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There are different shade and flavors of chocolate. some are more liked than others. some are similar but not the same and what some like others can stand. Take a chance and maybe you will find on you will like.

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Genre: Drama, Family, Inspirational, Psychological, Romance
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Published: September 19 2014 Updated: September 19 2014
Story Notes:

this story was inspired by the contrversy that was caused by SleepEasy in one of her stories. personally i loved it and think she is a wonderful writer. the reactions to that story had me thinking and this collection is a result. I make no promise about update because at the moment there are issues going on in my life and i will update when i can. the first two reflections are based on my thoughts. I knonw not everyone relate to my story but i do want to address things from the point of view of others. so if you have a suggestion please leave it in comments or pm if you  want and i will try to address them. 

1. Oreo by Jadedbylifesavedbygrace [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (372 words)

this will be short reflections depending on my mood.

2. Where Do I Stand? by Jadedbylifesavedbygrace [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (478 words)

just some thoughts

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