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From Sunport toWindenburg

In an attempt to move forward with his life; widower, father, and Keeper, Joshua, makes the decision to take his daughter to Windenburg. With the support of best friend and fellow monster slayer, Adrian, the two person family boards the train and head for their new home.

Although the ride from Sunport to Windenburg is a short journey, the trip will prove to be interesting when the train comes to a sudden stop and buried feelings begin to surface.  


Rated: Most Ages
Categories: Original Fiction
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Classification: Alternate Universe
Genre: Action-Adventure , Fantasy, Friendship, Romance
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Published: March 11 2013 Updated: March 11 2013
Story Notes:

Yay! My First Upload. This is a one shot...but I may add more later on. Reviews and critiques are welcomed. Thanks for reading!

1. Chapter 1 by LadySade [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (5895 words)

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