomfortable as fuck. Back in the dorms, he hated that he had to share one space with these grown ass fucks. It didn’t help that as of late, he’d been thinking about Nova. Every time he thought about her, his dick got hard as hell. To the point of pain. Putting in his passcode, he clicked the kkako app and sent her a message. 


    tok1932: Hey Angel, 


    It didn’t take long for her to respond. 


    novaworld555: Hey bunny.




    tok1932: I won’t keep you long baby. Thinking about you. Miss you. 


    Eyes watched as the ‘seen’ message came up and licked his lips as she replied back. 


    novaworld555: Ooh la la. *drooling emoji* *eyes emoji* 

    novaworld555: that’s not fair. Now I’m gonna be thinking about it all day.

    tok1932: You should. It’s your fault. 




    He’d slipped his hand down to softly massage the fucker, trying to get it to go down. 


    novaworld555: Oh my God…bunny… 

    tok1932: You’re not here to take responsibility so I have to do it myself. 


    novaworld555 sent a voice message 


    Clicking play, he massaged a little slower. 


    “You’re not being nice. I’m sitting with my mom for lunch and I’m already wet.” 


    She sent another voice message. 


    “When can we see each other again?” 


    tok1932: June or July after promotions are done I should be free.


    novaworld555 sent a voice message. 


    “When we see each other again, I’ll kiss it better bunny.” 


    Fuck. Throbbing against his boxers, he started to sit up. He wouldn’t be able to sleep until he came.  As he beelined it for the bathroom, she sent him another message.


    novaworld555: My mother is asking about the ring on my finger. 

    tok1932: And? 

    novaworld555: I told her you proposed to me. 

    tok1932: Wasn’t happy about that I take it? 

    novaworld555: she actually was happy for us. I told her that we reconnected. She’s worried that we’re moving too fast though. 

    tok1932: we’re moving at our own pace. that’s all anyone needs to know. 

    novaworld555: you’re right. 

    tok1932: Besides, that wasn’t an engagement ring. 

    novaworld555: what?

    tok1932: That hanbok wasn’t a regular one either. It was a wedding one. 

    novaworld555: Wait….so you mean to tell me we….

    tok1932: Really got married in Busan.  Yeah.


    She was quiet for a while. 


    tok1932: I didn’t know when I’d see you again. I took the chance. 

    novaworld555: I’m not upset. Just shocked. Kinda in awe. 

    tok1932: I’m glad you understand sweetheart. 

    novaworld555: of course baby. 

    tok1932: I’ll fly back to the States in June or July. We can start planning the wedding of your dreams princess. 

    novaworld555: I’d like that bunny. 


    He sent one last photo as release fell over him. He’d stroked himself to completion, the light perfectly capturing the cum dribbling down his hand. The wedding band he wore on his finger. 


    tok1932: Sending you a goodnight present. I love you angel, Sighing in relief, he went to clean himself up, the ‘kka-talk’ notification alerting him of her message. 


    novaworld555: Mmm I love it. Thank you, mon cheri. 





    Like he said, things had been good. Until they started promotions for their newest concept. It was different than any of their other concepts previously. Leaving the more cutesy imagery behind, their creative director wanted to go in another direction. Darker, sexier, more provocative. That’s when hell met him for a second time. 




    A whistle made him turn. Leaning against the wall near the bathroom entrance, Kang-min eyed him as he stood in front of the urinal, taking a piss. 

    “It’s beautiful even when it pees.” 

    “What the fuck is wrong with you? Jesus.” The younger man grinned as he finished and shook it, licking his lips as he cleaned it off and tucked it back into his boxers. 

    “Your mother must have dropped you on your fucking head as a kid. You’re sick.” He laughed now and grinned like a cat. 

    “You know, hyung, the more you’re mean to me the more I like it. It’s having the complete opposite effect that you want it to.” Even his Aussie accent annoyed the hell out of him and he clenched his jaw as he went to wash his hands. 

    “The least I thought you could do was read English, being from Australia and all. Seems all you’re good for is sucking dick.” Going to wipe his hands, he froze as sounds filled the bathroom. Sounds that were very familiar. Moans of a woman, sweet and loud, heavy breath. Wet messy bodies colliding. Slowly turning, his incredulous eyes turned to the man who watched something on his phone. 

    “You really gave me a show, hyung. I’ve never seen you so passionate before. It made me jealous how good you fucked her.” 

    “You didn't.” He growled, his voice rough. 

    “Clearly, I did." 

    “You really had me followed?”

     "I didn't, but Ha-joon-ssi did. She sent me everything I have."

     "For fuck's sake,"

    “If you had’ve invited us, I wouldn’t have needed to. But, you wanted to be selfish and have yourself a private little fuck fest. Though, like I told you before, I can’t blame you. She’s hot as hell. Nice ass too. She must have felt like heaven.” He crossed the room and shoved him back against the wall, a hand around his neck. 

    “Shut the fuck up.” He growled, face ignited with fury. Kang-min grinned. 

    “Now, now hyung… don’t get hasty. I’ve got plenty of pictures and a couple audios just waiting to be released to the public.” He tightened his grip on his neck. 

    “You wouldn’t fucking dare.” 

    “I wouldn’t? Hyung, you don’t know me very well.” Blowing out hot air from his nostrils, he let go of his neck. 

    “Sajong-nim put you up to this?”

    “Partly. But, most of it was my own doing.You see hyung, I always get what I want. No matter what…or who it is.” He didn’t answer, just stared at him with furious nearly black eyes. Grinning, he turned up the volume and turned it towards him. He felt sick to his stomach. He’d even recorded the night before they left Busan. He’d nearly ripped her clothes off and pulled her to the edge of the bed, her legs wrapped around his hips. 

    “She’s such a short little thing huh? You weren’t kidding when you said you like short girls.” His hands clenched into fists, watching himself slide into her. The moan of ecstacy. Her rolled back eyes. The way she held onto him close for dear life. The slow gentle pace before he pounded into her. Lifting his eyes back up to that son of a bitch, he clenched his teeth so hard it hurt his jaw. 

    “Ah, I forgot my favorite part.” Grinning, the bastard rewinded it and pressed play. 



    “Can you show me how to put on a condom?” He heard his laughter. 

    “Of course baby. Come here.” Closing his eyes, he remembered it all as it played. A soft little giggle. Kiss. Lick. Moan. 

    “Mm…you’re not listening.” 

    ‘…sorry. I like the way you look when I do that. It makes me wanna put the whole thing in my mouth.” Kiss. Lick. Groan. He’d grabbed her braids now. Made her look at him. 

    “Be a good girl.” 

    “Kay, sorry.” 

    “You take it like this… and put it here. Take your time and slowly unroll it. Pull it down until it covers all it can.” 

    “Like this?” 

    “Mmhm.” It was silent before, 

    “I did it.” More laughter and then a kiss. 

    “Good job angel,” By this point, he’d started shaking and his eyes grew shiny with tears. 

    “What the fuck do you want?” Now, the man licked his lips with a slow grin. 

    “I told you want I want.” His Adam’s apple bobbed. 

    “The question is…do you love her enough to save her? Protect her? Protect yourself? You know as well as I do that once this gets out, you’re finished. You’ll never be able to come back from this. It would better be just kill yourself than live in the scandal.” He took shallow breaths and closed his eyes for the briefest of moments. 

    “If I do this….you won’t hurt her?” 

    “I give my word hyung.” 

    “You’ll delete all of it. Everywhere you have it.”

    “Like it never existed.” 

    “When you’re done, I want to see you delete it all.” 

    “Of course.” He looked pained as slowly, hands shaking, he undid his pants. Sliding his boxers down to his thighs, he looked up at the ceiling. 

    “Hurry up.” 




    A hand slapped him hard across the cheek. 

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” 

    “Careful Ha-joon. You’re hitting our money maker.” As if suddenly remembering, she withdrew her hand from going to hit him again. 

    “Have you boys nothing better to do than to fight like little school girls?” 

    “Bonnie-hyung’s been so on edge since returning from our recent vacation. I only made a joke and he humiliated me by spitting in my face like I was an animal.”

    “Do you know how fortunate you are Bon-hwa? Do you know how many little boys like you wanted a chance at fame? Out of all of them, I chose you. And this is how you thank me. How selfish of you.” He tightened his jaw, eyes concentrated on the wall behind her. 

    “I took you in. I gave you a home. I gave you clothes. Shoes. I fed you. I gave you a chance to have the world. Everything you ever desired. The best tutors. The best dance choreographers. The best vocal lessons. Trips around the world.  Music sets. Studio time. Recording time. Interviews. Variety shows. All of these things cost a lot of fucking money.” Reaching for his face, she brought his gaze to hers. 

    “You owe me. You owe me your voice. You owe me your face…” Letting her hand drop down, she grabbed his junk, making him suck in a sharp puff of air. 

    “You owe me your body. Not even this will be able to completely pay me back for all I’ve spent on you. But it’s a start.”  Letting go of him, she flipped her hair behind her shoulder and leaned back against her desk. 

    “Let me remind you, Kang Bon-hwa, of the contract you signed with us. You signed a 15 year deal with the company. You’re 10 years in. You have five left to go. Should you not adhere to the contract, we will revoke and retract every nickel, penny and dime we’ve loaned you plus all of the profit we made from you. We will own every single song you’ve ever been featured on, every piece of video that has your face in it. We’ll ensure that you never be allowed to show your face in public here ever again. You’ll have to go crying like a rejected little puppy all the way back to America. How disappointing that’ll be for your parents. Knowing their son disgraced them.” He for once was completely silent and Kang-min took the opportunity to speak. 

    “I think he’s got it Sajong-nim. Right hyung?” He still said nothing. 

    “Take the mute puppy out of here. Get back to practice. We’ve got out first show for the new concept in a couple weeks and I need every one of you to be perfect.”

    “Yes, of course.” Lifeless, he didn’t feel his feet move but they did and he slowly came back into the room. 

    “Now that you little girls are done fighting, let’s get back into this choreo.”

End Notes:


A/N: I hate her. I hate Ha-joon. The pain she's causing Bon-hwa is just.... she's pure evil. Kang-min too. They are so obesessed with him... and they revel in their power over him. They know just what to do and what to say to get him to obey their wishes. It's really disgusting. Ha-joon has the authority to ruin his entire life. Literally. She can make it so he gets blacklisted, never able to find work OR successful work. Able to just squirm about like a worm on the ground... until she gives him permission. Kang-min's blackmail is something I believe happens too. It's sick what he did. Having them followed and filmed. We know it happens y'all. With idols like Seung-ri being found guilty of all the disgusting things he's done... filming girls while intercourse... without their permission... rape... 

Like I said y'all this stuff is real. And it happens. That's what's meessing me up so bad because it's not just a figment of one's imagination. Our poor Bunny. He's been backed into a corner and he sees no way out. It torments him... all the blood, sweat, tears... all the abuse to his heart, body and soul... all to be able to do what he enjoys.. singing. Surely, he can't let it all go to waste right? Having to choose between the two 'hims'... the more submissive 'trained' puppy Aera...and the more rebellious wild and dominant bon-hwa.... it's tearing him apart. 

I love him and will bring him back to happiness. We justtt have to get over this last little bit of sorrow. 

P.S- what do you think about them actually getting married in Busan? I think it was sweet hehe. She had NO clue lol




PICTURE (really steamy guys just fyi) (I had to for science...runs away)

the so called 'message' (it was a message alright) bunny sent Nova:



f o u r t e e n by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

f o u r t e e n 







    “The hottest sensation in Korea, KASSIA has comeback with yet another single! Titled ‘Shoot Your Shot’, it features dark and gritty visuals. The five member boyband continue their streak of electrifying chereography, charismatic vocals and eye catching fashion statements. “Kill My Love’, released in March, was the group’s first nod towards the darker, wilder side and since then, fans are hooked!” Eyes watched the tv as small brown hands detangled her hair. 

    “They’ve already been invited to the GRAMMY’s, Music Choice Awards and the VMAs, however, it isn’t know if they have accepted. Our favorite American member, Bon-hwa Kang, known in the group as Aera, released a separate EP last month titled, ‘galaxy’. It caused worldwide controversy as his vocals took a swift depart from his kpop roots. Composed of sultry R&B, his silky smooth sound surprised both English and Korean speakers. Fans were shocked to hear of some of his more mature lyric choices, some open in their sensuality and others featuring curse words seen uncharacteristic of the idol.

     Nevertheless, fans are crazy about Bon-hwa’s EP and are even petitioning his company to allow him to sing the songs publicly on stage.” Fingers finger combed through her strands and dropped to pick up her phone. Clicking his EP into Youtube, she pressed play. Just as she was about to start combing her hair, her front door swooshed open, making her jump. Nebula walked right in, locked the door again and began to help her detangle. 

    “So, you know he wrote every single one of them songs for you right?” Cheeks warm, she listened to the music as it played. While more than half of it was in Korean, his voice sounded so beautiful and oh so sexy. 

    “You looked up the lyrics?”

    “I sure as hell did. Every single song.”

    “You’re crazy Neb.” She said with a smile. 

    “‘girl from the outerspace’ was talkin bout when y’all got freaky in Busan. ‘Reverie’ probably from y’all first date. I know for a damn fact ‘Plunge’ talking about him tearing that coochie up.” 

    “Oh my God…” 

    “I said ohhh he nasty boyyyyyyy…that shit had me cracking up.” Lifting her hands to her face, she laughed into her palms. 

    “Nebula. NEBULA.” 

    “You love me. You know I ain’t lyin.” Grinning, she ain’t say nothing as she pulled her hands away to grab her spray bottle. 

    “So, have you heard from him?” 

    “Nope. He’s been really freaking busy so.”

    “It’s been two months though. Don’t you think he should have at least sent you a dick pic or something?” Shoving her arm, she sucked her teeth. 

    “I’m about to kick you out Neb.”

    “Okay, okay I quit.”

    “He’s doing all these promotions and stuff. The man is booked. The last thing I want to do is get in his way. He’ll message me when he’s free.”

    “Okay,” Turning eyes back towards the television, they now talked about the Housewives of Wisconsin doing a possible second season. Smiling, she handed Neb her spray bottle and gently played with her ring. She’d see him soon anyway. 







    A ‘ding’ notification alerted her of a message. She finished chopping up her ingredients and wiped her hands on her hand towel. 3 new messages from tok1932. 


    She opened it and smiled. 


    tok1932 sent a PHOTO 


    His hair appeared damp like he’d just showered not too long ago, clothed in a sweatshirt and squishing his cheeks together in a cute little pose, his lips poked out. 


    tok1932: God, I miss you so fucking much Nova.

    tok1932: Forgive me for not messaging you. It’s been a shit show since the year started. We haven’t stopped yet. 

    novaworld555: I miss you too bunny. 

    novaworld555: I get it babe. Your life is packed. I’ll be fine. I understand. 






    tok1932: how’ve you been angel? 

    novaworld555: I’ve been great! Almost about to start my fall semester. 

    tok1932: My baby’s smart as fuck. I’m so proud of you. 

    novaworld555: hehe yeah. Thank you. 

    tok1932: I know we were supposed to see each other this month. That’s not gonna be possible unfortunately. 


    She was not going to lie. That hurt. She’d been waiting to see him. 

    novaworld555: what can we do? You’re really busy bunny. I might be slightly upset about it but I’ll get over it. Your career comes first. 

    tok1932: no, princess, you come first. It’s fucking with me that I can’t do more right now. 

    novaworld555: What about the Christmas season? Are they going to give you guys another vacation like last year? 

    tok1932: hopefully. 

    novaworld555: if they do, then let’s make that our date. 




    tok1932: of course sweetheart. We can do that. 

    tok1932: what are you doing right now?

    novaworld555: prepping for dinner. 

    tok1932: ooh what are you making?

    novaworld555: parsnip gratin and filet mignon with béarnaise sauce 

    tok1932: oh shit 

    novaworld555: *laughing emojis* 

    tok1932: that sounds amazing baby. damn. 

    novaworld555: when we meet, I’ll make you something really yummy. I don’t what the hell they’re feeding you over there. 

    tok1932: aw angel baby. you’re so good to me. 


    She put the sliced potatoes in a casserole dish and typed a reply. 


    novaworld555: how are you bon-hwa…honestly. 






    tok1932: exhausted. 

    novaworld555: You’re doing so much at one time my love. Remember to breathe. Remember that I’m here. I’ll always be here. 



    tok1932: I needed that so much Nova. Seriously. 

    novaworld555: Be gentle with yourself. 

    tok1932: I love you.

    novaworld555: I love you with all of my stars. 

    tok1932: I’m sure noona has told you about galaxy. I heard them talking about it here. 

    novaworld555: boy yes. She literally bust in my apartment today and started talking about it. 

    tok1932: what’d she say?

    novaworld555: she said you wrote all those songs for me. 








    tok1932: she’s right. It is about you. 

    tok1932: galaxy is my love letter to you. I wanted to give you something of me musically.

    tok1932: I hope you enjoy it babe. 

    novaworld555: you’re amazing. thank you so much…

    tok1932: I gotta go Nov.

    novaworld555: okay. don’t be a stranger, stranger. 




    A cute idiot, he smiled all stupid, birds above his head. 


    tok1932: *heart, heart heart* *tongue emoji* 

    tok1932: oh. I’m mailing you a key to my apartment here in seoul. In case you ever wanna come see me for once. spoiled brat. 









    Brilliant red, orange and yellow leaves decorated the streets and the shops, temples and people were so intoxicating. Smelling it in deep into her lungs, she smiled. It was good to be back here. She never thought she’d miss Seoul but a part of her had. Grabbing her suitcase, she stood to the side as people headed here and there, lost in their own pieces of madness. 

    “Mrs. Kang?” Turning, she saw her driver and slightly bowed her head.     

    “Yes, hi.”

    “Welcome to Seoul.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Allow me to help you with that.”

    “Sure, thanks.”

    “You may get in.” She climbed into the backseat and waited until the driver got in. 

    “Where are we headed to?” 

    “134 Asan-si Daebunam-dong, Geyonggi-do.”

    “Yes ma’am.” Clutching her purse, she swallowed the nervous lump in her throat. She hadn’t told Bunny she was coming. She wanted to be the one to surprise him. Nibbling her lips, she laid her head back against the head rest. She had gone so long without seeing him…holding him. She needed to be with him. This time, she wouldn’t cap it at a couple days. She needed more time.  The ride was quiet and smooth and as he jumped on the freeway, she placed her earbuds in. Playing his EP galaxy, she smiled. All of it was her favorite, she couldn’t just pick one. Knowing that he was literally singing to her made her knees weak. He always made her feel so special.

    After about a 40 minute drive, they pulled up into the private drive of a massive modern white building.

    “We have arrived, ma’am.”

    “Okay.”  The driver got out and helped her gather her things. 

    “Kamsamnida.” Smiling at her attempt, he smiled but thanked her. Watching as he pulled off, she licked her teeth. 

    In the letter he’d sent her attached to the key, he’d put his apartment number. It was on the penthouse floor. Heading in, she soon got into the elevator. Tying to stop her sudden beating heart. God, she was so nervous. What if he’s busy? What if he’s not home? Clutching her hands as the elevator opened, she stepped out gingerly, looking at all the identical rows of doors. PH 1012. Finding the direction from the wall, she soon came to the door. Taking a deep breath, she fixed her hair and her outfit before slowly unlocking the door.

     Bright natural sunlight, floor to ceiling windows and a humongous open floor plan stared back at her and she marveled at its beauty. Pulling her suitcase inside, she locked the door behind her. Good Lord, his apartment was huge. Setting the keys down, she noticed in the quiet the mess of pizza boxes, chip bags, empty ice cream containers and cake wrappers. Everywhere else was pristine, clean, in its place. Interesting. 

    “Bunny?” Still quiet, she began to look around. He wasn’t in the living room. That she could very clearly see. Turning the corner, she peeked her head to see what looked like a home studio. Maybe this is where he had recorded and produced galaxy. 

    Continuing on, she passed mininalist art and furniture, well fed plants and more rooms, some without much in it. How many freaking rooms were there in this place? Stopping at what looked like the main bedroom, she peeked her head in. There, a slight sound. Licking her lips, she stepped in on quiet feet, slowly approaching. Past the huge King size bed. Masculine yet minimal decor. As she got closer, it became very apparent that something was very wrong.             Knitting her eyebrows at the sounds of retching, she appeared in the doorway. What met her sent sharp chills all throughout her body. Bon-hwa was kneeling over the toilet and he spit into the bowl, his breath nearly gasping. With a slight groan, he pulled himself up a bit and stuck his finger down his throat. Vomit came rushing up out of his mouth. His stomach rolled once or twice before he spit again, a larger amount of vomit mixed saliva now shooting into the toilet bowl.  Too stunned to speak, she watched him slowly lift up onto his knees.

    He must have felt eyes on him because he turned and when he did, he froze. His eyes grew wide and a horrified expression made him look even worse, deep bags and pale skin already giving him a sickly appearance.

    N-Nova…” His cheeks were gaunt and vomity saliva hung to the side of his mouth. Like a cornered animal, he gawked in shock. 

    “Surprise bunny,” 




    He got up and went over to the sink, lifting a palm of water to his mouth. She watched every move he made, heart pounding wildly against her chest. Reaching for his toothbrush, he quietly brushed his teeth and for the first time ever since knowing him, she felt slightly uncomfortable. Globs of toothpaste splat into the sink and he rinsed once more. Lifting wet hands to his hair, he cleared his throat and stood up to his full height. 

    “When’d you get in?” His voice sounded tired…lifeless. 

    “This morning.” Nodding, he exhaled and to her surprise, lifted his shirt and stepped up onto a scale. Eyes downward, he didn’t see her approach him. Slowly sliding her hands around and down him, she pressed her face against his back. 


    “You must be very tired. Long flight.” His interruption made her withdraw her hands and he let his shirt down. Stepping down from the scale, he turned. His lips smiled but there was no life… no joy in his gaze. 

    “I’ll show you around a little bit and then maybe you can rest some.” Her eyes followed him as he walked by her and out into the bedroom. Breath shaky now, she followed suit with her body, not stopping until they both came into the kitchen. Eyes once more finding the empty boxes, food containers and wrappers she felt her stomach twist and turn. 

    “This is the kitchen. Normally, it’s very clean. But, right now it’s shitty. I’m sorry.” Going to the counter, he lifted a cigarette to his mouth, some of them already laying out on the marble surface. Lighting it up, he exhaled, blowing the smoke away from her. 

    “I normally don’t smoke around you but….you really surprised me Nov.” She didn’t say anything as she watched him head into the living room. Plopping down on the couch, he groaned and leaned his head back. 

    “This is the living room. You’ve been in the bedroom already so… I’m not sure what else there is to show you. I have a studio in another bedroom and a couple empty bedrooms.” Her eyes started to grow teary and for a minute, she just stared at him as he smoked, blowing anxious nicotine filled air away from him. He was very pale and sweaty, jumpy and nervous. She’d never seen him like this before. 

    “Why were you throwing up in the bathroom bunny?” She asked, trying to keep her voice steady. Another puff of white mist. He sighed. 

    “Sometimes, it helps me relieve stress.”

    “Eating all this food and throwing up….helps you relieve stress…” She didn’t believe it. 

    “Bunny, that’s a ea-”

    “I know what the fuck it is Nova. I don’t need you to spell it out for me.” Her heart began to crack into little pieces and her hands began to shake as she watched him snuff out the cigarette butt. Sliding tense fingers through his hair, he sat up. 

    “It’s getting late and I gotta try to get some sleep. I have practice later.” As he stood, she let her eyes fill with tears. He came towards her and pulled her against him. Closing her eyes, she pressed her face against his chest, trying not to cry. 

    “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said it like that.” Leaning down, he inhaled and exhaled against her shoulder. 

    “I’m glad you’re here Nova.” Pressing a light kiss against her shoulder, he lifted up and headed back towards the bedroom, leaving her in the living room trying to process what on God’s green earth just happened. 

End Notes:


A/N: Man... this was a heavy chapter. UGH. I'm working on more hehe but for now these are my most recent updates. Love you all. Thank you for growing in a new depth with me hehe. Have a blessed week this week! 





Video concepts: 


so, for this new 'era' if you will, the guys have taken the more darker sexier route. I wanted to showcase some visual inspirations. 


** Aera/bon-hwa is represented in my mind by wonho in the video** 


KASSIA-Kill My Love represented by MONSTA X's Love Killa 


Lastly, Bon-hwa's EP 'galaxy' is represented by Jooyoung's EP 'fountain'. I'll upload it here so y'all can listen to it. This is one my favorite works by him. 

Bon-hwa's EP cover: 

His 'EP':  


f i f t e e n by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:


f i f t e e n 




He couldn’t sleep. Which meant she couldn’t sleep. She’d opened her eyes to stare at the wall, the dark room closing around her like a cage. His arm was around her waist and he breathed against her neck… but she knew he was just as awake as she was. Confirming that, his arm slid away from her waist and she listened to him get out of bed. He sighed deeply and cursed under his breath. His cell phone begin to ring and he quietly answered it. His Korean was clipped and short and quicker than it started the conversation was over. She listened to drawers opening and the sound of clothes rustling around. Swallowing, she finally turned towards him and watched him. 

    Shirtless, he picked a dark colored shirt and a pair of black sweats. He was thin. It wasn’t a healthy thin. No, as she watched her bunny slip into the sweatpants, her throat grew tight. He had lost so much weight. It didn’t take a hard look to see his ribs. The once strong muscular biceps, shoulders and back now looked weak and fragile. It was weird, seeing his body appear much smaller than his head. It wasn’t normal. 

    “You can’t sleep either huh?” His voice was quiet. Slipping into the shirt, he covered up his body and turned to face her. 

    “Where are you going again?” She asked, her own voice nearly a whisper. 


    “Oh.” Running fingers through his messy strands, he took a deep breath and leaned down over her. 

    “Yesterday was a really shitty day for me sweetheart. I wasn’t expecting you.”

    “I wanted to surprise you…” He smiled and this time, genuine emotion flickered up across his face. 

    “I’m happy you did.” Pressing a kiss against her forehead, he inhaled deeply. 

    “I apologize for hurting you.”

    “You said sorry yesterday.”

    “And I’ll say as many times as I need to until you’re not upset with me.” Sitting up, she lifted a hand to gently caress his cheek. 

    “It’s more confusion than anger Bon-hwa. I…I just have so many questions…”

    “When I come home later, we’ll talk. Okay?” 

    “Okay.” Taking her hand, he pressed it against his heart and leaned into kiss her. 

    “I love you.”

    “Love you too bunny.” One last kiss and he lifted, going to put on a cap. Soon, he left out and she heard the door close and lock. Sighing, she laid back down and stared up at the ceiling. Reaching for her phone, she glanced at the time. 0:30. 12:30 am. That meant it was 11:30 pm back home. Entirely too late to call her mom. But… she needed to talk to her.  Dialing her number, she waited. To her surprise, she answered. 

    “Hello?” Her mother’s groggy voice on the other end made her feel guilty. 

    “Salut, maman. C’est Nova.” (Hello Mom, it’s Nova). 

    “Nova? Qu'y a-t-il?” (Nova? What’s wrong?) Her voice was still sleepy but concern now made her french less warm. It made it anxious. 

    “Je suis désolé de t’appeler si tard. Je dois te parler vers Bunny.” (I’m sorry to call you so late. I gotta talk to you about Bunny). Her mother sighed into the phone. 

    “Oui, ma bien aimèe. On peut parler.” (Yes, my darling. We can talk.) 




    “….and step! Yeah, good. Slide. No…push your foot that way. Yeah.” A bead of sweat dripped down his nose. 

    “Bonnie, you’re not focusing. Come on.”

    “Fuck off.” He shot back, lifting his arm to wipe the sweat away. Chani crossed his arms. 

    “You’ve been late to practice now four out of five times this week. What the hell have you been doing?” 

    “Probably getting his dick by Kangie.” Eyes shot to Gang-bum who had a deep disgusted frown on his face. 

    “I saw you two in the dressing room.”

    “Don’t be upset that you refuse to get yours sucked Gangie.” 

    “You’re such a slut. Anything with a hole you wanna fuck it.” 

    “What’s wrong with that? Least I’m honest about what I want.”

    “Guys! Stop!” Chani cut through the chatter, irritation twisting his normally cool and collected face. 

    “I need a smoke.” He said, not waiting to be dismissed. Pushing past the doors, he stepped outside and quickly pulled out a cigarette. Lighting it up, he inhaled, fingers shaky. 

    “What’s going on with you Bonnie?”  Cutting his eyes at him, he remained silent while taking another deep inhale of nicotine. 

    “Don’t act like you have amnesia, hyung.” The older man looked at him, seriously studying the way he moved, the cheeks starting to look gaunt. 

    “You’re binging again.” Blowing out the smoke, he laughed quietly. 

    “Congratulations for figuring that out.” 

    “We’ve all done it at one point in our career Bonnie.”

    “And let me guess, you just magically stopped one day and never picked it back up?”

    “We struggle just like you do. You’re not the only suffering.” Letting his eyes fall away from his face, he pressed the shaky cigarette against his lips. 

    “Have you ever been in love hyung?” The man sighed and lifted fingers to slide his hair back from his face. 

    “Once or twice.”

    “So, then you know what it’s like to love that person with everything you have inside of you. You’d do anything for this person.” 


    “You want to know what wrong with me? I’ll tell you. I’m losing my fucking mind.” The eyes of his elder grew soft with understanding. 

    “I wake up and I don’t know who the fuck I am. Am I Aera or am I me? Everybody wants me to bend to their will. But what about my own? Why must I lose myself in order to please others?” 

    “Unfortunately, in the way of the world… especially in this business….sacrificing yourself is better than sacrificing the ones you love. You, yourself…well….you can learn to live with the pain. The loss. The hurt. Drink it all away. Fuck it all away. Cut it all away.” His eyes had drifted up to his wrists that now had considerably more scars than he’d ever seen. 

    “When they tell you that you have to organize a hit out on your own mother. Or maybe your brother. Your own child…what would you say? What is there to say? It’s either their blood or yours. Their life or your life. And either way, you lose. You lose to gain.” 

    “Bull fucking shit.”

    “I had a girlfriend. She and I went to middle school together. I started dating her after so long of withholding my feelings. And as things go, we had sex for the first time. Really awkward inexperienced sex. It was quite comical actually.” He had his full attention. 

    “But, the more and more we did it, the better we got at it. The better it felt. My like for her turned into love. Love, then turned to a baby.” He’d stopped smoking and looked at him. 

    “I told her to keep it. I knew we were young and our parents didn’t understand but I told her, I was going to become really famous and then she wouldn’t have to worry about anything. We’d live in a big mansion in Gangnam and be happy.” His gaze grew hard, a look he’d never seen before. 

    “When Ha-joon found out, she gave me an ultimatum. Kill the baby. Or I could kiss all my dreams of being an idol away. All of this at 15 years old.” 


    “Yeah that’s what I said. That’s what I said as I took her to the abortion clinic. That’s what I said as I watched them pull our child apart…limb by limb. That’s what I said when I tried but failed to stop her from committing suicide.” Lifting those hard eyes to his, he swallowed thickly. 

    “I guess I wanted the money, the fame and the lifestyle more.” At that, his eyes looked down to the dying cigarette in his hand. 

    “You have to make the choice Bon-hwa. What do you want more?” Clapping his back, he took a step back. 

    “Ha-joon said you were getting fat. Now, look at you. Barely any fat on you. When this era is done, promise to eat more.” Leaving him then, he left him to his thoughts, that dying cigarette light slowly growing more and more dim. 




    “So, he’s starving himself?”

    “No, maman. He’s throwing it up. In attempts to lose weight.” 

    “Dear God…”

    “I don’t know what else he’s doing… what else he’s gotten into.”

    “This is why I told you that you two were moving too fast Supernova.” Sighing, she sat back against the couch. 

    “For all we know, he could be into some dark magic or something.”

    “Maman, Bon-hwa’s not like that. You know him. He wouldn’t get caught up in stuff like that.”

    “But he’s caught up in bulimia.” At that, she didn’t say anything. 

    “What are you going to do? You flew all the way there and now you’ve seen for yourself that you didn’t really know him. The you that you were in high school is no more. And he isn’t the same either.” 


    “I’m not saying any of this to judge him. I want you to understand that people change Nova. People grow, people fall. No one is perfect. Not even Bon-hwa.” Closing her eyes, she swallowed thickly. 

    “You’ve put that man on a pedestal since you were 14. You’ve worshipped and idolized him until in your eyes, he could do no wrong. You know, I used to watch you two in church. He’d look bored and uninterested. And you, instead of looking at your bible, you’d look at him.” She couldn’t argue, the memories coming back like a rushing wind. 

    “Now, that you’ve seen something about him that doesn’t fit your perfect picture, you don’t know how to handle it. You don’t know what to do.” 


    “Do you love him?” 

    “Of course I do.”

    “I know you do. I know Bon-hwa loves you too.” There was silence on the other end before, 

    “You didn’t think I’d respond this way my sweet sweet girl. But, sometimes reality hurts. Reality is ugly. Faced with it, in life we must make decisions based on what we see in front of us.” She felt her eyes grow misty with tears as she continued, 

    “Sometimes, Nova, love and love alone is not enough. If you love him like you say you do, then don’t get upset. Don’t run. Don’t turn your back on him.” Those tears started to fall down her cheeks. 

    “Nurture him. Care for him. Pray for him. Uplift and encourage him. Speak life to him. That is what is going to bring him out of his dark places my darling. That is what is going to build him back up into the man he needs to be for you and for himself.” Her words resonated deep within and she sniffed, lifting hands to wipe away her tears. 

    “Thank you Maman.” 

    “I’m here for both of you. Now and always.”

    “Thank you.”

    “I love you.”

    “I love you too Mama.” Hanging up, she let the phone slip out of her fingers and for a moment, cried in the dark of the living room. But, when she sat up and wiped them away… she stood up. Going into the kitchen, she flicked on the light and began to gather the empty containers of food on the counter. Pizza boxes, candy wrappers, cake containers. Little by little, she began to throw it in the trash. Swallowing thickly, she grabbed her phone and went back into the bedroom. Snuggling up under the covers, she deeply sighed and closed her eyes. Sleep not long after found her. 




    When he stepped into the house, he was beyond exhausted. Dropping his keys onto the counter, he stopped and glanced over the clean surface of the island. Swallowing thickly, he turned to lock the door and slid into some house slippers. Taking his hat off, he rustled his hair, damp from sweat. Lifting to pull up his shirt, he dropped it into the dirty clothes basket as he entered the room. There ahead, she laid in bed fast asleep. Feeling his heart grow heavy, he pulled off his sweats and turned to head into the bathroom. Starting the shower, he let the hot water pelt him, eyes closed. You have to make the choice Bon-hwa. Lifting shaky fingers to wash his body, he remained quiet and somber. You have to make the choice Bon-hwa. Feet stepping out, he put on a clean pair of sweats and climbed into bed. Pulling her close, he pressed his face against her. You have to make the choice Bon-hwa. 




    It was early afternoon when he woke up and she in that time had made a few important phone calls and took a more in depth tour of his apartment. When he came into the living room, sleep still on his eyelashes and hair a mess, she couldn’t help but grin. He was so cute. 

    “Mornin sleepyhead.” Yawning, he scratched his stomach and grumbled, falling down to lay on top of her as she sat on the couch. Hitting the pillows with a soft ‘oof’ she wrapped arms around him. 

    “When’d you get in?” 

    “7:30.” He spoke against her chest. Playing with his hair, she pressed a kiss against his forehead. 

    “How’d you sleep?”

    “Like shit.” Groaning, he lifted his head and let tired eyes drift up to hers. 

    “You wanna talk now or after I shower again? I feel sweaty as fuck.” 

    “Later.” Nodding, he lifted up when she stopped him, bringing hands up to his waist. 

    “What are they doing to my baby bunny?” He grew stiff, hands fists at his sides. Leaning forward, she kissed the thin fragile skin on his chest, making a breath whoosh out of his throat. 

    “They’re not treating you right.” She said with a kiss, against his pectoral and further down by his ribcage. 


    “You don’t need me to judge. You don’t need me to get angry and run.” His breaths now came as shudders as she breezed her lips across the skin of his ribcage and stomach. Gasping out loud, she felt his nether regions react, poking her in the chest. Smiling, she pressed a cheek against his stomach for a while before looking up at him. 

    “I’ll take care of you Bon-hwa. I’ll love you until you can love yourself again.” Lifting his hand, she lowered her lips against the old scars and new healing scars on his wrists. 

    “I won’t leave you. I’ll stay with you and I’ll nurture you until you grow again.”  His eyes had started to grow teary but he kept it together… barely. Standing up, she wrapped arms around him. 

    “Let’s go shower. I’ll wash your hair.” 

    “Nova…I-I can do it mysel-”

    “I’m not taking no as an answer. Let me do this for you. Please.” Jaw tight, he led her lead her towards the bathroom. He didn’t say much as she gently slipped his sweatpants down, or as she ignored the fact that she still had on her pajamas. Turning on the hot water, she reached for his hand and smiled as he took it, allowing her to pull him in. 

    “Sit, bunny. Lemme get your shampoo. Where is it?”

    “Up there.” He pointed above her and watched as she cutely jumped up on her tip toes in order to get it. Reaching for his handheld attachment next to the main shower head, she sprayed him, laughing as he lifted his hands to try to block the water. 

    “Come here bunny…” She wet his hair and gently put the attachment back to the wall. Squeezing the shampoo into her hands, she began to lather him up and he let out a breathy sigh. 

    “Feels good?” He wrapped arms around her and pulled her against him, pausing her hands. 

    “When’s the last time somebody did something nice for you Bon-hwa?” He didn’t speak but he shook his head. 

    “You deserve good things. You deserve to be spoiled too baby.” Gently scratching his scalp she reached again for the shower head and washed the soap out of his hair, watching as the thick soapy suds slipped down his thin frail body. Skin milky and wet, he had began to shake, probably from the cold. 

    “Let’s get you clean here too.” 

    “Nova, please. I can…I’m not a child. I can wash myself.” She lifted and grabbed his body was, the same woodsy scent as his shampoo. Squeezing some in her hands, she lathered it on her hands and rubbed his neck, to his shoulders. 

    “What kind of wife would I be to not take care of you the same way you take care of me?” That made him look up, his cheeks red with embarrassment. 

    “Take a deep breath and try to relax. It’s okay… you’re safe.” Her words seemed to ease the tension in his shoulders and she slipped soapy hands across them, caressing the bones that jut out. Letting her hands drift down and across his chest, she welcomed his arms around her hips now, his hands gripping the cheeks of her rear. Adding more soap, she glided them under his underarms and down to his stomach. His breath had grown heavy and his shaft was fully erect and twitched upward as if to ask her for relief.

    “You’re so hard baby…” Her voice was soft and quiet and her hands slowly slipped down tight muscular abs. 

    “It’s been so long since we’ve made love.” It wasn’t until she’d pressed a small rag in between his ass cheeks that he jolted. Figuratively. Literally. The action made him even harder and he began to shake even more. 

    “Let me kiss it better bunny… like I promised.” He nearly gasped for breath now as she lowered to her knees. 

    “N-Nova…” A kiss to the thick stump silenced him and his hips nearly jerked up off of the seat as she slowly stroked him, soapy hands gliding down slick and smooth. He gripped the shower seat tightly, his head thrown back. Beautiful moans erupted from his throat and she kissed him again, closer to the head. Letting her tongue trace the shape of it, she gently pulled it into her mouth and sucked softly. Still stroking the shaft, she reveled in the way the moans tangled in his throat. He was fighting it. Sucking a little harder on the head, she circled it with her tongue while increasing the speed of her hand. 

    “Fuckkk baby…” Letting him go with a loud ‘pop’ she let go of him. Lifting to stand, she let the soap run off of her and lifted the nozzle to clean him. His eyes were beautiful, those big pleading eyes. He asked with his cheat heaving. His body shook with cold and desire. Leaning down, she kissed him and gave him what he asked for, slowly stroking him again. A short groan against her mouth. 

    “Stop fighting it Bon-hwa… let it go…” Stroking faster now, a weak breathy whimper against her neck made her heart melt. His breaths ran faster together and soon, he released, spurts of cum messily dripping up onto her chest and stomach. 

    “There. Doesn’t that feel better?” He panted, welcoming a sweet kiss.

    “Let’s dry you off kay?”



     He hated it. He loved it. He wanted more. Her touch. Every fucking where. She made him feel so fucking good. He didn’t want her to stop. He wanted her to swallow him whole… eat him alive. Slut. She’d led him to bed and rubbed lotion into his skin. His throat grew heavy and he stayed still as she climbed up into his lap. Her face was sweet and soft and her touch even more so. She gently scratched his scalp and it soothed the pain and tension away. 

    “Talk to me baby… please?”  He opened his mouth but no words would come out.  Where the fuck would he start? How could he make her understand all of it? Whore. Taking a shuddery breath, he licked his lips. 

    “Where do….where should I start?” His voice was nearly impossible to hear. 

    “Anywhere you like.”

End Notes:


A/N: This chapter was one that when I dreamt about it last Friday, I woke up crying. It was too raw for me. Bon-hwa's release (emotional, mental, physical) all of it was just wayyyyy toooooooo raw. My baby deserves happiness and he deserves freedom. It's loading. Nova taking care of him was just too much for my heart. He's naked, literally, mentally, emotionally... to trust her.. be scared to trust her.... to let his walls down like this... it messed me up lol. I have another chapter for you all hehe. 


s i x t e e n by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

s i x t e e n 





“It started when I was 22.” 

    “The binging?”


    “What caused it?” 

    “They told me I had to lose weight.” Taking a small breath, he laid his cheek against her shoulder. 

    “Everyone does it at one time or another. It’s just….the world we’re in.” She was quiet, her fingers massaging his shoulders. 

    “The binging gave me a sense of power…a sense of control.” 


    “Everywhere else I had none. I had to do what they wanted. Say what they wanted. Look however they wanted me to look.” Puppy. 

    “The binging led to the cutting. That started two years later. Small little cuts here… never anything this visible.” He said, lifting his wrists. 

    “I tried to keep them small so no one would see but…I stopped caring.” 

    “Bunny,” He shuddered now as her hands lowered to rub his back. 

    “You need an outlet for your pain. This was mine. Along with cocaine sometimes…” Her lips kissed his forehead and he closed his eyes as she hugged him close. 

    “I was scared Nova. That’s why…I didn’t tell you.”

    “Why were you scared bunny?” Tears had begun to well up from under his closed eyelids. 

    “I thought you would leave me.” His voice, then and there, was perhaps the smallest she’d ever heard it. 


    “I’m a fuck up. I’m a fucking drug addicted zombie….and you…you’re my angel…” He’d began to trip up on his words, tears now wetting her shirt. She could feel the emotion struggling within him to let loose. 

    “Stop torturing yourself Bon-hwa. Stop punishing yourself. Let it out.” The first sob that left from his belly broke her heart. But, it was the frantic gasping wails of despair that sent chills down her spine. He’d began to shake and his hands grabbed her for dear life. 

    “Good, mon ange. (my angel, sweetheart) Let it out.” Gasping for breath, he let the emotions come up and by the end of it, couldn’t see anything, eyes blinded by tears. He felt like he was having an out of body experience….hearing and seeing himself so broken.. so torn down… at rock bottom. She hushed him quietly, gently rocking him. 

    “Nous voilá…vous libérez d’une douleur du passé..” (there we are…free yourself from the pain.) Breath now tiny sniffles and hiccups, a withdrawn sigh against her neck. Her fingers once more massaged his scalp and he hummed against her, making her smile. 

    “Now that you’ve let it out bunny…now you have to make a choice.” Lifting his face, she softly caressed his eyebrows, his cheeks and nose…even the bags under his now reddened and puffy eyes. 

    “You know as well as I do… if you keep down this path… you’re gonna die. You know that.” He closed his eyes, knowing that it was the truth. 

    “Perhaps you want to die somewhere deep inside. The pain too much…” He let her speak, her lips following her fingers’ touch. 

    “I don’t know what they did to you Bon-hwa…I don’t know the hell they’ve put you through. But….I love you enough to try to pull you out of it.” 

    “Nova…” His voice now was gruff from crying but she shushed him with a tender kiss against his mouth. 

    “The part of you that wants to live must fight the part that wants to die. It must win.” 


    “You remember when we used to go to church and listen to the pastor preach…He’d talk about everlasting love… the Father’s love for us.” 

    “His love left me a long time ago Nova.” Pulling his hands away from her, he laid back against the bed and lifted an arm up across his eyes. 

    “I’ve done too much shit for God to forgive me.” The way he said it broke her heart. Tears welled up in her eyes and she felt her throat grow heavy.

    “That’s not true…” 

    “You want me to start going to church again? You think that’s gonna save me?”

    “It’s not about what I want baby…” She said, lifting slow fingers up across his sinking stomach. 

    “It’s about you and what you want. What you know without a shadow of a doubt will never fail you.” Sighing as her lips pressed kisses up his chest, he withdrew his arm and opened his eyes to look at her. 

    “You think He’ll forgive us for fucking before marriage?” She laughed gently against him, a kiss against his pectoral. 

    “We didn’t fuck bunny sheesh. At least I didn’t.” Her laugh was contagious and he returned her grin with the tiniest one of his own. 

    “I definitely remember us fucking in Busan…”

    “Shut up… we’re trying to have a moment here. Yes I think He will forgive us.  We may not have did it right to begin but we finished good.” Lifting arms up around her, he pulled her closer. 

    “He forgives all. He gives grace. Even to those who think they are outside of His reach.” Sighing, he spoke quietly, 

    “I’ll try everything I can. For you.”

    “No, it has to be for you. You have to want your freedom more than you want me.” Sighing, he breezed his thumb across her brow. 

    “I want both. You and my freedom.”

    “Is that your decision?” She could see fear start to arise in his expression but he swallowed it down. 

    “Yeah…I…I want out.” She sat up and slowly lifted her shirt, revealing those perfect tits of hers. His dick shot up again and she bit her lip in a smile. Lifting his hands to touch them, she sighed as he gently squeezed. 

    “Kay… now let’s talk about you wanting me.” Lifting, he grabbed her and threw her down on the bed, laughs and pressed foreheads. 

    “My favorite topic of conversation.” He breathed, his kiss slow and sweet. Wrapping arms around him, she kissed his eyelids and down to his cheeks as he stripped away what clothing remained on her. 




    It had been a couple days since she’d touched down in Seoul. Humming, she gently lifted the poached eggs and placed them on two buttery English muffins already dressed with bacon and spinach. Drizzling hollandaise sauce over the top, she turned to find him standing there at the island, hand on cheek just watching her. 

    “How long have you been standing there?” He grinned a sleepy smile. 

    “Long enough to know you don’t have on any underwear under my shirt.”

    “You’re such a creep. Here.”  Snickering, he took the plate from her and placed it on the table. Reaching for her, he pulled her against him. 

    “Thank you angel,”

    “Mmhm.” Lifting his hands to her cheeks, he squished, making her lips poke out. 

    “Say you’re welcome bunny or else.” Playfully protesting, she broke out into laughter and allowed him a kiss. 

    “Welcome bunny…”     

    “Good girl.” Gaze coquettish, she slipped away from him, gasping as he slapped her rear. 

    “Don’t start. I’ll take you right back in the bedroom for round three.” Smiling to herself, she cleared her throat and went back over to the stove, turning it off. 

    “When are you leaving?” He asked her, eyes watching her lift her omelet onto a plate. 

    “I’m staying the rest of the academic semester.” He choked on the yolk of the egg and coughed, eyes watery as she turned to face him. 

    “Do you have a problem with that?” 

    “No… fuck no… I just…I thought you were in school.” 

    “I handled all that.”

    “You can’t leave school for me. That’s a firm no. I won’t let you.” 

    “Even if they have online classes?”

    “From all the way here in Korea? They’re gonna accept that shit?”

    “As long as I submit my work, yeah.” Still not totally convinced, he forked some of his food and slowly ate it, brow creased and bothered. 

    “I don’t know about this Nov.” 

    “Look, I already called them and had them transfer it over to virtual. I meant what I said Bon-hwa. I’m not leaving you.” 

    “Will you have to make anything up with classes?”


    “Hm. Alright then. It’s done I suppose.” Giggling, she ran over to hug him. 

    “Stay focused on your school work Nov. Seriously.”


    “I mean that shit. One of us has to be great.” 

    “You’re great too bun, stop it.” She licked the yolk from the corner of his mouth before kissing his lips.

    “I stay focused on school… you stay focused on getting better. We can meet in the middle for any… extracurricular activities after.” She pulled away but he pulled her back against his lap. 

    “Keep it up.” Lifting her hands, her fingers drifted up into his hair. 

    “Now, bring your breakfast over here, sit your fine ass right here and eat. For fuck’s sake.” Welcoming a much harder smack to her butt, she licked her lips. 





    He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous as shit. Sitting next to Nova, he tapped his foot against the floor almost unconsciously and it took her gentle hand on his thigh to stop him. 

    “Breathe. It’s okay…”

    “Nova… I’m fucking terrified…”

    “I know but I’m here…. I’m with you.” Sighing, he practiced breathing techniques… slowly… in…out… 

    “Mr. Kang?” He felt his heart flop around like a rag doll inside his chest cavity and he stared at the man, eyes and hands nervous and jittery. 

    “Bon-hwa?” Lifting his gaze upward, his panting slowly calmed as she kissed his forehead and nose. 

    “Breathe baby. Please.” Swallowing sand, he nodded against her. 

    “Okay…”  Closing his eyes, he felt the fear of eyes, hands and lips fade away just a tad and began to stand. Sliding his hands from around her waist, she gently held on to one, the other he lifted to wrap around her neck. 


    “Don’t be sorry. Please, this way.” 

    “Come on bun,” Tightly gripping her hand, he followed her into what was about to be another hell. After all, sometimes you had to go through hell to get to heaven. 

    Taking their seats, he wiped his sweaty palms on his suit pants, taking the tiny offered hand next to him. Taking it into her own, she rubbed the back of it. 

    “Welcome, Mr. Kang.”    

    “Bon-hwa is fine.”

    “Sure…Bon-hwa. My name is Jinsung Park. What brings you in today?” 

    “I’m sure you know who I am…” The man smiled politely but shook his head. 

    “KASSIA right?”


    “Yes, my daughter is a big fan of yours.” 


    “Yes, well Bon-hwa, how can I help you?” He took a slow breath, Nova’s fingers starting to massage his fingers, one at a time. 

    “I want out of my contract with Perseus Entertainment.” 

    “I see.” Steepling his fingers, he took a deep breath, eyes glancing over to Nova.

    “Who is this lovely lady?” 

    “My wife.” He looked really surprised then, glancing at the two of them. 

    “Mrs. Kang, how do you feel about Bon-hwa’s decision to leave his company?” 

    “I support my husband no matter what.” Nodding, he gave a polite smile. 

    “They’re killing him.” Her voice once sweet, now sounded serious and he gave another nod, one more firm. 

    “How are they killing you Bon-hwa? What evidence do you have that will compel them to surrender you up?” 

    “You see so many idols all the time, wanting out of their contracts. It’s the same shit just a different day. You know why I want out of my contract.” The man sat still, eyes on his. 

    “I want to hear your truth Bon-hwa. Everyone else’s is different. I want to hear you say it.” Swallowing, he glanced over at Nova who encouraged him with a gentle smile and squeeze on his fingers. 

    “Ever since I came to this country at 16, they’ve used me. First, it was because I spoke fluent English. Then it was because I was a rookie. They wanted to see how hungry I was for my dreams and little by little they pushed me more and more.” The two of them sat still as he released the years of torment and pain. 

    “When I accepted my contract, I didn’t know shit. I was a kid. Seduced by fame and the chance to be big. I didn’t know then that I’d signed my life away in blood.” 

    “Blood?” Jinsung asked, eyes still on him. 

    “They threw a party for us after we debuted. I thought it was just a normal event… drinks…food, the usual. But, I didn’t know that it was my initiation into hell.” Even Nova had her eyes on him now, her fingers no longer massaging his own. 

    “They…they..” He couldn’t get it out… couldn’t find the will to say it out loud. 

    “Take your time, bun.” Clearing his throat, he started again. 

    “They drugged me. The CEO, Kang Ha-joon, drugged me. Stripped me naked, tied me up and took my virginity.” 

    “Oh my God…” Nova exclaimed, fingers gripping his. 

    “She fucked me in the ass against my will. Made me suck Lim Dong-hyun’s dick…. tortured me until I stopped fighting… until he could fuck me too.” 

    “Lim Dong-hyun of Solaris Entertainment?” 

    “The one and only.” His hand shook and so did hers. She let his hand go and he looked up to see her eyes having filled with tears looking at nothing in particular. 

    “Nova,” Slowly, she brought them to his. Outstretching his hand, he waited. He needed her. Her hand took hold of his again. 

    “From there it was almost every night. She’d do some sick shit to me… make me do some sick shit…”

    “I know this is hard for you… to have to re-live this…” He’d hung his head, tears welling up in his eyes. 

    “She….she got me high on some shit that took me out of my body… made me unbelievable horny…” Taking a shaky breath, he licked his lips. 

    “When I woke up, I didn’t remember anything. Didn’t remember running a train on Hydrangea…”

    “The girl group?”

    “Yeah…they’d just debuted too.” Jinsung sat back and listened, his face solemn. 

    “I found out later that she’d given me her fucking dog.” At that, he began to cry, the tears falling down his face uncontrollably. 

    “….I fucked a goddamn dog…” He sobbed, covering his face. He felt arms come around him and Nova’s sweet voice hushing him. 

    “I didn’t know…. it wasn’t me I swear to God….I didn’t know…” Jinsung swallowed thickly as he tried to pull himself together, sniffling. He sat up again and almost angrily batted his tears away. 

    “All those interviews with the exclusive outlets. The top notch fashion shoots. The expensive music video sets. She told me I earned them for my obedience. Like I was a pet.” Nova remained standing, lifting fingers to sift through his hair. 

    “She even gave us a vacation. My first vacation in three years. One I took with my wife. But…she had us followed.” Nova’s hands stopped. 

    “She got my dick hungry group member, Kang-min to collaborate with her and they filmed my wife and I being intimate. When I returned to work, he threatened me with blackmail. He told me that if I didn’t let him suck my dick that he’d give all the footage to the media outlets and underground porn sites. He knew that something like that would ruin me career.” 

    “Oh God…” He tightened his grip on Nova’s hand. 

    “I do have proof of that.” 

    “Does he admit to it?”


    “May I see it?” Handing him the phone, he let tears fall again. 

    “I’m sorry Nova… I’m so fucking sorry….” Her eyes filled with tears, she hugged him as Jinsung pressed play. 


    “Yah, Lee Kang-min…You’re such a fucking slut. Goddamn.” It was clear from the audio that they were having sex and the sound of another male preened and moaned, tears it sounded like in his voice. 

    “This is what you tried to blackmail me for?” The man couldn’t answer, moans high and tinny. 

    “This is why you followed me and my wife? Took pictures and videos of us fucking like a little filthy rat? Just for this?”

    “It was worth it….so worth it…” The man laughed. 


    The audio cut off.  Jinsung swallowed thickly and cleared his throat but gave a nod. 

    “Good. We can use it. We need more.” Hands shaking, he retrieved his phone. 

    “I recorded Kang Ha-joon threaten to ruin my career if I didn’t adhere to her wishes. That’s on here too.”

    “Perfect. That’s what I need.” Sighing, Jinsung stood up. 

    “I’ve heard your truth Bon-hwa. I will do the best I can to help you.” Lifting eyes upward, he swallowed his tears. 

    “Thank you.” 

    “We’ll have to gather as much evidence as we can. What you’ve provided is an amazing start.” 

    “He’s not expected to go back to those sick people right?” Nova asked, her voice the hardest he’d ever heard it. She sounded outright pissed. 

    “Due to the nature of the case and the severity of the allegations, I would not recommend him to return at this present moment.”

    “Very good.”

    “I’ll let you know how we move on from here. Please look out for my call.” 

    “I will.” Bowing, he trailed behind Nova who in anger walked ahead of him. 

    “Nov! Nov wait.” Swallowing thickly, she took his hand and pressed her face against him as they left the office. 

End Notes:


A/N: This chapter made me cry. UGH. The horrors that Bon-hwa went through...one thing is for certain. They will all be rectified. Every single one of them is getting ready to get what they deserve. We're approaching the end of our tale, friends. Thank you for hanging out with me hehe. 


s e v e n t e e n by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

s e v e n t e e n 





    Pissed wasn’t even the right word to describe how she felt. On the way home, her hands couldn’t stop shaking. He didn’t say much, perhaps in his own head about everything. Sighing as they got out of the van, she went first into the house, leaving him outside to talk to the driver. Loudly throwing her purse onto the island, she sighed deeply. All of this was too much for one day. 

    “Are you upset at me?” She heard his voice ask, the door closing behind him. Turning, she found him standing in front of it, expression apprehensive. 

    “No, bunny… I’m not upset at you. Come here,” He slid fingers into his hair and slowly approached her, leaning down to press his forehead against her shoulder. 

    “You’re the innocent one in this. I could never be mad at you.” His breath against her was one of relief and she pressed her cheek against him. 

    “I never want you to be in that situation ever again Bon-hwa. Ever.”

    “I don’t either.” Wrapping arms around her, he held her tightly for a while before lifting up. Giving him a brave smile, she caressed his cheek, her eyes and touch warm. 

    “Today’s been a hell of a day hasn’t it?”


    “Are you hungry?” 

    “Not really…” 

    “Okay. Well, why don’t we get cozy and stay in? Maybe a movie?” He let her pull away. 

    “…sure.” She started unbuttoning her skirt, revealing some of her silky slip. 

    “Kay. Lemme get out of this first.” As she left his sight, he leaned onto the counter, face buried in his palms. He wasn’t sure how to place all of the emotions running through him. Embarrassment for breaking down like that in front of the both of them. Relief at releasing it. The tiniest amount of joy. An even tinier slice of hope. 

    “Bunny?” Lifting his head, he found her standing in the living room, looking like a cute thin mint in her mint pajamas. He couldn’t help the small smirk that slipped up onto his lips. 

    “Coming baby…gimme a minute.” Pulling his suit jacket off, he headed towards the bedroom, ready to shed off the grief and anxiety. 




    The tv was still on and she’d fallen asleep on the couch. Pulling away from her, he sat up. He’d tried fighting it off. It had been a couple of good days but now he’d reached his limit. Pulling away from her, he quietly got up and headed into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, the light nearly blinded him. Swallowing thickly, he reached in and started grabbing whatever he could find. Left over gimbap, tteokbokki, and pancakes from yesterday’s breakfast, he began eating almost furiously, cramming it all into his mouth. Grabbing a beer, he washed it down, eating until he felt his stomach was about to burst. Finishing what he could, he drank the last of the beer and threw the containers in the trash. 

    It wouldn’t be hard tonight, the food almost begged to come up and he rushed to the bathroom, his hands and breath already jittery. Kneeling over the toilet, he slipped fingers into his mouth, finding instant relief as vomit spilled up out of him. Heaving violently, he let it come out, fingers gripping the sides of the toilet. Breath uneven, he squeezed his eyes shut and spit. Feeling a hand touch him, he recoiled, only to find Nova kneeling beside him. Eyes wide and frantic, he tried to push her away. 

    “Don’t….” Her eyes watered with tears but she gave him a brave little smile. 

    “Why not?”

    “C-cause. C-cause it smells and….I-I don’t want you in here….” As he spoke, his stomach began to roll and he felt more starting to sit at the back of his throat. 

    “You really want me to leave, bunny?” Fuck. It was the fucking way she said it… all soft and shit. Weak piece of shit. You’re no different than a fucking girl.

    “No…” He whispered, voice giving out. Damn the tears… he’d had enough of the crying. 

    “It’s okay…” Lifting messy fingers upward, he turned away from her as he forced himself to vomit one last time. The tears spilled down his cheeks and he began to sob. She pulled him against her and his whole body gave out then. Face a mess, he tried to apologize for fucking up her pajamas but couldn’t get a word out. Instead, she just quietly comforted him, gently combing through his hair. 

    “It’s gonna be okay baby. I promise…” He had no energy to lift his arms and pressed deeper into her comforting warmth. 

    “We’re gonna be okay. We’ll get you the help you need, bunny.” Her lips kissed his sweaty forehead and he sighed with a tiny nod. Breath hiccuping now, he hummed against her as she began to quietly sing… something he’d never heard her do much. Her voice was soft and sweet and wrapped around him like a blanket. 

    “Let’s get you cleaned up and in bed. Kay?” 





    She held tight to him as they headed into the restaurant. Bvlgari shades on, she eyed the table nearest the right. Bon-hwa’s parents Noah and Emma Kang sat there, talking, laughing and drinking wine. She separated their hands and fixed her outfit. She kept it classy yet feminine, a houndstooth blazer cropped top and tailored shorts with gold buttons. A short blocky black heel, gold necklace and a wide brimmed hat on her head completed the look. 

    “You look beautiful baby.” She smiled as their fingers entwined once more. 

    “Thank you. You’re looking good too, bunny.” 

    “Thanks angel.” Pressing her nose against him, she inhaled his jacket with a pleased little sigh. Chanel Bleu. Her favorite. He looked sleek and masculine in a dark brown turtle neck sweater and slacks. A lighter brown long line coat emphasized his height. 

    “Ah! Bon-hwa!” It was about time they noticed them. His mother stood up as they approached, a polite smile on her face.  

    “Hey, Dad.” He looked over at her and for a minute looked up and down her body. 

    “Who is this lovely lady with you?” Smiling, she reached up and removed her sunglasses. 

    “It’s me Mr. Kang.” 

    “Nova?! My God….you look incredible.” His mother dragged her eyes down her body too, that smile still on her face. She slipped a hand up across his arm. 

    “Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome.” 

    “I wasn’t expecting to see you Nova. I wasn’t sure if you and Hwangie were still in contact.” She smiled back at his mother.

    “We reconnected last year.” 

    “Oh good. It’s good to see you.” Her eyes went right to the ring sitting nice and pretty on her finger. 

    “You too.” 

    “Please, let’s sit.” They took a seat and the waiter came for their drink orders. 

    “Nova, you’ve really grown up into a lovely young woman.” Smiling, she thanked his father again.

    “How have you been? What’s been going on with you? Your family?”

    “We’re all doing well.”

    “Do you still live in Wisconsin?” His mother asked, taking a sip of her wine. 

    “My main residence is there, yes.” Her eyebrows shot up.

    “That’s right. I forgot your family has several across the country.”

    “I’ve never been one to brag.” Lifting her water, she took a sip, watching as the light caught one or two of her diamonds. 

    “You always were sweet and humble.”

    “So, Bon-hwa…how are you doing?” His mother cut her eyes at Mr. Kang before looking at him. 


    “You’re probably swamped with work. Your uncle and aunt have been working to get you a slot on their network program.” 

    “Frankly speaking, I’m overwhelmed Dad.” 

    “Yes, well that comes with the territory Hwangie.” Clearing her throat, she got everyone’s attention. 

    “If I may interject here…” They all looked at her. 

    “I asked Bon-hwa to orchestrate this dinner for a specific reason.” His mother was so focused on her ring that she hadn’t even looked up.

    “You’re married.” She said finally, lifting her gaze to her own. 

    “When’d you two get married?”

    “Respectfully, I’ll answer any questions about our relationship at another time. Right now, I want to talk about something much more important.” She answered, now accepting her wine from the waiter with a soft smile. 

    “What could be more pressing than you ruining your career Bon-hwa? You know you’re not supposed to date or marry right now. It’s not time yet.”

    “I decide when it’s time for me. Not a contract.” At that, his mother’s hackles rose and her mouth flattened. 

    “You didn’t think us important enough to even tell us?” 

    “The way you’re acting is the exact reason why I didn’t tell you.” At that, his mother grew red in the face and pressed her lips together. 

    “I’ve been nothing but nice to you all. I’ve had no reason to dislike you,” Nova took a small sip of wine. 

    “But, I have to say: what I find disgusting is the fact that your son is here trying to tell you that something is wrong and you’re only concerned about his career.” 

    “Excuse us, Nova, but you’ve just recently showed back up into the picture. Noah and I have sacrificed a lot moving here to support Bon-hwa.”

    “And how have you shown that support? Have you checked up on him? Have you visited his house to see him?”

    “They’ve been so busy since debut and we weren’t allowed to keep in touch at the time. We fully respected that. He needed the time and focus to perfect his craft. In speaking with Ha-joon, she has kept us updated in stating that things are well.” 

    “She’s been lying to you the minute I signed that fucking contract.”

    “Language, son.” Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes for a moment. 

    “Take a look at me Omma. Don’t I look any different to you?” Her eyes drifted down his appearance. 

    “You look fine…A bit thin in the face but…that’s to be expected.”

    “I have bulimia Omma.” Her lips trembled and her eyes grew wide. 

    “Not only that but I drink, smoke, self mutilate and I have an overwhelming case of anxiety.” 

    “No…..that can’t be possible…” Lifting his sleeves, he showed them the scars on his wrists. 

    “Ha-joon…KASSIA…the unrealistic pressures and weights of the industry…all of it is the reason that I’ve been going insane. The only reason I haven’t killed myself is the woman sitting next to me.” The both of them were speechless and looked at each other in disbelief.

    “Are you listening to him?” Nova asked, sitting back with her arms crossed. Denial. They didn’t want to accept what was plainly looking them in the face. 

    “He needs your support. Not your criticisms. Not your judgements. Not your opinions. Your undivided and full support.” Swallowing, she could see that he was nervous as hell and reached for his hand. 

    “I’m going to sue Perseus Entertainment. I’m going to sue that sick bitch Ha-joon. She’s made my life a living hell.” By now, his mother had grown pale and his father was stony faced. 

    “I have so many problems and I know that I need help. With everything.” His mother reached for his hand. He took it and gently squeezed. 

    “Right now, I’m choosing me Omma. Appa. My career can wait. I…I just want to be myself again.” His father cleared his throat. 

    “We want the same for you Bon-hwa. Whatever you decide to do…we will support you.” 

    “Thank you… really. This means a lot to me to have a support system around Bon-hwa. He needs it.” His mother’s face softened and she took her hand in her own.

    “Of course Nova.” He kissed her hand and winked at her. 

    “Now, talk to me more about this marriage of yours. Did you hold a wedding?” 




    Paisley’s little paws clicked on the hardwood floors and the small cream toy poodle followed her into the kitchen. 

    “You’re not getting anything Pais. I don’t know why you’re following me.” The little girl barked a reply as if to say ‘That’s what you think. You’re gonna give me some of that there in that bowl.’ Smiling to herself, she finished getting dinner together and brought everything into her living room. Tonight, it was supposed to be a date with some hot med school student from Harvard. He was her type and came from money so she didn’t see the issue with going out of her way a little bit. Clearing her throat, she smoothed down the spicy little number she had on, a satiny slip dress with a half slit on her thigh. Fixing her hair, she looked up as the doorbell rang. Paisley started barking and ran her little butt into the foyer. 

    “Pais! Calm down!” Scooping her up, she opened the door and looked into very familiar eyes. Eyes that definitely weren’t that hot med student from Harvard. 

    “B-Bon-hwa?” Paisley wiggled around and he took her from her arms, laughing as the small dog kissed him all over his face. 

    “Hey Pais.”

    “Bon-hwa….what…oh my God…what are you doing here?” A head peeked out from behind him and she gasped. 

    “Nova?” Giggling, she ran into her outstretched arms and the women giggled against each other.


    “Oh my God…. come in….” Stepping into the house, Paisley jumped up on Bon-hwa’s legs as she led them towards the living room. 

    “Hot date?” He asked with a grin, folding his arms. 

    “Yeah and you better not get in the way. I’m trying to get some good quality dick tonight.”

    “Oh God…noona…”

    “We won’t be long Ji-eun. I just wanted to come say hi!”

    “You’re back in the States….When did y’all come back?”

    “Couple hours ago.”

    “Wow. That’s awesome!”

    “Yeah. Um, sorry about not calling or anything. It’s been kinda crazy lately.” 

    “No problem Nov. Wow. It’s been how long since I’ve seen the two of you?” 

    “Too fucking long for comfort.” The three of them laughed and he finally stooped and picked Paisley back up, welcoming her kisses against his cheek. 

    “We’ll come back at a better time.”

    “Yeah… thanks. Um…Shit. It’s so good to see you two.”

    “Good to see you too noona,” 

    “Come on babe. Ji-eun’s got a hot date to worry about.”

    “Alright. Bye Pais.” She soaked up the attention, wagging her little tail before he put her back on the ground. 

    “Babe?” She teased as she pulled him back towards the door.  

    “I’ll tell you all about it.”

    “Hell yeah you will.” Hugging, he kissed her on the cheek. 

    “See you soon, noona.”

    “See you soon dipshit.” Smiling, she waved as they got into a dark car and drove off. Closing the door, she looked down at Paisley who sat in front of her, nose sniffing. 

    “Yeah. Something is different about him isn’t it Pais?” Licking her lips, she headed back into the kitchen to finish before the date’s arrival when she heard the door bell ring again. 

    “Shit… time to put you up.” 

End Notes:


A/N: HI GUYS! First, please let me say that I appreciate everyone of you who have commented, showed love and supported this latest work of mine hehe. Second, HAPPY FRIYAY (FRIDAY LOL). 

I think everything about this chapter was just.... beautiful. Bon-hwa relapsing was an intense scene but with any addiction, without professional help sometimes you cannot beat it. I really love our queen Nova for taking up for her husband and demanding his parents support him. Real talk. She's always had a voice and all of this has forced it to come OUT. I love that for her. I have the last few chapters to upload hehe. CLICK NEXT! 




Nova's outfit (such a baddie): 

Bon-hwa's outfit for dinner: 

Welcoming the cutest little button, Ji-eun's baby Paisley eehehe look at her:

e i g h t e e n by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:


e i g h t e e n 








    “In today’s celebrity news, talk of the global sensation KASSIA is all over the internet! American-born member Bon-hwa Kang also known as Aera in the group is rumored to have went AWOL just weeks before their third single ‘Possession’  was released. Rumored to have abandoned the group after their second single’s success, fans are speculating that perhaps the member needed a break. Last year, it had been discovered that Bon-hwa had been hospitalized five times due to ‘exhaustion’ People are talking and they are curious to know the what, where and how. 

    As of now, Bon-hwa’s socials affiliated with the company are still active however, there have been no posts as of late. When asked to give a statement regarding Bon-hwa, his company, Perseus Entertainment declined. The decline leads fans to suspect something bigger is happening behind the scenes. We hope that Bon-hwa returns well. In other news…” The channel was quickly turned and a pair of round eyes met deep set. 

    “Sooooooo……you wanna explain to me what the hell that was about?” The woman sitting on the couch clutched her hands. 

    “It would be better for Bunny to tell you himself but…”

    “He’s at some consultation right?”


    “For?” Sighing, Nova unclenched her hands. 

    “He has bulimia Ji-eun.” At first it didn’t register and she just blinked at her. 

    “You mean….as in…like an eating disorder?” 


    “Waaaaait wait wait. MY brother?”

    “Mmhm.” She buried her face into the palms of her hands. 

    “No way.”

    “It’s something that has been progressing since his pre-debut days.”

    “Since 16?”


    “Un freaking real.” Nova licked her lips and cleared her throat. 

    “He has a lot more going on but um…I’ll let him tell you that himself when he gets here.” Pulling her hands away from her face, Ji-eun stared at the television screen. 

    “How’d you and him reconnect?” 

    “On a messaging app. I had started talking to this guy for like five months and had no idea it was him.”

    “Scary cat.”

    “Yeah he was freaked out that he’d be discovered. I don’t know why I didn’t recognize him by his voice…”

    “You guys talked on the phone too?”

    “Well video call and sometimes voice messages.” Ji-eun nodded before sitting up. 

    “He flew me out to Seoul and it was there that I discovered that it had been him all along.” 

    “I’m glad you two reconnected. He’s always been crazy about you Nov.” Blushing, she looked down at her hands. 

    “Judging by the ring on your finger, I’d say things moved pretty fast huh?” Her blush intensified. 

    “Yeah…well…um…they did. It was…amazing. And…wonderful. It felt like high school all over again.” 

    “Mmhm. You gave him your virginity didn’t you?” 


    “Hey, I’m calling it like I see it. Besides, knowing the vow of purity you two took to wait till marriage, it wouldn’t have been right for him to just smash and quit.” 

    “He definitely honored and respected my beliefs and morals.” 

    “I’m glad he did. He knew you had waited for him.” She bit her lip in a smile.     

    “So, we’re sisters-in-law now. I dig that. I always looked at you and Neb as sisters anyway.” 

    “Same here.”

    “His company doesn’t know that he’s here do they?” 


    “Damn bastard. He can’t just leave…”

    “Bunny is gonna do what Bunny wants to do Ji. You know that.”

    “Hell yeah. He takes after me too damn much.” The two women shared a laugh. Nova picked up Paisley and scratched her behind her ears. 

    “It’s bad isn’t it?” Balling up her lips, she just gave a single nod. 


    “But…he’s he’s here. He’s home and I believe that now he’ll get better.” 

    “I hope so.” Slapping her thigh, Ji got up.

    “Want something to eat Nov?”





    “LET ME THE FUCK OUT. LET ME OUT GODDAMN IT.” It infuriated him that these pigs kept him locked up in a cage like he was an animal.

    “Bon-hwa…it’s in your best interest to stay in there for right now.”

    “Fuck you!” Doctors had been called in the midst of the consultation and when his irritation and agitation escalated to the point where he had thrown a chair against the wall, it was then that he had to be detained. 

    “Mr. Kang…do you know why you’re here?”

    “I presume you’re gonna tell me right?”

    “Bon-hwa….when’s the last time you got high?” 

    “Too fucking long…..”

    “Sir, you’re experiencing withdrawal from cocaine right now.”

    “If you just let me take a line, I wouldn’t be so fucking paranoid.”

    “I know sir but we can’t do that.”

    “And that’s why I said FUCK YOU.” Doctors stood back as he took off his shoe and threw it at them. 

    “Goddamn fucking police. Arrest those fucking perverts! Locking me up in here is only gonna piss me off.” 

    “Perverts? What perverts?”

    “You know who the fuck I’m talking about. Those psycho middle school and high school girls that leave all kind of sick twisted shit outside my door.” 

    “He’s suffering from intense cravings, extreme paranoia, delusions and agitation. We need to transport him to the hospital.”

    “I’m aware of that. Has police and an ambulance been called?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Good…uh Bon-hwa tell me more about these…perverts. What do they leave outside your door?” The man now was sitting on the floor, hands in his hair. His eyes were wild and disoriented. 

    “All kind of shit. Panties from their periods and my picture taped to the crotch. Love spells and potions. Vials of blood attached to love letters. It’s fucking disgusting.” 

    “And you see them now?”

    “They’re everywhere. They follow me everywhere. That’s how that fuckhole Kang-min was able to get everything he got. They must have paid a saesang to follow me.” 

    “I see…”

    “I need a hit. Just one.”

    “I’m sorry Mr. Kang but we have to see to it that you’re safe.”

    “Fuck being safe…..no one’s protected me before now so why the fuck should you care if I’m safe now?” 

    “Doctor, the ambulance is on the way. Ten minutes tops.”

    “Perfect. Call his wife and let her know what’s going on.”

    “Right away.” 

    “Bon-hwa, we’re going to transport you to the hospital so that you can withdrawal safely. Do you understand?” His other shoe came off and was thrown at the staff and they ducked as it hit the table. 

    “Will he be okay?” 

    “He’ll be fine. Once he can get past the withdrawal phase, he’ll return to himself. We just have to get him there.” 






    Chunky combat boots came down the hall and a light fall fragrance wafted past the nose of some of the nurses. Coming to Bonhwa Kang. 817. she lifted a hand to the silver handle. Pushing open the doors, she peeked her head in. He was asleep. Slowly stepping in, she carefully closed the door and approached him, her chair already placed next to the bed. It made her smile to know that the staff did so when they knew she was going to visit. Sitting down, she glanced over his sleeping form. He was starting to get some fat back on his face and arms. Still thin but she could tell. She was glad that he was adhering to the diet. He’d flat out refused at first, the craving to binge so heavy he refused to eat. They’d had to put a feeding tube in so that he could get the nutrients he needed. 

    Gently caressing the back of his hand, she lifted it to press a kiss there. She’d seen him at his worst…a sweeping depression from the cocaine withdrawal threatened to crush him. But, each day… it didn’t matter when or what she was doing… she always managed to come see him. She’d come and sit…talk. She’d pray over him… even when he begged her to stop. She’d even brought her bible and started reading small passages here and there to encourage him. Her Maman would sometimes come visit with her and they’d sit and talk about how they used to be in high school when he was feeling up to it. Sometimes, she’d catch the tail end of a conversation he was having with Junho who was now in college. It made her heart melt hearing him laugh and joke around. 

    “You’re here angel,” His warm soft voice drifted over her and she smiled, lifting her eyes to see his already on her. 

    “Always ma cheri.” Yawning, he turned his body towards her. 

    “Did I miss the doctor?”

    “Nope. I don’t think he’s done his rounds yet.”

    “Damn.” Smirking, she leaned down some to press her face against his hair. 

    “You don’t like him?”

    “Hell nah. He’s an asshole.”

    “Oh stop, bunny. He’s trying to help you.” 

    “Yeah yeah yeah. I know an asshole when I see one.” Laughing, she placed his hand into her lap. 

    “I’ve been a big one lately.” 

    “Look, you’ve been through a lot these past couple months… give yourself grace.”

    “Still. I’m sorry for being the world’s biggest fuckhole.” Cackling, she laughed so hard she felt tears tease the corners. 

    “Where the hell do you come up with these words Bunny?” Watching her laugh made him smile… geniunely smile, teeth and all. 

    “I don’t know. I just make them up as I go.”

    “Yeah, I can tell.” Sighing, he pressed his face against her knees. 

    “What did I do to deserve a woman like you Supernova?” Gently playing with his hair, she smiled as she looked up to the sun that seemed to have fallen in love with the earth, winter fastly approaching in the air. 

    “Ask God the next time you talk to Him and tell me what He says.” Snickering, he lifted his head, lips poked out for a kiss, one she gladly gave. Leaning up into a sit, he pulled her closer, kissing her even deeper than before. 

    “God, I can’t wait to get out of here. You have some missed dick appointments Mrs. Kang.” Laughing, she hit him on the chest. 

    “Oh my God… stop. You nasty.” Wiggling his eyebrows, he grinned goofily. 

    “Ah, glad to see you’re up Bon-hwa. Let’s chat shall we?” Turning towards the doctor, they intertwined fingers. 

End Notes:


A/N: I'm basing Bon-hwa's experience withdrawing from cocaine from person experience dealing with patients as a nurse assistant. Every one is different and reacts differently. However, I noticed a major pattern of agitation, irritation and depression. I'm proud of him for sticking it through even though he was dealt a double whammy. Withdrawing from bulimia too would have been too much to handle on his own so I'm so glad he's at the hospital so we can be regulated safely. Our bunny has improved so much hehe. This is of course over months guys. Just for reference. 

Let's go to the next chapter hehe 




n i n e t e e n by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

n i n e t e e n 



“Welcome to Entertainment Today! I’m Keely and I’ve got the answers to the hottest celeb questions! On today’s show, we had the chance to interview the super private Bon-hwa Kang and his wife. That’s right, the rumors of him getting married were true! Our Eli Lee had a deep heart to heart that I think everyone should listen to and feel inspired by. Check it out.” 

     Eyes watched the television, small and elevated in the corner. The face of Bon-hwa Kang came up onto the screen. 

    “Bon-hwa, hi! Welcome to the interview.” He smiled, teeth pretty and white. 

    “Hey, what’s up? Thanks for having me.”

    “Man, you’ve been in the tabloids for what a whole year?” Laughing, he rolled his eyes. 

    “Feels longer than that. But yeah. Just about.” The camera panned over to a beautiful black woman who sat next to him, her thick big hair perfectly coiffed to look like a bob. Classy and elegant. She wore a black and white dress, the top slightly sheer white with long sleeves and a bow tie. The body of the dress a smooth silky black velvet. She kept her lip a tasteful red, her makeup minimal and natural looking. 

    “Who is this beautiful woman?” At that, he smirked and took her hand in his. 

    “This is my whole entire world.” Pressing a kiss against the back of her hand, he grinned boyishly. 

    “Introduce yourself babe.” Cheeks blushing, she cleared her throat. 

    “Hey everyone. I’m Nova. Nova Kang.” The interviewer gawked at them and for a minute lost train of their thoughts. 

    “Wow. So, the rumors about you being married…”


    “How long?” 

    “Just under four years.” 

    “Insane. She’s gorgeous.” 

    “He’s lucky huh?” Nova joked, her teeth glittering like pearls. 

    “Some would argue that you are the lucky one. Did you know that you’re married to one of the best selling Kpop artists of all time?”

    “Stop.. it’s not of all time. You’re embellishing that way too much.” 

    “I mean it. Stats are in Bon-hwa. You’re one of the top selling artists in the States and abroad.”

    “I’m truly humbled by that. I’m so thankful for the fans and their support.”

    “Yeah. So, let’s talk about it. Your absence…what brought that about three years ago?” 

    “I’ve been very vocal about this since I won the case against Perseus. Most people don’t know the shit idols have to go through in order to be on top. Behind the scenes, it’s ugly and a very dark place. Fans, they saw me as Aera on stage…but when I left the stage I was left with drug addicted bulimic Bon-hwa.” 


    “Unless you were on the inside, you would have never known. But, every day I woke up I was miserable. I hated life. I hated the weight, the pressure, the strings that moved me to and fro like a puppet.”

    “Your former CEO. Talk about her.”

    “There isn’t much to say. I said all I had to say at the trial.”

    “How did that feel? Testifying in front of the entire world?” Bon-hwa took a breath. 

    “Terrifying. Freeing. It was insane to put myself on front street…on such a global stage. But, it made me feel good to share my truth… to give a human face to idols felt amazing.” 

    “That’s courage for real man. I gotta tell you… I watched the whole thing when it aired.”

    “Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?” The two men laughed. 

    “You had my entire household in tears. My wife. Kids. Even our dog sympathized.”   

         “Well shit…” Eli continued, 

    “When you told of the secret orgies, the abuse you suffered…the blackmail and the rapes… it did something to me. How could a human being do that to another? It completely blew me.”

    “Yeah, it was wild shit. All for the sake of being on a stage.” 

    “You’re pretty open about your former addiction to cocaine too I understand?”

    “Hell yeah. I’m not one to hide shit about myself. I was hooked on coke. That coupled with my bulimia…it nearly killed me. When my wife found me, I was half way into the grave.” 

    “I’m glad she was there when you needed her.”

    “I tell you man… God must have really loved a man like me because Nova is…she’s beyond words. I can’t express what she means to me in the human language. It’s just not enough.” 

    “I tell anyone who asks… when you go through shit like that… having genuine people who will advocate for you and won’t settle for less than what you deserve is so very important to overcoming addiction. 

    “So, speaking of the lovely Nova, how’d you two meet?”

    “You wanna tell him baby?” Smiling, she nodded. 

    “Don’t believe the hype Eli. He was just as much of a dork then as he is now.” They all laughed. 

    “We met in high school. We were the new kids on the block, just having entered from middle school. I don’t know what it was about him that drew me to him…but I had the biggest crush on him. We lived close to each other so that helped. We did everything together and he really brought me out of my shell. It was cut short when he moved to Korea at 16. It took 10 long years for us to reconnect.” Looking at her, he smirked. 

    “All we needed was the ignition and we ran with it like we’d never left each other.” She smiled in return, letting him kiss her hand again. 

    “You two are so in love…damn. I can feel it from here.” 

    “She’s seen me at my lowest. When I wanted to give up. When I wanted to die. When I wanted to throw everything away… even my music. She was there to lift me up. Speak positivity into my head space. Give and provide inspiration to create music again. She’s everything to me man.” 

    “That’s beautiful. A love of a lifetime.”

    “Hell yeah. And several after this one.” 

    “Once you left Perseus, did you leave Korea as a whole? What were your next steps?” 

    “I became an independent artist. Because I had already established a major fanbase in Korea, we went back there for a while before debuting here in the States. I’m grateful for the real fans I amassed in KASSIA. They supported me real tough when I debuted again as a solo artist.”

    “Having that freedom man… it’s powerful.”

    “Yeah that’s all I wanted you know? Shoutout real quick to the fans that supported me when it came out that Nova and I were married. I appreciate the ones who respected me enough as a man and as a human to have my own piece of happiness.”

    “That’s what it’s all about.”


    “Let’s talk music now. Your first solo project, self titled album, ‘bon-hwa’ was crazy. A very different vibe from your kpop roots. You sprinkled in some ambient dark wavy vibes, r&b and even some party anthems.” 

    “Thanks man. I wanted to experiment with sounds that spoke to me. I wanted to memorialize my dark moments… my most vulnerable season in music form. It was a deeply personal project. I was nervous as shit about it. I’m a perfectionist in my craft so I tend to self sabotage a lot and overthink shit. Nova was there every step of the way, encouraging me to flow… however it came out is how it came out. Seeing her reaction to the finished project helped me to rebuild my confidence.”

    “My favorite has to be ’93. It was sick. A dark trippy sound.”

    “Yeah, ’93 is one of my favorites too.”

    “Talk to me about being a songwriter.”

    “I’m sure you all know by now that I’ve really pulled back from the limelight since winning my case. I’m hella protective of my wife and my family so I’m selective of where I allow us to be seen.” 

    “Yeah, no, man I get it. After all you’ve been through… you’d be crazy not to be selective.” 

    “I’ve written a couple songs here and there for some A list artists. To me, it’s not a job. It’s fun as fuck. Oh shit… “ The interviewer laughed. 

    “We’ll just censor you where needed dude. It’s okay. Be you… you’ve fought for that right.” 

    “Ah yeah so um… it’s nice. To write. To flow…to sing. That’s all I’ve wanted to  do anyway. It feels damn good that I can do it now on my own terms and in my own way.”

    “Man, I gotta tell ya Bon-hwa…you were one of my favorites in KASSIA. There was just something about you that stood out from the rest of them. This..edge…this…grit. I could tell that you worked so hard and put your heart into everything that you did. Years later, after KASSIA… it’s the same thing. You pour your heart into whatever you’re creating and in return magic happens. It’s really a gift, not a talent.”

    “Aw shit man…I’m humbled by that. Thank you.”

    “To you, Nova, I think I speak on behalf of every fan here when I say thank you. Thank you for not giving on him. Thank you for loving him through the pain, the heartbreak and the darkness. You’re a real one.” The camera panned over to her who sat smiling prettily. 

    “It’s a blessing to love him and I wouldn’t be who I am without him.” She let her hand be taken and kissed one last time before the interview ended. Hands shook and furious eyes watched as the two of them got up and shook hands with the interviewer. 

    “I heard about you…” Ice fell down his back and he looked up to see his cell mate starting to get up. 

    “You’re the one who sold kids to that crazy female CEO right?” 

    “The hell are you talking about?”

    “I read it somewhere.” 

    “Get the fuck away from me you-” Before he could complete his sentence, the man had punched him. 

    “You’re new here so I’ll give you a tip you piece of shit. We don’t take kindly to folks fucking with the kids.” 

    “I didn’t sell any fucking kids man…” 

    “Prove it.” Reaching down, he gripped him by his hair and lifted him up, a sick grin on his face. 

    “Prove it to my dick.” 




    “You got off on it. Watching me fuck like a mindless animal. You didn’t think I’d ever expose you. It’s all out in the open now, bitch. You thought you would be able to rape, harass and ruin me…hiding behind your position and connections. This is for you, Kang Ha-joon. Fuck you with a horse dick.”


    The floor felt cold and she groaned as pain as her hair fell across her face. What the fuck….Opening her eyes, her vision blurred and tried to focus as she glanced around. A chill sliced down her back and she shivered. Looking down at herself, her eyes grew wide. She was tied up and naked. Shivering again, she leaned her head back. The room… she didn’t recognize it. Where the hell was she? Swallowing, she tried to calm her heartbeat. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. After that shit show of a trial, KASSIA was split apart at the seams. Lee Kang-min was imprisoned for rape, stalking, harassment and other charges. He’d spend a nice amount of time in jail. The only saving grace in her court trial was her money… her connections to law enforcement. She resigned almost immediately and KASSIA ended up disbanding. It wasn’t her responsibility to ensure their survival in this game. They were all grown… they’d figure it out. Licking her teeth, she turned to see a door open. Heavy footed steps drew closer to her. 

    “Kang Ha-joon…I never thought I’d see you in this situation.” Looking up, her heart slammed into her chest. Kim Min-jun. Her secretary. He grinned, bending to stoop above her. 

    “Filthy bitch.” 

    “What the hell are you doing?” He laughed, handsome face smiling. She couldn’t lie and say that she hadn’t thought about sitting on it once or twice. 

    “I’m giving you what you deserve.” 

    “Oh? Kidnapping me is your idea? Pig. Do you think you’ll get away with this?” His fingers left her hair and roughly grabbed a breast. 

    “I know I will.”

    “Disgusting rat.”    

    “Says the bitch tied up like one. You really never learned to tame your mouth hm?” Getting up, he cleared his throat. That seemed to be a signal because two men dressed in hooded black came to lift her up. 

    “Min-jun, unhand m-” A brutal hit to the face shut her up and she instantly went slack, groaning as he lifted her head. 

    “Don’t chicken out now, noona. I know you like this.” Dragging her tongue over the metallic coppery blood on her lip, she grinned. 

    “When you’ve had me…what will you do to me, hoobae?” 

    “I’m going to make you my pet. My very own cumslut. You like being used don’t you?” The bastard, his words excited her already and she hated that it was by a man younger than her. 

    “You’ll earn this pussy, hoobae. I’m not giving it to you willingly.” With a dark chuckle, he reached down and pinched her nipple, twisting it brutally. She gasped from the pain, her body bucking away from him. 

    “We’ll see how long you last noona…unwillingly. Take her in the other room.” Letting go of her nipple, he licked his lips as they dragged her body into the room. 




    The salt in the air smelled fresh and clean. Inhaling it deeply, she exhaled with a sigh. 

    “You look gorgeous Nova,” Turning, she turned to find her sister who came to hug her from behind. 

    “It’s…different for me.”

    “Yeah I know. It’s good.” 

    “I’m so concerned that my girls gon fly out.”

    “Baby chile the girls ain’t going no damn where… except in his mouth later.”

    “Nebula! Éloigne toi de moi…”  (Get away from me) Cackling against her, she pressed a kiss against her temple. 

    “Bon Bon went all out huh?” 

    “He had no choice.” The two women turned to see their mother who approached them. She looked gorgeous. 

    “She’s Aphrodite…  une désesse belle.” (…a beautiful goddess) Cheeks warm, she welcomed her hands to them, her lips pressed a gentle kiss against her forehead. 

    “Ma magnifique fille, aujourd’hui vous serez honorés et adorés.” (My beautiful daughter, today you will be honored and worshipped.) 


    “You deserve your happy ending with him. You deserve to be given the world.” 

    “Thank you Maman…je t’aime.” (…I love you.) 

    “Finish getting ready.”

    “Of course,” Pulling away from her, she left the sisters alone. 

    “So uh…. what you got on under this?” 

    “You nasty Nebula quit…” 

    “Geez, just asking…” Smiling, she turned to look at Neb. Winking, she left her to be caressed by the salt, sea and beauty of Greece. Closing her eyes, she opened them once more to the blue waters, sparkling in the sunlight. 

    “We’re ready for you Madam,” Turning, she found her father standing there in a cream tuxedo, hand extended. 


    “Tu es une vision de la beauté.” (you are a vision of beauty) 

    “Merci beaucoup.” (thank you) 

    “En te gagnant, il est devenu béni. Il a gagné une bonne chose.” (By gaining you, he has become blessed. He has gained a good thing.) Eyes teary, she leaned into the palm of his hand. 

    “My sweet baby girl…my precious one.” 

    “Oui, Daddy…” She said, sniffling. 

    “I am blessed to be your father. You make me so proud.” Biting her lip, her tears dripped down to her cheeks and she sniffed as he hastily blot the tears away. 

    “Come now, don’t ruin your make up, ma petite chérie.” (My little baby girl) 

    “Okay..” Kissing her forehead, he smiled against her. 

    “Laisse-moi t’accompagner dans ton grand avenir.” (Let me walk you into your great future) 




    His palms were sweaty and his heart thumped loudly against his ear drums. Swallowing sand, he drifted eyes out across the sea of people who had attended. Damn near all of Nova’s family… more than half of them flying in from France took up most of the guest list. Members of his extended family had flown in from Korea and the few celebrities that he’d grown close to. He wanted only those he knew Nova and he could trust to be in attendance and there was a strict no personal camera or picture policy. 

    “Hyung, look…” Looking upward, he felt his entire body freeze. His mouth already had been dry but every little drop of moisture now had been taken by the air. Good fucking God…His sister and mother stepped down first, each in a beautiful silk hanbok. Nebula came next. But when Nova appeared, flower petals raining down around her, every breath there was stolen. In gorgeous lilac chiffon, a greek inspired dress flowed down her body until it met the floor. 

    A deep V neckline exposed a healthy amount of cleavage and two small cords crossed under around her tiny waist. A long delicate panel seemed to drip like jewels down to her feet, elegant and ornate patterns covering the skirt. At both sides, the lush body of the skirt opened to reveal long daring slits to expose her legs, ankles and feet. Her hair had been pressed, lilac and white flowers decorating her chignon. 

    “Damn.” Even his brother was stunned and yet he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The closer she came, the stronger she seemed to command his gaze and he wasn’t aware that his mouth had dropped open until she came to gently lift his jaw. 

    “Nebula didn’t pick this one out this time, bunny. I did.” She said lowly against his chin, pulling away enough to create distance between them. His whole body felt like it was gonna cave into the ocean.

    “You look….you look…” He stuttered, eyes slipping down her one last time. She giggled but squeezed his hands, letting him pull her closer. 

    “Judging by the way the bride and groom are looking, we’ll keep this ceremony nice and short.” They turned their attention to the pastor who had come up behind them. His eyes teased and his lips grinned. Cheeks flush, they let go of all but one hand. 

    “I remember you two once sat in my pews. Nova, the sweet timid girl who had a heart for God. Bon-hwa, the pure hearted boy who had a million things running through his mind…” Their loved ones laughed. 

    “Even then, I could see that you two were drawn to each other. I could see the love budding between you, even before you did.” They tightened their grip on each other’s fingers. 

    “We welcome the two of them, the children we watched grow from babies into such fine adults. Nova, a successful fashion buyer and Bon-hwa, a talented singer-songwriter, idol and producer. Our children have become the things we’ve dreamed of.” Smiling, the pastor took one of their hands. 

    “Today, Bon-hwa will take this woman as his wife. They will be joined in Holy matrimony. Before we begin, let anyone who objects to this covenant stand now.” Oft in the distance, the waves of the sea lapped against shore. Satisfied, he placed their hands together. 

    “Have you anything to say to the other?” He tightened his grip on her hand just a tad. 

    “I want to thank God for loving me enough to give me you. I have not been an easy man to love. But, you do it so gracefully. You make loving me look easy. I can’t express just how much I love you. How much I appreciate you. I stand before you, the result of your hard work, tears and prayers. Thank you Nova.” Teary eyed, she felt her heart beat up into her ears as he pressed a kiss to the back of her hand. Taking a shaky breath, she replied in kind, lifting his hand to her lips. 

    “Blessed is the man that has a virtuous wife, for the number of his days shall be double. Bon-hwa Elias, it has been my heart’s desire to love you since we were 16 years old. God granted me that desire and with it came so many challenges. I took them.. labored with them.. carried them because I knew that the man I loved was still inside of you. He just… needed a push. I’m blessed to call you my husband. You do so right by me and I appreciate you for loving me the way you do.”  His throat grew tight as the pastor spoke. 

    “Bon-hwa, do you take Supernova Aurélie as your wife?” 

    “Yes sir. I do.” His warm gaze melted her heart like wax. 

    “Supernova Aurélie, do you take Bon-hwa as your husband?” 

    “I do.” 

    “Then, it is my pleasure to introduce to you once again, Mr. and Mrs. Bon-hwa Elias Kang. You may kiss your beautiful bride.”  Lifting his hands, he pulled her close. Kissing her brows, forehead, her nasal tip. Both cheeks, one and then the other. Brushing his nose against her jaw.     

    “Neomu saranghae.” (I love you so much) 

    “I love you too.” It was then that their lips met, filled with so much emotion that eyes couldn’t help but grow teary. Pulling her flush against him, he couldn’t help another kiss, cradling her head in his palms. Whistles and laughter sprung up like wells of water and it was arms gentle and petals of roses that separated them.     

    “Let’s freaking party! I’m ready to get drunk!” Ji-eun shouted, hugging her to her chest. 

    “You and Neb both gon be messed up!”

    “Hell yeah fam! We in there! Hurry up, come on!” Fingers entwined as music, food and wine were brought out, the sun shining like warm embers of love. 

End Notes:


A/N: Excuse me while I go ugly cry. Our Bon-hwa has been clean now four years from cocaine and that's a MAJOR milestone for him! So, he's worked so hard to break his toxic relationship with food, re-think it and apply healthier ways to care for him and his body! I'm SO PROUD OF MY BABY! So, as it has been revealed, Bon Bon won his case (there was no way he wasn't going to. The proof was in the pudding). Kang-min was thrown in jail (possibly as a sacrifice in Ha-joon's place.) She don't care about none of her artists. At all. Evil stank heifa. Surprised her when her secretary stepped out the woodwork and made his move on her. Possibly some resentment from something she did to him in the past. The whole scene gave me chills. It's almost completely replicated of the opening scene with Bon-hwa. WHEW. TAKE THAT ITCHY. lol. 

My second favorite part was writing the second wedding scene hehe. They went to santorini greece and BRUH. That place is gorgeous. I have pictures and everything down below. I love Mr. and Mrs. Kang. hehehe. 





Santorini, Greece 

their venue hehe 

Nova's wedding dress:

Closer detail of this exquisite dress y'all because I am in LOVE:

** I chose a dress that was not conventional. Ideally, brides wear white. But, she already wore white for her first wedding in Busan so I didn't want to be redundant hehe. This was an excellent choice. And... it symbolizes Nova coming into confidence and womanhood *sniff* 

Nebula's and the other bridemaid dress (think blush pink y'all):

Bon-hwa's mom's hanbok:

Ji-eun's hanbok:

the small addition to Nova's wedding ring:

Bon-hwa's first solo album cover:

Jooyoung's 91 is basically the inspiration musically for bon-hwa's 93. Other influences are his song 'Lucy', bevy maco and colde. I'll add a few songs so you can listen and get the essence of his album in my mind.




Bevy Maco-babylon 

Bevy Maco-The Root 



t w e n t y by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

t w e n t y 


soundtrack for chapter: 

all to you-sabrina claudio

p*$$y fairy- jhene aiko



    She’d never be the same…. not after tonight. She felt high, like in his gaze there lied the center of the universe. Lifting a single finger, she beckoned him closer. She owned his breath. His legs. His body as it neared her. She’d taken her hair down and it fell past her shoulders. Her wedding dress discarded in a lush display of chiffon, she’d changed into the mood of the night. Dressed in a dainty white lace bustier, delicate pastel pink and blue flowers and leaves embroidered the front in an elegant feminine display. The scalloped hemline hugged her breasts and a matching thong covered her triangle. 

    “Do you think there’s any cameras watching us, bunny?” She asked, slipping hands up the front of his shirt. 

    “I think we’re safe, angel.”  Biting her lip, she lifted onto her tip toes, pulling his lips closer to kiss. 

    “Good.” Reaching down, she took his hand. 

    “I’ve been waiting for this all day, bunny.”

    “Me too baby.”

    “Let’s get you undressed.” Slowly she unbuttoned his shirt and slid it down his arms, arms that now had thick corded muscle. Humming, she tossed it on the ground. Letting her fingertips dance down his pectorals and the muscles of his abdomen, she licked her mouth. She wanted to eat him up. Working on his pants, she slowly unzipped them and pushed them down his hips until he stepped out of them. Taking his breath with a kiss, she grabbed the firm cheeks of his bottom before sliding her hands up his back. 

    “I know you’re hungry, bunny. I’ll feed you.” Sucking on his neck, she pressed a kiss to the flushed skin. 

    “But first, you’re gonna feed me.” Taking his hand, she pulled him even closer and gave him a gentle push, watching as he sat down. Pressing him back to lay, slowly she got on top of him, sitting pretty above his hips. The look on his face made her feel hot. Leaning down, she kissed his lips, nice and slow, slipping her tongue against his. He hummed as she pulled away. 

    “You look so beautiful underneath me, bunny.” Her words caused his dick to jump against the cheeks of her derriere. 

    “This must be what you see when it’s me.” It was strange how quiet he was and she wanted to change that. Leaning forward, she licked the side of his neck, gently biting into the skin. A breathy gasp. Smiling against him, she moved down to kiss his pectoral then the other. 



    “I need you…” Her soft little kisses turned into tiny licks against his erect nipples. He moaned softly, hands reaching for her. Stopping them, she gripped them and pressed them back against the sheets. Kissing them, she let up, eyes now taking in the cute blush in his cheeks, neck and ears. 

    “Here?”  She asked with a kiss. 

    “L-lower…” Her lips kissed down his stomach. 

    “Here, bunny?” 

    “Lower baby…” He seemed breathless and it turned her on how sensitive he was to her touch. Fingertips trailing smooth skin and hard muscle had him panting. Her teeth gently bit into the flesh of his lower stomach, making him jerk. 

    “Here, très chère?” (…beloved?) 

    “Mmmm you’re closer now…” Indeed, she was. He’d grown so erect that he strained against his silky boxers. So thick and big, he looked like he would burst free at any moment. Her triangle throbbed at the sight of him and her mouth watered. Quite literally. Pressing her face against him, she kissed the outline, drawing a slight hiss from above her. 

    “You need me here a lot, bunny…” He gasped loudly, biting his lip as she kissed and nibbled at the outline. 

    “Fuck… I need you so bad, princess.” Wasting no time, she pulled his boxers down, nearly drooling at the hard smooth member that shot up, a proud morsel begging her to devour it with the sudden twitches upward. Already pre-cum bubbled up from the head, making her lick her lips. 

    “My poor bunny,” Kissing the shaft, he grunted, voice lost in a choke as she gently licked the string of it away, following the shape of the the head with the tip of her tongue. She could tell he wanted to grab her hair and was pleased to know he restrained himself, instead gripping the sheets to filth. It wasn’t his time yet. 

    “Look at me.” He panted but his eyes opened and drifted downward. Dipping her head, she gave one long lick against his entire shaft, eyes suffocating him. Following his meaty veins up with her tongue she wasted no time in pulling his head into her mouth nice and slow. His whole body jerked upward and a tortured moan escaped his throat. 

    “Goddamn it…..” He grit out through clenched teeth as she hummed, taking more of him into her mouth. Finally breaking their gaze, she closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of him…smooth…hard…soft. Relaxing her jaw, she bobbed a bit before letting him go with a wet pop. Lifting up onto her knees, she reached behind her and began to unlace her bustier. His intense and needy gaze watched as she slowly pulled it off of her, exposing her breasts. Slowly crawling back, she licked him again, his hips bucking. 

    “You taste so good, bunny. I could eat you all up.” He moaned loudly as she pulled him back inside her mouth, her hand starting to stroke him softly.  

    “Fuckkkk baby…. that feels so fucking good..” Humming in approval, she stroked faster, wet sucking and slurping cutting through the silence and breath and quivering flesh. Pressing her palms flat against his throbbing stomach, she bobbed until he came, gagging slightly as the silky release of his love filled her mouth. Breathing in through her nose, she relaxed and swallowed. Sweet and slightly salty…pleasant. Addicting. She looked up at him. He looked oh so satisfied, bruised lips open, breath harsh, head thrown back. His body trembled with the aftershocks of his orgasm and his skin flushed the prettiest shade of pink, Cupid’s kiss upon the gorgeous body that belonged to her. Lifting up and letting him go, a sloppy mess of slimy passion, hunger and desire dripped from her mouth and tongue, wetting his shaft all over again. Licking her lips, she began to kiss up his body. 

    “I want you to do something for me, bunny.” He was too stunned, too turned on to speak and she was okay with that. Sitting up on his hips, she turned around, her back facing him. She heard him groan and slipped her hair around her shoulder with a tiny smirk. She took her time removing her thong, pulling out a leg at a time. Turning to look back at him, she leaned forward a little, letting him see her soaking wet sex. 

    “I love when you go down on me. The way you move your tongue makes me feel so good, bunny.” Slowly, she inched back little by little. 

    “I think about it a lot…the way you suck and lick my clitoris… it makes me so wet.” 

    “I think it about it too, baby. I love eating your pussy.” Voice low and shaky, he licked his lips the closer she got to his mouth. Eager to taste her, he lightly made contact with her folds with a soft kiss, making her buck back against him. Moaning softly, she gasped as he gently licked them, pulled them to suck into his mouth. The vibration from his hum sent sharp stabbing pleasure through her. Slowly rolling her hips, she tossed her head back as he began to circle her clitoris. 

    “Mmm bunny….mmm….” She allowed his hands to take hold of her hips. Wet sucking drifted up into her ears, his mouth and tongue doing really wild things down below her waist. Sucking on her engorged nub now, she felt the fire of her orgasm tickle her stomach. Slipping his tongue back inside of her he thrust nice and slow until the fire burned her up into ash. Digging nails into his wrists, she let it consume her with a moan. Breathing harshly, she leaned up a tad, enough that she hovered over his face. Panting, she watched as his shaft bobbed upward. 

    Coming to sit back on his lap, she turned to face him, slowly intertwining their fingers. 

    “Bon-hwa…” He sat up and pulled her flush against him, his lips kissing her neck soft and sweet.

    “Yeah, angel?”

    “I stopped taking my birth control.” His breath faltered against her skin. 

    “You did?”

    “Mmhm.” Welcoming his arms around her, she lifted her own to wrap around his neck.

    “So, what you’re telling me is that you want to get pregnant tonight.” He breathed up against her jaw, his voice sending chills down her spine. 

    “Maybe…” Smirking against her, he lifted his gaze. 

    “I need you to be sure, princess.” Cheeks warm, she bit her lip as he kissed her forehead, the corner of her mouth…the underside of her jaw. 

    “If you’re ready for a baby then I’ll give you what you want.” 

    “Are you ready, bunny?” Pulling her down to lay beside him, he pressed their noses together. 

    “From the first time I came inside of you, I’ve been ready sweetheart.” Hugging him closer, she welcomed his fingers into her hair, gently massaging her scalp. 

    “That’s why I told you to start taking birth control. I knew we needed to be responsible.” 


    “No buts.” He said quietly, lips trailing the bridge of her nose. 

    “I loved watching my cum come out of you… one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.” Gently smoothing his brows, she softly kissed his lips, sucking on his bottom lip. 

    “We’re at a good place, bunny.”

    “We are…”

    “I’m so proud of you… so proud of how you’ve worked so hard to overcome your challenges.”

    “Thanks to you. I couldn’t have done it without you baby. You know that.” 

    “I wanna give you your reward now…” His gaze lifted, gaze dark and intense. Leaning even closer, she spoke lowly against his mouth, feeling his member poke her stomach.  

    “Cum inside me, bunny.” Moaning against her lips, he nibbled her bottom lip. He’d began to create delicious friction between them, his shaft slipping up over her slick folds. Moaning, she dig half moons into the back of his shoulders. Lifting her leg, he pulled it up over his bicep and let it hang over his elbow.

    “Ask me again, angel…” Struggling to talk as his silky skin teased her engorged nub, she gasped for air…attempted words coming out as mere sounds…  

    “I don’t understand that, princess. I need you to use your words.”  Breath catching in her throat, she took a shaky breath, her arms around his neck tighter. 

    “Mmm Bon-hwa….please baby…”

    “Please what Supernova?” 

    “Fill me with your cum please…please…” Slowly, he pushed up into her, visibly shuddering, a deep breathy moan hushed against her mouth. Already, she’d thrown her head back against the bed, her moans sweet at his slow easy thrusts.

    “You’re the only woman…I’ve ever wanted to be submissive to Nova…”  A deep little thrust made her whine, eyes misty with tears.

    “I don’t hate it….anymore.” He moaned against her lips, kissing them soft and tender. 

    “I fucking love it… love you… how fucking good you feel…” 

    “I love you too baby…mmm…” 

    “I belong inside of you angel… the way your pussy grips me… it’s home.” His words made her moan louder, his hips starting to thrust deeper…harder. 

    “Bunny…” She sobbed, nails digging into his back. His words got overpowered by breath… breath, impassioned moans sweetly singing his pleasure. Gripping her ass cheek, he began to plunge hard and fast into her ocean, her waves deep and powerful. They drowned him in their magnitude, her gravity strangling him. Hissing in breaths, they left his throat as short quick little grunts. Their bodies collided wetly, a deep shaking thwap. 

    “Fuck…..oh fuck Nova…” A few more stabs into her soul and she shattered into pieces, sobbing as he released soon after her with a wordless shout. Trembling, he panted as his cum spurted into her, warm and forceful. It felt so good, having him fill her up, his shaft slightly throbbing inside. 

    “Mm…” His fingers loosened its grip on her bottom and instead slipped up her back, touch gentle. She felt so powerful…so special… knowing that she could bring him to climax… that he trusted her enough to release inside of her. Her fingers tugged on his hair, making him lift his face from her neck. Lips kissed each other light as a feather and full of love before tongues met in compassionate fervor. 

    “Love you bunny,” She hushed against his nose. He breathed contently against her and kissed her leg before putting it down. Turning in his arms, she snuggled back against him. 

    “Love you too baby.” His voice sounded spent, satisfied and sleepy. Biting her lip as he cuddled her, she let sleep take her too, knowing when they woke, they’d do it again. 





    “So, did you put the pussy fairy on him?” A grinning Nebula asked, boo’d up with some attractive Greek man as they headed to the castle of St. Nicolas. 

    “Mind your business.” Neb laughed quite obnoxiously and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. 

    “You did! Oh my God! I was waiting for you to put that shit on him real good for the one time. You musta sucked out his soul cause he been in la-la-land all morning.” 

    “You’re disgusting. Girl,” Cheesing, she glanced back at said man who had a dreamy expression on his face as he looked out at the crystal clear waters of the waters below them. 

    “No… you disgusting and I love every bit of it. I knew you had it in you Nov. I’m a proud sister right now.” 

    “Stoppppp. Please.” Cackling, Nebula let her go, watching as she called Bon Bon up to join them. 

    “Oh shit…” She heard him curse, quickly hiking the steps. 

    “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Stealing a kiss or three, he vocalized his agreement against her neck. 


    “Yeah babe?” His voice was soft and slightly raspy, it still being early morning. He had no control over his hands and they went right to her bottom and squeezed the cheeks. Gasping as he lifted her up slightly, he chuckled taking them a step higher. 

    “Come on y’all two. Y’all can fuck later.” Lifting her head up she turned it around to see a waving Nebula at the top of the white chalk steps with a shit eating grin on her face. 

    “Nebula!” Slowly putting her down, he returned his noona’s grin with one of his own. 

    “She gets nastier by the freaking day. Mon Dieu…” Turning to walk, she gasped at the smack to her butt. 

    “So do you. Jeez. Come on.”

    “I’ll be coming alright. Fine ass.” He replied with a wink. 

    “Oh my God.” Laughing, the two of them hurried to climb the steps. 




    He didn’t think he’d ever do it here. But as he watched her round ass cheeks shake from how hard he was fucking her, he knew then and there that he would have to. After last night, he couldn’t help the way he wanted her. Nor did he try to hide it. He’d spend all day fucking her just the way he wanted to. Arms behind her back and folded at the elbow, they fit perfectly in the palm of his hand. Grabbing hold to them firmly, he had taken his other hand up and slipped them into her hair, pulling her head back. She moaned so loud he knew they heard her and he loved it. He wanted them to hear how good he fucked her. She took the beating he gave her so well. 

    “B-Bon-hwaaaaa mmmmmm….” The way she squeezed him made him grunt and he let her hair go only for a moment, instead taking hold of her hip. 

    “Too much babe? Talk to me angel,” He breathed, sharp hard thrusts pumping into her. 

    “No….don’t stop… please don’t stop…” He could feel her approaching orgasm and let out a breathy groan as she milked his length. 

    “Bon-hwaaaaaa…. oh God baby….”

    “Let it come angel…” She wailed as it burned her up, her pussy squirting intensely around them. Pretty little butterfly, flutter, flight and light and it drove him past his limit of control. Inhaling sharply from his nostrils, a smooth groan left his throat as she pulled him into her galaxy. The ferocity of his orgasm made her jump up with a mewl. Letting go of her arms, his palms held her hips still. 

    “Take it in like a good girl…all of it.” Her hand reached back and her nails dug into his abdomen. Tiny little whimpers and her hips jerks as he filled her up, so much that his cum had begun to ooze back out of her, making his dick even wetter. Panting, he gently moved her hips, gently fucking it in deeper. Her head fell back against her shoulders and she hummed, following the lead of his hips. Slowly, he let her go, watching as she lifted up his shaft, her slick throbbing opening still oozing with his cum. 

    “Goddamn baby….” He kissed her shoulders and nibbled her neck, pulling her back to sit against him. Turning her head, their lips met. Wrapping arms around her, he moved her underneath and to side of him and welcomed her palms against his cheeks. 

    “We’re staying right the fuck here. I hope you know that.” He said, his eyes soft yet piercing. Lifting her arms, she wrapped them around his neck as he laid against her, pulling her flush. Lifting a leg, she draped it lazily across his hip. 

    “Oui ma bien-aimée. I wanna take my time with you too.” (yes, my love). Biting her lip as he lifted her leg and slipped his head in between her legs, she rolled her eyes back with a gasp. 

They’d be staying in for quite a while. 

End Notes:


A/N: *takes a deep breath* I have literally no words. NONE. I...*sighs again* 


Nova's beautiful lingerie set (Y'all getting angles because LOOK AT THIS IT IS GOREGOUS LEAVE ME ALONE):


e p i l o g u e by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

e p i l o g u e 



Fingers typed away on a computer and when they had become stumped, they reached for a cigarette. Lifting it to pursed lips, breath inhaled deeply, blowing out the smoke. Light streamed in from the large floor to ceiling windows and hands messed up silky black hair. Screams from outside brought eyes away from the task at hand. Taking another inhale of the cigarette, fingers tapped the burning ash against the ashtray. 

    “Daddy!” A small body crashed into him suddenly and he coughed, hastily blowing out remaining smoke from his mouth. 

    “Ri…You scared me.” A little face identical to his grinned. 

    “Sorry Daddy. Whatcha doin?” Coughing again, he snuffed out the cigarette, mindful of his son’s asthma. 


    “Whatcha writing?” 

    “Something really important.” Small curious eyes peeked up and he grinned. 

    “You wanna see?” The boy’s beautiful eyes, so much like his, seemed to shine and twinkle. 

    “Yeah!” Lifting him up, he sat him on his knee. He knew he was still learning his numbers and how to read but he let him look. 

    “Ooh it’s a lot. What’s it about?” 

    “It’s about Daddy’s life.” 

    “Oh… why would anyone want to read about your life?” It was the way he said it that made him start laughing. 

    “Believe it or not Ri, lots of people do.” The small boy mouthed a fascinated ‘O’ with his lips. 

    “Can you come play with me when you’re done Daddy?” 

    “Of course bub. Just give me twenty more minutes. Okay?”

    “Kay.” Smiling against his hair, he pressed a kiss against his head and watched him jump off his lap. Sounds of giggling echoed down the hallway and he heard a gentle voice scolding him in French. Smirking, he turned back to the manuscript and began to write again. 

    “That boy gets all his rambunctiousness from you.” Fingers paused as small brown hands slipped down to his chest. 

    “You’re very welcome.” He leaned back into her touch with a sigh. 

    “Neb’s supposed to be coming over with her little gang of kiddos so Orion’ll have playmates.”

    “That’s good. Seeing as how he’ll have to wait a couple more months before he permanently gets one.”

    “It’s all your fault.” Reaching up, he grabbed hold of her jaw lightly. 

    “You asked me remember…begged me if I remember correctly.” 

    “Oh hush.” She said with a smile as their lips met. 

    “It’s so fun making them isn’t it?”

    “Mmm very fun.”

    “Yeah and that’s why you’re gonna end up pregnant again. You keep fucking with me.” Laughing, she kissed him again before letting him sit up. 

    “Whatcha writing?” Smiling at how she sounded like their son, he sighed, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose. 

    “My autobiography.”


    “Yeah, I um…I think it’s time for it.” 

    “It’ll help so many people, bunny.” 

    “Yeah. I hope so.” Sighing against him, she pressed light kisses against his temple, massaging the tension out. 

    “Did you hear about Ha-joon?” 

    “Mmhm. Kang-min too.”

    “I read that he jumped in front of a train and killed himself.” 

    “Forgive me when I say this but I don’t pity that motherfucker not one time.” 

    “Ha-joon had it bad too I read.”

    “Heard she was sold underground to the same handlers she sold her own fucking idols to. Got HIV from some drugged up pusher in Russia or something like that. That bitch was tricked out until she couldn’t get tricked anymore.” 

    “Yeah….all of it is horrible. I don’t wish any ill will on anybody and all of it just makes my chest hurt.”

    “Karma’s a bitch Nova. That’s all I gotta say. God bless their families but shit. You can’t treat people like that and think God is not gonna get you back.” 


    “Enough of that. I don’t even want to think about them. It is what it is.” She wrapped her arms around him and sighed against him as he started typing again. 

    “I heard you singing the other night. Composing?”

    “Yup. Thanks to you.”

    “What’d I do?”

    “Don’t act like you forgot, angel. That little thing you did with your tongue?”

    “Oh my God! Shut up! Orion-”

    “Is outside playing and this is a conversation between adults.” He grinned, turning to pull her on his lap to sit. 

    “God, you’re so nasty.”

    “And you love it.” Biting her lip coyly, she pursed her lips. Glancing down at the manuscript, she sighed. 

    “What are you gonna name it?” She asked, leaning against him. Nuzzling against her chest, his hands dropped down to lovingly caress her growing stomach. 

    “Bunny.” Shock looked back at him but only for a little while before it bled into a warm tender gaze. 

    “I like it.” 



End Notes:


A/N: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH WE'RE DONEEE! MAN, THIS WAS A WHOLE RIDE AND THEN SOME. I feel satisfied with this short story. I really do. Like... it did everything I wanted it to and I hope that you guys enjoyed reading it. It was on a whole nother level. I haven't written love scenes in this way (in a long time) and at all LOL. That makes no sense lol.

The depth in which I'm writing...the way I've worded it... I've never done it before. But let's face it this was more nasty than classy but some classy still in there lol. Man. Bon-hwa and Nova's story is one that is so powerful to me. A story of redemption. Second chances. Forgiveness (or in process of) New Life. Love. Love. LOVE. it's too good to sum everything up. *sniff* This year, so far, has been very fruitful for me creatively and I thank you all for riding with me. I'll see you all soon! hehe. 

Much love. 

God bless always. 


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