The Change by EveryBit12

  A king must find a way to quiet the fear building in his kingdom as trouble from an older brother, whose eyes are on the throne arises. When the King's youngest daughter Armida, who has been held in secrecy as an asset to the land from the gods reaches 21, there is propaganda which has infiltrated the nation of a savior looking to overturn the rule and free the people from the recent poverty and poor state of the nation caused by famine and drought, just as she disappears from sight. They begin to form a support for this unknown visitor out of desperation and hope for a brighter future, causing an uproar and putting an entire people in need of one young woman until her much needed return back home.

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History: Aric became king at 9 years old after father's death from old age. He was trained to become the leader of their army as his older brother was to take the place of king. Before the father had died, the older brother had committed a heinous crime which was not above the royal family, leaving him exiled forever. Aric and Anahi were betrothed from birth, and they were married at 13. During Aric's rule, there have been many upsets and uproars as he was young and not raised to be in the position. Many groups formed looking to oust the king, even though the family had been in control for centuries. He and Anahi were pushed by the elders to produce an heir, preferably a son to secure his rule, but their first and second born both turned out to be girls. Before Armida was born, a meeting with the counsel showed that the third child would be their hope for an impending struggle and that the people had seen a sign from the gods, and to guard her heavily and tightly. Allona is a skilled warrior who was given the task of protecting her younger sister.  In secrecy, Armida is raised. No one has seen her bare face in the public as a part of her protection, and she is never left alone. When Armida reaches 21, there is propaganda which has infiltrated the nation of a savior looking to overturn the rule and free the people from the recent poverty and poor state of the nation caused by famine and drought. They begin to form a support for this unknown visitor out of desperation and hope for a brighter future.



   Aric: Kind, yet stonelike. He is stern with all of his daughters, but especially Allona. She was supposed to be their son, but of course they were proven wrong so he raised her like a son. Anahi is the only person he seems to soften around, but mostly in private. There had been bids made to get rid of her and replace her with a younger woman in order to deliver a son. He fought against it and kept her, turning her into a hated figure. Aric isn't sure what Armida's purpose is, but he fights to make sure she is protected as he finds that many people around him are sinking to betrayal with a war on its way. He takes command of their army when issues began to burn hot, leaving Allona upset and feeling thrown away when he refuses to change her guarding position to one of active duty.


  Anahi: quiet and meek woman who remains mostly with Ameqran as her companion. She prefers to stay out of the political side of life, seeing it as a curse that leaves her people wishing death upon her. When Aric comes to her with his troubles, she never fails to give him wise advice, helping to guide him through tough situations.


   Ameqran: Ameqran is vivacious, intelligent and skilled in almost every department. She takes on many lovers and looks to commit to no one man, especially at her age. She is considered close to the end of the desirable marrying age and is feeling the pressure of finding a mate even though she plays as if she is in no rush. Though she is the oldest, she is the most relaxed and fluid of the siblings, often being the one to take the structure out of stiff moments.


   Allona: Fierce and quiet. She rarely cracks a smile or shows emotions other than boredom. She is one of the most physically fit people in the nation, and begins to feel that it is a waste to not be a part of the military. She loves her sister, and has never questioned protecting her, but she wishes for a bit more freedom to help the nation. She is the one who hears what happens in the streets, the one in the royal house that many people come to asking for favors. She is the one who finds out many of the plans and attacks against their men, and helps Aric to guard against them. Allona has been focused on solely becoming her father's protégé and her sister's guardian, and has never shown any interest in any person beyond that. She meets a woman who is one of few that tends to Armida and they end up sharing a private and exclusive relationship, which she keeps from anyone knowing that it would be shunned and possibly cause them both to suffer from severe consequences. These kinds of relationships are deemed okay for regular civilians, but illegal for the royals.


   Armida: Armida is a timid girl. She is nearly 21, yet she has never lived a life as an adult as she is constantly under someone else's care and is forbidden from exploring or doing any other independent things that could possibly harm her. Her biggest fear is her purpose as no one has ever been able to explain it. She thinks that she will be sacrificed for the greater good, and doesn't want to be in that position. She looks to escape and live a regular life away from the nation but doesn't know how she would do it. She is the only one to know of Allona's relationship even though she keeps it a secret from her sister. She knows the implications, but doesn't look to reveal it. During her excursion, she comes in contact with a neighboring nation which she knows nothing about, and catches the eye of the young king who has just taken the place of his father. When she learns about the trouble coming to her nation, she will ask him for help though Aric will refuse because of a past feud with the former king.


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